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I 1
North Dakota Solon Says He Was Only
Desirous of Having a High-Class
Engineer in Charge and President
Has Seen to This Without Amend
ment to Law.
Senator HaWsbrough of North Da
kota, who was in St. Paul yesterday,
denies the report from Washington
that he is going to try for an amend
ment to the irrigation law this winter,
which will take the work out of the
hands of the interior department. He
8ays the present organization1
of the
work, with a competent engineer to
supervise the bureau, is satisfactory,
and he has no intention of trying to
change it.
In an interview Senator Harrabrough
stated the situation to The Journal
as follows:
"The facts are about these: When
the irrigation law was passed in 1902,
the work was placed under the interior
department. What has since been
known as the reclamation bureau was
organized out of the employees of the
geological survey. There was a gen
eral feeling in congress that the gov
ernment, having entered upon the recla
mation of arid lands, the very best en
gineerin'g talent of the country should
have charge of the work. There was
some doubt, whether well-founded or
not, about the capacity of the geogra
phers and hydrographers of the survey
bureau, and their fitness for this im
portant service.
"As chairman of the committee on
public lands, I had had charge of the
irrigation law. By reason of this fact
I felt a verv deep interest in its suc
cess. I had no doubt in my mi'n'd of the
importance of securing the best engi
neering abilitv so I introduced the bill
creating the office of supervising engi
neer of the reclamation service. This
was done after consultation with Presi
dent Roosevelt.
Some of the members of the recla
mation service objected to my bill, and
devoted themselves very strenuously
during the entire session to preventing
consideration of it. The irrigation
committee was quite evenly divided on
the measure, and the session adjournted
without any action.
President Took Action.
"The necessity for an experienced
engineer of high attainments appears
to have been deeply impressed on the
president's mi'n'd, and about a year ago,
being advised by the attorney general
that he had full authority under the ir
rigation law to do so, he appointed Mr.
Grunsky, who had been on the Panama
canal commission, anci who was an en
gineer of pronounced ability, to the
position which I had sought to create
in my bill. Very naturally the reclama
tion service was greatly displeased with
the action of the president, and thru
what may be termed the literary de
partment of the service, this displeas
ure was extensively paraded in the
newspapers, the president being severe
ly criticized for his action. It was
charged to begin' with that when I in
troduced my bill to create the office of
supervising engineer, my purpose was
to take the reclamation work out of the
hands of men who were appointed un
der the civil service law, and to place
it in the hands of some man who would
build up a political machine. This
charge was enlarged upon' from time
to time, until numerous senators and
representatives were brought into the
alleged conspiracy.
Very naturally the literary bureau
of the reclamation service was greatly
embarrassed when President Eoosevelt
himself, a famous stickler for civil
service methods, came to regard the sit
uation as I did, an'd Mr. Grunsky was
froWn'ed upon as an interloper. Noth
ing has since transpired to confirm the
dire apprehension of the reclamation
service. I am sure that.in the appoint
ment of Mr. Grunsky, the president
had no thought of building up a politi
cal machine. Nor do I believe that Mr.
Grunsky himself had any idea of that
kind. I am glad to know that the
reclamation serviee has concluded \o
work in harmony with Mr. Grunsky,
and feel confident that they will work
together without friction."
The October number of the Western
Architect is devoted to the description
and illustration of the capitol at St.
Paul. It is a volume of illustration
and description that in quality of pho
tographs as well as in typographical
elegance is one of the most notable
publications yet produced in the west.
There are over one hundred photo
graphic views printed on separate
sheets of plate paper and distributed
thru the text. In the former two plates
sixteen inches long show the building,
and in the text are arranged all the
superb paintings, making a volume of
upwards of 200 pages, all printed on
the heaviest enamelled paper, of which
nine tons was used in producing the
As a frontispiece a superb view of
the capitol from the southeast is used.
This is followed bv a general descrip
tion of the capitol decorations by
Elmer E. Camsey, the artist upon
whose general design and scheme of
color the work was based, and whose
individual work in cartoons and lu
nettes is in evidence everywhere thru
out the building. This article is fol
lowed by An Artist' Impressions of
the Capitol," by Kenyon Cox. While
Mr. Cox is represented by but one
painting, that over the entrance to the
eupreme courtroom, his work as an
author-artist in many fields is known
the world over.
Interspersed thru the thirty-two
pages or these thoroly descriptive and
intensely critical articles are the works
of the artists who have each had a
share in painting the pictures- that
adorn every appropriate wall space.
Both Mr. Camsey and Mr. Cox place
special emphasis upon, the vast.educa
tional importance. of the capitol. i
Pianola Concert First Bill of Metropoli
tan Music Company.
With a pianola concert next Thurs
day evening the Metropolitan Music
company will open its Tecital season
of 1905-06. The program includes sev
eral interesting numbers, among ..the
best of which is the Grieg Sonata for
the violoncello, which will be played by
Mr. Carlo Fischer, the soloist on this
occasion. The program is as follows:
"Kammenoi-Ostrow" Rubenstein
(a) "Bfirneole." "The Waterways of
Venice" Mlldenberg
(b) "Water Nymph" Nevin
"Sonata In A Minor" Grieg
"Allegro Agitato."
"Andante Molto Tranqnlllo."
49 Mr. Fischer.
Tone pictures from MacDowelT's compositions,
(a) "Ittylle."
(b) "To a Water Lilv."
(c) '"The Eagle."
(d) "From Turitan Days."
(e) "The Joy of Autumn."
(a) "Romanze in Flat." Golterman
(by "Scherzo" (by request) Van Goens
Mr. Fischer.
'Polaeca Brilliante in A Flat".... Bohm.
Metrostyle interpretation by the composer.
Interesting Volume Gives "The Facts
About Railroad Rates."
"The Facts About Railroad Rates"
is a little pamphlet of 180 pages now
receiving extensive circulation, pre
sumably from railroad sources. The
contents of the volume seem to indi
cate the direction of the circulation
towards big shippers. The volume has
an exhaustive index of several pages
giving the key to any point in tlie'
series of articles of which the book is
made up. On the back cover is im
printed a diagram showing the railway
income, where it goes and who gets it.
The schedule is based on official sta
tistics for 1903. It tends to show that
employees and dealers get 64.48 per
cent and owners only 8.52. i
The front inside page is devoted to
one paragraph from President Roose-1
velt's message of Dec. 3, 1901. It reads: I
It must not be forgotten that our
railways are the arteries thru which the
commercial lifeblood of this nation
flows. Nothing could be more foolish
than the enactment of legislation which
would unnecessarily interfere with the
development and operation of these
commercial agencies." This appears
to be the text of the subject matter
of the volume.
Further than this there is no indi
cation of authorship or paternity. Some
of the chapter headings are as follows:
"Benefits of Present Status "Evils
of Governmental Rate-Making," "Re-
sults of Present Status," "Effect of
Changing Price .Levels," "Capitaliza
tion, Ownership, Revenue and Expendi-
ture," "The Interstate Commerce
Commission," "Effect of Legislation
Such as the Eisch-Townsend Bill Pro
poses," "Selections from Thousands of
Protests," Railways in Foreign Coun
Special to The Journal.
Sioux City, Iowa, Nov. 11.The Iowa
Federation of Women's clubs has decided
to boycott Iowa jobbers until the state
passes a pure food law.
Flannel economy.
TJANCY printed flannelettes extra heavy, in rich designs and
colorings, suitable for house gowns and l'?'/4r I^P
Special values at per yard v*lJ
Cream domet flannel soft and fleecy, yard. -3%C
Mill remnants fine outing flannels in light and
dark colorings good lengths per ft^4/^
yard while it lasts.
EAR after year the making of
Christmas gifts has increased, and
this year there will be more of it than
ever before, if indications are true.
The new embroidery and the revival
of the old is what has mainly brought
it about. Designing and stamping to
short order is done at the best shops
now, and miladi may have her half
formed idea filled out and made into
a design to suit her taste almost
"while she waits."
Undoubtedly the prettiest embroid
ery of the season, also the latest, is
"Reticella." To an uninstructed eye
it looks like a marvelous combination
of Irish crochet lace and raised French
embroidery. But that is the judgment
'of a hereticit is "Reticella," and
not to know "Reticella" is equal to
confessing an ignorance of "Pom-
It makes the best showing for the
least work of anything I have seen.
Especially is it to be admired in sofa
pillows and glove and handkerchief
The most effective of the pillows is
covered with soft India silk, crushed
into puffs irregularly in two, three or
more rows about the edgethe pillow
should be round or nearly soand the
"Reticella" embroidered cover held
over it with bewitching bows of rib
bon to match the silk. Yellow, pink
and violet are beautiful. The advan
tage of this kind of a pillow is that
the cover can be washed as easy as a
handkerchief, and is beautiful till it
is worn in, shreds.
11-4 white wool blankets, fine grade
special price at this
sale, per pair
11-4 fine gray wool blankets, splen
did quality special price flC
at this sale, per pair tfstt^)
11-4 fine white wool blankets an
extra value at this fljff OCL
sale, per pair Pt/wD
A special discount on all other
Size 9x12 ft. Regular $37.50 Sale $25.75
Size 8.3x10.6. i Regular 34.00 Sale 23.25
Size 36x63 ins. Regular 6.00 Sale 4.75
Size 27x54 ins. Regular. 4.00 Sale 2.75
9x12 ft. Regular 70.00 Sale
Size 9x12 ft. Regular 37.50 Sale
Size 9x12 (ft.
Best all woolf ingrain carpets your
choice froiii six handsome
terns. Beiular price
75c,Sale price per yard.
Heavy cotta^a stair carpet bright
pretty patterns. Regular priee
15c,Sale jprice per Qtf
Speoial to The Journal.
Butte, Mont., Nov. 11.Without
training or experience in the growth of
beets, the farmers in this section who
made the trial, developed splendid re
sults. So rapidly has this industry
spread that a company was organized,
known as the Billings Sugar company,
in which local capital is well represent
ed. Today there is being erected a
plant that will handle the product of
10,000 acres.
Thus this city has secured an indus
try .that promises to become one of the
greatest in the country. The company
binds itself to pay $5 a ton for beets,
and as every acre yields from fifteen to
twenty tons of the product, it will
mean that from $750,000 to $1,000,000
Silk superiority.
Demonstrated again Monday.
UR black silks are of the finest qualities made in
America the Windham, Windsor, Moneyb'ak,
Winterthur, Phoenix and Gros grain taffetas are the
standard black taffetas, having no equals for service,
luster and beauty.
Moneybak taffetas a're giving better satisfaction to
women who are "hard" on silks than any other
95 per cent of "Moneybak" purchasers cannot be per
suaded to buy any other quality.
20 inch "Moneybak" taffeta, $1.00
26 inch "Moneybak" taffeta, $1.25
34 inch "Moneybak" taffeta, $1.50
The York Silk Co.'s 36 inch black taffeta is as far sTT"
perior to all taffetas sold at $1.00 as "Windsor" a
is compared with any flJl Off
at, per yard [)JL*rfft}
Gros grain taffeta, 36 inches wide, at $1.35not adver
tised to any great extent because the manufacturer
is so far oversold all the time that we are unable to
secure any quantity at a time. We fl O
have four pieces for this week per yard. JpX- 5
All silk colored taffetaall silk crepe de chenefancy
taffetas, and $1.00 fancy silk A
velvets special, per yard cJv/C-
Blankets under makers cost. |Jnii]
Bedding department, third floor.
A LARG-E and unusually good purchase of about, one thousand pairs wool
blankets, from some of the most reputable manufacturers, is why we
offer you this very timely opportunity to buy fine quality wool blankets
at less than mill prices!
11-4 gray wool blankets, heavy warm
grade special price at
this sale, pair
11-4 extra fine white wool blankets
special price at this flJ^2 #^rf^
sale, per pair Pv?VJV/
11-4 extra fine white wool blankets
heavy grades special sale prices,
per pair, $7.50
11-4 extra fine gray wool blankets,
fine heavy grades special prices,
per pair, $6.O0 and $7.00.
12-4 extra fine white wool blankets
full size, heavy grade sale prices,
per pair, $5.75 and $7.25.
Great November rug r carpet sale.
Qn Monday and Tuesday, November i3and i4, we will offer a special
selection of rugs at unprecedented low prices the sale prices averaging
below the regular -wholesale prices paid by^ dealers.
A THE GREAT ''DAMAGE SALE" held only a few months ago we closed out every domestic
rug in stock at that time. Therefore you will appreciate all the more the extraordinary values
quoted when you realize that the rugs offered in this sale are all fresh, new stock of the latest de-
signsnot old/shop-worn, out-of-date goods such as are frequently advertised at so-called "special
sales." In addition to the selection mentioned below, we will give
Size Size
Regular 30.00 Sale
Size 8.3x10.6,. Regular 25.00 Sale
-Size 36x72 ins.-Regular 4.50 Sale
Size 9x12 ft. Regular 12.00 Sale
Size 9x10.0, Regular 10.50 Sale
25.75 22.00
3.25 9.75
Carpet specials Monday
Hemp carpets in plaids and stripes
our regular lotv price 16c,Spe-
cial for this sale per
yard lie
Granite ingrain cVrpets several
choice patterns to select from.
Special price per O/i
yard (MrfxC
will go into direct circulation among
the farmers in this locality. It means
the raising of a cash crop, the great
desideratum of the farmer, enabling
him to secure needed money at the
right time, so that he may hold his
other crops for the most favorable
Sugar beets are not hard to raise.
The company gives the farmer one of
the most liberal contracts ever writ
ten, agreeing, among other things, to
furnish field men to superintend and
instruct in beet culture and to secure
labor, usually Sussians, peculiarly
adapted, to this sort of agriculture.
Without risk of any sort, the agricul
turist is guaranteed a cash crop for
five years, this being the length of the
yard. yard.
yard. Lowest prices.
rugs in our immense stock.
27x54 ins. Regular $1.75 Sale $1.27
9x12 ft. Regular 16.50 Sale 11.75
9xi0.6. Regular 12.00 Sale 8.75
30x60 ins\ Regular 1.25 ''Sale .95
Size 9x12 ft. Regular. 27.50 Sale !9.75
Size 8.3x10.6. Regular 25.00 Sale 18.00
Size 27x54 ins. Regular 2.25 Sale ,1.49
Size 9x12 ft. Regular 4.80 Sale 3.36
Size 9x10.6. Regular 4.20 Sale 2.95
Size 7.6x9 ft. Regular' 3.00 Sale -2.17
Size 6x9 ft. Regular'"" 2.40 Sale ...1.68
about one-third off. t^
l' signs.1
THE MINNEAPOLIS JOURNAL] Sunday, November 12, 1905.
IS with much pleasure we an
nounce that ."Sunburst" silks
have arrived. The thousands of
sample cards that were mailed from
New York city have caused' us a
great deal of worry by the failure
of the goods to arrive on schedule
time. However, they are now on
display*-in large/assortment at our
popular lining dept.
The difference between "SUN
BURST" silks and other 35c lin
ings is thisthe.threads used in
r "SUNBURST" are mercerized
before being woven and are there
fore permanent i finish, and re
contracts. Everyone availing himself
of this opportunity absolutely knows
what his income will be from a certain
acreage of his ranch. Soil, climate and
irrigation all insure success.
The establishment of this great plant
means much to the future prosperity
of this town. It will give employment
to 500 men and result in adding at
least 3,000 to the population.
Special to The Journal.
Glenwood, Minn., Nov. 11.More
than $300 has been contributed by
Glenwood people to a fund for Mrs.
John Kemp, who was' terribly burned
while vainly trying to save her baby
from the flames a few days ago.
The quality centre for silks, dress goods, and wash fabrics.
lining silks.
iJ4K their lustenr after being
"Washed. Others are finished after
being woven and are not as bril
liant or soft.
Having finally decided to put" them
in stock, after careful investiga
tion of the maker's claims, we
shall establish the lowest price
that "SUNBURST" silks can
possibly be sold at ^^Lx
per yard 0!^C
500 new trimmed hats.
nnHESE are all in the late Easterti styles every one made with that touch
of "finis h" making them distinctive from the general medium price
hats. The best materials only were used by the designers, giving us the
right to quote them as good values at $5.00 up to $10.00.
They have been arranged in three large groups for Monday's selling at
$2:98, $3.98 and $4.98
New breastsnew ostrich feathers
new violets, roses and foliage
new birds new wings new
quills all at
Hemp carpets regular price
12 y2 c,Sale price per yard.
Imported English linoleums a spe
cial selection of1 beautifu65c,Spfc- new de
,/-cial price per scfuare f4' /4i\^9
ff^yard ^,".r..
Five hundred new hats for children,
in a large assortment of natty
styles values range up to $2.00
Choice 19c.
500 long camel-hair tams,velvet caps,fine cloth caps,and children's
trimmed Continental hats. Splendid variety to select from,ranging
values up to $1.48 in the usual way in the
POWEES waychoice
Best $3.00 qualities,
patterns, at pair..
Best .-$rl.& qualities,
patterns, at pair..
Best $1.'50 qualities,
patterns, at pair..
Best $1.75 qualities,
patterns, at pair.
Best, $2.00 qualities,
patterns, at pai*.
^Best $2.25 qualities,
patterns, at. pair.
,Best $2.50 qualities,
patterns, at pair.
Best $2.75 qualities,
patterns, at pair.
Best,v$3.00 qualities,
patterns, at pair.
Best $3.25 qualities,
patterns, at pair.
assorted assorted }A\ f..
assorted assorted
assorted assorted assorted assorted j.
Sioux City Wants Next Meeting of
Brotherhood of Toemen.
Special to The Journal.
Sioux City, Iowa, Nov. 11.If this
city does not get the next national con
vention of ,the Brotherhood of Ameri
can Yeomen, it will be no fault of the
members of the lodge or the Commer
cial club.
The convention will meet at Colorado
Springs Nov. 21, and will be attended
by H. W. Pitkin ^Erom the local lodge,
W. R. Shirley and a member of the
Commercial club. They will go with
instructions to capture the next meet
Injunction Is Sought Against Threats of
Journal Special Service.
Chicago, Nov. 11.The circuit court'has
been asked to issue an Injunction to pro
tect a dog from death by poisoning. The
writ was applied for by Carl Sauer and if
granted will be directed against Charles
A. Crell and Celia A. York. The com
plainant declares in his bjll that he fears
they will carry out their threats and he
asks the court to enjoin from "poisoning
or attempting to poison" the dog, which
is described as a valuable animal.
Wilmington, N. C, Nov. 11.In the
United States court today Henry Scott,
the third of the negro mutineers, who
murdered the officers of the schooner
Harry Berwjnd, was convicted of mur
der and sentenced to be hanged on Jan.
26. The jury in his case was out two
days before agreeing. The execution of
the three sailors will take place the same
day, the other two having been convicted
and sentenced three days ago.
Starkweather, N. D., Nov. 11.W. C.
Briggs has been appointed deputy col
lector of customs, stationed at Hans
Colored dress goods.
Unmatchable values Monday.
OR Monday we have prepared three large tables of
50 to 54 inch cloths that are especially desirable
for separate skirts. They consist mostly of gray and
mixed materials, still there are quite a number of
plain cloths, such as broadcloths, panamas and pru
nellas. The values range $1.25, $1.50, $1.75 and $2.00,
but for Monday they will be sold at, per yard
98c, $1.25 and $1.48
Waistings seem to be gaining favor and we will make
a few special inducements for Monday.
All wool French batiste, in cream, light blue, pink,
Alice, champagne, navy, brown, rt/\
reseda, tan and red at, per yard (mt\y%Z
Extra firm and fine tricot flannel jjl desirable
colors ah extra value at 0^1^
per yard farOC
All wool albatross,all wool nuns veiling,all wool
figured challies choice Q/\
per yard.*.:.-. 3c/C
Figured French flannels in a large line of very new,
pretty patterns in floral and Persian designs, that
sell regularly at 75c and 85c
Monday special, per yard. TbyG
Why Suffer Agony Any LongerWhen
You Can Get'a Quick, Sure Cure
for Your Pile* by Simply Send- ]J
ing Your Name and Address.
Suit case bargain
ENTTINE cowhide suit cases extra deep tempered steel
frame in body and lidr heavy leather corners with large bell
riyets improved brass lock and catches, with one-inch straps
all around body, best swinging*handle:
linen lined, with straps in body and lid.
The greatest bargain in cowhide suit cases
ever offered! A POWEES special at
Prices $1.00 to $3.50 each.
An expert fitter is always at hand to assist you in selecting the proper
model for your particular need.
Comfort for the eyes worth
more than the price of glasses.
Our thoroly experienced and reliable opticians examine eyes carefully, and.-'
make glasses that are absolutely perfect and satisfactory in every way.
Solid gold spectacles or flCS f\f\ Bi-focal glasses for far ffiO ^*IVt
eyeglasses price PcS*V/vF or.near seeing price nyfmtm^jXJ
Repairing of glasses quickly, thoroly and economically attended to. Arcade, rear.
Second week great lace curtain sale
A tremendous purchase from the best factory in the world larger
than was ever bought at one time by any four stores in the northwest
15,000 pairs on sale at half and less than half value.
HpHIS great quantity consists of hand- TN ORIGINAL and beautiful patterns,
some Cable Nets, French Guipures, including all of the very latest nov-
Point de Beige, Arabians, Nottinghams, elties in Renaissance, Colonial, Gothic
Madras Weaves, Venetian Points, etc. and leaded glass,designs.
Monday morning, November 13, begins the second week
of the greatest lace curtain sale ever held in the twin cities.
Extra salespeople provided everyone will be promptly waited on. Come in the forenoon if possible.
f? 63c 75c
88c 98c
1.25 1.38 1.48 1.63
Best $3.50 qualities, assorted
1,. patterns, at pair..
/'Best $3.75 qualities, assorted
patterns,^at pair
.^Best $4.00 qualities, assorted
:}p\ patterns, at pair
^w,:^ splendid exhibit of regular stock, curtains. }1|
Best $4.50 qualities, assorted
patterns, at pair.".
Best $5.00 qualities, assorted'
patterns, at pair
l* Best $6.00 qualities, assorted
patterns, at pair
3est-$7.0p qualities, assorted
patterns, at pair.
i ^f.Best $8.bo qualities, assorted
patterns, at pair
'"'.Best $9.0.0 qualities, assorted
"|^.Ptfaifl at pair
',/Best $10.00 qualities, assorted
ft patterns, at pair
I Our superb fall stock of Point Arabes, Clunys, Real Arabians, Marie Antoinettes, Arabian Latfelfc, Renaissance,"
*$??- Irish Points, Brussels,.Battenburgs, Bonne Temmea, and many high art novelties,, shown In magnificent va-
riety, surpassing all competitorsin breadth of .assortment, choiceness 6? selection, and in unequaled values.
Trial Package Is Sent Absolutely Free
in Plain Wrapper to Everyone Who
To let a surgeon operate on you for
piles is foolhardy. I is suicide. The
moment you cut into those tender mus
cles you throw away ten years of your
life in energy, life-blood and vigor, be- _.
sides rendering a sure cure of your^
piles almost impossible.
The wonderful Pyramid Pile Curd
makes an operation, unnecessary. You-1
cure yourself With perfect ease, ift*
your own home, and for little expense.
EST apron gingham blue -checks
in the right sizes 7c value
special price,
per yard
Pyramid Pile Cure gives you instant"?'
relief. It immediately heals all.sores
and ulcers, reduces congestion and in-^
flammation, and takes away all pain,'
itching and irritation. Just a little or
the treatment is usually sufficient to,
give a permanent cure.
Pyramid Pile Cure fe prepa/ed in the-.4
form of suppositories BO they can be. S
applied directly to the parts without,,
inconvenience, or interrupting your
work in any way.
We are sending a trial treatment free
of charge to everyone who sends name
and address. We do this to prove what
we say about this wonderful remedy
is true:
After you have tried the sample
treatment, and you are satisfied, you
can get a full regular-sized treatment
of Pyramid Pile Cure at your drug
gist's for 50 cents. If he hasn't it.
send us the money and we will send
you the treatment at onee, by mail, in
plain sealed package.
Send your name and address at once
foT a trial of this marvelous quick,
sure cure. Address Pyramid Drug Co.,
6439-Pyramid Bldg., Marshall, Mich.
dress goods.
Eomnants of fine corded 36 inch
madras and percales all white
grounds, printed in neat designs
12^c values, special Q^
price, per yard C^t
Remnants of cotton cashmeres in
solid black only good lengths
15c value, special
price, per yard 8c
Printed sateen foulards in good
lengths all dark grounds, neat
patterns 20c value
G. ."tapering waist"
corsets fit and stay fit.
rpHE IDEAL combination of style and comfort is fully realized in the
new tapering.waisi'' models of the well-known B. & G. corsets.*
The graceful slope to a well-defined waist line, distinctly characteristic of
the latest designs, is produced and artistically accentuated by E. & G
"tapering waist" models.
Made in a number of styles in high and low bust. Every pair guaranteed.
special price, per yard. Afci
Best printed double-fold superfine
flannelettes in up-to-date designs
the 18c grade, spe: Olil^
cial price, per yard. ..A
1.88 1.98
2.25 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00

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