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A *T-^
Drs. Young: and Bentley never pub
lish any testimonials of their cured
patients only by permission. Now
read this one:
"Minneapolis, Minn., April 14, 1905..
"To Whom it May Concern:
"This certifies that Drs. Young and
Bentley of Minneapolis, Minn., have
successfully removed a cancer from
the left side of my face, near the in
ner corner of the left eye, without
the use of any knife and with scarce
ly any pain. This growth had been
troubling- me for nearly two years, and
now that It is completely gone, 1 can
not say too much in praise of the kind
and successful treatment I have re
ceived from these doctors. I shall al
ways be glad to recommend other suf
ferers to them for the same success
ful treatment.
(Signed) A "Emma Hildebrand,
"Gaylord, Minn.".
ing Japan tea Just as "Salada"_ Black tea la
displacing all ether Blaak Teas.
Trial Pmokmtm IOQ. By mil Qruompu.
Highest Award and.Gold Medal at St. Louis 1904.
To Aiito
,604 NICOLLET AVE. (sear Sixth St. So.)
The Fast Mail Train of the
Leaves St. Paul every day. 5:15 p. m.
Leaves Minneapolis every day 5:50 p. m.
Return leave Winnipeg 5:20 p. m.
(Serving Meals a la Carte.) Commodious Day Couches.
Its sale proves its worth
roads the pleas
vof motoring are re-
newed. Protect your own and
your chauffeur's eyes with suitable goggles.
THE "AUTOGLTJB"Handsome goggles, having ventilated
1 aluminum cups, leather front and chenille edging, roomy and
comfortable. Price.. $2.00
THE "NOSTAEE"A slightly different pattern with curved
lenses, giving a wider field of vision.' Handsomely trimmed and
finished, designed to wear over eyeglasses. Price $4.00
We are direct importers and manufacturers of automobile goggles
and eye protectors at prices'from 25c upward.
4th & Robert St,, St. Paul
Call on or address City Ticket Offices} 3d & Nicollet, Minneapolis
or I. WHITNEY, Passenger Traffic Manager, St. Paul, Minn.
The best appearing i and best wearing
floor finishes in the"* market today are
F/N/SHES. You can select any one in the
line and by carefully following directions
be sure of getting the best looking and
best wearing finish.of the style desired.
Fo Painte FloorsInside FloorsTHE 8- W. INSIDE FLOOR PAINT
For Varnished FinishNaturalMAR-NOT. a durable floor varnish
StainedFL00RLA0, stain & varnish combined
Fo Waxe FinishTHE S-W. FLOOR WAX
Fo Unsightly Cracks in Old FloorsTHE S-W. CRACK A SEAM FILLER
We sell Modern Method Floor Finishes
Are not only honest men, of well known, busi
ness integrity, who can ^ive you any desired I
reference in this city or state, but they have
had many years' successful practice and are ac
knowledged expert specialists In the instant re
lief and speedy cure of all forms of external
Without knife, caustic or pain. The growth is
checked at once, the cancer killed and removed
wholeevery particle of it drawn outwhen the
opening heals, sometimes not even leaving: a
scar. If you suspect that youTiave cancer, then
do not trifle with such a fatal malady, for if
not cured it means sure death, and to die from
cancer is an awful death.
Oall or.Write Today.
$ Advertisers in The Journal's want columns who do not receive
satisfactory results should look well to the wording of their ads. Tell them
the whole' story. Bring out the desirable features. Satisfactory results are
sure when the proposition and the ad are both right.:
Do not defer hope simply because
you have not.found the relief desired.
Your case may be easily curable by
their new method of treatment. They
also successfully treat LUPUS,
without knife or pain. They make no]
chargre for consultation or examina
tion in any case, and all inquiries arel
promptly answered in writing, inclose
stamp. Call or address DRS. YOUNG I
& BENTLEY, 305/Nicollet ave., overj
Model Clothing Store, corner Third!
and Nicollet, second floor, Minneapolis,
Workers Who Will Hold Meetings in
Minneapolis Next October Covered
Cities in All Parts of the Country
Last Winter, Achieving Grreat Suc-
cessDetails of Local Meetings Be
ing Arranged.
Rev. J. Wilbur Chapman, D.D., the
famous evangelist, and Rev. E. A. Wal
ton, D.D., his equally well-known as
sociate, arrived in this city yesterday
afternoon with a party of co-workers
from Seattle, Wash. Dr. Chapman and
all the other members of the partv,
with the exception of Dr. Walton and
Mr. Pugh, left for New York last night,
where the doctor will attend an im
portant meeting of the evangelistic
Drs. Chapman- and Walton have re
cently been conducting a series of verv
successful evangelistic meetings in the
-west and alone: the Pacific coast, an-1
it has been decided to hold similar
meetings in Minneapolis during the
Who Is Here to Arrange for Chapman
S ^Revival Meetings Next Fall.
coming fall. Dr. Walton will stay in
the city till Wednesday to arrange the
necessary details with the ministers of
the different denominations. On Sun
day evening a very important meeting
will be held at Westminster church.
In the afternoon of-the same day. Dr.
Walton will preach at the Y. M. C. A.
and Mr. Pugh, who has achieved some
fame as a gospel singer, having a re
markable tenor voice, will sing.
Dr. Walton, who is at the West hotel,
Few People Know How Useful I I sin
Preserving Health and Beauty.
Nearly everybody knows that char
coal is the safest and most efficient dis
infectant and purifier in nature, but
few realize its value when taken into
the human- system for the same cleans
ing purpose.
Charcoal is a remedy that the more
you lake of it the better it is not a
drug a all, but simply absorbs the
gases and impurities always present in
the stomach and intestines, and carries
them out of the system.
Charcoal sweetens the breath after
smoking, drinking or after eating
onions and other odorous vegetables.
Charcoal effectually clears and im
proves the complexion, it "whitens the
teeth and further acts as a natural and
eminently safe cathartic.
It absorbs the injurious gases which
collect in the stomach and bowels it
disinfects the mouth and throat from
the poison of catarrh.
All druggists sell charcoal in one
form or another, but probably the
best charcoal and the most for the
money is in Stuart's*Charcoal Lozenges,
they are composed of the finest pow
dered .Willow charcoal, an it other harm
less antiseptics in tablet form or rath
er in the form of large, pleasant tasting
lozenges, the charcoal being mixed with
The daily use of these lozenges will
soon tell in.a much improved condition
of the general health, better. complex
ion, sweeter breath and purer blood,
and the beauty of it is, that no possible
harm can result from their continued
use, but on the contrary, great benefit.
^A Buffalo physician in speaking of
the benefits of charcoal, says: I ad
vise Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges to all
patients suffering from gas in stomach
and bowelsj and to clear the complex
ion j,nd purify the breath, mouth and
tb.roa-fcyfI-.also believe the, liver is great
ly benefited by the daily use of them
they cos't but twenty-five cents a box
at drug stores, and altho in some sense
a patent preparation, yet I believe I get
more and better charcoal in Stuart's
Charcoal" Lozenges than in any of the
jMiiia| charcoal.tablets."
The Thirty-eighth Street Congrega
tional church, at Third avenue and
Thirty-eighth street, in the midst of
a rapidly growing part of the city,
will be 'dedicated tomorrow at 3 p.m.side
Addresses will given Rev. Dr. IJ.
H. Hallock of Plymouth church, Rev.
C. -B. Burton of Lyndale Congregational
church and Rev "Dr. George R. Mer
rill, state superintendent of the Con
gregational Home Missionary society.
The music will be furnished the
choir of Plymouth church. The topic
for the evening service is "The Church
and the City, when addresses will be
given by Mayor D. Jones and Judge
E "F. Waite.'. -v,._..
The n'ewlou^cWbild!ng is of frame,
fronting Thi^iy.-ighth street. Tlie
audience room'scats 250 persons, while
the Sunday school room adjoining, and
separated by a rolling partition, brings
was interviewed in regard to the suc
cess of the revival meetings conducted
in the different parts of the country
by himself and" Dr. Chapman. said:
"In many)respects I believe this,has
been the most important evangelistic
campaign, from first to last, that has
ever been planned for this or any
other country. I has involved a
greater number of miles to be traveled,
a greater number of men to perform the
service, and has been the most strenu
ous work that anyone can possibly do.
The tour was planned about a year ago
and has embraced the following cities:
Atlanta, Ga. Birmingham,. N. Y.
Terre Haute, Tnd'. Colorado Springs,
Col. Fort Collins, Col. Denver, Col.
Los Angeles, Cal. Redlands, Cal. Santhe
Diego. Cal.Orange Cal.Oakland
Cal. Portland, Ore. Eugene, Ore. Ta-D.
coma. Wash., and Seattle, Wash.
"Tn brief the campaign may be out
lined as follows: Length of time,
seven months average number of
workers in the party, twenty-four
number of sermons -preached by Dr.
Chapman, 453 number of services con
ducted by the partv. 3,875 number of
miles traveled, 13.145. That the effect
has been beneficial to the cities visited
is evidenced bv the letters received
from the chairmen of the different
committees since the meetings closed.
Thousands of people have .ioined the.
churches this year as a result of this
work and thousands more who were
already church members have been
spiritually quickened. There is cer
tainly a world-wide revival on today.
England. Ireland^ America and many
foreign lands have witnessed sweeping
revivals of the old-fashioned sort. We
look forward with great expectation
to our work in this city and have no
doubt that, it will prove beneficial and
Volney CustUng of Bangor. Me., -will speak
at 3:30 p.m. Sunday in the'new Bethany Presby
terian church, Oak and Essex streets SE. The
admission is free.
"Marriage and Divorce, or Hovr to Get Well
Wed and Stay Wed is the topic of a lecture to
be given by Rev. R. W. Abberley Sunday even
ing at the Portland Avenue Church of Christ.
In view of the agitation of the divorce evil and
the need of a national uniform divorce law this
lecture Is expected to be of special interest to
the public.
The bimonthly district meeting of the Epworth
League will be held Tuesday evening at Simpson
M. E. church. Rev. Mr. Collins of the Western
Avenue church will be the principal speaker.
Owing to the resignation of President Rice the
assembly will be asked to confirm the appoint
ment of a successor as made by the remaining
members of the cabinet.
Xt the First Presbyterian church tomorrow
evening the address -wrill be delivered by James
Henry Harwell, a commercial traveler, who'has
recently had a great experience. Special music
will be contributed by Professor Charles E.
Rykert. a song evangelist, who has been at
work with Dr. J. Wilbur Chapman the past win
The last meeting of the Ministerial alliance
for'ttis season will be held at the Young Men's
Christian Association rooms Monday morning.
The address will be delivered by Rev. Dr. R. A.
At Plymouth Congregational church Sunday
morning Bev. Dr. Hallock will preach on "The
Love Story of the Universe." In the evening
Mr. Hunting vlll preach on "The Power of God's
Forgiveness." On Friday evening a sociable
entitled a "Social Evening in Japan," will be
given. John S. Bradstreet will give his stere
opticon lecture on Japan, followed by a social
hour and refreshments in the reception room.
All friends are invited.
A meeting of the associated Sunday school
members of Minneapolis, will be held at Hen
nepin Avenue M. E. church, Sunday at 2*30 p.m
to hear Marlon Lawranc, international secre
tary of the Sunday schoool association. Mr. Law
rance Is here unexpectedly on Ills -way home from
a western tour and all are invited to meet him.
St. Paul's church, Rev. Theodore Payne Thura
tqn, rector, has made a radical change in the
hours of service. Sunday school being held at
9:45 a.m. service at 11, and evensong at
p.m. These hours are to meet the convenience
of a larger number of persons than heretofore.
Sunday morning the choir of All Souls' church
will sing selections from "Stabat Mater," by
Rossini: chorus, "Stabat Mater Dolorose" tenor
solo. Mr. Mead chorus. "Eta Mater": basso
solo, Mr. Knowlton: chorus. "Jjaflammatu**'": so
prano solo, Miss Harrlette Hfscock.
At Wesley church Sunday the excellent musf.
cal programs will be continued. The chorus
choir, led by Professor Willard Patten, will
sing at the morning service. "The Lord Is Kingi"
Marston solos for tenor, soprano and barytone
offertory. I Cried Unto tfie Lord," Frey: con
tralto solo. In the evening the anthem will be
"4rise,, 8hlne," Dudley .Buck, with soprano,
125 more within the sight and hear
ing of the speaker. The windows of
the new building are probably the finest
in any suburban church. On the south
is a beautiful, large rose window,
having Raphael's cherubs a a center.
The middle window on the west side
has a'fine representation of Hoffmann's
"Good Shepherd/' while on the north
side are "Ruth, the Gleaner," anew
conception, and "St. John the Evan
gelist. The other windows are mo
saics of colored glass in renaissance
style. In the basement are the din
ing room, kitchen, lavatory and fur
nace room. The entire building is
lighted electricity.,
The pastor is Rev. George E. Al
brecht, who, before coming to this city,
was for seventeen years missionary in
Japan, chiefly engaged in theological
solo offertory, with soprano and contralto duet
"The Lord Is My Shepherd," Miss Williams and
Miss Koller. Mrs. E. A. Jones, organist, will
play in the morning a prelude in major bj"
Arthur Berrldge. and poftlude, offertory in tr
by T. Herbert Spinney, and in the evening an
idylle by Gustav Maerkel, and as postlude an
Allegro Moderato by J. N. Lemmens. The new
pastor. Dev. Dr. L. T. Guild, will occupy tbe
pulpit morning and evening, speaking upon'"'The
Optimism of Jesus Christ,*" and "Dreams and
Rev. Dr. Li than A. Crandnll. pastor of Trin
ity Baptist church, has finished his engagement
as university preacher at Chicago, and will
occupy his pulpit, morning and evening Ser
vices are held in the Y. W. C. A. hall. Seventh
street S.
At the new Thirty-eighth Street Congrega
tion church services of dedication will be held
at 3 p.m. Rev. Dr. Hallock. Rev. Dr. Merrill
and Rev. C. E. Burton are tc speak. The rlioir
of Plymouth church will sing two anthems. In
evening a service will be held in behalf of
eivlc rifruteousness. to be addressed by Ma*-or
P. Jones and Judge E. F. "Write.
Salvation Army Secures $2,000 from
Easter Week Giving.
Figures leceived at the headquarters
of the Salvation Armv in the old city
hall for the northwest province show
that about two thousand dollars h:is
been secured from the members of t.io
Army during the "self denial" week,
which ended Foster Sunday. The first
Minneapolis corps subscribed $370 and
the Norwegian and Swedish corps save
about the same amount.
The Misery of Piles
Thousands know it and thousands daily
submit, through their ignorance, to the
torture of the knife.
They are ignorant of the fact that there
is an internal remedy that will positively
and painlessly cure.
Dr. Perrin'sPile Specific
The Internal Remedy
strikes at the prime causes of pilesindi
gestion, congestion of the liver and consti
pation. These causes are removed and
removed for good. Get a bottle today and
see how well it proves the truth of this
For dyspepsia, indigestion, constipation,
biliousness, catarrh of the stomach and
kindred ailments it the greatest remedy
that has ever yet benefited mankind.
When these troubles are taken care of
and cured, Piles will be a thing of the past.
Dr. Pertin Medical Co* Helena, Mont
Myers' Pa-pay-a Tablets Insure Against
Dyspepsia and Indigestion.
The next time you want to eat some
thing which ordinarily disagrees with
you. and causes you to suffer from in
digestion or dyspepsia, just you go
ahead and eat it. After you have eaten
all you want, chew one or two of
Myers' Pa-pay-a Tablets. This, test
will show you what these tablets^ will
do for sufferers from stomach trouble.
Myers' Pa-pay-a Tablets are just the
thing to chew after you have eaten
heartily at any time. Say you have
been to a banquet or to a little sup
per after the theater and liave eaten
a lot of things which you are sure will
give you a restless night: now, if you
will cnew one or two of these tablets
and they taste like good candy, too
you will Bleep like a baby arid wake
up with a good natural appetite for
breakfast. They digest anything you
may eat and clean .up the stomach per
If you will send your name and ad
dress to the Meyers Remedy Co., De*
troit.Mich., you ,will receive a sample
of these tablets and a booklet absolute
Myers' Pa-pay-a Tablets are sold by
all druggists at 50c.
April 29, 1905.
s* vi
VOaSt P*1
160 ACRES in 22, 15, W 1st, Hamiota, Man., district. All
open, nearly level prairie. Black loam soil. Easy
terms. Per acre
240 ACRES, 13 miles from. Winnipeg, near Bosser. All 0 4 O
open prairie black loam soil. Easy terms. Per acre....vlo
640 ACRES, iy2 miles from town of Russell, Man. Nearly all
open level prairie black loam soil. Easy terms. Per acre $
640 ACRES, li/o miles from town of Millwood, Man. All A
open level prairie black loam soil. Easy terms. Per acre
640 ACRES, 5 miles from a town on the Areola-Regma line, Assini
boia, in 8, E 9, W 2d all open, nearly level prairie
black loam soil. Easy terms. Per acre 9
640 ACRES, 3 miles from town of Bienfait, Assiniboia, S 7, 3,
6, W 2d, Assiniboia all open, nearly level prairie *1A
Black loam soil. Easy terms. Per acre $lv
640 ACRES in 11, 15, W 2d, near Yellow Grass, Assiniboia all
open, nearly level prairie black loam soil. Easy $1A
terms. Per acre 1U
640 ACRES in 16, 24, W 2d, Moose Jaw, Assiniboia district
all open, level prairiej black loam soil. Easy terms. An
Per acre
160 ACRES in 18, 24, W 2d, Moose Jaw, Assiniboia district
all open, nearly level prairie black loam soil. Easy
terms. Per acre $v
640 ACRES in 38, 7, W 3d, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan district
all open, level prairie black loam soil. Easy terms. ^,A
Per acre ipD
640 ACRES in 39, 11, W 3d, Saskatchewan all open, nearly
level prairie black loam soil. Easy terms. 4 O
Per acre Pw.fi
10,000-ACRE TRACT in Saskatchewan, near the town of Battle
ford. All open, level to slightly rolling prairie black loam soil.
Good colonization tract, as homesteads are still availa- AC I A
ble in the township. Terms arranged. Per acre PiJ.IU
The above are all selected lands. The prices are good until May 1,
1905, if not previously sold.
517 Union Bank Bldg., Winnipeg, Man.
N.W. Roofing, Cornice
and Stamping Works.
1113 5th Street So., Minneapolis, Minnesota
afe^-'-lfey^V &&.&--*-s.,,-
Irrigation is
Sure yields and sure profits. None but irrigated lands
give certain crops in "dry.yeais."
Thousands of irrigated acres, rich, productive, cheap,
in Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon. Wonder
ful opportunities in Yakima, Palouse and Clearwater
Valleys. Opportunities don't last always, see too
country now.
Exceptionally Low Oolonfst Rates
BJM From St. Paul and MiBiM*pQiif toBUUnss, Mont., S19
Jft .M. &?- *nay18. W0S. Special** Seftfer*' feate* to prtnd-
MliuMiota and N. Dak. point* every Tuesda dar
ing March and April.
Northern Pacific Railway
C. W. Mott, Gen'l Emigratien Agent, St. Paul. Rates and information from G. F. Me~
Neill, City Past. Agt., 19 NicplUt Block, Minneapolis Geo. D. Roger*. Citv Pass. Agt~.
Fifth and Robert StreeU, St. Paul. A. M. Clelmnd, Gen'l Pass. Agt., N. P. Ry., St. Paul,
act like Exercise.
-for the Bowels
The efficiency of a Journal want ad Is enhanced by careful wording It 4
should be so clearly stated that when the right person reads It he will know
it "means him," and the wrong .person will know It is not for him.

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