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Superfluous Hair
Removed by the New Principle.
A revelation to modern science. It Is the only
scientific and practical way to destroy hair.
Don't waste time experimenting with electroly
sis X-ray and depilatories. These are offered
you on the BAKK WORD of the operators and
manufacturers. De Miracle is not. It is the
only method which Is indorsed by physicians.
Burgeons, dermatologists, medical journals and
prominent magazines Booklet free. In plain
sealed envelope De Miracle mailed, sealed in
plain wrapper, for ?1 00 by De Miracle Chemi
cal Co 1912 Park av New York. Your money
back without question (no red tape) if It falls
to do all that is claimed for It For sale by all
first class druggists, department stores and
Wm. DONALDSON & C0.,Drng Dept.
J^SS \rv^sm^*&
You can make
a moment
bracing beef tea
with water heated on an
alcohol lamp, and a
Get the Jar
with this
signature In
Removes Tan, Pimples.FreckJes,
2 ^S^S^L. Moth Patches. Rash, and Skin
^w^Mellesdetection. It
wB?*z J-M HJjliM stood the test
/of 66 years, and is
5*o* OV -i*/ S^i/flo harmless wo
taste it to be suro
itisproperlymade. Acceptno counter-
feit of similar
name. Dr. L, A.
Sayre said to
ton (a patient).
How to Cure This ease.
Saturday Evening,
lady the haut
1 on (of" a patient)-
As you ladies
will use them, I
recommend 1 Gouraud's Oream'
as the least harmful of all the "Skin preparations."
For sale by all Druggists and Fanoy Goods Dealers
In the U. S., Canadas, and Europe.
FERD. T. HOPKINS, Prep'r, 37 Great Jpnss St, N.
A well-groomed man never
neglectshis teeth. Thinkthat
over a bit. At all the stores
you'll find
3 Forms: Liquid, Powder & Paste
What I Can Do.
CAN remove wrinkles and la&te the
kin as delicate and naooth as It
was before the wrinkles cams.
By my home tieatmuni wrinkles,
/HRfe blackheads and all facial blem-
_!- iahes can be removed. Write for
jB BIT booluels.
163 State St.. Chicago.
"American Dis-
people who are so unfortunateVs to
suffer from dyspepsia and other stom
ach disorders are disgusted with the
remedies which are offered as a cure
for this disease. They have a good
right to be. When we know that the
numerous stomach bitters, all guaran
teed to cure dyspepsia, are depending
entirely upon the large amount of al
cohol which they contain to delude the
Biifferer into believing that stimula
tion is beneficial, and that all the dys
pepsia tablets which are sold are de
fending upon dirty hog pepsin for the
fhgestiye principle, then we begin to
et some idea wny these nostrums fail.
Myers' Pa pay-a Tablets are a real
cure for dyspepsia, because they are
made from a formula entirelv upon the
latest scientific principles. They will
cure your stomach trouble because they
will act perfectly in an acid, alkaline
or neutral condition of the stomach.
They tone and strengthen the stomach
so that it will not be necessary to take
them after a few weeks.
If you will send your name and ad
dress to The Myers Eemedy Companv,
Detroit, Mich., you will receive a sam
ple of these tablets, together with a
booklet, absolutely free.
Sold and guaranteed by A. D. Thomp
son Drug Co., corner First avenue S and
Third street and 401 Nicollet avenue.
Your Nerves
It is your nerves that cause the heart
to pulsate, the lungs to inhale the oxy
gen, the brain to direct the motion of
every organ of the body, the stomach to
digest food, the liver to secrete the bile,
the kidnejs to filter the blood, and the
bowels to carry off the waste.
When the nerves of the stomach be
come weakened it results In stomach
trouble, indigestion, constipation.
This is true of all the organs of the
body, and proves that to cure disease
you must strengthen the nerves.
Dr. Miles' Nervine
will do it. It seldom fails to cure all
nervous affections, Sleeplessness, Neu
ralgia, Headache, Backache, Epilepsy,
Stomach, Liver an* Kidney troubles.
"I was all broken down, nervous, worn
out, and in constant pain. I doctored
for months, and finally the doctor said
he could do nothing for me. I took Dr.
Miles' Nervine, and it made me strong
and healthy now weigh 170 pounds."
H. C. CUNNINGHAM, Allegheny, Pa.
The first bottle will benefit, if not, the
druggist will return your money.
A Notre Dame Liady.
I will send free, with full instruc
tions, some of this simple prepara
tion for the cure of Leucorrhea, Ul
ceration, Displacements, Falling of
the Womb, Scanty or Painful Periods,
Tumors or Growths. Hot Flashes, De
sire to Cry, Creeping Reeling over the
Spine, Pain in the Back, and all Fe
male Troubles, to all sending address.
To mothers of suffering daughters I
will explain a Successful Home Treat
ment. If you desire to continue, it
will only cost about 12 cents a week
to guarantee a cure. Tell other suf
ferers of it, that is all I ask. If the
above interests you, for proof address
Mrs. M. Summers. Box 601, Notre
Dame. Ind.
R. D. Evana, discoverer of the fa
mous Cancer Cure, requests any one
Buffering with cancer to write him.
Two days' treatment will cure ,any
canoer, external or Internal. .No
charge until cured.
R. D. EVAN3, Brandon, Man.
Your wants, be they great or
small, can be filled quickjy at a
small cost in The Journalonly lc
a word.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Mclvor
will issue invitations Monday for the
marriage of their daughter Jessie
Frances to Frank Myer Steiner, which
will take place Wednesday evening,
June 7, at their home on East Twenty
fourth street. Only the relatives and
very nortr fnends will be bidden to the
ser-vco. which will be read at 8 o'clock,
bvt ft large number of cards will be
sent oril for the reception which will
iollow. The hours read from 8:30 until
10 o'clock.
A series of affairs has been planned
fnr Miss Mclvor and nearly every day
will have a party of some sort. Tues
day Mrs. Frederick Kees of East Twen*
ty-fcurth street will give a luncheon,
Wednesday Mrs. Arthur Jewett of Clin
ton avenue will have a thimble bee,
Thursday Mrs. Frank Cudworth will
entertain at cards. Friday Miss Muriel
Allen will give a luncheon, and the
week will end with a tally-ho party to
St. Paul and a dinner given by Mr. and
Mrs. Lee Fletcher. Tuesday, May 30,
Mrs. Koyal Shute will give a card party
for Miss Mclvor and Mr. Steiner and
on ihe following Wednesday Miss Ngdlie
Kinnev will give the bridal dinner. Mrs.
Arthur Jewett will entertain Thursday,
June at i tea, and on Friday, June 2,
Mrs. J. Queal and Mrs. Henry G.
Toote will give a luncheon at the Queal
rcudenc. The following Friday Mrs.
Walter T. Joslin will give the last of
the affairs when she will entertain at
Ole. Orchard, Lake Minnetonka.
Miss Etta McCabe will have her sis
ter, Mrs. Olin Wallace Eowe of Town
er, N. D., as her matron of honor at
her wedding Wednesday evening. May
31, in the First Presbyterian church,
and Dr. Harry Irvine will have Dr.
Eowe as his best man. Miss Lulu Mc
Cabe and Miss Anna Moe of Beloit,
Wis., will be the bridesmaids, little
Jessie McCabe and Gertrude Grant will
be the flower girls, and little Mildred
Prouse will carry the ring. The ushers
will be Dr. Edward J. Clark, Dr. W. II.
F. Willson, Dr. Samuel ^weitzer, Dr.
Will Braasch, Dr. Todd of Medina, N.
D., and Dr. Devine of Lansford, N.
Friday afternoon Mrs. Franklin Myer
TV ill give a luncheon for Miss McCabe
at her home on W Twenty-seventh
street, and on Thursday Mrs. Edward J.
Clark will entertain.
The engagement has been announced
in San Francisco, Cal., of Miss Aline
Elsa Bofferding and Dr. Alfred E.
Fritschi of Alameda. Miss Bofferding
is the daughter of Mrs. Jennie Boffer
ding. She was formerly a student at
to Leland Stanford university in Call
forma. She is a member of the'-Alpha
Phi sorority. Dr. Fritschi will leave
for Europe in June to continue his med
ical studies and the wedding will take
place in Minneapolis on his return.
The wedding of Miss Eenna Lee
Keith, and Dr. Charles J. Wallace of
Chippewa Falls, Wis., will take place
Wednesday evening, June 7, at the
home of the bride's brother and sister,
Dr. and Mrs. O. M. Huestis, on Bryant
avenue N.
Mr. and Mrs. Ellery Changing- Hol-
liday will send out the invitations Mon
day for the marriage of their daughter
Myrta to LeRoy Freeman Ireland,
which will take place Wednesday evo
ning, June 7, at 8 'clock, at their home
on Grand avenue. The service will be
witnessed by only the relatives and a
few friends, but 150 invitations will be
issued for the service. A number of af
fairs will be ^iven for Miss Holliday
the last week in May.
Miss Catherine Kidder will be the
honor guest at a luncheon which the
women teachers of the Central high
school will give next Saturday at Don
aldson's tea rooms. There will be 30
guests and the number will include Miss
Kidder's associates at the high school.
The marriage of Miss Kidder to A. F.
Gale will take place next fall.
Miss Anna Collins of 2840 Hennepin
avenue, will give a parcel shower
Thursday afternoon for Miss Ruth Sil
loway, a June bride.
About 300 young people attended the
party which was given last evening in
the Nicollet avenue roller skating rink
by the South High School Athletic as
sociation. Until 10:30 o'clock the
young people danced in the hall, but
later there was skating in the rink. A
group of the South high school teach
ers acted as chaperon es.
The annual banquet of Phi Alpha
Gamma fraternity was held last eve
ning at the Nicollet hotel. Dr. W. E.
Leonard was toastmaster, and respon
ses were given by Dr. A. T. Mann, Dr.
A. E. Comstock, Dr. George F. Ricker,
M. M. Jordan and E. F. Ogden.
The Lambda Sigma fraternity held its
annual banquet at Hotel Nicollet last
evening. The fraternity is a Ce'ntral
high school organization and covers
were placed for fifty.
Miss Elenore M. Kennedy and Henry
E. Johnson of Montevideo, Minn., were
quietly married Wednesday, at 4 p.m.,
at the home of the bride's mother on'
University avenue SE. Rev. Clement
Clark read the services, and Mr. and
Mrs. Johnson left on the evening train
for Montevideo, Minn., their future
A party of Minneapolis people will
leave Tuesday evening in' the private
car Lacuna, over the Chicago & Rock
Island railroad for Mexico, California
and the Portland exposition. Th$
To Make You Well
Is an easy task wnen the famous Hos-i
tetter's Stomach Bitters is used. No
case of stomach, liver or bowel disor
der is too hard for it to conquer. In
many cases it proved to be the only
remedy that could effect a cure.
is, therefore, de
serving of a fair
trial and robust
health will be
your sure reward.
Don't hesitate
another day. It
Nausea, Sour Stomach,
Poor Appetite,
Indigestion, Dyspepsia or
Malarial Fever.
Women and girls
Who suffer from
monthly ills can
also be ured byf
taking the Bitters
party will include Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Fleu. Mrs. J. E. Gage, Mrs. J. A. Mar
tin, Mrs. W. H. Fuller. Miss Ansley, Mr.
and Mra. Jacob Stoft and daughters,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wagner, Mr. and
Mrs. A. H. Sielkin, Mr. aivd Mrs. R.
Troendle and Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Kits
They will be away twenty-one days,
and will visit all the points of interest
along the way
Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Stebbins announce
the engagement of their daughter Sadie
Alice to Dr. George Dwight Smith. The
wedding will take place the latter part
of June.
Little Lotte Gadski was having such
a pleksant time in Minneapolis that she
did not want to leave with her mother,
Mme. Gadski, on Thursday, and she will
be the guest of Mrs. William Donald
son until next week, when she will .ioin
her mother and sail for Europe to spend
the summer. Altho Lotte is only 11
years old, she has crossed the ocean
eight times. This afternoon Miss Fran
ces Browne gave a theater party at
the Orpheum for Lotte and Williamine
Donaldson and Nabine Parker of Fort
Snelling. Mra. William Donaldson, Mrs.
Wallace F. Browne and Mrs. Parker ot
Fort Snelling chaperoned the young
This evening Lotte and' Nadme Park
er will accompany Williamine Donald
son to the party which Mrs. C. P. Ly
man will give at her home on Harmon
place for Stanley Lyman. Yesterday
Lieutenant Colonel Pilcher entertained
Lotte at Fort Snelling.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Eauen will cele
brate their golden wedding Monday at
the home of their daughter, Mrs. L. A.
Nippert, 1521 Dupont avenue N. Mr.
and Mrs. Rauen came from their home
in Prussia on their wedding trip, and
after spending two years in Chicago
they removed to Minneapolis. Their
six children are all living in the city.
They are Mrs. O. E. Naegele, Mrs. L. A.
Nippert, Mrs. A. E. Eichhorn, Mrs. J. J.
Huss, Mrs. E. D. Ortman and Jacob
Eauen. There are seven grandchildren.
The Gamma Phi Beta sorority will
have its annual baWquet this evening in
Donaldson's tearooms. The decora
tions will be in pink and green, and
there will be a mound of ferns down
the center of the long table and pink
carnation' at each cover. There will be
forty guests.
the university and last "year she went I cott gave a granite shower last night in'
This evening the 'women of the public
library will have a supper in the Dutch
room of Donaldson's tearooms. Covers
will be placed for fifteeen, and wild
flowers will furnish an attractive deco
Mrs. L. Metzger of Pleasant avenue
gave a matinee party at the OrpTieum
theater, this afternoon in hot.'or of the
birthdav anniversary of her little
daughter. After the performance
luncheon was served at Donaldson's- tea-,
rooms. Marguerites formed the center
piece and the birthday cake with its
blazing tapers was at/the cover of the
Each of_the
Club Calendar.
P. B. O. Miss Anna Weston, 2516 Elliott
avenue *N, evening.
Woman's Auxiliary of the Episcopal
church, St. Mark's parish house, 7:45 p.m.
General Federation Will Preserve and
Distribute Valuable Club Data.
One of the newest features of the
General Federation of Women's clubs is
the bureau of information, of which
Mrs. Mary T. Wood of Portsmouth,
N. H., is chairman. The aid of this
committee is tendered to every member
of a federated club and the announce
ment of the chairman of the plans of
the committee is of special interest. Mrs.
Wood says in an open letter:
"It will be the aim of the bureau
to collect, catalog and file all matter
that is of interest to club women. This
will include statistics and general in
formation. It will be the purpose of
the bureau to serve in every way possi
ble the best interests of the federation
and its individual members.
"When fully established, the bureau
should contain complete files of each
and every club and federation a record
of the work accomplished by all clubs,
and outlines, bibliographies and sug
gestions foi club women as well as
information concerning the work done
by other great organizations.
The bureau wifl have in time a com
plete set of outlines prepared by ex
Eert authorities, together with other
elps for the individual clubs. Already
a large number of study outlines are
on file and at the disposal of any club
worker making application for them.
"The success of this new venture de
pends not alone on the efficiency of
those who have the matter in charge,
but also upon the co-operation of each
club woman. Particularly do we hope
for advice and assistance from club
"Will you kindly, give to this mat
ter your personal thought and atten
tion? Will'you see that the bureau is
provided with a copy of the year-book
of your club (and if possible former
year-books) with any study programs
or outlines which have been used in
your club with good results with a his
tory of your club, if possible also any
pamphlets issued by it an account of
any work undertaken and, in short,
everything of interest regarding it?
"On the other hand, will you aid the
movement by Informing the members
pf your club that- the bureau is the
servant of eachWd every club woman
in,the country and urge upon them the
immediate and continued use of the
privileges and opportunities
forded it?"
otheratchil- had a yellow taper his
place. There were twenty guests.
Mrs. J. W. Geary and Mrs. C. A. Pres
honor of Miss Maud Smith -and John
Green. The gifts were bestowed upon
them by means of a novel trolley at
Tangement. The decorations of the .under Miss Bacon's personal care, and
house were in green and white, plum anct she should be addressed at 39 Dean
appleblossoms being used lavishly
Partners were foun'd for supper 'by
matching the ties given to the men TO
pretty flower-trimmed paper b.ats worn
bv the young women. vThe supper fa
vord were sketches in pen' and ink.
"j a
:*f^:BSkK4Air BojaAit Z'*7
Arrs W. Baytess Is home from'the east".
Mrs Florence T^eaened la i4iyug her parents
lp ,Cjg.",n*ffle!' IU. I
Gepfse H. Keith left Inst evening btf *& 'fcusl
ness. trip to Green Bav, Wis.
Sirs William McKlnney is jlifttag her
parents In Kansas C'ty. Mo
l)r W, S 'Braasoh and pr. -Qscfer Owrie re
turned yesterdav from Vlennar
The Union Card club will fflfeet with Mrs.
DaTt 713i Sixteenth avenue SE, Tuesday.
Miss Maud,, Gerrish left Wednesday- for the
Pacific coast, where she will'spend a year.'
Mi and Mrs. F, E SRewart, a~re hbnie frjim
a visit'v.ith relatives la. Marshalltown, Iowa
Mrs N Smith, 18 Roralston aveljlje,
has returned fio ma four months' trip abroad.
Palestine chapter, O. E, S will ffive^a, card
and dancing party In Hasonlc Temple, Mon
day evening.
Ben W Ingersoll of Annl&ton, _Ala,,' is visit
ing his mother, Mrs-. Imogen* Ingerwll, 3085
Fifteenth ^avenue S.
Miss Agnes Douohue, is home from Fort Dodge,
Iowa. M-here she- wnt to attend the wedding
of frer Mster
Mrs. M. P. Hawkins and Miss Hawfcins' have
returned from California and are with R. E.
Hawkins of 1S13 Vlne-llace,
Mis A Bennett has been called east
by the serious illness of her mother, who has
been an invalid foi many years.
Miss Florence Sjlvester will arrive tomorrow
evening from Sin Francisco, Cal., to spend the
summer with Mrs. George Eddy of Kenwood
Minneapolis neople at Ne* York hotels arp
as follows Astoi, A Groeskopt. Morrison,
Darlington. A. Sundt, Imperial, K. De Lalttre,
S. E. Olson.
Mrs. Thomas Edward "Williams of Aurora,'
Neb Is spending a f*w days with her mother
Mrs Williams will be remembered by a host
of Minneapolis people as Miss Susanna Sirwell,
the former principal of the Webster school.
Rev Robeit Sample, D.D who spent the
winter In Davenport, Iowa, with his daughter,
Mrs B. Donaldson, has been called to New
Yoik by the dangerous illness of his son, Rob
ert, who is now slightly Improved.
Among the Minneapolis people v. ho have been
at West Baden, Ind the past ,\ee "are Mr.
and Mrs. J. Gerber, W. H. Ftdler, Mr. Rnd
Mrs A. Hvmau ThoinaS N. Tayloi and family,
Schoonmaker, R. McLaskey, C. B.
Holmes, W E. Satterlee, W. E. Clark. Andrew
Rinker, J. McConnell and J. R. Canterbury.
The Christian Endeavor society of the Cen
A i. -i v. .ill .Ann+ **l7n*a/vn I/\rr'
Donation Partv" Wednesday evening In the
church The "party" is characterized by old
fasnioned customs, manners and dress, and nu
merous interesting character^ 'are drawn The
scene is laid in the country. The entertain
ment is in charge of the soeial committee and
will be given In place of the- customary social.
A large audience was delightfully
entertained at the East high school au
ditoiium last evening by the Central
High Mandolin and Glee clubs. The
former is under the direction of Sig. G.
Berera, while J. Austin "Williams* is
caring for the latter. Both clubs ac
quitted themselves with credit, and
were recalled after every number. In
deed after singing Bhys Herbert's ar
rangement of ''Old Black Joe," the
glee club was forced to sing so fre
quently- that its responses were finally
limited to "The Vacant Chair," and
the clug yell. "The Estudiantin'a" was
given with commendable spirit, and the
interpolated "yells" added to its ef
Gibson's 'Bummer's ^Lullaby,'' ,was
one of tb.6 best things of the evening,
while* thie. "Hunter's Song" from
"Robin Hood," was a bit heavy.
Tie Mandolin club played- its various
selections with uniform excellence." The
opening selection, an arrangement of
Irisfi melodies aptly stvled "Bit of
Blarney," was one of the best, while
the "Sly Musette" number'was also
greatly enjoyed. The club is well bal
anced and plays effectively.
Variety was added to the program by
the solo of J. Austin "Williams, who
sang Rhys Herbert's ".Golden Days."
He was vigorously recalled. Miss Fran*
ces Woodard gave two readings, *'A
Man Without a Country," aud "The
Book Agent." "While both were good,
the latter was the more enjoyable. Miss
"Woodard excels in selections pi lighter
vein, and received a number of appre
ciative recalls.
Howard Boardman.
The new rifle range at Fort SneUlng win
be completed in a few weeks, aad* henceforth
there will/be no triple te^iafefKHty-'for target
practice. Over one Jrauufcea wen*are *t.work
every day on the new range," and *everytJing
iS"o"eing-done to^, It rK^rtedU^pe fdr f^S&ZJg1
Defective Page
street, Worcester, Mass. Iowa, Nebras
a and North and South Dakota are
,the special charges of Miss Anna L.
'Cla^k, Boonville, Mo.
Outing for Ramblers.
The/ gamblers will be entertained
Tuesday afternoon on an auiomobile
ride, about the ci tyt given' by the auto
mobile company bearing the same name
as the club.- The members regard the,
name'as a luck* coincidence, for not long
ago the company w.rote, congratulat
ing ihem on the work that they were
doing, and sending pretty little mem
be/snip pins. The active and associate
mfembers will both join' in the outing,
and it is expected that there will be
about thirty guests. They will meet at
the Nicollet Hotel Tuesday afternoon at
2 o'clock.
Eiverside Mothers' Club.
The Mothers' club of Riverside kin
dergarten held its closing meeting of the
year last evening in Riverside chapel.
The Bethel Mothers' club and the
fathers and elder sons had been invited
to be present and the chapel was
crowded. C. M. Loring gave an illus
trated talk on what can be done to
beautify a yard for a small sum of
money, and there was music. The club
has a membership of seventy women,
and Mrs. Esplund is president.
Kindergarten puncheon.
The Kindergarten Alumnae associa
tion gave a luncheon this afternoon in
Dayton's tearooms for the fifteen mem
bers of the graduating class of the Kin
dergarten normal school. Covers for
fifty were placed at two large tables
decked with red carnations and red
shaded tapers. Mrs. Russell Lawrence
welcomed the graduates and Mrs. Ed
ward Brandeberry spoke for the asso
ciate members. The response was given
by Miss Gertrude Adams, the president
of the senior class. Miss Stelle Louise
"Wood told of her recent trip to Toron
to, Can., to attend the meeting of the
Internaticnal Kindergarten association
and Mrs. Mary "Woolley spoke of work
in the mission kindergartens.
District Missionary Annual.
The twenty-fifth annual meeting of
the Minneapolis District "Woman's For
eign Missionary society of the Metho
dist church w'ill be held Tuesday at
Park Avenue M. E. church. Among the
features of the morning program will
be A Comparison, the Japanese and
the Early Greeks," by Mrs. J. H. Rob
inson "History Making in the Past
Six Months," by the auxiliary dele
gates, and a talk on "Our "Work in
Mexico," by Mrs. George Taylor. In
the afternoon Miss Winifred Spaulding,
a returned missionary in the Philip
pines, will make an address on her per
sonal experiences, and Mrs. L. L. Fish
will conduct a young people's hour.
Miss Sanford Resigns.
Miss Mary Sanford has resigned her
office as general secretary of the Uni
versity Young Women's Christian as
sociation and will goto New York to
accept a similar position with the New
York Y. W. C. A. Miss Sanford has been
secretary at th university for the past
two year& and she has been exceed
ingly'popular with the girls. She is a
graduate of the university.
Reception and Recital.
The Teachers club will give a recep
tion next Saturday at the Y. W. C. A.
building. At 3 o'clock, a manuscript
recital will be given.
Mrs. C. W. Williams will give the following
selections- Browning'^ -"Rabbi Ben Krra." Bry
ant's "To a Waterfowl," Holmes' "The Cham
bered -Nautilus," at the YouDg Women's Chris
tian Association, tomorrow afternoon at I
o'clock. F. A. Valentine will sing.
Miss Edna S. Cole, who is head of the Har
riet House school for gorls in Bangkok Slam
wiU arrive in Minneapolis neTl -aeek and will
speak in at least one of the churches. Miss
Cole went to Slam In 1S78.
Itev. Olaf Bodien, pastor of the First Swed
ish Baptist church, has been given a three
months' vacation by his parishioners, and has
already departed for Sweden. He will go first
to Sunsvan to nc present at the Jubilee anni
versary of the church which he one time
served. All other living pastors have been in
vited to attend. Mr Bodien will also be
present at the general Swedish Baptist con
ferenca-ln Ms $t!v land. He will be absent
n^rly the entire three months.
Carey Koofmp will neither
weather not
in colW weather.
Cherries. 35 cents a pound.
Pineapples, 10 to 20 cents.
Strawberries, 12*A to 15 cents.
Oranges, 45 to 60 cents a peck.
Butter, creamery, 23 to 24 cents.
Eggs, 16 to 18 cents.
Honey, 12% to 15 cents.
Asparagus, 5 to 8 cents.
B^ans, 10 cents a pound.
Tomatoes, 25 to 40 cents a basket.
New Potatoes, 30 to 35 cents a peck.
Butter has been coming down grad
ually all of this week, and has now
reached., about the lowest point to be
expected, as fancy butter seldom sells
for less than 25 cents for any length of
time. New potatoes, tomatoes, and Deans
have also gone down considerably in
rice, while strawberries are up and a
grade of asparagus remains at
about the price of a week ago.
The most attractive-looking fruit in
the market is cherries, which are large,
sound and sweet. They can be used in
many delicious preparations, as well as
in their natural state. One of these is
cherry cream and junket, made as fol
lows: Eour
Civil Service Programs.
Miss Georgia A. Bacon, chairman of
the civil service reform committee of
the General Federation of Women's
clubs, has requested that January be
immediately into sherbet glasses,
lling them half full, and set directly on
the ice when sufficiently firm, fill up
the remainder of the glass with the
cherry cream, decorating each portion
with glace cherries.
considered the month for civil service literary entertainment last night in the
meetings and that club calendars be i Friends' church. The program included
planned to hold the civil service pro- a number of solos by Mrs. Laws, Ber-
grams, recommended at that time. The tha Hammond, and Leon Brooks read-
committee stands ready to furnish sug- mgs by Josephine Bonaparte Rice and
gestions for programs and literature on Professor Maria Sanford, and instru-
the subject. The states have been ap- mental numbers by Mr. and Mrs. George
portioned to the members of the com
mittee and Minnesota and Wisconsin are
The Epworth league of the Thir
teenth Avenue M. E. church will give
an entertainment in the church on
Wednesday evening. The affair is
called "The Tower of Babel," for
songs and readings will be given in
nineteen languages.
The spring recital of the junior pu
pils of the Northwestern Conservatory
of Music was given last evening in
Conservatory hall. The program was
an interesting one and was given in
a creditable manner by the following:
The Misses Julia Randall, Margaret
Richardson, Esther McCrossen, Marie
Carter, Katherine Hodgeson, Ruth Van
Tuyl, Buelah McCrossen, Rachel Van
Nest, Gladys Friend, Grace Leek, Edna
Hills, Marie Cheney, Jean Wachter,
Louise Frary and Kenneth Briggs, Don
ald Carter and Neal Waner.
The Women's Home and Foreign Mis
sionary society of the Society of
Friends held a successful musical and
Couch and William Russell.
An illustrated lecture on Niagara
Falls will be given in the Fremont
Avenue Congregational church Tues
day evening.
A program of fifteen numbers was
given last evenin'g in the Tabernacle
Baptist church, as a benefit to Miss
Delia Castle. Assisting in the program
were LeRoy Roberts, George Jacob
Smith, Simon O. Foss, Misses Susie
Shield, Mabel Bertie, Maude Kelsey and
Maud Bowen. In the absence of-Miss
Francis Peterson, Mrs. Donelly and Miss
Berry took her place and Miss E. Miller
substituted for Mrs. Donelly. Miss
Castle was in' good voice and showed re
markable possession, especially in the
closing number "For All Eternity,"
for which Dr. G. B. Smith played a
violin accompaniment.
At the request of the many friends
of the young people who presented A
Night Off" last week in Lowry Hill
Congregational church, the comedy will
be repeated this evening in the church
lecture room.
Burns, chaps, sores, chafing, tender
skin healed by Satin Skin Cream. Try
it. 25c.
Minneapolis Chapter.
The Minneapolis chapter, Daughters
of the American Revolution', was enter
tained thus afternoon by Mmes. Justin
Marshall, McKenzie and Dunn at the
home of Mrs. Marshall on Irving avenue
S. The house was elaborately decorated
with flags and spring flowers, and the
diningroom was darkened and lighted
with tapers. Violets furnished the ta
ble decorations. The reports of Mrs.
R. F. Goodwin and Miss Emmons, dele
gates to the national congress in Wash
ington, were given', and included an in
teresting account of the dedication of
the Continental Hall. The program
was followed by a social hour.
"What It Costs to Save a Soul" will be
the subject of the address to be given at the
Y. M. C. A. Sunday at 3 30 m. by Rev.
Harold Hunting, assistant pastor of Plymouth
Congregational church All men welcome.
Philadelphia Lawn Mowers.
Gardner Hardwar$.Co.
Few People Know How Useful I Is in
Preserving Health and Beauty.
Nearly everybody knows that char
coal is the safest and most efficient
disinfectant and purifier in nature, but
few realize its value when taken into
the human system for the same cleans
ing purpose.
Charcoal is a remedy that the more
you take of it the better it is not1
Qet Your Plants tor
Memorial Day.
Stem and stone a point of cherries,
sprinkle with a cup of sugar and stand
aside for at least an hour for syrup to
form. Then let them simmer slowly
until of the consistency of a puree re
move from the fire, and when' cold add
a cup of stiffly beaten cream, sweetened
and flavored with a few drops of rose
extract. Prepare the junket by heat
ing a pint of milk to 100 degrees, and
adding in the order mentioned a tea
spoon of powdered sugar, five drops of
almond flavoring and one jun'ket tablet
Exclusive Agents
Quezal Glass
Rookwood Pottery
drug at all, but simply absorbs the
gases and impurities always present in
the stomach and intestines, and carries
them out of the system.
Charcoal sweetens the breath after
smoking, drinking or after eating
onions and other odorous vegetables.
Charcoal effectually clears and im
proves the complexion, it whitens the
teeth and further acts as a natural and
eminently safe cathartic.
It absorbs the injurious gases which
collect in the stomach and bowels it
disinfects the mouth and throat from
the poison of catarrh.
All druggists sell charcoal in one
form or another, but probably the best
charcoal and the most for the money is
in Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges they
are composed of the finest powdered
Willow charcoal, and other harmless
antiseptics in tablet form, or rather
in the form of large, pleasant tasting
lozenges, the charcoal being mixed with
The daily use of these lozenges will
soon tell in a much-improved condition
of the general health, better complex
ion, sweeter breath and purer blood,
and the beauty of it is, that no possible
harm can result from their continued
use, but on the contrary, great benefit.
A Buffalo physician in speaking of
the benefits of charcoal says: I ad
vise Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges to all
patients suffering from gas in stomach
and bowefs. and to clear the complexion
and purifV the breath, mouth and
throat I also believe the liver is great
ly benefited by the daily use of them
they cost but twenty-five cents a box
at drug stores, and although in some
sense a patent preparation, yet, I be
lieve I get more and better charcoal
in Stuart's Charcoal LozengeB than in
any of the ordinary charcoal tablets."
ftp T*s~ et*^ ^^s
Mendenhall Greenhouses
Eighteenth Street and First Avenue South.
Cut Price Sale of
Bedding Plants By the Thousand
3c each, 35c per dozen. 5c each, 50c per dozen
Asters, English Daisies, Pansies, dozen, 15c
Competent help to wait on you and give instructions.
We give estimates on all kinds of garden work and
send out experienced florists to plant your flower
beds, boxes and vases. Cemetery work given strict
Greenhouses open every evening until sold out
Wedding and Graduation Gifts
If yott are contemplating a purchase, our display will prove
I of great interest. High qualityExclusive designsCorrect
taste are the distinguishing features of this showing, while
the prices in every instance will be found fair amd reasonable.
I Your Inspection Invited.
"Seeing Minneapolis93
Seeing the Twin CitiesIf
Conducted by the Twin City Motor Livery Co.
The "Seeing Minneapolis" tour leaves The Journal
Building daily, except Sunday, at 9 a.m., 11 a.m., 2 p.m.,
4 p.m. This tour takes two hours, covers 20 miles, taking
in the best residence districts, Loring Park, Lake of the
Isles, Lake Calhoun, a spin around Lake Harriet, the
River driveway, the University of Minnesota campus and
the milling and lumber districts. Fare $1 per passenger.
The "Twin City" tour leaves The Journal Building
daily, except Sunday, at 1 p.m. This tour takes 5 hours
and covers 50 miles. I includes aU the Minneapolis tour
and Minnehaha park, Fort Snelling, the Soldiers Home,
best residence districts of St. Paul, the State Capitol,
Como Park, State Fair Grounds and the Agricultural
College. Fare, $2.50 per passenger.
None hut modern touring cars used in these tours.
The Secret of Good Coffee
Even the best housekeepers cannot make a good cup of
coffee without good material. Dirty, adulterated and queerly
blended coffee such as unscrupulous dealers shovel over their
counters won't do. But take the pure, clean, natural flavored
LION COFFEE, the leader of all package coffees
the coffee that for over a quarter of a century has been daily
welcomed in millions of homesand you will ma ke a drink fit
for a king in this way:
Use LION COFFEE,' because to get best reulta you mast use the beet coffee.
Grind your LION COFFEE rather line.. Use "a tablespoonfnl to each cap, and one
extra for the pot." First mix it with a little cold water, enough to-make a thick paste, and
add white of an egg (if egg Is to be used aa a aettler), then follow one of the following role*:
1st. WITH BOILING WATER. Add boiling water, and let It boil
THREE MINUTES ONLY. Add a little cold water and set aside five
minutes to settle. Serve promptly.
2d. WITH COLD WATER. Add your cold water to tne paste and
bring It to a bolL Then set aside, add a little cold water, and in five
minutes If ready to serve.
jDonM: bqint^toojong.
let It stand rnore than ton minutes befora serving.
DONVS IDdn't use water that has been boiled before.
let With Eogf. The part of the white of aa egg, mixing itwith the ground LION
COFFEE before boiling.
2d. With Cold Water instead of eggs. After boiling add a dash of cold water, and setA
aside for eight or ten minutes, then Bervethrongh a strainer.
Insist on getting a package of genuine LION COFFEE*
prepare It according to this recipe and yon will only use
LION COFFEE I future. (Sold only in 1 lb. sealed package*.)
(Lion-head on every package.)
(Save these Lion-heads for valuable premiums.)
Bring Your Baskets.
Everything (Joes.
Weld a Sons
524 Nicollet Ave
"WOOLSON SPIOE CO., Toledo, Ohio.
"My mother says if I'm very good and say my prayers -every
night, I may wear a
when I'm big enough, so I'm going to be as good as I can."
This remark of a little tot goes to show that, besides being necessary to
the happiness of every home, the MacPherson & Langford Skirt exerts a
high moral influence. Ask your dealer for them and
Be Sure Our Name Is on Belt and Hangers.
v! 209 East Fourth Stret. rQf. an
and 336 Sibley Street, g$g, rflUI, ZT1111I1.
1 Minn

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