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(L: 1 4 -May 20, 1905.
a remarkable freight run which
as established it as a short line''
from Chicago, altho its mileage consti
tutes it a long line. It delivered last
night to the Northern Pacific road a
tram which it brought from St. Joseph,
Mich., loaded with boats for the lagoon
at the Lewis and Clark exposition in
Portland in five and one-half hours' less
time than agreed upon.
Competition for this train from the
Truscott Boat company was intense.
Short-line competitors laughed at the
claims of the Eock Island for quick de
livery. George W. Williams, commer
cial agent for the company at Detroit,
accompanied the train thru and was
jubilant today at the successful run.
At division points engines and crews
were waiting, he said, and not a delay
was experienced. At times the speed
was sixty miles an hour and the 534
miles from Joliet to* the Transfer was
covered in 18% hours.
Thomas A. Matthews, Jr., commer
cial agent at Minneapolis, accompanied
Mr. Williams over the line.
General interest in the successful de
livery of this trainload at Portland is
great. A good proportion of westbound
people will at some time or other take
a trip on the exposition lagoon in one
of these boats.
They were loaded on fourteen 41-foot
Northern Pacific flat cars by the big
gest boat concern in the world, and the
value was placed at $125,000. Three
cars were put
The Bock Island road has just com-
cargo for safety's sake, and great
watchfulness has been exercised to see
that no delay would be experienced. In
the load of forty boats were six Vene
tian gondolas. The heavy cost of the
load is partly explained by Mr. Wil
liam's statement that the storage bat
teries alone cost $20,000. Five more
carloads of the boats are to be handled
later by the Eock Island.
Milwaukee Extension from Armour
Headed That Way.
Special to The Journal.
Armour, S. D., May 20.It is now
reasonably certain that the extension of
the Milwaukee road north from Armour
will connect with the Iowa & Dakota
division of that road at Plankinton.
Ever since grading was commenced on
the extension at Armour there has been
speculation as to where the road was
going, many believing it would strike
at White Lake, but the surveyors have
run the preliminary line into Plankin
This means that when a connection
is made with the orient branch the line
will go east of the Wessington Hills.
Two new towns will be established be
tween Armour and Plankinton, one
about twelve miles north of Armour
and the other about the same distance
south of Plankinton.
Traveling Passenger Agents Arrange
for National Meeting.
Arrangements for the meeting of the
American Association of Traveling Pas
senger Agents at Portland have been
made. The dates are Sept. 13-16. A
special Wisconsin Central train will
leave Chicago Sept. 8 for Minneapolis.
The run to Butte will be made over
the Great Northern route and to Spo
kane over the Northern Pacific. From
Fish in Any Direction.
Every road running out ef Minne
apolis taps fishing territory. Every fish
may be found, and some will always be
found whether the fisherman travels far
or near. Tho the gamy bass, the fighter,
always with a chip on his shoulder, is
easily the king of them all, there is oth
er sport not less exciting and invig
orating. As there are some who prefer
to hunt bear rather than bother with
I ducks, there are some who prefer fish
'that test physical strength. To such,
the muskalonge will be a thing of
beauty and a jov forever.
1 There is something for every man.
i The indolent fisher may play for pike
I deep down in the cool, dark depths.
I There is the succulent crappie, with his
I dainty manners. The snaky pickerel,
lthe shark of fresh watei. is good for
a rough house almost any time, and will
'put up an imposing front when-it comes
to cutting curves and doing handsprings
in the drink.
Then there is the aristocratic, nerv
ous trout, quick as a flash, that will
always pay double toll in sport to the
man who lands him. Fastidious and
coquettish but a true sport, this little
beauty holds a court of his own and
in the catalog of sport is an entire
All of these mav be found in easy
distance of Minneapolis. No one has
a monopoly on anv one point. Where
bass are found it is generally possible
to find crappies, pirkerel and some
times pike also. Huskies are found
where there is room to swing around
and where surroundings are wild and
open and the trout always leads the
angler a merry chase thru the brush
before its haunts are reached.
The Week's End Anglers.
From the beginning to the close of the
season, each week end will see an exo
dus of sober-looking men headed for
the haunts of their favorite game.
From Friday night until Saturday
night the exodus will continue.
Some of them may appear wea
ried and worried and troubled. On
Monday morning the return begins and
fiesh and bright and cheerful the same
Spokane to The Dalles, the line of the
Oregon Eailwav & Navigation company
will be patronized, and from The Dalles
to Portland the agents will gy by way
of the river on the Columbia Eiver &
Northern company boat to Spokane.
After the convention delegates will
take a Pacific Steamship company boat
to Victoria and Vancouver, and the re
turn to Winnipeg and Minneapolis will
be over the Canadian Pacific and Soo
lines. The Omaha road will carry the
traveling men to Chicago, closing a six
teen-day trip.
The Great Northern Makes a Bid For
California Business.
The Great Northern road has just
announced a concession that makes a
strong bid for a large proportion of the
summer business to California. It has
attached to all California tickets, no
matter what class, a ten-day stop-over
in the Lewis and Clark exposition city.
Thus there is placed within the reach of
everyone who contemplates a western
trip this season the privilege of re
maining ten days in Portland, Ore.
This gives opportunity to visit the ex
position and also to make some of the
many side trips offered from the exposi
tion city.
Situation Complicated by Low Fare
Granted for Many Events.
Passenger rate demoralization is re
sulting from desire of the different
railroads to secure business to the many
conventions to be held this summer in
the west. All the roads had agreed to
maintain rates strictly and many of
them seem to have at once given cut
rates. All lines agreed to a $15.50 rate
from Missouri river points to Milwau
kee for the Modern ^Woodmen- eon^en"
tion. "~One road secured the Kansas City
'j. ^"jdi|^
Here's the Reason: Minnesota's Myriad Lakes Are
the Fishing Grounds Par Excellence of
the ContinentSeason Fully
Open Next Week.
UST one week from Monday every
fisherman in the state who is able
to say goodbye to business for
a few days will be on the trail.
There are reasons why May 29
will start him and stir him up worse
than July 4 does the average small bov.
On that red-letter day it will be pos
sible for the sport to go out to battle
with the king of all fresh-water fish,
the black bass, without being obliged
to keep one eve out for the game war
When the bass season opens every
thing with scales on is meat for the
fisherman, for when sports begin to
take to the woods for bass it marks
the general opening of the fishing sea
son. The horny-handed guide brings
forth his won't-comp-off smile, the rural
Boniface gets ready for the harvest,
and white winged veracity packs her
grip and hikes for the high grass. Men
who have been restless and uneasv
counting the days and then the hours
until the season opens will give a sigh
of relief, and there will be nothrng do
infj but fishing for them.
Minnesota is the promised land of
fishing devotees. East and west, north
and south, every other spot the coun
try must yield the palm to the state
of the north when it comes to sport with
rod and line. It is the sport of kings,
but in Minnesota it is free to all. The
country youth with a trimmed sapling
and rude tackle may have his sport as
well as the man of means equipped with
everv modern device for anglinsr. Across
the line in the sister state of Wisconsin
there is also something doing, particu
Tarly in trout.
crowd comes pouring back to the city
and to business. This is what fishing
has done, can do and will continue to
A short week-end trip each week
thru the trying heat of summer has
many a man his year's salary in
doctor's bills and rest trips to curative
springs and foreign lands. Manv a
man who has been near the verge of a
physical or nervous breakdown has
found a cure in the pursuit of the finny
tribes of Minnesota's 10,000 lakes.
While the family is resting in the coun
try or abroad, father may accomplish
the same result with a day or two of
sport each week and at a moderate
A Kansas Qlty man.' who had inherit
ed a love of Siport, "with rod and reel
gives an enthusiastic testimonial of
what Minnesota fish will do for him
With no fishing at home, and confronted
with the doctor's promise of a complete
collapse, he packed his grip and set
sail for trout in Minnesota. It was
early in the season and the weather was
disagreeable, but he was after trout and
to get them had t& stay out doors. He
spent three clays, in pursuit of the littie
water flirts and caught just three lit
tle fingerling, not moie than four or
five in'ches loa., Th,at was all. He
got his feet wjtjfP-a'nd Ire violated a few
other rules of. hygiene, but he ate like
a bear, and^ept as-'he had not slept
for years. I
Did it pay| he was asked after he
had recounted Iris adventure to a chance
acquaintance on fell way back. Did
it pay," he shouted "Ye s, it did. I
traveled sl,400
miles for those three
litjkle fish^ but 1fli$ have paid three
tinges over apiee6,/fof the time and the
expe'ft,s6. -'I am^aeing home a new man
and better ma-nstlian' I have been for
years, inhere won'f^Q a doctor in my
house forg,a year, a^jc\,by that time I'll
be backjfior three morevfish, and won't
needjiim then.
For the convenience anvl comfort of
tho/se who have not vet located some
favorite spot, tho following directory
has been arranged All of the points
named are noted for their fishing
grounds and as far as possible each lo
cality has been listed according to its
star sport. As has been mentioned, tho,
other fish may be foun'cl at each point
named, and there is no need for coming
in with an empty boat. And there are
thousands of other places where fish
The accommodations are generally
good. The Minnesota boniface has
learned that the fisherman appreciates
comfortable place, and will come
again- when he finds it. It therefore
pays to be right. In most instances
also the fishing grounds are convenient
to the stations. At nearly every point
therp are many lakes which may be eas
ily reached, and where boats and guides
may be secured. For trout, tho, it is
generally necessary for the fisherman to
drive some little .distance, as these fas
tidious beauties xlo 'not linger long in
Annandale, Soo Line, 2 hours.
Sarona, Long Lake, Northwestern, 2y2
Ortonville, Milwaukee, 6 hours.
Spicer, Great Northern, 4 hours.
Waconia, St. Louis, 1 hour.
Pine City, Lake Pokegama, N. P. Short
Line Duluth, 3y2 hours.
Detroit, N. P. Main Line, night run.
Altho it is yet too earlv to tell what
the bass sport will be this season, on
account of the fact that the season is
not yet legally open, there is every in
dication of the real thing. Some of
the enthusiasts who could not resist
longer, have been out ostensibly for
delegation by cutting the rate to $10.
A rate of $8 was offered to the Omaha
delegation by a competing road, and it
is expected that if this is not low
enough to get the business it will be
To secure a partv of twenty to a
Denver convention one road gave four
free tickets and paid for the sleeping
car berths of the party.
N. P. Immigiation Work.
The immigration department of the
Northern Pacific road will be organ
ized like the passenger department. C.
W. 'Mott, general immigration agent,
has appointed L. J. Bricker and O. W.
Seaton traveling immigrant agents, who
will see to the selling of one-way^ tick
ets to settlers in Northern Pacific ter
ritory. Mr. Bricker will be at Cincin
nati and Mr. Seaton at 208 South Clark
street, Chicago.
Adveitteing bv the ppesenger department of
the Great Northern road is. to result in the
establishment ot a permanent summer eainp
near Grand Rapid', Minn by a colony of
Lincoln, Xeb people rhe ramp will accom
modate twenty tto thirtv familie^
Fishing: Tackle
Fttmsft Aawmimuit afffeHfk* fesefty Urn,, Ntet^.
Oscar M&ttson
*p mm*m
1 Saturday Evening,
pickerel and crappies or anything that
swims, and have incidentally managed
to get connected up with some bass.
Altno they are not telling of it general
ly they admit to the few that the boys
down in the water are all alive and
that the sport will be great.
There is a fine crop of the star bait
frogs. Frogs are the whole thing from
soup to cafe noir on the bass menu, and
with a supply of hoppers of the proper
size the fisherman is sure of a string.
The fish will be inclined to be fastid
ious for a while, however, as the water
at present is high and there is plenty
of new food for the fish on fresh feed
ing grounds.
When the season is settled tho the
sport will be on full blast and the big
end of the gang will be out for bass,
and sore if it gets anything else. You
can keep moving, you have to keep
moving when you go for bass, and after
you get a strike there are a few more
moves and some fine headwork due.
When the big mouths get worked up to
their farm-hand appetites the stories
of their doings will be heard on every
sido and will teat every bit of your
Walker, Great Northern, 7 hours.
Waterville, St. Louis, 2 hours.
Alexandria, Soo Line, 4 hours.
Sturgeon Lake, Northern Pacific Short
Line, 4 hours.
Fifield, Wis., Wisconsin Central, 10
Wabasha, Milwaukee, 3 hours.
Minong, North-Western, 3 hours.
Battle Lake, Northern Pacific Main
Line, night run.
The pike are eager to be caught, if
reports are true. They are taking to
the minnows readily, and are feeling
fine and lively. Just a prick of the
hook, and they are ready to swing
around an'd stir up the foam like a
whale. While the water is cool they
will be nearer the surface, but as soon
as the heat begins to strike in they will
go to the bottom and paddle close to
the ice box.
After that it will be a still game to
get to the pike, and Mr. Fisherman will
want his big hat and only a few clothes
if he wants to be comfortable. When
it comes to eating, tho, he will say that
the pike was worth the trouble, and
after a rest and a pipe or two will be
out to get more.
The high water will affect the pike
fishing less than it will the bass, for the
pike is n-ot a "piker." There will
be good pike fishing in the river as* soon
as the water settles, but at present the
mud is so thick that the fish don't have
time to chase bait. Wall-eyed river
pike will take to the spoon hook later in
the season, and all the way from Pres
cottt, Wis., down to the foot of Lake
Pepin, there will be some good sport
with river pike.
$ fo
$ 1
Prior Lake, Milwaukee, 2 hours.
Big Lake, Northern Pacific main line,
2 hours.
Waconia, St. Louis 1 hour.
Chisago Lake, Northern Pacific Short
line, 2 hours.
South Haven, Soo Line, 3 hours.
Spring Park, Great Northern, 40
Gordon, North-Western, 3 hours.
The crappies and panfish are the
small boys' joy and the easy fisher
man's standby. With a pail of good
lhely minnows and any old tub of a
boat that will float on the water and
can be anchored silently, the fisherman
can move from bed to bed and pick up
the crappies to his heart's content. Of
course it takes some little knowledge
and a "bump of locality" to find the
beds, but they are there.
In the pan the crappie is a wonder.
Sunfish and rock bass always come
to every man's hook. Anything ap
pears to serve as bait. A can of worms
is the good old standby, but many a
sunfish and rock bass has been lured
by a piece of scrap meat or the eye
of a dead comrade. This business of
fishing with fish eyes will be one of
the first fish superstitions to be con
There is worse sport, too, than may
be had even with sunfish. The pump
kin seed is small but he will not come
out without a fight. When he gets
well hooked and starts to back water,
he is likelv to give the lie to his real
size, and his dimensions may be a dis
appointment after he is finally landed.
Seeds and rock bass are always on
suirmer by thp Great Northern road at Sioux
Tails and Huron. S D.
The St. iiouis road will bring an excursion
from Watertown, S. D., June 3 The Turners
of Minneapolis and St. Paul will go to Young
America June 4.
The steamship Minnesota arrived at Yokohama
testeiuay, fomtf-en uays from Seattle. TU
fctenmer traveled by a new route to avoid
possible seizure by the Russian naVr.
ribbing in Wisconsin is covered by a liew
book issued bv the Wisconsin Central railwaj
Numerous small lakes in Wisconsin have \ag
cabin facilities for housing fishers, and the
load penetrates the muskelonge country near
Fifiild. News of great interest to Isaak Wal
tons is contained between the covers of the
Wisconsin and Michigan road stockholders will
meet June 12 to vote on an Increase of stock,
which will make a western outlet certain, ij
is Intended to extend the line from Norway
to lion Mountain, which means a connection
with the Gtand Trunk and competition with
grain-carriers. The road carried Its first ore
shipment from Norway this week. The Wis
consin & Michigan operates car ferries from
Ves'litigo narbor. Large orders for rails were
placed this winter.
G. W. HIbbnrd. general passenger agent of
the Duluth. South Shore & Atlantic, who came
to the road fourteen years ago from the Mexi
can National, wlU take a similar position with
the National Lines of Mexico, Ji.ne 15. He
will have headquarters at Mexico City.
Harsh, purgative remedies are fast
giving way to the gentle action and
mild effects of Carter's Little Liver
mill, laiin.. Pills. If vou try them, they will cer-
raiiway stations will be built this I taitfly plea3e you.
deck for a "handout." They eat the
entire twenty-four hours of the day
and in any kind of weather.
Chetek, Wis., North-Western, 3 hours.
Maple Plain, Great Northern, 1 hour.
Glenwood, Soo Line.
Minnetonka Points, St. Louis, 40 min
Forest Lake, Northern Pacific Short
Line, 1 hour.
Fifield, Wis., Wisconsin Central, 10
Deerwood, Northern Pacific Main Line,
5 hours.
Pickerel "snakes" are also easy
money as a general thing, and will eat
anything from a twisted piece of rag
to a goat skin water bag. They will
fight for a few minutes and then roll
belly up and pass their checks. They
serve to break the monotonv, tho, and
the real sportsman says it is the duty
of all fishermen to catch them and get
them out ot the way.
A big pickerel, tho, is not bad sport,
and he is likely to show up anywhere
and on anv sort of bait.
Fifield, Wis., Wisconsin Central, 10
Reserve, Wis., Soo Line, 18 hours.
Pine River, Northern P?ciflc main line,
8 hours.
Radisson, North-Western, 5 hours.
Walker, Great Northern, 7 hours.
"Muskies" are not for small boys
or amateursthey are made to order
for the especial" joy of heavyweight
fisbers. Furthermore they are not
caught with worms or on any little
piece of string that may be handy.
The best the market affords is none
too good for muskies, and be sure to
have something that will stand teeth
on the business end of the line or it
will be bitten in two and the quarry
will be gone. Your real sport uses a
strong but light tackle and a spoon,
and depends on his skill to land his
your cares aside aiid see how
far you can cast a bait. We
can supply you with the
whereas. Bow Boats at $26.50. Tents
and Camping Outfits. Golf,
Tennis, Bicycles, Bog Collars.
Kennedy Bros.
324 Hicollet Ave., Minneapolis,
S533B?fc^ kindsUA
of Cut-
W^^ lery and Toilst
W^ Articles.
207 Nlcolteffve
game. The fight will be hot, it may
last for hours, and the end the fish
may get awav by some fluke. But the
try is worth the time and the exhilar
ating strain.
You mav think you are going to die
of heart disease when he comes up on
a bluff and you remember that your
tackle is light and that vou have tried
every trick vou know, but you won't.
You will keep at him and when you
get him will feel well repaid.
There is every indication of good
sport with the muskies. You will have
to go some distance and will find vour
game where it is wild, for he is no civ
ilized fish. The sport lasts late in the
season and is often best at that time.
Osceola, Wis., Soo Line, 2 hours.
Holyoke, Great Northern, 3 hours.
Cable, Wis., North-Western, 4V2 hours.
Taylors Falls, Minn., N. P. Short Line,
2y2 hours.
Glenwood, Wis., Wisconsin Central, 2
hours. Trout fishing has been excellent this
year. While it has been irregular it
is full of promise. The first dav of
the season the Minneapolis sports were
out, and all came home smiling and
happy. It was so cold that the line al
most froze as soon as it left the water,
but the fish were eager and hungry, and
who minds the cold under such condi
The high water apparentlv has made
no difference with the trout sport. They
seem to be as hungry as tramps, and
have been bi+ing free and hard. Un
der such conditions the trout sports
have been picking them off the top
branches, as it were, and many a new
tale has been told of wonderful luck.
Trout do r.ot stay close to man as a
rule, and it is nece'ssarv to drive some
distance from most stations to get to
them. Thev are worth going after, tho.
The fly makers and the fly users are
still in the same old wrangle as to the
best trout lure. To the man' who ha*
not yet made up his mind, only ori$
advice can be given and that is, "Try
'em all out, and pick the one that suits
you best."
Is the only Steel Row Boat manufac
tu-ed in the northwest Superior to wood
boats in weight, buojancy, wear and ap
pearance. The body is galvanized sheet
steel, hcnvll) coated with aluminum
paint, will not rust. The woodwork is
spruce, beautifully finished with best
gpar varimb Air chambers in each end
make sinking absolutelv impossible.
By Way of ComparisonThe wood
boati will leak, get water-soaked and
heavy and leqntre constant care gener
ally. Opr ateel boats weiph about 150
pounds and always remain the same.
One eoa* of paint in the =Drln Is the
only care needed. Livery boat men will
appreciate these points as well as pri
vate owi.ers.
For piices and particulars address
O'Hara Bros. Boat Co.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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