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flrttifflrtBF^S* millers4
put up a dlsgrfijseful ex
JMIJrfKra. In the secorfd game they braced up
and won. by, a narro'w margin,, al^hp Columbus
se1it^th*e AVkhnsaa snTrers anil Wabash scratches.
H"oVer th*e Tons by' a Blfrth?nnlng 1Jy
I Merger, ^pitched 'for tfre. 'senators In the first
yam^ *aiiU b^S the millers sfianjrtlaled, higti
i balled .wigwagged asle^p-at-the.-swUch- and
'tiftcftbOt^ GPatittp pitched a lair game, but
Ma'usual "Ugle in scra,tchlng=on a game "averted
'him. In the second game Gustaf Dorner was In
to do the raamoraz work for the yisitors. The
big German was beaten and given a larruping
that will take some of the worldly pride ont
Of hi* sails
Berger was the hero of the day He had
speed, currea, control and was ace-duce-bilojack
nd the game. Minneapolis made a series of
bungles that would hare been discreditable to
Kansas City or Toledo, and naturally could not
yl n. There was little to the first game for
the locals When they finished their score sheet
was as blameless of black marks In the run
column as a new tile roof after a rain. Fire
measley hits were theirs and of these Edouard
Greminger assessed two. Several times Misne
ttpolls looked dangerous with men on bases and
Sione out, but Heine Berger merely put on a
little more pressure and buffaloed the next
men up.
Won by Timely Hitting.
Columbus won thru hitting Graham when
they needed a hit and the scoring was ably as
sisted by errors by Freeman, Kahoe, Graham
and Oyler. The visitors made but five runs,
but that was a bounteous'supply as long as
Minneapolis was batting like a case of jlm
Juma flailing at pink bats conjing green um
The second game nsed up two Minneapolis
pitchers, but it was a victory. Frostj Thomas
started the matinee but when the senators found
bim for two singles and a home run in the
same inning. Magnate W'atkins yanked Frosty
from his proud position and fed Win Kellum
Into the hopper Kellum sent in his floaters in
a style that puzzled the visitors, only Pickering
bitting bim.
The game started off with a rush by the mil
lers Jones singled, but after Sullivan's out
Freeman forced the fielder at second Coulter
found Dorner for a two-bagger and Freeman
scored Greminger got to first when Miss Huls
wltt failed to get her piano-pounder over his
tnfleld drive in proper style and Coulter came
Vme on the Incident. Columbus came
right back and scored when Congsflton
Snade a single to left, Kihm sacrificed and
Gulswitt tattooed Thomas for two bases to left
Congalton scored.
I Millers Bxeak Loose,
In the third inning after Jones had ripped out
an, instant-death star gazer, Sullivan led away
ith a single. Freeman was passed and Coul
ter solved Gustafs delivery for a single
Greminger flew out and Marshall drew a Lake
Street transfer to first base Andrew Jackson
fler waddled out and Dorner, with haunty con
tempt, put the ball over tip plate. A Her
Struck for his country and his fires and the
sparks flew It was a clean hit to left of centei
ftnd Freeman and Coulter cantered, home, s-uiu
Yan having scored when Coulter smeared the
bull. That was the last time the millers got to
home, altho in the fifth inning the bases, were
Bicelv filled and men were forced out at home in
the sixth.
I Zing! Zing! Zing!
Columbus did not discover anything until
the fifth when, after Barbeau and Dorner were
But, Pickering led off with a single which
Daw Jones wrestled 'uith until it became a
X\XO hagger Hefty I-.eftv Ia-*rl put the baton
iipon another of Frosty straight ones and it
jxent to the radith bed, ahead of the harvehtei,
for two bnses Ryan then gave the ball a
Swedish movement treatment and it felt so ex
hilarated that it sailed over into Nicollet ave
nue, where it boarded a car and came down
town. This brought in three runs After that
it was nothing doing until the ninth when, after
two were out Pickering singled and A Her
|ttissed Davis' drive. Hyan forced Hefty Lefty
at second and the day was done
The assessment list
Minneapolis AB PO A E
Jones, cf 4 0 1 4 0 0
Sullivan, rf 4 O 0 0 0 0
Freeman, 3 0 0 S 2 1
Coulter, If 4 0 1 8 0 0
Greminger, 3b .8 0 2 4 0 0
Kahoe. 4 0 0 4 0 1
Graham, 2 0 0 0 4 1
Oyler, ss 3 0 0 8 2 1
lox, 2 8 0 113 0
Totals 30 0 5 27 11 4
Columbus AB P0 A
Pickering, cf 4 1 0 2 0 0
Davis, rf 4 1110 0
Ryan, 4 1 2 110
Congalton, If 8 0 1 3 0 0
Kihm 3 0 0 9 1 1
Hulswltt. ss 4 0 112 0
Clyraer 2b 4 O 1 8 2 O
Barbeau, 3b 3 2 2 3 4
Berger, 4 0 0 1 2 0
Totals 83 8 27 12 1
Minneapolis 00000000 00
gSolumbus 10100020 15
1 Bases op balls, off Graham 3, off Berger 2,
Struck out, by Graham 2, by Berger 1, double
plays, Oyler to Freeman, Barbeau to Kihm, sac
rifice hits, Greminger, Ryan, Pickering, stolen
aes Fox, Congalton, left on bases \linneapolls
fi, Columbus 7. Time, 1.43, Lmplre, Sullivan.
Totals 31
Columbus AB
'Pickering, cf 5
Davis, rf 3
Ryan, 5
Congalton, if 3
Kihm, 3
Hulsvtitt, 8
Clymer, 2b 3
Barbeau 3b
0 Minneapolis -AB
aones, cf 4 0
Sullivan, rf 3
iPreeman, 3
fcoulter. if 4
fereminger, 8b 2
Marshall, 3
t)yler, ss 4
#Ox, 2b 4
fThomas, 2
aCellum, 2
2 34
1 1
10 27
.Dorner, .p 3
1 0 0 0
Totals 33 4 10 24 15 1
*Batte for Dorner in the ninth
Minneapolis 20300000 *5
Columbus ..01003000 04
Two base hits. Coulter, Hulswltt, Pickering
Davis home nun, Rjan, bases on balls, off
Thomas 1, off Dorner 4 struck out, bj Thomas
4, by Dorner 1, hits, off Thomas 8 in 5 innings,
off Kellum 2 in 4 innings, bases on hit by
pitched ball, Kellum 1 sacrifice hits, Sullivan,
Greminger, Kihm, Davis, left on bases. Minne
apolis 8, Columbus 8 Time, 1 50. Umpire, Sul
livan Attendance. 8,700
Milwaukee, Aug. 31 Indianapolis won its last
game of the year with Milwaukee by a score
That's the
question in
Gloves. N
where between
furnishes the
Londonor St. Paul
equal of either. What Gor
don Gloves cost in London
is unimportant.
London Gloves in St.
Paul cost #2.50
Gordon Gloves (tr
for Msaer Woman
& 2 0 e*rtH$es=eb .o0 2. A.
2'15' 0 0jBb?4eKMfi 2 13 0 rvoonffn?lb"'
"HiUicaii^b 1, 1 4M|^jgj5 cf 0
Tpfals .14 SO 12 3 Totals
Geitr \*fc=for interference.
St Paul ...7^
n- -i
2 i 6
J\untvan 1 4 8 OjMOTSgSsST c. 0 7' 0 0*
rierguspn p. 1 *0 8 rFfgfie 1? '0 0 2 0^
7*5} 1
0 0 0 85t
0 0 0 02
=t A--J) 0 1
Toie'db ..0 OCr^fc^-^l^
Two base hits Geler 2. Noonan
bases,on bjills, off Eigne 3, off Ferguson l.^toit
Paul 12, Toledo 6
2 hours Umpire,
Haskell Attendance, 75301
tt "BL00yZ* 9U
gave Louisrille the game yesterday Only one
of Louisville's runs was earned Score
L'Yille. a K.
0Gilbert If...
OCassaday.cf lLuettke,2b
0 Douglass, lb.
0 Castro 3b
1 Donahue,ss
OZearfoss.c.. 0Durham,p...
bulllvan,lb.. Cluy.cf Brashear,2b. Shaw
Woodruff, 3b.
Quinlan.ss.. Stecher.p...
1 0
0 2
0 2
2 9
0 0
1 0
0 8
0 M.
1 0
Totals 7 27 11 8 Totals 6 27 14 5
Louisville 0 2 0 0 0 1 0 8 0
Kansas City 0 0 0 0 8 0 0 0 08
Two-base hits, Gilbert, Clay sacrifice hit,
Cassaday, stolen bases, Kerwin, Shaw, Wood
ruff, Hallman, bases on balls, off Durham 7, off
Stecher 1, struck out, by Durham 8, by Stech
er 8, hit by pitched ball, Clay, left on bases,
Kansas City 3, Louisville 10 Time, 1.45. Um
pire, King Attendance, 300.
Played Von
.57 52
45 38
Duluth 90
Grand Forks 90
Fargo 95
Winnipeg 92
Superior 90
Crookston 98
38 46
47 52 60
.578 .516
489 422 38*
Grand Forks, N Aug. SI At the state
fan grounds yesterday a large crowd of Fargo
visitors saw their team go down to defeat
before the locals by a score of 10 to 8 Bond
was invincible, while Grand Forks hit Finnegan
almost at will. Score
Fargo a
0 Fltzgertu SB O 0 1 1
0 Treager if 0 2 1 0
0 Rose rf 8 1 2 0
0 Dolan lb... 1 7 0 0
1 Stripp 1 7 3 0
1 Warnlsh cf 0 2 0 0
1 Mehl 2b 1 2 0 1
O Dcnovaa Sb O 2 1
0 Finnegan 1 1 2 0
Ynrco 2b... 2 I
Anderson cf 8 4
Leach 1 7
Hanrahan 3b 1 3
Spanton 2 12
Caldwell ss 2 0
J&rvie If O 0
Bond .20
Converse rf 0 0
Totals. 14 27 11 8 Totals.... 8 27 11 8
Grand Forks 00101152 *10
Fargo ....0101010003
Two-base hits, Varco, Caldwell three-base
hits, Bond, Stilpp, Anderson, bases on balls, off
Bond 2, off Finnegan 2 struck out, by Bond 7,
by Finnegan 7. Time, 1 38 Umpire, Quigg.
Superior Wis Aug 31 Superior batters
hammered the ball all over the lot and won an
uninteresting game by a score of IO to 7.
Score. N
Superior 67410002 *19 16 6
Crookston 00080032 0 7 9 4
BatteriesSuperior, Sevroid and Roensch, for
Crookston, Hams, Johnson, Baker and Sperry.
At Ia*eenpor 6 Springfield 7
At Bloomington O, Rock Island 6.
At Peoria 8, Dubuque 3 Second game, Peoria
5 Dubuque 4
At Decatur Cedar Rapids game postponed
Won. Lost.
Philadelphia 112
Chicago 309 64
(leveland 113 61
New York 107 55
Boston 110 56
Detroit 118 53
"Washington Ill 47
St. Louis 113 40
.607 .5S7 .340
314 509
.469 .424
44 45
52 52 54
6C 64 73
Philadelphia at Cleveland.
Boston at St. Louis
New York at Detroit.
At Chicazo E
Chicago lOOOOOOOOOOOOO O 1 11 2
Wash 00000001000000 01 a
BatteriesFor Chicago, Owen and Sullivan, for
Washington, Townsend and Heydon. Umpire,
At St Louis
St Louis
O Lougblin.
..0 0000000 00 4 3
-0 0002000 24 12 0
BatteriesFor St. Louis, Glade and Sngdeu,
for Boston Tannehlll and Armbniater rrmSlres
Connors and McCarthys
At Detroit
Detroit 2 0100020 *C 9 6
New \or 0 0 110 0 0 0 14 8 8
Batteriesrore Detroit, Mullin an. Drill, for
^sbro and McGuirod Umpire
At Cleveland
Cleveland 1 0 0 0 0V0
1 0 02 7 2
PbHaO-lpbla ,00001181 O6 11 2
BatteriesFor Cleveland, Moore and Olurke
for Philadelphia, Plank and Powers. Umpire
xr _ Played.
New York
Pittsburg 120
Chicago 120
Philadelphia 116
Cincinnati 117
St Louis 119
Boston 122
Brooklyn .....116
S3 77
70 61
46 39 37
48 50 05
57 73
83 79
.716 .642 .683
.513 .186
St. Louis at Pittsburg.
At Boston E
1 01000002 B 3 8 4
Chicago OOOIOOOO C^X S 1
BatteriesFor Boston Fraaer and Moran for
Chicago, Briggs and Kling. Lmpire, Bausewine
New York, Aug 31 New York-St Louis
game postponed on account of rain
Philadelphia, Aug. 31-^Pittsburg-Philadelphia
game postponed on account of rain
New York, Aug 31.Brooklvn Cincinnati
game postponed on account of rain.
At Ze AXofnes it
Des Moinea 3 0 0-01001 5
Omaha 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 01
BatteriesMcKay and Wolfe Welch
8 1
3 1
At Denver E
Denver 5 0 1 0 0 4 0 0 *10 10 1
St Joseph 0 110020105 10 5
BatteriesEngle and Brown Fair and Zinran
At Pneblo E
Pueblo 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0,02 4 3
Sioux City 10008000 04 6 2
BatteriesStlmmel and Shrlver, Hatch and.
Ottomwa 2 Boone 1
Fort Dodge 2, Oskaloosa 1.
No other games, rain
Kansas City, Aug 31 Walter Frantz, pitcher
and general /utility man of the Kansas Citv
American association baseball club has beeu
sold to the St Louis National league club.
Krantz. who refuses to play baseball on Sun
day, led the American association In batting
nntil a month ago.
'Eamsas "Sitrha's fsold "^Parspn'''
Ihfe As he was1
H$ onV' '*i$M''
imSt in^he Blooz' SoJLe^ron, mMfcr
defeats maty be 6xpvec"E3xl:
Brer Stagg of the University of Chi
cago is a %is.e ol'd ow^l. The Chicago
pr^ss is teeming -vr^tix the news of t
"sad blow." to the team in.the fact
fttat Hogen'son^^ilLncrtF^eliDle to pl%x
this^Fail. Hoeenson is a sprinter of con
siderable ability, but in that 200-pound
assortment of packing-house product
which Stager has lined up, Hogenson
would, look lxke Ike Speers staadinar
beside Jimmy LaTourelle. "The loss"
is not a heavy one.
This is the last game with Columbus
for the year. Capting Fox announced
this morning that the reds would at
tempt to make it such a stinging fare
well that the senators would not forget
it all winter.
Coach Yost, in his new book on foot
ball, says that on account of Minne
sota's geographic isolation it is hard
for the gophers to get games with other
large universities of the west. That
is an awfully poliie term for line bust
ing and goal crossing. Yost has added
a new luminosity to the Englisn lan
guage. "Hurry Up, tho, is all right,
and there is not a football rooter in the
west who would not donate a. foliar
or two to pay Michigan's railroafare
up to Minneapolis or gopher fare to
Ann Arbor to see Hurry Up and his
proteges We really want Yost to come
up and make a visit, but he won't
come^shy, modest, coy boy. We will
guarantee that geographical isolation
will be tied up andjnot allowed to growl
at him. Anything to get a game. Come
along, Pieldy!
Columbus papers containing the ac
count of the pink tea of Monday ar
rived today. They start off the account
of the defeat of the senators wxth the
exc that "Bucky Veil was sick
when he started to pitch. If this is
true, he was sicker when he finished.
But then, of course, Columbus never
makes excuses. In iustice to "Bucky
it may lie said that he worked lxke a
healthy man, no matter how he may
have felt.
Newport, R. I Aug 81.To the national ten
nis championship or to defend that honor suc
cessfully was the task before Beals C. Wright,
of Boston, and Holcomb Ward, of Orange, N.
when they cqme to the Casino today. Ward
held the title, while Wright had fought his way
thru the all-comers tournament and had won
the privilege of challenging the champion. Al
tho there had been a heavy rain during the
night, the early hours of the day were height
and it seemed probable that the weather would
continue fair. The turt was in surprisingly
good condition after the soaking it had received,
being hard and springy The entire social col
ony turned out to watch the match, together
with many tennis enthusiasts from Jamestown,
Narragansett Pier, Providence and Boston.
There was a little betting among the experts
before the match started, but it was mostly
at even money.
St Charles, Minn Aug 31 St Charles won
two games from Rochester, taking the first by
a score of 4 to 0 and the second by a score of
7 to 1 The game was for the championship
of southern Minnesota
Elk River, Minn, Aug 31 At Princeton
yesterday afternoon Elk River defeated the team
of that town by a score of 2 to 0.
Bertha, Minn., Aug. 31.Verndale defeated
Sebeka yesterday afternoon by a score of
11 to 4.
Mason City, Iowa, Aug 31 Renville defeat
ed Ha^arden, Iowa, here yesterday by a score
of 5 to O BatteriesWilson and Johnson, He
Cormlck and Boais.
Hutchinson, Minn Aug 31 Before a crowd
of 1,500 people at the Lester Prairie tourna
ment, Miller, Hutchinson's twirler, scored his
second shutout against Young America Norwood.
Hutchinson fielded without an error and the de
feated team was let down without a hit. Hutch
inson's shortstop was sick, but Hoke of the
Minneapolis Palace team placed in bis place.
Granada, Minn Aug. 31.Granada defeated
Sherburn at Fairmont by a score of 10 to 3.
The Golden Valleys will play the Gerberg
Sunday afternoon at Twenty-second avenue and
Washington street NE
The Floods defeated the Pegg-Rickert team
by a score of 17 to 8 The Floods batted five
of the opposing team's pitchers all over the
lot The features of the game were the home
runs made by Reichel and Armstrong Ine
Floods would like a game with any 17-year-old
teams for Sunday. Address A^Delicompson, 613
Jewett place
The Foresters will play at Cannon Falls, Minn.,
Sunday afternoon They -wish games with any
fast out-of town teams. Address I. Hentschel,
The Tbtes will taKe on Snakonpe Instead or the
Camdens Sunday The battery jfor the Thles will
be J. Mitchell and Hill.
The Only "Official Boute" of the
Morgan Post to the
G. A. R. Encampment at Denver.
G. Am R. Comrades! Remember the
Minneapolis & St. Louis will run a
through train to Denver on September
2nd, leaving Minneapolis 9:30 a.m., for
the Minnesota G. A. R. Round trip
rate only $17.75.
Call on J. G. Rickel, C. T. A., No.
424 Nxcollet ATe or GS-. A I headquar
ters, No. 407 Phoenix Building.
Derangement of the liver, with con
stipation, injures the complexion, in
duces pimples, sallow skin. Remove the
cause by using Carter's Little Liver
Pills. One a dose. Try them.
Where to Hunt and Fish.
From Wisconsin to the Buget Sound
and the Pacific coast, the Northern
Pacific rail-way traverses spots -where
game of all kinds abound.
Bass, pickerel, trout, salmon, deer,
wolves, elk, mountain lions, mountain
goats, geese, ducks and many kinds of
game can be found.
Better plan spend a few weeks i
the woods or along the stream of the
north or northwest. For information,
call on or write G. F. McNeill, City
Passenger Agent, 19 Nicollet Block,
Minneapolis, Minn.
Cprey 'Cement Roofing better than
metal or tar and gravel." See W. S.
Nott Co.. TeL 376.
Minneapolis women were .defeated y/sterday
.in'^h'e t^urn'aWenVtenni's.pla* a,t the Minik'alula
-club, St 'Paul, players 'proved the stion'ger and
carried off the hoiiprs of tie day ^ui^Qarr^
First Round, Singles-^Mlsg LucUe 'Dajrtt?5or
J5tv-Baol defeated "Mia* Brewer of Minneapolis,
635, 8*2 Miss Banows ot St. HPaul-'defe'ated
Miss Gray of Minneapolis, 611, 6-4 Miss Mar
guerite Davis of St. Paul defeated Mrs. Bed
len of Minneapolis, 6-4, 6-2.
Second Round, SinglesMiss Dawson of St.
Paul defeated Mrs. Webb of Minneapolis,- 6 4,
First Hound, Women's DoublesMiss Wales
and Miss Jordan of Minneapolis defeated Miss
Davis and Miss Murray of St. Paul, 7-6, 6-3,final
Miss Dawson and Miss Davis of St. Paul de
feated Miss Harrison and Miss Gray of Minne
apolis, 6-1, 6-2.
First Bound, Mixed DoublesMr. Wallace and
Miss Brewer defeated Mr. Miller and partner
by default.
Second Bound, Mixed DoublesMr. Wallace
and Miss Brewer defeated Mr. Moulton and
Miss Jordan, 9-7, 12-10.
Following are the drawings for the first round
of singles to today Miss Natalie Jordan, Min
neapolis, and Miss Lucille Davis, St. Paul,
Miss Genevlve Wales, Minneapolis, and Miss
Clara Mairs, St. Paul, Miss Barrows, Minne
apolis, and Miss Marguerite Davis, St. Paul
Mixed doubles Miss Helen Mairs and
Ruth, St. Paul, and Mrs. Robert Webb and
R. Belden, Minneapolis Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Selden bye
Friday Miss Wales and Miss Dawson will
play Misses Clara and Helen Mairs and Miss
Jordan and Miss Davis will play the winners of
the Friday match in the finals of the women's
doubles. Miss Mary Dawson will play the win
ner of the Jordan-Davis game
New York Sun Speoial .Service.
Toronto, Aug. 31.The proposed
paralleling of the Canadian Pacific in
portions of the west by the Grand
Trunk Pacific has aroused bitter hos*
tility in Manitoba, and the Canadian
Pacific has some influential backing
its fight pot a .readjustment of the
transcontinental plans. In fact, the
Grand Trunk Bacifie 'appears to have
antagonized not only Canadian Pacific
interests, but the people of the west
also, the chief complaint being that the
totional transcontinental has flagrant
ly violated its contract on the Edmon
ton branch, and that it will not open
one single acre of new territory.
Many believe that the road will never
be built as originally planned.
Its Business Men Will Aid Proposed
Electric Line.
Special to The Journal.
Flandreau, S. D., Aug. 31.Persons
from Brookings and Sioux Falls repre
senting the proposed electric line to be
built from Brookings south to Flan
dreau, thence south or southeast to
Sioux Falls, also to connect with Egan,
were toWn' yesterday, and met with
the committee of business men selected
to consult with them. Plans were laid
before the committee and showed that
the representatives meant business. The
committee assured them of help asked,
and have called a meeting of the busi
ness men of Flandreau to perfect ar
rangemen'ts to carry ont the proposition
as agreed upon.
New O. N. Station at Fargo.
The Great Northern will build a $50,-
000 station at Fargo this season. The
present building is a disreputable
shack. The erection of a new building
has been delayed pending the discus
sion of a union station.
September Excursions Via the Balti
more & Ohio Railroad Chicago to
Richmond, Va., and return, $19.25.
Tickets good going September 9, 10 and
11, valid for return until September 25.
Stopover at Washington.
Philadelphia and return, $19. Tickets
good going September 15, 16 and 17,
valid for return until October 5 by
extension. Stopover at Washington and
Baltimore. Send for circular to B. C.
Haase, N.-W. T. P. A St. Paul, Minn.,
or W. W. Picking, D. P. A., 244 Clark
street, Chicago:
Tests of horsemanship furnished much amuse
me'ut audi riVany0-at rorjt Sjfelling jestenuay
af'ternoQii. A Urge crow'd watclfe'd the games
Terry Alien won In the tlltlne" for rings with
Louis A. LSJjramee, of Minneapolis, and Uleuten
ant C, G, Mortimer t'lert for second. Miss War
ren won the 0 tilting conte'st for women. Louis
Laramee won the tilting for pegs event Lleu
tffint Mortimer second and Terry Allen third.
Allen won the egg and spoon contest
In the pony stoplechase James Burke won
with lieutenant E Coppeclc second Fol
lowing the pony steeplechase was a similar
event for horses won by Lieutenant Mortimer
with Lieutenant Coppeck as a close second. The
event was a polo mallet and ball contest.
R. M. Newport bad an easy victory in this
event with A Laramee second and Lieutenant
Mortimer third. Terry Allen'was awarded a
loving cup as a prize for the largest number
of points scored hi the two tilting events.
At Chippewa Falls, Wis.2 30 trot: Cinders
won, Emmota second, Ralph third, best time,
2 26%. 11 pace. Castlewood won, Adrian
Ha Ha second, Sunny Slope third best time,
At Appleton, Wis 2 24 pace: Rosa B, won.
F. second, Diamond D. third, best time,
2 16 2 16 trot Stephen L. won, Gypsy King
second, Allancer third best time, 2.19%.
At Des Moines, Iowa Free tor all pace, parse
$500* Baby Kid, m. by Captain Kidd (Par
ker), won Pat 0 .Whiting), second
George Patchen, (Silver), third, time,
2 14^4, 2.14%, 2 15%. 2 80 pace, merchants'
stake, 11,000 Don Romo, h, by Aleshar
(Allen), won, Ed Daggett, h, by Binaldo
(Hodge), second Silk Twist, blk h, by Twist
er (Ganoung), third, Garfield Maid, (Pet
tis), fourth, time, 2.14%, 2 12%, 2 12%, 2 13%.
2 13% 2 16 trot, purse $500: Artois, in
(Turner), won Dulcie, blk m, Kathan), sec
ond, Harris Boy, ch (Johnson), third, Lady
Almoncer, (Blome), fourth, time, 2.17%,
2 IS, 2 19.
Ad Sense for September.
The advance papes of A Sense, the
popular advertising magazine, show
that the September number is to be a
most interesting one in every way. Ad
Sense aims to interest every man and
woman in) the world of business, and
IS no means limited to the ad-vertis
ing field. The following is a partial
table of contents for September:
Stories of the Retail Salesman,'' For
rest Crissey, western editor Saturday
Evening Post "The Beginning of
Graft," Clara Laughlin, associate edi
tor Interior ''Advertisi'rDg Plus Sales
manship/' W. N. Aubuchon, author of
Piccolo Letters to Salesmen "The
Traveling Man" OhaTles 3ST. Cre-wdson,
author of "Tales of the Road"
"Trademark Law," Luther L. Miller
"System h* the Census Office," W. S.
Rossiter "System for the Sales Man-
ager," H. K. Stroud "Advertising
System," Harold E. Goodhue "Adver
tising That Lingers in the Mind"W.
P. Warren, advertising manager
Marshall Field & Co., retail store
What to Say an Follow TJp Letters
Eugene Katz "The Auditing Commit-
tee," M. E. St. John, manager %ock
ford Paper Mills "The Views of an
Outsider,'' W. H. Lampton "Advertis
ing American Champagne," J. W.
Eagan "System in a Country Bank,"
John F. Speer "Tvpography in Ad
vertising," Robert H. Dippey, with Ed
ward Stern & Co., Philadelphia. Il
lustrated Feature Articles: "The
Gold Fields of Nevada," Henry C.
Carr, special writer, Los Angeles
Times "The Salmon of Commerce,"
Emma Seekle Marshall "How Block
Signaling Operates," "Building the
Salt Lake Route."
The Only Official Route to the O. A. B.
National Encampment
At Denwr, Col., Sept. 4 7, is the Chi
cago Great Western Railway. Special
Minnesota Headquarters Train leaves
Minneapolis 9 a.m., St. Paul 9:30 a.m.
The best equipment and service in the
train. For sleeping-ear reservations
and further information, apply to O. S.
Clark, Adjutant General. St. Paul,
Steamer "Northwest"
Of the Northern Steamship Co. leaves
Duluth everv Tuesday for Buffalo. Ex
cellent service, fine scenery, best of so
ciety, and a delightful trip assured if
you go via the Northern Pacific railway
to Duluth, thence steamer to Buffalo.
If ypu are going east this is the way.
The monotony or an all-rail trip is
avoided. You can combine business
with pleasure without additional ex
pense. Rates can be secured from G.
F. McNeill, City Passenger Agent, 19
Nicollet Block, Minneapolis, Minn.
e|5j inTfie gSS3n" list" year but' -S ho lt
Ff* Pffv a'fibard" bill at the "JSfTnlng table,' theatrical, raffiift than as I pogistic War.
b,nt It it said that if be can adjust fiis de
Jlliyuencles in the aca'd&mtc department th*e
olll will be fixed up so tbaf he can try
'for his old place on the team
He has appeared at Madison and is in doily
phvslcal training, getting in shape for the
fall campaign, altho he firmly fetuses to sly
whether or not be will be in the training squad
at Marinette During King's la'sft ye'ar as c?aV.'
at Madison, Remp was not in tHe bes of fnVor
and he -will have to make good and to spare
if he is to hold bis place at the pivotal -point
In the badges tine this fall.
Robinson is Remp's equal In weight and has
been in training all summer at the state in
sane asylum at Mendota, and when the gradu
ate manager gave it out that Robinson would
try for center Remp went to work In the nnl-'Cleveland
verslty gymnasium to get la shape tor bard
Four New York Toughs Caught a Tar
tar in the Arbitrator.
Vew York Sun Special Service.
New York. Aug. 81 WhHe on his way'to
the polo grounds yesterday afternoon Edward
Johnstone, the umpire, was attacked br four
East Side toughs He fought his assailants off
and escaped without serious injury Johnstone
had left the derated railway station at One
Hundred and Fifty-nftb street and had walkeu
up Eighth avenue a block, when he received a
blow frcm behind on the back of the head. He
turned and was confronted by four young men.
The baseball official grabbed, the nearest one
to bim and gave him a severe pummeling The
other ttjree evidently considered Johnstone was
a bit too much for them and did not wait to see
how their chum fared, but sprinted down Eighth
Two Events Decided at the Grand Cir
cuit Meeting.
Providence, E I. Aug 31.Rain which fell
shortly after 4 o'clock caused the postponement
of a part of yesterday's program at the grand
circuit meeting at Narragansett Pier The rain
did not come, however until the unfinished
Park Brew stakes of yesterday had been a
elded Edwin C. defeated AUerson for first
Tho $5,000 Roger Williams stake for 212
trotters was also decided. Sadie Jlc leading
her field and winning in straight heats.
A game between the Bradshaw Brothers and
Stronge & Warner Co. teams will be
plaved at Lexington park Sunday afternoon. The
teams are composed of road salemen and much
rivalry exists Jamlesou and Gorman Trill i
the battery work for the Bradshaw team, while
Barre and McCormick will in the points for
Stronge-Warner team
San Francisco, Aug 31 It Is estimated $250,-
000 will change hands in this city on the re
sult of the Britt-eNlson battle, but few bets
have been recorded to date Charley Clark, the
Montana millionaire, has had four boxes re
served for himself and friends Clark likes to
bet and the friends -who win occupy the boxes
Witn him are reputed to be plungers They -will
put tbelr coin on Nelson
Newport, I Aug 31Beals Wright
of Boston, by defeating Clarence Hobart of
New York in straight sets, 8-4, 6-1, 6-3, won
"the honor of meeting Holcombe Ward of Or
ange, N for the national tennis champion
ship in singles todaj
Kalamazoo Mich Aug 31 Eddie Santry of
MlVwaulcee and Jack It-ran or Chicago ha-re bean
matched for a boxing match here Sept. 7. The
bout is for ten rounds at ISO pounds.
feadwoqd Authorities Forbid ffil
*-Appeaanc~'s_a_Bri2e L^
^Special to The Journal.
*DSrdwood, S Aug 31 The "next ehsp*
JteSf In the serial of Black HlUs morality baa
men published. Every one is. familiar with tb*
fingt -compter, whe.ii the screens came out- at
tg saloons and the, faro tables and roulette
Sjgeels were scattered to th* four winds So
tHekedlct has gone forth not only against prlssf
jfigBtjng^ but also against the little spurring
""AlrrangCT&ents bad been made by one of the
j&udWille hM*s here to offer as an attrme
ftpn^ John L. Sullivan in a husky prise fight.
*ter the announcement was made the manage*
'llgnt enme forth with the afterthought 'that
ffiaP matcH -would be merely a spax-rins match,
{Sml not of the character of the old-time fight.
4m now the county authorities have stepped la
.ffhd prohibited even that It seems that two
months ago the authorities decldejl against suck
amusements, but tbfs -has been their first op
Ijfertunlty of puttlnc their decision before the)
(University after a*Wt fight WiltTT RenTp. "^^pUbllcf Mrdo**, SomTas may come tocome DeaOwooO.sa
wilTent a^av Yrd-fii Si^f^feS for re 'b-ut
i he he will probal a
New York Sua Special Service,
Chicago. An 31 An offer of .$30,000 A
for Major Delmar, the champion trotting retain*
With a record of 1.60% was made yesterday by
H. M. Hanna, of Cleveland, Ohio, and refused
by C. O Billings.
The offer was turned down in order to pre*
vent air Hanna, who is a member of the
Gentlemen's Driving club, from spring
ing a coup by startln* Major Delmsr In tb
Gold Cup races at the Intercity matinee today
at Washington park.
The rumor that Major Delmar had been sold
and would certainly start in the cup races cre
ated a sensation at the track among the owner*
of other starters in the race and bad the sale
been made and Major Delmar announced aa
starter, it is hardly likely any of the other
horses would have gone to the post.
Cleveland, Aug 31.The health department
placed Gus Warner, a New Orleans baseball
player, under surveillance yesterday. He had
just arrived in Cleveland from New Orleans and
had no health certificate. He claimed, how
ever, he had not b*en exposed to veUow fever.
rThe health department officials said he -would
be kept under guard until Saturday. Be is
accompanied by his wife.
Have you seen the new soft
Got don Kermit?
It is a shape you are sure to like.
Step into your dealer's and try
one on, that costs nothing.
In the matchless GORDON
New York Sua Speoial Servtoe.
Buffalo, N. Y., Aug. 81.Seymour White, of
Cleveland, for whom he drove, was allowed to
see 'Webb Jay. the aoto-racer. yesterday at the
German hospital. Jay has recovered from ta
relapse and now appears brighter than at any
time since his accident. He wasted to know
just how the accident happened and he was
given a brief description by White. He took
the recountal coolly.
This is the first day be seems to have realized
what happened to bim. The realization has not
brought discouragement.
"I'll be well pretty soon," be said.
"I believe he'll get well," said Or.
the attending physician.
Jeffriee Thinks Is Valuable as a
Los Angeles, Cal., Aug. 81 Jeffries refuses
to name the sum which he will demand for
refereeing the Britt Nelson fight He said yes
terday ^lt was tu to Goffroth to make aon&d
proposition which he could consider. Five hun
dred dollars will not be enough for Jeffries, as
he considers the fight a much blgrer one than
the Hart-Root battle, for which, he received
Sea Girt, N. J., Aug. 81.New York, twics
the winner of the national team match, at the
conclusion of the second day's work, led the
next highest competitor, Ohio, by a good mar
Kin. The superior -vcorfc of the .e Vorkera
500 yards rapid fire, and at 800 yards alow fire,
la responsible for the leading position of the

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