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The Journal will be glad to
receive for this department Items of
news of Interest to the traveling men
generally, whether they belong to the.
U. C. T. or other organizations of
salesmen or net.
Announcements, personals, changes
of lines of business,. etc.. should be
sent to tha editor of the Traveling'!
Men's Department, Sunday Journal,
to reach this office by Thursday!
morning of each week.
The traveling men, thru the, crusade
of the U. C. T. for intercnangeabie
mileage at a flat 2-cent rate and an in
terchangeable excess baggage book, ap
pear to have tvon a two-thirds victory.
Two of the three northern railroads,
the Northern Pacific and the Great
Northern, have agreed to issue a 5,000
mire book for $100 -^.without rebate.
They will also issue a 3,000-mile book
for $75 with $15 rebate. The traveling
men asked for an interchangeable ex
cess baggage book with a reduction of
80 per cent and it has been granted,
with a reduction of 20 per cent. These
books are interchangeable on these
two roads.
Regarding the Soo line's concession,
The Journal last night said:
"Interchangeable mileage on the
northern lines has been secured to a
limited extent. W. R. Calloway, gen
eral passenger agent of the Soo, noti
fied the railroad and warehouse com
mission today that the Soo would issue
a 1,000-mile book at a flat rate of 2%
cents a mile, or $25. It will be good
all over the Soo and South Shore roads,
and will also be honored on the lines
of the Great Northern and Northern
Pacific between the twin cities and
Buluth-Superior, including intermediate
stations. It will not be good on other
parts of the Great Northern and North
ern Pacific systems.
This concession is not all that the
traveling men asked for, but is quite
an improvement over the present con
The Soo has already announced a
6,000-mile book at a flat rate of 2 cents,
and a 2,500-mile book at 2}4 cents.
These are good on the South Shore at,
the rate of 2* cents, but not on any
other systems in Minnesota."
New Interchangeable.
The mileage tickets will be honored
on the Minnesota & International rail
wav, the Duluth & Iron Range railroad
and the Duluth, Missabe & Northern
railway. The territory prescribed for
the use of the tickets on the Great
Northern and the Northern Pacific is
as follows: On all lines of the Great
Northern and Willmar & Sioux Falls
railways' east of Mondak, Mont., but
not including the line west of the Mis
souri river from Sioux City, Iowaj to
O'Neill, Neb. On all lines of the North
ern Pacific railway from Beach, Monk,
to Ashland, Wis.
The grand council season of the IT.
C. T. has been inaugurated with meet
ings at Memphis, Tenn., Lincoln, Neb.,
and Seattle., Wash. Other grand coun
cil meetings during the month of May
will be Kansas-Oklahoma at Wichita,
Texas at Dallas and Georgia-Florida at
Jacksonville, all an May 11-12 Illinois
at Freeport, Mississippi-Louisiana at
Vicksburg and Alabama at Mobile, all
on Mav 18-19. New York and New
England, the first at Syracuse and the
other at Burlington, Vt., coming: on 25-
26. Another prominent meeting on
those two days will be the Kentucky
Virginias grand council at Washington,
D. C. The largest number of the grand
council meetings are to be held in June.
The date of the Minnesota-Dakota-Man
itoba meeting at Albert Lea is Friday
and Saturday, June 8 and 9.
The collections that are being taken
up by.the subordinate councils of the
U. C. T. should all reach the grand
counselor now within a short time, and
will come in very handily. Many com
mercial travelers have not only lost
all their personal possessions and are
out of employment, but the prospect for
their outlook is not encouraging. Their
firms have been impoverished in many
instances, and can no longer give^them
employment. They must go elsewhere
or exist somehow until San Francisco
is re-established commercially.
At a dinner to the Toledo Traveling
Men's association "goose wine" was
on the menu and proved to be Maumee
river water, nicely iced. The band ap
propriately played I Was Only Teaz
ing You" when the course was served.
Ccuncil No. 63 Mourns the Loss of a
John P. Newell, an old .and valued
member of Minneapolis Couifcil No. 63,
died Saturday morning, May 5, at his
home, 2436 Ninth avenue S.
"Jack" Newell, as he was familiarly
called by all who knew him, has been
for the last eleven years the city rep
resentative of the Gedney Pickle Co.,
during that time having served three
years on the road as traveling salesman.
The popularity he enjoyed with* his
fellow salesmen AJ shared with his
rVZ-Jt''- v,*
customers, who always welcomed hia,
cheery voice and pleasant presence. The
firm for whom he worked so long held
him in high esteem as a man and em
ployee, faithful, efficient and trust
He leaves a widow and two childnjen.
a daughter of 8 and a son of 6 years.
He was 40 years old last March. The
funeral services were held Monday
morning at St. Stephen's church, corner
Twenty-second and Clinton. Interment
An Iowa traveling man ran up
against a small "bordin" house in an
Ohio town, while on his vacation last
summer. His first meal happened to
be dinner, and he asked the waiter
what was on the bill for the meal. "Oh,
most anythin y'want," came the an
"I'm pretty hungry," rejoined the
other, bring me an extr?i large porter-
house steak smothered in mushrooms,
some potatoes ag gratin and a cold bot
The waiter gave him one terrified
look and blurted out: "Quit yer jok
in\ If we had anything like them
here the boss would eat it himself.''
X. Y. Z.
A traveling salesman died very sud
denly in Pittsburg. "His"-relatives tele
graphed the undertaker to make a
wreath the ribbon should be extra wide
with the inscription "Rest in Peace,"
on both sides, and if there is room,
"We Shall Meet in Heaven."
The undertaker was but. of town,
its, -,a..i.nn^
Young people
to house-
receive special
and his new assistant handled the job.
It was a startling' floral piece which
turned up at the funeral. The ribbon
was extra wide and bore the inscrip
tion, "Rest in Peace on Both Sides,
and if There I Room We Shall Meet
in Heaven." W. M.
Nekwirk, Okla.
Winona, Minn., May 12.At the
monthly meeting of the Winona coun
cil of united Commercial Travelers held
the past week the council went on
record as being opposed to house bill
No. 4549, which seeks to consolidate
third and fourth-class postal matter.
The council declared it to be a bill in
the interest of catalog houses, and
against wholesale concerns, by whom,,
the commercial travelers are employed.'
Secretary George H. Ramer has mailed
copies of the formal protest made by
the council to Senators Knute Nelson
and Moses E. Clapp and Congressman
James A. Tawney.
The Winona council, IT. C. T., has
voted to send Secretary George It.
Ramer to Chicago to attend the meet
ing of the secretaries of the order to
be held there on June 2$ and 26.
Efforts are now being made to secure
a large delegation from Winona to the
convention of the XT. C. T. to be held
at Albert Lea in June. Cards have
been sent to every member of the Wi
nona council requesting them to signify
whether or' not they will be able to
make the trip..
U. O. T. ISMS."
W. H. Barber, for many years mana
ger of the Climax Refining^ company of
Minneapolis, has severed his connection
with that firm and^ goes into the broker
age business on his own hook. Barber
is not only an oil man in every sense of
the word, Iu an extremely smooth in
dividual as well." 'He is one of the
wheelhorses in No. 63, arid the ex
treme whole thing in Arcanum circles,
having been elected this year to the po
sition of grand regent of Minnesota.
The combined membershin. of U. C. T.
councils now exceeds 35,000. The gain
in membership last year was 4,489.
In another column will be found a
notice of the entertainment presented
by the Ladies' Auxiliary of Minneap
olis council, No. 63, last night.
Brother August Johnson, who lies ill"
-*it? ^'a''^"-'iS
S. A H.
with all
with typhoid, we are glad to announce,
is progressing as favorably as can be
Alex Harrison, a menroer'of ^oC.63
living in Enid, Okla., was a welcome
visitor in Minneapolis this week'.'
Brother Harrison came up from hir
southern home to attend the wedding
of his daughter, Frances, to T. B, .Bibs,
som. He reports trade*: excellent in
Oklahoma and that a
boom is on
of 63 living in. Min-
neapolis find representing, ih the north
west. Gage, Deane & Co Chicago, stole
a march on hjs friends last week and
Iron couch and bed combined includes
an A-l National spring. The regular
$7.50 couch everywhere. d^^'ChS
Special for Monday only.. .ipnJtZJd
Rattan Furniture
Special sale Monday of rattan rockers,
chairs, settees and couches all colors5
the Heywood make suitable for sum
mer homes.
Heywood Go=Cprt
Heywood make,* i-u,ae of bleached ratr
tan, shellac finish, loose corduroy cuslP
ions, ruffled parasol, rubber tires green
running' gear, patent break. A good
bargainMonday only
was quietly married to Miss Frances
Harrison. The happy" bride and groom
have gone on their wedding trip to visit
friends and relatives'ln the groom's old
home in New Yofk.
Jack McDonald, formerly city sales
man for the Boston Candy company, is
{ftill on the flick list.
W. 8. Shoop, representing. Fuller &
Johnson, who was injured in the Wis
consin Central wreck near Osceola,
Wis., about a week ago, is laid up with
his injury at the Brunswick hotel. As
soon as he can be moved he will be
taken to Madison, Wis., his home.
8. D. Davis, for several years repre-
Mission Daveriport
Weathered oak, well finished loose roan Spanish leather cush
ions 6 feet long. A real comfortable davenport and
worth $50. Special for,Monday only................
zine Rack Finished in either
golden or weather-
ed" oakj five
shelves. A splen
did bargain, Mon?
Iron Lough
"SHi 'i'-t^tt''*' ''*j^*&4&ai!$ ,fr&Jl&%%^fe s* ^^I'^'-fifeM
Comfort Rocker
Comfort rocker, Imperial
oak, polish finish, regu
lar value $5. Special for
Monday q*,y
only ,%pZ,Od
A four-passeriger swing, finished In
red easy to take down and put to
gether will stand the weather.
Special for Monday
only %p/.uU
senting Lanpher, Skinner & Co., the St.
Paul hat and fur house, has severed his
connection and assumed duties with the
Miller-Davis Printing company, in
which for several years he has been a
heavy stockholder^
N. P. McGregor, an old No. 63 mem
ber, was circulating among his friends
in Minneapolis last week. He left for
North' Dakota on' his trip last Monday.
"All U. C. T.'s who possibly can
should attend the grand council meeting
at Albert Lea on June 8 and 9. The
railroad fare will not be over $2 for the
round trip, and our friends in Albert
Lea promise "the time of our lives."
These prices are for this week only, or
while present quantities last
Double faced French "Velours,
per yard........
Single Faced
25 large. Persians at
a great reduction. Fol
lowing are some, of
the sizes and prices-r-
300 302 206
Name. Size. Special
1120 1165
Hamedan 16.5x12.0
Esgi Shehie ...11.9x 0.8
Sultanabad .12.6x13.3
Sultanabad ......12x14.2
Feraghan 12.6x15.2
Antique Mush-
gabad 14.5x12.9
Lot of 350 pieces, including Hamedans,
Mousouls, Shirvans, Irans, Royal Meecas
and Kazafcs.
Reg. Price,.. $15 $19 $23 $28 $39
Special ....$10 $13 $17 $21 $30
45 Khlvas
Regular $80 $97 $112 $125
Special ...$48 $79 $90 $105
Boutelt's Good Furniture.
Individual ItistaJiment Credit
Extending a perfectly adjusted system of installment credit, this is the logical store for
the salaried man who wants to establish a home or add to the one he has. We originated
the individual credit plan and we will carry it. pjut to its fullest expression for YOU.
You pay no more for Boutell's Good Furniture than others ask for the cheaply made kind
National Gas Ranges
We are sole agents for the Direct
Action National Gas Range. The
prices run like this$14: $16
$18 and. $20.
Sunday, May 13.
connected free
of charge every one guaranteed.
Oak Chiffoniere
Five large drawers has a
14x20 French bevel plate
mirror made of oak, fin
ished in golden. Special
for Monday tf*'7r\rf'
Monday we Bhali have a
sale of Seeger Syphon,
Bowen and Ranney Re
frigerators, at $12 $14
16 $18 $20 up to
$4 down, $1 the week.
Draperies and Upholstery Materials
French "Velours, 1 K/"|
per yard **V
...50c ..50c
Drapery Repps, all colors,
per yard.
Monks' cloth, 50 inches wide,
per yard
Stfckley's arts and crafts
vas, per yard
Burmese silks, $1.75 qualities, 50 ftl O E
Inches wide, per yard px.*d
Moorish Madras,. 50 inches wide O A
per yard ipfi.UU
Flora Drapery materials,,. $4.75 Ctn 7(5
qualities, per yard............?
Gobelin Tapestries for uphol- ft]
stering, per yard.. vAtVU
Verdure Tapestries for upholf 4111# 7*C
stering,: per ,yard.- ...:..i.
Fine quality Verona, Velours, ttO
per yard.............. tyGi.\}\J
Tapestry Draperies, $3 qualities,fl
per pair. P A *^c
Art Loom Tapestry Draperies, 0 A, ret
$7.50 qualities, per pair'.", P*- J
Damask, all-over Tapestry, armure Dra
peries, flnished with edges to matclv
or with cord, $12.60 to"$15.00 ttO BLf\
Jl qualities, per pair..... ....POfcVf
The ball game betwee'h Minneapolis
council No. 63's nine and -the saintly
city No. 50 's team, will be worth the
whole cost of attendance.
C. A. Hass, who was down with pneu
monia, at last got the pneumonia down
and with his 200-odd pounds of flesh
trampled'it out of existence. He left
on his trip last Monday. Hass, the
boys all welcome you back to duty.
J. S. Berg, an old salesman and mem
ber of No. 63, has left the ranks after
accumulating the fortune that all trav
eling men acquire and has settled down
to the* banking business at Rolette, N.
D., was a visitor in Minneapolis last
only ...*P tV
All extra fine quality Draperies, some
double faced, one color one side, differ
ent color other side, Silk Frou Frou,
some with leather applique trimmings,
a big lot of other styles, $20.00 to $25.00
qualities, choice, 4& 1 f\(\
per pair PAJ.UU
Silk Draperies, for doors or windows
$10.00 qualities ....$6 5 0 pair
$15.00 qualities $9 5 0 "pair
A lot of one-half pairs Silk Draperies,
$7.00, $8.00 to $10.00 qualities^ by the
pair, to close,
Scotch and French Madras, by the pair,
$7.50 qualities,
per pair
Tmnnvtant WAHHO Young married people and those who Intend going to housekeep-
AinpurittUI nmivc ing should send us their names and addresses at once, and we
will mall them something worth TEN DOLLARS absolutely free.
Largest Home, Hotel arid Club Furnishers in the Northwest.
A Minneapolis Institution Owned by Minneapolis People.
Rattan Swing
Special sale Monday of Heywood rattan porch swings, fin
ished in moss green, complete with cushions, at C*'}Q
$18 $20 $25 and
Medicine Cabinet
Medicine CabinetOn Sale
from 8 to 9 a. m. only,
Worth $2.50on sale from
8 to 9 o'clock only, Mon
day. Made of oak, has a
mirror in the door. One to
a customer, rf -t g*
only t/fri &
Chair Swing
All iron frames, covered
with heavy canvas adjust
able to all positions.
Monday only p*
Scotch and French Madras, by the pair,
$12.50 qualities, ttrr A
per pair _...'.'..V *U
Sootch" Madras, by the yard, ^Mls*
$1.00 qualities, per yard.....
Scotch Madras, by the yard, *7 t*
$1.25 qualities, per yard I JK.
Colored Irish Point Curtains. Small lots
of one, two and three pairs
$20.00 quality $10-00 pair
$25.00 quality $12-50 pair
$30.00 quality $15-00 pair
Savoy Lace Curtains In white, ivory and
$5.00 qualities .$3-50 pair
$6.00 qualities $4-50 pair
$7.50 qualities 1. $500 pair
Real Brussels Lace CurtainsThree very
special reductions
$7.50 qualities $5-0O pair
$9.00 qualities $ 6 0 0 pair
$15.00 qualities -$10 0 0 pair
60 pieces Cottage Art Muslins in white
and colors, 12%c and 15c
qualities, per yard -.7v.
20 pieces Fish Nets, suitable for cottage
curtains, 20c and 22%c
qualities, per yard. A*JC
15 pieces Dimities, Cretonnes, fancy
Crepes, suitable for cottage curtains,
slip and box covers, very dainty ma-
terials,-25c and SOc qualities, Of\*%
only, per yard \JC
50 pieces Huck Toweling at 5%c, 6%o.
and 7c per yard.
Dining Chair
Golden oak, polish fin
ish, cane seat a good,
strong chair and worth
$2.50. Special for Mon-
only pj t3i/
Eight to a customer only
Oak Dresser
Imperial golden oak,
polish finish three
drawers has a 18x24
shaped French bevel
plate mirror. A splendid
bargain, +Q
Monday onlyP 27*
Iron Bed
Iron bedYour choice of two colors,
green or blue all sizes. C*^ TSZ
Special for Monday only.. *pj* 5
Carpets and Rugs
15 rolls of ingrain carpets, the extra
heavy 85o quality, special s*
Monday O&C
150 grass twine rugs, suitable for sum
mer houses and porches, all sizes up to
9x11, at $ 2 $2.50 $ 3 $3.50 $ 4
and $5Worth double the price.
100 new misfit velvet- and tapestry
sels rugs, at $12 $15 $18
If any member of No. 08 ha* not
sent in hia dollar for the San Francisco
-U. C. T. sufferers please do so at once,
as the fund must be sent to the grand
counsellor of California within a few
THERE AND BACK. '.'-*..~l,p.
Upon the road that leads unto success
Some men go slowly and their bridges
While others choose to take the fast e*-*
press, i*
But buy a round-trip ticket to return. s,-
Let ua
Into a
You ean
See the
on Second,
Fourth Floors.
All carpet sizes.
5 tapestry Brussels rugs, size 9x10-6
50 Sheik velvet rugs, size 27x54
sale price, d* *y
1 ...tpl.&O

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