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Appreciated When Seen.
It is a well-known fact that never
has a convention or any considerable
gathering of outside people been held
Minneapolis without gaining some
of the delegates for permanent resi
dents. Minneapolis has always pos
sessed some peculiar magnetic quality
which captivates visitors. These cases
of love at first sight often result in
very favorable alliances. Therefore
the opportunity is to make the most of
the past and present circumstances
and to create new ones.
This is a matter of great importance
to real-estate men, who will probably
"be foremost this summer in their pub
licity work, excepting not even the
Commercial club. Every friend gained
for the city makes another herald
abroad of its charming qualities and its
business possibilities. A cumulative
corps of voluntary advertisers is thus
treated, and such advertising always
^produces valuable results that can
^hardly be estimated.
It goes without saying that, to the
observing, the peculiar opportunities in
Minneapolis as a place to live and as
a place to do business are plainly evi
dent. It lies then with the real-estate
board to give these opportunities suf
ficient convincing publicity.
The advantages in Minneapolis which
appeal to homeseekers cannot be too
"much exploited in this advertising
work. Its climate is well known, with
its dry atmosphere, absence of fogs,
and quality which enables one to with
stand heat or cold without discomfort.
*Its beautiful scenery, in and about the
city, is one of the strong and attrac
tive points of Minneapolis. Its breadth
of area, allowing a big yard for every
householder, with the absence of dis
comforts and dangers which attend
oveicrowding and lack of pure air to
breathe, is worth emphasizing. Fine
transportation facilities is another fea
ture of the city's fame. Che^ap sites
.for homes are thus permitted, which,
ihru street railway hues, are really
brought close to the heart of the city.
Its beautiful homes, lending an air of
refinement and a practical education
to the eye, is one of its strong points.
Its park system of drives and breath
ing places for those who cannot go to
the real country stand foremost in the
list of advantages which Minneapolis
offers to homeseekers. The public-school
system, one of the finest in the land,
makes a strong appeal to fathers and
mothers who may select new homes
while on their summer vacation in the
west. 1 One of the reasons for strong em
phasis on the home-making qualities of
See Our Cheap Lots.
Classified Ads in This Issue,
Heavy Westward Travel Attracted by ihe Portland Exhibi-
tion Will Bring More Tourists Than Usual Thru Min-
neapolis This SummerReal Estate Men Awake to the
summer is immense. Thous
ands of persons will pass
thru the goin
from the Lewis & Clark
exposition at Portland. A large pro
portion of these have never visited
Minneapolis before and the opportun
itv is that of making a favorable first
impression on the city's guests. The
action of the railrods in allowing stop
over privileges in Minneapolis either
way broadens the opportunity. In
Btead of merely passing thru Minne
apolis, many of the tourists will spend
considerable time studying the city
and its advantages of commerce, cli
mate and scenery. Minneapolis' fame
is world-wide. I has been carried
even to foreign shores by the products
of the city and by travelers returning
home, as well as by citizens of the fa
vored city, who have traveled abroad.
In the United States, Minneapolis is
recognized as a flourishing, fair city,
of growing population and wealth. I
is known as the financial Gibraltar of
the northwest, a subtantial, strong
municipality. Wherever Minneapo
lis is mentioned its reputation is good.
This advertising which the city has re
ceived in years past may easily be
nullified by a first unfavorable impres
sion on the summer visitors that could
easily be avoided. The laurels must
be kept brightly brushed up and too
much stress cannot be placed on past
Murday 'Evening
Minneapolis in this publicity work is
thw fact that to most of the tourists
the west is new. All travel is from the
east this year. The east as the mecca
of travelers this summer will be prac
tically dead. All eyes are turned
toward the setting sun. The cheap rail
road rates make it possible for thou
sands who have always looked longing
ly to the west as a possible future
home to take a look. A large percen
tage of the travelers will be looking
more especially for a place to settle
than for scenic effects. As the great
est city on the main traveled road to
the exposition which will be found be
tween Chicago and the coast, Minne
apolis will be the cynosure of critical
Publicity as to the business oppor
tunities in Minneapolis cannot be
played up too strongly. Its position at
the gateway to the west is well known,
but not appreciated by eastern people
as thorolv as by its own citizens. In
fact, to the class of people who will be
passing thru its gates all summer the
whole west is an unknown quantity, and
for that reason the advertising cannot
be too explicit. To tourists returning
from the great west along either of the
three northern transcontinental lines,
the fact that Minneapolis holds the
commercial key to the situation will
be self-evident.
With a good impression of Minne
apolifa indelibly fixed on the minds of
thoso who have chosen to go west by
the northern route, they will have a
basis on which to figure out the chances
which Minneapolis has to expand com
mercially as the country fills up. Going
either way, the observer cannot fail to
get a glimpse of the great possibilities
that lie within the reach of Minneap
olis if it will but maintain its forward
movement towards commercial suprem
acy in the northwest.
Co-operation in Order.
While the real estate men have a
primary interest in setting forth the
true Minneapolis they must link with
theni in their promotion efforts every
individual citizen. They must have
back of them a strong public sentiment.
Every citizen can with profit to him
self agree to become a bureau of in
formation to the stranger within the
gates, to seize every opportunity to
boost the town."
Minneapolitans coming home after a
winter in the California towns are very
enthusiastic in their commendations of
the "boosting" proclivities of the
coast people. Not a "knock" can be
heard all winter long. Every citizen of
the state has a rosy and optimistic view
of the state and of his particular home
town. If a fog rises on a damp even
ing, it is the first fog that the inhabi
tants have seen. Should the thermome
ter rise too high for comfort it proves
to be a record-breaking temperature,
likely never to be attained again.
Every circumstance is turned to a good
advantage and every untoward circum
stance is smoothed down to appear like
an advantage. This is the spirit the
real estate men would like to see prev
alent in Minneapolis, and it is a senti
ment thev are working for. Eeal estate
values are very low here, and no such
opportunity for realty investment with
guaranteed profits will likely ever be
presented in Minneapolis again. The
agents hnvr goods to offer and their in
terests arc close to those of every good
citizen. Thev think it is not too much
to ask the citizens to help in boosting.
Reason to Clean Up.
The members of the real estate board
want to create a sentiment for_ a gen
eral cleaning up and for keeping the
citv cl?an. They want to see each
l.roperty put in best possible shape for
the summer season and kept there,
houses painted, lawns kept closely cut
and business and home properties main
tained in good repair. They would like
to have backyards cleaned up, alleys
find vacant lots. They want civic pride
laised to the highest point. In this work
they are being aided by the many im
provement associations, and they ex-
The suburban residential section
of the near future.
Your investment increase in value.
Large Lots on Easy Terms.
Delightfully Located on the East Side of Lake Harriet.
Reasonable Building Restrictions.
Stone Walks, City Water, Park Trees.
A 8City PrivilegesCountry Surroundings.
In the past week a settlement has
been made by the Eleetric line officials
for a right of way thru theFairbairn
roperty just outside the city limits.
has-looked for some time as if a
lawsuit would be necessary, but a set
tlement fox $2,000 was made and grad
ing across the property has already
Cheap and Comfortable
Architect, 516 Lumber Exchange.
This cottage is designed for a cheap
and comfortable summer home. I has
a large veranda on three sides of the
building, and is so laid out as to give a
handsome view of the lake in front
from all parts of the house.
The living^ room is 14x24 with three
large doublei casement doors opening to
the front, and so arranged that when
they are thrown wide open, thev fit
back into pockets, placing them entirely
out of the way, and at the same time
practically throwing the front of the
house wide open. In the center of the
livingroom at the rear, is a fireplace
about eight feet wide, which could be
built of cobble stone or brick.
There is an'other casement window
opening on the veranda at one end from
the diningroom. The house is so ar
ranged that meals can be served on this
side porch from the pantry in pleasant
weather, and in the diningroom in* un
pleasant weather.
The second floor is arranged with all
chambers toward the lake. The two
end rooms, being made larger than the
others, are more desirable and are in
tended for family use. The center
rooms are arranged in such wav that
the windows back of the house may all
be opened a'n"d a goood draft secured
thru the rooms.
The effect of the cottage on the sec
ond floor is purposely that of an ob
servation car. That is, there are very
large glass windows, from which hand
some views of the lake may be obtained.
Over the kitchen on the second floor is
a balcony which may be screened in and
makes a comfortable, cool retiring place
for members of the family. This can
be arranged in'to a palm garden or with
vines and flowers which would make a
very handsome effect, the wood cornices
of the roof protecting this, as well as
the entire house, from the heat of the
If the house is located among trees,
the roof of the porch and main house
should be colored in deep red. The
balance of the house, shingled or sided,
would look handsome in an olive green.
On' the interior oil or creosote stain
stain would be used on the exposed
frame work.
pect the police to help by issuing warn
ings to newsboys who throw papers on
the street, to bill peddlers who dump
handfuls of advertising matter on the
sidewalks, to careless drivers who litter
the streets with sand, stone and debris
as thev pass along, to store employees
who throw sweepings into the curbs, or
who sweep sidewalk fronts after 7 a.m.
Business men and citizens generally
are beginning to realize that Minne
apolis' grand opportunity to put its
best foot foremost has come and that
it is time to prepare to reinforce the
$375A few left of those fine, high
building lots, between 34th and
35th sts, on 4th and 5th avs S
some fine houses going in here.
Best location in city for price.
$3300No. 3325 Harriet av is the
best house for. the money in that
part of town extra well built, all
oak finish on the first floor, hard
wood floors combination stair
way beautiful reception hall
extra good grade of open nickeled
plumbing fine large rooms large
closets hollow concrete basement,
insuring dryness hot water heat
in fact, as fine a home as we can
design for the money. See it, by
all means, Sunday. Open from
2 to 6 p.m.
$3000On Lyndale av, near 33d, a
complete new 7-room house, most
beautifully decorated that is a
beauty in every way.
$20003431 1st av, is fully mod
ern, except heat full basement,
with -full line of plumbing fine
large lot, in a fine block.
$3900Will buy a double house,
that with a few small changes will
rent for $60 just think about 20
per cent on your money easy
terms if desired.
$3300No. 1200 18th av N, corner
of Fremont and 18th, opposite
north side high" a fine new 8-room
house in this choice location fully
modern. This is the best bargain
on the north side.
$18002612 18th av very fine
house for money open for inspec
tion at any time part modern.
$2100No. 3126 16th av, good two
family house will rent for $25.
commenced and poles are in place as far
as Minnehaha creek.
This property adjoins Morning
aide at the -city limits, on which the
surveyors have just completed the- plat-
ting into acre and half-acre lots. There
are ninety-three of these, and they will
be placed on the market at once as in
quiries are numerous. 3$t
Defective Page
A Page for Home Builders and Investors
New Firms Incorporated
Incorporations for the week in Min
neapolis are as follows:
Johnson-Van Sant company, general real es
tate, capital $100 000. Incorporators, S It. Van
Sant, N. Van Sant, James A. Johnson.
Deephaven Holding company, general re ps
tate, capital, $10 (JOU. Iiuoiporators. H. 7 .Cur
ton. James Marshall, F. Fayram. M. I-wraett,
W. J. Walker, G. A. Dale, W. C. Burton, W. C.
$3900 A beauty, a gem, a home
without comparer beautiful pan
eled hall and dining room fine
sideboard 8 large rooms, all
tastefully decorated house 1 year
old hot water heat extra fine
leaded work oak finish thruout,
up and down the home you want
and will buv. See it today, No.
3031, or see its counterpart, ex
cept it has 10 fine rooms, with
some extra fine decorations, and
basement closet Spence plant, No.
3029 Emerson av S. Open Sun
day p.m.
$25O0The best house on Oakland
av, 3 years old, No. 3343 Oakland
7 rooms, hardwood finish, open
nickeled plumbing, a perfect
home, stained roof, fine lot, 50-ft.
frontage, and a great bargain.
This house will be open Sunday
and you must see it if you want a
fine home for little money.
$3500Near State university, we
have one house left, for this price
10 fine rooms, fully modern, laun
dry house new and up-to-date lot
43-ft. frontage. This is the best
house in this location ever offered
for $4,500. Our price, $3,500.
2110 Aldrich av S, must be sold or
rented 10 fine rooms, in choice
Sunnyside make us an offer
house now vacant.
2610 Aldrich, 8 rooms, two years
old, all hardwood finish hot wat
er- heat submit $4,000.
1960 Sheridan av (Kenwood) con
sider $4,500 hot water heat lot,
50x150 two ye"ars old 8 rooms
small barn trade for cheaper
See Our Cheap Lots.
Classified Ads in This Issue.
oncortD -rLOOi PLAH
natnal advantages of the city by in
dividual efforts.
The cost of this house finished as a plastering or interior finish, would be
lake cottage is usually finished without I $1,200.
Edgar, Lucian Swift, Sarah Knight, Mrs. Wil
liam Donaldson, T. B. Janney, H. M. Till, C.
C. Wyman & Co grain commission capital,
$100,000. Incorporators, C. C. Wyman, B. G.
Philbrooks, C. I Googins.
The Hughes Electric company, capital $100,-O00.
Incoi porators, Alexander, E. A. and William V.
State Bank of Maple Plain, a suburb, capital
$10,000. Incorpoiators. J. M. Haven, A. B.
Morse, E. J. Cranston.
Lawn Mowers and Garden Tools.
Pull line, lowest prices. Gardner
Hardware Co.
Cheap LOTS for Sale
$425Garfield av and 34th st, 45x128,
above grade, stone vfelk and city
water monthly payments.
$125Each for twenty lots on Cedar av
and 40th st. Monthly payments.
$600Pleasant av, between 31st and
32d city water and stone walk 45x127.
East front. Easy terms.
$55046x127, east front on Grand av,
between Lake and 31st st water and
stone walk.
$65045x127, east front on Harriet,
between 31st and 32d fine lot, easy
$150088x200. near corner Lake st
and Nicollet av. Easy terms.
$1000East front on Garfield, be
tween 26th and 27th, 46x127, above
$600Lyndale av, between 29th and
Lake, 40x129 easy terms.
$750Nicollet av between 28th and
29th. 45x127.
$800Lake st, between Pillsbury and
Pleasant avs. 40x90
$1200Pillsbury av, between 27th
and 28th, 45x165, all improvements in
fine lot and worth $2,500.
2628 Pillsbury av, 8 rooms and modern
large east front lot, $4300.
2739 Pillsbitt-y av, 8 rooms and modern
large lot, very nice home, $5300-
3200 Irving av, 9 rooms modern, fine
corner lot, almost new, $5750.
3300 Second av S, 12 rooms and modern, 2
lots, corner, 90x128 extra nice place,
$7500 cost $12,000 almost new the
owner leaving city pleased to show It
any time.
$2850New house, 7 rooms, all mod
ern and nice every way lot 40x170
3206 Pleasant av, all ready to move into.
$31007 rooms, modern, 3421 Aldrich
$35007 rooms, modern, 3900 Grand
av new and very fine place lot 80x
131 easy terms.
1026 Guaranty Building.
II Lots In Linden Hills
district, each 42x135 feet 1% blocks
from car line, west front level,
above grade each has from 10 to 15
nice oak trees on. Will be sold sep
arate or in a bunch.
All convenience of a city and the
the beauty of country life. See me
at 4316 Park boulevard, near the
Harriet loop, Sunday, or at my office
6 Loan* & Trust bldg.,
May 20, 1905.
proper setting. In order to do this a
fence can hardly be dispensed with,
an'd fences are receiving thoughtful con
sideration from the majority of house
builders. An article by Walter H. Kil
hamin in the April House and Garden,
will be of special interest to the possess
ors, actual or prospective, of colonial
houses, its title being "Colonial Gate
ways and Fences in New England."
Mr. Kilham says:
Once more the fence has come to the
front as an important accessory to the
house, and its return to favor will be
hailed with delight by all who have the
elevation of the public taste at heart.
In the good old times more or less do
mestic privacy was considered desira
ble. Not only was the front lawn dis
creetly inclosed in railings or pickets,
but the back garden, which in old New
England town's often became the very
sanctum sanctorum of the feminine de
partment of each household, was sur
rounded by walls hardly less formidable
than those of a Spanish nunnery.
Twenty vears ago, mose or less, by
the decree of capricious fashion, the
colonial fences of New Engian'd came
wellnigh being exterminated. The open
treatment for grounds surrounding de
tached houses came in with a whirlwind
of popular favor. I was alleged that
a city having open spaces of lawn be
tween houses, unbroken even by hedges,
expressed a sense of equality and fra
ternity and a desire for all to share
the pleasure one might feel in his own
well-kept grounds or establishment,
which was supposed to be latent in the
American mind. Only a churl would
conceal his gilliflowers and asters be
hind impenetrable walls. Village im
provement societies preached the cru
sade against the fence. And so came in
the cannas and begonias, and round ge
ranium beds scattered here and there
over the open lawns, and one by one
the dainty old fences were condemned
as unsightly and went their way to the
Now that the reaction has set in,
and once more our grounds are being
piotected against stray 'dogs and chil
dren, and the old annuals and peren
nials are with us again, a rapid glance
thru two or three old eastern seaports
will serve to remind us, not only of the
importance of a fence in giving a
sense of privacy, but of its decorative
importance and its great value as set
ting or frame for the architecture of
the house itself.
In some of the most beautiful exam
ples of colonial architecture in old New
England towns, the charm, and in fact
the principal motive, lies in the fences
so absolutely simple with those grace
ful columns and slender rails which
give at once an air of distinction to
the plainest cf structures.
"The ideal garden in New England
is enclosed in a high fence, a brick
wall or hedge, where the family can
enjoy the freedom of outdoor life, or
walk among the flowers. The fact is
to be regretted that Americans do not
live more in their parks and gardens.
Breakfast on a vine-covered porch, tea
on a terrace, a woman sewing in the
gaiden are sights all too scarce in our
American civilization, and not only
would they add to the picturesqueness
of life but to its health and comfort as
Mr. Kilham then takes up a study of
a number of interesting examples of
fences from Salem, where scarcely a
house lacks one, of Providence,/
Portsmouth and other places. These
fences include the picket variety with
its finely ornamented posts, which is
its distinctive feature, cobweb, iron
and chain fences. Mr. Kilham says in
conclusion, "The fence and garden can
scarcely be considered apart, whether
the fence be of the most decorative
type or simply a plain wall of boards
high enough to shut out* the gaze of
the passersby and keep the garden sa
cred to those who dwell therein. There
is a beautiful illustration of this in the
Importance as an Accessory Giving Distinction to Otherwise
Plain Houses Is Being RealizedFences Furnish an Ef-
fective Setting for the House as Well as Secure Privacy,
E popularity of the colonial
style of building in Minneapo
lis has already set a good many
owners of new houses to think
ing about giving their house the
little suburb of Fontenay-aux-roses,near
Paris "Le Petit Bois" is the poetic
name they give it. I lays no claim
to formality just a stretch of green
with a few shade trees and some lilac
bushes, but here a master lives and
works as secluded from the world as a
scholar in his study. Dejeuner is
served outside, models are posed in
plain air and many a chef-d'oeuvre has
been the result of work in this quiet
garden. All the atmosphere of a real
forest seems concentrated within its
four walls, and the whole is no larger
than many suburban gardens which we
see wholly given to the use of the
clothes lines and domestic service.
The French, who do so many things
better, have learned well how to util
ize the possessions to the best ad
vantage and how to derive real pleas
ure from things scarcely heeded by our
own countrymen.
Reception and Living Boom.
A reception room that takes the place
of a parlor is easier to furnish than
the old-time parlor or best room.''
In the reception room the caller in out
door costume feels more at ease in
quiet-toned surroundings than in white
and-gold furnishings that belong more
fittingly in a drawing room. In the re
ception room any personal ob.iects of
family life will naturally be omitted,
and due regard paid to furniture that
is pleasing in line, pictures that are
entertaining in quality, and colors that
are tastefully blended. A clock and a
mirror should not be omitted in this
room, and some photographs or prints
on a table, a late magazine or an at
tractive book will be welcomed by
waiting visitors.
The combination of uses to which a
living room is put makes it a center
of attraction in the home. To go to
William Morris for inspiration in its
furnishing will give some useful hints
about restraint in decoration, book
cases with plenty of books, comforta
ble chairs, tables of commodious size,
vases for flowers, real works of art on
the walls, and the fireplace the chief
object of all.
The Scotch ingrain rug, in texture,
design and colors, suits the living
room's demand for durability and style.
The seats in the living room may be
covered with a heavy linen, arras cloth,
jute or taffeta. The window hangings
may be of a coarse-meshed net. A
double student lamp accomplishes a
real service, and the fittings of the
fireplace, if bought in black iron, will
save labor in cleaning. Heliotype
prints may be hung on the walls, and
a focussing point of interest be made
over the mantel with an ivory-toned
plaster cast. Brass candlesticks and
bowls, pottery of good design and
plants in jardinieres of graceful shapes
will contribute a charm that can be
wrought only with the minor belong
ings of a home.
A Way to Handle Mattresses.
Everyone who has ever made beds
must know the exasperation of handling
heavy, awkward and nail-splitting mat
tresses. If some clothesline is covered
with braidthat such as the mattresses
are bound with is easily foundand cut
into eight-inch lengths, it makes excel
lent handles. One of these sewn se
curely to each end or side of single
mattresses, or two on a double one, ren
ders an easy solution of the lifting and
turning problems.
A Useful Kitchen Settle.
A piece of furniture which will be
found most useful in a moderate-sized
kitchen is a settle with an unusually
high back, which swings forward on
hinges so as to form a broad table ty,
the seat then becoming a convenient
shelf beneath. The top of the seat be
ing raised like a lid, several divisions
are revealed within, where dish towels,
cleaning cloths, flatiron holders and
kitchen tablecloths and napkins are
kept separate and within easv reach.
Carey Cement Roofing better than
metal or tar and gravel. See W. S.
Nott Co., Tel. 376.
I offer below, and selecting those that strike your fancy and your purse to
go out and inspect.
Make special note of the very easy terms upon which you can buy a home.
Nicollet av, near 31st, 9 rooms $300 cash, $30 monthly 83450
14th av S, near 9th, 7 rooms $250 cash, $25 monthly S2500
Jefferson st NE, 10 rooms $200 cash, $20 monthly 12000
Third st N, near 10th, large lot, 7 rooms $400 cash, $40 monthly. ..$4000
Second av S, near 17th, 8 rooms $300 cash, $30 monthly $3000
Plymouth av, near Washington, store, 7 rooms above $500 cash, $45
monthly $4800
6th st S, near 10th av, two buildings, large lot $500 cash, $50
monthly $5000
2d av S, near 15th, 9 rooms $400 cash, $35 monthly S3700
Stevens av, near 27th, 7 rooms $300 cash, $25 monthly 82700
4th av S, near 18th, 6 rooms $350 cash, $25 monthly i 13300
Madison st NE, 8 rooms $200 cash, $20 monthly..* J52000
11th av S, near 22d, 9 rooms $300 cash, $25 monthly J13250
Chicago av, near 26th, 7*rooms $250 cash, $25 monthly 12500
13th av S, near 8th, 7 rooms $300 cash, $25 monthly J12700
8th st, near 13th av, 8 rooms $250 cash, $25 monthly $2500
4th av S, near 18th, double house, 12 rooms $300 cash, $40 monthly.$3000
6th av N near 5th, 8 rooms $300 cash, $25 monthly $3000
Chicago av S, near 18th, 75x150 ft., 10 rooms $300 cash, $25 month.$3000
Royalston av, double dwelling $500 cash, $50 monthly $4700
Portland av, 8 rooms $350 cash, $30 monthly $3250
2d av S, 12 rooms $350 cash, $35 monthly $3300
Oakland av, 10 rooms $400 cash, $40 monthly $4200
Oakland av, double dwelling $200 cash, $25 monthly '$2200
Clinton av, 8 rooms, $400 cash, $40 monthly $4100
Blaisdell av, 90x165 8 rooms $400 cash, $35 monthly $3800
2d av S, inside 18th st, 8 rooms $500 cash, $40 monthly $5000
5th av S, 9 rooms $350 cash, $35 monthly $3600
5th st S, 3 dwellings, 7, 6, 3 rooms $400 cash, $45 monthly $4000
Highland av, double dwelling, 18 rooms $600 cash, $60 monthly.. .$6000
University av SE, 15 rooms $700 cash, $50 monthly 87000
Harmon Place, 8 rooms $600 cash, $50 monthly $5500
12th st, near Harmon, 7 rooms $300 cash, $30 monthly $2700
Real Estate Mortgage Loans, and Fire Insurance,

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