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&** ,
One Epistle from a Little Girl Wa s
So Unchildishly Specific that an
L Investigation Wa s Made Family
Disco/ered to B e Confirmed De
pendents. -
It's a possibility unpleasant to con
template that so frank and honest a
gentleman as Uncle Santa Claus
should be made an innocent party to
impositions upon the generous. But
every year it happens that children
of a few dishonest parents are induced
to write deceptive letters to Santa
Clausand get those letters pub
lished. A recent specimen mailed to
Santa in care of The Journal
Dear Santa Claus
I will write and tell you what I want
for Christmas. I want a doll and buggy,
and that is all for me.
But will you please sent my mama a
pare of shoes and rubbers because she
can not buy them. She takes shoes nom
ber 7 EE, and rubbers nomber 8. Please
bring them because we will not get any
if you do not bring them.
I have- three siters beside me and to
brothers. We have not anybody work
ing, so we are poor.
"Well, good by. Dear Santa Claus. I live
on , Minneapolis, Min,
Do not forget us.
Professional Dependents.
This appeal sounded so "profes
sional" and lingered witb "such un
childlike accuracy upon the size of
Art and Fancy Goods
r This department has proved itself a wonderfully helpful "place to
those looking for suggestions.
The display of Teneriffe Linen Drawn Work, including doilies, cen-
ter pieces, lunch cloths and sideboard covers, is beautiful beyond all
- The display includes some of the most exquisitely beautiful things
of the kind that you have ever seen. The price range is from 19c to
$16.00 each.
* Baskets are here also. A splendid assortment some plain, others
satin lined. Prices range from 10c to $7.50 each. 7
Celluloid Boxes, hand painted, for handkerchiefs, gloves and neck
ties, 25c to 50c,each. i -
Carpet Department g j
' It is here that you find those novel things in Oriental and Antique
Brass pieces* They have solved the problem of what to get for many a
puzzled one.
Damascus Jardinieres, 60c to $7.50.
Damascus vases, $1 to $4.50.
Antique Russian Candlesticks, 50c to $4.00 each.
And other things too numerous to mention.
A full line of Bissel Carpet Sweepers, from $1.50 to $4.00 each.
A large line of Hassocks, 39c and 50c each.
Turkish Cat Baskets, the 75c kind, at 40c.
Oriental Bugs of all kinds and sizes, from $5.00 to $400.00 each.
Suit Cases
A nice present for either lady
or gentleman.
Our assortment is large and
values are the best. Prices, $3.65
-- 95.00 $5.25 95.50 and so on
'* up to $13.50 each.
Drapery Department
The name suggests a host of
, things to add beauty to. your
homes, and ail of them suitable as
holiday gifts. S.'1-
? A lot of Pillows in Silk Damask,
I oriental patterns, etc., at $2.00,
$2.75 and $4.00 oach.
Couch Covers and Table Covers,
a splendid line at all prices.
i' * A very large assortment of statu
ary, masks, busts, etc., and every
one of them marked at prices that
mean a saving of a nice little sum
f, to purchasers 49c, 75c, $1.25,
- $2.75, etc. -
| I Drug Department
jL* , "I-iest. Ave forget," right here we
W want to call your attention to a
^special table in this department,
containing damaged goods many
of them only slightly so. Prices
are damaged, of course some of
them half what they were others
a quarter and some even less. It's
1 good chance to get something for
pretty close to nothing. *
W e want you to also see the fine
aisplay we are making, especially
In the way of toilet articles... of
every description.
Perfumes in bulk, including all
, the popular odors of world re
nowned perfume* manufacturers
prices range from 25c an ounce to
$1.50. Fancy box perfume from
- 10c to $6,50.
mama's shoes and rubbers that in
quiries were made of the Associated
~ "Professional ?" replied an officer of
the Charities association, after he had
examined his record. "I should say
as much. Why, this family has been
on our books for thirteen years! TJhey
are chronic dependents, not sufferers
from sickness or misfortune. As the
little girl writes, they 'have not 'any
body working,' hot even the big
brothers or sisters, and they never
will have so long, as Santa Claus or
other good people can be 'worked'
for free supplies.
"Tes, there's a little girl in the
family who's called by the name
signed to that letter. But I don't
blame her. She probably wrote what
she was told to with no idea of fraud.
"I'm glad to say, tho." continued the
informant, "that the number of poor
people that will take a mean advan
tage of Old Santy are very few. I t
happens more often a. 'Santa .Claus
letter* is misleading simply because
it is written and mailed by some child
without the knowledge of his parents.
The parents are not unable to gfve
the little writer proper gifts, they
even intend to do so but he thinks
that he's writing necessary informa
tion to a live saint with a big beard.
"I do hope that none of your read
ers will make this incident an ex
cuse for selfishness it is only a reason
for investigation."
Associated Charities' Work.
This case serves to illustrate exactly
the difference between unintelligent
and discriminating charity. It is %o
reduce to a minimum the operation
of schemes like the above and to en
courage the deserving needy that the
Associated Charities is organized.
"We have many cases of genuine
need," said Secretary J. F . Jackson
to-day, "and people who want to give
somebody a really good Christmas
should remember that we can direct
the effort where it will do the most
good. The deserving poor are the
persons who keep their distress to
themselves and they, suffer more than
the professionals who make capital
out of their need. It is our business
to know who are deserving, and we
: ' .
Mens Furnishings
' i- Are you puzzling yourself oyer what would be a suitable gift for a
A handsome tie, a nice muffler, a pair of suspenders, some collars,
some fine shirts, a ba th robe, some nice hose or gloves. Any of these
would be acceptable.
W e have a very exclusive line of men's bath robes, our own importa-
tion in English terry, eiderdown and wool robes. Prices range from
$4.00 to $9.00 each.
Men's fancy silk suspenders, one pair in a box the celebrated
Crown and Pioneer makes, 50c, $1.00 and $1.50.,
Men's Oxford mufflers,' extra quality of silk, heavy quilted 7oc
values at 50c each.
Men's Oxford mufflers, reversible, both sides alike range of new
styles at $1.00 each.
Men's silk neckwear in every shape made. Extra large line of pat-
terns, 25c, 50c and $1.00.
A t the dress trimming counter,
Main floor.
Genuine Marten Cluster Fu r
Scarfs, with 6 tails, at $4.89,
$7.50 and $1 0.OO each.
Also double Marten Scarfs, 1J to
2 yards long, at $ 11.00, $ 12.00,
$13.50, $15.00 and $18.00.
Muffs to match, $850 each.
Extra large assortment of single
and double Fo x Scarfs in both the
Isabella and Sableprices to suit all
-at $9, $10, $11, $15, $17,
and up to $24.
Do not fail to look over our as-*
sortment of Children's and Misses'
Fur Sets, as we have a complete
line in all the popular furs and
styles made, with collars and col
larettes. Prices range from 98c
to $12 per set.
Dainty White Aprons
Isn't there someone you would
like to make a holiday gift of a
pretty white apron? Th e assort
ment which we offer you is very
attractive in point of variety, and
in the excellence of its styles and
The materials are lawns, India
linons and Swisses, with trimmings
of lace, embroideries and ribbons.
It is really wonderful how far a
small expenditure will go in this
direotion. Prices range from 25o
to $1.50 each. * \r r , -', '.',.
Ladies' Neckwear
Ladies' Turn-over Collars, em
broidered and Teneriffe A WS ^
designs, at each.. SOU
Venice Collars, round cape and
stole effects magnificent aisplay.
Prices all the way from 39c to
$12 each.
':Si: t * ,V, * ." -w-"- ^
Ladies' real lace Collars, hand
made Duchess and Brussels Point
exquisite things at $1.50 to $39.
Ladies' Crepe Scarfs, 1$ to 2 yards
long, $1.00 to $3.50 each.
wish especially to give them comfort
and encouragement atthis timer You
have no Idea-hoiy much good a bare
half-cord of wo6d'twould do some
honestly struggling family, but we
don't confine our. work strictly to
prosaic necessities. *At this' season we
trytb mix in a little of the real Christ
mas things where we can, and you may
well -believe that .a .little Christmas
goes a long way in such cases."
New "Structure Was-Formally Opened Yes
terday Aftemojon. *
Hope chapel, a branch of Westminster
church, at Twentieth avenue N and Wash
ington, was dedicated yesterday afternoon.
A great many were unable to get into the
building. The music was furnished by the
girls' chorus, under the direction of F. L.
Foss. Several officers of other Sunday
schools under the care of the church, and
Rev. N. A. Gilchrist, the new pastor of
Hope, took part. A. M. Clerihew received
the keys for the trustees and at the same
time. paid a high tribute to the chapel
work which Superintendent. James Paige
has been doing for years.
The building will hold 1,050 persons,
while the membership is reported at 1.091.
The chapel was organized in 1882 where
the Northern Pacific freighthouse now
stands. It then moved to Ninth avenue N
and Third street.
At the evening services J. P3. Carpenter
of "Westminster, Assistant Pastor A. G.
Patterson of Westminster and Rev. N. A.
Gilchrist gave addresses.
Dayton's Annual Silk Sale
Closes' Thursday night. Have
bought all the silk you need ?
. -v
Excursion Rates East
Dec. 12 to 22 there will be low round
trip rates in effect from Minneapolis
to eastern points. . Tickets good on the
Pioneer. Limited, the train of trains,
and three other daily trains via the
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul rail
way. Albany, $40 Boston, $40 Mon
treal, $85 Portland, Me., $40 Quebec,
$40 Syracuse, $40 Toronto, $30 St.
John, N. B., $50. To other points in
proportion. Tickets 828 Nicollet ave
nue, W. B. Dixon, N. W. P . A., St.
Our Basement, until Christmas, is" given up principally to
Toys, Doits, Games, Sleds,
- . Skates, Books, Candies, Nuts, etc,
The report that gold has been dis
covered in the Isle of Pines has grati
fied Minneapolis^owners? of plantations
in that island, but has also increased
their indignation !against the proposed
transfer of the island, frp the United
States to Cuba. The $oeal investors
have Just, received frbhv Secretary
Charles Raynard of the Isle of Pines
company a circular requesting them
to dispatch personal protests to the
Minnesota senators against the rati
fication of the transfer treaty.
* W. R. Miller, the Nicollet avenue
photographer, who was the first of the
Minnesota exploiters in the isle, feels
especially Indignant towards United
States Minister, Squires whom Mr.
Miller described, as an "arch traitor"
and a "double-dyed villain." Minister
Squires came over from Havana last
spring, examined the island, conferred
with, the Americans that own three
fourths of all the real estate, and b%-
:came fully informed that these Amer
icans desired to keep the island under
Uncle Sam's authority not, as Mr.
Miller says, for commercial reasons
the Cuban taxes will be lighterbut
from motives of national pride. All
the 5,000 native residents.of the island,
except the alcalde or mavor, were of
the same mind. Yet, as the Ameri
cans feel, Mr. Squires failed to exert
himself against the intended transfer.
Commercial conditions both In Cuba
and the isle will be improved by the
new reciprocity treaty. Minneapolis
has already profited in prospect. Fif
teen-cent Cuban cigars will be sold
here next month at the rate of two for
a quarter, and sugar at local grocery
stores will cost one cent less for every
five pounds.
Backache is almost immediately re
lieved by wearing one of Carter's
Smart Weed and Belladonna Backache
Plasters. Try one and be free from
pain. Price 25 cents.
"A thing of beauty is a joy forever." This applies to furniture as well as anything
else. We have a host of.'things of beauty" in our Furniture Department, suitable for
Holiday gifts. .,
One important fact, and it is a fact, for we are hearing it continually from custom-
ers^ our prices on furniture area long ways under prevailing prices. All you have to
do to satisfy yourself on this score, is to make an investigation for yourself. It will
certainly pay you if you have furniture to buy. *
^Here are some things to begin your investigation on, though you need not stop
when you are through this short list., ^^fj,^--^ * "*."'.
' ' Leather Chairs Couches Shaving Stands,
Leather Hookers Library Tables Costumers
Morris Chairs Center Tables Ladies' Desks
Fancy Chairs Library Cases
Easy Chairs Pedestals Parlor Cabinets
Hall Seats Tabourettes Comb. Bookcases
Davenports Indian Stools Hall Glasses
r Metal Umbrella Stands
A few more of those $7.50 ladies' desks .$4.98
A lot of $6.00, $7.00, $8.00 rockers at ...... $5.00
A.lot of $10.00, $12.00, $i4.00 rockers at, each. /....... $8.00
Our glove department is worthy of the high reputation which it bears. Our aim has always
been to give just the best glove that the money would buy best in style best in fit and best in
wearing qualities. There is a great difference, as you know, in $1.00 gloves just as great differ-
ence in the $1.25 gloves, or any other price you are pleased to name. Some are worth the price
and some are not. We skip the latter kind, so when you buy your gloves here, be it a $1.0 0 glove,
$1.25 $1.50 or $2.00, you know you are always getting your money's-worth.
Our certificate plan is especially intended for the holiday season. It is for those who want to
make a holiday gift of gloves and are in doubt as to size or color.
Ladies', kid and Mocha gloves at the pair,
$1.25. They are extra fine quality, either one
or two clasp, latest styles all colors.
Ladies' kid gloves, at the pair, $1.50.
They are fine French kid, two clasp with Paris
point embroidered backs styles are the newest.
In shades for street or evening wear.
Ladies' Fur Garments
Take these for example.' 'M, W:
Our Near Seal at $42.50, $56 and $55 each.
Our Electric Seal Jackets with best black
Marten collar and revers at, each $45 with
best Beaver collar and revers at, each $45 with
Nutria collar and revers at, each $37.50.
Plain Electric Seal Jackets at $25, $27.50
and $37.50.
A bit of ribbon may not add much
to the intrinsic value of a gift, but
It adds -wonderfully to its pleasing
effect to the ey# . W e are proving
every day that this is the best
place, to buy ribbons. ['- l ^J-^y'|^
Some Special Values, bM"M
Dainty Taffeta and Satin Ribbons, *
4 to 8 inches wide, 35c to AR
75c values, at the yard.... MB Vlf
Fancy Taffeta Ribbons, 8 to 11
inches wide, regular $1.00 and $2.00
values, at thef^^,p^,f WZfhg*
x yard v.V.vv*. * *?. . W V M
Satin and Taffeta Ribbons, all silk,
numbers 60, 80,100, all colors, at the
yard 15c,l9o,23c,29o arid39e.
Some last reminders before
Some wonderfully pretty things
in linen squares and scarfs
0 triminea with cluny lace.
i The squares come in sizes 10x10
to 24x24.
Sound pieces in 18*18 to 32x32.
' - " u.-Vfi ^ f ,
St. Paul Germans Think an Apology Due
from Him.
The German Central bund of St. Paul
takes exception to the reported statements
ofr Major General MacArthur "at Honolulu
regarding the growth of the pan-Germanic
sentiment among ttje: Germans in all parts
of the world in which General MacArthur is
alleged to have' stated that there were few
Germans in the American army during
the late war with Spain. The bund pro
tests against such charges and will-send
a . formal communication to - President
Roosevelt giving a list of the Germans in
the army and demanding an apology or a
denial from General MacArthur.
Woman Causes Police AnxietyAp
peals to eBthany Home.
A mysterious woman dressed in
black and having in her charge a pair
of twin babies which she is trying to
dispose of, is causing the police con
siderable worry. The woman called at
Bethany Home this morning and
wanted to leave the babies, but when
she was refused said she. would get
rid of them some way. The police are
afraid that she will get rid of them in
the wrong way.
The woman explained to the matron
at Bethany. Home that the babies'
mother lived in Fargo. She refused
to divulge either the name of the
mother or her own name.
, A very attractive display of ar
ticles, especially suitable for holi
day gifts, f&s'^-i
f :\ Fancy box paper' 10c to $1.25.
Fountain Pens, including "Water
man 's Ideal," from 66c to $ 7 each.
^ Christmas cards 2 c to 10c each.
|||^ Calendars, 2 c to $ 2 each.
P$n A handsome line of Ink Stands,
'j 10c to $1.59 each. ' * t^'Wig
. ^ Albums 98c to $ 4 each. ^ i^
A big special in assorted'colors/
fancy Plush Boxes, containing twen
ty-four sheets of paper withrtwenty
four envelopes to match, 4 Mg%
never sold under 25c, spcl... IOU
Scarfs 20x45 and 20x54.
Table cloths, round or square, in
all sizes, with napkins to match
some of these cloths have rich"
double borders and open centers*
and range in price from $5.00 toJ
$25.00 each.
The napkins, size 26x26, from
_ i
Read Dayton's Christmas Day Ad.
Solid Comfort.
You are absolutely assured of this
by selecting the Northern Pacific
"North Coast Limited" or "Pacific
Express" trains when traveling to the
Pacific coast.
The former leaves Minneapolis at
10:45 a. m., and the latter at 10:45 p.
m. Both are solid, steam heated, ves
tibuled trains to Portland, Ore., via
Helena or Butte, Spokane, Seattle and
Tacoma, without change. The city
ticket office is at No. 19 Nicollet House
: Music Cabinets
Men's one clasp, silk lined Mocha gloves, at
the pair, $1.50. They are warm, stylish and
durable. In browns and grays. -
A complete line of ladies' fine all wool golf
gloves. Two clasp, or plain wrists all colors.
At the pair, 50c.
Splendid quality men's kid or Mocha mit
tens, fleeced lined, at the pair, 75c.
Coast Seal Jackets at, each $60, with Bauiri
Marten collar and refers at, each $75 with dark
Mink collar and revers at, each $87.50.
Astrakhan Jackets, 26-in. to 30-in. long,
$37.50, $42.50, $50 and $60. _
,. Krimmer Jackets at $37.50 to $45 each.
- Beaver Jackets at $100 each.
The kind that recommen ds itself
especially to those in search of
something for holiday giving.
Ladies'fancy Hose, silk or lisle,
embroidered, lace and fancy pat
terns, at, the pair, 75o. $1.00.
$1.25, $1.50, $1.76, $2.00
$2.75, $3.50, -and $4.00.
\ Ladies' embroidered cashmere
Hose, at, the air, 75o and $1,00.
~k Men's fancy lisle and cotton Hose,
at, the pair, 25c, 35c, iOo and
i~. Men's silk Hose, at, the pair, $1.
$1.25, $1.50 and $2,00. -
Children's Silk Hose, black,white
and pink. Prices grade with sizes.
$3.75 to $15.00 a dozen.
- Double Hemstitched Sets, cloth
and one dozen %-size napkins to
8-10 size cloths with - napkins,
$8.50 to $12.00 a set.
8-12 cloths with napkins, $10.00
to $14.00 a set.
. pen Evenings Until Christmas. ' .
Easiest Thing inthe World
To select acceptable presents for men if you only go to the right
place. Men always need and always enjoy fine Haberdashery, and
our offerings will gratify the most exacting taste and at prices tun?
ally charged for the common kind. ,.
" "NEOKWBAR of rare fabrics and exclustve"patterns7 50c to $2.50t
MUFFLERS that give delightful comfort to the wearer, 50c to $5.
GLOVES in endless variety, 50c, $1, $1.50, $2 and upward.. \xx\
SUSPENDERS, silk embroidered, with gold trimmings, 50c"to" $3.
HANDKERCHIEFS, dainty silk and linen, 25c, 50c, 75c, and $1. y
^UMBRELLAS and CANES, handsomely and richly mounted, $1
: /:V*/: t $10.00. ^ . "' / ' - '--- * _ \^J^
SLEEVE BUTTONS, Studs, S*car Pins* 50c, 75c, $1 and upward!/
FANCY WAISTCOATS, full dress vests, $3 to $8. .. -
.SHIRTS, Nightshirts, Dress Shirts, Pajamas, $1 to $2.50.'s
:UNDERWEAR, Wool, Silk and Balbriggan, $1 to $4 - r-
, FANCY HOSIERY, high grade, plain and fancy, new shades, 25c
to $1.50. , - -
HOUSE COATS and BATH ROBES, stock entirely nSw, latest
SEALSKIN CAPS, largest stock in Minneapolis, $3.75 to $18.
FULL DRESS SUITS, most acceptable gifts to a young man. ..
TUXEDO COATS for the dinner party and the stag.
A small expenditure at this store will carry no end of solid
. enjoyment with the gift purchased.
Fine Black Mercerized Waists with clusters of fine tucks and hem-
stitchings, and full sleeves ^ tf^Cfetf*
good $1.50 waists, at .-...-".../..*..- W O C
Very fine Black Sateen Waists with Duchess front and stitched
plaits, very full puffed sleeves it can't be . v fftflltf%
beat at $1.50 sale at ...... i \ '.....*%#
Manufacturers seem to have learned what an outlet we have for silk
petticoats. We won't take your time nor ours to tell the full story or
enter into a complete description. We want to say simply that we have
just received two more shipments of bright, new silk petticoats, in time
to replenish our stock for the last week of Christmas selling. - -
One thing we want to emphasizeyou cannot duplicate these values
outside of "The Minneapolis." We have reason to be proud of what we
are showing in this line, especially those we are selling at $5 and $6 each.
They have been telling their own story for some days, and telling it
far more effectively than printer's ink can do.
They will tell it to you if you like all they ask is for an opportunity.
You have to look at them while they are telling it .
It is the story of values, variety and beauty, such as few handker-
chief stocks-possess. M - ...,
Everything you can think of in handkerchiefs, from the child's
cheap handkerchief up to as dainty and pretty a lace trimmed handker-
chief as you ever saw. - . ^. , ,
-Everybody. ,buys Candy for
Christmas, of course.^
Five things about ou candies:
Firstr-They are pure.
- ' SecondThey are fresh. ,
' * -. - ThirdThey are delicious.
' FourthThe assortment is very
large. . '"t
e " Crepe ,de Chine, air colors, 75
and $1.00.
Persian Silks, for kim- C O A
onas, 24 inches wide, at.. UPmFw
Hi Handsome black Silks, 36 inches
wide, $1.35 silk,"JT-^". * * 4 f%
at:..., .. :... - - lr
Black Dress Silks, $1, $1.25,
- ,. Notion Department
A host of useful articles suitable
. for Christmas gifts.
Fancy-^Needi Books, 18e 25c,
35c, 48c and up to $1.00 each.
Fancy Garters and Side Support
ers, put up in fancy glass top and
lace trimmed' paper boxes, 25c, 35c,
50c, 75e and $1.00 per pair.
Bleached Pure Linen Satin
Damask-, 2 yards wide if we had
the napkins to match the price
would-be $1.35. a yard: we haven't,
so make the price $1.05 a yard. -
' Satin Bed Spreads, large size,
long knotted fringe, cut corners,
.better value you have -never seen
,...-. ' 'i'
415 to 419 Nicollet Are.
Ladies' Waists
A few more of those $1.00 and $1.48 - Ktt*%
Flannel Wais ts at
Book Department
Books never so cheap as now. As already announced, we do not ex-
pect to continue our hook department after the first of the year. With
that object in view we have made deep cuts in prices on many of the lines.
A large line of 25c books cut to 17^20."
A large line of 29c books cut to 21c. - -
A large line of 39c books cut to 29c. -
Don't buy books without first seeing what we are able to do for you.
More Silk Petticoats ^ y
Sleds, Boxing Gloves,
^ 51IKS
J& White Pongee for waists, 85c.
^J! Very handsome Wash Silks, 45c.
r*"~ *
Girls' Sleds at 19o, 35e, 45o,
55c, 8Bo, 85o and up.
' Boys' Coast-
ers at 23o
25c 4:
65o / 98 c
$1.10 and up 'VC* -"
r .
FifthThe prices are lower than
can be found in most places.
For the greater convenience of
our customers, during the holiday
rush, in addition to our regular
candy department in the basement,
we have opened" a department On
the main floor.
As the crowds are getting bigger
all the while, don't wait'.
. Special prices to Sunday schools.
: V
Skates for
Boys, 48c, '-,
and up. 'V1
Hockey Skates at:'
48c, 90c, $2.25
and up.
Girls' Skates aV
48o, 89c, $1.20,
$1.75 and up. .
Indian Qubs and
Dumb - Bells, 25o.
29c, 35o and 45f
a pair
Boxing Gloves
at 98o, $1.25,
up to $3.59 per
Punching Bags,
98o, $1.25 up
to $3.50 each.
Foot Bails from
69c, 89c up to
$2.25 each., ^ '
d. E D
Runners for
Baby Carriages
are easily at
tached 95o a
Hardwood Hockey Sticks/ reguli
25c. WhilethejTlast,-15c.
under $4.50. We havQ a few dozen
only of these which we place on
sale at $3.50 each.
Roma Embroidered Scarfs/
Shams and Center Pieces, a special
purchase of 125 dozen, the kind
that sells usually at 89c to $1.26 /
each,' alL atone- price, 48c each, g^*-

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