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Lit-* *t Si V^^ft-*
The Kind Ton Have Always Bought, and which bas been
in use for oveNr 30 years, bas borne the signature of
and bas been made under bis per-
Jty-fjf]*, sonal supervision since its infancy.
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Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and ChildrenExperience against Experiment.
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Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
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Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's PanaceaThe Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 3 0 Years.
No matter what cigar you have been smoking
what the costyou ought to try the "Anna
Held" cigar, if only to learn for
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introduction of the American
Cigar Company's new methods
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cost. You'll get the same ripe,
mellow flavorthe same depend
able uniformitythe same delicate
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Isn't it worth your nickel if you
get the proof? Just ask for an
Anna Held next time.
Sold by all dealers in, good cigars.
Trade supplied by
R. NEWELL C& CO., Minneapolis, Minn.
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ailments from which most mothers
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No woman who uses "Mother's Friend" need fear the sutfering
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its weight in gold toevery
woman, and will be sent free in plain
envelope by addressing application to
Bradfield Reatilator Co. Atlanta,Ga.
4 Much of the drawing power of a Journal want ad depends on the way it $
3 is worded. It is always well to tell as much of the story as the reader will
care to know. This brings him in closer touch with your proposition at the
$ outset, and makes his investigation more likely.
^y^Tuesday^Evening, J*fcJ3j* |JS$ THE
Work on the state drainage survey
will be stopped Dec. 20. This decision
was reached today by the state drain
age board. As the funds for this fiiscal
year are exhausted, nothing more can
be done except by anticipating the
$7,500 which wi}l be available Aug. 1.
A meeting with the engineers will be
held Dec. 22, when it will be decided
whether to push work thru the winter
or postpone its completion till next
,W. H. Pontius Highly Commends Pre
paratory Work at Auditorium.
At the Philharmonic club and Min
neapolis Symphony orchestra rehearsal
today at the Auditorium, W. H. Pon
tius of Des Moines, a well-known musi
cal conductor, expressed himself as
favorably impressed.
Mme. Eio came direct from tSavaimah,
Ga., where she has bene singing. Ac
companying her was J. A. Galloway, her
husband^ the famous New York basso.
Mme. Eio was in the best of voice and
was very much pleased to get back in
the Auditorium again. 8he said that
Professor Oberhoffer and his orchestra
gavo her the best accompaniment that
she ever had.
Inasmuch as the singer regards
"Aida" and "Margarita*' her favor
ite parts, Minneapolis will have heard
her at her best. Altho her "Aida"
was considered a g"Sit success last
year. Eio considers her "Faust" role
a Bit better.
The members of the chorus and C.
Ellis Fisher, who selects the artists,
were pleasurably surprised at the work
of Frank.Croxton as "Mephisto."
D'Arnalle, as Valentine, made a
strong impression at the rehearsal. He
undoubtedly ranks third in interest as
being one of the newer singers to Min
neapolis. George Hamlin, maintained
his standing as "Faust." Marguerita
Hall does her part of Siebel with good
Pontius will be in the audience
tonight. He is greatjy pleased with
the work of the conductor, Emil Ober
hoffer. He regards the support of the
orchestra as magnificent.
Mother and Sister In Ireland Write for
News of Missing Man.
A letter written April 16. 1895, on the
letterhead of the I^entson Tailoring com
pany of Minneapolis is the only clue the
sister and mother of Timothy Ryan pc%-
sess as to his whereabouts. The company
received a letter today from Mrs. Han
rahan of Deumcavan, Corafin, County
Clare, Ireland, stating that the* last
word she had received from Ryan, her
brother, was the letter written ten years
ago. She asks if he is still in the com
pany's employ, and says she and her old
mother are longing to receive news of
the missing one.
Ryan was never in the employ of the
Bentson company and nothing is known
of him.
Weather Now and Then.
Today, maximum 32, minimum 19 de
grees a year ago, maximum 27, mini-
mum 14 degrees.
Piles Quickly
Cured at Home
Instant Belief, Permanent CureTrial
Package Mailed Free to All
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If the druggist tries to sell you
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The cure begins at once and contin
ues rapidly until it is complete and per
You can go right ahead with your
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Just send your name and address to
Pyramid Drug Co., 8545 Pyramid Build
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Falling Hair
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John H. Woodbury D.
Dandruff is Easily Cured
By using the Swiss Hair and Scalp Bem
edy. Sometimes a single treatment will
do it if thoroughly appiled to the scalp aft
er cleansing It with Swiss Scalp Cleanser
which accompanies each bottle of the
remedy. All scalp diseases yield to this
treatment and It quickly restores gray or
faded hair to Its natural color. A SO-cent
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Minneapolis by Voegeli Bros., corner Hen
nepin and Washington avenues.
*s At-
I x*&f ^^^VTWi^&^M^igfHI.-kli *m&m lite
Altho Mme. Sarah Bernhardt and her
company will tfive more than one per
formance at the Auditorium, it is for
the first night that All-Star course tick
ets will be good. Especial interest al
ways hovers about the^first night's ap
pearance of a great star, so this ar
rangement is bound to be an additional
inventive to the purchase of course
tickets for the greatest entertainment
series ever offered in Minneapolis.
Other incentives to the purchase of a
course ticket are that the purchaser
Secures first choice of seats, is obliged
to make only one visit to the boxoffice
in the season and gets the entire course
of eight numbers for the same amount
that one ordinarily pays for about three
events of a similar nature.
The All-Star course will open with
the Calve company, Wednesday evening,
Dec. 13, and a most brilliant inaugural
is promised. Mme. Calve, who, for this
season, refused to accept from Heinrich
Conried the biggest offer ever made
to aprima donna for the New York
opera season that seh might make her
first general concert tfour of America,
is playing everywhere to "capacity"
There is every indication that Mme.
Calve will meet with the same experi
ence here and that on the night of her
concert the Auditorium will house the
largest audience that has assembled
there for any musical event since the
giand opera season^ last March. Critics
are unanimous in raying that Mme.
Calve was never in better voice than
she is now.
Mme. Calve will give only one per.
formance in Minneapolis. Jn fact, Bern
hardt is the sole attraction of the All
Star course to make more than one ap
Salvation Army Tabulates Food Neces
sary for Christmas Dinners.
In making his appeal for eontribu
tions for a Christmas dinner for the
poor, Brigadier J. W. Cousins, provincial
conmmander of the Salvation Army,
gives some interesting figures relative
to last year's Christmas and the pro
posed work this year.
Last year it is estimated that 4,000
persons enjoyed the Army's bounty.
This year 500 baskets, each containing
ten substantial articles of food, will be
distributed amo'ng poor families and a
dinner will be served at the old city
hall for the homeless. Plates will be
laid for 1,000.
The following is a list of the articles
needed: Turkey, 600 pounds chicken,
2,500 pounds beef, 1,000 pounds po
tatoes, 26^ barrels turnips, 20 barrels
celery, 5 cases: apples, 20 barrels cran
berries 5 barrels nuts, 2 barrels bread,
300 pounds pies, 50 dozen crackers, 5
barrels coffee, 300 pounds peas or
corn, 50 dozen cans tomatoes, 50 dozen
white beans,'500 pounds cereals, 50
dozen packages flour, 10 barrels
mixed candy, 500 pounds.
The letter concludes with the state
ment that any balance left -over will
be devoted to winter relief work, in
St. Paul Lodge Commemorates Its 19th
Anniversary with Enjoyable Program.
The nineteenth anniversary of th
Benevolent and Protective Order of
Elks, as established in- St. Paul, wa
fittingly celebrated last evening in that?
city by the St. Paul lodge. Several
hundred Elks attended the banquet
held at Elks hall, among them being
number of members of the order from
Minneapolis. "Gip^e^^amlin was toast
master. Champe S. Andrews of New
York and Perry A. Clav of Denver
were guests of honor. W. M. Began
exalted ruler of the Minneapolis lodge
delivered an address.
The following program of toasts was
rendered: ''The Absent Brothers,"
John W. Willis "No. 59, Past, Present
and Future,'' Carroll L. Bartman:
"The Traveling Elk," Ike Ledered
"The Grand Lodge," John C. Wise
"Mankato Our invited Guests,"
Thomas R. Kane "Minneapolis, No.
44 William H. Regan "The Mother
Lodge, New York, No. 1," Champe
S. Andrews. Denver A Mile High,"
Perry A. Clay address of welcome,
Louis Nash.
Many Scandinavians Off to Childhood
Homes for Holidays.
The usual holiday party of Scandinavi
ans returning to the old country to spend
Christmas_and New Year's Day in child
hood's haunts has left Minneapolis for
the seaboard. Transportation was fur
nished as usual by A. E. Johnson & Co.,
Washing-ton avenue, and the home-goers
will sail on the steamer Hellig Olav of
the Scandinavian-American line, of which
A. E. Johnson is the American manager.
The Wisconsin Central was the road
favored by the tourists and most of them
traveled by that line. About eighty-five
left Sunday night and last night as least
one hundred and fifty started for New
York on the Wisconsin Central and other
While the party is not personally con
ducted this year, Charles J. Kretschmer,
representing the company, went as far as
Chicago with the second lot.
now oh
in all
to Third Ward Residents Have Plan
Utilize Hall's Island.
Eesidents of the Third ward are
talking of making an exclusive Third
ward park of Halps island in the Mis
sissippi. A few months ago the island
was secured by the health department,
which purposed to make it a garbage
crematory site. At present the island
is a favorite North Side dump, but
every load that is_ dumped makes it
larger. I time it is hoped that there
will be enough to the island to make
a handsome little park. A bath house
was established last summer.
Appointments made in the rural carriers' force
commencing Dec. 15: Ole J, Gorseth, route 2,
Caipio, N D. Thomas Barker, route 1, Flax
ton, N. Charles Parge, route 1, Nor
wich, N. D. Mrs. Kebecca Lair, route 1
Oakland, Minn.
started in The Journal's Magazine last Sunday. The second installment of
this wonderful romance will appear,next Sunday*#??-,
..?*o.fi. A^ls&l>.j (S3.
-j/^-s^jsasaaA, fit
WM December 5, 1905.
Present City Charter Is Deemed Good
Enough, After All.
After deciding to offer some char
ter amendment to St. Paul voters at
the coming municipal spring election,
the charter commission of the saintly
village has changed its mind and has
decided that the present charter is good
enough and needs no amending or re
Two weeks ago committees were ap
pointed to revise the charter thoroly
and offer its revision to the voters at
the spring election for ratification. Last
Wight this work was ordered stopped
and the committees disbanded. Unless
vigorous demands are made by the pop
ulace for some special changes, there
will be no chaiter amendments on the
ticket to bother the voters.
Andrew Beebe, arrested Sunday night
on a charge of entering a flat at 45 BASILY COOKED.
The unmatchable stock as a whole is MUCH the LARGEST.
The unequaled variety is by far the GREATEST
The unparalleled assortment is the MOST COMPLETE...
And the PRICES as ALWAYS are the LOWEST
Special Stamp Offer Wednesday A
With cash purchases amounting to $1.00 or more, of
Toys, Games and Dolls we will give twenty.. ($2.00)..
"S. r H." Green Trading Stamps in addition to the
FREE regular amount,
with the saleschecks to our main floor stamp counter Wednesday, Dec. 6.
J-12-5 06.
Tenth street and stealing a gold
watch and some change, was sentenced
to the workhouse today for fifteen days
on a charge of petty larceny. He was
arraigned yesterday on a charge of
grand larceny, but this was changed, al
lowing him to plead guilty to the
smaller charge which only calls for a
workhouse sentence or a fine.
Buu Hair
at Auction?
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About "SirNigel,"the
story, by Conan Doyle, that
.goods in
Arcade, 2d floor,
3d floor
and Down-,
stairs *J
Detroit. Mich Dec. 5 Judge Mandell*
today made permanent the temporary in-r
junction secured by the Detroit Employ
ing Printers' association restraining?
members of Detroit Typographical union,
No. 18, from interfering with their busi
ness by boycott or otherwise. -i
At any rate, you seem to be getting rid
of it on auction-sale principles:"going,
going, g-o-n-e!" Stop the auction with
Ayer's Hair Vigor. It checks falling
hair, and always restores color to gray
hair. A splendid dressing also. Sold
for over sixty years. i^w^niS^
8 LBS.

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