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gatheringsothe the younger matrons
brides of the fall, debutantes of last
year, and of this yeai, with the men of
the club. The decorations xn the hoh
day colors, red and green, made the hall
inviting and every nodding pomsettia
blossom and bank of palms and ferns
added to the festive spirit. At mid
night a buffet supper was served in the
dining room from the tables decked in
poinsettias and ferns. In the ball room
stood a table with a large punch bowl
resting on blocks of ice, which were
illuminated from beneath by green elec
tric lights.
wEdgar H. Pierson and Charles G.
Iieys, two of the younger members of
the club, led the cotillion and had ar
ranged the favors. Bv far the pretti
est was the closing dance, which was a
miniature snowstorm, with snowflakes
an'd snowballs used by the dancers for
a mock bombardment. Two immense
white cotton snowballs hung from the
chandeliers surrounded by many col
01 ed cornucopias filled with mock snow.
At a given signal from the leader the
strings were pulled and the great snow
balls and corirticopias emptied their
contents over the group of merry dan
cers. Tn another dance the partners
were chosen a very unique beerkeg and
beer bottle race. Two men, one inside
the keg and the other inside the beer
bottle were give* as a goal one of the
pretty dancers, and their efforts to.
reach her were most laughable. Masks
and^ flashlights were the paraphernalia
for "a hold up figure. The giils wore
white masks and the men black masks.
The rooms were darkened and the dan
cers we*e chosen under the flashing
light of the lanterns. Other pretty fig
ures were those ih which the girls re
ceived fans, ^balloons, hoods, tulirjs,
golf sticks, mirrors, etc., and the men,
caps, sticks, pipes and neat little lunch
baskets .with small bottles of beer, a
sandwich and a spicy dill pickle as con
tents. Mmes. H. Alden Smith, Mary
S. Hart and Cavour Langdon presided
at the favor tables.
On the list oi club members for the
vear are F. T. Heffelfinser, C. S. Lang
don. H. J. Moreton, D. F. Johnson,
Walter Hudson, C. S. Pillsbury,
See, C. D. Velie, R, P.v
Corse, Willis Walker, H. B. Woodworth,
W. W. Heffelfinger, T. C. Jordan,' E 1
H. Harrington, W. Scott
I, Charles S. Gale, E. H.
Kibbee, L..
Woodwort Pierson, Thomas B. Mercer, D.' D. Ten
ney J. S. Pillsbury, W. S. Williams,
Arcliie Walker, E. W. Coan. Horace
Lowrv, 0. G. Ireys, A. H. Rand, Roy N.
Pierson, P. D. McMillan, Jr.,H. L. Car
penter,_W C. Bui ton, R. C. Bagley,
Mrs. Frank T. Heffelfinger enter
tained at a dinner last e\ening preced
ing the Cotillion club partv for Miss
Marion Partridge and Miss Rebecca
Semple. Covers were laid for twelve
and the decorations were carried out
with pink American Beauty roses.
The Delta Theta fraternity of the
Central High school gave a pretty
dancing paity at" the Mimkahda club
last evening. Thirtv couples danced
and chaperoning the party were Mmes.
C. C. Wyman, E M. Goldsborough. Roy
Maxfield, Norman Newhall and W. if
Carpenter. The decorations were in the
fraternity colors, blue and gold, and
pretty banneis were suspended from
the ceiling. Clusters of pink carna
tions, the club flower, were on the tables
and made a pretty setting for the sup
per appointments in the diningroom.
Hewitt Tubbs, Guy Willetts and Rob
ert Stroma were the committee of ar
rangements. The souvenir programs
of blue leather were embossed in gold
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Bovey an
nounce the engagement of their daugh
ter, Anne Lansing, to Jaines Archibald
Rosa of Toledo, Ohio.
The Cotillion club party at Elk's hall
last evening was attended by over 130
guests and wa occasion of a charni-
C. Gohringer, Sr., Ben Stanchfleld, Lew1
is Stanchfleld, Walter Stanchfleld, Ev
The Junior Assembly, a dancing club mg young actresses now before the
which meets at the home of Mrs. public.
M. F. Griffith, under the leadership I!
Miss Malcolm, will hold its regular
meeting this evening. A german will
be danced and refreshments will be
served at midnight.
Miss Lotta Roosen gave a dancing
party last evening at her home, 2401
guests. The dancecards represented
poinsettias and were painted by Miss
served during the evening. Miss Ro*-
sen was assisted by her mother, Mrs.
J. Bernier, Joseph Faubert, F. Violet,
Fink FarreJL Frank Mc-
Andrews, Joh Nu
gent, Phil Engel, James Conlev. Neal
Silby, the Misses Rae Stanchfleld, Katie
Gorbringer, Chrissie Kenneth, Messrs.
Richard Conley, Daniel Gorhringer and
Mr. and -MTJU Nick Niesen of St.
Michaels. i
Mr. and Mrs. George Bothenberger
celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary
of their marriage last week. Rev.
J. Triggerson gave a brief address. Miss
Gilbert and Mrs. John Travers sang
and later refreshments were served.
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Burgess, the
Misses May Rothenberg and Louise
Burton assisted the hostess.
Miss Maude Sberwin of Duluth Is visiting
Mlas Eflnah Chapman. 1J21 Fourth avenue S.
Minneapolis arrivals at Holland bouse, New
York, fo. the week weie: H. A. Tuttle, G. F.
Ewe P. Hulbnrd
Rev and Mrs" J. S. Montgomery have re
moved from the Hampshire Arms to their per
manent home at 2437 Colfax avenue S.
Minneapolis people at New Yon* uotels are as
follows Waldorf, F. Plner, W. Douglas,
C. H. Hood: Grand, O. Hershey Fifth Avenue,
W Buckingham. DuluthHolland, O. 0
A Class Dinner.
The Young Ladies' class of River
side chapel gave a class dinner Tuesday
evening in the chapel dining room. Cov
ers were laid for thirty, and the num
ber included the active and honorary
member of the class, and the honor
-guests, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore HayWes
and daughter, Miss Marguerite
Haynes. The table was decorated with
fruits and flowers. After dinner, the
clasa president, Mrs. C. M. Thomson,
spoke a few words of welcome and pre
sented Mr. Haynes, ^the class leader, a
handsome silk umbrella as a token of
esteem from the class. An informal
program of vocal and instrumental
music and recitations followed. The ac
tive members of the class present were:
Mmes. C. M. Thomson, A. Angel, Misses
Selma Crook, Lulu -Walton, Freda
Crook, Hannah Johnson, Mabel Hanson,
Tillian Anderson, Anna Bye, Emma
Moberg, Hattie Youngren, Lillian Todd,
Marie Tersh,,Matilda Jmdra, Helen
Field, Edla Wilson, Theckla Wilson,
Lottie Engebretsen, Carrie Finstrom,
Hilda Nystrom, Stazie Zelenka,
Emma Bobie, Alice Lang, Min
nie B. Johnson, Lydia Larson and
Ida Anderson the honorary members
Misses Marie Finstrom and Christine
The Kenwood Monday club will meet Monday
at 2 30 p.m. with Mrs. Longbrake, 1909 Fremont
avenue S.
The Authors' Study club will meet Monday
with Mrs G. L. Longfellow, 1404 West Thirty
sixth street
Weaver Temple No. 1. Rathbone Sisters, wlH
hold a special meeting this evening to make the
final arrangements for the Installation to be held
Monday evening.
The Mothers^ circle of Prospect Park will have
a fathers' and mothers' meeting Monday evening
with Mrs. L. Gable, 15 Seymour avenue. S
L. Heeter will give a talk on "Habit and Sug
gestion in Child Life
Mrs George Start entertained the women of
Wesley church, district No 5, at her home on
Tenth avenue S, yesterday afternoon. The rooms
weie bright with a holiday decoration During
the afternoon pillow slips were made for Asbury
hospital Mrs W. Shute assisted the hostess.
Harald Heide, a youngo NorwegiannaSmn
violinist, appeared
an church
W. Pi Brooks, A. V. Skiles, P.'BT Hunt! sistedby thce. Dovre Singing society un-
E. R. Dibble, G. W. PeaveV, J. F. Bell $*T the
T. F. Wallace, Karl de Laittre, L. S. burg's solo was well received. Miss
Kirtland, C. H. Van Campen, J. B. Gil- Theckla Walquist made a sympathetic
fillan, Jr.. James Bingham, L. T. Jamme, I and efficient accompanist. The entire
A. B. ackson, r, B. Greenleaf, P. R. program was as follows:
Brooks and Charles S. Albert. (a) Polonaise de concert WIeniawsky
(b) Legende WIeniawsky
The Misses Marion Partridge and
the First Unitari
evening in concert as-
T. S. Roberts, W. Jones, C. M. Case by_Miss Lillian Hamburg, soprano.
G. P. Case, F. H. Carpenter, C. Hi
Hood, A. W. Strone, 0. W. Jaffrav,
J. T. McDonald. W. W. Hodgman, H. G.
Spear, H. I. Belden, A. A. Law, C. C.
Bovey, L. R. Welles, W. A. Thomas,
E. C. Gale, A. F. Pillsbury. G. K. Bel
den, F. C. Esterlev, C. B. Simmons,
C. R. Lamb, W. E. Welles, L. W. Day,
There was but a small audience pres
ent, owing to the counter attraction of
the orchestra at the Auditoriuma butib
those who heard Heide were amply re
paid for their going. While a young
man, he is. thoroleye artistic in his work,
and is wel qualified technically and
temperamentally for violin music. He
tone. His best number was the Sarasate
"Zigeunerweisen," which he played
with clean and adequate technique,
altho it lacked somewhat the abandon
that the number requires to make it
most effective.
The Dovre Singing society numbers
were well rendered, and Miss Ham-
DOTrof Rebecca Semple were the honor guests leadership Joh Tonningy
at a pretty informal luncheon which fa) Romanza Andaiuza Sarasate
Mrs. George F. Porter gave at the (b) Ave Maria. ..Schubert Wilhelml
Plaza hotel this afternoon Covers were
S sSt under the
Vocal solo
placed for eighteen and the deeora* Miss Lillian Hamburg,
tions were carried out in Japanese '"ong by Dovre Singing society
fashion in a color scheme of pink and zigeunerwelsen Sarasate
green, with azalias and carnations.
Mr Heide
Low prices on Linens, Lace Curtains
and Muslin Wear at Thomas' all next
Henrietta Brown Now Leading Woman
of Lyceum's Stock Company.
Humboldt avenue S, and the guests accepted an invitation from the local
were the young people of the Flower auxiliary to hold its annual convention
mission of the Church of the Redeemer, May in Minneapolis. The officers
The ballroom was decorated with poin-. of the local auxiliary met Tuesday with
settia blossoms and southera smilax. I the president, Mrs. A. L. Crocker, when
A program of sixteen numbers was the letter of acceptance was read. The
danced and there were several cotillion recent separation of church and state in
figures with pretty favors for the
Henrietta Brown, a brilliant New Or
leans girl, whose transition from a so
ciety butterfly to leading woman of a
first-class stock company attracted ex
tiaordinary attention three years ago,
will head the Lyceum's show bills and
the Ralph Stuart Stock company.
The players, eighteen in' number, ar
rived this morning, and in an incredi
bly short time found their way to the
Lyceum, which has been decked out in
holiday attire in honor of its new ten
ants. Lewis Stone, to robust health^
was a member of the company which
roamed thru the playhouse.
Manager Speers is in great glee over
the engagement of Miss Brown, whom
he regards as one of the most promis-
C. F. Roosen, and by the Misses Jones, churches and denominations and
Ella Phoehler and Mar-jone Chase and ^owed encouraging growth spite of
Mr. EdwaTds. the distractions of the holiday season.
Mrs. A. Bernier entertained about' ER T*H LEAGUE DOINGS
twenty of her friends at progressive *JP*W
Lake Manitoba and Mmes fSenh M.S
M. Paradis, O. Boutin, S. Plaisance, c!
Roehford, A. Saucier, D. M. Chamber
lain, M. A. Burrows, L. A. Page, Joseph
National McAll Association Accepts
Minneapolis Convention Invitation.
The National McAll association has
Vera Jones. Light refreshments were _oivptt
cinch Thursday afternoon at her home, _,
2726 Colfax avenue N. The prizes were First M. E. Cabinet to MeetBi-
won by Mmes. M. Paradis, D. X. Mar- Monthly Session Tuesday.
wel^Mrf &La^uTe!irfrom
was discussed and thesneed of
honagers McA
Reports were
by J*
Jha hil nf ha 4n
the Mmne
th -different
*"**T__ 'v--"**lw
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Gorhnncer, Jr,'ary addiess-by Presiding Elder Samuel
celebrated their fifteenth wedding an- Long and a progiam of appropriate
niversarv New Year's eve at *heir music, the local leaguers will serve re-
home, 743 Washington street NE. finch fieshments. Each chapter,is urged to
was plaved at six tables and prizes send a large\ delegation.
were won by Walter Stanchfleld and
M-rs. B. Stanchficld, Ben Stanchfleld Linens, Muslin-Wear and Lace Cur-
and Miss Kate Gohnnger. Among tnins at low pi ices all next week at
timer nT'",'-Ji
vere Messrs. and Mmes John W. Thomas & Co.'a.
Shoal The oProspectivEpworth the
acted upon and committees
various departments selected,
&JL,thf^'a Tflf
Longtm, E. Bilodeau, H. Tuscany and ing of the Minneapolis District Union of
G. Seehger. Light refreshments were Epworth league will be held Tues-
served. I ^a"V
Jamiaiy bi-monthly meet-
evening at the Thirteentnext Avenu
church. After an illustrated mission-
Tray Cloths
Tea Cloths
75c aownsVr^ 65c
85c Gown* .j 75c
$l.oo Gowns oi. 85c
1.25 Gowns $1.00
1.50 Gowns 1.15
1.75 Gowns 1.50
2.00 Gowns J.75
3.00 Gowns 2.50
3.25 Gowns 2.75
3.75 Gowns 3.00
4.25 Gowns 3.50
4.50 Gowns 3.50
4.75 Gowns 3.75
6.00 Gowns 4 7 5
CLUNYS $3.75 to $35 per pair
REAL ARABIANS $4.50 to $75.00 per pair
BRUSSELS NETS $4.50 to $50 per pair
SCOTCH NETS $1.75 to $6.00 per pair
TAMBOUR MUSLINS $3.00 to $10.50 per pair
RUFFLED CURTAINS 75c to $5.00 per pair
BRUSSELS NET $5.00 to $40.00 per pair
ARABIANS $12.50 to $25.00 per pair
SCOTCH NETS $1.50 to $5.00 per pair
SCRIM $3.50 to $14.00 per pair
TAMBOUR MUSLINS $3.50 to $11.00 per pair
RUFFLED MUSLINS $1.00 to $4.75 per pair
Professor Skovgaard and Others at
First Baptist Church.
The First Baptist church will have
a musical program of special interest
Sunday evening. Professor Skovgaard,
the violinist, and Miss Nilsson, the not
ed pianist, will assist the quartet and
large chorus choir in its rendition. Axel
Skovgaaard is a Dane, was educated
at Berlin and has been instructed by
some of the old world masters.
The meeting will begin promptly at
7:30, with a prelude offertorv by Pro
fessor S. Clay Gilbert. Mr. Skovgaard
will follow with "La Folio," Pro
fessor Gilbert at the organ and Miss
Nilsson at the piano, will play the ob
ligato. The large chorus will render
"My Faith Looks Up to Thee." Pro
fessor Skovgaard will play the violin
obligato and also render the two other
violin solos. Bev. W. B. Riley will
speak on "Woman and the Home."
Pure food laws are iood. The absolute purity
of Burnett's Vanilla has never been Questioned.
the results have been r
Young Baptist Business Men
Meetings for Men.
A meeting, in which all men above
15 years of age will be interested, will
be held Sunday at 3 p.m., in the Taber
nacle Baptist church, Twenty-third
avenue S and Eighth street. The meet
ing will be conducted by the Baptist
Young Men's Evangelistic league,
made up of eight young business men
of this city, banded together to spread
the gospel.
The meetings field Ills week Were
the iirt attempted by
tory, feundev there wil attend 100
voung men from the various Baptist
chuirhe of the city.
Continuing All Next Week.
SALE is set 5 1 week later than others because we believe,
it is better. Christmas trade made strenuous days for the
ladies and the merchants, and we belieVe a few days intermission
very acceptable tp all concerned. Furthermore, the delay gave
the ladies time to consider their needs, look over their linen sup-
plies, enabling them to buy with discretion, and full knowledge
of their needs.
Our Linens are the very best only trustworthy fabrics are
found in our stocks, and we buy from the leading manufacturers
of Ireland and Scotland, importing the goods direct from the
mills. There is no opportunity like this to purchase for present
or future needs, whether you want staple linens or those of
the novelty class.
Everything in Our Linen Department
at Reduced Prices.
Towelings Linen Sheets
Linen Cases
Cotton Sheets
Pillow Cases
Bed Spreads
Mattress Pads
Hemstitched Sets
About 500 pairs, .one and two pairs of a kind.
Tomorrow evenlDg C. S. Norrls, the cornet and
ballad plajei from Boston, who has entertained
the large audiences at the Auditorium foi G. L.
Morrill, *1U play one of Jules Levy's favorites,
"rantaeia." This solo Displays, the brilliant
execution for which Mr Levy gained his fame
before the crowned heads of Europe. Mr Norrls
will be accompanied on the piano by Miss Maud
Pain from indigestion, dyspepsia and
too hearty eating is relieved at once by
taking one of Carter's Little Liver
Pills immediately after dinner. Don't
forget this.
Superfluous Hair
Removed Vv the New Principle.'
A revelation to modern science. It is the only
scientific and practical way to destroy hair.
Don't waste time experimenting with electroly
sis, X--ray and depilatories. These are offered
you on the BARE WORD of the operators and
manufacturers. De Miracle is not. It Is the
only method which is indorsed by physicians,
surgeons, dermatologists, medical Journals and
prominent magazines. Booklet free, In plain
sealed envelope. Ds Miracle mailed, sealed in
plain wrapper, for $1.00 by De Miracle Chemi
cal Co., 1912 Park av.. New York. Your money
back without question (no red tape) if it falls
to do all that is claimed for it. For sale by aU
first jlas druggists, department stores and
Wm. DONALDSON & C0.,Drug Dept
The ma rk of the highest^
grade dentifrice, the standard
in every country in the
world, is
3 Forms: Liquid, Powder & Paste
January^, 11906.
At Reduced Prices.
pARMENTS made of the best of fabrics, daintily
trimmed and generous in size. They are made
in clean, well ventilated factories, by the leading and
most reliable makers of underwear in this country.
$1.00 Skirts 85c
1.25 Skirts $1.00
1.75 Skirts 1.15*
1.50 Skirts 1^.10
3.00 Skirts 2.00
4.00 Skirts 3.25
5.00 Skirts 4.00
5.50 Skirts 4.50
7.00 Skirts 6.00
8.00 Skirts 7.00
9.00 Skirts 8.00
Lace Curtains
About 2000 pairs (our entire stock) at one-quarter off regular prices
Pattern Cloths and Napkins
We carry very large lines and a great many
new and handsome patterns, 2, 2% and 3-yd.
widths, square and oblong. Also embroidered
cloths, 2x/2
Musli Wear
square with napkins to match.
50c Drawers 45
$1.00 Drawers 85c
1.25T)rawers\ $1.00
1.50 Drawers 1.25
2.00 Drawers 1.50
2.25 Drawers 1.75
2.50 Drawers 2.00
3.00 Drawers 2.50,
85c Chemise 75e
$1.00 Chemise 85c
1.25 Chemise $1.00
1.35 Chemise 1.10
Bed Sets
Our entire line, former prices, $3
to $20 to close-'
Our Lace Curtain business has*
been most gratifying the past year.
In going through our stock we find
quite an accumulation of ONE AND
TWO PAIRS of a number. These
we desire to close out before inven
tory February-1, and to make room
for new spring stock.
Fifth Street
Table Damasks
By the yard, bleached, half-bleached
and cream. Our patterns are new
and we have large lines from which
selections may be made.
$1.50 Chemise $1.25
2.00 Chemise I.75
2.25 Chemise 2.00
50c Covers 45
75c^Jovers 65c
85c Covers 75c
$1.00 Covers 8 5
1.25 Covers $1.00
1.50 Covers 1.25
1.75 Covers 1,20
2.00 Covers 1.50
Visiting Card Sale
Next Week.
(We use only Crane's Wedding Bristol Cards.)
50 cards from plate 38c
100 cards from plate. 67c
Plate and 100 cards $1.05.
Old English Text plate
and 100 cards $2.05
Seventh and NicolletUt Floor.
Our magnificent stock of Fine Furs was slightly damaged by
water in the fire of November 23d. We are closing out. and
fice. This is your opportunity if you are in the market for
furs. We have been in business here for the past 25 years, and
this announcement should be appreciated. Everything must go.
To get better results from Jeurna. want ads. they should -be specific.
Many ads. lose much of their force by being- too short and vague. Take
swords enough to tell all the leading points the reader will want tOeknow. Re- ^j
member this when you are writing a want ad. 4
76 EAST 6th St.

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