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Eenovates, Regulates, Restores a Sys
tem Depleted hy Catarrh.
John W. Glenister, of Providence, R. I.,
champion long-distance swimmer of
America, has performed notable feats in
this country and England. He has used
Peruna as a tonio and gives his opinion
of it in the following letter:
2% lbs 5e
Best Tea, any kind, 1 lbs. 50c
You who are sick and discouraged
9 make this offer to you. We will buy
you a bottle of Liquozonea 50c bot
tle. You may try it at our expense.
We ask you to write usyou who
ftill cling to medicine for what medi
cine cannot do. We waWt to show
youas we have sho^n millions of
othersthe only way to cure a germ
disease. Please don't hesitate. Don't
wait longer. The test shall not cost
you a penny.
Not Medicine
The virtues of Liquozo'nte are derived
olely from gaslargely oxygen gas.
No drugs, no alcoholnothing but gas
enters into it. The process of making
takes fourteen days, and requires im
mense apparatus. Then we get one
cubic nvch of Liquozone for each 1,250
cubic inches of gas used. This process
has, for more than twenty jears, been
the constant subject of scientific and
chemical research.
The result is a germicide so certain
that we publish on every, bottle an
offer of $1,000 for a disease germ that
it cannof kill. Yet it is not only
harmless, but remarkably helpful. The
effects are exhilarating, vitalizing, pu
rifying. Even a well person feels its
instant benefit. The reason is that
'erms are vegetables and Liquozone
aW excess of oxygenis life to ah
animal but deadly to vegetal matter.
There lies th& great value of Liquo
zone. I is the only way known to
kill germs in the body without killine
the tissues, too. An drug that kills
As a Spring Tonic to Get the
System In-Good Shape.
JoimGlenister, Champion Swimmer and Only Athlete to Successfully
Swim Through the Michigan Whirlpool Rapids.
New York.
The Peruna Medicine Company,
Columbus, Ohio:
Gentlemen"This spring, for the
first time I have taken two bottles of
Peruna, and, as it has done me a
great deal of good, I feel as if I ought
to say a good word for its worth.
"During the springtime for the
last few years, I have taken several
kinds of spring tonics, and have
never received any benefit what
ever. This year, through the ad
vice of a friend, I have tried Peruna
and it has given satisfaction.
I advise all athletes whov are
about to go into training to try a
bottle, for it certainly gets the sys
tem in good shape." Yours truly,
Good Sugar Corn, doz... .75c
Best Maine Corn, doz..$1.0
Early June Peas, doz..
String and Wax Beans.
New Jersey Tomatoes.$1.00
Best Can Pumpkin, doz...7So
California Peaches, heavy
syrup, doz ...$"l@5
Best G. G. Plums, doz. $1-5
5 lbs.Cal.SeedlessRaisins,25c
25-lb. box Cal. Prunes $1.15
10-lb. box Macaroni ..50c
5 lbs. Gloss Starch, 25o
10 lbs. Best Corn Meal. ..15c
10 lbs. Best Rolled Oats..2c
Lenox Seap, bx $2.5
25 bars.... 70c
Mocha and Java Coffee,
Thursday 'Evening,
THLETES realize the importance of
keeping in good bodily trim.
The digestion must be good, the circu
lation perfect, sleep regular and enough
of it.
If the slightest catarrhal condition of
lungs or stomach is allowed to remain,
neither digestion nor sleep will be
Those who lead very active lives,
like athletes, with good muscular de
velopment, find the spring months
especially trying.
Athletes everywhere^ praise Peruna be
cause they, of all men, appreciate the
value of a tonic that dispels physical de
The vocation of some men may allow
them to endure the depressing feelings
incident to spring weather, but the
athleto must never allow himself to get
"under the weather."
He must keep in the "pink of condition"
all the time.
In order to do this ho must avail him
self of a spring tonic upon which he can
Therefore athletes are especially
friendly toward Peruna.
Peruna never fails them.
Sour Pickles, gal 20
Queen Olives, qt. 25c
Pure Catsup, 3 bottles... .25c
Best Mustard, gal -48c
Vanilla Wafers, 3 lbs. for 25c
Uneeda Biscuit, 6 lbs. for 25c
Malta Vita, 3 pkgs 27
Vanilla and Lemon Ex
tract, 6-oz 20
Best Jap Rice, 5 lbs 20
Best Cocoa, lb 28
Walter Baker's chocolate.25c
Best Baking Powder, lb..25c
Swift's Premium Ham. 1 l&c
Picnic Hams 7c
Choice Mackerel, 5 for.. .25c
Good Bacon 10c
Best Salt Pork, 5 lbs. 35c
Best Lard .8c
We do a business on a wholesale plan to consumers and guaran-
tee a saving to all of from 25 to 40c on the dollar. Interest yourself.
23 3o Sixth Sfoest. Both Phones
Diseases which have resisted medicine for
yield at once to Liquo^one.
May we buy a bottle for you?
germs i3 a poison, and it cannot be
taken' internally. For that reason,
medicine is almost helpless in any germ
disease, while Liquozone is almost cer
tain. We proved this fact for years,
through physicians and hospitals, in
thousands of the most difficult cases
obtainable. Then we paid $100,000 for
the American rightsthe highest price
ever paid for atfy discovery used in the
cure of sickness.
Liquozone is now used by the sick of
nine nations in the treatment of germ
diseaes. In millions of homes it has
clonje, an'd is doing what medicine can
not do.
Germ Diseases
These are the known germ diseases.
All that medicine can do for these
troubles is to help Nature overcome
the germs and such results are indirect
and uncertain. Liquozone attacks the
germs, wherever they are. An'd when
the germs which cause a disease are de
stroyed, the disease must end, and for
ever. That is inevitable.
Hay FeverInfluenza
Kidney Diseases
La Grippe
Leucorrhea Liver Troubles
Malaria-Neuralgia Many Heart Troubles
PilesPneumonia PleurisyQuinsy
Rheumatism ScrofulaSyphilis Skin Disease*
Stomach Troubles
Throat Troubles,
TumorsUlcers jvtf"^*
Abscess^Anaemia Bronchitis
Blood Poison
Bright's Disease
Bovrel Troubles
Consumption ColicCroup
CatarrhCancer i,
DandruffDropsy Dyspepsia EczemaErysipelas
FeversGall Stones
Tells. Them to Aid Political Party
Only by Good Official
Washington, April 27."The best
service a postmaster can give to# his
party is to conduct his postoffice in a
proper manner."
This remark was made today by Post
master General George B. Cortelyou, in
discussing the general subject of politi
cal activity of postoffice officials in
connection with the plan of the depart
ment under the postmaster general's di
rection, to issue new rules and regula
tions for the guidance of postal em
Postmaster General Cortelyou's views
on the subject come from his knowledge
as a political manager, as well as from
his experience as a federal official. He
said today that the new rules will be
but a summary of those already in exis
tence, including the formal rules pre
scribed by the civil service laws, as
well as the orders which have been .is-
sued from time to time by the presi
dent. These will all be codified and
printed in the form of a circular, which
will be sent to every official of the
postal service.
The oostmaster general insists that
any official in the service ought to
know from these rules and regulations
how far he may be active in politics.
If he does not' know, the department
will supply the necessary discipline,
going even'so far as'actual dismissal.
The whole subject lately has been
brought to the attention of the post
master general in connection with the
action of the assistant postmaster at
Louisville. This official became a mem
ber of the republican state central
committee. The objection raised was
that the committee was engaged in
raising funds for political purposes, and
it is said by the postmaster general
that such work should not be engaged
in by the officials of the service. The
department does not rule that officials
not in the classified service shall take
no part in politics, but points out how
such work, if conspicuous or if con
nected with financial operations of a
political party, is contrary to good dis
cipline and the good of the service.
Scion of Old New England Fam
ily Makes Strange Alliance
Soon After Divorce.
Special to The Journal.
Butte, Mont., April 27.Ernest Bar
bour, manager of the Grand operahovtse,
Dick' Sutton's big vaudeville here, and
Princess Chinquifla, a wealthy Iirtlian
vaudevile actress, were the central fig
ures in a romantic wedding, which was
solemnized yesterday aboard a Pullman
sleeper on the Oregon Short Line rail
way, a few miles south of Pocatello.
The ceremony was permormed by a
clergyman taken along from Butte by
Barbour for the special purpose. On
Tuesday Barbour secured a divorce
from his wife in New York city, and
his wedding to the princess was the im
mediate sequel.
Barbour is the son of Eev. H. H.
Barbour and grandson' of ,tbe la,te
Jndge Barbour, and comes from an old
and respected family of Hartford,
Conn. E has been in every city of
importance in the United States, star
ri'nV as a monologist and humorist.
The Princess Chinquilla is a full
blooded Cheyenne, daughter of the late
Chief Lone star, who journeyed to
Washington and made a famous ad
dress in behalf of ihis neople from the
steps of the capitol. She was educated
at Carlisle, and speaks English, Ger-
maW, French and Italian fluently, as
well as Cheyenne and other Indian
New York Sun Special Service.
Philadelphia, April 27.Joseph Mor
rissey, a 9-year-old boy, made an un
successful attempt to save the life of
his friend, Bernard O'Brien, aged 7,
who was drowned in the Schuylkill
yesterday. Three times he dived after
his companion, but altho he managed
to reach the body the third time, he
was too late. When young Morrissey
saw O'Brien fall into the water he
jumped in after him. O'Brien was
carried under a barge by the tide and
Morrissey was pulled back upon the
barge by two men. They tried to stop
him from making another attempt, but
he slipped past tbem and once more
dived into the river. He is an expert
swimmer for one so young, and three
times he went down in the water after
his chum. Morrissey sat beside the
form of his dead friend nearly all last
If you want a hurry-up job of roofing
done, telephone W- S. Nott Co.. 376.
GoitreGout GonorrheaGleet
Varicocele Women'g Diseases
AH diseases that beginwlt feverall inflam
mationall catarrhall contagious diseasesall
the results of impure or poisoned blood.
In nervous debility Liquozone acts as a vital
izer, accomplishing what no drugs can do.
50c Bottle Free
If you need Liquozone, and have
never tried it please send us this
coupon. We will then mail you an or
der on a local druggist for a full-size
bottle, and we will pay the druggist
ourselves for it. This is our free gift,
made to convince you to show you
what Liquozone is, and what it can do.season
In justice, to yourself, please accept it
today, for it places you under no obli
gation whatever.
Liquozone costs 50c and $1.
for this offer may not appear again. Fill out
the blanks, and mail it to The Liquozone
Company, 458-464 Wabash ave, Chicago.
My disease Is
I have never tried Liquozone, but If you wlU
supply ine a 50c bottle free I will take it.
568A. Give full addresswrite plainly.
Any physician or hospital not yet using Llquo
sone will be gladly supplied for a test.
Now and
Open mn
Only five suits left Golden or Weath
ered Oak frame, ^polish finish, covered
with genuine leather, well made in
cludes one sofa, one arm chair, one re
ception chair. Worth fully double the
E..?^ $20.00
Oak Dressers
Golden Oak, polish finish, two small
and two large drawers has an 18x20
French Bevel Plate Mirror. Special
X^- $8.50
Not over three to a customer.
5^::: r4 UtoPft
Who Died Yesterday at His Home at
0 Lanesboro, Minn.
& Special to XHe Journal.
Lanesboro, Minn., April 27.J. H. Burns,
who formerly represented the fifth legislative
district in the Minnesota legislature, .died at
his boine in this city at 2 p.m. yesterday from
Mr. Burns was an editor, lawyer and railroad
man. He came to Minnesota In 1884 from Ur
bana. 111., where he had been editor and publish
er of the Messenger. He was a graduate of the
Northern Indiana law school. He was unmar
"Bobby" Burns, as he was affectionately
known to his associates in the legislature,
served in the house In 1901, the extra session
of 1902 and in 1903. He was a leading mem-'
ber at every session. In the stormy session
of 1901 he took a prominent part as a debater,
and in 1902 he was one of the leading advo
cates of the tax code prepared by the com
He was re-elected and was a candidate for
speaker of the 1903 house, but withdrew and
joined.the winning combination, being rewarded
with important committee assignments, includ
ing the chairmanship of the committee on gen
eral legislation.
He was a candidate for the nomination for
railroad commissioner at the last state conven
tion, but withdrew when the candidacy of A. D.
Gray of his own county was announced, and
Since "had taKen little part in politics. y.r
Tourist Season Opens.
The Northern Pacific opens the Tour
ist season to the wonderful Pacific
coast country with special excursion
tickets to San Francisco and
Angeles at rate of $57.90. Tickets are
good for three months, good for stop
overs and are on sale May 1, 2, 3 ,9,
10, 11, 12 ,nd 13. The Northern Pa
cific Tourist publications will be readv
for distribution, about May 1. Call
at City Ticket Office, 19 Nicollet House
Block i:v,
liewis and Clark Exposition, Yellow
stone National Park.
During the coming summer tourist
the Northern Pacific will pre
sent some of the-most attractive com
bination trips ever offered, both west
ern via the Yellowstone park' to the
Pacific coast, Alaska and the Orient and
East via the Great Lakes.
Now is the time to arrange plans for
your party.
See Mr. Qr. McNeill, City Ticket
Agent, Nq^"19 ,,^c^llet House Block.
Homeseekers Bound Trip.
Excursion tickets will be sold by the
Northern Pacific Tuesdays in May and
June to points in Minnesota. North, Da
kota, Montana, Idaho, British Columbia,
Eastern and Central Washington, for
one fare plus $2 00 for the round trip.
Call at the City-Ticket Office, No. 19
Nicollet'House Block. -xr
Carey Cement Eoofingk better& than
metal or tar and gravel.- J3ee-~W. S.
Nott Co.. Tel. 376. *'$
Defective Page
Doomed to Hang, Murderer Or
ders Organization to Put Up
$10,000 for Family.
New York Sun Special Service.
New Orleans, La., April 27.^Realiz-
ing that he will be hanged Friday for
the murder of Antonio Luciano, Sam
Aspara, a member of the New Orleans
Mafia, has delivered an ultimatum to
the organization demanding $10,000 for
his wife and children, or he will make
a confession on the scaffold revealing
Mafia secrets which, he says, will in
criminate some of the wealthiest Ital
ians here.
Asparawas told by his friends that he
would not be hanged and the board of
pardons would commute his sentence to
llife imprisonment, which was
yesterday the news and" he immediately seirt word
-1 to. the Mafia leaders that they would
I have to provide for. his family after his
death, or he would expose the entire
business, tilling how he was engaged
while working as a laborer in the
April 27, 1905.
Boufelll&iiFriday Bargains
For Friday we have prepared an offering of Good Furniture and Homefurnishmgs that
will prove of the greatest interest to you. The Goods are all new and the prices right.
Choke home
in Green's,
I built
by me *&''*:
Crockery Department
In the &a*emnt.
This Remarkable Bargain
for Friday Only.
Pressed Cut Glassware"Sugar Bowl,
Cream Pitcher, Spoon Holder and But
ter Dish. Complete set of four pieces
Worth 75c.
Lace Curtains and
Our Lace Curtain and Drapery
continues daily with greater success.
Bear in mind we have no shopworn or
old styles to offer you.. All this sea
son's purchase. Everything new and
up-to-date, at a considerable saving
from regular prices.
Real Brussels Curtains, our own impor
tation, at $5.50, $6.50, $7.50,
$8.50 and $10 pair.
A saving from $|_ to $ 5 pair.
Royal Saxony Brussels Curtains, direct
from Brussels, at $12.50$15.00
$17.50, $20 and $25 pair.
A saving of $2.50 to $7,50 pair.
Hand-wrought Beal Arabian Curtains,
at $10.50, $12:50, $13.75, $15,
$17.50 $20.00 pair.
A saving from $3.50 to $10 Pair
Duchess Point Lace Curtains at $4.50
$5, $6.50, $7.50 and $9.50 pair.ria
A saving, from $1,50
$ 5
Point Milan Curtains at $6.50,
$7.50, $8.5& $9.50 pair. To be
had only of us.
A saving from $2.50 to $7.50
Eich Antique Curtains, every thread
linen, hand-wrought (from South of
France), at. $10, $12.50, $15 and
$16.50 Pair.
A saving from $ 5 to $12.50
a i
Temporary Store, 623'625 Nicollet, in the New Store Block.
American Sugar Refinery, for $1 a day
to obtain Luciano's friendship,and mur
der him to settle an Italian feud.
Altho Aspara was a laborer, he has
paid over $5,000 in attorney's fees,
which was provided by the Mafia man
who promised to care for his family.
He has waited patiently for the money
and when it had not arrived before the
se'nftence was affirmed, he resolved to
send the ultimatum for $10,000. With
in one hour $3,000 was raised, but he
refused the sum as being insufficient,
and another demand for $7,000 was
sent, which he says must be delivered
to his wife before he takes the scaffold.
London, April 27.A dispatch from Ant
werp to the Daily Telegraph states that
King Leopold, the counts of Flander
(brother of the king), and the Belgian
finance ministers are debating the ad
Klng Leopold, the count of Flanders
ders' son, Prince. Albert, the legal heir
presumptive to the throne of Belgium, by
obtaining parliamentary sanction for the
count of Flanders' renunciation, already
agreed upon, of his claims to the succes
One Way Half Rates.
The Northern Pacific will continue
sale of the one way^Colonists Excursion
tickets to points fto Montana, Idaho,
Washington, British Columbia and Cali
fornia, daily until May 15. Call at
City Ticket Office, No. 19 Nicollet
House Block.
Build in th Triangle and I
Will Loan You Moiwy at
Aa an investment pure and simplo I will fftodly loan money at this
very low figure on new homes inXjreen'8 Additions. If*Iwere no^sure
of the safety of my invefctanetit I wouM not make the offer. I would
rather have Green's Addition homed as security at today's
valuation than Qovernment Bonds, Stocks or Pirni Mort
gages. I am long on lots in Green's--I anvglad
of itI know their worth.* Others are beglttmng
to realize itmy money at 4% is safer in
Green's than any plaoV I know of. Its
Buy one of our Bowen or Ranney Re-
frigerators. There is nothing better
made perfectly sanitary, and the King
of Ice-Savers. We have them at $10*
$12 $14 $15, $16 $18, $20
and $25.
cheaper money than*you can set anywhere.
I own all the racant lots on both
sides of the streets for taro blooks
next to the Kenwood owrUj^eOPquglas
avenue, one block from Mount Curve
avenue) Huaobott, Irving, J^tmes
and Knoxoavenues.
The Heart of
Office 823
I Guaranty Bfdg.
New York Sun Special Service.
New York, April 27.The Waldorf*
Astoria hotel was put up as security foi
the release of three prominent ana
wealthy Canadians, who were arrested
charged -with disorderly conduct in the
Grand Central station last night. In
addition to singing, dancing and shout
ing so loud that women and chiidroa
were almost frightened into hysteric^
the three came very near whipping fiv^
stalwart policemen. When taken to th
police court they gave their names ai
William Gallagher, member of parlia
ment, of Ottawa James McDonald,
millionaire contractor of Montreal and
Brant Morden, a millionaire urnitur*
manufacturer of Montreal. The mana
ger of the Waldorf-Astoria hotel cam*
to his guests' assitance and pledged th
hotel as bail.
Honored Citizen of Winona Will Bi
Be Buried on Saturday.
Winona, Minn., April 27.Thomat
Simpson, a leading member of the bai
at Winona and a pioneer citizen, died
at 11 o'clock last night of diabetes al
the age of 68. The funeral probablt
will be held Saturday afternoon. -HI
if J" V- &**$!&-

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