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Millard May Hold Key to Kate
Reform Situation in the
By W. W. Jermane.
Washington, Nov. 11.Where does
Senator Millard of Nebraska stand re
garding the railroad rate policy of
President Roosevelt? Upon the answer
to this .auestion probably depends
whether the report of the senate com
mittee on interstate commerce, to be
made to congress in December, will show
& majority for or against the president's
plan.' Millard is a capitalist in sympathy
with railroad interests, and himself
prominently identified with railroad
ownership. It has been assumed all
Elkins chairman the committee in
opposing the president and in fact he
threaten to desert him. There is par- or
liamentary advantage attaching to a
majority report on any measure pending
before congress, and naturally Mr.
Elkins wants that advantage for his
opposition bill. It really, however,
makes little difference which side gets
a majority, as the proposition will be
fought out on the floor of the senate
without reference to how the committee
stands. Mr. Elkins' chief interest in
this Millard case grows out of the fear
that if an old veteran like Millard is
threatening to weaken, other senators
may do the same thing and thus show
that the senate is unable to stand up
against the wave of reform which is
now sweeping over the country.
The senate committee on interstate
commerce is made up of thirteen mem
bers, five of whom are democrats. Seven
are a majority.
Millard Odd One up about as fol
lows on the Tail
road questions:
For the PresidentCullom, Dolliver
and Clapp, republicans, and Tillman,
Carmack and Noands, democrats to
tal, 6.
Against the PresidentElkins^ Al
drich, Kean and Foraker, republicans,
and Fopter and McLaurin, democrats
total, 6.4."
Senator Cullom was supposedly with
the Elkins people until a few weeks
ago, when he announced that he had
seen a great light, and must hence
stand with the president. Sena
tor Cullom is a candidate for re-elec
tion, and his fate will be determined
by the legislature Illinois will elect
next fall. His campaign for re-elec
tion has been under way for several
Similarly, Senator Millard has a cam
paign coming on next year for return
to the senate
so he may be lost to the railroad side
of the senate argument.
The committee will meet in Wash
ington Nov. 21, to hear a little addi
tional testimony and prepare its report.
The friends of the president's policy!
on the committee will report substan
tially in favor of his plan. The Elkins
crowd will report in favor of some
measure which they will call a compro
mise, and which will probably, to be
gin with, concede everything the presi
dent asks, excepting that the interstate
.commerce commission shall have power
to name a new rate and put it imme
diately into effect. As to this particu
lar feature, which is the crux of the
entire controversy, t$te Elkins people
are expected to recommend some plan
providing for passing the matter up
to the courts, in accordance with the
position outlined by Senator Foraker
in an address made by him in Ohio dur
ing the late campaign.
Senator Gamble of South Dakota
Lad a long conference with President
Eoosevelt today. At its close he de
clined to discuss
Gamble with the what had been
talked about, but
Presidetn from other
sources it is
for Rate Reform learned that
much of the time
was pent in a careful review of the
railroad rate question as it will pre
sent itself in congress this winter.
Senator Gamble gave the president to
understand that ne was with him to
the full 'limit, and that the people of
South Dakota were with him, also.
Asked -tonight regarding the senatorial
struggle now under way in South Da
kota/Mr. Gamble declined to be in
terviewed, but his friends in Washing
ton are responsible for the statement
that he feels certain of success. It
may be said independently of Senator
Gamble's visit to the White House
that the president is taking a lively in
terest in all states where there is
promise of an issue next year, which
will test the sentiment of the people on
the rate question. It is the belief of
administration leaders that this ques
tion will soon be uppermost in several
senatorial campaigns, no matter what
congress may do this session. Senators
Cullom and Millard, in Illinois and
Nebraska, respectively, both originally
pro-railroad in sympathies, are already
feeling the force of public opinion,
and' the former has been compelled to
take a pronounced stand with tne pres
ident, while Millard is thinking of dolT-DI'AI
ing the same thing..- It is easily pos
sible that the same issue may be made
in South Dakota, especially with .Sen
ator Gamble takin the pronounced stand
tjiat be does in favor of the president's
pjolicy. So far as the president is con
cerned, these issjjes are welcomed for
he wants the popple to have an oppor-
tunity to go on record. It is his opin
i ion that wherever the issue is raised,
he will be indorsed, whether in the
election of senators or representatives.
Politicians in this city are calling at
tention to the fact that Secretary Shaw
is the only member of the president's
cabinet who took
Shaw Alone Was the off-side in the
recent campaign.
Off Side Secretary Bona
parte fought a
in Recent Campaign finish flight with
his old enemy,
Senator Gorman, in Maryland. Secretary
Taft did some valiant work for reform
in Ohio, and Secretary Hoot let his
voice be heard in favor of turning the
rascals out in New York and Philadel
phia. Secretary Shaw, however, went up
and down thru Ohio and Virginia
preaching party regularity and advocat
ing standing by Boss Cox and Boss
Everybody Else, so long as that boss
^^laxT control of the party machinery. In
S addition to this, Shaw talked in favor
of the present tariff and said that high'
prices were a blessing. The politicians
arc saying that his attitude has not
ftf#helped his presidential candidacy.
ft 1
Sydney Canadian minister of
Plum on
is understood to have said as much sev- Pointed, seven or eight years ago, it,
eral months ago. More recently, how
ever, he has been hearing fro Ne
braska rural districts and it has been
made to appear to him that those dis
tricts expect him to support the presi
dent. As a result^ it is understood that
he Is now in a sad condition of wobble.
has recentl returned to
Ottawa from a tour of inspection of
American irrigation projects, and ex-
First News Section.
ing as it is in the "United States., how
ever, and the. real work of construction
may not begin for many years. Ob
viously, there is no need of reclaiming
land for agriculture until all the land
adapted by natural conditions to agri
culture has been taken up.
Senator Carter of Montana would like
some man from Montana appointed to
the commission to revise the criminal
laws of the United
Carter is After
in a
worried, and wants to know if any other f the commission. He said that with
members of the committee upon whom t? might alonbut a year or two longer
presses himself as convinced that there
is* as great a future for irrigation in
western Canada as in this country. The
reclamation service here has ^received
copies of a newspaper containing an
interview with Mr. Fisher, in which ho
says very complimentary things about
the American system. It is believed
here that the Canadian government is
almost ready to begin some preliminary _....,_
movements towards irrigation west of to, reject them if they were Wrt^ satis-
Winnipeg.. The demand is not so press
States, in succes-
sion to Ales. C.
Botkin, deceased.
It is understood,
however, that the
Revision Board.
along that he would stand with Senator ^J" g Xf Carter was heard
IWIL- O. f.ho,-**
made up his mind regarding this ap-
commission was ap-
th* /.nmmit.tAfi. in pointment carter neara from. WheDeiores thi commissiowas was ap
i was generally .stated that it would com-1
or two. Thie -ready
members of the commission now at work
are former Bepresentatives K. Wat
son of Ohio and William D. Bynum of
i Indiana. Mr. Bynum has called upon
wherefore Senatorw Elkins is greatly the president to speak about the work
he has been depending are going to sion ought to finish its labors in three, i
help of a young man, the commis-
Altho only four days intervene be
tween now and the date set for the
opening of bids for the sale of timber
on the White
White Earth Sale Earth Indian res
ervation, Presi
dent Roosevelt has
not decided the
controversy e
tween Senator
Clapp and Secretary Hitchcock and
CommissioWer Leupp oyer the terms of
the sale. Since the conference between
these gentlemen and the president at
the White House last Wednesday week,
the subject has not been mentioned by
any one of those here who participated
in it. Neither the secretary nor Com
missioner Leupp has even asked the
Before President
Poll of Senators According to tne president when' he is likely to render a
latest poll that' decision. The president's* delay, how
has been made, the! ever, has created the impression at the
committee is lined interior department that he intepds to
let the matter rest for a time, on the
theory that when bids are opened next
Wednesday they Trill be found to be
so advantageous as to satisfy Se'n&tor
Clapp, or, on the other hand, so unsatis
factory as to demand rejection.
If the latter proves true, the sale
will be readvertised, probably with
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IWMIlriillJlH l-At-rfl
factory to #iim, but this offer was re
fused, as were all others so long as
the monopoly feature of the regula
tions was permitted to remain in force.
It was*said at the department today
that no consideration has been given to
the proposition to postpone the sale, in
the event that the president does not
act before next "Wednesday, but it was
hoped that he would take some action
before the date of sale.
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some changes in regulations in accord- commission rnamed' abov^ hejd its first
awce with suggestions made to Senator meeting, it found that all the infor-
Clapp and not accepted by him. There mation needed was at hand in the rec-
is also a possibility that if the bidaare fords of -the several departments,
Senatpr Tom Carter of Montana wants
to be placed on the senate committee
on irrigation, and hints that he would
not object to be^
Carter Willing to ing made its chair
man. This last
Take Part in intimation is based
upotn the-fact that.ai
Irrigation Work th committee is
satisfactory to -the department, thay could be ^fathered by their respective
will not be accepted until Senator Clapp special agents Mr. Purdy, by reason
has been consulted.',. An offer vjas made of his position in the department of
during preliminary conferences at the justice, had access to information re-
interior department^ by the secretary, lating to prosecutions for fraudulent
t_. submit the bids to the senator and naturalisation! Mr: Campbell of the
orffanize in
four prominent members hav
ffone'out Jf ubl
Northsi Dakota is al membefr
ofp thi
and if
a lac
comm the rthe a
i tee would contain two
th like
than all
combined,m have opposed
nt's plan of administering
reclam ation fund. Neither senator
0hie Engineer Newel, of the re
io]&service, and both would like
months, otherwise the work legislation enacted which would
retire him or minimize his influence.
It is probable that the investigation
into naturalization, which has just been
completed by a commission composed
of Milton D. Pur
Purdy Commission's dy of Minneapo-
lis, assistant to
Work Has the attorney gen
eral Mr. Cfcimp
Oost Twelve Dollars bell of the im
migration bureau,
and Mr. Hunt of the passport bureau
of the state department, has cost the
government less than any inquiry of
a similar nature undertaken' for many
years. The actual expense was $12,
and that was for binding several copies
of the report, which was not even print
ed, as it was confidential in nature and
intended only for the use of the pvesi-,
dent, to guide him" in any recommenda-1
tion he may make to congress. When
the question of making an investiga
tion, with a view to correcting immi
gration evils, was first broached, a
proposition was made in congress for
the appointment of a commission and
the appropriation of $10,000 for sala
ries and expenses but inquiry showed
that good results could T)e obtained
by a commission composed of officials
in several of the departments, thus
saving all extra expense. When the
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is embodied in a report of about 200
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modification of present laws which will
insure to naturalized citizens of the
United States prdtection abroad, and
to the United States the naturalization
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ing our ports.
immigration bureau was in a position
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John Paul Jones' original commission. Issued
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Be Their Guests Next.
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with Camden Place camp, No. 6734,'
Thursday., evening. Nov.. 16.
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Minneapolis by District Deputy Head
Consul B. C. Olds in June. 1904, the
first meeting being held wifn Minneapo
lis camp, No. 445. This scheme for cre
ating greater enthusiasm among the
membership of the Modern Woodmen of
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two hundred policies have been placed in
the hands of the committee- in charge.
Neighbors G. W. Reilly of Danville, iB.,
and A. N. Bort, Belolt, Wis., both of
whom are members of the board of direc
tors, will be present at.this meeting to
give the members advice and encourage
ment. The final arrangements for the
event will be made at a business meeting
of league delegates to be held Wednes
day evening, Nov. 15, at 320 Nicollet ave
The officers of the Promotion league
are: B. C. Olds, vice president F. W.
Van Dwyne, secretary. A new president
is named at each meeting of the league,
the venerable consul of the next enter
taining camp being chosen.
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