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Children Will Be More Carefully
Looked After in the FutureFear of
the Law Has Already Had Its Ef-
fectWorkers Give Opinions of
Methods of Bracing Up Weak Laws.
It is the belief of the officials and
charitable societies interested in the
care of dependent children that the
illegal disposition of children by the
baby farms'' has been stamped out.
The agitation" has accomplished incal
culable good that will bear fruit thru
years to come. The exact conditions
have been brought to the attention of
the city officials and philanthropists,
and they are in a better position to
deal with the perplexing problems in
volved. Exposure of the deplorable
conditions has spurred all having op
portunity to lend aid to renewed efforts
to minimize the evils that unfortunate
girls and helpless children are exposed
to. Knowledge of and respect for law
has been inculcated among people em
ployed in shielding girls irom the re
sults of their folly.
The proprietors of several private
hospitals for women, reputed to be
baby farms, have visited the Humane
society officers and assured them of
their desire to comply strictly^with the
law governing such establishments and
of their willingness to have their
places inspected, not onlv by the health
department officials, but by officers of
the society. On the other hand, the
Humane society has promised them its
co-operation in disposing of dependent
Requests for Children.
Th9 Children's Home society has had
requests from two of these private hos
pitals to take children born there. As
the society makes it a rule not to take
children under three months of age, ex
cept in an emergency, it has refused to
accept the custody of the infants in?
question, but has agreed to take them
at the age of three months, and mean
while to make an effort to place them,
if it can be done under favorable cir
cumstances. An officer of this so
ciety thinks that the fright of women
doing an illegal business of this kind
has had a noticeably wholesome effect
and that they wili be careful to keep
themselves clear of trouble for a while
at least.
S. L. Van Etten, agent of the Hu
mane society, takes a hopeful view of
thf prospect for improvement in the sit
uation. He found many of the women
concerned, actually ignorant of the law
governing their establishments, be
cause the inadequate staff of the health
department does not permit frequent
and regular inspection of the hospitals
to insure the compliance with the law.
It is proposed that the council make
provision for a special inspector of
these hospitals.
Rigid inspection would insure the le
gal disposition of the children and prop
er care to the mothers, but the law is
defective in permitting parents to give
away a child without the sanction of
the law, and the proprietor of a hospital
nay legally give away to whomever she
chooses, the childien born in the insti
tution or intrusted to her care. The only
thing required by the law is that a writ
ten report shall'be made to the health
department of the disposition of the
Law Is Weak.
This is the fatally weak point of ex
isting laws dealing with private hospi
tals for women and infanta, and an
effort will be made at the next legisla
ture to remedy this condition. Mean
while every facility will be offered the
women likely to be tempted to engage
In baby-farming, to dispose of the child
ren left in their care, by adoption', thru
the new juvenile court to begin its work
in June.
E. D. Solenberger of the Associated
Charities is especially interested in the
betterment of the laws of adoption, re
quiring the legal consent of the parents
or satisfactory evidence that they are
not known and cannot be fou'n'd, before
the children can be transferred to per
sons desiring them. Mr. Solenberger
I does not think the women managing
i hospitals, the proper persons to arrange
for adoptions, and would have this
placed in the hands of experts, who
would undertake the task when satis
.fied that the children should be taken
from the mothers, either for their good
or for that of the mothers. By coup
ling with this kind of a system,'admin
istered without publicity in the juvenile
court, but with full and correct records
of the transactions, a plan for^ the in
spection of the homes into which chil
dren have been placed by the court,
the rights of the little helpless future
citizens would be safeguarded to the
extent of law and civic administration.
Progressive jobbers and manufactur
ers are up in arms an'd after the Chica
go dealers who are invading Minneapo
lis trade preserves. Some time ago a
party of leading Chicago jobbers and
manufacturers representing the Chicago
Chamber of Commerce came thru the
northwest in a special car, and began
to proselyte in Minneapolis territory.
The trade apparently was pleased at re
ceiving attention from Chicago and the
visitors succeeded in "butti ng in" at
a number of important points.
It is now proposed to start out a num
ber of similar trips from Minneapolis
and begin the work of reclamation.
There is some opposition, however.
Some of the heads of important indus
tries and jobbing houses say that they
caWnot get away. Then there is some
reactance because of the expense. The
Chicago party came thru with every
thing paid by the Chicago Chamber of
Commerce. Some of the local men be
lieve they might be similarly supported.
There is no local body, however, to
finance such a tour and in the mean
time the more progressive leaders are
lining up to do it themselves. Several
roads have offered to help the local men
on part of the expense.
The Right Road to Omaha.
The Chicago Great Western Railway
Limited, leaving Minneapolis at 8 p.m.
arrives at Omaha at 7:15 the next
morning. Electric-lighted throughout
club cars, new Pullman sleepers and
free reclining chair cars. The day ex
press, leaving Minneapolis at 7:40 a.m.
arrives at Omaha at 7:55 the same even
ing has observations and parlor cars,
with diningropm and first-class coaches.
For further information and reserva
tions of berths apply to R. H. Heard,
general agent, corner Nicollet avenue
and Fifth street, Minneapolis.
If you once try Carter's Little Liver
Pills 'for sick headache, biliousness or
constipation you will never be without
them. They are purely vegetable
small and easy to take. Don't forget
Hon. G. W. Smith, member of Con
gress from Illinois, writes from Mur
"I take pleasure in testifying to the
merits of Peruna. I have taken one bot
tle for my catarrh and I feel very much
benefited. To those who are afflicted
with catarrh and In need of a good tonic,
I take pleasure In recommending Peru-
Hon. David Meekison, ex-member of
Congress from Ohio, writes from Napo
'I have used several bottles of Peruna,
and I feel greatly benefited thereby from
my catarrh of the head. I feel encour
aged to believe that If I use It a short
time longer I will be fully able to eradi
cate the disease of thirty years' stand-
A Popular Remedy.
The popularity of Peruna as a remedy
for coughs, colds and catarrh among the
United States senators and congressmen
has been the talk and astonishment of the
whole country-
Enjoys Confidence of Statesmen.
That a proprietary medicine should
have won its way into the Capital of the
United States and secured the confidence
of so many of the distinguished states
men is an Incident unparalleled in the
history of medicine.
Praised by National Representatives.
Senators recommend Peruna to each
other. Congressmen speak of it in private
and in public in most lavish terms of
Endorsed by Army and Navy.
Diplomats and consuls, representatives
Smoke Inspector J. W. Allen believes
that experiments he is making will re
sult in obtaining a preparation that
will render coal smokeless. He uses
common salt and salt solutions, and is
trving to determine the most effective
proportions. While his experiments are
not secret, he is not ready to make
any definite statements.
There are several preparations on the
market which will render bitumiiious
coal smokeless, but it costs 50 cents a
ton to treat the coal and the use of
the compound is highly injurious to the
furnaces, as it makes an intense heat.
Vice President Cheneiy of the Illinois
Maintenance corspany, and several
other mechanical engineering experts
from Chicago who were here a short
time ago, said they thought that an ex
cellent beginning in the work to abate
the smoke nuisance had been made.
Compared with many cities, the situa
tion liere was quite satisfactory. They
strongly urged that wherever coal was
used it be broken up quite small before
put in the furnace. More perfect com
bustion would result with more com
plete consumption of smoke-producing
The new Fort Snelling bridge will probably
cost hnlf a million dollars. It will be built as
eoon as' the plans are decided upon. Colonel
Sweet, commandant at the fort and a member
of the transportation board, says that the e.\act
location has not been chosen, but that three
sites will be considered, the most likely choice
Is just west of the old bridge, midway between
it and the cavalry quarters.
Women who suffer with disorders pecu
liar to their sex should write to Dr. Pierce
and receive free the advice of a physician
of over forty years' experiencea skilled
and successful specialist in the diseases
of women. Every letter has the most
careful consideration and is regarded as
sacredly confidential. Many sensitively
modest women write fully to Dr. Pierce
what they would shrink from telling to
their local physician. The local physician
is pretty sure to say that he cannot do
anything without" an examination." Dr.
Pierce holds that these distasteful exam
inations are generally needless, and that
no woman, except *in rare cases, should
submit to them.
Dr. Pierce's treatment cures in the
privacy of your home. His "Favorite
Prescription" has cured hundreds of
thousands of bad cases. It is the only
medicine of its kind that is the product
of a regularly graduated physician. Some
unscrupulous medicine dealers may offer
you a substi-
tute. Don't
take it. Don't
trifle with
your health.
Write to Dr. R. V.
Pierce, Buffalo,
N. Y., take his
advice and be
Mrs. R. D. Monfort, of
Lebanon, Warren Co., O..
writes: I have received
the Medical Adviser.' A
crisp, new five dollar bill
could not tempt me to
part with it."
On receipt of 21 one
cent stamps,'to pay cost
of mailing only, we will send to any ad
dress a paper-bound copy of Dr. Pierce's
great 1000-page book, "The Common
ense Medical Adviser." Or, for 31
stamps the same in cloth binding. Ad
dress Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
aE3V~~.~ Thw Original LITTLE LIVER
^6*vSSSt PILLS, first put up by old Dr.
Ve\\e\ R. V. Pierce over 40 years
ago. Much imitated, but never equaled.
Little pill, Little dose, but give great re
sults in a curative way in all derange
ments of Stomach, Liver and Bowels.
of the army and navy, prominent figures
in many departments of the federal gov
ernment have given unsolicited endorse
ment to the prompt and permanent re
lief afforded by Peruna in all cases of
catarrhal diseases.
A Remarkable Cure.
One congressman had catarrh for over
a quarter of a century, but he heard of
Peruna and was speedily cured by the use
of this famous catarrh remedy.
Many Others Experience Cures.
Other congressmen and senators who
have been afflicted with catarrh of more
or less long duration had the same happy
experience by the use of Peruna.
A Home Remedy.
Not only do these people make occasion
al personal use of Peruna, but their homes
Traffic on Washington avenue was
stopped today by a crowd that collected
in front of the Hotel Nicollet, and
gazed earnestly and enviously at a
small, iron-bound and much be-pad
locked trunk on the sidewalk. A sign
on the trunk read, this Trunk is Full
of Diamonds.'' A trunk full of dia-
Saturday Evening, 0 E MINNEAPOLIS JOURNAL^ WV~*".* *V* 0 May 20, 1905. ^^^t^##%a^RJ^^!^^P^
are supplied with It and the other mem
bers of the family take it.
All Classes Use Peruna.
Thus it is that the highest homes in
the land, the dwelling places of the most
famous, have become the stronghold of
Peruna as well as the millions of more
modest homes of the middle classes.
Does What Is Claimed For It.
The only way to account for the im
mense popularity -of Peruna among the
high and lowly is that Peruna actually ac
complishes what is claimed for it.
For All Climatic Diseases.
It cures catarrh in all its phases.
It stops a cough by removing the cause.
It wards off colds, pneumonia and other
climatic diseases.
monds is not seen every,day, even* in
prosperous Minneapolis.
Meanwhile the owner of the trunk
stood in a nearby xtgerway and smiled
"L guess that'll hold' 'em some," he
muttered to himself. When asked to
explain, he said, "Yese that trunk be
longs to me and I don't care who knows
it. -It is full of jack-k'ndves tho, and
not diamonds. But wait until I explain.
"You see the box is not very large
and not unusual in appearance. Well,
that was the trouble. It was always
lost somewhere and the expressmen
Universally Endorsed.
This is the only possible explanation
of the fact that Peruna has received a
universal endorsement, such as no other
remedy has ever received.
Peruna Excellent for Catarrhal Com
Hon. Geo. H. Latham, ex-member of
Congress from West Virginia, writes:
"After using it, I have no hesitation in
certifying to the excellence of Peruna for
all catarrhal complaints."
An Effective Cure for Coughs and Colds
Hon. John Lamb, member of Congress
from Virginia, writes from Washington,
"I can cheerfully recommend your
Peruna as a very effective cure for coughs
and colds."
An Excellent Tonic.
Hon. C. F. Trigg, ex-member of Con-
and baggage smashers could not re
member anything about it. I decided
to stop all trouble, so I had a few more
locks and iron bands put on, and had
that sign painted. That's been on for
three months now and the trunk never
goes astray. She always comes around
like a small boy at mealtime, and
every smasher who sees her remembers
her. I guess that's a poor gag, eh?"
The state dairy and food commission has
examined 126 samples of various foods during
the past week. Of these, 63 were found to be
literal, containing coal tar dyes and various
$6 to $12for
$10 to $18for
Wild Land.
one of the world's great beer drlaking Nations, whose
influence is felt to the uttermost isles of the sea. Upon
dinner table, and that of all Englishmen from Commoner to
alt Hquor is served almost every day. The "Tight little Is
famed for its brews, few of which are equal and oene su
Pnrity, Flavor, and Health Giving PropCTttBs to
Near market on N. P. Ry.
Finest land west of Missouri River
Edward VII
PEERLESS is indeed a right royal beverage, brewed under
the "Gund Natural Process" from the best barley-malt
and hops that the world can grow. It is full bodied, of am
ber color, and foama with wholesome creamy life. It is
brewed and bottled amidst surroundings of scientific exact
ing cleanliness, and every Brew is aged for months before
it is bottled, which makes it a maturely ripe beer, the taste of
which is full, round, and pleasant, and on its merits was
awarded the Gold Medal at the St. Louis World's Fair,
so if you would have a really fine beer that will gratify your
palate, promote digestion aud benefit your health, asMor
PEERLESS and keep asking until you set It, or
telephone and have our Agentdeliver at once a case to your
home this very day.
BEUCK, lanagtr Minneapolis Branch
1 419-29 Twelfth Ave. So.
fV'-Vl-A- BOTH PHONES 732.
gress from Virginia, writes from the Na
tional Hotel, Washington, D.
"I was advised to use Peruna, and find
it an excellent tonic, also a good remedy
for coughs and colds."
Used Peruna in His Family.
Hon. J. F. Wilson, ex-delegate to Con
gress from Arizona, writes from Wash
ington, D. C, as follows:
"I have used Peruna in my family'and
with satisfactory results."
Prince Recommends Peruna.
Prince Jonah Kalanianaole, 1522
street, N. W., Washington, D. C, delegate
to Congress from Hawaii, writes:
"I can recommend your Peruna as a
very effective remedy for coughs, colds
and catarrhal troubles."
For Catarrh in Various Forms.
Hon. W. E. Andrews, ex-congressman
If you are going to buy land, why
net price? Why not write-
function. Sen for
Hon. Romulus Z. Linney, ex-member of Congress j,
from North Carolina, writes from Washington j-|||
"My private secretary has been using Peruna for '*M
several weeks and I wish to testify as to its great value ^\j
and merits in cases of catarrh. He had as bad a case as
I ever saw, and since he has taken one bottle he seems J*l
like a different man. His system was very much run
down, and at times he could not work at all, but ever
since his first bottle he has been building up. I don't
think any man who is undQT a nervous strain should -_J
be without it."
from Nebraska, writes from Washington,
"I cheerfully recommend Peruna as a
healthful tonic and a successful remedy
for catarrh in its various forms.
Other congressmen who have used and
endorsed Peruna are, as follows:
Hon. B. F. Rice, ex-U. S. Senator from
Hon. L. P. Featherstone, ex-congress
man from Texas.
Hon. John M. McDonald, ex-member of
Congress from Maryland.
Hon. Robert W. Davis, member of Con
gress from Florida.
Hon. C. W. Butts, ex-member of Con
gress from North Dakota.
Hon. Willis Sweet, ex-member of Con
gress from Idaho.
Hon. J. H. Bankhead, ex-member of
Congress from Alabama.
notsbuy directu fromt tbftbuy,
Egelcmd's Land Agency
Comfort and Safoty
OR the
Minneapolit-St. Paul
To Chicago
The entire line Twin Cities to Chicago pro
tected by the block signal system the best
deviceknown for the safe handlingof trains
A train complete
in every detail.
Minneapolis. 600 Nicollet AT.
St. Paul, 896 Robert St. Ryan Hotel.
Superior, 815 Tower AT.
get farm at
us and tell where vo wan to what oa land yo a
want and let us assist you and place you in position to do the buying yourself?
Farmers, merchants and others who wish to sell their farms should write us at once
tor our plan of selling lands direct from owner to buyer. Be your own Land Agent
(Agents Wanted.)
820 acres, 1 mile from Mekinock, 16 miles from Grand Forks. North Dakota: 175 acres
In crop: fine, large grove of timber, apple trees good water, spring and artesian well.
AH fenced: mile to schoolhouse and church: large house, b8rn and granary, poultry-
house, blacksmith shop, etc. good soil. Half of crop goes to buyer. $12,000 asked by
owner. A bargain. Write to G. E. Sanden, Mekinock, N. D., the owner, or to
N. Y. Life Building
St. Paul, Minnesota
Thousand so Mother Praise%
It supplies them with what Nature^|
refusesa bountiful supplyof'rich,"M
healthy milk for the little oneM
Babies are bound to thrive when mothers use this harmless remedy. i
Every mother should use White's Vaucalre Tonic before as well as after
childbirth on account of its great Toning effect.
It is a glory for a mother to nurse her own child, and a proud heritage for
a young woman to possess a beautiful breast.
The glory of a woman should be her form, and more than all, that part of
her form that typifies the great matronly fount from which all mankind from
the beginning of the world has drawn its babyhood sustenance.
By reason of this belief, we bespeak a fair trial and a sincere welcome for
White's Vaucalre Malted Remedy. When patent medicines and the miseries of
physical torture have been endured in vain, women find in our preparation an
honest article that accomplishes all we claim for itnot by flying in the face
of Nature's laws, But by gently and effectively assisting Nature to do its work,
and build up your body in its own perfect way.
Its specific
is that it tones up the entire system and vitalizes every
Made and Guaranteed by
White Chemical Company, Chicago
Sold oy Voegeli Bros: Drug Co., corner Hennepin and Washington avenues
and corner Nicollet and Sevfnth street.

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