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i^w. Tvf TI&*-
Jeurnal Special Bervfce.
New York, May
Tim" Foley,
Shopping By Mail
Out-of town orders for merchandise receive
prompt and careful attention. Our facilities
for rendering efficient service in this depart
ment are the very best. If you have never
tested this system, we urge you to do so.
You '11 be more than pleased with the serv
ice rendered.
Corset Covers
Corset coverlike cutmade of
nainsook: has low round neck
trimmed with two rows of lace in
sertion, ribbon run, lace edge at
neck and arm- A
A corset cover of heavy cambric,
neck, embroidery trimmed
tight fitting ^t)C
Nainsook corset cover,
round neck, tight fitting, 8
fine tucking down
Corset cover of nainsook, low
round /ieck, 2 rows lace insertion
across front, neck and arm
holes lace trimmed
*v_ _^_u-
25c 29c
An Assortment of Moderately Priced
Muslin Underwear
(These groups on sale in the- Underprice Basement Store section)
GownsMade of good muslin,
high or neck, tucked yoke, cam
bric ruffle at neck '2f\
and sleeves special %j\rQ'
Good muslin gown, yoke of
30 tucks, neck and sleeves,
trimmed with A
ruffle 40C
Gowns, made of good muslin,
high or neck, yoke of embroid
ery insertion and
tucking special 69c 69c
Gowns of cambric, slipover,
hemstitched ruffle and
neck and sleeve
Cambric slipover gown, round
neck, trimmed -with lace inser
tion and hem- A.(\s*
stitched ruffle 0"C
Corset Covers
Full French cover, round neck
pearl buttons
special I \rC
Corset cover, tight fitting,
neck, embroidery
trimmed, at Ju&C>
-Monday Evening,
a Tammany tfolitieian, came' near being
lynched \n New Hell's Krtchen last
night. ^Be-sbot John Flanagan, one pi
L ~T
"Flanagan the neighborhood gang, and
is going to die.
The police saved Foley from a mob
of 3,000 persons by sneaking him into
trolley cars and by a roundabout route
getting him to thte West Forty-seventh
Fine cambric drawers, ""triihmed
with eyelet embroidery six rows of
fine tucks above rm j
embroidery /t)C
Others priced to $3.50.
Corset cover, full French, round
neck, front and back trimmed
with lace edge and insertion,
beading, strung with ribbon, lace
at armholes ^C%f*
special J&ZrC
Nainsook corset cover, full
French, two rows torchon lace
across front, lace at *J4~\
neck and armholes, special OS^C
Made of good cambric, finished
with wide hemstitched
ruffle, special jht&Q>
Drawers, made of good cambric,
wide full ruffle, finished with fine
tucks and hemstitching, ^f\
tucks above ruffle
Cambric drawer,
trimmed with em
broidery edge
th mob. The,
35c Framed Pictures, 25c
A pleasing assortment of framed pictures,
comprising imitation pastels, scenes and
fruit pieces. Also that popular picture
The Young Mother.'' Nicely framed in gilt
frame, brass plate, good glass, with dust
proof back 35c values, ^C/-
at, choice Jb^C
Underprice Basement
Various styles of Corset Covers, prices 19c to $4.50
Various styles of Drawers, prices 25c to $3.50
Various styles of Chemise, prices.... 45c to $9.00
Fine cambric corset cover having
neck trimmed with lace inser
tion and edging} tight
fitting 29c
Fine nainsook corset covers in a
dozen pretty styles. Three and
four dainty val ribbon run lace in
sertions, front and back. Some
have ruffles across front, others
tight fitting and full
fronts, 48c and
Corset covers of fine nainsook.
New button back ribbon run f|Q^
lace insertions, full fronts.. "OC
Other styles up to $4.50.
Good cambric drawers, deep
tucked flounce hemstitched group
tucking above
flounce ..29c
Cambric drawers with deep tucked
flounce. Hem-
stitched ZOC
DrawersGood cambric, one style
flare flounce of two lace insertions
and edging another with tucks
and lace edging.
Some with embroidery 39c
Drawers of nainsook and cambric.
Deep flounce. Trimmed with two
rows handsome lace insertion tuck
ing and lace edge. Others with em
broidery and tucking.
Numerous styles... 48c
wide ruffle,
Short Skirt
Short skirt of good cambfic,
finished with wide
tucked ruffle, special *J^C
These several groups in Underprice Basement
This Is Rug Buying Time
We are very confident of our ability to please any prospective pur-
chaser of a new rug. Our assortment is particularly attractive 1 qualities
are the very best and prices below competition. All we ask is that you
allow us to show you these fine new goods before*,you make selection.
We've mentioned a few special values for this week's selling. Of course
there are many others in our stock equally desirable.
WiltonsWe believe our line
of Wilton rugs is thefinest,an
that we have the largest range of
sizes of any house in the city.
Carpet sizes commence at
4-6x7-6, price $13.50
6x9, price '.V^-V.. $22.50
8-3x10*6, price $34.00
9x12, price $ $3*7.50
9x9, price 'ih $31.00
l(T-6xl0-6, rjrice *T. T*.. .$47.50
10-6x12, price $55.00
10-6x13, price .W $62.50
10-6x13-6, priSe*. .$62.50
10-6x14, prise $60.00
9x14-8, price $50.00
11-3x15, price $67.50
Kashmir Bugs are especially
appropriate for summer use they
can be used on either side the
styles are as good as in our most
expensive Oriental rugs, and are
made in* the following sizes^
9x18 ,at,^,^ w%
7 quality
9xl0-e at $10.50
7-6x10-6 at $8.75
**$* W'& 'V ?&**&- $6.00
yfbre C/ar^ets are1
the most san-
itary floor'covering for summer
use] ttfey "come in two qualities)
the .cpnfing week the' ^60c
NwiH be sold at 45c
yrdv and the 50c equality at
35c a yard.*
vThird Floor-re^
*e street police Station. Th cars were
made th targets of rocks and, every
jg?* &
Windowss weree smashedd The Window wer smashe
and Foley and the police saved them
selves by Crouching under the seats.
Fojey has been the keeper of the
"Ivy Leaf saloon fox many years.
Yesterday he, opened another drinking
place on Tenth avenue at Fifty-fifth
GownThe new ''Hospital" gown
round yoke, high neck turnover
eollar sleeves with plainfl?|^
button cuff also pocket. .^/l*JU&
Other gowns up to $11.50.
Gown of very fine nainsook
like cutsquare yoke, front and
back composed of ^wo rows lace
-insertion strung with ribbon. Lace
edge at neck and
sleeves $1.25
Mack Taffetas
19-inch, 69c quality, yard. 59c
21 inch, 79c quality, yard. 69c
27-inch, $1 quality, yard .*79c
36-in., $1.25 quality, yd. .$1.00
36-in., $1.39 quality, yd. $1.18
36 in., $1.50 quality, yd. $1.25
Leather Rocker, $9.98
Those partial to leather uphols
tered rockers will find this model
to their liking back and seat
are upholstered in genuine leath
er frames finished in either gol
den or weathered oak, or mahog
any a good value at $15.00 way
below intrinsic (^A A
worth, at 4 O
street. I was^ten minutes to 11
o'clock when James O'Brien and-John
Flanagan wmt fxrtp the place and
swaggered up against Forley's new bai
and demanded a drink. On being re
fused, they started a fight and were
getting the better of Foley when he
drew a pistol from a drawer and be
gan to shoot. TA
passed thr
abddmeh.hulled O'Brien escapedu
Where your dollar does ifofa(g_
MINNEAPOLIS: 601-503.505-607.609.611 NICOIXET AVENUE.
Our le of Dainty Under-Muslins
Begins TuesdayIn Second Floor Annex
E ASSURE YOU that the high standard of the merchandise together with the splendid variety impressively asserts the supremacy of this muslin underwear section. A display of garments
from the workrooms of leading domestic and foreign manufacturers embracing all the ^yprthy essentials of quality materials, generous cut, faultlessfit,neat trimmings and absolute style
correctness. Here is the tangible evidence of price saving opportunities.
Gowns of muslin and good cam
bric, vaiious styles high and
round yoke some trimmed with
embroidery insertions and tucking
solid tucks or lace insertion /fv_
strung with ribbons O^C
Cambric or nainsook gowns, va
rious pretty styles low, round and
high neck yokes of embroidery
insertion and hemstitched and
lace insertions strung
with ribbons.' 75c
Good muslin- gownlike cut*
Hubbard yoke composed* of 12 rows
hemstitched tueks Buffle at neck
and sleeves*
Special 69c
Fine nainsook gown, round, high,
low and square neck, frimmed with
dainty laces and insertions dr em
broidery new kimono
sleeves. A 98c
The Reign of Regal Black Silks
1 11 1 in"" i i 1 1 I I if i
The woman of critical taste who has a regard for her personal appearance considers her wardrobe incom-
plete without one or more new summer waists of conservative black. Looms from the world's best mills have
contributed to our splendid assortment of beautiful weaves, and with the added incentive of appealing price
advantages, invite your inspection and patronage.
Black Peau de Cygnes
21 inch, 85c quality, yard. .'75c
21 in., $1.25 quality, yd .$1.00
20 in., Haskell's, yard...$1.10
21-in., Haskell's, yard...$1.25
27-in., $1.25 quality, yd... 89c
36-in., $1.75 quality, yd. .$1.50
Main Aisle
Refurnishing and Renovating the Home
3Big Rocker Values3
Now is the time the modern housekeeper is preparing and rearranging the house for the summer furnishings
and the question of the addition of one or more articles of new furniture, is of importance. What more suit-
able than a handsome rocker?
This Rocker $1.98
A large, comfortable rocker of
golden oak finish, with saddle
seat and rodded arm. Worth at
least $3.00 all
this week $1.98'
We seir furniture, carpets
and dra-peries, on the easy
payment plan when desired.
The Vnderprice Basement Store
We call special attention of shoppers to the various groups of inexpensive
merchandise always to be found in our Basement Store section Goods for
present day needs at below-value prices?
Defective Page
4 I
Journal Speoial Service.
Boston, May 7.Dr. Morris F. Koni
kow, chairman of the Gorky arrange*
Fine nainsook gownlike cut
has high neck and yoke of four rows
embroidery insertion^ wide and nar
row tucks. Hemstitched ruffle at
neck and
Gowns of fine cambric or nain
sook surplice, high, round, neck,
trimmed in pretty styles open work
embroidery, lace inser- n/\_
tions and tucking.,. OVv
Gowns of very fine cambric and
nainsook low neck, front and
back high, with six rows insertion
and embroidery edge or round tyjth
embroidery and in- **IC
sertions ^JliJitO
Black Peau de Soie
19-inch, 75c quality, yard. -69c
20-inch, 85c quality, yard. .*75c
21-inch, $1 quality, yard. 89c
20-in., Haskell's, yard.. $1.00
27-in., Haskell's, yard...$1,50
36-in., $2. quality, yard $1.50
This Style $*.98
An attractive looking rocker,
like cut, finished in either gold
en quartered oak or mahogany
has full roll seat would be cheap
at $7.00 our d^ Oft
price during week... ^Tr O
ment committee, after receiving offers
of public halls in which Maxim Gorky
Your Entire Confidence
That one word-"confidenceunderlies our
entire system. We have confidence in the
goods we sell, our prices, our methods of ca
tering to patrons. For many years we have
enjoyed the public confidence in just such
matters, and a constantly increasing clien
tele assures us that square dealing is the cor
ner stone of our success.
Various styles of Gowns, prices 39c to $12.50
Various styles of Long Skirts, prices. 89c to $10.50
Various styles of Short Skirts, prices 39c to $1.75
Fine skirt chemise, square neck
trimmed with four rows torchon
lace, lace edge at neck and arm
holes. Skirt finished with .f\
tucked lawn ruffle 0"C
Nainsook chemise, round neck
trimmed with lace and insertions
ribbon strung, finished with wide
flounce. Hemstitched.
Special 5
Chemise of fine nainsook, ribbon
run embroidery, trimmed neck and
sleeves. Tucked and hemstitched
flounce at bottom. .g -jg\
Others up to $3.75.
coujd speak this evening, telephoned to can live without the danger of being
Mr, Gorky to that effect. The novelist
reiterated his refusal to come to this
city even for a night.
Dr. Antoinette F. Konikow, wife of
Dr. TConikow, at the same time an
nounces her intention to abandon Bos
ton. She desires to avoid the contami-
Long Skirts
Skirt fine cambric
like cut deep
full flounce, 3 groups
tucking, finished
with wide eyed
dery ^Jfl/O
Others up to $10.50
.Skirt, fine cambric, very
full, wide flounce, finished
with 14 small tucks
and hemstitch- fkQsv
ing-...' VOC
Skirf of very fine cambric, has
full flounce trimmed with three
rows dainty lace insertion, finish
ed with ruffle trimmed with in
sertion, tucking and
lace edge $1.50
Chemise, hand embroidered,
very elaborate design, ^-g
sheer material, special 1
Chemise, hand embroidered,
ribbon drawn
special *P*
Hand* embroidered chemise,
spray design
special $K*^t&
Chemise, hand embroidered,
spray design and eyelet work,
ribbon drawn ^-g ff/\
special 3)l*7v/
Hand embroidered chemise,
daisy pattern, eyelet work, sheer
material, ribbon ^r
drawn special $l*/d
Others very beautiful- f|
ly embroidered, up to
Hand made, wide ruffle, hand
embroidered edges, d-g ^%g
special 91* 3d
Drawers, hand made, wide ruf
fle, hand embroidery edge with
small design d| rjj?
special ^lt/t)
Drawers, hand made, trimmed
with French val lace and inser
tion, sheer, fine ma- ^"O
terial special $*m&D
Others to $7.00.
nating influence of prudish hypocrite^
toflyt fields where she believes she
French Hand Made
Convent Undermuslins
abused for following what she believes
to be a righteous course.
Some time ago she acquired a farm
near Bath, and it is to this place she
is to go. She will work her farm and
will also establish a summer resort for
those tired of the influences of city life.
Our Store Policy
To give courteous attention to your wants
and to merit your patronage by providing a
high standard of merchandise. Maximum
values at minimum prices. We insist that
satisfaction be incorporated in every pur
chase and invite conscientious criticism of
our goods, prices' and store service.
Chemise of good heavy muslin.
Plain cord edge, A
Special O
Short Skirts
Skirt of cambric, trimmed with
full hemstitched hem and -5 ^v
hemstitched tucked flounce... %5MC
Shirt skirts, cambric, tucked,
trimmed with embroidery edge
others with tucked flounce, lace
insertion and lace
edge. Special 4oC
Short skirt, very fine cambric
very full ruffle trimmed with /VQ
open work embroidery, at VoC
Cambric skirt, deep flounce trim^
med with five rows of lace insertion,
finished with tucked ruf- A
fle and lace edge OVC
Cambric skirt, wide tucked flounce
finished with deep
Hand embroidered, hand made
high neck, turnover collar, turn
back cuff & O i\i\
special $^*UU
Hand made gown, hand em
broidered, slipover style open
special $4&\j
Hand embroidered, hand made,
gown, round neck, ribbon drawn
sleeve with wide ruffle, hand
scallop Sf\
special ^)0
Others to $12.50.
Fine grade muslin, wide flounce
hand scallopf
special $**Ju5
Skirts, fine muslin, wide flounce
hand scallop, with d?^
design special 4)^* /1)
Others to $20.00.
Short knee skirt, hand scallop
fine muslin -g es\
special l)ldl/'
Short knee skirt 9-inch ruffle
hand scallop-and *7S
dots special ^)l*#d
Very handsome three-piece
sets, $9.50 to $35.00.
LacesImporter's Sample Line
A Sale at Almost Give-Away Prices
Tuesday morning Jwe will show on special sales tables, main floor,
a very large assortment of almost e^cery known kind of lace in the form
of importers' samples.
These goods are in short lengths, such as shown by large importing
agents, and vary up to 13 inches in length. Some are 18 inches wide.
The bands can be used for collars and in numerous ways. They consist
of a good many desirable pieces in appliques and medallions, for which
there are various uses this season.
In this lot are Point de Paris, Venice, Applique, Bands, Clunys, Ori
entals, Point de Esprit, and many other kinds now in much demand.'
Prices Range for the Piece
1c 2c 3c 5c 8c 10c 12c and 15c
If yon will inspect these laces you will surely find among them some-
thing yon are in need of, that,, too, at a trifling cost.
"Am0lL' Goods-Wants' Knit Atmtorel
^"Why are the Arnold bands more popular flwn others Because of
the admirable style of adjusting and the ease arid comfort of the infant.
Made with shoulder straps and buttoned. A soft, fine, seamless, un-
shrinkable fabric. The Arnold'' gauze summer weight band 'meets the
demand for garments of light weight, warm weather materials.- 2Ff^ 1
I 4 Price range, 25c and P- iT***

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