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Sudden Change in Public Opinion
Is Noted Now in
Stork May Bring Carl and Inge
borg a Boy for Crown
Special Representative of The Journal.
Stockholm, Sweden, Aug. 15.Now
that a rapprochement with Norway
seems probable, involving a peaceful
settlement of all difficulties in a man
ner satisfactory to both nations, there
is much talk or candidates for the Nor
wegian throne.
It is difficult to foresee who will be
the lucky man. It is true that King
Oscar has said that neither he nor any
prince of his house is desirous that a
Bernadotte prince shall ascend the
throne of Norway, but at the same
time he has expressed his willingness
-to reconsider the matter should the
Swedish riksdag desire such a thing.
Some time ago this possibility seemed
very remote, but since the Danish royal
family has expressed willingness to
supply the king if the Swedes did not
wish to, public opinion has swerved.
A Danish prince as king of Norway
would not be agreeable to Sweden, as
it would mean a closer bond between
the two other Scandinavian countries
and an isolated Sweden. On the other
hand, the Danish royal family, while
acting quite fairly as regards Sweden,
and only entering the arena if Sweden
retires, would be sorry to see a Norwe
gian republic. There is a contagion
in republicanism dangerous to a mon
archy in such a democratic country as
Denmark. My belief is, therefore, that
there is a good chance for the Swedish
Prince Charles (the third son of King
Oscar), who is married to the Danish
Princess Ingeborg, to take up his abode
in the Norwegian capital.
The Stork Looked For.
A certain event in the near future
In this royal family, which as yet has
only two daughters, is, therefore, await
ed 'with great interest. Or it may be
that Fnnce Wilhelm, the Swedish
crown prince's second son, at present
lieutenant in the Swedish navy, will
be the choice. All rumors about a Ho
henzollern prince are baseless. There
are only four possibilitiesa republic,
or one of the two Swedish prances, or
the Danish Prince Charles, married to
Princess Maud of England. The gene
alogists are already busy reckoning out
the descent of the three princes from
the ancient Norse king, Harald Haar
In the meantime King Oscar is tak
ing his well-earned holiday at his usual
place of recreation, the island of Mar
strand, on the west coast of Sweden,
where he has gone on his yacht Drott,
and we are all preparing for the gen
eral elections, which will be in full
swing next month. If things go smooth
ly as regards Norway, the old riksdag
will be called to another extraordinary
session, beginning in September, to put
the finishing touches on the separation
About the New Cabinet.
Most of the prophecies with refer
ence to the formation of the new cabi
net have come true, as Christian Lunde
berg has been named for premier, just
as was expected. Cail Staaff, the young
liberal leader, has also been named
councillor of state, without portfolio,
thus bringing to pass what most ob
servers believed would be done. There
were some fears that the demands of
the ultraconservatives for a homoeene
ous cabinet would be heeded and the
liberals, who had, from patriotic mo
tives, supported the report of the joint
committee in the riksdag, shut out from
their share of the responsibility. The
advent of Mr. Staaff to the post of
consultative minister has caused great
dissatisfaction among the conserva
tives, but among those who wish for a
peaceful settlement of the union crisis,
his presence in the ministry is consid
ered a safeguard against any chauvin
istic adventures
Besides Mr. Staaff, another liberal
has been given a seat in the cabinet
Mr. Biesert, a manufacturer from
Vaermland, one of the frontier prov
inces which he represents in parliament.
His nomination to the portfolio of
finance was a great surprise to the pub
lic as well as to everybody in the de
partment which he is to manage.
Tableau in Treasury Office.
There is an anecdote circulating
about this. About noon the same day
as the nomination of the new cabinet
had taken place, a middle aged gentle
man in evening dress (this is the cere
monial dress at all times of the day
in Sweden) came into the outer lobby
of the treasury office and asked one of
the messengers if he could see the chief
secretary, an official whose duties are
not of a political, but of a purely busi
ness nature and who is the minister's
right-hand man.
"'What is your name, sir? asked the
"Biesert." "Biesert? I don't think the secre
tary can see you. He is -very lausy to-
''I know, but still
The messenger went reluctantly and
returned after some time, asking the
entleman in evening dress to follow
to the sanctum of the secretary.
"You wanted to see me, Mr. (con
sulting the card) Biesert, I believe.
What do you wish?"
The gentleman in evening dress, very
humbly and diffidently: "The fact is
that his ma.iesty, the king, has 311st
asked me to take over the management
of this department." Tableau!
Half an hour
laterhithe gentlemant
in evening dress made1
exi between
two rows of bowing clerks and mes-
sengers, followed to the door by the
chief secretary.
"The Pettersson Cabinet."
Another detail in the composition of
the cabinet worth mentioning is the
fact that for the first time a Swedish
peasant farmer, Mr. Pettersson in
Paaboda, takes a seat in the cabinet
and this as minister of agriculture. He
is a member of the peasant party in
the second chamber, altho not one of
its most prominent members. But as
their leader, Mr, Pehrson in Toerneryd,
had refused the post, it was offered to
Mr. Pettersson, who is considered a
clever farmer and business man.
There is another Pettersson in the
cabinet, a judge of the high court of
appeal, who like Mr. Staaff entered
without portfolio. He is an unknown
quantity in politics, but probably very
conservative. The fact that there are
two Petterssons in the cabinet has given
rise to many jokes, as the name of Pet
tersson in Sweden corresponds to
Smith, Jones or Eobinson in' America.
The cabinet is not called the Lundeberg
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^jw*re~ ---v**?* Thursday Evening/^TWSSBWWS**THE MINNEAPOLIS JOURNAL. August 31, 1905.
cabinet, but "the cabinet of the Pet
terssons." One of the political comic
weeklies has a cartoon where two flun
keys at the palace stand outside the
council chamber conversing. Says one:
"Pettersson! Fie! and two of them!"
Says the other: "Yes we are not far
from the revolution now!"
Altho the majority of the cabinet is
of a conservative political persuasion
it must be admitted that it is a good
cabinet. The presence of two such men
as Mr. Staaff and Mr. Biesert is a
guarantee against any dangerous ex
periments and as power always breeds
responsibility, it is likely that Mr.
Lundeberg will do his best to bring the
union crisis to a happy ending. Without
exaggeration one can say, that now the
solution lies in the hands of Norway.
The Norwegian Referendum.
The overwhelming result of the Nor
wegian referendum was not entirely un
expected in Sweden, altho perhaps it
was thought there would be more
"noes" than were actually cast. Some
criticism is indulged in by the Swedish
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Defective Pag*
Delegates of Sweden and Norway Who Are Discussing Terms of Agreement at Kdrlstad^ Today
Premier of Norway. President Norwegian Storthing. Foreign Affairs, Norway. Premier of Sweden. Foreign Affairs, Sweden. Councillor of State. Swedes. Ohuroh and Education. Sweden. 5
tr awriccf ^y ,fxgrwrKwx AAXxxyy%xxx%% fv%xy.% ....r :".X:A" 3C:*. .or**w.x:wtfo:.o..
press over the fact that there were not
printed any "no" ballots, so that any
one who wanted to vote "no" had to
So into the little voti ng booths and pre
pare the ballot himself. Of course,
when anyone did so act, he at once be
came a marked man. No one doubts
that Norway is practically united in'
support of the course its government
has taken, but this incident is used
here to show that the liberties of the
people are not so sacred in Norway al
ways, as they are said to be.
The WintHer Incident.
In this connection an incident of re
cent occurrence is rather illuminating.
A Norwegian teacher named Winther
wrote a letter some time ago to his per
sonal friend, the editor 01 the Stock
Tiolm Aftonbladet. In this letter he
complained of the state of things in
Norway and intimated that if the peo
ple only dared to give free expression
to their opinions, satisfaction with the
act of June 7 would not be so general
as it seemed. He did not forbid Afton
bladet to print this, but asked his
-v^^PTT^r Vgry^VfUftt''"
manner that shall
l^jjgarHi^ iiiB frffritift^tfi^^
friend to be careful. Aftonbladet
printed most of the letter, of course
keeping the name of- the sender secret.
But a Noi-wegian journalist reeojrnized
the style and ferreted out the secret,
and poor Winther was overwhelmed
with abuse. He was called a traitor
and a scamp, and a crowd assembled
outside his house in Drammen, giving
him a whistling concert. The poor
man had to apologize, but this has not
helped him very much as he has to
leave his native town'.
Dr. Waldenstrom, Swedish Reformer,
Predicts That Outcome.
New Yorjs Sun Speoial Service.
Chicago, Aug. 31.Dr. P. Walden
strom, one of the leading figures in
Swedish politics, close friend of King
Oscar, member of the Swedish riksdag
for twenty years and a leader in re
ligious reform in the Scandinavian
countries, arrived yesterday for a
brief stay.
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Dr. Waldenstrom, in talking of the
union ciisis, declared that Norway was
drifting with apparent certainty to
ward the formation of a republic.
While Norway, he declared, may yet
get a king, his personal view was that
the republicans, as against the friends
of the monarchical idea, were gaining
Asked if Sweden accepted in good
faith the recent referendum vote in
Norway for dissolution, Dr. Walden
strom replied that the vote did not
properly express the views of the Nor
wegian people as a whole. He. alleged
that a trick was used by which the
tremendous affirmative vote was ob
"The ballots used at the polls all
were marked 'yes' and no one was ex
pected to vote 'no' in any event,"
said the doctor. "The only way a
negative vote could be cast was by
writing out a special ballot. In addi
tion, the men in charge of the elec
tion showed strong antipathy to any
one's casting a negative ballot and
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persecution, or what amounted to it.
followed him who flew in the face or
the influence behind the referendum.
I know a. Dr. "Winther o Drammen
who took a stand against dissolution,
and he was compelled to flee. There
were many other similar instances."
The doctor does not think there is
any probability of war between Sw$"V
den and Norway at this time.
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