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$300Lot 3, Block 18
$300Lot 6, Block 18
$200-~Lot 16, Block 10.
$20O-Lot 27, Block 17.
$150-Lot 7, Block 20.
$125-Lot 5, Block 26.
Capmaking is an unknown art in
Minneapolis, and yet the city consumes
immense quantities of this 'aiticle,
which is indispensable in a northern
climate. Thru local consumption and
the jobbing trade, caps are sold by the
thousands. Yet all these caps are
bought in the east and advantages
which might accrue to Minneapolis thru
the manufacture of its own caps are
lost to the city.
This is the greatest fur coat piodu
cmg center in the United States. When
one gets as far east as Milwaukee, the
fur coatmaking business is unknown. It
is indigenous to the northwest. This
great industry is centered in Mmne
apohs, which is the outlet point of the
raw furs marketed from the northwest
and is the distributing center for the
finished article of wearing apparel. Yet,
while caps are linked so closely with
the fur coat as an article of wearing
apparel, it is a curious fact that a cap
making industry has not yet been es
tablished hero.
The fur manufacturing business was
built up here under discouraging circum
stances, and now it is one of the prime
factors the city's wealth production.
It is one of the leading lines of manu
factuie. In the same way it might be
necessaiy to build up a cap manufactur
ing business, yet it would surely be
come a leader in the industry list.
Two large Minneapolis business
houses job caps thru the northwest.
Thev handle immense quantities of
goods. Eastern factories to a large ex
tent have acquired the practice of sell
ing direct to the retail trade thru their
own salesmen. Between the two classes
of trade the business has assumed im
mense proportions. The increasing vol
ume of this trade is held out to manu
facturers of the line, or to capitalists,
as an inviting argument for an invest
ment in a capmaking enterprise.
Experts say that capmaking and hat
making are two separate and distinct
lines of business and, therefore^ neither
would involve the other as a side line
A cap factory is the more needed and
the most probable of successful outcome
if established on a firm basis.
Large Territory Contiguous.
"No better market in America could
be offered to cap manufacturers. Min
neapolis is on the southern border line
of a cold country. Tributary country
clear to Hudson's bay is open to the
development of the cap trade. Nearly
everyone, particularly in the countrv
towns and those exposed to the weather,
wears a cap. The territory has a class
that requires only a staple line of goods
with only a few distinct patterns, or
designs of cut, and styles of cloth. It
has also a class which requires novel
ties in both cut and cloth material.
Business men are of the opinion that
a cap factory should be a large one in
order to become a credit to the city,
or even an advantage. It should be
established on a $200,000 basis at least.
Tins money would properly equip a
site with a good factory, and the fac
torv with, the proper material, and at
the same time stock it up with the
cloth matenal, and allow for the get
ting up of a line of designs. As in
the fur coat manufacturing business
and the hat business, help would have
to be educated. While a cap factoiv
would give employment to a gieat many
hands, the class of employees would be,
to a large extent, skilled, and, there
foie, of a desirable standard.
With Necessary Materials the Natural Product of the North-
west and the Northwest's Many Out-of-Door Workers
Users of Caps, the Manufacture of That Article Would
Certainly Be Profitable.
1 still have a few lots left in Linden Hills that
1 want to sell before the month is out. Terms
cut no figure. You cannot help paying for
them because they are so cheap, Get a plat of
Linden Hills and then take this list of prices
with you. You can get a plat at the house of
Mr. S. D. Ogg, No. 4250 Upton Ave. S.
Saturday HiVenmg,
Many Outdoor Workers.
Caps make a line that is necessary
for jobbing houses and geneial stores
which carry men's clothing. The out
fitting of woodsmen, miners, hunters,
drivers, farmers, lailroad men, stock
men and the various classes of outdoor
workers usual in the northwest would
be incomplete without the cap. Inas
much as piactically all the other goods
of the outfits are made now in Minne
apolis, it is aigued by men in the trade
that a field is offered to the capitalist
foi placing his money to good advan
tage in this branch of manufacturing.
Shoes, tiousers, heavy shirts, under
wear and the seveial accompaniments
of an outdoor life are turned out by
Minneapolis factories with piofit.
"Minneapolis cannot have too many
good manufacturing mdustnes," said
a dealer in hats and caps this week.
"Small industries are sometimes a det
riment to the city because they can
get out only a -mall line of goods, and
they demoiahze the trade with cut
prices. Well founded factories, how
evei, are a distinct advantage.
"As for the making of caps, I should
be glad to lay before anyone mteiested
establishing such a plant here the
conditions which are favorable to Mm
neapohs as a city in which to locate.
The mattei of cheap power, good labor,
good homos for employees to be seemed
at low rentals, paik, hbiaiy and night
school opportunities, and nearness to
the consuming market, can be detailed
at length, and when properly presented
to a probable investor, will have its
effect Many of the arguments that
have applied in the securing of indus
tries for our city will be equally appli
cable in the matter of capmaking. I
have given some of these.
The One Article Lacking.
1 think it has already been set
forth in The Journal's indus
tual page that the broader the Mm
neapohs Duymg market the better. This
fact applies to both the lobbmg and
the manufacturing trade. If a general
storekeeper can outfit his wThole
$250-Lot 9, Block 24
$250Lot 17, Block 23.
$250Lot 10, Block 18.
taxes in the last ten years.
We are very anxious to close out our scant holdings in Linden
Hills, so as to turn our attention to other more important matters.
From any one of these lots you will be able to take the car to Minne-
tonka inside of 60 days, or to St. Paul and Lake Como. There is no
property in this city that is better located for getting a long ride for
a nickel.
$300-Two Lots, 27 and 28,
Block 21.
$700-Four Lots, 1, 2, 27 and
28, Block 26.
If these prices are not cheap enough for you, I do not know what
you can expect, as they do not represent what has been paid out in
Industrial Opportunities. in-
Minneapolis jobbing houses and fac
tories, except one article, Minneapolis
falls short just that much. The city
can so neaily outfit a woodsman that
it is to its advantage, I think, to se
cure a plant foi making the one article
"In presenting succinct facts to busi
ness men who are looking over this
metropolis with an eye to selecting Mm
neapohs as a factory site, the scarcity
of the right kind of labor is a detri
ment. Factones which employ girls for
machine hands find it hard to keep the
force up to standard in numbers. One
leason is the lack of facilities^ for
boarding and lodging them near the* fac
tory. Another is due to the fact that
Minneapolis is in a new manufacturing
country. In the east, where some fac
tory towns aie nearly as old as the
country itself, operatives grow into the
business. They are born in the fac
tory town, breathe its atmosphere and
become thoroly imbued with the factory
spirit Well trained factory hands are
therefoie easy to secure. So, while
Minneapolis local organizations of busi
ness men are seeking to secure new in
dustries for the city it is necessary to
look to other matters as well as the
creation of new trackage, the securing
of capital and the promise of moral sup
port and the patronage of local busi
ness houses.''
Do you want a pretty cottage home
that von can care for youiself and dis
pense with servants? If so, here is one
for $1 100 Five nice rooms built a
neat Swiss style size 21 feet and 6
inches wide and 26 feet ard 6 inches
deep, both stories eight feet high. The
outside posts are twelve feet high, the
roof steep, double pitched. The clos
ets in second story cut off the low side,
making the chambers full height. There
is a nice entrance porch over the mam
roof, adding to the beauty and large
enough for size of houses. The en
trance hall opens into the living room
thru a column archway, and back of
living room is a pretty octagonal din
mgroom, with two china closets across
the angles of room. At the rear of
kitchen' is a convenient pantry and re
frigerator room. The ice can be put
in from the porch, so that the deliveiy
man with ice does not have to come
stor are
nic chambern wit bathioomy
This house can be built in almost any
locality for $1,100, exclusive of heating
and plumbing. By special arrangement
The Journal has succeeded in get
ting Sedgwick & Saxton to furnish to
its readers their beautiful book of plans
of houses ranging in price from $400 up.
This is called "Aichitectural
tion.'' This book wrill
be furnished
the readers of Journal at $1
each a small portfolio, No. 1, of cot
tages, $400 up to $4,000, 50c portfolio
No. 2, of residences costing from $3,000
to $50,000, 50c portfolio No 3, of
stores, banks and churches, 50c. A
church portfolio will also be given' free
to any reader of The Journal upon
It is the plan to make this page es
pecially interesting to the homebuildeis
with small capital. Illustrations of
small cottages and residences^. ranging
mprice from $400 to $3,000, will appear Saxton, 1027 Lumber Exchange, for the
$3650No 1120 4th st SE A mod
ern residence of 8 rooms Fine lot,
55x132 Best bargain southeast See
it at once as it will go this week
$5200No 601 Forest av Only one
block from Lyndale car line Low
ly Hill district, strictly modem and
in perfect condition Nine rooms,
combination heat, separate hot wat
er heater for domestic use, gas fix
tures Only $500 cash and monthly
payments with 5 per cent interest
Is a bargain and must be sold at
$2750No 1706 Laurel av, house of
8 rooms partly modern, south front
lot 45x130 Terms
$1600No. 3414
Oakland a\ A
large house of 9
rooms east front
lot 40x117, cltv
water, gas and
$1100No 120 W
29th st, -very
good 8-room
house, new roof
and newly paint-
ed, lents for
$12 50, a south
front lot, 49x90,
stone walk and
city water.
$1500No 2426 11th av S, house of
8 rooms, cistern and well, east
front lot, 41x127, sewer, water gas,
and stone walk This is cheap, and
$500 cash handles it
$1000Nos 1422 and 1424 25th av
N, double 10-room house renting for
$15 per month, lot 45x106 Look it
o\er at once
$175Plllsbury av corner 44th st
\ery fine east front lot Terms.
from week to week. This plan should
interest thousands of people and encour
age them building modest homes.
The complete plans and specifications
foi this beautiful little cottage illus
trated in today's Journal will be
furnished at the office of Sedgwick &
$17530th a\ S, between Lake and
31st sts Fine lots, 43x128. Easy
$7750No 2418 Plllsbury av Near
ly new strictly all modern residence
beautifully situated on a fine east
front lot in Blaisdell's addition.
Look it o\er at once.
MidwayBargains $300For fine Midway lots, only one
block from citv limits, one fare to
either city, fine wooded lot, 50x132
$100 cash and $10 per month with 5
per cent interest Call or write for
Linden Hills
In First Division of Remington Park
WyvBli-Harrington Co.
We have some of the choicest lots in
this division, from two to four blocks
of the pavilion Plats at our office, or
see MR WATERMAN, 4120 Upton
av S
Call or write for Catalogue of Bar
401-402-403 Andrus Building.
Fine home Stev
ens Ave., near
31st St., 9 rooms, modern thruout.
Reasonable terms.
Park Ave. and
32nd St., 9 rooms,
built for home 2 years ag. Hot
water heat. Everything complete
and in fine condition. Easy terms.
tffc A ASix-room house
9 i Oil Third av S and
35th stall modern except heat.
Look this up.
-First av S and
34th st7 rooms,
hardwood floors and finish down
stairsgas, bath, sewer, etc. A snap.
^9^lRA investment, North
*D*mVOU Minneapolis prop
erty. A 7-room house, water, bath
and sewer paying $15 a month and
a two-family flat, city water, paying
$14 a month. Fine renting locality.
Easy terms.
O EXCUclIlgC in Wisconsin
worth $4700,3 miles from Red Wing,
for good city property. Submit offers
acre lots now on the market, beautifully wooded, 5c fare, low
taxes. Get a new plat.
Gham. t. Fuller, 803 Phoenix,
On the new Minnetonka
Electric Line, near Lake
Harriet and adjoining the
city limits. Acre and half
small sum of $10. This includes com
plete specifications covering all the
work also one set of blue prints, show
ing all of the floor plans, elevations,
etc., drawn to quarter-inch scale, care
fully figured an'J. studied out. This
cottage has been built many times as
illustrated in The Journal today.
$750Dupont av S, between Frank
lin av and 22d st. Lot 50x100. Good
location for flat
$500Portland av and 39th st Very
fine south and east front corner lot,
45x122, city water and stone walk.
Best lot on the avenue for the
$650Fifth av S between 31st and
32d sts Fine lot, 45x118 improve
ments in street. It is cheap.
$225Aldrich av S, between 36th
and 37th sts Very choice lots, 42x
119 each They he about three feet
above grade. Easy terms.
May 20, 1905
$250Fifth av S.
between 37th and
38th sts high
east front lot, 40
xl31. Make us
an offer. Owner
very anxious to
$60016th av S,
corner 25th st,
fine lot, 52x98,
sewer, vwater,
gas and
$225 Minneha-
ha av, between
36th and 37th
sts east front lot, 40x150 city wat
er and stone walk
$22529th av S, between 22d and
24th sts, a \ery fine lot, 37x152, city
water and stone walk
$40013th av S between 27th and
28th sts, a \ery fine lot, 49x128,
city water and stone walk. It is a
$175Johnson st NE, between 19th
and 22d avs, large east front lot, 50
xl31 Easy terms.
Little Prices*
$55002016 Grand av S. Ten-room
all modern house with good barn
two lots, 80x128, look this over and
make us an offer.
$36OO$500 down, balance monthly,
for that fine new 7-room and bath,
all modern home, 3325 Columbus av,
hardwood finish and floors, built-in
sideboard, furnace heat, storm and
screen sash, full basement, jas fix
tures, window shades, will decorate
to suit purchaser, would take a good
building lot as part payment
$26003103 Penn av N, 7 rooms and
bath, all modern, open nickel
plumbing, hot water heat hardwood
floors and finish, decorated, nice lot,
graded and sodded, a bargain.
$23002435 Columbus av. 8 rooms,
full basement, partly modern, man
tel and grate, gas fixtures, storm
and screen sash, complete window
shades, nice lawn with trees good
barn with box stall. Look this over.
$20502938 Clinton av, 7 rooms,
open plumbing, furnace heat, sewer
and city water connections, storm
sash $250 down, balance monthly.
$1500Nine-room brick house, well,
cistern, cellar, sHed, storm win
dows, 914 24th av NE a small pay
ment down will handle this.
$1000Six-room house, 814 24th av
NE $150 down, balance monthly.
Yale Really Co.
MQ6 So. 4th St.
See our classified ad of lot bargains
in thla turner.
Building Operations
Tfce usually interesting list of build
ing notes is printed toaay by the Im
provement Bulletin, as quoted below,
in addition to city notes the news con
tained in tne Bulletin discloses the fact
that Minneapolis architects and local
contractors are securing a good lot of
business in towns thruout the north
west and even in cities east. The Bul
letin reports:
Bell & Detweller, architects, are at work
on plans for a high school building at Brookings,
S. D., to cost $18,000 They have also begun
work on plans foi the United 1'resb} terlan church
building to coat $10,000. Uhere will be erected
this summer a haudbome business block, fireproof,
fioin plans bj Bell & Detweilei, cost $15,000
Bell is. Detweller, architects, have started work
on the plana tor the new state capitol building
for South Dakota at Pierre. It Is expected that
plans will be out about Aug 1. The building
will be two-atorj and high basement, 291 feet
long, 165 feet to the top of dome. The founda
tion will be of granite boulders Work Is to
be started on the past wing as soon as possible
Llbby & Nelson, Metropolitan building, secured
the general contract to eiect the Great Northern
Iairway depot at Minot, N. cost $30,000.
They have also contracts for all the concrete and
stone culvert work on the division west of Minot
and about $30,000 worth of railway work on the
South Dakota division of the same toad.
Gates & Roberts seemed the general contract
to erect a modern frame residence at 2030 Hum
boldt avenue N for Mary Kerchner. It will be
22x44 two story, attic and basement, modern
interior finish and furnace. Cost $3,500. They
have laso the contract to erect J. A. Scheck's
modern frame residence at 8027 rremont ave
nue N, to be 24x30, to be completed about Sept.
1 Cost $3 000
McMillan & Co secured the contract for
erecting complete six frame cottages at Colum
bia Heights from plans by the folowing archi
tects. Bertrand &. Chamberlin, A Dorr, W.
Kenjon L. A Latnoreaux, Fremont Orff
and the Keith company These are a portion of
the prize cottages Others will be let later. Cost
complete for the si\, about $12,000.
The Hodgson companj, architects Northwes
tern building have plans for a building on
Fourteenth avenue SD and Fourth street by C.
W Meneilley It Will be 22x70, two-story and
I asement, of pressed brick, cut stone, gravel
ioof steam heat, electric lights, gas. hardwood
floors, hard wall plaster and plumbing work,
tost $15,000
John W Lindstrom, architect, has plans ready
for flguies for a frame residence to be erected
bj Jacobson at Fremont and Twenty sixth
avenue N It will be twostorv and basement,
26\32, with plate, leaded and glass, hard
wall plaster oak finish birch floors, plumbing,
bath, mantel, electric lights, hot water heat.
Cost complete, $4,000
Mm httney, architect, is preparing plans
for rearrangements and Improvements to be
made to the Minnesota Loan & Tiust building
The fim and second floors will be chanced
with marble tile, fiiemoofing iron and steel,
ornamental Iron and new elevators completfer will
be Installed Cost $25,000
Annie has contrac
rA&nf bv rl I
te at 1707 rnfvp.s Bl tJ
plate leaded and glass, hardwood floors
and finish, plumbing, baths, mantel ga and
electric light, hot8 water heat. Cost, $3,300
E Hal^y, architect, reports the contract let
S? yn
fo erecting a residencs for
W Bssell at 2639 Irving avenue S. ft
will be two story and basement, 34x36. with
plate leaded and glass, hardwood flors and
finish, hard wall plaster plumbing baths, man
tels, hot water heat Cot $6,000
Sedgwick & Saxton, architects, have pre
pared the details for a beautiful Interior balcony
to be put into the new Boutell building at
1 irst avenue S and Fifth It will be
classic renaissance design, 30x44. The fixtures
JVi ^re
1 noughstreet iron and the finishf
ing of solid mahoganv and white enamel
Long & Lo 1g architects, have begun work
on plans for the A. Booth company's cold storo
age warehouse at theex foot of St Peter street
end down the bank
the railway trackage and be three-story above
Third street It will be of pressed brick and
cut stone, fireproof thruout.
Johnson & Smith, whose sash and door fac
tory was burned at University and Washington
avenue SE, proposne to have a new plant erected
work to be begun immediately, southwest of
theii old. and east of the Franklin avenue $? *j 5plant
wit u machinery, $10,00 0
Elliott & Bateman have the contract for erect
ing a two-story modern residence at 2721 Nicollet
avenue for W. McCormick and others. It
will be 28x36. with plate and double strength
glass hardwood floors and finish, plumbing bath
hot water heat. Cost, $3,800,
Edwins & Halden, architects, have plans
ready for figures for a 1 story frame cottage
at Luverne avenue and Minnehaha boulevard.
It is to be 27x35, with double strength glass,
hard wall plaster, plumbing bath oak and
birch finish, maple floors Cost, $2,500residence
Frank RaidNtI secured the general contract to
brick veneere
at 2o00 Plllsbury avenue, to be 42x45 Plans
are by Harry W Jones, architect Work is to
be completed by Nov 1 Cost, $10,000.
A Ebe has let the contract to P. C. Giguere
for erecting a two-story brick veneered flat at
300 302 Fifth avenue NE. It will be 44x49.
1th double strength glass, hardwood floors and
219 Kasota Block.
$80 only for beautiful lots between Lake Cal
houn and Cedar Lake, commanding fine view
of both lakes and of the city Within block
of electric line. Now Is your opportunity to
get a few of these choice lots for a home.
They cannot remain In the market long.
$100 to $125 for fine lots near Plllsbury arenue
and 43d street.
$475 for good lot on Lake street near 10th ave
$1,800 for eight-room house, modern except neat,
lot 50x157, near Aldrich and 9th avenues N.
$1,100 for cottage near 5th street and 16th
avenue N
$2,800 for double house, modern except heat,
open plumbing, two bathrooms, hardwood
floors, rent $35 Fine investment.
$950 for six-room house, near 16th avenue and
25th street.
$1,350 for good eight-room house on 11th ave
nue S, rented for $17.
$1,000 for 11 room house, near 24th avenue and
22d street S.
$1,600No. 507 W 31st st, 8 rooms, city water.
$2,000No. 2643 Plllsbury av, 8 rooms, city
water, sewer.
$2,750No 201 E 25th st, 10 rooms, modern,
$2,750No 738 E Franklin. 8 rooms, city wa
ter, barn a bargain
$7,500Park av, near Franklin av fine modern
residence, 10 rooms, in perfect condition
good barn best bargain on Park av.
Look It up.
$500Each for lots on Bryant av N. corner
23d av, east front, 50x157 to alley.
$650Prospect Park, a beautiful lot on Bar
ton av view of river and city submit
$700Two blocks from Lake of the Isles, one
block from Kenwood carline, east front
lot, 50\135, Newton av, near 21st st.
$1,200Each for three lots, corner Nicollet av
8nd 27th st, each 40x110, big bargain
fine location for residence or Invest
These prUes ore below the owners' price,
but we will submit same easy terms if de
sired. J. Schutt & Son
finish, hard wall plaster, plumbing, baths, gas,
steam heat Cost. $8,000.
Bertrand & Cbamberlin architects, report that
plans are ready for figures for a brick building
to be erected foi the Minneapolis Fire Insurance
Patrol at University avenue and SisJJj avenue
SE It will be two story 30x121. Cost. $10,000.
H. E Brown has received the contract tor a
two-story frame dwelling at 1223 Twenty-fifth
avenue NE from plans by Sedgwick & Saxton,
architects It will be 26x28, modern interior
finish and furnace Cost, $25,000
McMillan has the contract for a factory
building at Columbia Heights for the Tbelm
Manufacturing company. It will be two story,
brick, fireproof, 42x102. steam heat Bertrand
& Chamberlin architects Cost. $8 000.
May J. Harris Is erecting by day labor S
two-otory frame dwelling at 3Jo9 Irving avenue
S, which will be 30x32. with plate and double
strength glass, hard wall plaster hardwood
floors, plumbing, bath, mantel and furnace.
Cost $3 500
Sedgwick & Saxton architects, report the
work progressing on the C. Jaffray residence
on Mount Curve avenue, which is now readv
for the brick veneering and plaster. Frank
Kaidt has the contiact at about $15,000.
Pike & Cook secured the contract for tht
excavating and foundation for the Minneapolis
Paper company's building at 400-404 Fifth
street S, and work has been begun. Bertrand
& Chamberlin. architects Cost, $5,000.
Work has been started on a brick addition
to the Soo line boilerbouse at Twenty-ninth
avenue and Qulncy street NE which will b*
23x64, from plans by William M. Kenyon, archi
tect Schumacher has the contract
Thomas Husby secured the contract to erest
a frame addition to the frame residence of
W W. Hawes at 419 Sixth street SE. There
will be also other Interior changes, making
it into a two flat building Cost $4,000
Bertrand & Chamberlin, architects, have pre
pared plals for alterations on the residence of
W. Harris on Kenwood parkway and for
an addition to Wallace's residence at
2003 Queen avenue S
Albert Schultz, Fifth street and Fifteenth
avenue NE. has let to Alfred Peterson the
work of erecting his frame residence at 428
Lnlverslty avenue NE. It will be a modern
two-fiat bouse, 28x46. Cost, $4,000
F. W Brademann, 1511 First street N. has
let the work of erecting his frame residence
at 1707 Girard avenue N to August H. Schaper.
It will be 28x46, two story, modern interior
finish. Cost. $3,000
M. Schumacher secured the general contract
to erect the brick store for Stlmson at
706 708-710 Hennepin avenue It Is to be
56x75, one story, to be completed Sept. 1.
Cost, $5,500
W. O Clark secured the contract to erect
W. Barton's modern frame residence at 4538
Dupont avenue S It will be 28xo2. two story,
to be completed about Sept 15 Cost, $4,000.
John Norbeck. 2302 Howard street, has had
work begun bv the day on a frame residence
at 2300 Howard street It will be 24x40, two
story and basement, modern Interior finish Cost,
Olaf Anderson has charge of the work of
erecting a brick vt Leered addition to the Nor
wegian Danish Methodist Episcopal church at
Ninth streect andbrick Thirteenthgarage avpnuet S.
will be 26x38o. two-ston Cost $3 500
Arthuorr Ives ccntemplates a large ten room
framte residence on Fifth street SE near Fifth
avenue Warden will erect a
framen residence on thihs cornere soon
The Stat
S tr
rrnsmm, Y i ,-iiHiee iflan
/avenu'm an
J,li Y.
avenue T*hic will 50x7 5 and
"the SE 28\3 0 with costUKcomplete about $3,00
The Phi Delta Theta chapter at the state
urlverslty Is raising funds for a building of
their own near the university grounds, to cost
about $15 000
O Gutzman has the contract for remodeling
the building at 101 Western avenue and 111
Twelfth street N Into four flats for Sophia
Arthur. Cost, $7,000
617 Guaranty Building
Choice Building: Lots
Sixteenth avenue SE, near Talmage.
Fremont av S, near Twenty-seventh st
Aldrleh av S, near Twenty-sixth st.
James av S, near Thirty-first street.
Lake street, near James avenue S.
Colfax avenue S, near Twenty-fifth st.
Irving avenue S, near Thirty-third st.
Humboldt av S, near Twenty-sixth st.
Humboldt av S, corner of Franklin.
Calhoun boule\ard, near Thirty-first st
Less than One-fourth
of the Original Cost.
This large, magnificent house of red pressed brick, copper trimmings,
slate roof, full basement, expensive heating plant and fourteen very large,
fine rooms, besides bath and hall on third floor beautiful leaded glass syca-
more, oak and cherry finish, beaded panel walls. One of the best-built houses
in town. Lot 100x128 Inside of Franklin, near Nicollet carline. This
property is offered at this terrible sacrifice for an early sale. See us about
this at once. Can be uBed for some business purposes.
$2650 INVESTMENTA 12-room brick and stone house with gravel roof
hardwood finish, gas, furnace, bath. Eental $40 per month. Located on
Nicollet Island. What more can you ask for your money at such im-
mense returns!
$2000 fr 80x128 feet of ground near 25th st and 1st av S the cheapestd
property in this vicinity. Think of the size and see what a grand piece
for good flat buildings.
anto a 161 5 1It 7
compam wil le
winl lett tne con--con
Controlling Agts.)
$4,000For modern house, lot 50xl3S|
On Irving avenue south, near Mf
Curve avenue.
$1,75011-room house and large barn]
two lots rents $210 per
$2,500Double dwelling
rooms rents $336 per annum
urn I
use I
First street, near Fin4
avenue S.
S. W. y4 27-123-66, Edmunds Ooi
South Dakota.
Edwards & Heritage
217 Kasota Building
A new two-family house of 12 rooms^
all modern, hardwood all through coi*
ner lot 50x140 to alley. Rents for $5
per month. Inside of Franklin. For
few days $5,750.
For Sale7-room house and barn
40x96, with alley, on 25th av and Ei
erson N. $1,600. A snap. Want
Ten-room modern house on 9th av*0|
large lot, 48x128 to alley.
A fine 8-room house, all modern, par
quet floor, hot water heat a big bargain
as it must be sold at once. Will con
sider $3800. Number is 2717 Emerson
av S.
640 TemfSstJoart.

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