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Composed of Young and Untried Men,
Dut Who Have Ideas and Enthusiasm
With Considerable Experience Fitting
Them as Cliief for Their Respective
4 It is not often that a young man is
control, but by diplomacy
support of Oscar II., there ought to be
some reward for the great woik the
new ministry and the liberal party is
to undertake.
Only two of his colleagues in the late
ministiy are retainedColonel ti.
Tingsten. the war minister, who has ad
vanced ideas on military matters and
E Biesert, minister of finance, both
of whom have undoubtedly done cred
itable work in their positions, lhe
others ai new in cabinet affairs, but
most of them are men of ability and of
the particular experience which* ought
to qualify them for their portfolios.
Nils Axel Arvid Trolle, the minister
to Denmark, is a court chamberlain, and
tho but 46 years old is regarded as an
able man and well qualified for the port
folio of foreign affairs.
Albert Ehrensvard, son of a former
minister, and having held various im
portant positions in the interior depart
ment, is thoroly familiar with the
routine of the office. has studied
law, holds the degree of doctor ot
philosophy from Lund and combines
educational ability with practical ex-
P6 E
In Demise of Edelfelt Finland Loses
Greatest Painter.
Tn the. death of Albert Edelfelt, the
Finnish pitist who passed away last
month. Finland loses her first great
painter. was intensely patriotic,
and being an artist of rare skill, did
touch to make Finland known.
Edelfelt was educated Antwerp
-and Pans, and a great deal oCf
work was done the ^t
given the opportunity for achieving being everywhere covered with several
fame that has come to Karl Staaf, the
new premier of Sweden. Me as young i
iuous attorney and as leader of the from 100 to 200 ieet in thickness, has
minority in the second chamber of the been torn from the shores or the bed ot
riksdag, has mastered statecraft. Dr., the Baltic and transported bodily to its
Staaf is a man of good address, much present position, thii ty or forty miles
tact and strong personalit-y and should inland. For, in most places, glacial till
be able to carry thru some of the most, found to underlie it and separate it
pressing reforms. is sure to find from the newer rocks which torm the
strong opposition in the first chamber,
where the old reactionaries are still in said, however, that the chalk every
and the tacit where show indications of immense
pressure and disturbance.
The uppei portions have been sheared
off and often mingled with bands of
boulder clay, while most of the abund
ant flint nodules have been shattered
and arranged in lines or belts showing
the direction of the line of movement.
The chalk is also broken up into small
cubes. Still, for the most part, the im
mense mass remains compact, and has
moved as a solid body. For many de
cades to come, the rich manufacturers
and farmers of Skane will continue to
profit from this vast mass of foreign
treasure which has been so conveniently
brought within their reach.
Marcks vo Wurtemberg has
been clerk of the superior court, has
qualified to practice law and is credited
-with the requisite attainments tor ad
ministering the affairs of the depart
ment of justice. A later dispatch says
that a Mr. Schutte will be the minister
ot lustice. i
Fridtiuv Berg, minister of ecclesias
tics, was a schoolmaster when he was
elected to the second chamber of the
liksdag, where he distinguished him
self from the first.
Goeste Tainm, minister of agriculture,
is a landed proprietor and has done
much for the advancement of agncul-
Nothing. is known here of Real Ad
miral Hidner, the new naval minister.
Dr. David Bergstrom. a councilor
wthontportfolio, has been a member
the second chamber for several ses
sions, but being in the liberal party, has
had very little chance distinguish
himself except in debate. is looked
upon by those who know him as a
strong man. A. Hellner, his associate
without portfolio, his not been iden
tified on this side of the water at
All in all it is a young man's cabinet,
with the strength and enthusiasm nec
essary to carry out reforms and on that
account more likely to achieve results
than the late colorless coalition min
work was done in the wte^city^ ac
received a more thoro training than any
one of his predecessors. studied all
stvles and schools of painting, including
old Italian and Renaissance art, and
was for a time under the influence of
ultramodern tendencies. Ye he re
mained independent and national to
the end, and once he refused even a pro
fessorship in the St. Petersburg acad
emy of arts because he feared his free
dom of activity would be limited by
that relationship.
His first picture was exhibited
Paris in 1877, when he was but 23 years
of age. I was called "Keine Blanca,''
and was charming and delicate, and of
exceptional finish for a Finn. It suc
cess was pronounced, and a year later
he had a larger and more ambitious can
vas on a national theme of a historic
character. Other pictures on Finnish
legends, landscape and scenes from mod
ern life in Finlandespecially ruTal life
of the simple folkfollowed in aston
ishingly rapid succession. Artists were
amazed at hisepower anld^ fecunditiy andI
#Sli S-J
first News
the house forty years. It was occupied
by two Eussian' ministers in the eigh
teenth century. Several nobles occu
pied the old house until 1815, when it
was hought by a rich tanner. Since
that year the Norwegian ministers at
Stockholm have lived there during their
stay in the Swedish capital. When the
government bought the place in 1867 it
was rebuilt and restored.
Was Moved From Baltic Thirty Miles
fi irom 100 to 150 feet in height, the chalk
as he and even younger frequently be- the position of these ehalk beds, since
come cabinet chiefs and in that respect they belonged to an older formation
he has no advantage, but he is the than those "which ordinarily occur in
leader of the first liberal ministry his southern Sweden, and should, therefore,
country has ever had. Politically the I have been under them. Bu there the or-
eountry has been reactionary so long der was certainly leversed, and ttie
'that there is room for many reforms and older formations appeared above the
better yet, there is a progressive pohti-, younger.
cal movement under wa on the crest The riddle is now solved by the ciis-
of which this brilliant young man will covery that this whole masr, three miles
probably ride to success. is a fa-
For many years commercial compa
nies have been quarrying chalk along a
belt three miles long and 1,000 eet
wide, a te miles east of Malmo, Swe
den. Upon the surface this appears sim
ply as a swell in the glacial deposits
of boulder-bearing clay, lne earl
geologists 3vere greatly puzzled by
and one-fifth of a mile wide, and
{substratum of the peninsula. I should
Jens C. Christensen, president of Den
mark's council of state, has recently
been decorated with the grand cross of
the order of St. Michael and St. George,
and consequence when he and his
wife visit England they will be an
nounced as Sir and Lady Jens and Lady
That tired, languid feeling and dull
headache is very disagreeable. TaTce
two of Carter's Little Liver Pills be
fore retiring, and you will find relief.
They never fail to do good.
What Sulphur Does
For the Human Body in Health
and Disease.
The mention of sulphur will lecall to
many of us the early days when our
mothers and grandmothers gave us our
daily dose of sulphur and molasses
every spring and fall.
It was the universal spring and fall
"blood purifier.'"" tonic and cure-all,
and mind you, this old fashioned remedy
was not without merit.
The idea* was good, but the remedy
crude and unpalatable and a large quan
tity had to be taken to get any effect.
Nowadays we get all the beneficial
effects of sulphur in a palatable, con
centrated form, so that a single gram
is far more effective than a tablespoon
ful of the crude sulphur.
In recent years, research and experi
ment have proved that the best sulphur
for medicinal use is that obtained from
Calcium (Calcium Sulphide) and sold in
drug stores under the name of Stuart's
Calcium Wafers. They are small choco
late coated pellets and contain the
active medicinal principle of sulphur in
a highly concentrated, effective form.
Few people are aware of this form
of sulphur in restoring and maintaining
bodily vigor and health: sulphur acts
directly on the liver, and excretory
organs and purifies and enriches the
blood by the prompt elimination of
waste material.
Our grandmothers knew this when
they dosed us with sulphur and molasses
every spring and fall, but the crudity
and impurity of ordinary flowers of
worse than the
&nd cannQ
_+, ?f disease and cannot compare with the
moder eoce
hgious Service,''which wo high praise t', J'^
for its noble sentiment and quiet
y\ -what poets have done in verse and what
composers now achieving prominence
are doing in music. did much to
adorn the Finnish university, and was
always-ready to illustrate works on the
history and ways of his country.
So-Called Ministers' Hotel in Stock
holm on the Block.
The Norwegian Minister's hotel in
Stockholm is to be sold and the Stock
holm press in urging that the city buy
the property and erect on the site a
large municipal building. The hotel or
legation house is favorably located on
Blasieholmen facing the harbor and
near the national museum and theater.
The land was given by Queen Christina
to Count Magnus de a Gardie, who sold
it to General For bus, after coming in
possession of his father's palace. I
1650 General Forbus built a-small palace,
which was partially destroyed -by fire
in 1714. Major General Pechlin owned
ntrated preparations ot
sulphur, on which Stuart's Calcium
Wafers is undoubtedly the" best and
most widely -used.
They are the natural antidote tor
liver and kidney troubles and cure con
stipation and purify the blood away
that often surprises patient and physi
cian alike.
Dr. R. M. Wilkins while experiment
ing with sulphur remedies soon found
that the sulphur from Calcium was
superior to any other form. says:
For liver, kidney and blood troubles,
especially when resulting from constipa
tion or malaria, I have been surprised
at the results obtained from Stuart's
Calcium Wafers. I patients suffering
from boils and pimples and even deep
seated carbuneles, I have repeatedly
seen them dry up and disappear in four
or five days, leaving the skin, clear
and smooth. Although Stuart's Calcium
Wafers is a proprietary article, and sold
by druggists, and for that reason
tabooe by many physicians, yet I know
of nothing so safe and reliable for con
stipation, liver and kidney troubles and
skin disease
At any rate.people who are tired of
pills, cathartics and so-called 'blood
"purifiers," will find in Stuart's Cal
cium Wafers a far safer, more palatable
and effective preparation.
especially in, all forms of
r- beauty. I was as characteristic of the
pietv and pathos of Finnish life as
Millet's famous painting is of French
life. Another national picture of *mov
5 inff beauty is "Washerwoman."
Later Edelfelt chose religious themes
of a universal character, but he man
aged to put national color and spirit
into them. Thus his "Birth of Christ"
t* has the environment of a humble Fin
nish cottage, while "Christ and Mag
dalen represents a Finnish peasant girl
on her knees before a shepherd (Christ).
I ancient Finnish fables the painter
found authority for these pictures.
'r Edelfelt loved the lakes and woods of
Finland, her long and severe winters,
her sad atmosphere, her heroic struggle "Tfcgpww*- |Vvt. i*'~
with nature. did in painting for her
ErnesL Gabler'
Weber Uptight.
Two Everetts, old make, taken
in exchange for the new
Everett, watmitAlOE
case ...V*0l
Mahogany case......1. 1210
Brooks-Evans Piano Co
*fWe are agents for the Krell Auto
Grandthe finest combination player
and piano on the market.
The Coming Section of the Lone
Star State Is No Longer Given
Over to the Cowboy and Long
Horned Steer.
Possibilities of Agriculture Under
Scientific Soil Culture Being
Demonstrated by H. W Camp
bell xn a Big Scale.
Special Correspondence.
QUANAH, Texas, Nov. 7.The north
western section of TexaB, commonly
known as the Panhandle and the Plainb,
an area in round numbers of 19,000,000
acres, has more surprises in store for a
tendertoot than any other section ot this
great state. The prevailing impression
or this secaon among people ot the North
ana tfast that it is a barren waste. Tno
writer's impression of this part of the
worid before the present trip, gathered
several years ago on an overland journej,
was that o- a vast de&ert waste, inhabited
by prairie dogs. Others again nave
thought it a section given up to cattls and
the cowboy, and the mental picture of th
latter wat gathered trom &io.ie6 and re
ports about nls dare-deviltry and his mis
tieatment of the settlers who aared to
encroach upon his domain. Many of these
reports emanated from the cattle men
themselves, who wished to retain control
of this vast range, and, theietore, pur
posely spread these tales abroad.
The dare-devil cowboy ano\cattle man,
If he ever were a reality, isdnow
of the
'past, as is the long horned Texa's steer of
years ago. The other day, while en route
to Portales, N. I had the pleasure of
meeting and conversing with a cattle man
of the present day (W. Morris of Por
tales), who has a 1,000,000 'acre cattle
range some miles west'of Portales. If
all the cattle men are of the same type
there is not a more gentlemanly body of
men anywhere. One of the gentlemen of
our party brought forth a bottle of tho
leverage for which Kentucky is noted,
and asked us to join him, but our friend
the cattle man would have none of it.
This refusal shattered the-last remnant
of a long entertained mental picture of
a cattle man, of the long"hair, disheveled
appearance, pistols, and penchant for
Mhisky type.
Cattle Grades Improved.
My conception of the cattle raised on
the Western plains also proved to be an
illusion. Instead of raw boned, long
horned, ill kept cattle, I was shown herds
of high bred Herefords in the pink of con
Whatever the Panhandle of days gone by
may have been, and it is-needless to enter
into the details of its past history, it is
today ona of the most promising sections
of the Southwest. There are millions of
acres of splendid land adapted every
where to the raising of abundant crops of
Kaffir corn-, milo, maize, sorghum, and
millet, which make the best fodder ob
tainable an} where, and large tracts scat
tered about the country are adapted to the
raising of cotton, wheat, oats, barley, and
The cotton crop is a marked success In
many sections of the lower plains. In
the sections around Quanah and Memphis,
Texas, about 250 miles northwest frqm
Fort Worth, this year's cotton crop will
average half a bale, or 250 pounds, to tfie
acre, which Is being marketedVat 10 cents
a pound. This cotton crop, coupled with
a most luxuriant yield of the fodder crops
already mentioned, brings the tiller of
the soil in those sections a handsome in
In the sections not adapted to cotton
raising, among whdeh, and worthy of
prominent mention, are the sections sur
rounding Canyon City and Dalhart, the
fcrage crops and wheat, oats, barley,
rye, and cattle are the source of a fine in
come. It is impossible to get a correct
idea'of the luxuriant growth of the forago
^crops from a description in cold type.
"One must see the fields and the tropical
density of the crops to appreciate the
astonishing yield.
Corn and Wheat Crops.
Indian corn has thus far not been raised
to any extent, but oats, barley, and rjc
bring an abundant jleld in neaily all sec
tions given up to culuvation, and wheat
is successfully grown in many places.
lixperts on the agricultural possibihtiss
in the Panhandle declare that wheat can
be grown successfully most everywhere
with proper eulti\ation. The buccessful
growing of Indian corn is more doubtful
because It cannot withstand the hot spells
and recover after they are over, like the
other crops. But good crops of Indian
corn have been grown in various sections,
and proper handling of the soil will do
much toward making the growing of the
ciop a success
Farming in the Panhandle is in its in
fancy. Vast tracts of lands are owned
by land syndicates and speculators, and
the state controls millions of acres of
school lands, and only a small part of
these vast tracts Is'under cultivation.
The state is now disposing of Its hold
ings to smaller holders, as are the syndi
cates and speculators, many of whom
are putting part, If not all, of their
holdings under cultivation, but most of
these holdings are four section or larger
tracts. One hundred and sixty acre farms
are unknown here, and years will go by
before small farms will be common. Un
improved and partly improved land is now
aold for $2 50 to $10 per acre, and choice,
highly improved lands bring $15 to $25,
dependent upon their proximity to the
cities. In the section^ adapted to fruit
raising, lands with orchards bring $20 an
acre even at some distance from the
towns. A vast triangular tract east of
-the Pecos valley Is attracting much at
tention. The central part of this section
is said to be very fertile. The absence of
railroads has held this section in the
background, but this handicap will soon
be removed.
Extension of Railway Lines.
It is rumored that the Choctaw line of
the Rock Island, extending from Mem
phis, Tenn., to Amarillo, Texas, will soon
be extended west and suth.
This great railroad^traversing the Pan
handle In almost every direction, must
soon make this one of the best settled sec
tions tn the state.
H. W. Campbell of soil culture fame
has under way on an extensive scale a
practical demonstration of what can be
accomplished in this section by farming
scientifically. There are two Campbell
farms in the Panhandle, one of 640 acres
at Farwell and one at Wantland. This
farm is also near the New Mexico border,
but abd*ut a hundred miles south of the
Farwell farm.
Two hundred acres were broken on each
farm this spring, and this ground has been
undergoing tilling all summer prepara-
VALLEY, COMANCHE COUNTY, with its famous Capital City,
LAWTON, MEDIUM Latitude,' Longitude* and Altitude. ABU$~.
_ DANT RAINFALL. Tie rich, dark soiL prqdue.esMEJqrn, Wheat, .Oartef
Cotton, Broom Corn, Cane, "IK fact *rwni'frulta.'-and
-^"of North, East, South, aad West. Land prfcte.*$rttf $80 per acre?1
r'-'combined' COLORED MAP. Also free booklet, frffbrmatlon, farm
c"" price list, etc. AGENTS WANTED EVERYWHERE. We give sptf
'clal railway rates. Show land in our RAMBLER-Touring Auto-?
mobiles and Carriages. Cut this out and SEND NOW.,
tory to seeding anffpTanffifg. T5e salTent j'lfa Into account", and give "her claims" for
feature of the Campbell system is a thor- superiority due and careful consideration.
ough tilling of the soil with the usual
tilling implements and some special im
plements invented by Mr. Campbell.
The soil is thoroughly tilled and pre
pared before any seeding or planting is
done. The tilling Is so thorough that the
soil is pulverised into a mulch. This
mulch draws moisture from the ground
underneath, but the uniformly and thor
oughly pulverized BOII retards evapora
tion of the moisture, and evaporation Is
further retarded by continued tilling of
the upper surface. This retention of the
moisture makes it possible to raise good
exops with little rain.
In addition to the careful and scientific
culture of the soil, the geed is submitted
to tests, ano only the very best is planted,
and in such quantity as the condition and
kind of soil demands. In other word*,
science is resorted to in every step taken
from the time the ground is broken until
the crop is harvested.
Ofclakoma-Town a Great Rail
road Center and Distributing
Point tar .Large Territory.
Special Correspondence.
LAWTON, Ok., Nov 7 Lawton is
rightly situated geographically ana com
mercially to make a great manufacturing,
jobbing, and distributing point. It will
soon be a great railroaa center, and the
rapidly developing empire to the west,
soutn, and soumuest will have to be sup
plied from L,awtou. The held is open
and has but to be occupied oy energetic,
pusning men of every line of trade anm
manufacture. There" will bet hard
to anoe
ome and well established houses, but it
will be only necessary to come in and
occupy this new ana promising field, al
most unlimited in extent.
Lawton has one wholesale grocery
house, and her tributary territory will
warrant others Her ice plant, the beat
In the two territories, will boon establish
a $x0,000 creamerj, and needs many more
dairy farms to supply the skimming sta
tions over the county. The cotton gins
in Lawton and scattered all over every
township demand an Immense cot toa
compress and an oil mill, and such an
enterprise at Lawton will pay sure and
satisfactory dividends. The Comanche
county cotton has a record for the best
lint, and it brings within half a cent of
the New Orleans price and three-quarters
of New York
The most of the dealers now ship their
confections from Eastern cities, oOO miles
or more away. The location and condi
tions would make Lawton an ideal point
for an extensive industry of that kind.
Some one will soon establish a good pay
ing drug Jobbing house at this vantage
point A wholesale hardware house
wp.uld be a paying enterprise from the
very start, while Lawton is destined to
be an important distributing point for
implements and vehicles She has one
wholesale fruit and produce house with
an immense trade, and there is every
condition to warrant the establishment
of many otiier lines. It Is simply a ques
tion pf who will see and grasp these op
portunities while the other fellows are
"considering" the propositions
With splendid water-works, storm and
sanitary sewer systems, fine courthouse
and jail, large and up to date school
buildings, fine graded streets, 120 acre
park planted to trees, fine steel bridges
all over the county, all paid for from the
town lot fund, and not a dollar of debt
or a cent of taxes all these has Lawton,
and over a hundred thousand remaining
in the fund. How does this sound to
some of the debt ridden and tax burdened
Easterners? 4?
That 30,00 2 five years club is plan
ning a camimigu that will be a potest
factor In tge^attairs of Lawton during
the next five years. It was launched^
the chamoer of commerce two weeks ago,
and Lf alieady has over 3,000 active mem
bers^ P. M. Butler, eecretary of fche
chamber of commerce, will give any In
formation desired.
Is the Natural Distributing Point for
the Great Southwest, With Ample
Railway Facilities.
Special Correspondence
WICHITA, Kan Nov. 8 The present
contention between pro-rate and anti
rate factions contending for the control
of our national, Congress with a view to
establishing a satisfactory law regulat
ing interstate commerce grows out of the
movement westward of manufacturing
industries very largely Those already
established in the West are meeting with
such success that others are being at
tracted. The older factories 111 the East
and in the middle states are beginning
to feel the influence of those invading'
their territory from some advantageous
point located near a large body of con
sumers, and are either preparing to emu
late the forerunner or offset his advan
tage to some extent by preferential
freight rates This latter method can
only result in temporary and partial re
lief, for the man "on the spot" will al
ways enjoy an advantage of the one a
long distance away, both in cost and time
of transportation.
The city of Wichita presents one of the
most flattering prospects for the location
of jobbing houses and manufactories of
any city in the West. Many raw materi
als are on the ground, as it were, and
others are located, so near by as to make
the "cost of securing them only nominal.
On the other hand, by the present and
growing system of railways every sec
tion of the great trans-Missouri territory
is easily accessible from Wichita. In
the role of a distributing center she is
unsurpassed her jobbing territory is the
most exclusive and the richest in natural
resources. The great wheat belt of Kan
sas and Oklahoma lies at her door. The
cornfields and stock ranches, from whence
are drawn such marvelous supplies of
beef, porjt, and mutton, surround her. The
wealth producing power of the Southwest,
while already appearing fabulous, is orily
In its infancy. Time will demonstrate
the advisability of converting many of
the large cattle ranches into small farms,
thus not only increasing the population,
but multiplying its productiveness many
fold. In a modest way Wichita has al
ready become something of a manufac
turing town, while her jobbing Interests
are well and firmly established on many
lines,, running into the millions annually.
The successes already met with war
rant the conclusion that Wichita is pre
eminently the first city of the Southwest
for the location of industries requiring a
large territory easy of access for suc
cessful operation.
The experimental stage in this respect
is past, and enterprises seeking new and
lucrative fields will do well to take Wich-
th land of plenty the richest soil In the world,
the paradise of the farmer, the opportunity of
a lifetime to secure A HOME for yourself and
your family at a price within the reach of all
people. Churches and echobls I am well
posted on this section, and It will cost you
nothing to let me describe it to \ou. Address
LOWERS LAMI i IQAN CO., LAWTON, Con.anche Co. Oklahoma. James M.Power ,Mgr.
Defective Page
I this day of quick turns and small
profits and of increasing numbers of
commodities which the retailer is forced
to carry in his lines, prompt service In
small quantities is becoming the ruling
factor in his trade.
The thing to do is to do it now! Make
your investigation, satisfy yourself of
our advantage, and, if conditions are
foqnd as stated, make your choice at
once. Real estate values are yet mod
est. Locations for business enterprises
can be secured at reasonable figures, and
choice locations are obtainable. Trade
conditions over which the Bast has no
control are forcing trade and manufac
turing centers into the great West The
only question to be considered is the one
of locationwhich of the many Western
towns offers the greatest advantages for
marketing the products of manufacture
and the general trade. As for the South
west, nq other city presents the advan
tages possessed by Wichita, and none can
offer more flattering Inducements to
piospectlve manufacturing or jobbing in
For further information correspond
with the secretary of the Wichita Com
mercial club, H. L. Resing.
Diversity Crops Always Posftible
in That SectionCuster City's
Importance as Trade Center.
Special Correspondence.
CUSTER CITY, Ok Nov. 7.One of the
first questions which the stranger com
ing to this section of the country asks,
alter going through our agricultural
lenaB, js.
"Why, you seem to grow as good corn
and wheat here as we do in the Northl I
always thought your climate was too dry
down here for the successful cultivation
of the cereals."
That seems to be a more or less general
opinion among strangers, but it is one
-that is without the slightest foundation
in fact. No better crops of the cereals
are raised in any part of the country than
here, and the yield can always be depend
ed upon During the past season as fine
fields of corn could be seen around Custer
City as could be found is Illinois or Iowa,
which have for years boasted of their
Country of Diversified Crops.
One of the greatest claims of Oklahoma
as an agricultural country, however, is
the diversity of the crops which it is pos
sible to grow here. This is made possible
by the length of the season, and there
fore, if one crop fails, another can al
ways be planted in time for it to mature
With the shorter seasons of the North this
is never possible.
The past season has been one of great
prosperity in nearly every part of Okla
homa, and as a consequence the farmers
have plenty of moneyyto spend and are
making many improvements. The corn
and cotton crops especially have been
ood, and cotton is bringing a good price
he market at present is $3.25 a hundred
in Custer City, and returns from an acre
of cotton at that price range from $15 to
$20, which makes it a profitable crop for
the farmer to grow.
Heavy Wheat Yield Predicted.
There has been a large acreage sown
in wheat this fall, and there is some wheat
still to be gown. The fine autumn rains
have proved very beneficial to the crop,
and wheat is looking fine. All indica
tions point to a neavy yield next season
There never was a better time for in
vestment in Oklahoma, and especially lu
Custer county than at the present time.
Custer City has proved to be aJjetter
n.arket tils year than ever4
From 100 to 500 per cent actual profit
made the past year in Indian territory land
by the land wise operator. Buy territorial
Land, Loan and Investment company pre
ferred treasury stock.
This stock recently
put upon the market,
guaranteed at 8 per cent,
and will make as high
ab 100 per cent per an
num. Bought, backed,
and indorsed by the best
business men and bank
ers of Muskogee, is a
safe, solid, bona ,flde,
profitable land proposi
tion. Preferred shares
are bold for par, $25
each, cash or monthly
payment plan. Make all
checks payable to tho
Territorial Land, Loan
& Investment Co., Mus
kogee, I. T. AH money
received from sale of
stock is invested in land and leases by relia
ble men that know the business and have
demonstrated it to be er'cmously profitable,
safe, bure, and certain.
ALL OVER THE NORTH, see what lands
sold for when over 90 per cent of It was raw
land, as It is now in the Indian territory. See
what it sells for now and how much it pro
duces each year and you will see that mil
lions of acres of it have increased In value
(as astonishing as it may seem) from 50 to
100 per cent per annum, and each year pro
duces from 100 to several hundred per cent
of its cost then. You will And that there never
has been a day in twenty-flve years but that
somewhere west and southwest of Ohio more
than 100 per cent per annum was being made
on real estate investments Judiciously made
and handled with rational business judgment.
Over 90 per cent of all the vast increase of
wealth from Ohio west In the past twenty
years has been Increased value of real estate
(see U. S. statistics).
MADE. Those that bought Oklahoma land
bargains six, eight, and ten years ago have
had 100 per cent per annum increase In value
and the land has produced more than 100 per
cent per annum when well farmed.
MADE FROM REAL ESTATE than all other
lines combined. Raw lands bought and
handled by those that know the business
ceases to be a speculation and becomes the
surest, safest, soundebt. and most profitable
investment on earth This company is buy
ing land at prices that will net from 30 to 200
per cent per annum under good cultivation,
just as millions of acres of Northern land Is
now doing on its raw land price INVEST-
Oklahoma alfalfa lairts produce from 1.000
to 2.000 pound" of choice pork per acre that
ells for several times as much as better al
falfa land on the same river can be bouRht 'or
bv the Territorial Lan T,oan and In\etment
company In th territory this company has
fhousands of acres of (rood rich, productive
lnnds leased on leftal bindlntr five jear leases
st prices away less than taxp* n less nroduo
tive Northern lands (INVESTIGATE). aai
with monev will secure hundreds of thousands
of acres of leases and will ultlmatHvnuv much
ot It at prices that will net from BO to 200 pet
cent per annum on investment under cuJUva,
tlon. aside from a certain enormous Increase
of value
for particulars of safe, sure profitable Invest
ment plait Men or women representatives can
The Land Man,
Send today literature explaining vour safe,
profitable investment proposition and how to
get a good farm free.
Sunday, November *3,
ital is coming In, and the prospects for
the future are extremely flattering There
are still a few undeveloped industries
here that ought to invite the attention
of capital. Located as this city is, in the
heart of a great wheat country, a flouring
mill could not fail to prove highly profit
able. Other industries that are inviting
are a creamery and a good hotel. Both
could make money from the start.
This city has a live Commercial club,
of which Mr J. D. Chalfant is president.
Prospective investors will be cheerfully
furnished with all the particulars they
desire upon application to the club or Its
While this is a period of general pros
perity in all parts of the country, yet
there are thousands of Intelligent and
industrious men in all the large cities
who are dissatisfied.
There are many wage-earners skilled
in the different trades, residing in the
overcrowded cities, having families de
pendent upon them, who are hampered in
a limited field and are making but a bare
subsistence, or are becoming involved in
debt, as a result of small pay.
There are farmers who are each year
compelled to abandon their farms and
start anew in more favored sections.
There are hundreds of merchants, with
capital invested, who fail to reap the
success to which their means and ability
entitle them.
There are capitalists who seek profitable
investments tor tneir money in enter
prises thousands of miies distant irom
their homes, in order to earn the interest
and aividenos which their home town
uoes not oner.
There are brilliant professional men
who are denied recognition in tne con
gested centers of the ii.ast, but wao rise
io eminence when situated in a rapidly
growing community wnere there is oppor
tunity to display tneir talents.
There are thousands of invalids search
ing for a favorable locality where tho cli
mate will be beneficial to their health.
To all these the great and growing
Southwest auords a gitater variety of op
portunities than any other section of the
Lnited btates. Its cities and towns are
expanding, requiring more and better
fptiiuies, more lnaustnes ana aB a nat
ural consequence more workers, both in
town and held. Its climate is restoring
to health and vigor thousands who go
there with physical infirmities. The ex
treme heat or the tiouih and intense cold
of tne North are never known. The annual
average tost of living in the Southwest .3
estimated to be nearly 20 per cent less
than in the North and East, and the ex
pense of sneltering and wintering cattle
and other live stock is proportionately
The investigator with an eye to domes
tic economy can easily estimate for him
self the saving In fuel, in winter clothing,
in medicines, in heat-producing foods, in
the houbing and care of people and farm
animals, made possible in a climate
where summers are long and winters are
The growing season is longer than In
the East, the crops greater in number and
more diversified, and the profit corre
spondingly increased.
The Southwest has a strong lead over
other parts of the country In present
progress. For several years the Southwest
states and territories have surpassed all
the other states In railroad building, new
banks, new schools and increase of farm
ing population. These are the factors tha:
make rich commonwealths.
The East is overcrowded. Expenses
ar high competition is keen, oppor
tunities are few and all lines of business
are already well filled. Each town has its
drug, grocery and dry goods stores, mills
and manufacturing plants, banks and lum
ber yards.
In the Southwest there are villages that
will be towns next year and cities the
year after, in these places there is not
only room for, but an absolute need of
many more business enterprises and man
ufactory. There are openings of all
sortsfor mills and manufacturing plants
for small stores of all kinds, for banks,'
for newspapers and lumber yards. Me
chanics and professional men are in great
There is no part of our country that of
fers the inducements to settlers of small
means that the Southwest does today.
Millions of acres of available land await
the homesteader. The soil is fertile, the
natural resources are many and varied.
In the last few years thousands have
found new homes in this great empire.
Some located on homestead lands, others
purchased Improved or unimproved farms
on favorable terms. Many had little capi
tal beyond willing hands, but they had
the courage to break away from condi
tions that bound them. They are succeed
ing and building Independence for them
selves, their sons and daughters. You can
do the same. Take advantage of present
opportunities Tvhlle these favored condi
tions exist. In the new Southwest there
are opportunities for every man. The
chances are all in your favor and not
against you.
Here, for example, is the experience of
an Oklanoma farmer in his own words:
"Not many men came to Oklahoma with
smaller capital than I did. When I came to
Hobart to locate on my land, about all I owned
in the world besides the land was my wife and
baby $100 and my two hands
"I had nevei in my life lived on a farm, and
of farming r.as absolutely Ignorant I had no
and no means of procuring one, but th
neighbors ai kindly here and all help one an
other, so I helped the people on the next quarter
section dig their well, and they in return broKe
about five acres of my land. This I sowed in
eaily spring, vegetables, melons etc and I
found It gave me plenty to do to take care of
that much, as my farming tools were of the
simplest description, that is a spade and a
"In May I had onions, radishes, and lettUct
tor the market, and they sold readily Other
vegetables followed later In June I had pota
toes, and during the summei raised a second
crop I disposed of potatoes in town at 60
cents a bushel which netted me a fine profit
cantaloupes we have had in profusion sine*
June Watermelons I haed about as as any
one in Kiowao countns
Plant were loaded with good
?rU^ t*e
ditio to ourV, bill of fare
out and area source of
lnveted.k ien a few chickens, and
and a desirable ad-
%?P* We have more quail
on toast here than we bad in the Iara*er ett.et
where we lived before.
"Of course I am at a disadvantage in not hav
ins: a team and Implements to work with,
but considering all disadvantages and draw*
backs. I have proved that a man who has spent
twenty years of his life behind a counter,
knowing nothing of farming, with no capital,
no Implements, with very little exertion, can
take this land and in six months not only make
a comfortable living, but aave considerable
"Hobart. Okla
The Rock Island System is ready at
any time to locate the home seeker in tht
best field suitable to his line of busi
ness, be it farming, mining, merchandis
ing, or manufacturing. Whenever a busi
ness opening exists the Rock Island's
Location Department has a record of it.
If you are interested and would like
further particulars regarding prices of
farm land, homesteads and best cropi
raised, stock raising, openings for mer
chandising, or manufacturing, or any
other line of business opportunities exist
ing along the Rock Island System lines,
write me today.
Passenger Traffic Manager,
Rock Island System,
Chicago, IIL
TULSA, Ind. T., Nov. 9.United States
marshals seized 1,000 gallons of whisk/
and destroyed it in a raid of the looal
gambling-houses and "blind tigers" last
night and today, and arrested ten men
for gambling and five for introducing and
selling liquor, and secured a vast quan
tity of gambling paraphernalia, whicfc
was destroyed. The raid was led by
Judge "Simp" Jennings, Sapulpa Court
commissioner Bud Ledbetter, and Hub
bard, deputy marshals of Muskogee. SIX
places weer raided. Eight of the gam
blers were fined nominally the owners
$150 each, and the "whisky peddlers"
were bound over to wait the action of th
grand jury. The least punishment thai
can be given them will be a year in the
federal jail.
MUSKOGEE, Ind. T Nov. .In an
swer to a telegram asking if he had stated
in his recommendation that lands in In
dian territory, except homesteads, be
taxed, that he would favor such taxation
within the limits of the five civilized
tribes in the future state of Oklahoma,
Indian Commissioner Leupp has replied:
"Anything quoted as coming from me
upon the subject mentioned in your tele
gram of yesterday is a fabrication. It is
not my province to recommend legisla
tion respecting the statehood In Okla
homa or anywhere else."
The publication In Washington dis
patches of the alleged recommendation
of Mr. Leupp concerning the future state
of Oklahoma created much comment here
among statehood politicians.
We will furnish you a Classification Map ol
and Beaver Creek.. Not.cheap land. b^J^
prices onTarge tracts for ranch or eolonlsatlas
This Is Your Opportunity to Own I Home.
Also improved farms along the linj f tbs
Rock Island from $15 to SBO per acre.
For further particulars call om or address
Immigration Agents,
105 Brand Ave., Oklahoma Cltj, 0. T.
We have placed on tbe market a large
Quantity of fine agricultural Und in Potter,
Armstrong. Randall, and Carson counttes.
If you are looking for a home or so Invest
ment in the great Panhandle of Texas now
is the time to come and let us sell you anf
amount you want, at the lowert price.
With grass growing on the hills and alfalfa
on the bottom lands, a Kansas ranch ly a ur
thing Wilte us for Prices. NIQUETTB
BROB.. 122 North Santa Fe. Saline, Kansas.
For Space on This Page
Manager Land Advertising,
609 Rector Building,
Chicago, 111.
Free Trip to Oklahoma
The Frisco Townsite Company of Rnid, Oklahoma, are town builders, and
offer special inducements for purchasers of lots.
W need twenty-five first-class salesmen. We are now offering nine Okla-
homa towns for sale. All Railroad Towns.
Full Particulars aent upon request. Address,
Room 1125 Chemical Building, ST. LOUIS. MO.
C. M. Bradley, president International Land Co 'capital and surplus 9150.000). also presi-
dent Bradley Realty Bank and Trust Co of Muskogee, I has compiled a 10ft paire manual
of statistical Information pertaining to the Indian Territory also rules and regulation* for
the sale of lands, historical data, and the treaties nlth the five civilised tribes. This valuable
book containing lnformaltlon that will save you many times Its cost, will be sent you with a
classified map of the Creek and Seminole nations for $1 Oil In stamps or currency Cut out the
attached coupon now and send same with SI 00 in stamps or currency and the book and map
will be sent you by return mall Write us about lands and investments in Indian Territory,
Numerous openings for splendid investments Lands $1 00 to S2&.00 per acre lateraaHeaaJ Laal
Company, Mpskogee, I. T. i
rf^OllPf'iN'i International Land Co Muskogee. T.s Inclosed And S1.00. Send mo
l.VVUrvnj Manual and Map by return malL
.^Have fine corn, cotton,/ wheat, alfalfa, cattle, hogs, dairying, poultry, and fruit lands
in Comanche County at $20.00 to $40-00. These prices will double in a few rears. Tell us
your wants and preferences and we will answer all your inquiries. Refer you to any Lawtoa
Bank. Buy your ticket direct to Lawton, the gateway to this new southwest empire. Dam
us a card TODAY,
ll:y and.
cation and the number -w.-tST*T
tural lands. Rocky Prairie lands. Hill
Rocky lands, and Mountainous land..
We will also furnish you a complete abstract
of the treaties and acts of Congress deslgnat-
"1 th Indian T.r- ing the Recording District
rltory. and revised rules and regulations gov
easing ot
ot lands In tbt
(revised te and rev
erning the sale and leasi
Creek Nation Indian
March 20 1006) ,_
This Map and the information furnished is
indispensable to Horn. Seekers and Investor*
In tbe Growing Indian Territory, as It shows
vou at a glance Just wher. you can find the
exact location of the kind of land that vou are
interested In. Sent postpaid toJwrffAjA
price $100 Addres all order, to CREEK
scons S
Can locate you In profitable meroarrtBo
business. All Inquiries promptly answered.
..Oklahoma Beats Them Mls

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