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Preserving Kettles
Eegular Price
Price. Snaps.
8-quart 8-quart
.70c .80c .90c
Water Pails
10-quart ....65c
12-quart 75c
Pie Pans
9-inch 18c
10-inch 20c
First Quality, accurate, 8, 4, 8
and 6 inch.
from Friday Morning. HOT. 18, to Saturday Evening, Nov. 26.
Steel China White Enamel Ware
Imported, pure white inside and out, with blue edge.
Dish Pans
5 6c
6 4c
7 2c
Dinner Plates
8-inch 15c 12c
9-inch 18c 15c
6-inch 18c |4c
8-inch 25c 20c
9-inch 35c 28c
12-inch 55c 44c
16-inch 85c 68c
6, 8 and 10-inch, solid steelvalues
up to 40o. Cut price 9"$ A
snap mm%M%M
Yankee Jaws.
Makes any wrench a pipe
as shown above. 3 sizes,
prices 25c, 30c and 35c.
Cut pricfi snap
price %P*M%P
Regular prices 60c, 65c, 68c, 73c.
Cut Price Snap
Kitchen Furnishing Dept.
FREEStransky Sauce Pan.
W will give away to the first 100
customers in our Kitchen Furnishing
Dept. buying $2.00 worth or more
goods, one of these imported Stransky
robin's egg blu e, white lined sauce
pans, regular price 38o.
/Thursday,' Evening",
Morison 4 Co.
347-249 Nicollet Av.
Cut Price.
Eegular Price
Price. Snap s.
10-quart, ....65c 52c
14-quart 75c 60c
17-quart 90c 72c
Rice Boilers
5 2c
6 0c
l-quart 85c 68c
lit.-quart ..$1.15 92c
2-quart ...$1*5 $1.16
Monkey Wrench. Combination Square.
Sauce Pans
Eegular Prico
Price. Snaps.
2-quart 35c 28c
3-quart 40c 32c
4-quart .45c 36c
Pudding Pans
li/ 2 -quart ...20c 16c
2-quart, 25c 20c
2i/.-quart.... 30c 24c
Cups and Mugs
%-pint 15c 12c
1-pint ......18c 15c
l-quart 20c 16c
Saucers 12c IQc
12-in., first qual.
mitre head and
blade, reg. $1.30,
Saw Set.
Morrill regular
Solid steel, sim
ple, durable, the
regular price is
60c cut JBJ|
pattern, a
price 65c.
price snap
first-class tool
Saw Clamps.
JULY 29-1893
NOV- 2+" I89&
Folding and self fasteningreg
ular price, $1.00. Cut tffctf*
price snap \M\*
Spring Caliper. Firm Joint Caliper. Extension Dividers.
6-incb, tool steel points,
point adjustable.
6 and 8 inch.
Your choice any of above
mechanics' Tool Dept.
FREECarpenters' Aprons.
Saturday Evening, Nov. 19, 6
to 10 p. m. we will give away
free to the first 50 customers
buying $1.00 worth or more
goods in our Tool Dept., one
of these indispensable articles
free. No advance in our reg
ular or cut prices. No reserve.
VTOBODY has ever ex
plained why the styles for
women originate in Paris. Bujt
the fact remains.
So every year we import
model garments from the most
fashionable modistes in the
French capital garments
which are just ahead of the
present mode, and we copy
the models faithfully in all par
ticularsbut ONE.
Our garments are a good
bit better made, (and gen
erally from better skins)
than the ones we get in
There's little to say
of this jacket, for the
picture tells the story.
Like all our jackets,
each one is custom
made not made hurriedly, but made WELL and made
We recommend Mink for this shapebut you may choose any
good fur.
The Gordon & Ferguson GUARANTEE is wor^th having.
Behind it stands a reputation. of thirty-three years, to say nothing
of its money value.
GORDON & FERGUSON, St. Paul, Minn.
Established 1871
Your druggist sells PLUTO CONCENTRATED WATER, from French Lick
Springs, Ind. Get a bottle and drink it at home. I gives prompt relief
and speedily cures Indigestion, Constipation, Kidney and Liver Troubles
Write for FREE Booklets, describing medicinal properties of the waters.
tHOS. TAQQART, President, On tb Monoal Route." FRENCH LICK, INDIANA*
S$ $ $^^^$^
If you jhave a f?ood pofition open you ought to have a good employe to
fill it. Write vour Journal want ad. stating fully the requirements and the
opportunities of the position, ana you will receive answers* from many capable
persons. You lose the best of your opportunity to get a competent employee
when you word your ad carelessly or too briefly. Tell the whole story, and
tne right person is su.o to answer.
.HI,.,, ^.JII,^ j!i
Vice President Eckstein Ope ns the Pro-
gram Proper with a Paper on the
Tramp DiseaseTuberculosis and Its
Treatment in Dispensaries, Sanatoria
and the Homes Discussed Today.
Special to The Journal.
Faribault, Minn., Nov. 17..Those at
tending the thirteenth annual confer
ence of the Associated Charities and
Corrections of the state were welcomed
to Faribault at a well-attended meet
ing at the armory last night by Mayor
Orlotzbach and were offered the hospi
tality of one of the city's most pop
ular institutions by its president,
Thomas Quinn, on behalf of the
Faribault Commercial club. Dr. T. C.
Clark of Stillwater responded on be
half of the visiting delegates.
I the absence of the president, the
vice president, A. Eckstein, read his
address, which was the first paper on
the program. Its theme was "The
Tramp." One view of the tramp, Mr.
Eckstein said, is that the desire for
the primitive life remaining in all of
us obtains the mastery in him. W all
chafe under the restraints of the social
harnessth tramp, a person more sen
sitive than the rest of us, cannot tol
erate them, declares himself free and
lives the free life. Another cause: as
signed for the tramp's ways of life is
his love of nature. Then criminal ten
dencies are given as reaso ns for the
Sacrifices Necessary.
Having diagnosed the tramp disease,
the speaker proceeded to designate a
remedy, and in this connection spoke
in terms of high approval of an ordi
nance enacted in the county of Ren
ville providing work for tramps suffi
cient to pay tor meals and lodgings.
"In the' attempt to cure this dis-
ease," concluded the speaker, "we may
find it necessa ry to give up some social
and economic practices or the present
to which we are much attached. When
we have really awakened to the seri
ousness of the situation we shall be
ashamed to blazon the tramp's picture
in advertising matter on billboards,
shocked with the vagrant funny man's
attempted jokes in the newspapers and
disgust ed with the character of 'Hap
Hooligan' on the stage."
Drink and the Workhouse.
A this forenoon's session Frank R.
McDonald, superintendent of the Mi n
neapolis workhouse, read a paper on
Wdrkhouses,'' and submitted the fol
lowing figures, showing how enormous
ly the ranks of workhouse prisoners
are recruited from the drinking classes:
Total number received _.- 2,250
Total number committed for drunkenness' .1,556
For vagrancy 332
For larceny 137
For various other offenses 225
These figures do not show, how
ever, said Mr. McDonald, "the great
number of prisoners who se offenses oth
er than drunkenness are indirectly
traceable to liquor drinking, but fr om
what information I can gather those
convict ed for vagrancy and larceny
might be added to the great army of
1,556 committed for drunkenness. Thus
it is clear that intemperance in the
use of intoxicants is among the chief
promoters of poverty and crime and con
stitutes one of the greatest evils of
Referring to the treatment of inebri
ate s, Mr. McDonald urged that more
(Established 1882.)
5th, 6th, 7th
and Laundry.
4th Floor.
Custom Tailoring.
3rd Floor.
Furs and
Fur Garments.
2nd Floor.
Exclusively for
Millinery, Cloaks,
Suits, Skirts,
Furnishings, etc.
Main Floor.
Furnishings, Hats.
Trunk s, Bags
The Great
Basement Salesroom.
Let us
enter into a
You can
the pay-
to suit
Men's Suits $9.50
Fancy worsteds, plain cheviots, cassi
meres and fancy mixtures-single and
double-breasted stylesall hand tail
ored and silk sewed. All sizes can fit
all men, stouts, slims, regular and ex
tras. Suits worth $12 and $15 go dur
ing this sale, at $9.50.
Men's Suits $7.50
Another lot is made up of plain black
worsteds, all wool cheviots and gray
and brown mixtures good, stylish
suits and selling all season at $10 and
$12 single or double-breasted. Choice
during this sale, $7.50.
Men's Pants $1.19
A clean-up sale of all odds and ends,
about 500 pairs, all told. All wool chev
iots, cassimeres and mixtures, in neat
stripes, and checks. All sizes pants,
worth up to $2.50, for $1.19.
$6.50 Sheepskin Coats $4.95
Large wombat collars, full lined with
best sheep pelts, outside of gray vulcan
ized covert, wind proof and waterproo f.
$8.75 Corduroy Coats $7.50
Large wombat collars, sleeves lined
with sheepskin, outsi de is heavy cordu
roy cloth.
$3.00 Pants $2.00
A new line just received, fine wor
steds, neat cassimeres.
Men's Sweaters 69c
All-wool worsted sweaters, double
roll collar, plain blues, blacks, grays
and maroon, besid es many fancy
striped effects all sizes. Regular $1
sweater for 69c.
Gent's large arm, comfort Rocker, made
of best bleached rattan, shellac
finish. Sold everywhere for $5,
Friday only
One to a customer only.
be done along this line, and maintained
that the work had been tried and not
found wanting. Out of twenty-four
cases treated in the Minneapolis city
workhouse, fifteen have returned to a
life of usefulness and are no longer a
charge upon society and the city.
Treatment of Tuberculosis.
The Free Dispensary in the
Tuberculosis Patients" was the subje ct
of a strong paper read this afternoon
by Dr. George Douglas Head of Mi n
neapolis, who declared that the dispen
saries of the larger cities and those
which could be maintained in the small
towns of the state by local physicians,
with a lay managing board, would meet
all present demands.
"The free dispensary," he said, "is
the poor man's consulti ng doctor. I is
better to utilize this institution already
organized for the care of the sick poor
than to waste time and money in the
THEINNEAPbLIS JOURNAL. November 17, 1904.
Complete toil et set, exactly like cutdecorate in natural
flowers with
rich gold
price, $7.50
special price
#Care of
The following items for Friday represent but a few of the many opportunities offered to
clothe the entire family at a saving of 25 to 50 per cent in this economical Basement Sales-
roomall merchandise is strictly reliable no matter how low the price no trash ever finds
its way onto these tables.
Good elastic web suspenders, mohair
ends, many of the well-known police
and firemen's braces in the lotfanc
and plain colors choice, 19c.
Men's Wool Underwear 65c
Men's shirts and drawers of all-wool,
ribbed colors are brown, blue and
salmonall sizesregul ar $1 garments
for 65c.
Cotton Underwear 33c
Heavy fleece-lined cott on shirts and
drawers in all sizesgood, seasonable
garmentsregular price 50c. Choice,
Flannel Shirts 89c
Men's wool flannel shirts, in black,
blue and graya few mixtures in the
lot all sizes. Shirts always sold at $1.
Special, 89c.
Men's Heavy Mittens 75c
Heavy leather gloves and mittens in
all sizes. Heavy wool and lamb lin
ingsevera good grades of leather to
choose from. Eegular $1.28 gloves for
Men's Hose 5c
A lot of men's cotton half-hose
the balance of several broken lines
gathered together and marked at this
low priceplain blacks and fancy col
orsalso plain black with white
feet, 5c.
Men's Shirts 33c
Stiff bosom and negligee shirts of
good quality percale, gingham and
madras cloth good colors all sizes.
Kegular price up to $1. Choice during
this sale, 33c.
Men's Wool Hose 19c
Extra heavy all-wool half-hose, just
what you need for out-door work
heavy ribbed top, double heel and toe.
Regular 35c hose for 19c.
$7.50 Toilet Sets, $4.95.
construction and equipment of new in
stitutioii^ entirely given over to the
work ox caring for the tuberculosis
Dr. Longstreet Taylor of St. Paul
told what can be done in the treatment
of tuberculosis in sanatoria, ^and Dr.
M. Bracken discussed what can be
done in the homes. Minnesota, he said,
has annually about two thousand deaths
fr om the disease, which means that
there are probably ten thousand eases
constantly in the state. told what
had been accomplished in Minneapolis
by a systematic movement against the
disease, and asserted that what the Mi n
neapolis organization is doing should
be done in at least every well-settled
county in the state. The local or coun
hospital could be made to serve as
a dispensary or a sanatorium, and a
distri ct nurse should be provided to vis
it the patients at their home, to give
the necessa ry instructions as to the
Cannot A fford to WMiss
Genuine Karpen
Couch, $9.95.
This is one of the celebrated Karpen constructed Couchesha
massive oak frame and is covered with good quality velours,
worth every cent of $16.00. Special Friday Bargain
S. &H.
Trading Stamps
With All
Complete Home, Hotel and Club Furnishers.
Friday and Saturday we place on sale at this remarkable reduc-
tion a well-known maker's entire floor stock of men's fine overcoats.
About 500 in the lot, all the most popular fabrics and styles, many long,
loose belted back coats in the lot. Wiltons in blue, black and gray kersey,
serge lined some with satin yokes and fancy worsted body lining. Reg-
ular prices $12 and $15. Sale price $8.75.
Men's Suspenders 19c
Greatt Plymouth Clothing House, Nicollet and Sixth
St. Louis Rates Cut in Two!
Only $10.00 for round trip to the
World's Fair, Nov. 14 to 26, good re
turning to Dec. 1. Call at Minneapolis
& St. Louis railroad ticket office, 424
Nicollet av, for tickets or berths. wo
fine trains a day.
Our terms are the
most liberal of any
establishment in
the Northwest.
Mr a B"v
care of the patient and to see to it
that her instructions were carri ed out.
Such places as Faribault should be
come the cent er of such work, and the
distri ct nurse should not only care for
the residents of the city, but should
reach out into adjoining country dis
Reception This Evening.
Features this evening will be ad
dresses by Timothy D. Smith, D.D., pres
ident of the National Conference of
Chariti es and Corrections. A 9:45 a re
ception will be tendered the delegates
and visitors by the Monday club and
Travelers' club.
casement Saleroom
Men's Hose i2^c
Pure camel's hair hose in plain black,
gray and black with merino heel and
toe all sizes in the lot. Regular 25c
hose for 12%c.
Men's Hats $1.19
A new shipment of men's fine hats
just inthey are made up from the
best of all fur stockare of this sea
son's most popular shapes in both stiff
and soft stylesare full silk trimmed
and have genuine leather sweatbands.
Hats regularly sold at $2 and $2.50
take your choice during this sale at
Men's Caps 89c
All-wool kerseys in plain colors
wool mixtures in fancy effectsall
have fur lined inside band and are caps
regularly sold at $1.50 both men's and
boys' sizes. Choice during this sale,
Boys'Caps 39c
Regular 75e boys' winter capssev
eral good styles, all-wool mixtures and
plain colors tjphoice, 39c.
Boys' Suits $1.69
Special for this sale only, about 500
boys' strictly all-wool two-piece suits
of worsted, cheviot s, cassime re and of
fancy mixturesplai blues and blacks
in the lot, besid es fancy stripes and
checks. Suits taken direct fr om our
regular $2 and $2.50 lines and marked
at this very small price for this sale,
choice, $1.69.
Boys' Overcoats $2.95
Overcoats for boys of 3 to 16 years.
Russian style, in dark gray and brown
mixturesbes of all-wool fabric s, very
stylish, warm and durable. Regular $4
overcoats for $2.95.
Boys' Reefers $2.95
Boys' reefers of all-wool chinchilla,
navy bluehig storm collar best style
coat made for active boys. Regular
$3.50 grade sizes 5 to 16 for only
people going
to house-
Made of
maple, fin-
ished in
golden size
of top
24x24 shelf
underneath for d*l m. 1
One to a cus-
tomer only.
Those unhappy persons who suffer
from nervousness and dyspepsia
should use Carter's Little Nerve Pills,
which are made expressly for sleep
less, nervous, dyspeptic sufferers.
Price 25 cents.
Knee Pants 19c
Corduroy and woolen knee pants,
dark, light and medium shades all
sizes. All seams are taped, buttons riv
eted on. Regular 50c pants for 19c.
Boys' Sweaters 59c
All-wool sweaters in plain blue,
black, gray and red also fancy col
lege stripesgood dollar garments go
during this special sale at 59c.
Boys' Underwear 33c
Boys' wool-fleeced shirts and draw
ers in fancy mottled effects, all sizes
undergarments always sold for 50c
special during this sale, 33c.
Women's Winter Coats $5.95 &
About 300 brand new winter weight
coats for women, stylish three-quarter
lengths, oxfords and men's wear mix
tures, belted back, new leg of mutton
sleeves and military collar of stitched
"'velvet also 28-inch kersey jackets in
black, blue and castor, thoroughly lined
with mercerized sateenregula values
$8 and $10 special $5.95.
Walking Skirts $4.49
All-wool cheviots, meltons and mi x
tures in light or dark shadesa large *f
variety of styles nicely tailored and
guaranteed to fit. Regular $6 and $7.50 rjs
skirts special sale, $4.49. *qtt
it i^-
George Gould While After Birds Acd*
dentally Wounds Assistant.
New York Sun Speoial Servloe. it
Winston, N Nov. 17.While hunt
ing birds at his lodge, a mile or so from
High Point yesterday, George Gould
accidentally shot one of is huntsmen,
E Burns, in the eye. The wound while'
serious, may not be fatal. Mr. Gould
immediately sent the wounded young
man to Greensboro for treatment by a
specialist. I he fails to get relief
there, he will be taken to New York.
K- t1s
Misses' Skirts $2.98 /yr
Very appropriate for school wearall
wool cheviots, meltons and mixtures *&a
stylishly made and trimmed with
straps, pleats and buttons. Regular $4' re
values for $2.98. TQ
Women's Wrappers 69c
Fancy colored effects in dark, light
or medium shadesheavy fleece-lined
wrapper clothyoke linedtrimmings
of braid and rufflesgood values at
98c. Special, 69c.
Shirt Waists 95c
Scotch plaids in blue, gre en and red
also a lot of sateensgood $1.50 val
ues for 95c.
Misses' Union Suits 29c
Misses' and children's union suits of
fleece-lined ribbed cottonall sizes.
Regular 50c suits special, 29c.
Ladies'Waists $1.95
Heavy flannel in plain colors and
fancy stripesalso mixed vestings and
nun's veilings. Regular value, $2.50.
Walking Skirts $3.98 J$'
Allwool walking skirts in plain and
fancy effects, well made, faultless fit
tingregula $6 skirts, for $3.98.

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