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At the New York State Assembly of
Mothers, a prominent New York doctor
told the 500 women present that healthy
American women were so rare as to be
almost extinct.
This seems to be a sweeping* state
ment of the condition of American
women. Yet how many do you know
who are perfectly well and do not have
some trouble arising from a derange
ment of the female. organism which
manifests itself in headaches, back
aches, nervousness, that bearing-down
feeling, painful or irregular periods,
pelvic catarrh, displacement of the
female organs, indigestion or sleepless
ness There is a tried and true remedy
for all these ailments. Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound has re
stored more American women to health
than all other remedies in the world.
I regulates, strengthens and eures
diseases of the female organism as
nothing else can. For thirty years it
has been curing the worst forms of
female complaints.
Such testimony as the following
should be convincing.
Mrs. T. C. Willadsen, of Manning,
la., writes:
Dear Mrs. Pinkham:
"I can truly say that you have saved my
life and I cannot express my gratitude to you
in words. For two years I spent lotsof money
in doctoring without any benefit for female
irregularities and I had given up aU hopes of
ever being well again, but I was persuaded to
try LydiaB. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
and three bottles hard restorevd me to perfect
t .3m3m\^m^%?i-
larry Mitchell's Editorial
I need more good tailors.
My business is growing so big since I enlarged my store
that my present force of tailors is getting too small.
I want the best tailors big Vages can get.
You'll find me a very decent chap to work for. You won't
have to lose any time because your boss is out on a toot, like
some of the boys 'round town have to. You can depend upon
steady work the year 'round and your money every Monday
My new spring goods made to "your order for $15, $20 and
$25, are the best that ever came to Minneapolis, and nothing
near as good could be got up the street for $30, $35 and $40.
Yours truly,
Minneapolis Lumberman Has Head
Crushed While Coupling Cars.
William Lee of Minneapolis was fa
tally injured in a lumber camp at
Bruce, Wis.,- last night.
He was employed by the Beldenville
Lumber company and was coupling cars
when he missed his footing and his
head was crushed by logs that pro
truded beyond the cars. He was' cared
for by a physician, but there is said to
be no hope for his recovery.
Lee had been working in Wisconsin
for sf-veral months.
irawio i iu
Store 310 and 312 Nicollet Av.
OUT-OF-TOWN MEN should get in on the ground floor
by writing for samples and self-measurement blanks at once.
I prepay all charges, guarantee a perfect fit or refund your
Editor Tells Governor There Will Be no
Governor Johnson has been informed
by Mark H. Dunnell, editor of. the re
vised statutes, that he had placed all
I the revised proofs i printers'
hands, and that dangen ofthe the code not
being published before March 1 is
I passed. The forms are practically
made up, and copies will be in the hands
of the binders this week, so that some
i copies can be bound and distributed
three or four days befoi-e March 1,
I when the revision takes effect.
Health of American Women
A Subject Much Discussed at Women's Clubs
The Future of a Country Depends on the
HeaJth of Its Women.
Miss Mattie Henry, Vice-President of
Danville Art Club, Danville,Va., writes
Dear Mrs. Pinkham:
"Many years' suffering with female weak
ness, inflammation and a broken down system
jade me more anxious to die than to live,
but Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
has restored my health and I am so grateful
for it that I want every suffering woman to
know what Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound will do forher."
"When women are troubled with
irregular, suppressed orpainfulperiods,
weakness, pelvic catarrh, displace
ments, that bearing-down feeling, in
flammation, backache, bloating (or
flatulency), general debility, indiges
tion, and nervous prostration, or are
beset with such symptoms as dizziness,
faintness, lassitude, excitability, irri
tability, nervousness, sleeplessness^
melancholy, "a^l-gone" and "want-to-
be-left-alone" feelings, blues, and hope
elessness, they should remember there
is one tried and true remedy. Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound at
once removes such troubles.. No other
medicine in the world has received such
unqualified endorsement. No other
medicine has such a record of cures
of female troubles. Refuse to buy
any other medicine, for,you need the
Mrs. Pinkham invites all sick women
to write her for advice. The present
Mrs. Pinkham is the daughter-in-law
of Lydia E. Pinkham, her assistant be
fore her decease, and for twenty-five
years since her advice has been freely
to sick women. Her advice
givenmedicineKhave to SIC women.
health Had rt Tot* been 'for yoa^wouT I and restored thousands
have been in my grave to-day." I to health.. Address, Lynn, Mass.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Succeeds Where Others FaU
rtf-**tt'XOT?tf: 'r^^
Rev. Herbert S. Bigelow Discusses Re
form as I Works in Cincinnati,
Where People Frown upon Uljra
GoodnessLongworth Owes Political
Being to Boss Cox.
jic Who LeotureB Tonight at Park Avenue
$ Congregational Church.
&:::- xxv.v.
"The lid" has become a much_ more
important and live issue in Cincinnati
than it ever has been in Minneapolis,
says Rev. Herbert S. Bigelow, the well
known Congregational minister of that
citv and the lecturer who will speak
this evening at Park Avenue Congre
gational church on Stealing as a Fine
"The state law in Ohio calls for
Sunday closing of saloons," said Mr.
Bigelow in an interview today, "and
in every city except Cincinnati, Cleve
land and Toledo the law is observed.
Governor Pattison is a man who be
lieves in temperance and strict inter
pretation of the laws governing the
liquor traffic. It has finally corns to
a pass where he threatens to remove
the mayors of the three cities where
saloons remain open Sundays unless
they are closed. In my opinion, the
sentiment in these cities is overwhelm
ingly in favor of keeping them open.
Hence the prospect of trouble.
"Mayor Dempsey of Cincinnati is
compelling all saloons to close at mid
night he has abolished the use of the
slot machine and done away with all
gambling. This is a strict enough in
terpretation of the law to suit the citi
zens, but not sufficient to please the
Longworth Is Small Fry.
Mr. Bigelow 1s .a resident Jbf .?on-
gressional district of Nicholas Liong
worth, who married Miss Alice Boose
velt, and, in Mr. Bigelow's opinion his
marriage is the only thing of much im
portance that he has accomplished since
his election.
"Longworth never had any political
standing except such as he secured from
Cox," he said. "Longwoxth ac
.vledges his political existence is due
to oeing subservient to Jox I don't
know what truth there is to the pub
lished statement that Longworth and
his bride may spend two years on a
honeymoon trip around the world, but
if they do,-he will stand little show to
continue his political life."
Mr. Bigelow says that unusual condi
tions now exist with the Ohio legisla
ture, both as to its make-up and pend
ing legislation.
"^As a result of the overthrow of the
old regime in Ohio," he said, "the
legislature is evenly divided along po
litical lines. In the senate there is a
democratic majority of just one vote.
In the house there is republican majori
ty of 3. But fi number of republicans
are working with the democrats for
radical legislation.
"Among the new bills of much im
portance is the proposed new municipal
code, which contemplates the establish
ment of the merit system in .a sweep
ing way. It provides for a referendum
vote on all franchises, and the aboli
tion of most of the elective offices,
leaving only the mayor, treasurer and
coimciTmen to be elected at the polls.
The rest of the city officers are all ap
pointive by the mayor.
"It places the city government on
the same plan as the federal. It holds
the 8ead of the government responsible
and gives him commensurate appointive
power. There seems little doubt tbut
that the municipal code will become
a law."
Hanville Left Boarding House When
Bill Got Big.
Freeman Hanville has been playing
in hard luck recently and after fail
ing to collect his pay from his em
ployer was arrested and charged with
jumping his board bill.
He was brought into court today on
complaint of Mrs. Vera Clark, with
whom he boarded a^-2617 Nicollet ave
nue, but after telling his story to the
Court he was allowed to go on his own
recognizance until he can obtain tho
Hanville says he came to the city
two weeks ago and obtained employ
ment. He' had no money and Mrs.
Clark agreed to trust him for two
weeks. At the end of that time he
was informed that he could not draw
his money until he had worked a
month. According he left the Clark
place and obtained board. elsewhere.
He was arrested last evening on a
warrant, but said that-he had no in
tention of -swindling, anyone, .but did
not wish to ask credit of Mrs. Clark
any longer.
Western Avenue Residents Prepare for
Neighborhood Organization.
A neighborhood Improvement club has
been formed by north "Western ave
nue residents, and plans laid for a per
manent neighborhood men's, club.. The
meeting last night was held at, the resi
dence of O. M.
avenue. H. B. Collins
temporary chairman and C. A. Kunyan
temporary secretary. The needs of *a
men's club weiae discussed and led to the
appointment of a committee to prepare
plans, for a permanent organization. This
committee, consisting of S. C. Smith, C.
A.feKaufman and H. B. Collins, will pre
pare a constitution and by-laws and will
nominate a slate of permanent officers.
The next meeting will be held Wednes
day, March 7, at the residence 'of F. C.
Smith, 2206 Western avenues
In the Basement*
Two lots of Ladies'' Hosiery at
about HALF PRICE. The manu
facturer says they are seconds but
if he had not said it, we doubt if
you would haye known it*
Lot No. 1Regular^ 26c values at
12y2- It Js full fashioned, fine
gauze with spliced, sole, heel and
toe. A pair
at 1256c
Lot No. 2A full fashioned sec
ond. Has spliced heel, toe and sole.
A regular 18c stocking, A
at a pair I\IC
Underpriced basement
New Dress Goods
All the beautiful materials sanc
tioned by fashion's decree for spring
wear are shown on our counters in
endless profusion.
The Blacks
r-i r-*
French All Wool and Silk
and Wool "Taffetas
1 38 to 48 inches
wide. ,TJ)jeT#Soj$$i sought for weaves
for spritfg^gOc 89C $1.25 and
Broadcloth, German make, 52 in.
wide, shrunk and sponged, high lus
ter and permanent finish... .$.00
The Colors
A case of wool and mohair fancy
dress goods in mixtures and stripes
36-inch width. Desirable in every
way. The 50c grades marked at,
a yard 29c
Panama and Serge Suitings in all
the new grays, in check mixtures
and hair lines, width 44 to 58 inches,
at $1.00 $1.25 $1.50 $2.00
Left Aisle
The CorseLs
Basement* Specials
2306 Western
White Tape Girdles with fine
batiste insertion at waist line, steel
filled, one pair of hose supporters
attached. Colors white and blue,
white and pink. Sizes 18 to 23.
Never sold for less than O Cr
50c. Price XDL
Our Leader Corset, straight front,
long hips', medium low bust, boned
with non-rustable steel, made of
white coutil, lace trimmed,, sizes 19
to 28. Never sold for less EOr
than 75c. Price "C
Underpriced Basement
*The Dewey theater patrons never had
the chance of witnessing a better bur
lesque show than the one that is play
ing this week. Mort Singer, who -has
been in that line of entertainment long
enough to know just what the public
wants, has provided the "best that money
can buy."
"Miss New York, Jr." is a musical
comedy by Billy Allen, the leading com
edian, and instead of the time-worn
"first part olio and burlesque," presents
this play in two. acts with a large list of
specialties in between. One of the fea
tures of the show is the Wiora trio, Hun
garian, singers and dancers, who sing
their native songs in picturesque cos
tumes. The reproduction of the Fitz
simmons and 6'Brien fight pictures is
making a hit.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
(signature of
Special Sale Sample Shirts,
A select lot of travelers' samples, comprising mohairs, silks, soisettes,
madras, Oxford, silk and wool. Made up with soft collars attached, or to
wear with linen collar. Cuffs attached or detached.
Negligees, plain
or pleated bosoms.
Values to and $1.50.
A Mohairs and Silks.
/\l %pl Values $2.00, $2.50 and
We have not all sizes of each, hut' altogether they make a full line of
sizes. Buying them cheap, we offer them to you at these alluring prices.
Right Aisle
iy-Shirts with soft
dollars worth $1.00,
On Special tables in underpriced basement.
Hooks and EyesBlack or white
two dozen on card, with one dozen
extra loops. Regular 5c values at,
a card _. 2
At 75c
Notions of Quality.
Underpriced Basement-
Hosiery Bargains
Darning cotton, 45 yards to spool.
In black, white, brown and tan.
Cheap at 3c. Our special* price, a
At $17.50
velvet and fancy braid A
At $15:00
February 21, ^906.
Whore your dot kit-dots its duty. ^g,
KXerVSAPOLISi 501-503-806-507-509-511 NICOLLET AVEXTTXE.
overlaiid velvet overla
did service Th price
At $8.50and
This season's showing is quite
the largest and best we have ever
attempted. It comprises all the
new and accepted features of
merit and in assortment, style
and quality is a superior display.
These vehicles are the finest
on the market. They are uphol-.
stered in pleasing colors, are
beautifully enameled, commodi
ous, durable, comfortable. Their
entire makeup, that of quality.
Prices range from $27.00 up to
$32.00. -Fourth Floor
Glasses Right
Vision changes as ail things
do with increasing age. The
glasses that were just right
a few years ago may be tax
ing your eyes now. Results
headaches and nervous fa
T. V. MOBEAU 00.
Manufacturing Opticians.
Journal want ads keep* working
for you all the time. You can hire 4
'em for a,cent a word.
The advance spring fabrics are now displayed on our counters, simul-
taneously with the return of our buyer from the East. The most beauti-
ful weaves and finest qualities comprising both foreign and domestic
We mention a few of the handsome silks that will greet your eye
and command your admiration. The rough Rajahs, Bagdads, Queen Gray,
in Louisines and Taffeta. Fancy silks in all the new styles and color
combinations, such as Chifu Pongee, Shanghai Pongee, in colors and
white. Chiffon Poplins, Foulards, Faille Francaise, Punjab. Plain and
printed Crepe de Chine and others. We carry these in a full line of the
new colors, also white and black.
69c Peau de CygneAt 49c.
As a special, and to encourage your careful inspection of our splendid
new fabrics, we place on. sale Thursday fifteen pieces of
Peau de Cygne.
price, a yard
A regular 69c grade silk. The
Main Aisle-
Beautiful Black Coats.
Extraordinary Values.
A good black coat is a scarce article these days. That's admitted by
everyone. Almost impossible to secure them and yet we have two models
that will withstand your most critical examination, for they are splendidly
made of most dependable materials and are, withal, stylish and of superior
excellence..- v,,.i
A 50-inclf black kersey coat. Collarless, tucked
sleeve with turned back cuff, yoke and sleeve
satin lined. Neck and cuffs are trimmed with
velvet and fancy braid. A coat easily worth $25.00. Our price $17.50.
-A modish black broadcloth coat, 50-inch
length. Full satin lined. Collarless. Tucked
sleeve, turned back cuff. Neck and cuff are
with braid. A full $25 value. Special at $15.
Two Stylish New Skirts,
A black walking skirt is indispensable to the wardrobe of the well-
appareled woman. We offer two very exceptional specials in these garments.
A semi-circular skirt of black Panama with double
box pleat front and back. Bottom finished with
bias bands. A garment that will give splen-
did service. The price only $7.50.
A fine black chiffon Panama skirt. Has' circular
flounce effect. Top ^nade with nine gores, front
back with narrow side pleats. A skirt that
has the finish and style of a much higher priced garment. Our special
price, $8.50.
Remodeled Second Floor
Underwear Economy
2 Basement Specials
Ladies* Jersey Bibbed. Union
Suits, bleached, low neck, sleeveless,
umbrella knee style, with neat and
durable lace trimming. These are
regularly worth 39c.
Our Basement Price 25c
Gents' Heavy Bibbed Fleece, dark
color, black and white mixed, Shirts
and Drawers, sizes 30 to 46. Bought
to sell for 50c.
Our Basement Price
Go-Carts, Baby Carriages, Perambulators
Sm Wash Goods
This style carriage is decidedly
popular. Nicely upholstered in
various shades of dependable ma
terials, with parasols to match.
Enameled running gear. Price
range from $6 up to $23.50.
all expensive, yet the construc
tion, appearance and wearability
is ail that could be desired. They
too have the enameled running
gear, rubber-tired wheels, wood
handles. Choice/ each$1.98.
"Worth Its Weight in Gold."
DR. RAD WAY & CQ.. New York:
GentlemenI send enclosed M. O. for which
you will please send me one dozen Badway's
Ready Belief and one dozen Radway's Pills.
Your Ready Relief is considered hereabouts to
be worth its weight in gold. That is why I am
induced to hsndla it. I have handled Oil
for some time, but I consider the R. R. R. far
superior to this, as it gives better satisfaction.
J. M. ALEXANDER, Hoxban, I. T.
Radway's Ready Relief cures the worst pains
in from one to twenty minutes. For Headache
(whether Sick of nervous). Toothache, Neural
gia, Rheumatism, Lumbago, pains and weak
ness in the back, spine or kidneys, pains around
tb* liver, pleurisy, swelling of the Joints, and
paina of all kinds, the amplication ot Radway's
Ready Relief will afford immediate ease and
Its continued use for a few days effect a perma.
nent cure. Sold by drngeists.
Tbere are splendid opportunities
every day on The Journal's clean
4 want pages. $
flfrgm Basement Specials?
Fine Dress Ginghams in a nig as
sortment of checks, plaids and
stripesthe 8c kind
at, yard
Percale, 36 inches wide, dark
grounds, comes in dots, figures and
stripesthe regular 12V2c
qualityat, yard
New Wash Waists.
The advance spring styleB. Materials,
colors and.models in all the approved varie
ties, from the Inexpensive to the extremely
elaborate and higher grades.
Gc lood^quality white lawn waist. Elabor
ately trimmed with lace insertion and em
broidery. Button in back. Attached stock.
Elbow length, or short sleeve $1.50
White madras waist, black figured, me
dium weight. Nicely tailored. New long
sleeves $1.50
Waist of black lawn, good quality. At
tached stock, tucked yoke and back. Deep
ff $1.50
Fancy Chambray waist. Tan color. White
line -effect, trimmed with straps and pearl
buttons. Long sleeve. Button in front,
New goods -constantly arriving.
Remodeled 2d Floor
$1.5 0
A few of many economy offerings
to be found In this department.
Remnants of cream white,domet
flannel and striped outing flannels.
Good 9c quality. Special Thursday,
a yard
Heavy white baby- flannel. Un
shrinkable. Regular SOc quality at,
a yardspecial 25c
Fancy cotton baby blankets. S2x
42-inch. A 75c grade. They are
slightly soiled. To close, each, 50c
10-4 Gray cotton blankets. Spe
cial, a pair SOc
Good clean white cotton filled
comforts. Each $1.00
All feather bed pillows. 6 lbs.
to the pair. Special, each 50c
Remodeled 2d Floor
Corset Dept
No one can look well in a poorly
fitting corset, neither can any woman
help looking stylish in one of "cor
rect" model.
Thompson Glove Fitting Corset,
long hips with two sets of hose sup
porters attached, medium'low bust,
made of white batiste, steel filled,
sizes 18 to 27. A regular /ifX^
$1.00 corset. Price O
W. B. Corset, straight front, long
hips, with two sets of hose support
ers, attached medium high bust
made of white and drab coutil, boned
with non-rustable steel neatly fin
ished at top sizes 19
to 30. Price $1.50
Second Floor Annex
Linen Dept*.
A splendid showing of Plain and
Colored Linens, in all the new weaves
and colors. The most serviceable,
and at the same time the handsom
est materials for summer costumes.
One new thing in Plain Colored
Linen is a 48-inch French finish, a
finish that prevents it from mussing
up as easy, and is softer and prettier
than any other finish made. On
special sale Thursday, *7Kf
a yard i
Active Season for Buying and Sell
ing of Cars Is at Hand.
This is the automobile trading
season. It is the time to purchase
or dispose of your machines.
There are hundreds of people con
sidering the purchase of cars, both
new and secondhand. Scores .of
others wish to sell in order to buy
a car of the 1906 model. As a re
sult you can secure a machine now
and have the use of it .during the
winter at a lower price than you
will have to pay in the spring.
Under the classification' of Auto
mobiles" among the "Want Ads"
in today's Journal you will find
those that are listed for sale.,
36 inches wide, Natural Colored
Linen, a very fine weaveregular
50c qualityat, a 'lOf
-Foot Eight Aisle
Got something you want to sell? A.
Don't waste time worrying. Adver- 4b-
tise in The Journal

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