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/JEhomas J. Hickey's Friends Want
Him for President of
Journal Speoial Service
Chicago, Dec 19 \nother fight over the pres
idency of the American association like the one
which unseated Kd Grillo a year ago is booked
for Dec 28 when the club owners of the or
sanitation convene here in their annual meeting
Joseph 0 Brlen may lose his berth at the
head of the league, as four clubs Columbus,
Toledo Indianapolis and Minneapolis, will vote
against him
W Watkins of Minneapolis is said to be
at the head of the opposition The tangle over
the piesidency arose over the meeting of the
minor league magnates in New York list week
A deadlock apparently has been formed The
candidate of the Watkins forces is Thomas
Bkkej of Minneapolis
It is quite probable that Hickey will not ac
cept the place but in any case O Brien friends
will stand firm and cast their ballot for some
one else O'Brien may hold his position despite
the opposition as the four to-four vote could
BOt unseat him
Minneapolis followers of baseball have known
for some time that tliere would be a fight when
It came time for a reflection of a president of
the American association The fans who saw
the work of some of the umpires during the
critical time of the season last year will recall
that appeals were made to the president to send
the best arbitrators In the league to Minneapolis,
bnt he did not see fit to grant the request
Minneapolis fans will always believe that the
millers got much the worst of it in one or two
cries, and that the bad work was not thru
Incompetence of the umpires, but thru their de
elre to "do" the millers
joe O'Brien has made a fair president of the
association. He was the candidate of Tebean
and Havener and this was enough to put the
others against him. The syndicate system of
baseball now in vogue in the American associa
tion put O'Brien in the presidency After his
flection he promised to open up the offices of
the association in Chicago, but the office was
retained in Milwaukee All rulings came out
1 of Milwaukee It smacked too much of paternal
I &jm to suit the fans and followers of the game
I] O'Brien Is Capable.
Personally Joe O Brien is a capable young man
and a clean official. He has kept the affairs of
the association in good shape, but sponsors are
not popular with the bleacher birds
Watkins is advocating the election of Thomas
1jj Hickey of Minneapolis The Minneapolis
snan is popular with fans thruout the chcuit,
end is a power in baseball
"I do not care to discuss this matter at
all said Mr Hickey today "It has not come
I to me officially and as my relations with all
of the club-owners are pleasant I do not wish
to do or say anything that would cause any
I ill feeling
T)r Williams, athletic director at the
tJniversity of Minnesota, made several state
ments of Interest to the followers of western
football at the banquet of the Northwestern
Alumni association of the University of Penn
Bvlvanla held at the Nicollet hotel last night
He said that while football would always be
a strenuous game it wis not nearly so dangerous
ji as it was charged with being and added that a
large part of the prejudice against the game was
due to exaggerated newspaper reports In sup
port of this statement he pointed to the fact
that uncii the imebtisation of the committee
which conferred with President Roosevelt only
six of the eighteen deaths charged to football
were traced to the game
In speaking of the relative strength of the
eastern and western teams Dr Williams said
that he thought a game between a good western
team and the best the east could produce would
open the eyes of the easterners in regard to the
possibilities of the game for according to all
Si reports the game now played in the east is slow
The school of agriculture defeated Central high
at basketball last night by a score of 1ft to 11
The game was played at the drill hall at the ag
ricultural school The high school boys started
with a rush in the first half and it looked
fox a while as if they would swamp the faro
era The aggies braced and the half ended with
$ the scoie of 10 to 9 in favor of the tillers of the
i The college boys got busy in the second half
and walked away from their opponents When
time was called the score stood 19 to 11 in favoi
of the aggies Duschee was the star for the
Bchool team, while Caholey and Laford did things
for Central The lineup
Farm School Minneapolis Central
Bellinger right field Scholley
Clapp left field Caholey
JJuschee centei Witter
JDoyle right guaid Lafoid
araquith left guard Thompson
OfficialsKaiser and Chase each refereed and
j' umpired a half, timekeeper, Curtis, scorer,
Brown, field goals for the farm school, Bell
linger 2 Clapp 8, Duschee 8. on fouls. Duschee
S \4, Bellinger 1, field goals for central, Caholey
'Si Laford 2. on fouls, Scholley 3
gJLacrosse Flayers Will Buckle On Their
Lacrosse is the next fall sport to buckle on its
,$kates and announce that
will stick thru
thye "winter Followin the lead the football pla
crs the St Paul Lacrosse club has announced
((that it will play the game on the ice They
.jpay that the game is better adapted to the rink
'than football as it is more open. The idea of
Playing the game on ice is not entirely new
played in Canada and several mem-
us It laso
bets of the St Paul club have played It there
{No offeort ill be made to secure out of town
ames but the St Paul Chippewas and the South
it Paul Mohawks will be Invited to join in the
1 iftamiskey and Cub Owner In Another
I Little Quarrel.
1 Journal Special Servioe.
I Ohlcago, Dec 19President O W Murphy of
Yh* cubi ha* announced that there is a poseibil
i Ity that the independent American association
team will ilay Sunday games In Chicago when
the cubs are out of the city but the plan was
squelched by President Comiskey of the white
Px. Comiskey said unofficially that snch a plan
'would be a violation of the national agreement,
And besides, he would never consent to It
The Independents is the only team in the ns
^delation tLat cannot play Sunday ball at home
tVetexan First Baseman Has Designs on
an Indicator Stunt.
Perry Werden, veteran first baseman, with a
reputation from coast to coast, has designs on
en umpire's commission in the American asso
elation and 1B backed by a coterie of Influential
friends in his quest for the job Werden is not
wanting for Jobs as be has both a coaching and
playing proposition in the south but he desires
to remain nearer home and will srefer the in
(flicator position
Bobn won from Clark on a foul in the first
tace of the amateur roller skating tournament
lit the Casino rink last night Clark was in
the lead on the final lap but fouled Bohn. who
ws given the race Reese dropped out after
a. fall in the fourteenth lap Beed jui in the
fifth lap and Boardtuan lost one of his skates in
the first lap The time was 3 30, and the dis
ftance one mile
Special to The Journal.
Lincoln, Neb Dec. 19^The athletic board of
1 (Nebraska university last nteht canvassed the
nYotes cast by the football team and announced
election of Glen Mason to be captain of
ext year's huskers
Robert Marsl\all. the ereat left end of the
^Minnesota team, was the suest of honor at an
Impromptu reception and banauet at Blake's
cafe last night Harvey Burke acted as toast
tgaster William Morris spoke on "The
Olympic Games" and MoGee discoursed
Ut "Life's Touchdowns and Goals" W
irtancla responded to the toast. "Marshall at
Jjieft End and the famous plaver made a
ityt?ng reply. Covers were laid for twenty-two.
Both Gladiators Quit Hard Train
ing, with Each Confident
of Victory.
Journal Speoial Service.
San Francisco, Dec 19 Bob Fltzslmmons has
broken camp at Croll and moved across the
bay He says he is trained and ready, and
will do limbering up work only until the day
of the flgnt
The last day of training was a strenuous one
After ten hard rounds each with Chester and
Bates allowing them to do most of the leading
and confining himself to the defensive in order
to save his hands, Fltz showed much of his old
time speed and shiftiness in footwork, and the
crowd which visited his quaiters left there mar
veling why O Brien was the favorite at 10 to 7
Jack O Brien wound up with his usual routine,
followed bj two hard rounds each with. Fltz
gerald and Swanson He said
"I do not detract fiom Fitzsimmons' ability
in fact, I know he is a great fighter, but I
believe my superior speed will beat him My
fight with Kaufmann must have convinced all
who saw it that I have the wallop stored away
I have not formulated a plan of battle as yet,
but I am going to fight a careful fight, and I
believe Fitzsimmons will lose by the O.
route when he faces me Wednesday evening
Great Interest Shown in the An
nual Meeting at North-
Special to Tne Journal.
Northfleld, Minn Dec 19 The annual meet
ing of the Minnesota college conference on ath
letics was held at Carleton college yesterday
following the custom of meeting with the col
lege which wins the championship for the year
About twenty delegates were present includ
ing the committee, Professors Funk of Macales
ter Diew of Hamline, Doyle of St Thomas,
Newhall of Shattuck school and Chaney of Carle
After dinner at Gridley hall a mass meeting
of students and friends was held In the chapel
when the trophy was presented to the winning
team Professor Funk as president of the con
ference made the presentation in a few words
which were fittingly responded to by Captain
Lee President SaJlman In welcoming the dele
gates spoke of the fire of criticism thru which
the game of football is passing, and declared
himself in favor of the retention of the game
with some modifications which would contribute
to safety and to a restoration of those ele
ments which made it spectaculai and interesting
to the uninitiated spectators
He said that much of the current criticism
was not applicable to the conditions in the
smaller colleges They are fairly free from the
evils of professionalism, a larger number of
students in proportion to the attendance have a
shaie in the benefits of practice than at the
larger institutions there being three teams at
woik on the Carleton field this year, while the
chaiges of unfaii and of unduly rough play
could not be brought against the colleges of the
confeience there being no players ruled out
during the season
President Sallman is opposed to the game being
plaj ed oy high school and academy students
among whom he thinks occurs the majority of
accidents and deaths He criticized the ten
dency east and west of the game degenerating
into a business saying that the budget of ex
pens.es in certain institutions for the four weeks
preceding Thanksgiving exceeded the entire ex
pense of a western college for a year
He deplored the widespread betting and gam
bling which accompanies the larger games, add
ing that he did not charge football with origi
nating these evils for they were in existence
before the game was played These poison the
springs of character in student life and must
be eliminated if the game is to be rehabilitated
in public favor
Morning and afternoon sessions of the commit
tee weie held at which the managers arranged
their schedules for the next season The fol
lowing votes were passed FirstThat it is
not desnable to admit to this conference insti
tutions located outside of Minnesota, second,
that the committee approve any effort of the
managers to make arrangements with North
Dakota Agricultural college, third, that a stu
dent transfemng from one conference Institu
tion to another shall be ineligible to athletic
teams for one year fouith that the conference
track meet be held on Laird athletic field on
Monday, May 28, fifth, that basketball and
tennis be included in the sports recognised by
the conference, sixth, that a committee con
sisting of Professors Chaney of Carleton and
Doyle of St Thomas formulate the position of
the conference regarding professionalism
The officers re elected were Professor
Funk of Macalester, president, and Professor
L. W Chaney of Carleton, secretary.
Journal Special Service.
Philadelphia, Dec 19 There Is a good chance
that Terry McGovern and Battling Nelson will
yet meet in a six round bout in this city The
date however, will not be the one originally
selected Jan 26, but probably some time in
McGovern and hl" manager Joe Humphrey, are
here and Humphrey promptly showed that the
McGovern party was anxious to settle all details
of the match by posting $2 000 $1 000 to gnaian
tee Terry's appeaiance and $1,000 to guarantee
that he would weigh in at 133 pounds at
6 clock the evening of the bout
Murphy at once wired Billy Nolan, the man
ager of Nelson at Albany of Humphrey's ae
tion and efforts will at once be made to have
the rival managers sign new articles of agree
Journal Special Service.
Pittsbuig, Dec 19President Dreyfus of the
Pittsburg club has asked the managers of other
teams to waive claims on fourteen players He
refused to give theii names It was also learned
that Fred Clarke put up a strong talk to Uncle
Conant to secure Pat Moran from the Bostons
who was traded to Chicago Clarke ottered to
give up eight Pittsburg players for three Boston
men The Pittsburgs wanted Cy Young Pat
Moian and got Willis in exchange for Brain
Howard and Lindeman. Clarke offered to turn
over Flaherty, Peitz and Case but who the other
men offered are Is not known
Journal Special Service.
Chicago, Dec 19Believing he has all the
physical qualifications of a Jim Jeffries to make
a tar boxer George Schaffneil a local black
smith, has entered the tournament of the Illinois
Athletic club at the Coliseum next week Schaff
nell is but 20 vears old weighs 230 pounds and
stands Six feet two inches He works at the
anvil every day He is surprisingly active and
fast on his feet for one of such weight and
claims he has a straight punch with either hand
that he expects will prove a winner
London Dec 19 The biggest boxing event of
the year took place last night at the National
Sporting club when Palmer successfully de
fended the heavyweight championship of Eng
land knocking out Geoffrey Thorne in the fourth
round The match was for $500 a side and a
purse of $750
"Your H,ealth, So Please You, Sir
in good old Pickwick Eyefor all the
pleasure and no regrets.
parson 1
There is a lull in the agitation for
football reform. Perhaps the "antis"
are waiting for the couriers to bring
in the opinion of the principal of the
Wind river valley district school. About
everybody else is on record.
Watty is ghost dancing on the Amer
ican association reservation, and prom
ises to scalp all the whiskers off Joe
O'Brien's chin. From the lineup o
the club owneis on the subiect of piesi
dent, it looks as tho there is the mak
ing of big medicine in the next meet
ing George Tebeau and Havemor are
capable of doing a few pigeon wings in
the corn dance themselves. On with
the dance'
The Davy Crockett coon story is
called to mind now that Rev. Mr. Mor
lill has donned his wartogs and started
out to reform football. Tfce dominie
based his onslaught upon bum statistics
and had evidently failed to read The
Journal article on the death list,
showing that only about Ave deaths
were really due to the game. The par
son of the people should get The
Journal on his exchange list and
read it ovei, and he will be able to
quote figuies as they are and not as
they are supposed to be. As a follower
of the life strenuous, we are surprised
to find our pastor knocking when he
should be on the top row of the grand
stand and rooting like sin. Fie!
v, Fie
Some of the papers aie printing a
picture of Bob Fitzsimmons surrounded
by his children. As a sentimental fea
ture it is all right, but should be print
ed on the woman's pages of the papers.
On the sport page there is no room tor
this photo Everyone knows that Red
Eobert could lick any of the children.
Walter Camp puts Walter Eckersall
on the all American team, and Chicago
hasn't been half so tickled since the
anarchists were hung.
A writer in the Chicago Becord-Her
aid offers the following reforms tor
Rule 1The field shall be bounded as at pres
ent and covered with three feet of cotton batting
or eiderdown It shall be banked on all sides
with feather beds
Rule 2Pla-vers shall wear proper armament
to prevent injuries Said armament shall con
sist of large pillows for the chest, abdomen
and loins while a hair padding, if loosely
packed will be permitted for the shoulders and
elbows Shin guards stuffed with excelsior and
shoes with cleats of soft felt shall be worn
Headgear shall be made exclusively of sponges,
which will serve the double purpose of protec
tion and a reservoir, thereby eliminating the re
volting spectacle of an assistant rubber rushing
onto the field with a pail of water
Rule 3Signals shall be whispered softly
When the bull is put in play the man chosen to
carry it shall walk back ten feet and either
kick or call for a game of pullaway at his
Rule 4If pullaway is called for, all players
but the one with the ball and one on the oppos
ing side shall retire to the side lines The man
with the ball shall then attempt to get past
his opponent If the latter succeeds In touching
him he shouts "Tag and the ball goes down
on the spot
Rule 5After each play the participants shall
be cheered by the persons assembled in the
grandstands The cheering shall consist only
of clapping of hands and exclamations of "Very
well done
Rule 6After the cheering the college hands
will play some classical selection which has
previously been approved by a committee con
sisting of three members of the faculty
Rule 7If a kick Is called for after the ball
is put in play, all the participants shall recline
on the field with the exception of the kicker
He will then kick and the official shall note
where the ball falls The ball will then change
hands and the teams will line up at the spot
where the ball fell
Rule 8If a player becomes weary he shall
approach an official and say in a low voice, "Sir.
I am fatigued" Whereupon the official will
blow his whistle and all participants will recline
while coffee, sandwiches and ice cream are
Rule 9After the game the favors will be
distributed and the spectators will be permitted
to walk upon the field, where the players will
constitute the reception committee
Tommy Ryan and Marvin Hart opened their
week engagement at the Dewey last night be
fore a packed house Both men appeared to
be in splendid physical condition and boxed five
rounds, going light but still showing all of
their speed and cleverness
Ryan has completely recovered from the stom
ach trouble which was expected to put him out
of the boxing game a year or two ago He
still the same shifty fast bcter of the old
days, and looks as tho he might be carrying a
package of slumber in eithei arm It was
Hart's first appearance In Minneapolis and he
took well The Kentucky boxer is a big, good
natured chap and in his boxing went in much
faster and handled himself far better than had
been expected The exhibition these boxers give
is an interesting one, as it Is boxing and noth
ing more Neither man dares to open up on
the other, and as a result the audience last
night watched the fastest boxing seen in many
a day.
Chaska, Minn, Dee. 19 On Thursday, Dec
28 the Chaska Skat club will hold a tourna
ment at Chaska to which all the skat players
of the state have been invited Fifteen valuable
prizes will be awarded the successful contest
ants Skat is the most intricate of all card
games and is gaining rapidlv in popularity, as
every player is an enthusiast A large con
tingent of twin city players will participate iu
the tournament
Boston Dec 19 Walter Randall, ex captain
of the Harvard varsity baseball team and on
the football team and center on the basketball
team was declared Ineligible to represent Har
vard in basketball or any other branch of athlet
ics on account of coaching a football team for
money this last fall
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Rail
For geographical and other obvious
reasons* the United States government
many years ago selected the Chicago,
Milwaukee & St. Paul railway for its
fast mail service between the twin
cities and Chicago, and also for trans
Pacific mail. Why not travel on the
road over which Uncle Sam sends your
The Pioneer Limited leaves Minne
apolis 8 p.m. and St. Paul 8:35 p.m.,
arriving Union Passenger Station, in
the heart of Chicago, 9 am. Pour other
fast trains to Chicago every day. Tick
ets, 365 Robert street, St. Paul.
All cases of weak or lame back, back
ache, rheumatism, will find relief by
of Carter's Smart Weed
Backache Plasters.
Price 25 cents. Try them.
Iowa's World Champion Marks
man and Squire Lead Twenty
three of the Best.
1 1
Journal Speoial Service.
Wilmington, Del, Dec. 19 Fred Gilbert of
Spirit lake, Iowa, the woild's champion maiks
man, contested in a 100 tniget sweepstake shoot
here yesterday afternoon with twenty three well
known^ marksmen on the grounds of the Woon
set Gun club Gilbert tied with Luther J.
SV.uire of Wilmington foi flist place, each break
ing ninety five targets They tied early In the
match, each having broken forty eight of the
There were two other ties Alden Richard
son of Dover, the Delaware champion and son of
Millionaire Harry Richardson of Dover, tied
with Edward Banks of Wilmington for second
place, each breaking ninety two, James Kelly
of Wilmington was third, with ninety one, Les
ter Gorman, the champion of Maryland, and
William Ford of this city, champion b*
Delaware, also tied for fourth honors, with a
score of eighty-nine
None of the ties were shot off A McKel
vey of Wilmington was fifth with eighty three
The shoot was interesting thruout, the race be
tween Gilbert and Squire and between Richardson
and Banks being exciting.
Journal Speoial Service,
Chicago, Dec 19The Diversity of Illinois
has taken up association football and now has
a squad practicing secretly with the Intention
of coming up and beating the Chicago team
lor some time the lllini have been hard
at woik at socker, and never has any news of
it reached the Midway The object of the
secret practice is to make the maroons believe
the Illinois boys do not know anything about
the game and then turn the tables and decisively
aefeat the maroon eleven
The maroon socker team is planning great
things for next year, and many more candi
dates will be out after the Christmas holidays
The Rugby football men will come out after
vacation and it is expected that the squad will
be greatly strengthened
It Is extremely probable that the Harvard
socker team will come to Chicago for a game
during the Kaster vacation The Harvard men
will come on If they are guaranteed their ex
penses which will amount to about $700
The Lund baseball team's roller skating party
which was to have been civen tonight, has
been postponed until after the holidays
Chicago Captain Denies Proposed
Change in Rules Will Be
Journal Speoial Service.
Chicago, Dec 19Captain Eckersall of the
Chicago football team, who Walter Camp picks
as the best tackier in the country, doeB not
think the proposed football regulation which pro
hibits tackling except between the knees and
shoulders, will be of anv benefit The maroon
quarter, who himself also tackles above the
knees believes the rule would be Impracticable
by the inability of the officials to enforce the
'The proposed rule prohibiting tackling below
the knee would probably bring about more dis
putes than reforms in football," said Eckersall.
"It will be Impossible for the officials to enforce
the rule They can never determine where a man
is tackled except in a few cases and if a decis
ion is made the tackier will claim he tackled
above the knees, but his hands slipped down,
which often happens This win lead to disputes
between the rival players and cause ill feeling,
which will do much harm. A similar rule was
tried some years ago and proved a failure.
"There were not enough Injuries among the
bigger teams to warrant changing the game
much I like Mr Stagg's plan of having one
set of rules for the college teams and anothei
for the prep school players
Journal Special Service.
Chicago Dec. 19 Marc Catlln, the Chicago
"championship captain, will Join the ranks of
the professional coaches next year The big
football and track athlete has already received
offers of several coaching positions, but as yet
has accepted none of them Catlin will receive
his college diploma at the university convocation
this afternoon and does not expert to return for
track work this winter
Rinks skipped by Labatt and McCutcheon put
up an interesting exhibition of curling at the
Flour Oity rink last night The rink skipped by
Labatt won out by a score of 9 to 6 Sheet No
4 Is frozen hard and unless there Is another
rise in temperature the other three sheets will
be ready for play by the end of the week
Store Open Every Evening Until Christmas.
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Fairmount and Washburn Foot
ball Teams Will -Test Pro
posed New Rules.
Journal Speoial Serrioe.
Wichita, Kan Dec 19 The Fairmount and
Washburn football teams will play a post-season
game in this city Christmas day, in which the
proposed new rules will be tested A committee
from each of the churches met in Topeka yester
day and made up a list of rules in accordance
with the resolutions adopted by the national
rules committee at the meeting a week ago
Every play as recommended by the coaches at
the meeting will be tried in the game here.
According to the new rales ten yards will have
to be made In three downs to retain possession
of the ball Forward passes behind the line
will be permitted A field goal will count six
points A penalty of twenty yards will be made
against a team for piling on a player when
down. If any member of the team with the ball
slugs or uses rough tactics, a penalty will be
The coaches of both teams have been at work
figuring on formations that will give the most
oren style of game The teams are evenly
matched as to weight and in football experience,
so that no penalties will be made for extra
The Minneapolis Automobile club will consider
the extent to which it should aid members who
are made the defendants In civil actions as the
result of accidents at Its next meeting to be
held on Jan 2 One of the members of the
clnb has recently been sued because he uninten
tionally ran over a small girl on one of the
city streets In the past the club has not Inter
fered in matters of this kind, but It will now
discuss the advisability of coming to the suppoit
of Its members when the case seems to de
mand it
Last evening Walter Milnor delivered the
fourth of his series of lectures on gasolene en
gineerlnjg before the club He took up the
electric system In general and the Induction
coil In particular President Joyce stated
that the list of reservations for the special train
which will be run to the Florida races the week
of Jan 22 are coming in steadily.
The Lund and Apex indoor baseball teams will
play Wednesday night at Monitor hall Tho
the Lnnds are new to the Indoor came they
succeeded in making the Kittens hurry last
week and are confident that they will win this
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Harvard Mufflers
Milwaukee Magnate Will Try fox
a Strong Team Next'
Special to The Journal.
Milwaukee, Wis Dec. 19 Joe CantOlon, man
rger of the Milwaukee ball clnb, Is recovering
rapidly from bis recent Illness, due to an era
tion at Rochester, Minn and he will soon be
fcble to take care his business interests around
Chicago In fact, Joe was out for the first
time Saturday and visited with Kid Speer, his
right bower
Speaking of the brewers' chances for next sea
son, that is for getting a team together, Joe
said "For several weeks I did not care much
whether there were ball clubs or not, but now
that I have recovered end am getting back to my
normal condition, I feel like talking baseball
once more You know the big leagues will have
quite a little to do with the brewers next sea
son, as under the ruling of the national com
miesion the sixteen major league dabs must
waive claim to a player before be can be re
Work of Collecting Hen.
"As there are about five of my best men who
are liable to be held in that way tfiere ap
pears a lot of work before me In getting another
winning bunch, together Comtekey has lost Jim
mv Callahan, so be will no doubt keep Jack
O'Neill to fill the gap Charlie Hemphill has
been plugging for Frank, his brother, so that he
may be swiped by the St Louis club Harry
Clark may also be kept and Goodwin and Bate
man are gone for sure That will require some)
stars to fill their places, as Milwaukee fans
want nothing but winners However I have
picked up winners before without much trouble
and I will have no bother doing it again
"The new draftirg rule will help the minor
leagues," remarked Joe In discussing the result
of the New York meeting "Now that the big
league clubs can take only one plaver from a
Class A league club there will be more chance
for the small league magnates to get along
There will be no more of this riddling of teanw
by the draft, and if there are stars on hand,
why the magnates will be able to get a proper
price for them Managers who desire to bold a
good team together can do so. If tbey want to
sell their jnen then It Is np to them to make
good with their patrons The minors have every
reason to feel -grateful for the new rule.
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