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School Suits, ages 7 to 17, $4.00.
Double-breasted two-piece and bloomer
Norfolk suits in blue serges and fancy chevi
Children's Fancy Overcoats, age 3 to 8.
The new coat, made plain, with full back,
some with half belt and frogs, in fancy and
plain overcoating, large assortment at $5.00,
$6.50 to $10.00.
Children's Novelty Suits, age 3 to 10.
Sailor or Eton Kuesian suits with bloomer
pants, laige assortment of fancy weaves and
plain colors in serges and cheviots at $10.00,
$8.00, $6.50 to $5.00.
$8.00 Young Men's Overcoat, $5.95.
Age 15 to 20.
Broken lines in Tourist styles, friezes and
heavy cheviots, in grays, blacks and fancy
weaves$8 and $0 valuesat $5.95.
$7.50 Young Men's Suits, $3.75.
Age 14 to 20.
Double-breasted style in all wool blue and
black cheviot, dark gray and brown cassi
mere odds and ends from our $7.50, $6.50 and
$5.00 linesat $3.75.
75o Boys' Knee Pants, 45c.
Age 4 to 16.
Bloomer and plain knee pants, with double
seat and knee all wool cheviot, tweeds and*
fancy worsted, 75c values45c.
Your teeth need careful attention.
Many of the Ills of life aiise from
neglected, decaying teeth. If you are
wise you will take good care ot
your teeth W are EXPERTS in
all branches of dental work
T. C. 10040. N. W. Main 1606
Sixth and Hennepin Ave.
Tuesday Evening,*
Open Evenings.
1 "V
Clothes for Boys
of All Ages
In Basement Boys* Section.
Cor. Sixth and Nicollet.
Milwaukee, Deo. 19.Forty indict
ments for graft, returned by the grand
jury last year, may bo invalidated by
a sensational discovory.
It is found that one man was drawn
on the grand jury while another one
served, a similarity of names causing
the mistake. Five men indicted by thie
body have either been convicted or
have pleaded guilty.
It is said that steps will be taken to
secure the release of Michael Dunn,
former building inspector, now serving
Exclusiveness in design and
carefulness in the making serve
to distinguish "Plymouth" Boys'
Our assortment is as complete
as at any time during the season
so that our patrons may feel as
sured of easy and quick service.
All the high grade novelties
have been reduced in price.
Plymouth Special
Not a minute should be lost when a
child shows symptoms of croup. Cham
berlain's Cough Bemedy given as soon
as the child becomes hoarse, or even
after the croupy cough appears, will
prevent the attack. It never fails, and
is pleasant and safe to take.
Helpful Holiday Hints in Jewelry
Sterling Key Rings $0.50 to $2.00
Sterling Stamp Boxes 1.00to 1.3&
Sterling Match Boxes.... 1.00 to 10.00
Sterling Pocket Files 75 to 1.00
Sterling Paper Weights.. 1.00 to 3.00
Sterling Ink Wells 2.00 to 15.00
Sterling Cloth, Hair, Hat
and Military Brushes,
Ebony and Silver .75 to 12.00
Sterling Ash Trays 2.50 to 7.00
Sterling Cigar Lighters... 2.25 to 10.00
Sterling Shaving Sets.... 4.50to 18.00
Sterling Flasks 7.50 to 18.00
Sterling Mounted Sus
penders 3.00 to 6.00
Sterling Pencils 25 to 5.00
Sterling Mounted Umbrel
las 4.50 to 15.00
Sterling Razor Strops 4.00 to 7.50
Cigar, Cigarette and Card
Cases in Gunmetal, Sil
ver and Leather 1.00 to 10.00
Liquor Sets in Cut Glass
and Silver 10.00 to 35.00
Silver Plated Collar But
ton Boxes 75 to 2.00
Silver Paper Cutters 1.00 to 5.00
Silver Erasers 50 to 3.00
Siher Soap Boxes 2.00 to 8.50
Desk Clocks 2.35 to 8.00
Cut Glass and Sliver Cig
arette and Cigar Jars... 6.00 to 12.50
Solid Gold Stick Pins 75 to 10.00
Solid Gold Cuff Links 2.00 to 15.00
Fobs in Silver, Leather
and Gold 3.00 to 25.00
Solid Gold Lockets 7.50 to 25.00
Solid Gold Seal Rings 5.00 to 25.00
Solid Gold Chains 7.76 to 35.00
i^ftArt i" 1 ~3*A
Ag* 7 to 17.
A suit for dress or service, with double
seat and knees, all seams double stitched
some are-Norfoiks with knickerbocker pants
in fancy cassimere, worsteds, tweeds and
serges. A $6.50 suit at $5.
Young Men's Suits, ages 14 to 20.
New singla-breasted, cut extra long, with deep
side vents large assortment of double-breasted in
serges, black, unfinished worsted, and a most com
plete line of fancy mixtures, at $25, $20 down to
Young Men's Overcoats, ages 15 to 20.
Tourist style in fancy weaves, dress overcoats in
plain black and oxford grays, large assortment of
new styles, at $10, $12 to $25.
Boys' Flannel Blouses, ages 3 to 16.
Russian or military style, plain blouse with soft
roll collar, in grays, blues and reds, at $2 to 75c.
New Knicker Suits, age 6 to 16.
Imported fancy cheviot, silk mixed worsted
and serges, made in a yoke style, with pleats
and full pants, at $15 down to $6.50.
New Winter Reefers, age 5 to 16.
Heavy chinchillas, cheviots and friezes in
navy blues, grays and browns, lined with all
wool flannel in grays or reds, cut extra long,
at $12.00 to $5.00.
Boys' Tdnrist Overcoats, age 8 to 16.
Storm overcoat, cut extra long, with half
belt grays and black friezes fancy over
coating in all the new shades, at $5.00, $6.50
up to $15.00.
50c Boys' Knee Pants, 29c.
Age 4 to 15.
Heavy mixed cassimeres in blues, browns
and dark mixtures, all seams taped, with sus
pender "buttons odds and ends from our 50c
lineat 29c.
$2.50 Boys' Suit, $1.69.
Double-breasted two-piece and Norfolk Suits
in blue cheviot and dark fancy mixtures,
strictly all wool winter weight age 7 to 16.
$4.50 School Suits, $2.69.
All wool Dickeys, tweeds, fancy cassimeres
and blue cheviots extra heavy in Norfolk
and plain double-breasteds, on sale at $2.69.
Store Open
a term in the house of correction, and
the remission of the fines of the others.
Washburn Has Light Turned On Pend
ing Settlement of Controversy.
WASHBURN, WIS.After being in darkness
for more than two months the streets of this city
are again being lighted, the city council and the
Washburn Electric Sc Power company having
agreed upon a price to be paid for lighting. No
CHARLES OITY, IOWA.Fir* wrecked the.
residence of This. Wlxstead. Loss, $4,000 In
surance, $2 500 The fire originated from the
furnace and communicated to the upstairs part
before it was discovered.
AMES, u^y, IOWA.Harry Atkinson, a conductor
on the North-Western, was fatally injured In a
wreck here. He had recently fallen heir to an
estate valued at $50,000.
Sterling Hat Pins $0.75 to $2.00
Sterling Brooch and Belt
Pins 75 to B.00
Sterling Bracelets 1.00 to 3.00
Sterling Hooks, Horns,
Files, Manicure Knives,
Scissors, Powder, Vase
line and Puff Jars 50 to 5.00
Sterling Comb, Brush and
Mirror Sets 10.00 to 27.50
Sterling Hair, Hat, Cloth
and Velvet Brushes 1.00 to 8.50
Sterling, German Silver
and Leather Chatelaine
and Wrist Bags 2.50 to 25.00
Sterling Hand Glasses 7.B0to 15.00
Sterling Lorgnettes 5.00 to 7.50
Sterling Lockets 2.25 to 3.50
Sterling Chatelaine Mir
rors 1.50 to 2.25
Sterling Trimmed Vases.. 1.75to 10.00
Solid Gold Lockets 7.50 to 40.00
Solid Gold Neck Chains... 2.B0 to 10.00
Solid Gold Brooches 2.75 to 25.00
Solid Gold Bracelets 4.50 to 35.00
Solid Gold Stick Pi ns 75 to 5.00
Cut Glass Perfume Bottles 2.50 to 12.00
Cut Glass Powder Boxes.. 9.75
Cut Glass Bowls 4.25 to 60.00
Cut Glass Vases 2.00 to 20.00
Cut Glass Water Sets 9.00 to 35.00
Cut Glass Candlesticks ...13.50 to 55.00
Cut Glass Atomizers 2.50 to 10.00
Cut Glass Ink Stands 2.50 to 10.00
Cut Glass Celery Dishes... 4.50 to 15.00
Cut Glass Ice Cream Trays 16.00 up.
Cut Glass Salts and Pep
pers, pair 50 up.
Cut Glass Rose Bowls 1.50 to 20.00
Chafing Dishes 3.75 to 25.00
nlw oontVact weienfered into, but"the lights would be to the bebt interests of the United
have been turned on, to be put off at the option
of the council The contract between the city
and the company, which has been in force for fif
teen years and for which the city has been
paying $11.24 for each lamp per month, has ex
pired and the new rate for lighting on the
midnight schedule has been agreed upon at $5 60
per lamp per month, but It Is the opinion of the
council that this rate Is too high and an effort
will no doubt be made la the near future to have
will it I owered.
Heavy Rains Check Elaborate Plans to
Reclaim Lake Bed of 5,000 Acres and
Controversy Arises Over Settlement
of Surveyor's ServicesBoy Acci
dentally Shot by Brother.
Special to Tb Journal.
Bt. Ptter, Minn., Dec. 10.A. murrey made of a
lake may become the basis ox an Interesting ao
tion in the Nicollet county district court.
In 1903, when Swan lake, a larger body of wa
ter in the western end of the county, was very
low, an effort was made to reclaim its dry bed.
Farmers owning abutting property engaged
George Boock, county surveyor of Brown county,
to make a division of the land, and thirteen of
them signed an agreement to pay the expenses
of the survey.
After the survey was begun it is said that
Boock performed services for other farmers, not
signers of the agreement, and it was estimated
that upwards of 5,000 acres of good land would
be recovered. Several wet seasons refilled the
lake and the work was valueless. The surveyor,
however, does not propose to lose his fees. He
Is making an effort to collect from the thirteen
original signers at the rate of 85 cents an acre,
but they are protesting the claim on the ground
that the total cost has been taxed against them,
whereas part of the work was done for others.
An attempt Is being made to settle 'the con*
troversy out of court.
Boy Accidentally Shot.
Robert Kewatt, a 16-year-old son of Fred Ke
watt of Ottawa, was dangerously wounded in
the left breast yesterday afternoon. With an
elder brother he was shooting at a mark with
a 22-callber rifle. While the older boy was
handling the gun it was discharged, the bullet
striking his brother above the heart. It was
deflected by a rib, however, and the wound,
while serious, will not prove fatal.
Unknown Man Dies at Two Harbors
from Injuries Received.
TWO HARBORS. MINN.An unknown man
was ran over by a Duluth & Iron Range
passenger train and received injuries from
which he died a few hours later at the Budd
hospital. In the morning he inquired the way
to Duluth, and was walking the tracks bound
for that point when the train struck him. He
had reached the south end of the yards here,
known as the Duluth siding, as the train ap
proached It is thought he concluded the train
was going to move up the tracks on -which he
vias walking, so he stepped to another track,
which was the one actually used by the train.
Nothing can be found to lead to the man's
identification or anything concerning his rela
tives or home, and there does not appear to be
any one here who has any previous knowledge of
He was about 40 years of age, weight about
150 pounds, sandy hair and mustache, with a
slight sprinkling of giay hairs. From his
clothes, it appears that he had been in hard
circumstances for some time, but his hands
are small and show no evidence that he was
ever & laborer.
Another new towns!te is to be platted on the
Mesaba rpnge, near Prairie river. It will adjoin
the property of Lind & Buchman, on which 200
ftet of iron ore has been found. The develop
ment of this immense deposit of ore will make
room for a thriving village.
Winona Officials Will Have legality of
Ordinance Passed Upon.
WINONA, MINN Application has been made
by Mayor John A. Latseh and City Attorney D.
E. Tawney. for a writ of certiorari In the
^ineroom case recently tried befote the municipal
court. In this case. Martha Lake was charged
with violating a wlneroom ordinance passed by
the city council, and in rendering a decision,
Judge H. L. Buck declared the ordinance to be
It is the contention of 01ty Attorney Tawney
that Judfie Bwk went beyond the province of
his court, and accordingly the application for the
writ to compel the municipal court to send all
records In the case to the district court for
review by Judge Snow, has been made The
writ has been ordered issued and the hearing
will come up at the Jainuary term of the district
court The ordinance In auction is one making
It unlawful for saloonkeepers to sell liquor to
women, to be drufcik omthe premises, and mak
ing it unlawful for-. omen to freijuent saloons
unless accompanied by their husbands or fathers.
Iowa University Will Select Its Repre
sentatives Tonight.
IOWA CITY. IOWA.Iowa university -will
tonight select Its representatives for the de
bating contest with the University of Minnesota
The Zetaeathian and Irvine Institute debaters
of Iowa 'win meet and the winning society will
select two of the three Iowans. and the loser
the other debater. Tonight's debate will be on
the following subject:
"Resolved, That the United States should
establish a fiscal protectorate over any South
American, Central American or West Indian re
ubllc manifesting a chronic failure to meet
foreign obligations
The livings will take the affirmative, the
speakers being B. R. Barnard, Walter Mvers and
W Rilev. The negative side will be taken
by the Zets, whose orators will be Ray Files,
W. T. Brlnton and R. C. Cleveland.
The Judges will be Dean N. Gregory of the
college of law. Professor Sam Sloan and Dr.
Gilbert Houser.
Philomatheans Win in Carlton College
Society Contest.
NORTHFIELD. MINN The thirteenth annual
debate between the Athenian and Phllomathean
societies of Carieton college, resulted In a victory
for the Philomatheans The question was,
Resolved, That a system of compulsory insur
ance for working men under government control
The Philomathlan representatives who uphold
the affirmative were C. C. Allen, M. K. Plumb,
L. S. Headlej. The Athenians who presented the
negative were N. D. Dickinson, B. W. Cross,
T. 0. Steiesguth. The judjres, Superintendents
Wasson of St. Peter, Franklin of Faribault and
Nelson of Austin, rendered their decision by a
vote of two to one.
Marsnalltown Will Pay More Attention
to Manual Training.
MARSHALLOWN, IOWA.The Marshalltown
school board proposes a unique departure in
school methods here. It Is the intention to build
on the high school grounds a large one-story
structure, with basement. The building is to
be used for a heating clant, sanitary closets,
auditorium, gympaslum and* manual training de
partment It is the Intention of the school board
next year to pay more attention to manual
training in the public schools. Plana are belnp
repared for the structure, which will bo built
he coming summer.
La Crosse Department Makes Thoro In
spection of Dressed Pork.
LA CROSSE, WIS.The health department of
this city has begun an inspection of the dressed
pork that is being offered for sale on the mar
ket by farmers, yesterday Health Officer Major
condemned two dressed hogs as being unfit lor
sale. The hogs were discolored and showed
signs of having been sick before they were
slaughtered. A thoro Inspection of all dressed
hogs will hereafter be made by the department
before It 16 offered for sale.
Milwaukee Millionaire Studies Agricul
ture at Wisconsin University.
MILWAUKEE, WIS.Fred Pabst, the former
president of the Pabst Brewing company and
one of the best known millionaires in Wisconsin,
is studying agriculture at the University of Wis
consin. He recently acquired a fine stock farm
and has decided to go into the business of stock
raising on an elaborate and scientific plan.
Des Moines Man Accused of Attempt
ing to Kill Son.
DBS MOINES. IOWA.Jack Morgan, an angry
father, nearly succeeded in killing his son yes
terday afternoon. He told the boy to close a
door and when he did not obey, the man Is said
to have attempted to cut the boy's throat. The
police found the lad lying across the top of the
Des Moines river levee, where he bad been
dragged. The
and Is held without1
placed under arrest
charge tl the condition
of tha boy can be ascertained.
STABKWEATHEE, N. D.The sale of insti
tution lands for Ramsey county, just closed at
DevUs Lake, amounts to 30,000 acres, sold at an
average of $13 85 an acre. Bottineau county
sales averaged the highest figure, selling at a
price of about $18 28
EDEN VALLEY, MINN.Jess Racy, a former
resident of this
lake Sunday. j~
drowned^ In-
J* X4
Iowa Woman Wins with Record of 148
Bushels for Day.
ONAWA IOWAMiss Amanda Slocum, a
teacher living near
JUST RECEIVED a new importation of Ladies' Even
ing Gloves, 12, 16, 20 and 24-button lengths, in whites
and blacks.
GLOVES OP ALL KINDS in stock, correct styles and
best qualities. No more appropriate Christmas gifts.
Always useful, always acceptable.
OUR CERTIFICATE PLAN enables the recipient to se
lect gloves to suit and have them fitted at any con
venient time.
Men's Goods
Neckwear. Mufflers. Bath Robes.
Night Shirts.
Drapery Department
Mahogany Furniture. Brass Goods.
Oriental Rugs. Teco Pottery.
Silk Floss Pillows. Baby Cab Robes.
Fine Draperies. Carpet Sweepers.
is probably
cornhulker of world and undoubteth
edly more than a match for many of the best
sr_J_.-_i AS**EC412
pounds between sunrise and sunset, stopping
thlrtv minutes for lunch at noon.
Miss Slocum has had previous experience. She
haloed her brothers for three years before she
blcame a teacher! The corn ran about forty five
bushels to the acre and was blown down. Miss
Slwum says she is confident she can busk 200
bushels a. day in eighty-bushel corn that stands
_p wellf She say? the $50 she won In the
wager will help her buy a trousseau for her
welding Christmas day to SamuelJ Turnera
prosperous young farmer of an adjoining town
ELDOBA. IOWA.Express companies In Har
dln^ountf'are doing a Dig business in the ship
Ding of liquor. The drug stores in this city
and* in several other towns of the county have
been refused permits tor the sale of any kind
of intoxicating liquors, and as a re"
men representing houses out of the state have
been taking hundreds of orders.
GBINNELL, IOWA.The Iowa college glee
club started today on its annual tour ftni the
state over the Iowa Central Stops will be made
at Van Cleve, Cedar Eaplds Traer Relnbeck,
Waterloo, Postvllle, Cresco, Oharles City, Nash
ua and Hampton.
Palpitation of the heart, nervousness
tremblings, nervous headache, cold
hands and feet, pain in the back, and
other forms of weakness are relieved
by Carter's Iron Pills, made specially
for the blood, nerves and complexion.
Hoodwinks the Oculist. Madden Eye
Medicin cures eyes. (Don't smart.) 25c.
"Co-operation"started by
poor starving English strikers
in 1S44, to free themselves
from the oppression of em
ployersh a revolutiottized
home- and. bus-ness-lifSe in
Great Britain.
But in "free" America it
has so far proved a failure.
Russell's "Soldiers of the
Common Good" (in Every
body's for Christmas) tells the
dramatic story of a struggle
from utter weakness into
magnificent power.
Erwybodys Magazine r$ cents
Special nvrvMat-trra wwntaHl far BIIJ body's
-a_*_lM te towns where there are no daalars
For Holiday Trading
Most Useful Gifts Best Possible Service
Silk Waist Patterns
(New Line Just Opened.)
Embroidered in Silk.. .$4.S0
Embroidered in Cotton $3.75
Stoles. Scarfs.
Chafing Dishes,
Baking Dishes,
Table Cutlery,
Embroidery Sets,
Razor Sets,
Candlesticks, Tool Chests
a fine line at 15c and 25c each.
and novel designs, in our 50c line.
complete stock at favorable prices. **M
CHIEFSTaped or embroidered, 75c
to $1. i*l/
ous styles for ladies and men. 25c
50c, $1.
boxes, plain and initial, 25c, 60c, 906.
BUSTER BROWNFor the little tots, has handle with
Tige's head also natural sticks sizes 18 to 24-inch
prices 75c to $2.75.
LADIES' UMBRELLASIn plain black, from $2 to
$5.50, in colors, navy, red, brown and green, with
or without borders, $3 to $5.
FANCY HANDLESFor ladies, beautiful Christmas
goods combinations of pearl and gun metal, ivory
and silver, ivory and gold, ivory and gun metal, gun
metal and silver, ebony, all silver and gold, ranging
in price fr.om $4.50 to $20.
MEN'S UMBRELLASFancy handles, a beautiful
line, similar to ladies' umbrellas above, from $5
to $15.
Coffee Percolators,
Carving Sets,
Silver Plated Ware,
Metal Frame Mirrors,
Scissor Sets,
Writing Sets,
Japanese Baskets,
Athletic Goods,
Fishing Tackle,
All the above owing to condition ONE-HALF to THREE-FOURTHS regu-
lar prices. Tuesday only, $1.00 watch, for 59conly one to a customer
$4.00 set plated knives and forks, $2.00. $3.00 set, $1.50:
$3.00 GUI** Safety Razors, $4.50.
Second FloorTake Elevator.
$4.00 Clothes Wringers $2.00
$3.00 Clothes Wringers $1.50
$1.25 Fotts' Irons 50c
60c to 85c Roasters 25c
75c Lanterns 38c
$3.00 Ash Cans $1.50
$2.50 Wash Boilers $1.25
weighing and mailing
Leather Goods
Belts. Card Cases.
Bags. Hand Purses.
Billhooks. Combination Books.
Suit Department
I Seal Jackets. Silk Underskirts.
Persian Jackets
Otter Jackets.
Near Seal Jackets.
Silk Waists.
Fur Lined Coats.
Children's Coats.
Five O'clock Teas,
Pocket Cutlery,
Watches, Manicure Sets,
Drawing Sets,
Smoking Sets,
Glass Vases,
Baseball, Skates.
7 Rogers
$1.90 Nickle copper Teakettle, 95c
75c Waffle Irons Q&c
75c Enameled Saucepan 25c
1,000 Dover Egg Beaters 5
1,000 articles worth to 20c 5
On Sale at 13 South Third Street, Between Nicollet and Hennepin^
Stock Purchased By
Net CashNo guaranteeNo exchange-All stores open every evening.
1,000 articles worth to 50c. ...15c
1,000 articles worth to $1 25c

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