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_!- ^tH&S^
Some pointed Personal Questions for
You to Ponder Over.
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you Irritable, discontented, uneasy?
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How long are.you going to continue
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First one goes June 2 7
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Includes Railroad fare
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Round Trip Ticket
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hotel accommodations
A week at the Fair
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There are only a limited
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Better get yonr's at once.
15 3rd St. So. MINNEAPOLIS.
They induce restful sleep. Cure Stomach, Kid
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Sold by Voegell Bros., corner Hepnepla and
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le Tablet. 10 cents. Als6 Nervan Laxa-
P1JU,..25-cents.. Manufactured by.
The Nervan Tablet Co., Cincinnati, Ohio.
Spanking does not cure, children of
bed wetting. If it did there would
be few children that would do it.
There is a constitutional cause for
this. Mrs. M., Summers, Box 601,
Notre Dame, Ind., will send her home
treatment to any mother. She asks
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Don't blame the child. The chances
are it can't help it. ^v-
"Wishing" w.ent oujt of fashion
when Journal "Want Ads" came,
in. Only one cent a word.
sioux TO CITY
This Would Give Shortest Route Be-
tween Her and the Iowa CityHill
Understood to Control the Dakota
Contra!What the Changes Mean.
Speoial to The Journal.
Sioux City, Iowa, June 11.-Surn
veys have been completed by the.
Great Northern railroad for an ex
tension of the Hutchinson, Minn., line
to Sioux City for the shortest line
between here and Minneapolis.
This is- but one part of a plan now
under consideration by the Great
Northern for construction that will
give that system connection with the
Burlington at Ashland, Neb., the
short line from Sioux City to Minne
apolis, and a link from Sioux Falls to
Minot, N. D., that will save 418 miles
on all Pacific coast business originat
ing on the Burlington system, or on
the Great Northern south of Sioux
Three surveys run from Hutchin
son, Minn., and have for termini, re
spectively, Pipestone, Minn. .Hills,
Minn., and Dalton, Iowa. The latter,
involving the most construction, is fa
vored as a shorter line to Minneapo
lis than that of the Omaha railroad.
The Great Northern's Minneapolis
Sioux City line is now 330 mites, com
pared with 268 miles for the Omaha,
and the difference practically pre
vents the Great Northern from com
peting for twin city business.
The Dakota Central railroad, which
runs northwest from Sioux Falls a
short distance, is understood to be
within the control of the Gr,eat North*
errt. The project contemplates ex
tending this line to Minot, connectr
ing it with the three branches of the
Great Northern running to Huron,
Aberdeen and Ellendale respectively.
The Dakota Central would then be
extended southeast a short distance
to^ Lester, Iowa, and thus a direct
line would result for coast business
which now goes to Willmar and back
again. The line from Hutchinson
would tap practically exclusive terri
tory, and it is said there is little.doubt
of its construction.
"With the already announced exten
sion south from Sioux City to a con
nection with the Burlington at Ash
land, Mr. Hill would have a system
whose strategical strength would be
greater than any other in the north
Two Additions to Directorate" Give
Quorum In Minneapolis.
At the annual meeting of the Twin
City Rapid Transit company, held yes
terday in Elizabeth, N. J., more than
two-thirds of the stock was represent
ed. The report for the year ending
Dec. 31 and published in February
was approved. The retiring directors
were re-elected and. two directors were
added: Charles Hayden, of the bank
ing firm of Hayden, Stone & Co., of
Boston, and M. D. Munn, the St. Paul
attorney of the company.. This, addi
tion will enable a quorum in either
Minneapolis or New York and will
save Thomas- Lowry, the president,
many tries east.
The new board re-elected the offi
cers and transacted no other business
of importance. Mr. Lowry, Vice Pres
ident C. G. Goodrioh and Director W.
J. Goldby of New York, were the only
officers present. Mr. Lowry said he
expected the litigation in St. $aul to
be decided soon, when the company
would proceed rapidly with construc
tion work.
In regard to the company's earnings
President Lowry says that the re
turns for the first week of the current
month will show a small decrease, due
to the rainy weather. During the
summer season with favorable weather
he expects the earnings to be substan
tially larger than for the correspond
ing period of last year. Mr. Lowry
left for Minneapolis.
G. W. Encouraging Summer Tourists
to Come to Minneapolis.
The Great Western is making an
effort to bring summer tourists north.
For points beyond Chicago it has
made a round trip rate to Minneapolis
of one fare plus $2, good returning
until Oct. 31.
The rate is not good from Chicago
and the minimum must be $18, or the
cost of a round trip ticket from Chi
cago to the twin cities. Fifteen-day
limit tickets from the same points
will be one fare plus 50 cents. These
tickets are ironclad, with signature
Minnesota Roads Offer Low Rates to
Minnesota. lines have announced a
rate for the democratic convention at
Duluth, June 22, of one fare for the
round trip from any point in the state
to the twin cities and $3 from the
twin cities to Duluth. From other
points to Duluth the rate will be one
fare plus 50 cents.
The rates are open and tickets are
good going June 21 and 22, and re
turning to June 25, inclusive.
Rock Island Cancels Deal for a Half
New York, June 11.^-The Rock
For over 50 years the
Bitters has been without
an equal for restoring the
stomach to its normal con
dition, strengthening the
Kidneys or to cure Heart
burn, Nausea, Indiges
tion, Dyspepsia, Belch
ing or Malaria, Fever
and Ague. All sickly
men and women should
tryitatonce. Itnever fails.
Island has reduced its preferred stock
from $51,190,200 ,to $48,690,200' and
requested the stock exchange to strike
the $2,500,000 stock called in from the
The stock returned, to the treasury
represents part of the price paid to
the Southern Pacific for a half inter
est in the Texas line. Officers of the
state of Texas declared that the Rock
Island as a parallel road could not
own the lines partially purchased from
the Southern Pacific. The entire
transaction has been canceled.
Earnings Decreased hi May.
Three Minnesota railroads report a
decrease in gross earnings, for May.
The Great Western's fell off. $7,0,00,
as compared with May,! 1903. The
Minneapolis & St. Louis report shows
a loss of $46,983, and the Boo line,JperfecYThey prefim^
R. R. To Try Gasolene Engine.
The Waterloo, Cedar Falls & Nor
thern will put a gasolene, engine on the
road between Sumner ande Waterloo.
It has bought on six months' trial a
newly invented engine to run like the
automobile, guaranteed to haul two
passenger coaches forty miles an hour.
St. Paul Clerks Enjoying Themselves.
Railway clerks of all the St. Paul
offices except the Great Northern,
Great Western and Burlington are
picnicing at Taylors' Falls to-day.
The clerks of the other lines will have
their annual outing later.
HARRISON. Witnesses subpoenaed in a case do
not have to attend the trial in order
to collect fees. Such is the signifi
cance of an order filed by Judge A.
M. Harrison this morning in the mat
ter of fixing the disputed costs in the
case of Charles Swanson against the
Great Northern Railway company.
All that is necessary, according to the
judge's memorandum, is "to show that
the witness has left his avocation and
has held himself in readiness to at
tend court.
The case, was one in which the,
plaintiff sued the defendant compa
ny for $10,000 damages for the loss
of a leg. After the cross-examina
tion of the plaintiff the case was dis
missed. A $140 bill of costs was pre
sented by the defendant's lawyers,
Brown & Albert. The plaintiff's, at
torney objected, and upon affidavits
introduced by him* the clerk fixed
costs in the case at about $12. The
defendant company appealed and has
now been sustained by the' court.
The point of most importance in
the matter was ^whether or -not a
witness not in.actual attendance at
the. trial can collect fees. This has
been a matter of doubt in the clerk
of court's office for some time, and
it has generally been held that he
cannot. It is claimed by Deputy Clerk
McLaughlin, who has charge of the
taxation of costs, that if this is al-.
lowed it will lead to great injustice,
accruing to the benefit of the large
corporations, who can in this way run
up a bill of costs which cannot be
paid by the plaintiff, and thus pre
vent a recommencement or retrial of
the case.
Varied Program Includes a Drama and
a Pantomime.
Commencement exercises of Holy Ros
ary academy were held in the assembly
room at the school last evening. A varied
program was opened with a pantomime,
"The Angels of Buena Vista." by Whit
tier. A drama, "Dolores," was also pr e
sented by the young actors. Th parts
were all well tak en and wo much ap
plause. Miss Agnes C-'Brien gave a piahd
The graduates*, were Joseph .Flahavan,
George Carr," Maurice Culhane, Vincent
Miley, Hugh- O'Neill, "Thomas Conway,
Mary lytuleahy, Mary Mulkern, Helen Law
ler, Agnes O'Brien, Huth McDonnell, Mar
guerite Keenan, Marie Quilty, Ma ry
Mousso, Harriet Reilly, Mary Bowers, An
a Mills and Grace Glasby.
Boston, June 11.The annual meetings
of the First Church of Christ, Scientist,
Boston, began to-day, wltli a session of
the. executive members. The annual com
munion service will be held to-morrow.
The annual business meetine will be held
I Tuesday, June 14.
The Adventures of Billy Prunes
State Music Teachers.
The latter part M^ next week Du
luth will be filled with music teach
ers from the state of Minnesota at
tendfng the third annual convention of
the association wtijeh will convene
there Thursday. -E^e official ^^head-
quarters will be at ^he Spaldinfe hotel
and the .twelve meffH^fS will oe held
at the Methodist chfrrch, as it :affords
the best auditoriun\.in the city as well
as the finest organ.? 'in-ordertto^ptey
tain the rate of a i&ge and one-third
visitors must have. fnerir certificates
signed 'Saturday lit^ftie Methodist
church, Miss Ednafe^all and-Eugene
Murdock will go to JJuluth Monday to
Thursda evening there will ^be a
large reception and informal banquet
at the Commercial club, and Friday
afternoon the Minnesota composers'
program will be given, when numbers
composed by Carl Heilmaier, Dr. W.
G. Gale, Gustavus Johnson, C. A. Mar
shall, Arthur F. M. distance and Er
nest Lachmund'wilFbe heard.
0ne of the: treats*^"f the convention
^rill be on Friday',,evening
Who Will Play Before the State Musia
Teachers in Duluth.Next Week.
is unsurpassed and as a lecturer he
is in great demand. His style is
puissant and at the same time charm
ing, his knowledge undisputed and ex
tensive, his delivery pleasing and
magnetic. "Modern Tendencies in Mu-
sic,'- the lecture he'''wiH give before
the association, has been prepared es
pecially for this oceaMon and it prom
ises to contain much pithy material
and much tha
bow to1
the point.
Emil Saurett th principal artist for
Saturday evening, easily ranks "with
Joachim, Ysaye, Sarasute and Caesar
Thompson,. foremost violinist of the
he wil make his initial
a audience at Du
He has beeri in this country only
about two .years and is now in charge
of the violin department of the largest
conservatory- in America, the" Music
College of Chicago. Among other
numbers he. will play a concerto Jay
VJeuxtemps, "Souvenir de Moscow,"
Wieniaska, and with Arthur Speed,
pianist, a Beethoven sonata.
Pupils' Recitals.
Monday evening a number of the
pupils of Mr. and Mrs. Carlyle Scott
will give a recital at Johnson Music
hall. "Those who will take part are
Blanche Kendall Oscar Brecke, Mad
eline- Doolittle, Grace Golden and
Rose Wagner.
Rhys-Herbert,,,W.,W. Nelson, Robert..organization will grow into a band
'when Wil
liam J. Henderson^ of New York will
lectur.e, and' tn^Sv
|iner on Saturday
evening, when M.'Emil Sauret, assisted
by Mrs. Jessica De Wolf and Arthur
Speed, will give a concert. Mr. Hen
derson is one of the best musical au
thorities in the country, as a critic he
ImpHs? of Mrff
Benson gave their spring recital at
the residence of Mrs: Lester Moore,
Blaisdell avenue in Thirty-fourth
street. Those taking part were-Bertha
Dawson, Aleda and* Elsie Thies, Car
lyle and Derby Weston, Ethelyn Bier
flne, Reuben Gerdseh Flora Crowfoot,
Jessie Blythe, Florence- Riheldaftfer
and Mildred Gamble.
rr"-,.* i{%
,^H Master Crosby to Sing:
*The* offertory solo,, "Now the Day
'Is Over,"" wiff be .sung toy:" Master.
John Upton Crosby to'-morrow morn
I ing in St. Mark's pro-cathedraL
JOUB^ALP^^^i^ i*9"- S
The Park Board Organized It as a
Permanent Institution Conceits
to Begin at Harriet June 20 and
Continue for Six Weeks.
Minneapolis Is to have an innova
tion at Lake Harriet this season in a
band of its own consisting of fifty
pieces which will be known as the
Minneapolis Park band. The
name was selected because it was be
lieved that with such a nucleus the
which shall occupy the place in the
civic life of the city and state, that
such distinctive organizations do in
the life of other large cities in the
United States.
It is noteworthy that this venture.,
had its inception with the park board,
which is undertaking .for the first time
in/the history of the city to furnish
suitable^ and adequate music for the
entertainment of its citizens during
the warm days of summer.
No more satisfactory selection of a
leader could have been made than of
Mr. Oberhoffer, the well-known conn
ductor of this city. For many years
he has has been identified with the
city's best musical interests. His suc
cess with the Apollo club was marked.
No less pronounced was his work
with the Philharmonic club.. The
difficult- task of launching such an or
ganization as the Minneapolis Sym
.phony orchestra was accomplished by
him, and under his baton has been
done some of the best orchestral work
ever heard.here.
The rehearsals of the past few
weeks conducted at the armory, have
demonstrated thoroly that Mr. Ober
hoffer's band is bound to prove a tre
mendous success. It consists of the
following instruments: Two- E flat
clarinets, ten flat clarinets, three
saxophones, three trombones, three
bass tubas, two grand flutes, two
oboes, two bassoons, two trumpets,
t-Wo barytones, two euphoniums,- four
French horns, six cornets, and a pic
colo flute, string bass, bass drum,
snare drum, xylophone, helioon, ket
tledrums,' cymbals, triangles and bells,
The soloists already engaged to as
sist in the coming band concerts: are
as follows: Otto. Gebhardt, who for
twelve years has been" the trombone
soloist with Theodore- Thomas Au
gust C. 'Tacke! the famous bombar
don soloist from Duss' band and the
marine band, and, tho last, by no
means least, Herman Bellstedt, the
great, cornet 'virtuoso from.. Spusa's
band. Bellstedt comes direct from a
five weeks' tour as solo cornetist with
The band concert season opens on
Monday, June 20. Concerts will be
given every evening' for six weeks
and on each Sunday afternoon. The
concerts -will be given on the roof
garden at the, pavilion, the band oc
cupying the stand arranged under the
-rotunda, while the entire garden will
be placed at the disposalpf the pub
lic. It will seat comfortably more
than two thousand people and will
afford an ideal place for listening fo
the music and enjoying the beautiful
view of the lake and surrounding hills
as well as the cool breezes of the
ning^ "f
Most Famous Physicians
Recommend Kneipp
Malt Coffee.
Leaves Chicago Daily at 6. p. m. Time
to New York 23 hours. Ladies' maid,
barber and. other attendants on this
train to assist passengers. Official
stenographer aboard who, free of
charge, assists passengers with their
correspondence. Compartment and
observation car Chicago to New York.
Ask for tickets reading over the
Pennsylvania short lines. Call on or
address A. W. Arnold, T. P. A., Penn.
Lines, Minneapolis, Minn., for full de
ForCcugfhsand Colds
At Srnsctsts* or from D*. O. FasbeckCUcftgOi
Kaiser's Physician, Most Famous
Poctox in Europe, Giyes. Un-
There is no pbysiclnn In all Europe, or, for
that matter, in the world, who has so high a
standing, both inside and outside the medical
profession, as Dr., Von PettenKofer, court phy
sician to-Kalser Wilhelm of Germany.' For this
reason, his opiniona, are regarded .very highly in
every part i the world as the opinions of the
very highest 'possible authority.
Dr. VonJPettenkofer made a very careful study
of the coffee
Tquesfl6n not a great while ago,
and not only came'out very strongly against its
use because of the poison (caffeine) in it, but
carried his investigations into the field of cof
fee substitutes, with the result that he gives
his unqualified and unstinted praise to Kneipp
Malt Coffee. In a published letter, Dr. Petten
kofer says:
"I hereby certify that Kneinp' Malt Coffee is
entirely free from all injurious substances. It is
far superior to all other coffee substitutes on ac
count, of its being a pure malt preparation its
coffee-like taste its richness in brain, bone and
muscle-forming food, and-its'purity, which is ap
parent at a glance. I can-,' therefore, conscien
tiously recommended it for family use, as well as
for hotels, hospitals, sanitariums, convents,
schools, "efc.-"s*?&Igri'ed:
Von Pettenkofer, M.
D., Privy and Chief Medical Adviser to Kaiser
Wilhelm's. Court, Professor in University, Presi
dent of Koyal Board of Health, and President of
Royal Academy of Science.
To this word of Dr. Von Pettenkofer's might
be added the testimony of a large number of the
most widely 'known physicians in America. Take
the following, written by Dr. N. A. Pennoyer,
head of the famous Penuoyeif Sanitarium, of
Kenosha, Wis. He writes:
"It gives me pleasure to say that we have
found no malt or cereal substitute for coffee
.which has given such satisfaction in our sani
tarium as Kneipp Malt Coffee, prepared by the
Kneipp Malt,Food Co. Besides the flavor of the
beverage being so excellent, the fact that the
coffee comes in a 'berry' ready for grinding pre
cludes the thought even of any opportunity for
adulteration or substitution in the preparation of
the most healthful 'article of diet."
All of the following well-known physicians
have written letters praising Kneipp Malt Coffee
as the best there is: Dr. James H. Noble, Eau
Claire, Wis. Dr. W. H. Schrader, Chicago, 111.
Dr. F. Foster Todd, Crisfield, Md. Dr. H. Alden
Adams, Indianapolis, Ind. Dr. Frank Waters,
Chicago, 111. Dr. S. P. Stoddard, Brookville,
Ind. Mrs. Dr. T. N. McLeary, Elizabeth, N. J.
Dr. J. B. Darling, Chicago, 111. Dr. William
Eobinson, Chicago, 111. Dr. F. A. Benham, Elk
hart, Ind. Dr. John W. Fawdrey, Brooklyn, N.
Y. Dr. May Hadley, Chicago, 111.
Kneipp Malt Coffee is not. only good and
liciousto drink In 'itself, but it is equally good
and wholesome for you to drink. Its effect on
the body is always for health and strength. It
aids digestion, Is quickly assimilated by the
weakest of stomachs and is nourishing to all
jarts of,ihe^bod|y._j.:^ r:
It Is the only substitute for coffee that can be
prepared in various ways. It can be made to
taste, look and smell like the best coffee, or It
may be given a deliciously cocoa flavor by simply
boiling it a little longer. But the best part of
it is that it is exactly as good for you as it looks
and tastes.
The Pennsylvania Limited -TO-
St. Louis and Return
June 13th and 27th.
Wisconsinceniral Trains Leave Minneapolis 8 a.
m. and 7:05 p. m.
Ticket Office, 230 Nicollet AT.
So Prepared as to be Entirely Free From AH
Coffee Poisons, 1
Why keep your stomach, brain, nerves and
blood weighted down with a false and poisonous
"support" by drinking coffee when there is a
perfect substitute, which tastes, smells and looks
so exactly like real coffee that thousands of
people imagine they are using the real article,
but in fact have something better? ^f $
Kneipp Malt Coffee is pure, clean, "malted
barley, malted and roasted under a patented
ptocess, without a grain of adulteration of any. *s,
kiud. Perfectly delicious in taste, very satisfy
ing and coffee-like in aroma ana absolutely
healthful. Whether sick or well, weak or strong,
young or old, every stomach is benefited by its
use. It quickly removes every effect of coffee
poisoning from the system aud builds health and
strength in its place. "$'
It is absolutely the purest, most wholesome,
and most delightfully delicious beverage on the
market. Ths most eminent physicians recom
mend it and the highest royal families of Eu
rope use It. Give it a fair trial and1
understand why.
Costs no more than any other coffee. If your
dealer don't handle-it send us bis name and
address and we "vyflU send you a package with our
beautiful Book of Recipes and an aluminum
measuring cup for your trouble. Address Kneipp
Malt Food Co., Manitowoc, Wis. -s^v?
Sure Cure for Cold Weather:
Celebrated Lehigh Valley 1
Sold by uS" and" delivered to any part of the city. Price no liigher^than
inferior grades.
Grated'X .V.:.........'"':*. $8.20
Egg, Stove, Nut...... $8.45
Pea... v... $6.95
Buckwheat.'. $5.75
Your soft coal troubles can be speedily settled by phoning us. We handle
only the highest grade. Especially good for domestic purposes.-
Phone N, W. Main 71. T. a 50.
126* 128 North Fourth Street.
of the suffering and danger in store for her, robs the expectant mother
of all pleasant anticipations of .the coming event, and casts over her a
shadow of gloom which cannot be shaken off. Thousands women ^i.
have found that the use of Mother's Friend during pregnancy robs
confinement of all pain-and danger, arid insures safety to life of mother i^|
and child. -This scientific liniment is a god-send to all women at the
time of their most critical trial. Not only does. Mother's Friend
carry women safely through the perils of child-birth, but its use J|
gently prepares the system fyr the coming event, prevents "morning
sickness, and other dis
comforts of this period.!
you will
Kneipp Malt Coffee looks like coffee, tastes
like the finest grades of coffee, smells like coffee,
and is so exactly like real coffee that many a
person makes the mistake of thinking there must
be some coffee in It. 'They forget that there is
a rewar/l of $1,600 up for anybody who can find
a single trace of coffee, chicory or other foreign
substance or adulteration in any original factory,
sealed package of^Kneipp Malt Coffee.
It Is made of the purest, cleanest, plumpest,
whitest Chevalier Barley, malted and roasted
by the patented- Kneipp process, and makes the
best substitute for.'coffee ever devised. It IB
part of the famous Kneipp cures and Is posi-1
lively guaranteed to be absolutely wholesome and
Though not a mealclne It will quickly anil
safely cure all the diseases of stomach, heart*
blood, brain and nerves caused by coffee poison
Kneipp Malt Coffee is entirely unlike nny other
coffee substitute you ever saw. Its taste is bet
ter, It* cromu Is perfect and its effacts on the
system without parallel. I Is these facta
which .have made It. the chief beverage served iu
the principal cafes and clubs in Paris, Berlin,'
Vienna.and Milan. It has taken the place o
all coffees on the tables of over twenty of Ihe
royal families of Europe. What is recommended
to a king, or emperor as the best must be the
VERY "BEST, therefore, it is none too good f|
you. 'iv-v
At your grocers.' If he don't handle it, send
us his name and address and we will send you a i
package with our beautiful Book of Recipes and
an t:legant aluminum measuring cup for'your
trouble. Address Kneipp Malt Food Co., Manl-'
towoe, Wis.
A letter recently received from the Commer
cial Tea Co. of Lowell, Mass.. says:
"Our attention b.as been called to your prepa
ration,: Kneipp Malt Coffee, by our most promi
nent pjyfician who. recommended It highly. I
would*iike the agency."
TUet inain point to this is: Most prominent
everywhere are recommending Kneipp
Malt Coffee. It is wonderfully delldous and
._ .-s~v
Dr. James II. Noble, who ilves at Eau Claire,
Wis., -and is oiar of the greatest physicians of
the northwest, writes: "I have found no bub
stitute except your Kneipp Malt Coffee."'
When you want a sure cure, you want to be sure of having the best.
There are plenty grades of coal operating under the name of best, but,
there is pply one Kindr the same as in anything else, and that kind is the
Prince Albrecht at Solms-Uraani.'ls writes as
follows: "Your Kneipp Malt Coffee is abso
lutely unequaled by any other roffee substitute
I drink It daily with the greatest of satisfac-
Is an ordeal which ell
women approach with
indescribable fear, for
nothing compares with
the pain and horror of
child-birth. The thought
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Ho flu aftm 6tay'in.
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NnToniiKuiu,Epilepsy, Spasms, St. Vitus*
Danoe.DeblUty, Exhaustion. Feunfedisn.
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la a sure cure for Ctaxonio Uloers, Bone Ulcers,
Scrofulous Ulcers, Varicose Uloere.MeropT
iaHJlSers,Feve SoresiGanTrene,Biopd Pol
outn Wnlte Swelling, Poisoned Wounds,
aUsores onong8tandlng.roslHvelyneverfan8.Cnres i
also Cuts, Burns, Boils, FelonR, carbuncles,
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