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Colonel Commanding The -Journal Cadet
ESTERDAY morning there was
a special drill fpr all those
wanting it, and the appearance
of five companies was a sure sign that
there is no lack of interest. These com
panies T^rere commanded by cadet offi
cers, who gave company, drill. This
gave good practice" for both the men
and officers. Later, the officers were
made to command in a little battalion
1 In -the afternoon the same number of
companies met, but they were much
i larger. The company drill was dis
pensed with and battalion drill began
at once. The boys did well, considering
the number of new recruits in-line.. The
Journal Newsboys' band played several
selections and the cadets marched in
review, companv front-
to music
One thing that showed up well was
the uniforms. Many-of the cadets had
them, and this added greatly, to the
About thirty recruits were received
and will be given special drill in order
to be able to go in with other cadets,
i and not impede- the progress. During
the electrie storm, when it looked like
I heavy rain, the cadets were given shel
ter in the armory. This privilege is
offered them so there need be no ap-force
prehension in case it rains when there
Is a campus drill.
The event of the week was the som
ietitive drill Tuesday evening. TljiS
place on the Armory campus in
I presence of several hundred onlookers,
besides the little army of cadets. .The
flag was awarded to Company H,'First
regiment, that company b^ing- almost
fully uniformed:. (3a4fcfcin P^rke?* and
Captain MacArthur^ Twentyteighth ^TJ.
S. infantry, and IkfeutenanS- rColonel
Schouten of the university, were the
judges, and in the course of the inspec
Ation saw things that brought exclama
tions from their lips, such as boys
i standing straight with chests out and
[heads up, snappy military step, and
well-drilled movements. These men,
who are well able to judge, said that it
I was a great work and ought to be en
eouraged to the utmost.
That event has passed now we must
look forward to a greater one, and then
to a still greater one.
The Decoration Day parade is just
Forewarned is forearmed."
I Before a man can protect himself from
.peril of any kind, he must know where the
danger lurks.
I We have to fight against heavy odds in
I And the reason is that 6o per cent of
the clothes are "faked" into shape\
I "Doped" by Dr. Goose, the Hot Flat
I'Iron, to mask Defects in the Clothes.
It takes-1-more
time, and costs more, to de-
sign, and sew, and revise by conscientious
rBut clothes cannot be made sincerely^
without it.
i SINCERITY CLOTHES mean correct
:tyie, perfect fit, and a guaranty of work
m&nship and materials.
V- [Flat-Iron style and.fit, produced by /Heat
and-Moisture, disappear quickly with damp-i
ness and wear
-Which willed* have
I ^SINCERITY CLOTHES are for sale in
most communities,
i, If you object to Flat-iron trickery in
y&ur clothes, let your next puichase be a
{Send a 2-cent stamp for The Teat," which':
Is a sure way to detect the work of old Dri
6oose," the Hot Flat-iron Fakir.
:ii|You will find this label in SINCERITY
WWds of Cheer, Encouragement and Admonition Are Given by Com-
mander SpraguePlenty of Work and Fun Mapped
Out for Young Warriors. 1
a short way off, and the,G. A. R. rewithout
union not'three months* away.
The squad and foot movements are
in fairly good shape, but. there is still
more to be done. We have the manual
of arms to. learn, and in. learning this
am quite sure we will have to sacri
fice marchings and squad movements
for it. So there is any amdunt of work
to be done, and no spare time'in which
to do it.
We will Continue squad movements
until June 1 that is, after the Decora
tion Day parade and then we must
put forth every energy to master the
uses, of the guns.
There seems to be a mistaken idea,
arid one I want dispelled at once, in re
gard to what is the paramount organi
zation., One or two of the companies
are howling, "our company,'' signify
ing that the whole organization
tfh their individual1
organization Thi
is a mistake and must stop. You are
each an integral part of a -'genuine
Boys' Brigade, and one company is no
better than another.
It seems that it ought to be unneces
sary to speak of respect, but several
tunes the last week, members
cadet corps have been passed nnd no
attempt at salute was made. The in
structors and cadet officers must en
this rule and inane every cadet
salute, not in a slouchy, careless man-
ner,' but in the genuine, respectful
way, and demerits must be given for
this- offense.
A March Friday Night.
It is to the best advantage fo every
cadet tcrsee as much military work as
jrossibjefs- and for that reason all.eadeta
are to n%et at the Armory campus Fri
day nifeht, May 18, at"^ o'clock, and
the several, companies will, then march
out to Lyndale and Lake street and
see-the battalion of national guard go
thru battalion drill.
As to the Decoration Day par.ade,
there must be an understanding in re
gard to the uniforms. Only cadets
having uniforms can be allowed to
'march in their companies, but it must
also be understood that if a cadet does
not march that day he is still a cadet
and must join his company at the next
regular drill.
Commencing this,fsveek every cap
tain or lieutenant Of a company is
obliged to look after the welfare of
his own company, and at every drill
this week the cadet. captain or lieu
tenant must take the names of all
cadets not in unif orm, and divide them
up, so many to each officer and non
commissioned officer, who wili go out
and help the ununiformed to get his
suit. The officers will be held respon
sible for this being done. There are
350 uniforms out, and this is only a
little more than half needed for the.
parade on May 30. The officers must
also, get their sabres.
As to the movements-to be used in
our next march, we must practice
squad movements, squads right and
left, squads right, and left about, right
and left front into line, right, and
left, hand salute, eyes right, or eyes
left. On right into line and left into
line will also be used .some, and allmatter1
these -:mevementsV/in$ be pra^iced:?^*!
Odmnany/ frd^V:%^s^,lmtrtant-:aaTd
the line 'must-be,kept straighti
I notice a tendency yet for men to
crowd in and lose their interval. This
is done either in line or in column and
lis a bad mistake., 2
breaking the line and no good
and free movement can be executed
when the men are so jammed.
Flans for the Future.
It is expected that the cadets will
go out to Fort Shelling soon. The
parades out there would be beneficial
and it would make a "splendid outing
for all the cadets. If we should go
we would perhaps need to start about
4:30 in the afternoon and -take lunch
with us. This is floinething that will
perhaps be done soon, tho nothing defi
nite has been decided upon.
There is another thing .1 would
strongly advise. It is, that different
companies get together, say on a Sat
urday afternoon. They would have
lunch and would take a march out of
the city into some nice, cool place.
There they could play games, and eat
their lunch and have a splendid drill.
This would give the boys a fine outing
and chance for a splendid. drill. If
any of the companies care to do any
thing of this -kind, let .me know and I
will complete plans for you. For this
purpose I have placed batallion drill at
9:30 in the morning and the work not
being so hard as to tire the boys, I
know you can all stand it.
I have another scheme for the differ
ent companies that I would gladly tell
to all the boys interested enough to
Now, it sometimes happens that
boys get discouraged from one thing,
or another. Don't do this. I know
the boys all had a splendid chance to
feel bad when they did not get the
flag, but don't get discouraged. If you
felt bad, get angry and every cadet and
every company make up your: mind
that company can't hold, that, flag
and in that way you will get the best
possible spirit and a spirit, fas. tetter
than that of one who gets discouraged'
and becomes a quitter. Stick to your
drill, and do your best. Don't let up.
Get all your friends to come into your
company and build up the number so
we will have to have three regiments
More Promotions.
It was my intention to limit. promo-*-
tions among the cadet officers to that of
major, but Major Eugene Bibb has out
grown his capacity as such and-is here
by'made lieutenant colonel in command
of the Pirst regiment, the Second batf
talion and Company Second regi
Cadet Captain Ives is promoted to
major, vice Lieutenant CQlonal Bibbj
promoted, and in charge of Third bat
talion First regiment.
Drill on. Oampusi
Upon a vote Company C, First regi7
ment, all voted to come down to the
Cnre for Fits on Trial
Here Is'the fairest offer erer made to suffer-"
ers with epilepsy or fits. Just deposit S1.60,
with Voegeli Bros.- and .get, a bottle oti Eliilr'
Koslce. If It does not help you and show that:
Its continued use will effect a complete and last-/
lng cure, get your money hack.
Mr. Voegeli will take all the risk. He Is well
known and reliable, end this offer he makes
will be faithfully carried out. Eliilr Kofline wul
positively cure epileptic fits and all similar ner
vous twttchings and spasmodic affections, no
what the cause. If it does not, Mr.
VoegeTl' will -refund the
niQuey.*.*w.-,*fc_-j %.^vtJje .0.1
cure for. jfif& %be
4id tccMtss^o"l
'Brlce Mail'ori
Blixlr' Co., Washington, D. C, or ^.i.U~.
Cor. Wash, and Hennepin avs cor. 7th st and
Nicollet ay cor. 4th av S aad 224 at ear.
iradaA~and 20th ay. N ._ ._
Jt jemnpb-b*Jtosz,.
be tfeld there *8JrWdnetflay nigbts
from now on. Company Second regi
menfy wij*'*tfll^rfll a the third wrd
'Pfrva Bi' TeBimeat)-
and dping1
re^inpif,Seconddrill will on thtf
old Cdili&iram grounds, University and
Twelfth avenue SE, Company I), Sat
urday night, Company H, Tuesday
night. All officers watch the
if^tfay this wee!,
for a meetwf? spmf^ #a this week
It ynU #&y Wju&9tt time before***!
cadet officers will be held responsible
for the drills of their companies, Sever
al compani&S a|rj6||d|r have officers com?
petent to run the drills and they 'must
be put in charge as much'as possible.
Notably among these arevCapiauns}
Bostwick, Weisman. Toomsy FlfruTy,
captain Company D, Mrst regiment.
Dobbs, Clark and several others.
There are several lieutenants also
able, but this TSiust -be, worked up to
such an extent tha.t-th.ey can run their
company without the aid of drillmast-
One thing 3n'th5s~xjsspeiei is the duties
of the file,, closers.., I- do^t want, to
see a flle_cIoser ata^in^ badfe- hr.his file
unless eyery .man his, -his shoulders
back,' neatt tip,- heels
in lin
every, movement.
The. cadet officers must report all de
ficiencies/from now, on, ..especially JBince
they 'arev
to take- churge
Jof their com
panies,, and threy. must- .give demerits
where- they are needed,-btit must make
.a report to me of all men .diciplined in
this way. ir
The company roll* .sails should be
copied over by the-first'sergeants and
if they
the blank rolls they can
get themvfiom
Everything must -fairly, hum from
now on. Enthusiasm,, and spirit must
go on "betted $Ma!t-~ev eK before, drills
must be. lf^Ly and every- movement
muts b'e. esja#. AlFotticerS'should have
a drill book and study it. The salutes
must be loo&d-to by all and cadets
must stand up at attention when an
officer corned near."
Headquarters Journal Cadet Brigade, Minn*,
apoli*,. Minn. May 12, 1906.
Order No. 23.
The following promotions and appointments
are made:
To.be lientenatft CWHHSI, Major Eugene Bibb.
To- be major ?fcfe Major Bibb, XJantaln Clifford
A. lYes.-
To be sewn*, lieutenant Company B., First
reaimeiit. Cadet -Banner.
L^bf^fa^ *-'^lde,,. for', dresses, and.
Wnyo-feayi? ^pttoiis wjien linens
citf be' had -at nearly\feals price. Yalues
40c and 45(j. yard. Closing'1*
Out Price........
Table.-LinensAIL .pure.JLinpij, big lot of
remnants, all lengths, worthftto RAW
$1 yard. Closing Out Price. ,J^"v
Kid Gloves, regular $1.25. fiQA
Closing Price J,.... UIMJ
Long Silk Lace Mitts worth Qftf*
$1.50. Closing Price. ,'i,. 5FPl#
Long Silk Lace Mitts, 98c.
Promoted,from-Captain Company H.
To be first sergeant Company B, First regi
me nt. Cadet SSallbetter.
To be corporals, Cadets Merrill, O'Brien aad
The following Is the list ..or appointments to
Company C. First regiment!
CaptainCadet Wlnslow.
First LieutenantCadet Leighton,
Second LieutenantCadet Campbell.
Second LieutenantCadet Bck.
First SergeantCadet Ed Abrams.
Second SergeantCadet Bdmond.
Third /SergeantCadet Leo- Trask.
CorporalsCadets LlTingstone, Renlke, GOBS
and ftwll,
The abore to be obeyed and respected ac
cordingly. By order.of
W- H. Sprague
Colonel ComMandlng.
Closing Price. .^.'...WIIU
Spun Glass36 inches wide, silk mercer
ized finish, bright and lustrous, all colors
and black, always 25c yard., 1fSf
Closing Price.. *Jw
ClrinolineGrey and. white only excel
lent quality, worth lOc yard.
Closing Price.v.^. -,^.........i.
Ladies' ]j|fercerize^ Union Suits-High
neck, long^sleeve^, 4nkle length also low
neck, sleeveless, tights, knee length, beau
tiful han# qrocheted fitiish, silk ribbons
:and pearl Rations everywhere "9BA
,$r each.^Aosing Prieei. Pl#
StigrKag ^Lyer ForlSS'aaidvSpoonsWorth
$11 to $i$$b,r Mondayr etgt A
yrUVs y$$^.,^^r^y.VW"IPW
Rpgers'- *^|t#le and T^eBsert spoons and
Porks. S^-AX Wm*jiggers and Roger
itos^^^oods. 3p% &-f fiQ
Oyster and Fish Forks$$rth fl^ 4T
$2.48. Closing Price, Mf 1 W
$6.50 Toilet Sets. &$$& iflfeO
"Closih^"Price /.:.^.^^.?PilFO-
50c Sugar Shells and *|jg| ^/S. "iQra
Buttey .Knives. j^-j^..*.. W
2c ^teriig sii^r A
Polish v#.. .W?... .X^..
$12, Cuckoo flocks,
'.aac^ed walnut,.price$$$].
1,000 pairs of womeni's'fine Qixfords in
White a
lh*Wfet, of ll-e*mpnles, botli
regiments, Journal Cadet Brigade, are
J- $o assembl* at the Armory Campus
L#rlday ?njlfl*t it 7 o'clock, when'aM
march Will?be made to Lake *tr#t
I and Lyndafe avenue to witness the
drill of the national guard. The
Journal Newsboys' band will be In at
I tendance.
Battalion jtrlll will be held at the
Armory Campus Saturday morning
at :30 o'clock.
A number of evening company drills
*haye.l*arr tfariaffrred to the Armory
Campus.' See schedule of the week's
drills. A number of special drills *re
also likely to be held by different
I companies, announcements of which
I will be made thru The Journal.
Tim Week's Brills.
The following 1 schedule of drills for the
-week, with flem-ai changes bt Wllln places.
Brery/cadeA nwijt-' waja .note ot tnls drill
e, nwr'majar note i
Oomp*n)r C^ Je^oftd regiaunt, armory campus
Captain T-_
[If *U6DAY.
P'tUmptiiir'A!, -First regiment, armory campus
Cabtaln Bedford.
Coanpaay B,' armory camptisg Captain Norton,
Lieutenant Ejftep,
Company H, first regiment, corner University
avenfle and Twelfth atenue SB Colonel Haw ley.
Company Second, regiment, armory, campus
Captain Crosby, Lieutenant Houston."
Company P, Second regiment, armory- campus
Lieutenant Ponlman,
Cotapany^Q, Second'regiment, Bpthatoy church
goes rrierrily on in one room and Bales in the regular way in the big
room.-i': Prices now made on all merchandise lower than auction bids.
Art Needlework Department
500 Pillow Tops and Jen*ersTinte and
stamped, 18 to 24-inch natural and white
linen, worth to 50c ftp
Monday, choice
4c Wash Embroidery Silks. p.. .2c
Gent's Furnishings
Men's Fancy Balbriggan Shirts only. Reg
ular price 50o. Closing ORA
Out Price ....tfclFV
Men's Derby Bibbed Shirts ami Drawers
Regular price^c eao&^> lOW
0 I Closing Out Pride
Cloaks and Suits
Iiadies' Short Spring Coats, black and tan,
Coverts and Cheviot, cloth, goo.d valuesz.
at $7.98. Closing ''.^Ajk QA
Price 3?,i9*+***1*
SkirtsDark and light gray :&nd blaqk.
Panama"^ Skirt, circular style, strapped.
Value, $8.50. Closing^v^JtR A A
Pric .itf&fam
Boys' Hot Weather
Hot Weather BJSia|#^TOite and
colored plain and' fancy.
Were 75c and 98a.
Second regiment, armory campus
7:Swia j*yfcutenant RanaalUV^Jr.-^%
Comptay 0, JMrst regiment, *rmry campus
Major ir.'
Company I. Second regiment,,, corner Plymouth
and Aldrlcfa otemiee Nj Major'Wilson.
Company D. First regiment Labor Temple
Captain Eklund.
Company O, First regiment. Seventh Ward
Republican hall: Colonel H. O. Hawley, Lieu
tenant King.
Company A, Second regiment, armory campus
Captain Pratt, Captain Coopman.
Company F, First reginient, armory campus
Colonel Bavrley..
Company f-filest regiment, armory campus
Captain Newton. Lieutenant Shtppam.
Company B. Sacoad regiment, armory campus.
Corns D, Second
fersltr^d TweWth avenues'
Captaja Pratt.
jii i ii n. i
J. LUND, Owner. J. F. ELWELL, Manager.
$3.00 Corsets 69c
500 dozes must be closed out
Nemo, Warner's, Kabd, P. P., J. B:, G. D.,v
C. B., and American Lady, black, drab and
Vhite, all sizes, high bust, Princess hip and
girdle tops with 4 hose sup- ft fk{
porters, worth to $8. Choice..,
$1.00 Cambrio Gowns
and Skirts
$2.00 Moreen and Check
Petticoats 1............
Laces and Embroidery
Novelty Maline Veiling --18 beautiful
shaded and color combinations. Regular
price, 35c yard. I '^g^^|A
Closing Price.. r-.f ^viiT
per yard.,....,..
ieht, corner Uni-
Captain Jones,
69c 98c
French Val^cien^.X^^^-l^ f fta
qualities, in the V|^t^^i|^--!t6x3ifi^^
selling'at 10c, 12^e ai&df i^^JftJm
15c yard. Closing Price.".v^T^t'iSPV
Nainsook and Swiss fimbrdd*ry-^
Flouncings, edges anjd inflertidns, W fiqitfk
gain table full of good'ftmgs,'/wnbi-. horn-
19c to
Jak advantage of the exceptional bargains while {Fi lots are full.
$2.50, $3.00 and $3.50 women's beautiful
Otrfords, 50 styles, itifl^athers* from our
reerular stock"
Closing &W^MM *$&
f... i^'-4l,- 44..j,
i &*- '-w**' ^t
JOne Hundred and Twenty-eight on One
Xo the Editor of Tka JooxnaL ,-3.:^
In the name of the seven sanctified
sisters, is this streetcar management
.cognizant of. the fact task winter is
joveff Tie- windows i^^ jmesfc^ pf the
!eaxs I have ridden oif.^eiuindj^be lojpened.
'Some of tliem have We%nj In aiid can
^-AQperwd ma one^fete of ttw-e^', but
'.not jhe other "Tlw screens .are on i
the side-nearest to cars coming fem the
'Opposite dffectioni attd" aVe*4
for the-
Captain Gilbertson
Dress Goods
,A few odd pieces. Voiles, fancy Panamas^
Crepe de Chine, Sicilians and Mixed Suit*
ings, widths to 50 in values IQp
to $1 yard. Closing Price 'V
52-in. Nub Serge Suitings, stripes aad
checks, in blue, brown, green and blaok
Worth $1.50 yard. Oft ft
Closing Price, yard ...t^'.
Ladies' Silk Embroidered and Lace lisle
'bU^/:a^dveq]^^.-^l m^
25e ^Jold' JEjeaf Motildings at- s. 19o
Mouldings at ^v. .**!16
i2a and 15 Monldhtgs at,,* ..lOc
^f. Shirt Waists
%ais^i--Linen Lawn,, embro^tered
fronts, lace trimmed, worth O
$1.98. Closing Price...,.....,
Several hundred pairs Strap
^omen's, misses'and chlldrenJi
'*&***'?$ i -'OilMi iU'^^
*.ir.b ~mi,%*':
purpose of preventing,
from Sticking tfreiriiOTdrasrcUarms out
to.be knocked off by passing car's and
the iron- posts that. support trolley *&
wires. But the window's on' the4'. other fjm
side of the cars Are not exposed to such
dangers, a,nd there is- no reason why^jf
they-ehonld. not.,he so..,thfly coald bo^|
open at, any time of the yearr.
J_rl rQ.simply .c*j(i.etty'. to Tanfin^ls^ to *Jl
pack crowds in these hermetically -?m
:^4aV.d-isara JW&, nights.f l^aai year^
on. the Lake street line there were carSfeJl
with windows that could not be opened
.all-: summer, long. ,And- think of theK
crowds that sweltered and panted com
ing fr Wonderland park andJUinne
haha falls:
Last rdght I boarded a rourtli ave
nue car at "Hennepin about 11-
'clock. By the time Second avenue S
was reached the. ear was filled,to auf
location. At Third avenue th,e con
dudtor allowed a dozen more people to
get on at the front end and erawj thru
the window back of the motoneft^, Tho
result was a terrific 'squeeze aft the
,aisle, The windows could' bel. ppened i
only, on one side of the car. Hhi night!
was -Warm and tlie- atmosphere^ was
simply stifling. On, lady fainted and
was revived only when given.another,
seat close to a "window that could be
opened. Between Hennepin^Avenue and
Lake .street the conductor, "whose num
ber was 210, rang up. seventy-nine cashi
"fares and forty-nine transfers*, total,
,128. -I-understand that ttte. cMnpany
has at" least a third more ears than are
ordinarily in service, and much of Jthig
squeezing and jamming of people could
be obviated at very little expense.
r.-k-.. H. if
Minneapolis, Minn., May 11. 1
Silk Department
lot of Very nlie' SWIBS.
Taffeta, "inr
icreanif pink, Aiice blue and lawender.
Regular price $1.7$. Monday 7flp
only, yard
One lot of very fine Louisine Checks and
fancy French Stripes in black and white^
embroidered effects. Regular CAp
price $1.25 to $2. Monday only, WFVt
No samples given. These prices goo
only for this day.
Imported Fancy Handkerchiefs
embroidered in,the sty^sh and
shadow work, beautiful goods
that have sold at 40c each. O A
Closing Price 'J.^:m.mm%0.
$1.25 a
pair values,. -'.'('^{^t A A
Closing Price **,.v.y*-..,'-..+.***e*-.}&^J**.
luadks' newjSnede-B^lts in black, green,
gray also the new embossed leather belts.
Itepaar 7 '^Olodi^.^-^i^S :*J t*7 f^
Price i-jrrtf v^.-v- *#~t^"
Whits &*&' Belts with nickel or gilt
/buckfe& 16e values.
Closjng Price.-,
Ladies' Hand Bags in black' and colors,
with outside pockets^ ^Reg*?if|0^ A
lar 69d Closing Price ..*.vt*^

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