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President to Visit Southern States,
Then Stay at Home Rest of
11* Term.
Washington, May 20 President
Roosevelt today made public enough
formation ibout his lommg southern
tup to show that he does not hive the
slightest intention to allow it to intel
fere with his plan foi calling longiest.
in special session The tup will last
only ten da\ The stait will be made
Oct 2, and the president expetts to be
back in Washington Oct 1- (ongres%
will meet, as heretotoie planned,
extraoidinarv session Oct 10
President Eoosevelt intends to \isit
Florida, Alabama and Louisiana, which
are states he ne\ei bis seen He will
then ha\e Msited e\ei\ state in the
Union during his mcumbencv of tho
presidenc-s, and he intends to stop on
that ie.or He will make no more ex
tended trips aftei the coming one
Moths Made Merry
While President Roosevelt was
waging war on the Ooloiado beais the
moths weie waging wai on his bear
skins at home and he will lose as many
pelts as a result of the de\ astation
wrought In the moths is he has added
by his recent successful limit
The president has a luge stock of
pelts of one kind and anothei some of
which are a tribute to his prowess as a
huntsman and otheis the gifts tf
friends Seveial months ago thev were
put away storage with a liberal
sprinkling of moth balls but the pests
among them and sundrj bald spots
ave appeared on beautiful pelts
G-ermany Has Moving Housekeep
ing Instruction for Farmers'
By W. W. Jermane
Washington, Ma 20The American
consul at Ken], Germany, calls the at
tention of the Washington authorities
to the fact that traveling housekeeping
schools for faimers' daughttis are be
ing established considerable numbers
in various pirts of Germany, and that
public sentiment indorses them buch
schools are already in successful opera
1 ion in Baden, Bavana, Thuiingen and
Hesse, and \lsace Loriaine is getting
ready to take up the work
The inference is that if these schools
are successful in Germany, the-y would
be successful in the Lnited States, and
so the consul's lepoit becomes of in
terest to American educatois
The teachers in these German schools
aie all educated women, graduates of
the best schools of housework, and ha\
passed government examinations \11
expenses in ident to conducting the
schools are paid by the government, but
these, it is said, are comparativelv light
An outfit for a school considts of a cook
ing stove, sen mg utensils, noniugboards,
lions tablecloths, towels and cooking
utensils Tables and chairs are bor
rowed from the vanous -villages, an I the
classes are held in the schoolhouses
Onh twenty girls are allowed in a
class, and the term ends in six weeks
!No gnl is admitted who is under 16
years of age
1 here are practical lessons house
keeping cooking and the selection of
food then lectures on the an ilysis of
food the scientific care of cattle and
poultry, the ultivation of egetables
and the making of butter and cheese
It is proposed to enlarge the curriculum
to include a minor couise in nursing
cooking for the sick, sewing, mending,
The tuition Germanv is so low as
to practically exclude no one The
schools are especially intended to bene
fit remote farming communities not
easily accessible to permanent schools
of such nature
Cheyenne, Wyo, May 20 The
streams of Wyoming are carrying a
larger volume of water down into the
Missouri thru the Platte, Laramie. Big
Horn, Shoshone and other waterways
than at any time the recollection of
the earliest settler
Every stream is out of its banks,
while dry creeks and canyons that have
not contained running water for many
years are torrents Many bridges have
been carried out and most of the fords
are unsafe Some stock has been lost
and hay meadows have been damaged
Two lives have been lost on account
of the high water
Bain falls almost every day on the
watersheds and there appears to be no
immediate prospect of a material de
ciease in the flow of the streams
San Francisco, May 20 The Chron
icle says a scheme which has been in
operation in the tax collector's office
for many months has iust been uncov
ered, by which nearly $1,500,000 in
property has been secured for little
more than $100,000 The victims are
the city's taxpayers, who are charged
wrongly with delinquencies The prof
its have gone to a ring of tax scalpeis,
who were assisted in eveiy possible way
by the alleged defaulting tax collector,
Smith, and his subordinates Records
have been manipulated to keep the
truth from coming out. and many poor
people have had the title to their hom^s
placed in jeopardy, without so much as
knowing that a shortage is charged
against them
See Stockwell SoonThat life msur
anceThe Penn Mutual. Andius bldg
Hot-Weather Tempers.
It is much easier to keep good na
tuied in cold weather than not One
mav be uncomfortable in cold weathei,
but there is seldom the lmtability pres
ent that there is when the thermometer
begins to soar Sometimes it seems as
if one's power of control has been en
tirely exhausted The reason is often
with the diet, and you will find that by
using golden gram belt beer regularly
and eating less meat and heavv foods
vour temperature will be lower and you
yvill feel moie rested and comfortable.
The theory of the thing is simple,
meat and hearty foods create an over
supply of heat, while this delicious ton
IC contains the same nourishment, but
in a liquid, cooling form, easy to di
Cottagers' Train to Hotel St. Louis.
Beginning May 15 the Chicago, Mil
wankee and St Paul railway will run
cottagers' tram daily, except Sunday,
between Minneapolis and Mmnetonka
Tram will leave Hotel St Louis 7 45
a.ni, and Minneapolis at 5 45 m.
11 iiiiM^iU'i'miaBiaf' 'ima 'iVj
Saturday Evening,
2=Hour Sale
9 to 11 A. M. Monday
300 dozen fine French Valenciennes laces and
insertions, Spanish dot, Mechlin -4 ft
and standard designs, 35c to 50c I
values, per dozen
At 18c
From 9 to 11 A. M.
1000 yardsWhite Washable Habutaian
extra fine quality. Only 15 yards to a cus
tomer, and none after 11 a. m. at this price.
and the great Lace Importers, find their
stocks too great by halfthanks to cold weather
for it. We secured thousands of yards of fine desirable
laces at but a fraction of regular prices. There are laces
for commencement and graduation and for all kinds of
summer gowns and lingerie.
Monday, 9 A. M., the Sale Begins.
In the assortments are fine, pretty, filmy Point de
Leirre and Mechlin laces, specially adapted for fine
white goods, for linen and batiste bands and applique,
for linen and batiste gowns. Dainty French and plat
Valenciennes laces for all dainty shirrings and rufflings.
Laces for Lingerie
20c Laces, 9c3000 yards Brabant, Nor
mandy, Point de Paris Laces and Insertions,
2 to 5 inches wide, elegant wash laces, values
from 15c to 20c, while they last, per yard..
30c Laces, 19c-2500 yds. elegant collectioni Normandy,
Plat Valenciennes and point de Paris
Laces and Insertions. No other laces as
desirable as those for dainty lingerie, val
ues from 25c to 30c, during great sale,yd.
50c Laces, 29cOver 2,000 yards, finest makes Point
de Paris, Plat Valenciennes, Mechlin and Poin de
Leirre Laces and Insertions, from 2-in.
wide insertion to 9-in wide lace flounc
ings, values from 35c to 50c, during
great sale, per yard
Laces for Summer Gowns
35c Laces, 19cBeautiful Point deVenise, Point Gaze
Point de Leirre and Oriental Insertions,
Galloons, Medallions, Appliques and Net
Top Laces. White, Ecru and Arabe shade,
25c to 30c values. While they last, per yd.
75c Laces, 49cExquisite Point Gaze and Point
de Venise Bands, Galloons, Medallions,
Appliques and dainty Net Top Laces.
Some beautiful linen and batiste eifects.
White, Ecru,Paris shades. Value to 75c
$1.35 Laces, 98cHundreds of yards of elegant Point
de Venise, Point Gaze, Oriental and Point
de Neige, all-over Laces for yokes and
entire waists, exclusive designs, $1.35
to $1.50 values. While they last, yard
Cream Nun's Veiling38 in. wide,
a fine, sheer fabric,
Monday, at,
a yard, only
New Corded Wash Silks
White Washable Habutais
Jacquard Taffetas
Novelty Louisenes
Plain Colored Taffetas
27-inch Fancy Silks
All These and Many More
and Poin
E elegant Poin
Cream Brilliantine38 inches wide,
good quality, Monday
special, at per
Swiss Checked Surahs"
Black Peau de Soies
Colored Lumineaux
Check and Jacquard Effects
Black Moire Velours'
Glace Taffetas, Dot Effects
Dayton's Dayton's Dayton's
At K*+Wi
Lot II
Worth to
You can invite your family or a party of friends to an excellent
Table d'Hote Dinner, 40c, In our Tea Rooms, 5 to 7 P. M.
Manorderspromptiyrme Sales Begin Monday at 9 a. m. Sharp.
Sale continues all next week. Out of town people will find
it to their advantage to attend this sale and purchase freely.
ay Sale Goods, Silks.
MAY SALES afford women of taste with economical tendencies an opportunity that is very unusual.
We present this large advertisement therefore, with the full confidence that it will be eagerly read and that
the sale will receive the support that is usually accorded Dayton Sales.
Fashionable White Goods at
About Manufacturer's Cost.
Many thousand yards were secured recently, much below
regular value these, with some of our own, will be on sale
Monday, and will enable us to establish
A Great White Sale
Consisting of this season's most fashionable materials,
round thread Costume and Sheer Linens, Crystal Mulls,
Paris Cloth, Manchester Waistings, French Fil de la
Vierge, Old Bleach and Japanese Linens, Imperial Long
Cloths and India Nainsooks, real Manchester embroidered
materials, St. Gall Cushion dotted Mulls and many others.
36-inch DimitiesThese are the neat cross bar weave,
soft finish, full yard wide, just the thing for
children's wear, at manufacturers'
cost, yard
42inch Persian LawnsFine sheer quality,
real linen finish, most beautiful ever offered
at such a low price these while they last, yd.
Real Manchester WaistingsConsisting of all the scarce
pin dot and neat woven figures, real Man
chester qualityexactly eleven styles to
choose from would be great value at 35c, yd.
36=inch Japanese Linens-r-One of the most popular mate
rials for the season,sheer quality, fine silky
effect, every thread pure linen, would be
cheap at 55c yard
36-inclh Mill Ends Waistin* LinensThese while
last. Very fine grade Waisting Linen, all
desirable lengths from 2 to 4 yards. Would
sell regularly at 65c per yard yard
36-inch Old Bleach Linens^Choice of our 68c and 75c
grade. Many of you know the merit of
these famous Old Bleach Linens. Choice of
heavy, also sheer light weight quality, yd..
Real St. Gall SwissesAs many of you know the St.
are the the best Swisses made. These you
can buy here Monday at about the same
price as the ordinary kind. See these. Yd
93=inch Costume LinenAll pure linen. Consider this
width, four to five yards will make a
full dress,just the wanted quality for street
dresses. Would be good value at $1.25. Yd
36-in. Imperial Long ClothThis is our well known quality
No. 300. expressly made for Dayton's, each 4
piece bears our own stamp. Full piece contains 1 I
12 yards, wdrth $1.75 bolt, yard iiv
Cream Wool Fabrics for Graduation Dresses, Street and Evening Wear
Mohair SiciliansHeavy, lustrous
quality, 46 in. wide,
Extra special, Monn
day, per yard 75c
ons Silk Sale
^URELY this is the Silk Center of the Northwest No other May sale of Silks ever receiyed such a response as did this one- -now for the second week. The prices
are positively the lowest ever made by this store. Dependable Silks of every description ana* for every purpose are represented in such liberal quantities
as will last till Saturday night. The Surplus Stocks of The Nonotuck Silk Co., Valentine & Bent ley, Keller & Megroz.
17000 yards Stylish Silks at Half Price and Less. Silks worth 50c up to $2.50 a yard, will be divided into five great lots as follows:
Worth to $1.25
Extra Specials
All pure Silk Black Grenadines, dainty hair-line stripes-49c a \ard, worth
$1 and $1 50 Eight jards for a dress, making the cost only $3.92.
Five pieces 19 inch Black Taffeta, wear guaranteed, -woven
selvage, special
Five pieces yard wide warranted Black Taffeta, extra heavy,
worth $1.25, at
Five pieces extra heavy, yard wide, warranted Black Taffeta,
worth $150, at
May 20, 1905.
23c 36c- 39they
dOC 57Gall
Cream Wool Batiste 48 inches
wide, a beautiful, soft
fabric. Special Mon
day, per yard 85c
Lot IV
Worth to $1.50
49c 98c
I^^^^P^fe^y 'f #fe '4Mtl^^^I^P^^4|l^^^
-V Sr **W 1 -w,
2=Hour Sale
12 to 2 P. M. Monday
3,000 yards fine Cambric Edges and A
Insertions values from 8 to 10c. Dur- 4
ing these 2 hours, per yard
White Goods Special
9 to 11 A. M.
40-inch India LinonVery sheer
quality, Linen finish, our 12|c o4s4C
grade, 12-yard limit
No Phone or Mall Orders Filled,
None to Dealers.
A THIS SEASON of the year all importers are
anxious to clean up surplus stocks. We helped
some of the foremost among them by purchasing hun-
dreds of pieces of the finest productions in corset cover
embroideries, rare nainsook and Swiss appliques,
bands, edgings, etc., at most drastic price reductions.
Monday, 9 A.
Sale Continues all Week
M,9 the Sale Begins
It will be a sale of unequaled opportunities for the
time of year in which it is held. We bespeak for it a
ready reception on your part.
2000 yards finest make buttonhole finish cambric
sertion and Edges, from 3J to 6 inches wide,
English eyelet and French blind work, 18c
to 25c values, during great sale, at per
yard 1800 yards extra quality fine Cambric Corset Cover,
embroidery, 18 and 20 inches wide, Bro
derie Anglaise, French blind designs and
pretty ribbon beading finish, good values
at 35c, during sale, per yard
To secure a beautiful piece of finest Swiss Nainsook
or Cambric Embroidery Applique, your opportunity'
is right here during this great sale.
Over 60 pieces, no two alike, exquisite
appliques, $1.50 to $2.00 values, while
they last, per yard
Another lot of similar fine Appliques,
Medallions and bands, some beautiful
batiste, some linen, all exclusive de
signs, 75c to $1 values, per yd
We have a few pieces too many of fine embroidery all-
overs. To reduce the quantity, all our fine, sheer and
medium weight linen, batiste, Swiss and nainsook
waistings and yokings, exclusive designs in
Anglaise, French blind work, me
dallion and applique designs, val
ues from $3.50 to $10.00 a yard,
while they last
Hard to tell from real hand work is this line of 12 to
16-inch finest Swiss and nainsook Flouncings and
Bands, English eyelet, French blind work, Paraguay
medallion designsthe finest goods
St. Gall, Switzerland. Values
from $1.85 to $2.50 per yard
while they lastper
Atfse Cover
Cream Silk and Wool Crepe d'Paris
42 inches wide, light in
weight, and very dressy.
Special, a yard
a pans
All These and Many More
Warranted Black Taffeta, 19-in
Satin Twilled Foulards
Changeable Taffetas
Colored Peau de Cygnes
27-in. Colored Taffetas
Swiss Checked Taffetas
36-in. warranted Black Taffeta
Satin Duchesse
Pongees Satin Liberties
Black Grenadines
Warp Print Taffetas.
Dayton's Dayton's\

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