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To obtain satisfactory results the
bulbs must be started from six weeks
to two months before the time desired
for blooming. In this work a rich soil
is needed one made of well-rotted sod
or rich garden soil with one-fourth to
one-half its bulk of decomposed-stable
manure and a little sand will give good
The pots should be of good size. I
several bulbs are desired in one pot,
larger-sizes must be used. The shallow
bulb pot or pan, much wider than deep,
is largely used for tulips. The narcis
sus, crocus, freesia and Eoman hyacinth
make a better showing of flowers if
planted closely, from two to four inches
apart, according to sizes, in boxes or
earthen pans. The hyacinth is the larg
est of the bulbs, and should be given
more spacea single bulb in a four-inch
pot, three bulbs in a five-inch pot, five
in a six-inch pot, or in other words,
there should be about three inches be
tween every two bulbs.
Perfect drainage must be provided,
as bulbs require an abundance of wa
ter. The ordinary earthen flower-pot is
No Time Should Be Lost in Planting Dutch Bulbs
for Flowering in Eitker^jtheGarden qf~ ifae
House-Giving Distinction to a Room by the
Skilful Use of Color,
E Dutch bulbs, tulips, hyacinths,
crocus, snowdrop, scilla and oth
ers may be planted out of doors
any time before freezing weather,
altho it is better not to defer it
beyond the middle of October. They are
among the mdfet easily grown flowering
plants and not expensive. For the best
results, the soil must be deeply spaded
with an abundance of fine, rich manure.
The surface of the bed should be well
rounded up for drainage and to show
the flowers to the best advantage. The
earlier in the fall the bulbs can be ob
tained and planted, the better will be
the bloom, but they will do well if not
planted until December. Plant from
four to six inches deep, in heavy soil the
former depth and in light soil, the lat
It is the general custom to plant
tulips in ereometrical carpet beds, .with
the colors arranged in patterns, but the
most artistic planting is in clumps in
the mixed borders or at the edge of the
shrubbery clumps against the founda
tions. All one kind of blubs, but in as
sorted colors should be used in each
clumps but the clumps can be agree
ably varied, as they cannot be in formal
beds. Some of the large single late
varieties, especially the scarlet, are
ve ry desirable and the jarrol and double
varieties make effective groups. Bulb
plants are easily cultivated indoors,
especially if one has a cool basement or
storeroom in which to root them. They
may be planted as late as January
paid for.
$800 each-
ments paid for.
*:H' S
drained by- putting pieces
pots or. small flat stones1'
Hinze's new and magnificent home on Lake of the 'Isles boule-
vard. House brick veneered with tile roof. Ample and well-lighted
basement. Steam heat in every room. Four rooms-on first floor beau-
tiful reception hall elegantly finished. Fine mantels and sideboard.
Four rooms on second floor with bathroom furnished' with"'first-class por
celain tub, the finest nickel-plated fittings. Three rooms on third floor.
IjJvery room furnished with electric and gas light. A delightful home
in an excellent location. Lot 70x146 feet., .Come in for full particulars.
INVESTOR'S OPPORTUNITY$6750--Rents $1,020 per year. Fine prop-
erty always rented lot 80x165 feet. Located on the corner of 2d at NE
and 6th av. Improvements, one large double modern house and" three
single houses, all in good repair. Taxes $100 per year. Look it 'up.before
it is sold. Investments like this are not easy to find/
C. Hinzeman's beautiful home on Emerson av near'26th st eight-
room house thoroly modern and in fine state of repair hot water heatj
rooms large and well lighted^, downstairs finished-in-quarter-sawed-oak
and mahogany stained birch beautiful mantels house artistically-deco
rated thruout a delightful home for a small sum of money lot -40x128 ft.
$3750Fine nine-room house in St. Anthony Park, all" modern, including laun-
dry and excellent hot-air heating plant two large and expensive mantels
and sideboard beautiful lot covered with fine shade trees location re-
tired and house generally attractive would cost twice the money to"dupii.
cate it. Property situated on Carter av within a block and a half from
the car LookiIt up immediately..
S bargain a fine modern home, located on Fremont :av N near
27th av east front lot 42x127 feet seven rooms, splendid heating plant
hardwood finish and floors elegant bath could" not be duplicated for
the' price.
$2250Splend id seven-room house, modern except heat large light base-
ment, two-tub laundry four large rooms on the first floor with hard-
wood floors porcelain sink, full line plumbing, porcelain'bath, nickel
finish, located on 24th av NE near 8th and. Central av car. First-come,
first served.
$650Bargain in Prospect Park. Pine east front lot,. 75xii6 feet. -Bedford
av near Orlin. 'i* ",-vV"'.1
$750 each. Two lots on Harriet av near 22d st. All improvements in' and
paid for.
$950Beautiful east front lotfon Pleasant av-near,27th st 40il23
Gran a near 24th st fme lots each: 40x128 feet improve
$800Lake st near 16th a-v lot 43x128 feet. -.Mr.'rj.
$1000Lake st and Colfax av fine business corner '43'foot ffoWe runnW
back 90 feet to 16 foot alley.
Roal Estate Good to Buy
three-story* red pressed brick flat
building, consisting of twelve. 4 and.
5-room flats, al\ in fine condition,
well located for renting always oc-_
cupled, now rented and actually
paying $i 800 a year carrying
charges normal. For exact location,
price and terms apply at office.
Owner might consider an exchange
for North Dakota or Minnesota un
improved lands.
$500OWe have a brand new, 8-
room fully modern house,- only two
or three blocks from Vine place and
Franklin Ave., with hardwood floors,
quarter-sawed oak finish, splendid
hot water heating plant, gas and
electric lights and handsomely dec
orated throughout. You can't beat
it for the money in the city. Look
it up.
$1550A fine income investment
two new cottages of four' rooms
and summer kitchen each, with city
water over sink, on a fine corner
lot on Washington Ave. N., rented
for $220 a year and never vacant..
This will pay nearly 15 per cent
net. Owner might sell them sep
Distinction and Character Given to a
Commonplace Dining Boom.
A commonplace dining room was
transformed by a scheme that depended
neither on furniture-nor new things. It
was simply a.color idea that has proved
as satisfactory as any thing one could
have, be" they rich or poot:
The room that was so changed was
itself" unmitigatedly plain, with 'jgrain
ed" woodwork,-a pine floor and wall
paper, colorless and characterless. The
furniture .was ordinary, neither good
nor bad. i
When Venetian-red paper was put o*nf
the walls, the possibilities for distinc
tionJbegan.- -This discerning, woman had
long determined to have, only .blue, and
ofe^ broken- bver th open
ing in: the" bottom,,land'catfihing^the tSai
plus water in saucers. -I?laBtB' qo. better
in these thanrin.glazed:pots.^r-boxei^
the'moisture' drains qui more^ .quicfcly,
and there "is less
of the soil be
coiriing- sbur.*1
In planting,'the crown
should be cove-red 'with .e6i\:enough
haldiit .ip .place,: or the
that start out 1 roih the base1
it put of the. soil..' Tie. soil' inuat be
pressed firmly about the bulbs,, and'then
they must, be so thtfroly wateVed tfra$
water .'wiU'run but* of '"the'opteaing'alt the
After pottin.vthe'bulba, place-in the
cellar,or in a {dark shed, and.cbverr:witb.
soil"'or coal' ashes, four,or five-inches
above the rim of'the,'pots, bul
will depend-
upor i the. coveringThe
mdiature after -the'
first' -watering
and so this must 'be watered2
Keep the bulbs inv.a.1 dark -place1
quickly. &&
at a
temperature ofv from fortyvto s.ixty"'de-
gfees until" the pots aie.rfull of roots.
The, lower the..temperature the more
slowly' and v^orously'thi?fy. will make
roots, whlle^
th:e more. i they will start
They, ghotdd^h^vs icobstant attention
and not. herajloyred: to become digr. The
amount.'. of water, needed'. will depend
upon" the dryness' of the. atmosphere. If
the bulbs are good:the temperature^ is
right, and the watering done with "skill,
every bulb should produce .full trusses
of blooms. When the roots are satis
factorily devejoped, bring them to light
in a north room at a temperature of 40
to 50 degrees, watering freely, and after
a few days stand them in full'suhlight
and a higher temperature.
feet: all
BARGAINS IN ACRES.tr "IT .-.^,w..^
acres all wooded, overlooking Lake Zumbra 200 feet shore front-
age cottage of five rooms, furnished .boat, buggy, etc. ,'i% miles.- from
Zumbra Heights station.. Secluded and beautiful view.
(That means this week!) Owner
leaving the city and-will sell a.new
6-room, -entirely' modern "house,' -ek-
..cept Jieat, for..$l.&7$ never before
offered for the pr4ce. It Has' four
:rooms on the fiirsf floor,".fw'o'bed-
,'Tooms and bath on the second 'flow'r*
-bath fully fitted with' best open
nickel plumbing, hardwood floors in
-air rooms downstairs entire ~h6use
Vhandsomely' decorated- It has gas
and' gas fixtures window- shades
stonn windows and screens. Uoca
tipp near ISth Ave. S., arid 28th
St. The property is actually worth
much more, money. LoOk- itiiip at
$2375A large 9-room house, wl!t
full basement- and' attic, -.hardwood
'finish on first floor arranged "for
"two families: Can' sell- on -easy
terms. Location, near corner Lyn
dale-and 26th Aves.- -N.,- fronting the
park. W can give you a good bar
gain here.
$1000SPECIAL SNAPThoroughly
well buijt 7rroom, house, full base
ment, well, cistern storm sash arid
screens near 20th Ave. ^w, ,and
2n St. -l\{
By special arrangement with Glenn
1.. Saxton, architect, 731-34 Andrus
building, a complete set of'plans and
specifications of this' house, Including
one-set. of blue prints, will be fur
nlshed at Mr. Saxton's office for $15.
These 'will be complete |n every de
tall. Mr. Saxton will also furnish
to Journal reader a beauti
ful, practical and helpful book of
plans,.entitled "American Dwellings,"
Just out, of houses ranging from .$400
up, fpr $1.50., A small portfolio. No.
1, of cottages, $400,up to $4,000, will
be furnished for 50a portfolio No. 2,
of residences costing from $3,000 to
$50,000, '50c portfolio No. 3, of stores,
banks and .churches. 50c. A church
portfolio "will also be given free to
any reader of The Journal upon
application tp 'the _,architect...
white. dishes. Because they are cheap,
and a variety of designs and qualities
may be harmonious, and because she be
lieved that color, managed with judic
ious-determination niakes an Effect' she
bought, nothing else. Sb..fwijth, .a. red
bac.' ground she actually achieved an
effectthat subtle disposition of things
that is good and appropriate, whether
they are cheap or costly. The good col
or oti. the walls and the pine ffdor
stained, and. rubbed with paranne and
turpentine, made the essentials the
non-essentials: did the rest.
On a shelf was a row of Japanasc
teapots. Two plain racks held blue.and
white plates two photos to flat black
frames, were the only wall' decorations.
On the -sideboard were candelabra of
black iron, and blue, and white porce
lain. A" punchrbowl of Japanese ware,
the usual silvery and more blue and some
red. clay teapots on the top shelf..
.Blue and. white figured denim cur
tains hung straight'at the sides'of the
windows-from top to sill. All the table
dishes were blue and' white, some Japa
nese, some willow pattern, 'and all of
them cheap. Comfortable coffee cups
of willow ware, exquisite tea cups of
thin" Japanese porcelain, chop plate,
bowls, ramequins, and plates'for several
courses of rather thick Japanese ware.
Even' salt and "pepper dishes are made
in blue and white, and a fairy-like fern
dish of- open, -wore design, -with a low
broad asparagus' plant in it, made a
centerpiece that no one tired of all
winter.. The larger platters, vegetable
dishes, pitchers, dinner atod soup'plates
were of willow ware, not one piece cost
ing .oyer .a dollar, and. most of this grad
ually accumulated collection was" bought
for nimble nickels,-
Wl So.
4th Si.
dimes and quarters
The colors, and adherenc74 toa simple
idea, wrought-the change.1-e
hf: v,
Popularity of Textiles Has Not Dis
placed High-Jrad Papers.
The art of manufacturing wall'paper
has been perfected to. such an extent,
especially, among foreign makers, that
results are now obtained which seem
little less than marvelous. A favorite,
altho very expensive paper, imported
from -France, shows an exquisitely
tinted background upon which has
been laid by.haind extremely dainty de-,
signs in pure silk. ('The
damask effect
of th^s paper makes it particularly,
appropriate for ric.hlv furnished,apart
ments in- which- brocade "coverings pre
While .burlap and similar new ma
terials are particularly -adapted to dens,
sitting rooms,,libraries .halls-and chil
dren's rooms,
can quite, equa
i tP for use in ...parlorsl
dining rooms an4 reception rooms, es-.
pewally if they are-in any way pre
One who contemplates making an ex
tensive*purchase of wall paper may find
iti of value.to know' that the rolls come
in a variety of lehgrths,: depending upon
the country in which they are.manu-.
facturedv Domestic -papers contain
eight yards to- the -roll, French and Ger
man papers nine yai^s to- the roll and
English papers twelve yards -to*, the roll.
The cost of (wall' paper varies be-'
tween_ such .wide extremes' that it is
uselesp to quote prices. Tapestries, for
instance, may be bought for fifteen
cents a roll up to $i.50'a roll, while
some of "the, imported.'.papers come as
hiirh as $lt and $10-a roll. There is a
silk paper which' is^Bto rich .arid delicate
that it conveys, the impression of ele
gance especially suited to-parlors, re-,
ception .halls and guest chambers, and:
which costs but fifty cents a roll.
Shikii silk is ^he name by.whitjh this
material ds known -in the s.t'ores. '^"k-.l-'ii
A-$- /.New House Purnishings.
Dickens' Welsh .'rarebit Sets come. In. rich
brown,* sBading -toward the rim of each
wit a a" raised border white
Eaob piece contains a reproduction of a Dickens
iUnstration, or $n antique print.
"^rii^re are -very pretty new pitchers1,
This is a very economical house to
build, every available inch of space being
used' to good" advantage.\, Size 26 feet one side, open together with columned ment stairs underneath main stairs. Two
wide by. .27: feet deep. Basement, 7 feet, archway, little library, den, music, joom excellent chambers in the second story,
first story, 9 feet, second ''story, 8 feet in or bedroom if you wish to use it for, that besides ball, bathroom and closets and
the clear. This house has a broad piazza purpose on the other side. Combination small room tor sewing room or servant's
across the front. Hall, living room on stairway, excellent pantry space, base- room.
,'J 'j
the buds near, the top of each piece are done'
In reds, blues or :yeUo??*.
A recent noyelty fliat, is just being put^upon
the market consists orjp^'s-handled' knives and
fbrks, carving- SefeaW butter kBf res' of steel
and plate.- They vrei^Bde^tip in~tiree styles
of. glassebony!, plain and ^porcelain. The plain
ones, can be had in on% glass.of an exceedingly
neat design, and aref.quite an addition .to, a
table where any quantity of cut glass, is used.
Small, tinted glass dishes, resembling some
what an asparagus dish, are available for serv
ing sardines. They are quite an adjunct to
the novel table. V4'
Pretty little sherbets, oyster cocktail
glasses, finger bowls^ and other ware have ap
peared in amber ahoS jwbjte iridescent glass,
showing delicate colofe* effects in the presence
of light. The cost is very small. Larger pieces
in the form of vases of various shapes are also
made in this art glass.
The urn-shaped lamps, some of them with- ex-
quisite bent glass, shelled and jeweled shades,
are exceedingly popular as centerpieces.
The revival of the silk,shade has Introduced
many decorative effects in yellows, oranges,
shades of red and red or rose, with touches of
light blue.. The shades *re usev for both
table' lainps and -candles.'^
_i .u LJ.
People generally?*^ North Minneap
olis are taking /much:' interest in 'the
vast improvements '-'at-"-"Walton -Park.
Five years, ajeo'ltjh^s- property, altho
recognized, as the .highest and^inosfr ad
vantageous jr'esidb'n'c^r property* in-.North-
Minneapolis, was st^ni^^ng ground" for.
iln the,five yearaXtwo miles of water
pipe have been l|^r.afo.out.,'the!, same
amount, of .street... ^r&diiig 5one, and
also about "two iniles of?stone sidewalk.
Whereas at".the* ^tienirig of."this- addi
tion ~it. was suppweii' that tjhe -house's
to be, built Bhoula^not, exceed, vin~ cost
$2,000,' popularitk'.-has'.,so. .changed, -the
sentiment that ffiOpP a$&'MQ0: houses
are really mqte,fash^n^|e,,to"dayr,than
those that. cost^Ie"sg|M.Two^jjopd, houses
have' been" sotdVtni8^^Aweekla^d'-fiv
lots/for. houses"'to,', fie built during the
winter.. These, ionises.'Will iha4ve, full
basements arijf w^ul^-be', ^con&itucted on
the most..modern plan."',
The owners of-."Walton. Park kave
announced that ^dir^ctly.'thel Emefsoai
ayenue- extension' of"(thiB:,. street' railway
is' made tp Thirty-seventh.,avenue" the
of every-lot' in the ad^ditipn will
raised $I00.V-Tnis*aise, however,,
will hot be'.made,-u^tilvthJe!ljhe
.is iriin
so that' t,ho$e contemplating buy
ing can., ^buy,. atr tbje sanie price'. now
as during, the .summer... 'B.-\D..bobbins
is local' manager ""and ca^'~l?e. found on
the,-' estate at. 3701 Aldrich avenue.N
every day.
^Tickets$34.90 on sale via the Minner
apolis .& St Loqis B. ft. N W Pullman
tourist, cars twice a week, Wednesdays
via Kansas City and the popular Santa
Fe ^Bpute-7-Thursdays via Omaha and
the "famous "Scenic Rout e" thru Col
orado. Double ber.th.for two 6nly_0.75.
Call on J. G. Rickel, City Ticket
Agent, No. 424 Nicollet Ave.. 'J
Hot Springs and Eeturn $47!80,'| -t
Via the' old reliable St. .Louis Short
Line (M. & St. ,L.- B. B.). On sale
daily with ninety-day limit..'- -Only, one
change of cars, in'St..LauiB. TJnfon De
pot, by taking,the famous 'fNorth Star
Call on J,. G. Bickel, City Ticket
Agent. No. .424 Nicollet AveV
Cobb's Bxctpion to' California.J
The, next special excursion to lios.
Angeles under- the management of H.
J. Cobb, will leave..Minneapolis Tues
day, Oct. .17. Only three and one-half
days en route. For-California, booklet
and toufist^car^berths, apply to.H. J.
Minneapolis, Cobbj '322 Nicollet avenue,
80-or .40.cents, each, done in modern shaper
in.- cream..ware. They are detforatefl with con
.Tentionalieed tulips -Emr. five, stems aid,
learea' lre a eiierou amonnt of green. nd
H\ iW
.v/:: California Tourist Oar*
And Cheap Tickets.
Weekly personally conducted tourist*
ear service to.Los Angeles/has"been re
sumed 'by the Minneapolis & St. Louis
railroad Tie Pioneer Tourist-Oar
BouteTT-Cars, via the '''Secgnie-"-an
Southern Routes.. Tickets-only $34:90
Gall on J. 6. Biekel,iOity Ticket Agent,
4*~Nicollet tfyefau*, Wj^Hsk-
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
"How much of my book have you read?"
"Well, the fact is, I've put it aside for a
rainy day." "x
"I suppose'thafa an insinuation that the story
Is dry.- Good day, sir."
Philadelphia Public Ledger.
"I'suppose," said the. timid suitor, "when you
recall what a handsome man your first husband
was you wouldn't consider
"Oh,-yes, I would,1' Co
$165QFor frame store buildings on
very large east front lot. Central ave
nue near 22d. Locations like this ai-e
getting scarce. The building has re
cently rented for $23. There is no part
of Minneapolis which has better pros
pects for. advancement than Central
$1250One of the best built houses
Northeast hardwood finish, beautiful
grate and mantels fine cellar, well and
cistern two blocks from the Van Cleve
school. Home cost over $2,000 to bulla.
$2650If you want, an elegant eight
room residence all ready to move into,
with elegant bathroom large lot and
$600 barn, see No. 2628 Qulncy street.
Things right here arl going to boom
convenient to cars, Sod .shops, etc.
$975Takes the splendid, lot and five
room house just this side 29th on Cen-
tral.- A great business center is start
ing at this point. This is a money
$1250Buys the. srx,room house in
prettiest location Northeast, just east
'of. Central on 24th. Just .across the al
ley from the church.
$290For the prettiest lot in North
east Minneapolis beautiful new house
.on.onetside and another being builfon
the other has city water and sidewalk.
See it, on Buchanan between 25th and
26th, about opposite Mr. LJoyd's place.
$400Your choice of those fine eeu*t
front lots on Pierce' street between 25th
and -26th. Perfect grade water and
sidewalk paid for.
$300L^St -of those lots on 6th street
between Broadway and 13th.
$500~On{y, two left of those fine lots
on Washington street between, 13th and
15th. One only at this price the other
will be held at $600.
2407 Central Avenue.
/'.^y 1 TENTH 8T&EET N.
One' of the. finest downtown corners
in Minneapolis. All improvements in and
paid for. Can.be had t a bargain. Would
consider some clear property in trade or a
'small cash payment. Be sure and look this
up. Two of the'finest lots, facing east,'
oh'' Lake of the Isles boulevard. Fine
shade trees and perfect grade each 50x149
lots next b4* *t 11,500. We are taking them
on a trade and will turn at $850 each!
104 4th St.- S. Ground Floor Oneida Bldg.
a minute."
repliede th widow,
Vbut I wouldn't consider you for a second,'-'"'
Dispatch.have ComedianI don'mtD se8e how you the nerve
to go back to that town. Are you not afraid
they will throw your past at you?
TragedianPast? Good heavens,' I am satis
fled if they don't thraw'eggs and. flatirons at me.
Admiral Bojestvensky's beautiful daughter,
who married a Russian, naval engineer and
followed him to the east as a sister of charity,
returned to St. Petersburg when worn out by
toil, and later embarked with the Baltic fleet,
but was sent home from Vigo by her father.'
The London Gazette recently published an
official notice that, any -person who,- without
proper^ royal authority, uses in connection with
any trade, business, calling or profession the
royal arms or any device, emblem or title,
may be restrained by injunction or Interdict {rom
continuing to use the same.
This very pretty and comfortable house of
five rooms and shed will be sold for $100.00
down and $10.Q O a month. It is newly
painted and most attractive in appearance.
No. 3329 2d Street North. This is a two-story
housenot a hyt. It couldn't be built today
for $1,000.00.4 It is only four years' old.
This location ls./fine. It is full of energy.
The new 32d street bridge crosses the river
at this point. You can work on either side
and be most comfortable.
$250Will buy a lot on Bryant Ave. S.,
close to corner 37th, east' front, with
water and gas in street.
Also have some on Colfax, same loca
$175For'lots' on Grand, Harriet and
Garfield, at 43rd St. You can't beat
these. Tour terms.
$250^-For fine lots on Nicollet Ave. and
47th St. Title insured and lots sur
W have others op 1st-Ave and Stevens
at a lower figure.
$200Wentworth, near 46th St., 45x
$200Blaisdell, near 45th. east front,
among the trees.
$275 EACHFor 2 nice lots on 10th
Ave. 8., near 38th St. These are fine.
$550For 46-ft. lot on Pleasant Ave.,
east front, close to 31st.
Will handle an 8-
rooqi all- modem
house hi Lake of
the Isles district.
610% Nicollet Avenue.
Edmun Walton
300 Hennepin Avenue,
$1900No. 2912 6th St. N. This
fine large eleven-room two-family
house, partly modern, with furnace
heat, and located on a fine lot, 55x
165, is for sale at this price for an
immediate sale. This is a fine rev
enue producer or would make a
lovely home.
$2800No. 3451 Elliot Ave. S. This
is a nine-room house arranged for
two families, fully modern excepting
heat, has full basement and piped
for furnace and located in a block of
fine homes. Beautiful hardwood fin
ish with mantel and grate. Look
this house over-and make us your
best proposition.
$1350No. 2222 10th Ave. A
seven-room house, city water and
gas and good basement. Good
little home" for small price. Easy
$1600No.- 2630 16th Ave. S. A
six-room house and barn in fair
condition, with lawn and trees. Easy
terms if desired.
Blaisdell Addition
Remember, our lotsare large and include building restrict
tions that are in keeping with improvements in each block.
Prices low for value given in return. Terms *to suit. Note the
new houses being built there now.
Ex3h|tive Ageat.
315 Bank of Commerce Building.
We have lots in all parts of the city and solicit your patronage.
Central Trackage.
I have a large corner, well .loCMed, with
trackage, for sale at a bargain if VJ
taken at once. **.,&?'>$
Exclusive Agent ?1!S3K! Oneida Building
CHOIC E CENTRAL TBACKA6E ww, beat shipping
1 1 facilities in the city.
Will build for good tenant, sell or lease ground.
$2500No. 3229 3rd Ave. S. A fine
seven-room house, fully modern ex
cepting heat, on a large lot with
good barn, for sale at this small
price. House is nicely decorated,
mantel and grate, etc. Easy terms
if desired. See this by all -means.
$2700No. 3347 Fremont Ave. N.
This house is fully modern, with
hot water heating plant and has
been built but two years. Fine 16t
with beautiful trees., See this for
the cheapest new house in the city.
$4000No, 3050 Chicago Ave. S.
This seven-room house fully modem.
_- Hardwood floors up and down, with'
'oak finish on the first floor. Beauti
ful sideboard. Large corner lot with
beautiful trees. One-half cash.
Must be seen to be appreciated.
$2200We have a brand new house
of six rooms, with full basement,
hardwood finish oh the first floor,
fully modern excepting heat. Open
nickel plumbing arid tiled bath room.
Easy terms. See ug for location.
$300Buys lot on Longfellow Ave. new
32nd, all improvements in, east front.
$425Liots on Aldrich, east fronts, be
tween 32nd and 33rd Sts.
$950Will buy two fine lots, east'froht,
on Bryant Aye* S., close to Lake St.,
W have several lots, east front, on
Lyndale Ave., between 35th and 88th
Sts.. on which we want offers.
$675-T-I/Qt on 'Holmes Ave. S., near
32nd, all improvements except sewer.
Fine lot and cheap.
$525Bast front, on Fremont, close to
31st St. S.
$125 EACHFor. 2 lots on 1st Ave. S.,
at 45th St.
$300 EACHOn Colfax and Bryant, at
47th St., only a few left. Right in
One block to car. --*ai

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