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Special Correspondence.
Iroquois, S. D., May 12.I have been
told by some of the people of South
Dakota that there are people in In
diana, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and
other states that have to be practically
forced into talcing a trip to this state
to see what there is here, and that it
is.hard work to make a lot of them be
lieve that this state compares favor
ably with the eastern states.
If any such read this article, I want
them to listen for a moment to what I
have to say. It don't make the slight
est difference to me whether anyone
living on $100 an acre land comes out
here or noti. e., so far as anything I
will make out of it. I am paid for
writing what I see and not selling land.
But-just now the rich black loam soil
I have been traveling thru steadily for
two months is beginning to take on the
green of newly-growing small grains
any lover of the "Ould Sod" would
forsake the emerald isle for this county
just now. I have been in Canova,
Salem, Huron, Volga, Woonsocket, How
ard, Madison and a lot of other little
towns, and have made it a practice to
ascertain the names of hard-up farmers,
and I haven't found any. Can you, Mr.
Fanner of the east, say that there are
nolle in your locality? Everything
points to one of the best crops that
South Dakota has ever known and those
who are wise will see to it that they at
least take a look at some portion of the
state within the next two. months.
The lands in this state, or at least
a good portion of them, are just as
ood corn producers as anything that
ies out of doors. This can be proven
11 1
:i South Dakota Banks
Are Loaning Money to the EastThis Money Is
Coming Out of the GroundThe Farm
ers Are All Well to Do.
it is not hot air. Farms out here run
usually from a half to a full section,
and this amount of land does not re
quire the investment of capital that
an eighty or a quarter would eaBt
lands sell in the agricultural section
of this state at from $12 to $40 an
acre: every acre of them will produce
equally, with the eastern farm lands
selling "and being bought at from $100
to $150 an acre. The average acre of
farm land will produce a net income of
$5 an acre now, if instead of having
one acre at $150, a "man can own four
or five at $20 to, say, $30, is it hard
to figure out at which place he is going
to win?
I would like to see the young farmer,
the renter and the old farmer of the
eas who i to continue fanning,
over hi prejudice, based on what
know, but thinks he does,
write some land interest in South Da
kota to secure him railroad-rate con
cessions and come here to see for him
self. About nine out of ten who do
come are so surprised that they buy
right away. Those who have lived
here a couple of years couldn't be
driven back east again. The farmer's
bank account is what counts, and they
have them in all parts of South Dakota
in abundance. Do, you know that this
state is loaning money in the east every
year, and that this money is coming
but of the ground? Well, that's the
Get over this spektical frame of mind,
look over the land interests represented
on this page write any of themthey
are all goodand come see for your
self. W. A. Otis.
$12.00 AN ACRE.
"We own 45,000 acres of our own land, from one-quarter
upto 5,000 acres in one tract, including wild land to the best
improved farms in the central portion of the state. We
make liberal terms with those that want to buy. Our lands
are located in the Jim and Missouri Valleys, from Huron to
Pierre, the capital. 10,000 acres natural gas land, artesian
water everywhere. Write or come and see us at once. Money
for railroad fare allowed on purchase price. Twenty-five
years in South Dakota. Come by the C. & N. W. Ky. Line."
In the Red Valley in Faulk and Hand Counties, South Dakota.
I own and have for sale a largo list of farms and wild land at First Hand
prices. Wild land, $7 to $17.50. Farms from $15 to $30, 'according to im-
provements, distance from town, etc. All first-class land. Sure crops. Good
corn. Titles perfect. Good neighbors, churches, schools.
Keferences: Merchants-Bank, Security Bank.
BYRNEfc Fauikton, S.
FARM NO, 110.320 acres, 6%' miles' east "6f Hecla, S. 13. good eight-room
house, good granary,, barn room for 400 head of cattle, and all other improve-
ments necessary for a convenient farm, for stock and grain. Price $21 per
acre $3,500 cash, balance time to suit purchaser.
I have other lands in Brown County from $8 to $35 per acre, depending on
locality and improvements. For particulars write to
Marshol Is Provided with Meal Tick
ets Which Will Be Given "Profes
sionals'' Who Work on the Streets
Systematic Work-or-No-Food Policy
These three are making Sanborn and Jerauld counties the great money-producers. There
is not a bard-up farmer in either county.
No. ,46160 acres located four miles from city. 40 acres under high state of cultiva-
tion. Balance in hay. Prico -17.00 per acre.
No. 85Improved farm six miles from town. 100 acres under cultivation. Buildings only
fair. Artesian-well. Fenced and cross-fenced. Price $22.00 per acre
No. 90A -well improved farm of 320 acres six miles from town. 240 acres under culti-
vation. All fenced and cross-fenced. Good house and all general out buildings. Price $27.00
per acre.
BAER & BREWSTER, Woonsocket, S. D.
Special to The Journal.
Sioux Falls, S. D., May 13.There is
every prospect that knights of the road
will this season dodge the town of
Emery, southwest of Sioux Falls.
This will be due to the fact that the
town authorities have adopted a novel
and effective method of abating the
tramp nuisance. The town marshall will
be provided at the start with 250 meal
When tramps invade the town and
visit the residence portion in search of
"handouts" they will be referred to
the marshal. That official, if/ap
proached by the hoboes, wijl require
them to perf om work on the streets be
fore being given a meal ticket.
Those who refuse to work will.not be
able to secure anything to eat in the
town unless they have the money to pay
for it. The authorities are hopeful that
this plan, when knowledge of it reaches
the ears of the professional hoboes, will
cause ihem to give Emery a wide berth.
With hp weapon o.ther than a pocket-'
knife, Charles .Persson, a Sully county i
ranchman, after an exciting chase and
fierce fight at close .quarters, succeeded
in killing, a monster gray wolf, which
for months had. preyed upon the herds 1
and flocks of stockmen in .that part'of
this state.
Wl B. Davenport, industrial commis
sioner of the Sioux Falls Board of
Trade, announced today that a com
pany made up largely of local capitalists
has been organized to operate a pack
ing plant in this city. The company is
capitalized ^at $100,000, with 3, paid-up
capital of one-half that amount.'
Mitchell Secures the Banda Rossa for
Week.of Exhibit.
Jj MITCHELL, S. D.The corn palace
^committee, today signed" a contracl for
the,, engagement of Sorrentino'a, Band,a
will buy a central south Dakota Sheep Ranch of 660 acres', within four miles
of station on the C. & N.-W. Railway. The land is under fence and the
improvements include a good comfortable house and large sheep barn, with stone wall on the
north side. Water in abundance and good tributary range. Long-distance tolephone passes by
place. About 3,000 acres adjacent land under lease at nominal rental. 560 head of sheep,
including 470 well-bred ewes, go with the place, together with the wool clip and lambs also
300 tons of hay now in stack and a large amount of fencing upon the leased land. All for
$10,720. Central South Dakota farm lands and stock ranches in the Missouri river country,
the artesian basin and tributary to the capital of the state, $3 to $15 per acre,
WM, W. WAiTE & GO.,
Bossa to furnish the music for the corn
palace Sept. 25 to 30. The band is
carrying as a new feature this year
Perosa's "The Eesurrection of the
Christ." It will be produced for the
first time in the United States at Kan
sas City, at Minneapolis the week fol
lowing and the next week at Mitchell's
corn palace. President Gale has se
cured a rate of one far for the round
trip on all railroads for the week of the
corn palace, with special excursion
trains on certain days.
It Does Much Damage to Fruit and
Truck Gardens
CANTON, S. D.An unusually heavy
frost for this time of the year visited
this section, last night. Much damage
was done to the fruit crop and garden
truck. The small amount of corn that
was up was completely destroyed. Very
little corn, however, had been planted,
owing to the cold and wet weather.
H. L. Fitch and B. A. Miner, young
men who have patented an improved
manure loader and spreader, have made
a proposition to this city to start a
manufacturing plant at this 'point. It
is believed that the plant can be located
John M. Nprgaard arid Miss Ida Bay
sore were united in marriage at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Baysore
in this city yesterday. X-
To be free from sick headache,'bil
iousness, constipation, etc., use Carter's
Little Liver Pills. Strictly vegetable.
They gently stimulate the liver and free
the stomach from bfle.
$10 an acre
Are dependablegood
from start to finish,
with all the quality
and style possible to
put into a hat. They
.v are always right.
Three Dollars
50 Per Cent Per Annum
Increase in Wealth of Codington County, South
Dakota, From 1896 to IQQS: \-r
llueh has been written concerning taught by the experiences of the years
the average per capita wealth and the
wonderful average per capita annual
production of South Dakota, and no
more striking example can be found
within her borders than that shown by
the county of Codington, the county
seat of which is the thriving city of
When we consider the fact that in
1896 the total deposits in all the banks
in Watertown and Codington county
were but $158,487.83, while in 1905, as
shown by the last published statements,
the deposits were $858,110.08, an in
crease of $699,622.25, or 443 per cent,
an average increase in wealth of 50
per cent per annum, then we are forced
to acknowledge that this part of' the
country has certainly been "going
And when we look into the causes for
this great increase of wealth in such
limited territoryfor Codington county
is, one of the smaller counties, of tne
state, and increase in population has.
in no way kept pace with increase in
wealthwe find back of it all a purely
agricultural country that has yielded
such rich returns to the farmer that
he has gained a competenceyes, be
come a capitalistwhile his brothers
iri the older states were just getting
a start.
Other branches of business have not
been less prosperous^ than husbandry
and every line of business adapted to
the needs of the country has been a
success. The lesson of conservatism
acre fo seven quarters prairin in.Spin county Sout Dakota
$30 an acre for five improved farms in Spink county, South Dakota.
$20 an acre for 400 acres fine land in Codington county, South Dakota.
$35 an acre for 1,100 acres in Codington county, 440 in crop, 450 fenced, balance hay,
fine buildings, living water, crop goes -with farm if sold by June 1st.
Write us. BLOOM & MARTIN, Watertown. S D.
Investors and Homeseekers will receive reliable information regarding
Watertown and Codington County by writing to the Secretary of the Business
Men's Union.
L. H. Bentley of Milbank on
Grant County, South Dakota
Special Correspondence.
Milbank, S. D., May 13.It is cer
tainly a pleasure to run up against
some of these South Dakota men. As
a rule they hit the state a few years
ago with a little more than enough to
buy a meal, a bunch of nerve and a
happy smile.
Such a man is L. H. Bentley of this
city. At the present time Mr. Bently
has been in Milbank about fifteen
vears, coming here with little or noth
ing and iXno\y engaged in banking,
farm loans, reaKestate business and the
practice of law and at present is state's
attorney. In the past four years
he has sold over four million dollars'
worth of land in the two Dakotas,
Minnesota and Canada. I quote the
following from his statement:
I have been a heavy purchaser as
well as seller of lands, and from my ex
perience I should say that in buying
real estate one should get" lands which
are not only adapted to wheat raising,
but also diversified farming, so that one
will not be dependent upon any one
thing alone. In other worlds, instead
in the famous' Whetstone Valley, all under cultivation except 30 acres
pasture, all can be broke. Good buildings, all newly painted,.good tenant.
Heavy black loam, clay sub-soil. This we offer on easy terms to the right
purchaser at $37 net to us. Land will bear inspectioncome and see for
yourself, and is under price of adjoining lands. For private reasons we are
making this offer below actual value.
L. H. BENTLEY, "The Land Man,"
Milbank, South Dakota.
Write me today for my beauti
fully illustrated book with, cuts
showing how my Belt is applied,
and lots of good reading for those
who wish to be "The Noblest Work
of GodA MAN." Inclose this
coupon and I will send this book,
sealed, free.
in the early nineties, has been well di
gested by he community, and today
the county' and city of Watertown
stand on a thoroly sound financial basis.
All city and county payments are cash.
The county of Codington has a bonded
debt of $35,000, made in the erection of
a courthouse some years ago, and al
ready has a sinking fund on hand equal
to that amount. The total debt of the
county, as shown by the auditor's state
nent on March 31, 1905, was $38,274.10,
and total cash on hand $70,369.63, with
assets of $151,020.52,
Watertown should be proud of her
many substantial and reliable business
men, most of whom started .here when
they had mighty little to go on, but
with every confidence in the resources
of the country and ultimate success,
they have pushed ahead, until their
handsome homes, fine buildings and
thriving business attest the wisdom of
their location.: Most of the merchants
discount their bills and it is not sur
prising to learn.that the local banks are
obliged to look outside the city and
county to find employment for quite a
share of their funds', and while there
are no very wealthy men here, as
measured by the standards of wealth
of today, we. find an excellent example
of average distribution", none very poor,
none very rich, but hundreds of men
who came here with little but intelli
gence, energy and determination to suc
ceed, who have accumulated fortunes
ranging anywhere: between $20,000 and
quarters prairie i Potter county, South Dakota.
of buying purely grazing lands, buy
lands that can be used for both grazing
and agricultural purposes. It has been
my experience in buying' property. that
when I can get a piece of land.which
will raise stock ahcl. crops and is good
for. general purposes,' that the value
thereof .increases more rapidly than
lands- which are good for grazing only.
The people of the east are certain!v
looking toward South. Dakota. I.,,ani
having an .extensive correspondence
with people, .w^o.^eswe to. buy 'land,
and also "with nieh 'thruout .'the east
who are aesirotfs' of loaning money oh
our South .Bakqta/f^tms. They seem
to think that/our farms ,ar,$n6st excel
lent rse^urity."
Mri Bentley's experience and high
personal -character, which he carries
inte his business, make him a.very de
sirable man for the prospective money
loaner or Jiome buyer to get in touch
with. Strath Dakota can deliver the
goods, and any. easterner who comes
here to see for himself, if he judges
fairly at all, seldom comes away with
out buying. W. A.'Otis.
lying 1J miles north of Twin
Brooks and 9 miles north-eaat of
Milbank, the county seat of
In Grant County, S. D.,
Beecher, 111.'
Dear Sir:-After having used your Belt I am pleased
to state-thaj I am cured of my Rheumatism and Nerv
ousness. Last year 1 bought an electric belt from the
Medical Institute in Milwaukee: I used it for over nine
months without any sign of improvement, but your Belt
showed its beneficial influence right after the first ap
plication. I shall recommend your Belt to any sufferer
from Rheumatism or any similar disease. to anyone. Yours truly,
Yours ygry truly, GEO. GOET2.
Strong and Powerful
Let any person who is ill, broken down, old and decrepit, full of pains and
aches, gloomy, despondent- and cheerlesspeople who want to be stronger
than they feellet them come and tell me how they feel, and if I say that I can
cure them, they can depend upon it. This is to those who are afflicted with
Nervous Debility, who get up tired in the morning, have Backache, Rheuma-
tism, Stomach, Liver, Bladder and Kidney Trouble, who are constipated or
suffering- from nerve or muscle affliction, or some forms of Paralysis and Loco-
motor Ataxia. I don't want money that I don't earn. I don't need it, and am
not after it. But am after the dollars that are now going wrong in the quest
of health. Look at all these poor wrecks of humanity that are spending all
they earn on drugsdope that is paralyzing their systemthat have spent all
they have earned for years without gaining a pound of strength for the hun-
dreds of dollars wasted.
That is the money I am after, because for every dollar I take I can give a
thousand per cent interest to those who invest it. I have cured so many cases
right here that I can prove my claims to you, but if that proof is not enough
I'll give you the names of people right near youwhere yon are. Is. that fair?
Most of the Belts that I am selling now are to people who have been sent
to me by friends whom I have cured. I think that is the best evidence that my
business is a success from the standpoint of cures, as well as on the dollar side.
I have restored strength and health to thousands of weak people with my
with its special attachments. My appliance brings the grand curative power of electricity within the reach of all
suffering people. Electrical treatment at a physician's office, sanitarium or hospital is beyond the reach of most
people, both as regards time and money. My prices are reasonable, and my appliance is used without loss of time.
160 acres $10.00
160 acres.....$12.50
160 acres.....$15.00
160 acres..... $8.00
The Ware & Griffin
Clark, S. D.
You can buy
these on easy
[terms. Come and
The Ware & Griffin
Clark. S. D.
320 acres, 5 miles from
Clark, 5-room house,
^arge barn and granary,
all fenced, 220 acres cul
tivated, balance pasture.
$33.00 per acre.
The Ware & Griffin
Clark, S. D.
I would like to have you write to
farmers whose names I will gladly fur-
nishj about their success in Miner
countyand the possibilities here for
others. 160 acres, 4% miles southeast
from Canova, fine 8-room house, cost
$2,000 small barn, good granary, deep
well, nice water. Per acre $35.00.
Canova State Bank
"Better Than Gold"
160 acres all under cultivation, in Kingsbury
county, S. D,, one mile from Iroquois. Good
house, barn, granary, good well of water and
windmill, price $30 per acre. Small cash pay
ment, balance long time at 6 per cent. If taken
before June 1st, one-third crop goes with farm.
Another, 80 acres, all good level, tillable land,
unimproved,'six miles from Iroquois, (17.50 per
Wheat Oats
Barley Flax Speltz Corn
Hogs Cattle Cream. We raise
SOUTH DAKOTA. Fine home.,
abundant grass, splendid water, pros
perous people. Come and see and
be convinced that I have bargains
in farm lands for both INVESTORS
and HCMESEEKERS. A large list
to select from. Prices are LOW
and must go. UP. Write for maps.
W. A. SHARP, dark, S. D.
FfIR ft ALE 1.600 acres east of Mel-
rvn nn*.n. ]ett
FOR SALEAn improved farm
of 400 acres, one mile from Eedfield,
the county seat of Spink county, S.
D. Small house and barn, a good
well only 20 feet deep, with plenty
of water. This is a very chean farm
at $25 per acre when location is con
Redfield, S. D.
Ir MCLAUGHLIN. Atlantic, Iowa.
Dear Sir:I have just received your letter, and in
reply will say that your belt certainly does all you
claim for it. When I came to you for help my body
ached all over, but it did not take many applications
before I got relief, and in a remarkably short time every
trace of pain had lift. This was over a year ago, but I
have never been troubled since, so that I am sure the
cure is permanent. I will gladly recommend the Belt
162 State St., Chicago, HI.
Dear SirPlease send me one of^your Books, as advertised in the
Minneapolis Journal. ^.w, ._
Milwaukee RoadOpens Vast
Oacoma, S. D., May 11.A tremen
dous immigration ana forward move
ment is being felt here. Homesteaders
and land buyers are coming by coach
loads to examine and invest in the
cheap lands on the west side of the
Missouri. The movement is stronger
and more satisfactory than was the
rush to thiB section for the lands of the
Rosebud about a year ago. There is
no lottery thiB time, but the land hun
gry can go out ana make their selec
tions and return to Chamberlain to file
It is estimated that 70,000 acres in
the Chamberlain district will be filed
upon in May. The filings in April were
heavy, but the business for May will
surpass them. Practically all are new
settlers and landlookers are coming by
the Milwaukee road and are hustling
for claims as near as possible to the
extension which this company will build
west of Chamberlain.
More railroad building will be done
in South Dakota this year than for sev
eral years past. The South Dakota
Central is being pushed to the north
ward. The Milwaukee will cross the
Missouri at Chamberlain and will push
into the reservation, towards the
Black Hills. No one doubts that this
means next year a line into the Hills.
Actual work is in progress on the Ar
mour line of the Milwaukee, and whis
pers of activity in Great Northern and
North-Western circles are persistent.
The Milwaukee Railroad company
has made an appropriation of $20,000
for UBe in advertising South Dakota.
This sum is now available and will be
expended during the coming season
in distributing matter which will stim
ulate the settlement of this state.
Special Correspondence.
Pierre, S. D., May 13.Farming in
South Dakota has certainly taken some
big strides this season, this being one
of the earliest and most favorable sea
sons for seeding known in the history
of the state. Thousands of acres were
sown to wheat in March, and while the
good work still goes on, a good many
are now "even this early," planting
corn, and it's a common conclusion that
good corn can be raised anywhere in the
state. In fact, those who have persist
ed in raising corn and hogs along with
small grain, are the ones who have the
big bank accounts today, and they fare
well with the big cattle interests of the
state. We have timber, coal, stone,
horses, cattle, sheep, mules, hogs, poul
try all kinds of fruit that cannot be
surpassed honey, butter and eggs fin
est hay and alfalfa raise all kinds of
grain produce the best vegetables
grown in the entire northwest, and if
you are from Missouri, come and see,
'/we'll show you." We raise anything
and everything and have it here. Come
and see it costs you nothing to look
A Rare Business Opportunity
On account of bnsines changes requiring the
removal of the president of the company from
the state, the oldest, largest and most complete
abstract office in South Dakota, with real es
estafe. Insurance- and publishing.' lines, will be
sold on reasonable terms. Unless you have the
necessary funds and want a first-class business
do not address
H. M. AVERY, Sioux Falls, S. D.
L20 0 un_
der plow,'balanoe pasture anDd. meado,w
all fenced. Soil deep black loam, per
fectly level land. 2-inch artesian well,
flows 4,000 barrels a day. Fine im
provements, cost $9,000. For sale on
easy termsmight take some trade.
Write for bargains.
EZRA MARTIN of Northville, S.
D., has recently sold four good farms
but has a few very choice bargains
left. If you want them, cafl or
write him, and tell him what you
want and he will tell you whether
he can help you out or not. He is in
position to give you a good deal,
and he is noted for doing it.
Fine 320-acre Brookings County
farm at $30 per acre.
Greatest Snap of the Season.
Talk quick if you want to make $1,000.
A. S. MITCHELL, The Land Man,
Volga, S. D.
Region West of Chamberlain
South Dakota needs but one thing
It has the soil, climate, and general re
sources, but it needs people. This
spring is the psychological time. Thou
sanus of people in eastern Iowa, in Hfi
nois, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio are
looking to the northwest. Many of
them will make a change in the "next
year, and South Dakota can get the
larger percentage of them if its people
co-operate with the advertising cam
paign begun.
The principal lines of the Chicago,
Milwaukee & St. Paul railway in South*
Dakota are:
Sioux City & Dakota Division
From Sioux City, Iowa, to Mitchell,
S. D. Yankton to Platte Elk Point to
Egan via Sioux Falls.
Iowa & Dakota DivisionFrom
Canton to Chamberlain.
James Eiver DivisionFrom Mitch
ell, S. D., to Edgeley N. D. Aberdeen
to Evarts Orient to Linton.
Southern Minnesota DivisionFrom
Flandreau to Woonsocket Madison to
Hastings & Dakota DivisionFrom
Big Stone City to Aberdeen Ortonville,
Minn., to Fargo, N. D.
One can leave Chicago via the Chi
cago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway any
evening and reach most any point in
South Dakota as far as Chamberlain
or Aberdeen, the next afternoon. From
the twin cities one can leave in the
morning and reach Milbank in the
afternoon and Aberdeen in the even
ing, or one can leave the twin cities in
the evening and reach points in that
part of South Dakota in the morning.
Diversified Farming Brings
Splendid Returns Near Pierre
us over, and while you are here just
take a drive out to the homestead coun
try, and see the thousands of horses and
cattle on the
fat and sleek
had been fed groomed and blanfisa
keted all winter. The day of free ranges
is now or soon will be a thing of ther
past. The sturdy homesteader is driv
ing the big cattleman further back, un
til by and by he will be unable to find
a place large enough to run his herds.
Let the good work go on. A few men
that follow diversified farming will pro
duce more wealth on the same land than
the big cattleman. While here .inst
file on a quarter section of land, and
bring your sisters and brothers, sons and
daughters out and have them file on
homesteads get together and bring
your neighbors with you, and establish
a new community. Start early, come
west and grow up with the country
and if you don't want to take a home
stead, live in Pierre, or buy a farm near
Pierre, where you can have your own
natural gas by tapping the earth and
getting it, which is used all over the
country for heating, lighting and cook
sale, rent and exchange. Please read this propo
sition. If you are interested to know all about
the success of the many eastern farmers who
have wisely purchased homes in the grain, dairy
and stock belt of eastern South Dakota, It will
only cost a postal card, addressing your request
for Information to
De Smet, Kingsbury County, South Dakota.
Why. pay big rent when yon can buy land on easy payments or on crop payments from the
Gettysburg Immigration Co., in the BLTTE BLAKXET AND MISSOURI BIVER VALLEYS,
near gdod schols and towns. We have a 320-acre farm, aU fenced, fair set of buildings,
200 acres under cultivation, good well and windmill, two miles from $10,000 German Catholic
church: mass *vrv Sundav. Price onlv 423.50 per acre.
I wis exchang 640 acres, a square section, of fine nearly level,
rairie lan in Potte county South Dakota, for a smaller, farm in Iowa,
or Indiana. Write for map and description.
Grainand StockFarmforSale
1,120 acres, on Okobojo Creek, 7 miles from Onida, the coun-
ty seat 560 acres under 3-wire fence. House, barn, well, wind-
mill, watering tanks, and plenty of creek water running through
it. Fine location for
Combined Grain and Stock Farm.
Schoolhouse on the farm and good neighbors near. Write us
at once for price and terms, or come and see it.
ties, South Dakota, several thousand acres of wild, lands and improved
farms fine level land, good soil ar subsoil, no stone, sand or gravel
crop failures unknown. Prices frrm $10 to $30 per acre. Some of these
lands can be exchanged for merchandise or good income property. For
particulars, call on or address
Quale Land Co., Northwestern Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn.
1,120 acres. Spink Co., acre, $15 to $22
240 acres, Potter Co.. per acre. $5-50
1,440-acre ranch, Edmunds Co., acre..$10
1.680-acre ranch. Faulk Co., acre. $ 7 to $ 9
1,360-acre ranch, Aurora Co., $11 to $16
1,920-acre ranch, Brule Co., $ 9 to $18
For terms, address
236 Endicott Bldg., St. Paul, Minn.
Land Interests wishing space
South Dakota Weekly Page, write
Manager Northwest Advertising, Min
neapolis Journal, Minneapolis, Minn.

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