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The Minneapolis journal. (Minneapolis, Minn.) 1888-1939, November 12, 1905, First News Section, Image 12

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is i.*A ~i -A
New winter gloves in such makes as Adler's,
Left's and 'Gordon's. In the new Japanese
bronze, broad stitchings in regular or cadet
sizes, perfect fitting, reliable and easy gloves.
$2.00 values, $1.50.
Men's all wool cashmere hose double rein
forced heels and toes in the prevailing col
ors, 25c values. Monday, 15c.
The greatest range of men's form fitting union
suits ever shown in the city derby ribbed
and silk mixed garments jn blues, naturals
and pmk. From such famous makers as'
Cooper, Peter Wright, Munsmg and Wilson
Bros From $2.50 to $8.00.
Men's and young men's athletic sweaters, made
from the finest quality pure Australian wool,
the celebrated Shaker knit pure dyed yarn
Fancy college designs and solid patterns,
Smart fancy vests for early winter wear en
tirely new shades silk mixed and wash fab
rics at $1.50 $ 2 $2.50 to $4.50.
Winter weight wool fleece underwear, satm
faced, pearl buttons, worth to 75c. Special,
New designs early winter neckwear The
latest colorings in wide four-m-hands and
squares patterns that cannot fail to please.
75c and $1 values, 50c.
Men's Cherry Valley blue flannel shirts
Either single or double-breasted styles, abso
lutely fast color pearl buttons, full, liberal
cut collars, reinforced seams very full cuts,
all sleeve lengths. Special for Monday,
New November Hat
Styles for Men
The Model Special soft and stiff hats in the
very best bodies with silk trimmings, full
drummed Eussian leather sweats, in new tele
scope shapes pearl gray with black or
pearl bands in black or brown flanges, neg
ligees or the new wide set stiff brims. Every
hat warranted for service equal to $5
grades. Special price, $3.00.
The Model Warranted soft and stiff hats in
pearls and grays in exclusive styles. Hats
that command the respect of every well
dressed man. In the leading early winter
styles and colors. Monday, $1.90.
IMT4 ^-'"^^^^'^ISFirst News Section.
2 FOR 1 S & H.
Strong Underwear
Values for Men
A splendid line of men's derby ribbed, form
fitting underwear blues, fawns and natu
rals winter weight, silk trimmed reinforced
drawers. Cannot be duplicated for less than
$1.50. Our price, $1.00.
New designs in men's stiff bosom shirts in ttw
new dark or light overplaid winter effects,
checks or stripes attached or detached cuffs
all body and sleeve lengths, showing a great
assortment at $1 and $1.50.
John B. Stetson's early winter styles in soft
and stiff hats, including their new telescope
pearl gray with black or pearl trimmingsf. $.'
$3.50 $4.00 and $5.00.
First showing of Gordon's new fur band caps.
Made from imported overcoat and suit pat
terns with best of selected fur inner bands,
using their celebrated patent inner band, *the
only practical inside band cap produced to
day. Monday, $1.50.
Children's winter toques and double band tarns
extra heavy Scotches, kersfeys and tweeds..
In blue, brown and maroon colors From
48c to 98c.
it v^ifi&J ,t JV-.
Hand Needle-
Work as
"Flat-Iron Faking."
of Sight. ifoSdr 0W*t
But such shrinking or stretching, t^rdugh beat
and moisture, does not remove the defects they
The Flat-iron merely dopes them temporar ly
so the garment can be "sold on its looks.71
And, the first few days of damp weather on
which that garment is worn, the shrinking re-
laxes, and the stretching contracts.
was "doctored."
Then the coat reveals the Diseases for which it
Shoulders get lumpy and sloping.
Collars "set away" from the neckor bind
it so tightly that they produce a seeming hump
on the back.
Lapels bulge out at one side.
Sleeves twist around or pinch under the arms.
Coat fronts wrinkle diagonally, etc.
How are you to know a Coat "doctored" by
the Flat-iron before you buy it?
This is how you may know a "Sincerity Coat,"
free from these hidden faults, in any Clothier's
Observe the man in the picture!
Note how he lays the Coat on the table.
Now see the straight line of Collar, where it
turns over, and along its outer edge.
That straight line is proof positive that the
Coat has been cut correctly and hand-stitched into
its final shape without Flat-iron faking.
A "doctored" Coat will show a full wavy outer
Gordon's flannel band patent pull-down caps
in kersey, worsted and fancy suitings, $1.00.
Special MondayNotwithstanding the heavv
advance of seals, we will offer the genuine
XXX Arctic seal caps college or Detroit
shapes. Caps worth up to $15. Special
Monday, $10. *..**$%
The Model makes of new fur band, caps, show-
ing the best grades of imported overcoat and
suit patterns. In the new *Pike, Golf and
Jockey styles with selected rat band, $1.00*.
jggijjjfr sii?wfab&%$lfav"f^l3^M!l ffi%f- ^f^a^A.-f-iA-*
HERE arc lots of Clothes shaped
by the hot Flat-iron instead ofjby
permanent hands titchtng~
Because the hot Pressing-iron i&
"the ready Doctor" for Refects
"in the Making of Clothes.'*
With it the fuitess |n aa^
stretched seam may be temporarily shrinks
$** ^-".tai4******
3, H. T.Y&CBL, Freiidnt GEORGE E. CRIST, Vice Preuidtpt. J. L. DICKINSON. Secretary.
J. F. NICHOLSON, Treasurer. M. NOBDSTBOM. Director.
a JFJ.
THE MINNEAPOLIS JOU&tfAt. Sunday, November 12, 1905
cerity Clothes"
And the Maker Needle-Work Test.
Maii Orders
On Sale in
*y/** edge of collar, or a curving line at turn-over,
$?.!( when held in thip position,
"trif And, no matter how well the "doctored" Coat
may fit you when you first put it on, there is
always a risk that the first damp day's wear will
defotm it, and Caric^tHE^the, Wearer A
costs moriey*to insure against^^every -defect
fmWship permanently with expert hand*
needfawlfyk mstead of with the tricky Flat-iron.
An^^fraffijust \rw we insure our Sincerity
Clothes ^Ciotfc can^t^Ss forked up like metal.
It can't be slamped out, and made into good
Clothes by machinery, which gives rigid uniformity.
N two Suits or Overcoats are ever made
precisely alike, though cut from the same piece of
cloth and off the same set of patterns.
Defects of some sort will creep into almost
every garment in the making.
These defects can be "covered" from sight, at
the cost of a few cents, by Flat-iron faking.
And, that's how 80 per cent, of them are cov
Or they can be permanently removed by "Sin
cerity" Stitching.
Now, we don't claim to make the only good
clothes in America.
But, we do turn out, we believe, the most
uniformly good Clothes every Garment of which
must infallibly hold its shape till worn out.
It costs time and money and supervision to put
such Shape-Insurance into the Garment through
Sincere hand-stitched Revision.
Now, if Shape-Insurance, and Sincerity Tail
oring, are worth anything to you, you had better
look for the label of the "Sincerity Clothes"
Makers on your next purchase.
That label reads
at the
Boys' storm calf shoes, extra heavy soles
every pair absolutely guaranteed Klondyke
eyelets. Worth $2.50. Special, $2.
Men's genuine vici kid, Goodyear welt, con
gress shoes, soft, easy, sensible shoes, hub
gore. Special price, $3.00.
Men's first quality pure gum rubber boots
absolutely waterproof, the best boot shown
On the market today. Special for Monday,
J. Defective Pag
Sincerity Suits $15.00 to $30.00
Sincerity Overcoats $15.00 to $35.00
Showing the most complete line of this
celebrated make in the northwest.
The Best Boys' Store
Offerings for Monday
Children's overcoats in brown, gray and green
mixtures, rich overplaids and black with
fancy trimmings and belts brass or plain
buttons ages 3 to 9. Special Monday, $2.45.
Children's long coats or short cut reefer effects:
with high or velvet collars in plain gray
oxford, kersey or solid blue and brown mel-
ton. Embroidered silk emblem on sleeve,
'$2.90 to $3.90.
Boys' double-breasted suits for dress or school
wear splendidly tailored, with trousers well
lined and strongly reinforced. Monday spe-
cial, $1.90.
Children's suits in Eton and Norfolk effects
stylish, warm and dressy garments single
or double-breasted styles in fine all wool
serges, cheviots, novelty weaves and home-
spuns. Sizes 3 to 9. From $2.90 to $4.90.
One of the greatest assortments of boys' over-
coats shown in the city. In browns, grays,
blacks and fancy mixtures. Single or dou
ble-breasted. With or without velvet col
lars. Ages 8 to 16. $2.90 to $5.90.
Young men's suits in double or single-breasted
styles, in cheviots, serges, solid browns or
fancy worsteds or the desirable gray mixed
patterns. Handmade buttonholes and col
lars lined with the very best worsted lining
sizes-from 14 to 20. $9.75.
Young men's overcoats, double-breasted or sin-
gle-breasted or belt backs in fancy overcoat
ings or solid patterns in kerseys in full box
back, long full cuts. Sizes 15 to 20. From
$5.90 to $15.00.
75c and $1.00 boys' short pants, 45c. Sup
plement the old coat with a pair of these
pants and you will have a practically new
suit made from heavy, dark colored cassi
meres and cheviots all made with strong
waist bands and taped seams. Sizes 4 to 16.
Shoe Bargains From
Basement Shoe Room
Men's high top waterproof shoes, lace or blu
cher style, with bellows tongue heavy or
medium soles, rubber inner soles, waterproof
interlining all sizes A shoe that is worth
$5. Special, $3.50.
Men's box calf street and dress shoes, hand
welt, white oak soles smooth inner soles
perforated tips straight or swing last. The
best on the market today for $3.50.
Men's felt shoes high or low tops rubber,
leather or felt soles, rubber heels felt lined
^throughout. $1.25 $2 $2.50 and $3.00.
Men's and boys' calf shoes bal or bluch^r
I style wear-resisting, hand-sewed double
oak soles. Made like the more expensive
kinds. Special, $2.50.
Boys' Army Shoes full double sewed and
nailed soles solid leather heels and coun
ters, sizes 2Y2 to 5. Special, $1.69.
Men's Goodyear glove rubber footwear in
arctics, overshoes and pure gum rubbers
they "possess many distinctive features not
found in other makes, and will easily out
wear two pairs of the ordinary kind.
Priced from 75c to $2.50.
Men's satin calf shoes double or single soles
full leather counters a good, strong, service
a able shoe. Worth to $2,25. peciaL. $1.50.

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