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By, Martha Anderson Wyman. i
Chicago, i)ec. 1.There has been a
narked holiday dullness observable this
week and. only the football game fur
nished any excite
Ferment and Then merit. That kept
_.- the region of the
a Joy. university in, a
There seems to be a disposition of the
gas company to settle .the dispute on the
price of gas by agreement
Gas Company Is
to End Dispute
M. Jusseraud, French ambassador to
the United States, is to visit Chicago
this month as the official guest of the
U^T$rsi'ty of Chicago and of the Alli
ance Francaise. JuBSeraud will give
the university convocation address Dec.
19, and in the evening will be tendered
a reception and banquet at the Aixdi
torium. The arrangements are being
made by a committee of 100 prominent
men, with Hobart C. Chatfield Taylor
at its head.
Resume of the Week's Affairsh
City, with Gridiron and Turkey
in the Lead.
.,forme until
Unto a Delirium Thursday and in a
delirium of joy
since. Quite aside from its sensational
score it was a notable battle that will
be recounted, for years by the specta
tors. The spirit of Thanksgiving was
omewhat dampened for economical
housekeepers by the extreme price of
turkeys and cranberries, without which
no Thanksgiying feast could give com
plete satisfaction. First-class turkeys
sold at 22 tents a pound and were
snapped up at the price and choice cran
berries were 15 cents a quart, nearly
double what they brought last year.
The advance in turkeys over normal
holiday prices was about 5 cents a
pound. Other poultry held at about the
usual price and many fat chickens were
sold in place of the usual turkey.
whether it will
agree to any
basis acceptable
to the city does
not yet appear
plainly, but at all
events the com
pany's representatives express a great
aversion to litigation and strife. Very
interesting in connection with the stir
tip is the large display advertisements
that appeared in all the important Sat
urday atv'd Sunday newspapers calling
attention to "gas users' privileges," in
which it was set forth that the com
pany, of its own volition, maintained a
large anS expensive staff of experts
whose services were at all times at the
command of its patrons gratis for the
purpose of keeping all appliances for
the burning of gas up to their highest
efficiency. The company says it will
ingly and gladly does everything neces
sary to the care of ranges, etc., except
black them, blacking not contributing
to the efficiency of the service. The ad
vertisement also complained that in
stead of calliWg on the company for the
corrective services of these experts peo
ple went around abusing the company.
The existence of this corps of experts
was news to most of' the gas iisers and
undoubtedly the advertisement will be
of much service to them, no matter
whether the corps is maintained "as a
matter of philanthropy or business
An important feature of Chicago
club life id the lectures, most of which
are of an instructive character. The
series of club lec
Lectures Form tures and recitals
is made possible
Strong by the large mem
bership of the
Club Life Feature clubs, ranging
from 300 to 1,000
In the' more important organiza
tions. Most of the dubs are lo
calized, the members belonging chiefly
in one section, but there are some gen
eral clubs like the Woman's club and
the fortnightly meeting in the central
part of the city and drawing their mem
bers not only from Chicago but from
the nearer towns of the state. Miss
Frances Densmore of Minneapolis was.
lecturer this week at one of the leading
clubs, the South Side club, giving in
lecture recital form a cycle of Indian
songs, consisting of primitive, ceremo
nial, warpath, battle and social songs.
At the election of the Jackson Park
sanitarium, Mrs. "Wilbur N. Coleman
was re-elected corresponding secretary,
an office she has filled with conspicuous
success for several years. Mrs. Cole
man is a sister to Mrs. J. 0. Buchanan,
the well-known Minneapolis clubwoman,
and spent much time in Minneapolis
previous to her marriage'. She ife a
prominent member of the Arche club
on the South side, representing it in
the model lodging house committed, of
which she is chairman. The Jackson
Park sanitarium is housed in the old
a Rabida convent, which was part of
the Columbus exhibit' at the world's
fair in 1893. Its work is exclusively
for children and mothers and last year
it cared" for 1,744 sick children, 1,193
fresh air children and 'over. 1,000
Last Sunday the national headquar
ters of the "Women's Christian Temper
ance union at Evanston witnessed a no
table gathering of world's and national
officials who gathered there to celebrate
temperance Sunday. Among those who
spoke, were Mrs. Lilian L. M. Stevens,
national president and world's vice
president Miss Anna Gordon,
world's secretary Mrs. S. M. I Fry,
national corresponding secretary and
formerly president of the Minnesota
union, and Miss Margaret "Wintwringer,
national secretary of the Loyal Temper
ance legion.
On Sunday the second large Christian
Science church to be dedicated in the
city was opened with appropriate ex
ercises. It is the
Christian Science Fourth church, an
organization six
Church years old, and the
tv edifice is on Har-
'i Is Dedicated vard avenue and
Sixty -seventh
ttreet in Ehglewood. The church is
large, its dimensions being 100 by 134
feet, and practically the whole of the
main floor is thrown into the auditqrium.
On the ground floor are wide foyer, spa
cious Sunday school room, offices and
reception rooms. The finish is birch
enameled white with mahogany trim
jnings, while the decorations are is
ivory and gold, the scheme being con-
i mitt' wfe&
sistent with the Greek type of archi
tecture used. The building cost $.00,-
000. This is the fifth church building
to be erected in Chicago by the Chris
tian Scientists since 1897, and all are
structures of unusual size.
Chicago not only has a large number
of effective neighborhood improvement
associations, but a league where they
get together and counsel each other
and do propoganda work. At the last
league meeting plans were formulated
for next season. Prominent among
these was the purpose, of forming
leagues in the poorer sections of the
city, many of which are without
churches or settlements. In such quar
ters the use of schoolhouses for meet
ing and lectures will be asked for.
Among the lines of work being pushed
by the auxiliary associations are clean
streets, garbage disposition, billboards/
the use of the schools for public meet
ings, and the smoke nuisance.
A very frequent question asked of
the newcomer in a place is "how does
this place compare with your old
home?" I have
Declares Chicago
in the Windy
not yet had time
nor opportunity
to make anything
hu the most frag
mentary observa-
tions, but I was
Behind Flour City
much interested in a very positive
opinion expressed the other day by a
woman formerly prominent socially in
Minneapolis who has lived in Chicago
long enough to speak with assurance.
She said: "Socially and in the qual
ity of its artistic development as re
vealed in its home I consider Chicago
very much behind Minneapolis. There
is a terrible sameness about the en*
tertaining, which is lavish but very con
ventional. There is one continual round
of the same old things year in and
year out. There is a lack both of so
cial leadership and of ideas in those
who essay to lead. In interior decorat
ing the same dullness and lack of in
dividuality prevails and the proportion
of elogant homes with any distinctive
quality is wofully small."
In some small matters they do things
better in Chicago than in Minneapolis,
however, I have discovered, and one
thing is the han
In Some Ways dling of milk.
Where formerly
Tho, the standard was
very low, the rec
Chicago Is Leader ords show a com
plete change and
my experience has been a pleasure, for
when I pay for cream I get it of rec
ognizable thickness and good flavor.
Milk costs 7 cents a quart with no dis
count for quantity. Cream comes in
bottles as small as a quarter pint that
just serves nicely for the breakfast
coffee of two people. Thei ticket sys
tem is not used instead you have
tacked on the frame of your back door
a record sheet with a line for each day
in the month with spaces for making
all the different sized bottles of milk
and cream. The housewife marks each
day what she wants and perhaps does
not see the milkman more than once or
twice a month when he comes to collect
the amount indicated on the sheet.
Ice costs more per hundred in Chi
cago than in Minneapolis, but as it is
sold entirely on the coupon book plan
I doubt whether people generally pay
as much per month. Altho there is a
slight variation in price the usual price
is $5 a thousand pounds. The coupons
are issued for fifty pounds, but 25-
pound pieces are sold. While in sum
mer the- consumer's bills would un
doubtedly run rather high at times, in
cool weather fifty pounds will last a
week in a small refrigerator, making
the expense very small.
A Great Physiologist
Once Said That the Way to Keep the
Stomach Healthy Is to
Exercise It.
But He Did Not Tell How to Make I
The muscles of the body can be de
veloped by exercise until their strength
has increased manifold, and a proper
amount of training each day will ac
complish .this result, but it is some
what doubtful whether you can in
crease the digestive powers of the
stomach by eating indigestible food in
order to force it to work.
Nature has furnished us all with a
perfect set of organs, and if they are
not abused they will attend to the
business required of them. They need
no abnormal strength.
There is a limit to the weight a man
can lift, and there is also a limit to
what the stomach can do.
The cause of dyspepsia, indigestion
and many similar diseases is thai^ the
stomach has been exercised too much
and it is tired or worn out. Not ex
ercise but rest is what it needs.
To take something into the stomach
that will relieve it from its work for
a short timesomething to digest the
foodwill give it a rest^ and allow it
time to regain its strength.
The proper aid to the digestive or
gans is Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets,
which cure dyspepsia, indigestion, gas
on the stomach and bowels, heartburn,
palpitation of the heart, and all stom
ach diseases.
Rest and invigoration is what the
stomach gets when you^use Stuart's
Dyspepsia Tablets, for one grain of the
active principle in them is sufficient to
digest 3,000 grains of food.
The Tablets increase the" flow of gas
tric juice, and prevent fermentation,
acidity and sour eructionB.
Do not attempt to starve out dys
pepsia. You need all your strength.
The common sense method is to di
gest the food for the stomach and give
it a'rest.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets do not
make the cure, but enable the organs
to throw off unhealthy conditions.
Perfect digestion means perfect
health, for under these conditions only
do the different organs of the body
work right and receive the building-up
material found in pure-blood.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are a
natural remedy and are a specific for
stomach troubles. The ablest physi
cians prescribe them.
The Tablets are pleasant to the taste,
and are composed of fruit and vege
table extracts, golden seal and pepsin.
At all drug stores50 cents per
S^ -A.
A 5 Per Cent
Correct in every detail, representing the best ideas for this
season, absolutely perfect in finish and workmanship.) Our
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Found elsewhere.//:'
Will be allowed on all goodtf
purchased this week.
W.G. S
Russian Crown Sables
Natural Hudson Bay Sables
Northern and Eastern Mink
Royal Ermine arid Chinchilla
In every fashionable design and combination.
Silver Fox, Black Fox, White Fox and Sable Fox, Lynx,
Baum Marten, Siberian Squirrel, Black Marten compose
the most comprehensive assortment and largest stock of
neckwear and muffs ever shown in this city.
Prices Most Reasonable
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Our stock 13 overflowing
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We absolutely guarantee
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antee our prices to be as
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gestions you have been
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unuragBBunnB $1.50.
C. GOLD & CO.'
"GARLAND" Stoves and Ranges will not "burn out," but will heat and cook per*
fctly, and will Bare fuel, aave repairs, save worry, save money.
Th Builders' Hardware Co.
Distributors for Rosswin Unit Locks. Garland Stores, New Era Paint.
505-507 Washington Ave. South
We Are Exclusive Minneapolis Agents for Garland Stoves.
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Furs of Us NOW
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Much of the drawing power of a Journal want ad depends on the way it
is worded. It is always well to tell as much of the story as the reader will
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