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Pnce only
Beginning of Work on the Trolley Line to Excelsior, With
Sites Becoming Scarce.
So the* trolley line incursion is to
Other Transportation Improvements to Follow, Has
Started a Boom in Lake PropertyDesirable Cottage
ROLLEY line building historv
goes to show that the eleetrie
railway is the forerunner of an
advance in land values in the
territory served by this modern
form of rapid transit. Mmnetonka
property has alieady felt the influence'
of the announcement bv the- street rail
way company that it would build and
operate a suburban rapid-service line
to Excelsior. Values have toned up
and stiffer prices are being asked than
have ever prevailed in that burg other
than in dreams.
Periodic rumors have floated ever
since the old motor line to Excelsior
was abandoned that the street railwav
company was to build a line to thecompetition
lake. These rumors have risen and died
without results. I the present case,
however, work has actually begun on
the grading, which is an earnest of the
realization of the hope of Excelsior
people to see a real estate boom in
that city, with an increase in its busi
ness and residence importance.
With a supplementary report that
the street railway company may oper
ate the Milwaukee road's lake branch
from West Minneapolis to Hotel St.
Louis as an electric line beginning next
year, to serve intermediate points, the
feeling is growing that the company
has in mind a tremendous scheme to
provide the entire lake shore with an
up-to-dato electric service to and from
the city.
These two invasions of Minnetonka
territory by electric lines, with a prom
ise of rapid service to* the city, has
had a strengthening influence on prices,
as it is expected a hot demand for year
around homes will be created. The
cheapness of living and low taxes at the
lake will be attractive to cottage build
ers, to say nothing of the summer de
lights of a home on the shore of the
big water.
This beautiful summer house is located at Orono, Minnetonka, two
blocks from station 10 rooms, plastered and papered fireplage, bath,
barn, boat house, ice house, wind-mill and tank, two acres ground, 400
feet fine lake shore, trees, shrubbery and garden high* and sightly,
facing south on the finest part of Main Lake. This magnificent
property is now offered at, only
SI4 and 515 Bank of Commerce Bldg.
Remember we make a Specialty of Minnetonka Property.
Lake Home and Fruit Farm
Twelve acres, 800 feet sandy beach, near Minnetonka Beach new build-
ings, 10-room house, maple floors throughout, birch finish, mantel and grate,
furnace, cesspool, full cemented basement, screen porches, storm sash,
screens. Superb view over five bays. Barn, 2-story, stone basement ice-
house packed carriage shed, chicken house 375 fruit trees, two acres rasp-
berries, 500 currants, strawberries, grapes, etc shade trees and shrubbery.
Price only $6800 one-half cash.- |.^^^y
E ven
eral way also, because of transports
tion competition. The throe steam
railroads serving various parts of the
lake will bo compelled to give better
service, otherwise cottagers will take
the trolley line to Excelsioi and then
boat passage to the lake points they
wish to reach. Frequency of train' serv
ice will be a requisite if the railroads
wish to keep in the favor of the lake
dwelleis. Already the Great Northern
road is planning to put in the best serv
ice it his ever furnished to the lake,
including extra afternoon trains and an
earlier morning train' from the city.
The St. Louis road has been moved to
do even better, as it is in more direct
with the trolley line. If
the Milwaukee road officials are forced
to operate their Eoswell Park line
themselves this summer they will do
at least aS well as they have done for
merly, and their service has been uni
formly good hitherto
It has been figured out that, besides
furnishing a daily lot of transient
patrons for the popular summer resorts
at Excelsior, Tonka Bay, Spnng Park
and elsewhere, the improved transpor
tation service offered by the railroads,
and the additional service to be pro
vided by the trolley line, will draw
permanent residents to the lake as well
as cottagers who will remain only thru
the summer. Either of the last two le
sults will create a good demand for
property for sale as well as a call for
cottages to rent.
Transition of Minnetonka.
Minnetonka has been sleeping for
yeais. Two decades ago it was a great
resort for southerners, who spent the
summers at the big hotels, such as the
Lafayette, St. Louis', Chapman's, the
Palmer house and those in Excelsior.
The business was ephemeral, howevers
,VB an immediate effect on values off and pleasure resorts, spent a few short
have an immediate effect on values
property that is in touch with the Ex
celsior terminus of the line, while a
general effect will be felt at once on
all lake property as the public foresees
that, with a prospective complete gir
i 'dling of the upper and lower lakes, an
increase of population must necessarily
follow and a constantly dwindling sup
ply of cottage sites and acres for larger
Inasmuch as the surveyed route for
c.Hhe Excelsior line leads direct to the
^village from Minneapolis it must pass
*.a mile or two south of such popular in
tervening points as Deephaven, Cot
-.tagewood, Linwood and Solberg's
*Point. Therefore these settlements are
^nof directly interested in the trolley
*line proposition. Excelsior and adjoin
ing territory is to receive the first an'd
Hfiul benefits of the new transportation
^system which is to inaugurate frequent
^electric service to the twin cities on
*fcfast time.
District First to Benefit.
This means that Manitou on Gid
eo 's Bay, and the district lying around
STand between* Christmas Lake and Ex-
4r celsior, is to benefit immediately from
a better connection with the city. This
.district of the lake has always been a
favorite. The old town of Excelsior
2*haB afforded a center around which has
grown up a rather thickly settled farm
^country. Christmas lake, not far dis
tant, is a popular cottage settlement,
wand the intervening acreage has been
^gradually populated. Very good rail
road transportation, facilities and theeffect
*fact that provisions an'd other necessi
ties of life can be obtained at Excel
*sior, also that it has always been a
postoffice town and a terminus for all
Steamboat lines, have been the means
making a populous neighborhood of
*"its environs. The additional electric
service is expected to double the im
portance of the village.
The final determination of the street
^railway company to build a line to the
*lake is going to have a beneficial ef
fect on property values in a more gen-
tourists came crowded the boat
weeks at the hotels and then flitted
away. The season was short. I time
the big hotel and the big steamboat
stage was past. Cottages began to
spnng up along Iha shore and the
launch and the small steamer replaced
the immense craft of the type of the
City of St. Louis and the Belle of Min
netonka. Small hotels sprang up at
different pointsthe Northland Inn,
Keewaydm, Maple Heights Inn, del
Otero and Buena Vista. The cottages
were generally of light construction,
making them fit for only summer occu
pancy. Pretty soon the heavier built
houses, with furnaces and other pro
tections against winter, came into use
and cottagers began to stay out the
year round. Another phase was the
buving up of large estates and the es
tablishment ofe great summer homes,
particularly the lower lake and on
the south shore of the upper lake.
Meanwhile the constant buying was so
quiet and apparently so insignificant
that values continued low. Very soon
the demand for summer cottages ex
ceeded the supply and property-owners,
such as S. C. Gale on Carson's Bay, be
gan to build more. All of these move
ments and changes led up to the real
boom which burst into form when the
street railway company stuck its first
shovel into the right of way of its new
Cottage Room Scarce.
A situation is going to develop soon
which will have a still further bullish
on the market. I will be dis
covered, when the sudden demand
comes from the city folk who want to
emigrate to the lake, that the supply
of small lots is not tremendously large.
This condition has arisen from the
fact that men of financial means have
been buying up large tracts of land
along the shore for their own use, par
ticularly in the upper lake. For many
years the upper lake had been regarded
as a good place to go to only for a pic
nic or a steamer trip. I was sort of
wild in its scenery and the mfrequency
one-na* casn.^ ^^Ski^^m^\
J. M. Davies, 509^ Phoenix.
i gl
,i i,f %%\4\
Typical Lake Cottage
Architect, 32 Loan and Trust Building.
Hillcrest, Mrs. B. M. Passmore's pic
turesquely situated cottage on the
or landing places, other than those at
two or three points which are almost
prehistoric, made that part of the lake
comparatively unfamiliar to the gen
eral public. Cottagers liking its quiet
began to settle along the shores, but1
the upper lake has always been less
populous than the lower arm.
A few illustrations will show what
large estates have been secured on the
shore of Lake Minnetonka, leaving only
a comparatively small poition of the
adjacent lands for smaller homes.
Going west along the south shore
from Excelsior it will be found that
the shore line on Gideon's bay, known
as Manitou, has become thickly settled,
and that the old state fruit farm has
Offers liberal terms on Five
Acre Garden or Fruit Farm
near Wayzata Station.
Have Sold 43 Acres
Tracts Recently.
Bayers All Well Satisfied
All of Sheldon Park addition at $8000
adjoining fine residence of J. E
Bell on Gideon's Bayover 1200 feet
lake shoreover 200 shade trees.
H. P. NBWHALL, President
Premier Floor Varnish
Northwestern Floor Wax
will giv a finish to your
Hardyvood Floors
which cannt be beateni*
Northwestern Parquet
I Floor CO. 80-82 S.9th St.
I twas true yesterday, it is true
today, I will be trne tomorrow
that a Journal want ad will "do
the business" all over the nortfr J01
est. Only lc a word.
Northome property, is one of the best
models of the new and substantial lake
homes. I combines roominess with
coziness, for the porches are deep and
inclose two sides and part of a third.
The two principal rooms of the ground
floor have fireplaces that can drive out
all the gloom and darkness of theof
weather. The arrangement gives a
also been pre-empted. On the upper
lake at Wildhurst, Judge Simpson, O.
P. Briggs, F. B. Snyder, J. T. Garland
have large estates, and\ adjoining is
"Old Orchard," the estate of FGoodrich
Wilcox, embracing 85 acres,* and
with 175 rods of shore. The
next big estate, taking up a large
amount of shore line, is the Fulton
home. Mr. Fulton has been buying "more
land this season thru George H. Miller
and others, some of it in co-operation
with A. C. Loring. The tract lies be
tween Smithtown bay and Schutz lake
lying south, including the H. L. Miller,
A. Harris and D. Merritt properties.
Minnetonka Heights on the south shore
of the bay, has been vacated and part
Defective Page
^^^f^.,TH MINNEAPOLIS May 13, l^f^^' ^I^^W^^^^^^f
large amount of space for chambers
with a moderate amount of space for
general use indoors on the ground floor.
The type of house is one especially
suited, to the situation, being low and
broad. The high substructure of the
porch is cobblestones and the finish
the house shingles outside and ceiled
wood within.
of this is included. Mr. Fulton has
about 160 acres and is building a bunga
low and barn. Mr. Miller handled the
Heights deal for Mr. Fulton. C. G.
has bought the old Palmer
house and site in this vicinity, and is
buying more.
A. C. Loring. who has gradually ac
quired acreage for the finest dairy farm
in this part of the United States, be
sides owning a long shore line west
from Smithtown bay and Zumbra
Heights, last year added the Hermi
tage to his holdings. This winter he
has continued his purchases up between
Continued on Page Eighteen.
The new electric line will make this beautiful lake shore easy of access
during the entire year. We have sold over $30,000 worth of this choice
property during the past two years, and still some of the best remains.
Lots 100 feet on'shore and 500 feet deep.
Shore lots, 100 feet front, $1,000 to $3,000.
Bay St. Louis lots, $100 to $500.
NICKELS & SMITH, Agts., 311 Nicollet Av
$1700 THOMPSON BROS., 101 So. Fourth SL
Seven-room, furnished cottage, barn, windmill, pump,
shade trees and shrubs, 60 feet of shore, 'south front,
excellent location and fine view, at Mound, Upper Lake.
Porch Coverings.
All Carpet Fabrics Are Now Made Up in Rugs of Many
Artistic Bag Carpets.
Bag carpet is another valuable floor
covering where the floors are too poor
to be used with rugs alone. Among the
fine old patterns to be had are repro
ductions of carpets used by Betsey Boss
and Martha Washington, and called by
their names. These have hit and miss
cross stripes alternating with stripes
of plain colors of different kinds and
arrangement. The geWeral effect of
these is neutral, making a good back
ground color% The modern development
of rag weaving is more beautiful and
fits better with the ideas of bedroom
furnishings for which the new soft-col
ored rag rugs are chiefly used.
These new rugs have as their predom
ina jp-olor one of the colors chiefly
favorer for bedrooms, rose pink, old
rose, red, green, yellow an'd blue. All
of these are given a soft, silvery, two
tone effect thru the use of white warp.
They are varied and ornamented by
stripes of plain colors. The rags used
for the body of the rug are figured
goods that show just enough of the
colors of the figures to fleck the whole
agreeably. The blue has red and white
fleeks, the yellow, red and green the
pink and the old rose, white and green.
For general use, where hard wear
is given, as in halls and living-rooms,
the best rugs are kashmir, cotton rugs
with a'very smooth, hard finish, and
kaba, a combination of wool and fiber.
Both of these resemble ingrain carpet
and come in soft colorings and good
The deep-piled cotton bathroom rugs,
in their clear-looking patterns, in which
white is prominent, are nearly as much
used for bedrooms as for their original
The porch has a suitable and stun
ning floor covering specially designed
for it in the Parisian rugs of cocoanut
fiber that come in Indian designs and
colors that are bold but harmonious.
These are used indoors for halls, din
ing rooms and offices to a limited ex
tent, where a striking effect is wanted.
Bungalow Furniture Popular.
The best thing in new styles of fur
niture for the lake is the Punjab bun
galow furniture, which is severely plain,
strong and well made in good designs
and very well finished. I is of quar
tered oak, rubbed down to a dull finish,
with caned seats and backs. I addi
tion to the usual pieces there are big,
deep benches, large chairs with maga
zine racks, etc. The Vienna bent-wood
Morse Islandfive-room
A. 8 AI*GAR,
SizesMost Summer Rugs Are Easily Washable and
Thoroly SanitaryRugs of Cocoanut Fiber Stunning
typical lake and country
home is no longer a shack with
the bare necessities, but a sub
stantial, commodious and com
fortable house that in most hi
stance8 is fitted for residence the year
around. With the improvement in the
type of buildings has come a corre
sponding improvement in furniture and
the setting of the house.
Summer furnishings afford a delight
ful opportunity for the display of in
dividual taste so that most owners take
more real satisfaction in the outfitting
of their summer homes than in their
more elaborate and elegant winter
quarters. The same qualities that give
their attractiveness to summer clothes
belong to summer furnishingsthey are
trig and neat in style, quite tailory in
fact, an'd they are readily and thoroly
cleansed with water.
The tendency to use rugs for floor
coverings is more marked in summer
furnishings than in winter houses and
all the popular floor fabrics are made
up in rugs. The only really approved
carpeting for floors in summer time is
Hon* carpet, under which name an old
friend sanitary carpet, is now known.
This wears much better than Japanese
or straw mattings and comes in an in
finite variety of colors and patterns,
all of which seem to be good. Where a
floor must be completely covered it is
excellent, as its patterns are of the all
over kind, in soft colors, that make a
good background for rugs.
tate bamboo and upholstered in Jap
anese matting, is always popular.
Among staple furnishings nothing is
more durable, especially for porches,
than the Delaware double caned maple
furniture, in which the rocking chairs
and armchairs are especially attractive
in their plainness and easiness. These
are either left in their natural wood
finish or painted green or red.
A good many people prefer willow
furniture to rattan, which it resembles,
but is lighter and woven more coarsely.
Many novelties in combinations and in
viting lounging chairs, couches, settees
and swings are made in both of these
In wooden furniture, the mission
stvle and its modifications are almost
universal. Among the noticeable pieces
are screens with woven rush panels and
a chair whose round back of rattan
turns over to form a teatable. An
other similar combination hall chair and
table has its top covered with felt for
Screens are almost indispensable in
the lake home, the city roof garden or
the exposed porch. The chief require
ments are that they shall be strong,
heavy enough to stand a strong gust
of wind, and plain. They are used
both to cut off the view from without
and as windbreaks. Prints can be let
into the upper portion of the panels
and various little handy receptacles can
be provided within the frames.
Vines for Porches.
The fitting up of the porch has be
come as important as that of any room
in the house. Screens of hardv'or an
nual vines cost little more than the
trouble of caring for them, and when
they are suited to their position they
impart more than the mere act of giv
ing shade. A cobea scandens, planted
at the posts of the entrance to the
veranda, bestows a distinctive touch
with its rich, dark leaves and curious
bell-shaped blossoms. The Japanese
morning glory gives a delightful sur
prise picture every morning if planted
at an east corner. Wild cucumber
rivals the clematis in luxuriant bloom
ing, and makes rapid temporary shad
ing, while permanent vines of honev
suckle, woodbine and ivy are making a
slower progress.
The garden may be brought to the
porch plant boxes, fastened along
the railing or edge of the floor. The
boxes, to be a fit setting for their con
tents, should be painted the same color
as that against which they stand, or,
in the words of the housepainter, be
"painted out.
Pieces of furniture that remain on
the piazza at night may be rendered
impervious to dampness by a coat of
Bpar varnish, or, if paint is to be ap
plied, the outside variety. The shel
lacked bamboo screens are are often
glaringly discordant with a quiet-col
ored house, but two coats of paint to
match the body of the building will
make them inconspicuous. The same
plan may be followed with chairs and
tables that are not desirable enough in
shape to be made noticeable.
A Kitchen Convenience.
and caned furniture has a maximum jited kitchen space, or who feels the lack
of strength with a minimum of weight. of closets and cupboards, will find the
The maple furniture, turned to imi- kitchen cabinet most useful.
OFFER FOR SALE 10 acres of land with
1 1,000 feet of lake shore in Crystal Bay
Park. Will sell in lots of from one acre
and upwards. Each acre contains about
100 feet offinesandy lake/shore.
A first-class kitchen cabinet is a great
convenience to every housekeeper, both
on account of the number of steps which
it saves by having the kitchen utensils
all together, and on account of the
cleanly and sanitary condition in which
the same utensils mav be kept.
The cabinet makes an attractive piece
of kitchen furniture, either closed or
open. The upper part has shelves and
compartments for the usual spices, flav
oring extracts, rice, cereals, tea and cof
fee, also space for the smaller cooking
utensils. I is closed by doors so that
all dust is excluded. The lower part
forms a table for kneading and mix
ing, while below the table are bins for
flour and cupboards for miscellaneous
articles. The housekeeper who has lim-
Hardware, Buggies and Farm Machinery Both Phones.
$800 Ten acres, 200 feet from shore of Minnetonka and at railway sta-
tion and school, on south shore some timber.
""Seven-room house and fine shore lot house fully furnished on
house and lot 88x103, one block from shore in
$2500 Elegant nine-room winter house in Excelsior. One block from
lake shore lot 88x103 fine old shade trees.
$4000 Forty acres, only 200 feet from New Trolley Line and one-fourth
mile from andsoverlooking Lake Minnetonka.
acre fine fruit land one mile from Excelsior level and nice.
$2500 Eight acres of fine fruit land, one mile from Excelsior new
seven-room winter house, barn and bearing apple and raspberries.
House alone cost $1,700.
$2B00Twenty-eight acres, one-fourth mile from street car line good
house several acres of bearing fruit.
$2000 Four acres, one-fourth mile from Minnetonka, on south shore and
at railway station. Four-room house, barn and all varieties of bearing
$2000 EACHSeveral 2V-acre tracts at Wildhurst station, 100 feet
fine lake shore and fine old timber.
$6000 Fifteen acres, including 300 feet of the very best lake shore and
only one-half mile from the trolley line good six-room house, one acre
timber, one acre asparagus and twelve acres of bearing fruit. But
?4l half mile from Excelsior.
$50 PEB ACREEighty acres, one-fourth mile from street car line.
These are but a few of the bargains I have listed in my catalogue, which
I will send to you on request.Excelstor,
Dealer in Lake Minnetonka Property Exclusively.
Lake Minnetenka, Wine.

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