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York Boss Says
Peace Is at Hand,
Him on Top.
Era of
few York Herald Special Service.
New York, Dec. 2.Speaking with
|-9he confidence of a leader whose grip
I the party machine has been strength-
s' ened, chuckling
(it Odell Talks as over the defeat of
Jiff, Senator Piatt, and
^li Tho Grip poking fun at
Quigg, Olcott,
fWere Strengthened Barnes, et al., for
rner Governor
I Ibdell today declared in an interview
ithat the next legislature will repeal the
Inortgage tax law will grant.the de
li fmand for ballot reform and will pass
'& aws**making insurance safer and cheap-
0. policyholders.
"O ves, th era of peace and good
here," said Mr. Odell,
leaning back in his chair at headquar
Sers and puffing at an unusually long
fbigar. "Everybody in the republican
arty with a few exceptions^ is happy
0ver the prospects of Mr. Parsons' elec-
'i\ afcion as head of the New York county
Committee. Mr. President is delighted,
the governor is satisfied, Senator Piatt
5s contented, William Barnes, Jr., is
iresting under his own vine and fig tree,
jand I am happy. With such a distin
guished bunch of non-resident munici
pal reformers banded together in peace
ful concord, there is no reason why the
flocal republicans should give them any
^further concern about their own af
fairs. The only ones I know of who
%re at all disgruntled are Lemuel E.
fiQuigg and J. Van Vechten Olcottand
fflt'm really sorry for them.
|j "Now that such happy conditions
flbrevail, us forget politics and work
for the of the communi
ty. Fo all ought to get
^together to hold iip the hands of the
{legislature, which will soon assemble.
itlLet us get the mortgage tax repealed
|plet us get ballot reform, and, above all,
Met us get laws passed to make insur
lance cheaper to the policyholders, and
^absolutely safe. The legislature is
fieady and willing to do all these
Mrs. Virginia Gondert Benedict won
Spa victory today in her suit against her
C. |'father-in-law, E
Benedict Beaten
in Court
by Son's Widow
Benedict, the re
tired millionaire
banker, to recover
$10,845, the value
of stock securities
she. alleged h^r
husband., had-given
her .before his
Ideath, but which the banker had re
gained in his possession! The jury
'awarded her $11,745.75, which included
fjthe sum sued for and the costs of the
ftrial. Mrs. Benedict was widowed in
October, 1901, when her husband, Fred
erick Benedict, was killed in an auto
mobile accident. She never got any
thing from her father-in-law and there
i*was some bitter litigation. She was
lone of The beautiful daughters of F^ed
ferick B. Coudert.
Three men, said to
3L thousesmiths, attacked with knife and
$ Revolver Charles H. Scott, a special I
i watchman for the
new buildiitg: ~p$
the American Tjif
Can ^company!
I' where non-union1
3 a Lone Watchman men have recently
I- replaced iistrikihg
^unionists, today. The contractors^
|post & McCord, have had previous
^trouble with the strikers, and a
Striker Trio
I'days ago heavy damage was done to
the work by cutting supports to the
derricks, causing it to fall.
Scott was stabbed in the- ribs,? and
*three shots were fired at him, but none
ftook effect.
All three of the assailants were ar
frested. They gave the names of Ed
sward Lynch, David Marks and William
Scott has been on duty at the build
ing since the cutting of the derrick
I supports. He has seen union: pickets
jabout the place and they have jeered
*at him, but they had not attempted
Sarah Bernhardt will present a play
here that was written for her by Miss
*.Constance Lounsberry, niece of Mrs
?-1, Dick Lounsberry,
Bernhardt Will who is a daugh-
*ff| ter of J. Ben Ali
Give Play Haggin. The play,
i\l American Girl (The Swing), is an
eighteenth centu
*rjr comedy in one act, suggested by
i|tne famous painting by Froganard. It
j2will be presented with La Femme de
i|Claude," at the additional matinees,
ytMme. Bernhardt playing the man's role
fan Seylor the girl's. Miss,Lounsben
|ry lives most of the time in Pari3,
|but often comes to New York to visit
&!her relatives. She is a graduate of
jBryn Mawr, and has already written
j'jsome clever verse, of which "An Isuelt
|*Idyl" and "Dehlia" have attracted
,|Jhe most attention. She is now in
|3STfcW York to see Bernhardt present
Jsiher play, and will present a book of
1 John H. Biheldaffer, one of the most
Harry Rotiger of Jamaica, a law
Jfyer, was today sentenced to seven
J|years at hard labor in Sing Sing by
Judge Humphreys
1 Judge Sentences in the Queens
&,r county court,
%i Man Long Island City,
when the lawyer
Long His Friend was brought in
J? for sentence after
pleading guilty to absconding With
$1,400. Rotiger was well known to
fjudge Humphreys and the members of
|the Queens county bar. Rotiger had
Ipharge of the estate of Mrs. Annie
-IBiggins. Last spring he disappeared
Iwith $1,400. He was located in New
ifj'ersey and persuaded to return. He
jfpleaded guilty of grand larceny in,the
'Jfirst degree. I
J^ In sentencing him Judge Humph
reys said in trembling tones: "It is
I fan unpleasant duty to pass sentence on
lyou. I have known you for seven years.
have tried to bring myself to -think
fthat a light sentence would meet your
|case. Duty compels a severe' sentence.''
'(Rotiger is 28 years old and has a wife
!*~nd three children.
The American Bible society has just
freceived a gift of $300 from a man to
jwhom forty years ago, while lving a
l-wounded soldier in the hospital of
[fVicksburg, a New Testament was giv
Ipn. He wishes the monev to be used
f^soon as possible in placing the gos
jaj*ese hospitals.
Unaniminty to Prevail in Com
ing Convention of, the
Irish Party.
Journal Special Service.
Dublin, Dec. 2.Unanimity is ex*
pected to prevail at next week's na
tional convention of the Irish party.
William O'Brien continues to assail the
existing management of Irish political
affairs, but: it is not likely that his
campaign..will obtrude itself upon the,
convention. Even if he should seek
to mar the proceedings, it is doubtful
whether he could accomplish more than
a diversion.
Tjho Irish people will be ably repre
sented in the coming meeting. They
wjant the opportunity afforded by the
present condition of English politics
to be fully utilized and are command*
ing their representatives to avoid dis
sensions. The party is prepared for
the general election and it is expected
that the convention will perfect this
preparation by showing a solid front
to the enemies of home rule.
John Redmond will lead the party
in the new parliament. Everything
promises that he will have the stout
est support, both in the commons and
the constituencies. He hopes that the
liberals will offer a winning program
to the British people and thus retain
power until they can dp something for
Absolute home rule remains the
tie cry of the Nationalists
ne y.
neither revolution nor evolution if the
result means the perpetuation of anyi
part of the system which is now de
populating the country. The hotels are
filling with people who have arrived
to attend the convention. The polit
ical atmosphere is more dynamic than
at any time since the days of Par
Only Six Offenders Arrested Yesterday,
Making Low-Water Mark.
Yesterday and all thru last night
only six men were arrested in Minne
apolis for drunkenness. This estab
lishes the low mark for arrests for
po ii
eral months and
expect dull season will
continuec for Somethe- months. Th lum
ber-jacks have been the principal of
fenders in the drunkenness class and
with the shipping season for the lum
ber: camps closed, the city is practicallv
rid of, this drinking element.
During the month^of November there
were 329 arrests for drunkenness at
the central- station.
Piles Quickly
Cured at Home
Instant Belief, Permanent CureTrial
Package Mailed Free to All
\i'-v in Plain Wrapper.
Piles is a fearful disease, but easy to
cure if you go at: it ripht.
An operation with the knife is dan
gerous, cruej, humiliating and unnec
.essaryV 7'' V^v-
Ther is.just one other sure way to
be cured^painless, safe and in the
privacy ofiyour,owii homeit is Pyra
mid VFae^6ureJ
We mail a trial package free to all
who write.
It ,will give'you. instant relief, show
you the harmless painless nature of
this great remedy and start you well
on the way toward a perfect cure.
Then, you can get a full-sized box
from" any druggjst for 50 cents, and
often one box cures.
If the druggist tries to sell you
something just as good, it is because
he makes more money on the substi
Insist on having what you call for.
The cure begins at once and contin
ues rapidly until it is complete and per
You can go right ahead with your
work and be easy and comfortable all
the time.
It is' well -worth trying.
Just send your name and address to
Pyramid Drug Co., 8545 Pyramid Build
ing, Marshall, Mich., and receive free
by return mail the trial package in a
plain wrapper.
Thousands have been cured in this
easy, .painless and inexpensive way, in
the'privacy of the home.
No knife and its torture.
No doctor and his bills.
All druggists, 50 cents. Write today
for a free package.
Quickly Dissolved and Removed With
out Danger by Waraer' Safe Cure.
Stone in the bladder Is one form of kid
ney troublea sign that the kidneys are
so diseased that they are no longer able
to 'remove all the uric: acid and other
poisonous waste matters out of the blood.
The uric acid accumulates in the blad^
der and forms into little lumps or stones,
which pass away from time to time in
the urine. If they are at all large they
seriously injure the delicate tissues of
the urinary organs, causing inflammation,
great weakness, and not infrequently con
vulsions and death.
When the gravel becomes so large that
it cannot be passed the uric acid backs
up through the blood, poisons the whole
system, and the sufferer dies in terrible
There is only one way to prevent uric
acid poison, and this is to dissolve the
gravel without delay and get it out of the
system by taking Warner's Safe Cure, the
only medicioe that can be taken with
saf et*v
gravel, or stone in the bladder Bright'*
disease, diabetes and every other form or
Kidney disease. It acts on the delicate
tissues of the/ kidneys, removes the dis
eased, worn-out parts, and replaces them
with live tissue purifies the blood, stimu
lates the circulation and awakens the
torpid liver assists digestion and tones
up and strengthens the whole body en
ables every organ to do its work properly,
and fulry.
Nearly every man and woman has the
germs of kidney disease in their system,
and should make a test of the kidneys
at least every two or three months.
-Let some urine stand in a glass for 24
hours if it is cloudy or-smoky, or if par
ticles float in it, or if there is a reddish
brown sediment, your kidneys are dis
eased and there is not a moment to lose.
You should begin taking Safe Cure at
once. It is absolutely pure, made entirely
of herbs, contains no dangerous drugs, is
pleasant to take, and is. prescribed by doc
tors and used in hospitals everywhere.
Safe Cure is sold at all drug stores. 50
cents and $1.00 *a bottle.
et in the hands of wvounded soldiers in WARNER'S SAFE PILLS move the
bowels gently and aid a speedy cure.
If after making this test you have any
doubt as to the development of'the dis
ease in your system, send a sample of
your urine to the Medical Department,
Warner Safe Cure Co., Rochester, N. Y.,
and our doctors will analyze it and-send
you a report, with ^advice and medical
booklet, free.
They are worthless and very often ex
ceedingly dangerous. Ask for Warner's
Safe Cure it will cure you.
Lad Stafford Suggests
Portable Z[heater- Plan
The Inventor.
I see,", said''Lac. Stafford yester
day, "that St. Paul's new Auditorium
ij to be flexible, so as to accommodate
audiences of 3,000, 5,000 or 10,000.
Good idea thatwhen they get a small
house,aroundmoveeaudience, just the walls ins ad wrap
them th so a to make
nic 6 an
0 col I
ibl flats,
ia bedrooms,compresseed- andt self
lising kitchens that they have in New
RANGEExactly like" cut. This
range, famous ,the world over, has
newest improved features which have
greatly increased its durability and
perfection in baking and cooking.
Has high warming closet, folding tea
shelves and poise oven doors. It is
fitted with a duplex grate for burning
of coal or wood. Large oven of non
warpable construction, insulated at
exposed points. Hart- 0*ffi Rf|
man's special price.. tprSiCTW
Full nickel trimmed $25-50
Terms $2.50 cash and $2 monthly.
DRESSERSMade of selected oak,
hand polish finislv-large^ -French
bevel" mirrorbeautifully carve'd
mirror frame, cast brass trimmings,
patent casters. Hartman's special
$1.25 Down 25c Weekly. osass2*
^.,.t i(^,j,_.^jsfe ^#V^-*,i!^*t'*.'.*v''
York to meet the exigencies of the sim
ple life on a condensed scale, the idea
may not be impracticable.
"Now I' ve got a new idea for Min
neapolis-a portable theater. Since
my" connection with the show. business
in the last dozen yearsy^there have- been
built twenty-one, or ij^it^wenty-two,
theaters in Minneapotis-^on paper
perhaps there were more'be^ore I began
to take notice.
These theaterst .hav^e' been built all
overr/town.^awfSrd of Topekay Kan.,
built orie onThird street:' A couple of
fellows named Filley'and Zehring from
Lincoln, Neb., cajjnelfo town and before
they got thru wiwit they built four
or fi^e. A patentmedicine man, who
gave shows in a tent here one summer,
built a couple of 'em. A St. Louis "syn
dicate built a magnificent temple of
the muses on Ninth street near Nicollet.'
Some one else cnostructed a chain of
vaudeville houses^'in North, South and
East Minneapolis.
Defective Page
BURNERLikd cut. It has double heat
ing patent circulating flues, tea kettle
attachments, duplex grate with shaking
ring, automatic magazine cover, large
illuminating surface. It is elegantly
nickel trimmed and is a perfect self
feeder. It is a powerful heater and the
best base burner in the world AAA ^f|"
for the money ^fcS 1 3
The manufacturers of this Base Burner
have a world-wide reputation for turning
out the very finest heaters obtainable.
W-e- can stand back of these heaters
we guarantee .them. They are base
burners noted for their economy of fuel.
They are perfect floor heatersfinest in
every way.
Terms, $3.00 down, 50c weekly.
s~,i _,
urobably could not stand the expense.
I've got a Bet of plans drawn that I
had made originally for a hotel that
I'll donate.
"When we get all these new thea
ters we may get in the fix of Newark,
N. J., crockery houses, but t"hat won't
concern the public, which doesn't care
particularly whether a theater makes
money or not. There were seven crock
ery stores in Newark, and tone of them
doing well. One proprietor decided
that he'd fix up a bit and. catch the
high-toned trade. So he put in some
illuminated window effects, art furni
,ture and ornamented the front of his
building. Then another crockery
store went the first fellow a little
better and fixed up in still finer style.
The result was they all fixed up hand
somer stores,: and were starving
death to
Some one. else built
a combination hotel and theater for.
Dick Ferris. The internatioal Vaud
eville syndicate has! just got thru build
ing a house for polite vaudeville on
Sixth street. Whenever an advance
agent for the Shuberts comes along he
builds a- theater or two. In fact, he
does this in most all the cities he visits.
"Now to save a lot of trouble and
time, as well as expense, why not have
a portable theater built, one that is on'
wheels and can be easily moved from
one prospective site to another? When
anyone wants to build a theater loan
this to him and he could move it wher
ever he wanted. If one location don't
suit hif he canttioye it to another. Loan
it to him, I say-not lease it, for he
pay interesabout: on
vestments. Then along came a fellow
and saw the seven fine crockery stores.
'Crockery business must be fine in
this man's town,' he says, 'and I'll
locate here and get a piece of it.' He
did so and then they all went bump.
There's a moral to this story, but I've
forgotten it."
Chicago News.
On swept the little red automobile
that was built for two.
"Youyou seem so quiet," whis
pered the beautiful girl, anxiously. "Is
there anything about this machine that
is broken?"
"Yes," hissed the tall man at her
side, bitterly. "My heart."
Feeling remorseful at having jilted
him so cruelly the beautiful girl leaned
over and added:
"Cheer up, George I If your heart is
really broken, we can stop at a repair
"Nonsense! What kind of a repair
shop could mend a broken heart?"
"Why, the parsonage, George!"
Twenty minutes later the "repair
shop" was reached.
is all a Helpful plan GOUL be
value. Price
This beautiful Parlor Suit, consisting of Large Sofa, Platform Rocker, Easy Chair and 2 Parlor Chairs. The frames
are made of selected quarter-sawed oak, or beautiful hand-polished mahogany finish. Guaranteed superior workman-
ship. The upholstering is the best grade of imported French Velour or Silk Oamask. In construction g* g% "J
they are superior to anything ever offered at anywhere near the price full spring seat and back, S^^SBB
neatly carved, fitted with patent casters, Hartman's Special Sale Price
'if/. $2.50 Down 50c Weekly.
News Section.
22-24r26 Fifth Street South,!
Special Farmers' Course This Year Ex-
pected to Draw Even Larger Num-
ber than the 128 Who Attended Last
WinterCourse Is Rearranged and
their in
Arrangements are now under way for
the opening of the special course for
farmers at the St. Anthony experi
mental farm and state agricultural col
This will be the fourth year this spe
cial course has been held. Last year it
was attended by 128 farmers. Dean
Liggett says that this year there is
every indication of a much larger at
tendance. Letters of inquiry are not
only being received from all parts of
Minnesota, but from young farmers in
Wisconsin, Iowa and the Dakotas, who
desire to' take advantage of the period
of special instruction that will open
Jan. 2 and continue for eight weeks.
The object of the course is to give
instruction in agriculture and
ve stock to farmers who are unable
to attend a regular course at the col
lege. In view of the fact that the in
struction to be given is somewhat gen
eral and to' an ungraded class of stu
dents, the coarse is made up in greater
part of lectures with demonstrations, (in
the live stock department) on live sub
Tho the new great ampitheater er
building at the agricultural college, was
In part finished last winter, this will be
the first winter it can be used complete
artman's credit plan leaves nothing to be desiredit meets every require-
ment of every customer and gives absolute and complete satisfaction
to all. It's credit service of a higher characterthe most confidential
the most genteelthe most helpful. There's no good feature in any other
credit system but what has been improved upon in^Haftrrmn's generous
plan. In every detail it shows greater care of the customer's interests-
greater^provisions for the customer's convenience and greater help under
any. and all circumstances. That's one reason why the Hawaiian stores are
today doing the credit homefurnishing business of the Twii^ities.
lustration. This beautiful Davenport, made of, selected quar-',
tered oak or mahogany finish frame, profusely carved, claw
feet, upholstered in the best grade of imported French verona,
beautifully selected patterns and colors it is" upholstered in
the most workmanlike manner, all the springs are.tempered in
oil and fully guaranteed. This Davenport, when open, makes a
most comfortable full sized bed. Buying these, Davenports in
large quantities for all our twenty-two stores enables us to of-
fer you this exceptional ftAC A
Terms, $2.75 cash* $2.00 monthly.
Table is made in the beautiful imperial finish quartered oak or
mahogany. It is very massive in construction, extra large size,
fitted with large, invisible drawer, has shelf underneath for
books and magazines, superior^ workmanship, fitted with cas-
ters. This table is mad| for Hartman & 7^%
only. Special sale price
Terms, $1.25 down, 25c weekly*.
and will be found of advantage Mi in
structing the special class of farmer!
in January and Februarys
The course for fanners has been soma-'
what rearranged and improved this
year. A large number of instructors
will lend their aid towards making it
thoro and successful. Professor An- -&
drew Boss will have charge of the in- 'J?
struction on live stock Professor Green
will conduct the class on horticulture,
Professor Washburn will lecture on eto
mology, Professor Snyder will deliver a
course of addresses on agricultural
chemistry, Dr. Reynolds will give veter
inary instruction,. Professor Vye is to
have charge of the class of bookkeep
ing, professor Drew will give practical
information on the raising of poultry,
and Professor Haecker will lecture o*
the" general subject of dairying.
Mr. OldboyFunny thing, but the big*
gest fools always seem to marry the pret
tiest women.
Mrs. O.Oh! you flatterer.Illustrated
of the best made Oak Heating Stoves
in the market. Has a solid cast front.
Body is made of extra heavy blue
steel. It is full nickel trimmed, in
cluding a foot rail extending all around
heater. Has screw drafts and check
drafts. The fire pot Is extra heavy
and corrugated, which prevents clink
ers from forming and guarantees a
free and easy draft. Hartman will
sell these stoves not for one day, but
for all the season *f* E A
Terms, 75c down, 50c weekly.
ERED ROCKERThis is another ar
ticle which is made under our super
vision according to certain improved
methods which add greatly to its
value. These Leather Rockers have
solid oak frames, solidly, built plat
form, deeply tufted, with fancy front,
The filling is hair and moss. The cov
ering is superior grade 91 Cft
genuine leather. Price fllliVV
Terms, $3.50 down, 50c weekly.

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