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Football Meeting in New York
Left for the Lesser Col
lege Men.
Journal Special Service.
New "\ork, Doc. 7Answers ihavo been
ceived from twelve of the twenty colleges and
universities invited by the New York university
to the conference on football at Munay Hill
hotel here on Fridav morning.
Of the twelve three have declined. Amherst
says its students will be glad to know the
results, Hamilton cannot spare a member of
the facnltj, but declares reform in football to
be imperative, and President Woodrow Wilaoa
of Princeton university writes that the univei
slty does not as yet feel prepared to take part
In snch a conference
President Butler of Columbia announces as del
egates Professor Bogart and Francis S Bangs,
chairman of the university committee on athlet
ics He adds.
"By action of the university committee on
students' organization, taken on Nov. 2b, the
present game of football has been abolished at
Columbia university For that reason our
representatives will find themselves estopped
from discussion of the first and second questions
proposed in your letter of Invitation. The repre
eentatives of Columbia university hope to be
of some service in connection with the discussion
Of the three questions
President Day of fc^racuse reports as dele
gates Dean Sniallej and Professor Henry A.
Peck Butgeis college names as delegates Pro
fessor Louis Bevier, Jr chairman of the facul
ty committee on athletics and Professor John
Smith, president of the managers of ath
letic associations
President Alexander Humphieys of Stevens
institute expects to attend in person, and will
bring with him a representative of the athletic
association The other institutions which have
accepted but which do not report the names of
their delegates are Union college Weslewn uni
versity, Trinity collego and Iordham college.
Journal Special Service.
New Ytik Dec 7Thirteen thousand tlme
the six dav btc\ele lacers iu Madison Square
Garden had circled the saucer shaped track at 8
o'clock thix morning At that bout they al
ready had a start of 140 laps on the 13 OOOtu
lap, and thev had moreover completed only
a little more than half their long ude Tiicky
spurts dangerous falls k the steep inclines
of the track and the frequent nppeariince of rom
of monev sent into the enclosuie bv spectators
who offered good bums us pn/es to the team
who would outride their competitor and gain
an extra lap tilled the hours from midnight
until daylight todav with excitement
Once on the incline at one of the turns.
Stol riding tit the top of the embankment
Slipped and fell and as his wheel slid to the
bottom of the track he struck and upset both
Achorn and Dussot The three riders went down
like a landslide, but tho coveted with dirt and
and with splinters in their clothing they mount
ed their wheels and went ahead again with a
loss of less than half a lap
Earlv thi morning two women who occupied
a box sent $100 into the track for the Achoin
Downey team, provided these riders would gain
a lap. The team failed to make the distance
Physicians who aie attending the riders say that
thus far their loss in weisht has been scarcely
appreciable There a-e still ten teams in the
race The score at 8 clock was as follows
Bedell Bedell 1 314 miles and 4 laps, Van
derstuyft Stol, Root Fogler Keegin I ogan, Mac
Lean Moran Downing Bowler Hopper Hollister,
1.814 miles 3 laps Galvin McDonald, 1 314 miles
2 laps, Achom Downev 1 miles 1 lap, and
Doreflinger Dussot, 1 314 miles, no laps
Antics which made the "endurance test" ap
pear like a builesque race weie indulged in by
the riders during the forenoon hours Eddie
Root iode around the ling with a water soaked
sponge and approaching close to the rail he
threw it full against the teeth of a man who
was howling for the ridets to go faster An
other rider seems that manv of the specta
tors were asleep about the track soon after day
light secured a svphon and awakened the slum
berers bv well aimed squirts of sodawater
Meanwhile the pace was very slow some times
not more than twelve miles an hour aud the
teams dropped steadily behind the record They
were 257 miles behind at 10 o'clock todaj, which
was the eighty second hour of the race. Doei
flmger of the Dussot Doerfllnger team weak
eued lanldlv dining the forenoon losing three
laps despite the blow pace He was seven
laps, or more than half a mile, behind the lead
ers at 10 clock
Sixteen men were granted first team insignia
by the North high board of athletic control yes
terday afternoon The number of substitutes
given the school letter is rather Idigei than
usual, but in view of the fact that the men
honored were kept fiom places on the firs? team
only by the phenomenal nunibe of star men
the board felt that they were entitled to the
The men who were gianted "N s" were Cap
tain Jack Marks A King I King, Leon Wil
klnson Oswald Oswald Parker, Smith
and Miner seniors Lelghton Harrv Ditt
benner and Ralph Wingate juniors, Eail Iber
son, Frank Lee and W Laurltzen, sophomoies,
and Leslie Armstiong, freshman.
The athletic association will not give a ban
quet for the team this year but the Rev Mi
Wilkinson will entertain the boys at Ms home
next Wednesda-v evening The captain for the
coming year will piobably be elected at that
time On the evening of Dec 22 the athletic
association will give a toiler skating paity at
the Casino rink
The South high athletic association will give
a roller skating paitv at the Nicollet link Fri
day night for the benefit of the football team
Special to The Journal.
Yankton S 1 Dec The championship of
the South Dakota Intercollegiate Athletic asso
ciation will not be settled this year There is
no doubt that Vermillion universltv has the
state football cnamplonship this jear, but as
Vermillion is not in the S D. I A A that
championship is still in dispute The game to
decide this was to have been plaved at Mitchell
Thanksgiving day between Yankton and Dakota
Wesleyan, but the game was called off by the
W 's onj account of the snowstorm
Yankton lays no claim beyond the fact that
If Yankton had defeated Dakota Wesleyan It
would have Yankton's Coach Hyney had his
men in good tiim and, judging from games
played, it would have been a close rub. As
the case now stands, Yankton and Mitchell will
have to call it a draw, with Brookings next on
the list. The most important game of the
season for Yankton was that last played with
Mornlngside, Sioux City, when Morningside had
Its goal crossed for the first time during the
"r JThe Douglas school football team claims the
125 to 180-pound championship of the state. They
have played and won twenty-one games and their
goal line has not been crossed by any team
This is the best record the Douglas team has
made since 1900, when it played and defeated all
the twin city high schools. re\t year the team
will be reorganized with heavier men and will
be able to play the high schools. The following
Is the season's record, the Douglas score Is given
first In all cases
.Motleys, 121 to 0, Emerson, S6 to 0 Chaska,
10 to O Bryants, 20 to 0, Lund Lands, 12 to 0,
Carver. 30 to 0 Chaska, 30 to 0, Anoka, 2 to 0-
LBelle Plain, 7 to 0 Misfits, 82 to 0 Hamilton
to 0 Blaines, 18 to 0, Shakopee, 41 to 0,
Chaplain, 13 to 0, Jordan, 5 to 0, Dukes, 22 to 0,
'Mohawks, 12 to 0, Indians, 36 to 0, Blue Earth
36 to 0 Albert Lea, 16 to 0 St. Cloud Normal,
4 toO.
The season's lineup was as follows Manager
G. W. Brandt, left end, Thompson, left tackle,
Jones and Porter, left guard Barnard and Grant,
Center H. Sweltzer, right guard K. Smith, right
tackle Emerson and Billy, light end. Captain
'Barrett, quarterback, Hopkins, left h&Wj
Hlgglns aid Gerbei, right half, BaTton, full
San Francisco, Dec 7 Willie Fitzgerals" df
Brooklyn and Willie Lewis of New York were
matched yesteiday to box twenty five rounds at
Colma on the nigbt of Jan. 10. They will fig'it Indiana
at 288 and weigh In at 6 o'clock on the day of
tt bttttt. Total
Loss of Championship Held to Be
Simple Error of
Journal Special Servioe.
Ann Arbor, Mich., Dec. 7.Captain No-rcross
last night awarded fifteen "M" sweaters and
football caps to the official 1905 team. The
list Int Hides Noraross, Garrels, Curtis, Schulte,
Schultz, Graham, Rheinschild, Harry Hammond,
Stuart, Tom Hammond, Longman, Barlow, Pat
rick, Clark and Magoffin There were also
twenty-live "reserve" sweaters awarded to men
who had stuck to the scrub line-up faithfully
thiuout the season.
Denny Clark did not want to accept an "M"
sweater this year, as he felt that he bad lost
the game in Chicago and the championship in
consequence, but Curtain Norcross would not.
listen to his protest. The feeling among the
students will indorse NorcrosB' action, as they
do not censure Clarjc, knowing that it was a
simple mistake likely to arise in any game.
Athletics of all ldnds furnished the program
for the members' entertainment at the Cooke
institute last night The members had brought
out their wives and sistersand other fellows*
sistersin large numbers, and of the 200
present at least half were women.
The entertainment opened with an exhibition
game of basketball. In which Lindner defeated
Davidson 21 to 18 and was followed by an ex
hibition of card tearing, steel bar bending and
nail driving by Oscar Frykman, the strong man
at the university Ernest Selbv gave a bag
punching exhibition, using the platform and floor
bago, and Jimmy Potts and Jack Moore boxed
for points in a good exhibition of light work.
John Gordon, the wrestling policeman, and
Frykman worked on the wrestling match with
out a fall, and Gene Cole, after a spirited strug
gle, threw young Sampson of the Y. M. C. A.
Rollin brothers closed the program with an ex
hibition of tumbling.
Journal Special Service.
Chicago, Dec. 7Chicago's best amateur box
ers will journey to Milwaukee one week from
Saturday, where, under the direction of Mike
Butler of the Chicago Athletic association, they
will take part in a tournament to be given
by the Milwaukee Athletic club.
An arrangement was made today whereby Mr
Butler will have full charge of the cream cltv
5ho Milwiukee boasts of several clever ama
teurs, and they will be given a try-out against
the Chicago lads The contests, however, will
not be of an intercity nature, as the windy
city boys will be pitted against one another as
The winners of the finals and semifinals in
the bouts that are to take place at the C. A.
A rriday and Saturday nights will be the
fellows that will make the Milwaukee trip.
They will have something moye than diplomas
to battle for In the northern town, as the M.
A. offers as pilzes gold watches to the
winners and gold fobs to the seconds.
Boston, Dec 7 Joe Humphreys, manager for
"Terry" McGovern. announced ye&terday he had
accepted the (onditions for a match between Mc
Govern and Battling Nelson, at the Light Guard
armory, Philadelphia, Jan 26
Western Teams.
Michigan 6o
Michigan Michigan *f
Michigan 2*5
Michigan IS
Michigan 31
Michigan 70
Michigan 48
Michigan 40
Michigan 12
Michigan 7
Michigan 0
Total 495
Chicago 33
Chicago 15
Chicago 38
Chicago 42
Chicago 16
hicago 4
Chicago 31
Chicago 10
Chicago 44
Chicago 2
Total 244
Wisconsin 17
Wisconsin 49
\Mscon8ln 29
W lsconsin 34
W lsconsin 21
W lsconsin 0
Wisconsin 17
"S\ lsconsin 16
Wisconsin 44
Wisconsin 0
Total 227
Minnesota 75
Minnesota 54
Minnesota 42
Allnnesota 43
Minnesota 42
Minnesota Minnesota 46
Minnesota 12
Minnesota 81
Minnesota 35
Minnesota 72
Notre Notre Notre Notre Notre Notie isotre Notie Notre
Total 5
Marinette 0
Naperville 0
Marquette Lawrence Norte Dame.
Chicago Alumni Minnesota Beloit High School 0
Pillshurv Shattuck.. 0
St Thomas 0
North Dakota 0
Ames 0
Iowa 0
Law rence 0
Wisconsin 16
South Dakota 0
Nebraska 0
Noithwestern 6
Total 545
Dame 28
Dame 0
Dame 0
Dame 142
Dame 71
Dame 5
Dame 22
Dame........ 0
44 North DlviBlon...... 0
North Division 0
Wisconsin 21
Wabash 5
Ameilcan college.... 0
Depauw 0
Indiana 22
Bennett 0
Purdue 32
Total :..312
Illinois 0
Illinois 0
Illinois 24
.llinols 12
Illinois 0
llinois 30
Illinois 0
{llinoife 0
Illinois 0
Purdue "3
Purdue 36
Purdue 12
Purdue 29
Purdue 11
Purdue 24
Purdue 0
Purdue 32
Total 167
Northwestern 11
Korthwestern 5
Northwestern IS
Korthw estern 0
Northwestern 0
PTorthw estern 30
Northwestern 4?
Northwestern 37
Northwestern 6
Nebraska 30
Nebraska 20
Nebraska 42
Nebraska 16
Nebraska 0
Nebraska 00
Nebraska 21
Nebraska 18
Nebraska- 0
^Nebraska 43
Nebraska 24
{forth Division 0
Wabash 0
Peloit 2
Kentucky 0
iiieago 31
Marquette 6
Ohio 0
Michigan Aggies 0
Minnesota 72
Total 151
Total 304
Indiana 31
Indiana 29
Indiana 5
Indiana 39
Indiana 11
Indiana 30
Indiana 22
Indiana V... 40
*"!J-^ *''".Ji
1905 Record of the Big Teams
Ohio Wesleyan 0
Kalamazoo 0
Case 0
Ohio Northern 0
Vanderbllt 0
Nebraska 0
Nebraska O
Albion 0
Drake 0
Ohio State 0
Wisconsin 0
Oberlin 0
Chicago 2
Lawrence 0
Wabash O
Belolt O
Iowa 0
Indiana 5
Wisconsin 0
Northwestern 0
Purdue 0
Illinois 0
Journal Special Service.
Boston, Dec. 7 An editorial protest of the
publication In the Harvard Graduates' Maga
zine of an article favoring the severance by
Harvard of athletic relations with Yale is con
tained In this week's issue of the Harvard Bul
letin the official organ of the Harvard Gradu
ates' Athletic association, which appeared today.
The bulletin declares that the attack on not
only the athletic, but also the educational activ
ities of Yale, found in the magazine article,
does not have the approval of a great ma
jority of the Harvard graduates, and It expresses
its belief that the article is heartily condemned
by the majority.
Remarking that altho the Graduates' Magazine
is an unofficial publication. Its influence is al
most as great as it it were official, the Bulletin
makes the point that for this reason the article
containing the attack should have been signed
It declares, however, that the article should
never^ have been printed.
Journal Special Service.
Hamond, Ind Dec 7 Prosecuting Attorney
D. B. Boone, who notified Chicago fight promot
ers that the Ryan Fitapatrick mill could not be
pulled off in Bast Chicago, said yesterday that
no fights would be allowed in Indiana under any
circumstances, nor at any place under his Juris
He said he would call out the militia if nec
essary. Plans for opening boxing clubs at Ham
mond, Whiting and East Chicago are all killed
by the state's attorney's stand.
Princeton, N. Dec. 7.Herbert Dillon
of Fitchburg. Mass yesterday was elected cap
tain of Princeton's football team. Captain
Cooney would not allow his name to be put up
again Dillon has been a member of the Prince
ton eleven for the post three years, playing
Eastern Teams.
Yale 27
Yale 16
Yale 29
Yale 30
Yale 12
Yale 20
i Yale 53
Yale 11
Yale 23
Yale 6
Princeton 41
Princeton 23
Princeton 34
Prluceton 29
Princeton 29
Princeton 48
Princeton 22
Princeton 12
Princeton 16
Princeton 4
0 0 0
4 0
Michigan 12
Total 30
Total 22
Pennsylvania 35
Pennsylvania 16
Pennsylvania 11
Pennsylvania 38
Pennsylvania 17
Pennsylvania 17
Pennsylvania 17
Pennsylvania 6
Pennsylvania 12
Pennsylvania 42
Pennsylvania 23
Pennsylvania 6
West West West West West West West
Total 30
Knox 0
Wabash 0
Naperville 0
at Louis 6
Purdue 29
Chicago P. & S 0
Michigan 33
Chicago 44
Nebraska 24
Total TT?
Butler 0
Kentucky 0
Chicago 10
Washington 0
Purdue 11
Cincinnati 0
Notre Dame...
^l^f?^ Thursday Evening, THE MlNNEAJfQUS JOURNAL.
December 7,
Stage's Men Are Trying to Ar
range for Games in Cal
Journal Special Service.
Chicago, Dec. 7 Members of tne University
of Chicago football team have asked the Staf
ford team for a game to be played during the
Christmas holidays. Coach Stagg has not asked
for the game, but declared that he would con
sent to the trip If satisfactory arrangements
can be made.
The players are enthusiastic for the trans
continental trip and are willing to play two
games It necessary to pay the expenses for the
trip. The University of Southern California has
been trying to arrange a game with Chicago Mr
several months, and if Stanford can be Induced
to close a contract for a game the champion
maroons will play two contests on the coast.
The Chicago team will not be the same team
that won the championship if the games are
played. The men have broken training and will
have a bard time getting back into shape for the
games. None of them is In really bad physi
cal condition, however, so there is no reason
for believing that the team cannot be whipped
Into good enough shape to defeat any of the
coast teams with which games may be ar
Wesleyan 0
Colgate 0
Springfield O
Holy Cross 6
Tennessee State 0
West Point 0
Columbia 0
Brown 0
Princeton i
Harvard .......4. 0
Total 227
Haivard 16
Harvard 12
Harvard 22
Harvaid 3+
Harvard 12
Harvard 6
Harvard 10
Harvard 23
Harvard 6
Harvard 6
Harvard 0
Total 2
Total 157
Total 4
Bowdoin 0
Williams 0
Maine O
Bates 0
fcprlngfleld 0
WeBt Point 0
Carlisle 11
Brown 0
Pennsylvania 12
Dartmouth 6
Total 35
Villa Nova 0
W. and 0
Georgetown 0
Lehigh 6
Bucknell 0
Lafayette 4
Columbia 0
Dartmouth 6
Cornell 6
Yale 23
Total 229
Cornell 5
Total 30
Total 118
Grand Island 0
Lincoln High 0
South Dakota 6
Knox Michigan 31
Creighton 0
Ames 0
Colorado 0
Minnesota 35
Doane 5
Illinois 0
Total 45
Lehigh 0
Gettysburg 6
Swarthmore 4
Franklin Marshall... 0
North Carolina 0
Carlisle Lafayette Harvard Villa Nova..
Columbia Cornell 5
Total 218
West Point 18
Total 33
Tufts 0
Colgate 6
Virginia Poly 16
Harvard 6
Yale 20
Carlisle 6
Trinity 0
Syracuse 0
Annapolis 6
Point 18
Point 6
Point 0
Point 0
Point 5
Point 24
Point 17
Point 6
Total 84
Annapolis 29
Annapolis 17
Annapolis 6
AnnapollB 5
Annapolis 11
Annapolis 34
Annapolis 22
Annapolis 12
Total 13&
Wendell-Phillips 0
Beloit 0
WabaBb 0
Illinois 0
Indiana 11
Missouri 0
Chicago 10
Notre Dame 0
Total 60
Virginia Md 0
St. John's 0
Dickinson 0
Swarthmoie 6
Penn State 5
Bucknell 0
Virginia 0
Mrginia Poly 0
West Point 6
x. 142
Cornell 5
Cornell 12
Cornell 44
Cornell 24
pornell 30
Cornell 55
Cornell 0
Cornell 6
Cornell 6
Total 187
Columbia 22
Columbia 21
Columbia 0
Columbia 11
Columbia 10
Columbia 0
Columbia 0
Columbia 12
Columbia 0
Total 76
Dartmouth 84
Dartmouth 18
Dartmouth 16
Dartmouth 10
Dartmouth 24
Dartmouth 6
Dartmouth 0
Dartmouth 6
Dartmouth 24
Total 138
Carlisle 71
Carlisle 36
Carlisle 47
Carlisle 10
Carlisle 12
Carlisle 86
Carlisle 0
Carlisle 11
Carlisle 6
Carlisle 34
Carlisle 11
Carlisle 72
fc .i. 8
WabasH ..'...f
Ohio State........... 0
32 Tjotaljftur.^- '8*0
Total 23
Hamilton 0
Colgate 11
Hobert 0
Bucknell 0
Western Penna..... 0
Haverford 0
Swarthmore 14
Princeton 16
Columbia 12
Pennsylvania 6
Total 99
Union 0
Seton Hall 6
Wesleyan 0.
Williams $
Amherst 10
Princeton 12
Yale 53
Cornell 6
Pennsylvania 23
Total ..........109
Norwich 0
Mass. Agriculture... O
Holy Cross 0
Colgate 16
Williams 0
Princeton 0
Amherst 0
Harvard 6
Brown 6
Total 28
Penn. Railroad 0
VlHa Nova
Susquehanna 0
Penn State... 0
Virginia Dickinson 0
Harvard 23
West Point....*..... 6
Cincinnati Washington Georgetown
Chicago and Detroit newspapers are
kidding Yost about the smile that came
off. Yost has a long memory* and will
robably tak revenge before another
evening has rolled
It is simply wonderful the amount
of football reform demanded by the col
leges whose teams have been foundly
licked this year.
All of the eastern sporting writers
are picking all-eastern football teams
and persisting in dubbing them All
Amencan. It would do a lot of these
dopes a great deal of good to travel
west of Albany before they die. They
fear to travel as far west as Chicago,
having a dread of being hooked by a
buffalo bull or being scalped by 8th In
dian somewhere on Wabash avenue.
The six-day bicycle riders in New
York have been enjoying themselves
by throwing wet sponges in the faces
of spectators and squirting ehafged
liquids at the seatholders, with the sizz
pottles. They appear to be playful
St. Paul papers, one of them at least,
!8 getting considerably worried because
the Minnesota football team does not
employ a high-priced trainer, even going
so far as to name a man who will
''probably" be chosen for the work.
Minnesota has one of the best trainers
MI the west combined with the coach.
The gophers were not in bad physical
condition the" Wisconsin game save
thru such injuries and bruises as are
incidental to the play and which no
trainer, or twenty trainers, can prevent.
In the Nebraska and Northwestern
games, after recovery from sprained
ankles and knees, the gophers were in
splendid condition* right up to the
notch, and played the fastest football
ever seen on Northrop field. Minne
sota is the most fortunate school in the
west in possessing a coach who is a
coach and trainer combined. St. Paul
will wake up Jo this in the usual length
of timeeight or ten years.
eastern joker has been picking
all teams, and following are some
of his mental wanderings:
Name and Position. Collee*
ef e
Jones, fullback Auburnuib'
Name and Position. College.
Steinsicke, left end Peddle
Gutoher, left tackle Hobart
Echevema, left guard...... Columbia
Dieffendorfer, center...., Franklin and Marr
Aigeltinger, right- guard Columbia
Maecherleln, right tackle .....Rochester
Wahoo, right end Carlisle
Drlechbacb, quarterback Lafayette
Brumbaugh, left halfback......... ..Lehigh
Dragoshinoff, right halfback Cornell
Lewesbcrger, fullback Wyoming
Day won from Webb in the Class billiard
tournament at the Vendome last night by a
score of 150 to 123 Day, who had been looked
on as the probable winner, did not play his usual
game at the opening and for a while it looked as
If he could not overcome Webb's lead. Webb went
ahead iu the seventeenth, but Day cut his score
down steadily and overtook him in the forty
aixth. The game was finished in flfty-threa inn
Tonight Stone and Nelson will play. The
match between Stevenson and Hujck, which was
to have been played at the West tomorrow night,
was postponed yesterday and the men may not
get together until after the holidays.
Toronto, Ont., Dec. 7.George Cummlngs of
the Toronto club, tho Canadian professional golf
leader, and Peicy Barrett of Lambton. who ran
third In the United States national this year,
hav challenged Andersen, the American Cham
lion, and Alexander Smith, former American
champion, to a series of games.
The plan is to have the four play matches of
86 holes over vhe Toronto links. 86 over the
Lamoton. course, 86 over the Andersen's club
course, and over Smit'h. It would practically
decide the International championship.
i First, Second.
150 132 189 169 175
Smith 177
Edinglon 151
Johnson 188
Drew 140
Cole i I N
i Totals 818
Brandt 188
GHlet .j....17'
Swanson .,',,'159
Zimmerman 156
Fredrickson r..". 168
TotdW 833
159 172 169
206 170
Yale Man Refuses to Coach the
Northwestern Football
Journal Special Service.
Chicago, Dec. 7.Noithwestern's scheme for
a Yale coach for their 1906 football team got a
severe setback yesterday when Hogan definitely
declined to accept the position for the Metho
The faculty committee in charge of athletics
Is now considering the abolishment of the pro
fessional coaching system and securing the cap
tains of the last three years as a board of
coaches, to be ranked by the time of service
as captain
Mahager Smith emphatically denies that there
Is any intention on the part of the faculty to
abolish football at Northwestern. He says
that the Methodist institution will follow the
lead of the western schools and will not even
consider any such radical action as that taken
by Columbia In the east.
201 118 137 168 136 760
190 142 182 160 207 831
J* $ it
First. Second.
164 185 172
198 160
Foster 182
Beattie "126
Logan 181
Meyers 223
Porter 160
144 165
iftvJ *3$%F Firsts
Wlllfanl 150
flasks 177
Saodry .....K...^....^.
Kittens Swamp the Apex Team in
Basketball Game.
The Kitten had a runaway Wednesday even
ing, defeating the fast Apex bunch 21 to 3 out
playing them at every stage of the game The
pitching of Le Suer and the all-around plajing
of the Kittens was easily the featuie df the
game. A la*ge crowd of rooters followed the
Kittens oyer to the Apex hall and made things
lively while It lastedgameB
9 desire with any fast team
In the cttj, Coinpiny I or preferred The
battery in last night's performance for the Apex
was putton and Brad, for Kittens was Le Suer
and Hill. For games address Smith. Tele
phone 48, or 1 Oak street SE.
Hudson Bay
Otter Collars
$25930 $35
Black Marten
Collars... $15
Seal -Dyed
Rensselaere S Swarthmor
Wolff left guard New York university
Campbell center Williams
Doe, right guard Wesleyan
Herring, right tackle Princeton
Bull, right end Pratt
Bass, quarterback Bowdoin
Beaver, left halfback West Point
Snipe, right halfback North Carolina
Mann, fullback Hamilton
Coaches^-atagg, Chicago Hart, Amherst Bull,
Lafeyette Fish, Harvard and Wrenn, Lafayette.
Name and Position. College
Scarlett, left end Pennsylvania
Browne, left tackle.,.., ..Columbia
Black, left guard Rutgers
White, center. .Harvard
Black, right gnard...
Erasmus 4
Brown, right tackle Princeton
Gray, right end
Purple, quarterDat*k.\.
SpringfieldAggie Conn,
Green, left halfback. Bovcdoin
Brown, right hatftftfek.lft.A... Williams
Greene, fullback Pennsylvania
RefereesWhite, Michigan Whft(lng). Cor
nell. LinesmenReggie Brown, Harvard Green,
Georgetown. CoachBrown, Yale. Game played
at Brown university. SubstitutesWhite, Ped
dle, WRite, Foidham White, Yale White. Illi
nois, White, Lawrencevllle, Brown, New York
university: Brown, Haverford Brown, North
Carolina: Green, Rutgers: Greene, Colgate Green,
Tufts, Brown Vanderbllt Greene, Holbrook
Brown, Harvard and Gray, Flushing.
Name and Position. College.
Smith, left end West Point
Smith, left tackle New York university
Smith, left guard. Dartmouth
Smoth, center .Yale
Smith, right guard Minnesota
Smith, left tackle Annapolis
Smith, right end Wesleyan
Smith, quarterback Virginia
Sm ith, left halfback Dartmouth
Smith, right halfback..... .....West Point
Smith, fullback Yeimont
CoachesDick Smith. Columbia V. Smith,
Fordham Game played at Smith college. Sub
stitutesSmith, Pennsylvania State Smith,
George Washington Smith, Commercial High
school Smith, Tillanova: Smith, Hackley hall.
Smith, Maine, Smith, Rlverview Military acad
emy, Smith, Erasmus, Smith, Bryant High
school, Smith, Tufts, Smith, Brooklyn Poly
Name and Position, College.
Jones, left end Lawrencevllle
Jones, left tackle Haverford
Jones, left guard.... Medico Chi
Jones, center Wyoming
Jones, right guard Tufts
Jones, right tackle...... Lombard
Jones, right end Yale
Jones, quarterback Yale
Jones, left halfback Tufts
Jones, right halfback... Annapolis
Fancy Weave Garments, now
Cincinnati, Ohio, Dec. 7.In awarding Player
Beaver of the Ottumwa club to the Detroit Amer
icans the national baseball commission yesterday
toiok occasion to severely score both the Ottumwa
clhb and the Minneapolis association club.
The decision states that these clubs would
hfcve been fined $500 each had there been proof
submitted to the national commission of an
agreement between them that the Minneapolis
clhb covered certain players for Ottumwa.
,The commission holds that the purchase or
draft by a major league club takes precedence
oyer a minor league arrangement. After say
ing that the commission bad been asked by
Mr. Watklns Of the Minneapolis club to make
a finding, and narrating the circumstances, the
decision says: "The miderslgned did not deem
it necessary to call either upon the Detroit club
01! Ottumwa club for a statement In the case.
The agreement ehteied into between the two
club* could only annly tp the Ottumwa club
at the close of the season and no others If
the player in question had been legally sold to
the Detioit club previous to this time, or had
been drafted bv any otherteam or league club,
the sale or draft must be held as a valid one
because it would have been in accordance with
section 6 or S of article 6 of the national
agreement. The Detroit club having complied
with the rules of the commission relative to
the purchase of this player, the sale will stand.
"We desire to call attention in this case to
the suggestion made by the Ottumwa club to the
Minneapolis club to cover certain players for
them, and also the suggestion from the latter
club with reference thereto, that if either one
of these agreements had been entered into and
proof thereof submitted to the commission a fine
of $500 W011M have been imposed upon each of
the oarties under the provision of the national
agreement.Harry C Pulliam, August Her-
New York, Dec 7 Howard Griffiths, who was
dropped from professional baseball last sum
mer bv the National association of professional
baseball leagues today, lost his suit for a perma
nent injunction teBtralnlng the league's officers
from cany tag out their decree.
Minneapolis: 315-325 Nicollet Ave. 7th and Robert Sts.
Whatever your taste,
whatever your prejudice or
preferences, whatever you spend
you can get a better cigar for
your money from a Box branded with
the Triangle A.
This Triangle A represents the pro
duct of the American Cigar Company's new
methods of cigar manufacture-~the ripe, rich,
deliciousty smooth and even flavor instilled in
the tobacco through exclusive processes of fer*
menting and blending.
reveals the benefits obtained for you through the
perfectionof theseheretofore unknownprocesses
The "Anna Held" was popularly satisfying as a
10-cent cigar, .An expenditure of several mik,
Honsofdollar8tomenecessatyequipmenthas made it possible to maintain the 10-cent
Quality while reducing the price to 5 cents,
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fft* .Wonr" **fk
irnlt* all about thiim nmm method* of
Indiana Politician to Build Five-.
mile Track for Auto
Journal Special Service.
Chicago, Dec. 7.According to Webb Jay,
Thomas Taggart, the Indianapolis politician and
hotel man, is planning to establish a five-mile
circular track at French Springs. Did., for
the purpose of holding automobile races.
There is no track of this kind in America,
and the fact that it will be a boon to auto
racing Is obvious in consequence of the number
of accidents occurring on 'he smaller tracks
wlthltv the past few years.
Journal Speotal Service.
New Haven, Conn, Dec. 7.Captain Tom
Shevlin of the Yale eleven has ordered the
twenty playera who took part In the games
against Harvard and Princeton to ijeet In the
trophy room of the Yale gymnashm Friday
night to elect his successor
The prominent candidates for the ilaee are:
S. F. B. Morse, halfback, Robert Forb, tackle
Roswell Tripp, guard, Paul Veedefe tackle
Howard Boome, left half, and Carl fflanders.
Center Forbes and Morse probably vlU get
the most votes on the first ballot. Afer that
It Is expected that there will be a brea, vrttn,
the chances slightly favoring Morse-.
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