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joined the opposition in the fight
.^or the
republicanmuch evendiscussed."- '^uit naturally been
ClQSC Yie^Cbf:i:heJssM
Norway Referendum
'he Journal's Correspondent in Christiania
Tells of Some of the Hitherto Unobserved
Features of the Pre-election Discussion
Points upon Which the Battle Was Fought.
By S. C. HAMMER, Special Correspondent of The Journal.
Christiania, Norway, Nov. 18.
klT* HE political interest in Norway
I the past fortnight has been ab
sorbed by the public discussion
|ni monarchy and republic. Today and
Yesterday the people have been voting
and long before this letter will reach
you the cable will have informed you
of the final result of which no one is
in doubt, altho the republicans have
niade up their minds to reduce the ma
It was at the end of October that the
storthing by 87 votes against 29, passed
the proposal by which the government
was empowered to invite Prince Karl
Of Denmark to ascend the vacant
throne of Norway on the condition that
jjihe people by a referendum on Nov. 12
nd 13 gave its assent. This new refer
endum has been the pivot of the discus
sion among all ranks of society ever
since Public speakers have flooded the
Jcountry from the frontier districts in
southeast to far up in the north. In
'Christiania there have been regularly at
^eas.t five meetings every night for the
^ast two weeks and in Bergen and
jfDrontheim two or three. The popula
tion of the small towns along the
Christiania fjord and the nearest in
land districts has been invited to pub
lic meetings two or three times a week,
id last Sunday halls were emptied and
filled several times during the evening
in several places.
Members of the government and
Btorthing, lawyers, teachers, 3ournaliBt8,
business men, clergymen, doctors, en
gineers and others have appeared on
xthe platform, for in Norway every one
lis capable of talking politicseven if
me is capable of nothing else. The
journals have contained nothing but
Reading articles, manifestos and reports
from meetings and announcement of
new meetings where new information
j-was to be had on the important ques
tion at issue. In short, monarchists as
^well as republicans have been working
under a high pressure which rivals some
of the most agitated periods within the
^memory of living men.
I Discussion Practical.
IiOokxng at the discussion impartially,
%t cannot be denied that it has evaded
he temptation to degenerate into a bar
Sen academic discussion on monarchy or
a'epublic. On the contrary the discus
|sion has taken a decidedly practical
|turn. The public speakers as well as
|the papers have treated the question on
|the basis of the actual political situa
tion and backed up their views by argu
ments fetched from our national devel
opment, our political and social institu
tions, the present position of trade and
industry, etc. This proves better than
mythmg that our nation has adopted
lonarchy only from practical reasons
ind even the monarchists have assured
is that the new monarchy was only a
stage of transition to the republic and
that in case of the invitation to Prince
[arl being refused by the nation, all
)arties would rally under the banner
the republic.
The reason why this question of mon
irchy or republic has arisen at all is
lore interesting, as it throws a light
)n things which have been practically
mknown to the general public until the
present discussion. This applies espe
cially to the events connection with
Tune 7, from which it is necessary to
New Revelations.
As will be remembered, the storthing,
the decision on that date, committed
the Norwegian government to "exer
ise the power vested in the king by
the constitution and othei laws with
the alterations necessitated by the
inion with Sweden under one common
ing having been dissolved and the
ring having ceased to function as Nor
wegian king." This resolution was
asse unanimously. In the subsequent
iddress the storthing made the famous
'Bernadotte offer" which some time
ago was refused by King Oscar, after
ie had pleased to keep us waiting for
answer for nearly five months. It
tvas this address which was passed in
the storthing by 112 votes to 5.
The question now is: Is this deci
sion of June 7 and the address to King
scar two isolated facts or is there an
jrganic connection between them which
BtampB both of them with a common
principle. In the former case June 7
mde UB 'entirely free with regard to
jur future form of government if the
Jernadotte offer was refused in the
latter case the monarchy continued to
Bxist as Norway's form of government
idependent of the fate of the Berna
Idotte offer until a king was again
On this entirely national platform,
rhich has nothing to do with the theori
tical question of monarchy and republic,
fcan important part of the battle has
jeen fought. It has been asserted by
lembers of the government, among
them Mr. Miehelsen and Mr. Loeviand,
that it has never been intended to drop
the monarchical principle and Mr.
terner has emphasized the same stand
joint. On the other hand it has been
isserted by the leaders of the opposi
tion, that in the secret night meeting
jf'June 6, when King Oscar was de
)OSed and the union with Sweden dis
ed, sixteen speakers rose in defence
lof the republic without opposition from
lany member within the assembly, while
khe premier himself expressed his
fassent to the view that the nation
|ghould be unbound if the Bernadotte
ffer was refused. In the same con
ection it may also be mentioned that
unnar Knudsen, minister' of finance,
ho also was of the opinion that the
ation stood free, has resigned office,
which has
A "Sign of Contradiction."
For my^own part I have never been
doubt as to this question. From what
have heard and read in the public
discussion as well as from private con
^Versations I have been more and more
onfirmed" in the view that the Berna
Jdotte offer was only a question of
Secondary importancea sort of a
to make the decision df June 7
lide off more smoothly, tho it was
IbWious that later on it would turn a
as Iflh.
on the car of the republic. In I
there is reason ta believe th&tj
I Jfchis question will stand out as a "sign
of contradiction" in Norwegian history
until the passions of the present genera
tion will have had time to cool down.
It wiH then be proved whether tho
monarchists or the republicans have
misunderstood the situation. For either
party says it wants to preserve the*
constitution we only /disagree as to
how this is to be done.
Against this general background the
whole discussion must be seen. It ex
plains the hurry of the monarchists and
the advice of the republicans to take
it coolly. Both views have their natural
explanation. If we have a monarchy
why not get a monarch at our early
convenience and wind up our political
crisis by raising the ancient throne
of Norway on our own soil, from which
it was removed nearly 600 years agol
If we are not a monarchy, why turn
headlong into a system of which, but
for the few months in 1814, we have
no practical experience in our ownof
country owing to some 600 years' inter
val since the death of last national
king of the Haarfagre Line (1319),
while on the other hand we have got
quite 'unaccustomed to the whole royal
.These questions are well worth con
sidering, and the interest with which
they have been embraced shows that
the electors are fully aware of their im
portance. It is quite natural that these
questions and other arguments of a
more theoretical naturefor instance,
important question of the relative
economy of republics and monarchies
are rather hard nuts to the electors,
and there can be little doubt that if
the discussion could have been carried
on for at least another fortnight we
should have seen another result than
the present one.
All Loyal to the King.
Notwithstanding this it is the firm
resolution of the Norwegian republicans
to take up a fair and loyal position
towards the new king on his arrival
in Norway. This position is dictated
by common honesty as well as by polit
ical prudence, for it is an ancient cus
tom in this country to let every man
have a fair chance. In this connection
an important statement made by Mr.
What Sulphur Does
For the Human Body in Health and
The mention of sulphur will recall to
many of us the early days when our
mothers and grandmothers gave us our
daily dose of sulphur and molasses
every spring and fall.
It was the universal spring and fall
"blood purifier," tonic and cure-all, and
mind you, this old-fashioned remedy
was not without merit.
The idea was good, but the remeclv
was crude and unpalatable, and a large
quant effect,
quantity ha- to be taken to get anypiano,
Nowadays we get all the beneficial
effects of sulphur in a palatable, con
centrated form, so that a single gram
is far more effective than a tablespoon
ful of the crude sulphur.
In recent years, research and experi
ment have proven that the best sulphur
for medicinal use is that obtained fr ror a
Calcium (Calcium Sulphide) and sold
in drug stores under the name of
Stuart's Calcium Wafers. They aie
small chocolate coated pellets and con
tain the active medicinal principle of
sulphur in a highly concentrated, ef
fective form.
Few people are aware of the value
of this form of sulphur in restoring
and maintaining bodily vigor and
health sulphur acts directlv on the
liver and excretory organs and purifies
and enriches the blood by the prompt
elimination of waste material.
Our grandmothers knew this when
they dosed us with sulphur and
lasses every spring and fall, but the
crudity and impurity of ordinary flow
ers of sulphur were often worse than
the disease, and cannot compare with
the modern concentrated preparations
of sulphur, of which Stuart's Calcium
Wafers is undoubtedly the best and
mest widely used.
They* are the natural antidote for
U\er and kidney troubles and cure
constipation and purify tae blood in a
way that often surprised patient and
physician alike.
Dr. E. M. Wilkins while experiment
ing with sulphur remedies soon found
that the sulphur from Calcium was
superior to any other form. He says:
"For liver, kidney and blood troubles,
especially when resulting from consti
pation or malaria I have been surprised
at the results obtained from Stuart's
Calcium Wafers. In patients suffering
from boils and pimples and even deep
seated carbuncles, I have repeatedly
seen them dry up and disappear in four
or five days, leaving the skm clear and
smooth. Altho Stuart's Calcium Wa
fers is a proprietary article, and sold
by druggists, and for that reason ta
booed by many physicians, yet I know
of nothing so safe and reliable for con
stipation, liver and kidney troubles
and especiallv in all forms of skin
disease as this remedy."
At any rate people who are tired of
pilis, cathartics and so-called blood
"purifiers," will find in Stuart's Cal
cium Wafers afar safer, more palatable
and effective preparation.
Dr. Humphreys' Serenty
Seven breaks up Grip and
A chill or creepy feeling Is the first
si#n of a fresh Colda i-dngle dose of
"77" at this time will break the chill.
If you wait for the Fever, the pains
in the Head, Chest or Back, the Oongh,
Influenza or Sore Throat to develop
then many doses of "77" are required,
but the use of "77" will surely break
up your Gold.
ts-A book on Dr. Humphreys' System
of Cure mailed free.
Humphreys' Hbmeo. Medicine Co., Cor.
Micfcelsen in a.public speech in thi?
city last Saturday night is worthy of
mention. Tfye prince had wished td
come to us in the darkest hour of the
Karlstad negotiations, but owing to cir
cumstances "beyond his own power
him to join us at the critical Juncture.
Now he had wanted to come but only
on the condition that his election was
preceded by a referendum.
It was this referendum which was
taken on Nov. 12 and 13, and which,
especially in this city, became some
thing of a popular event with large
crowds in the principal streets, public
cheering, etc., which reminded one of
Aug. 13.
"Pharoah's Daughter,*' the won
derful illusion which mystified great
crowds on the Pike at the St. Louis
exposition, where $1,100 was paid in
a single day by persons eager to seeseriously
it, is to be on free exhibition during
this week at the New England on the
second flow of the panorama build
ing of the New England. Seven exhi
bitions will be given daily, each
starting on the even hours from 10
a. m. to 4 p. m. Owing to the time
required to construct the apparatus
the first presentation Monday cannot be
given until 2 p.m.
The curtain parts to reveal a scene
leafless trees and rushes, in the
midst of which stands a white marble
statue of the, daughter of Egypt's ruler,
holding before her in a basket the in
fant Moses.
Gradually the face takes on a rosy
flush, the shadowy outline of flowers
begins to show in the basket and thepam.
stony eyes "become the radiant, black
orbs of a lovely girl. The infant
fades away completely, giving place to
a basket filled with fresh roses, while
the palms and other surrounding trees
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The put forth foliajfe and blossoms,
last vestige of stone disappears and a
sprightly young woman comes forward
to the footlights.
After giving everyone convincing ev
idence of her humanity, she retraces her
Gradually the flowers grow less
and less distinct, slowly fading away.
The soft folds of her gown assume the
rigid lines of cold stone the rosy,
smiling lips harden into rough hewn
marble the infant Moses' reappears in
the basket and alL the trees die, with
the sole exception of the palms, which,
curiously enough, continue to wave
their green fringed boughs.
As the young woman turns back into
stone, a volunteer from the audience
is placed beside her. This person will
likewise undergo startling transforma
tionwill be turned from something
into nothing, will fade into thin air
as completely as escaping steam passes
invisible vapor.
Distinguished Actor Convalescent From
Congestion of Lungs.
New York Herald Special Service.
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disposed for some time, but insisted
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Cured Most Effectively by the Use of
whaled through the
Taken internallyt, applied as a compress on the
Salubrin Inhaler..
Being harmless and invigorating to the system,
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Everywhere. v?/
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