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City News1
JEPindstorm Insurance, very low rates,
D. C. Bell Investment Co., Ill 4th st 9.
Twenty years' experffihce in mating
farm loans no losses. Barnes Brothers.
$8.00 switches at $5.00. Marcel wav
ing. Feely & Crocker, 622 Nicollet av.
flour City Iron, Works,t 0Gl^d street
make castings on shor notice No
strike there.
The Gideons will have charge of the
services at the M. church, Hopkins,
tonight at 7:80 o'clock.
Never buy real estate without having
the title insured by the Minnesota Title
Insurance & Trust company. Costs lit
tle, worth much.
That sweet picture. "Hear My Dol
lie'ff Prayer," and Everybody's Maga
zine one year, $2, at the Century News
ore 6 Thir street S
The Tabasco Plantation company has
moved from its 'Lumber Exchange
offices to suite 732 Andrus building.
Temporary entrance during. May is
room 706.
Dr. Montgomery speaks at Fowler
church this morning on "The Most
Fatal Disease in the World,'.' and in
the evening on "An Accused Man
Harriet lake shore lots. Reeve's
South Shore Park, Linden Hills, Cot
tage City and Calhoun Park. Gall or
phone for plats and price lists. -iGeo.
B. Dartt, 807 Phoenix Building.
Charles T. DuSchayhe of London,
Eng., who will be in the city over Sun
day, will give the address for the Pro
gressive Society of Spiritualists at Iy.
of P. hall in the Masonic Temple, at
8 o'clock tonight.
The Twin City Alumni chapter of tna
Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity enter
tained'the seniors of the university
chapter last evening, at a dinner in
Donaldson's tearooms. President R. H.
Baldwin of the alumni presided.
Members of Lincoln Camp, No. 1656,
Modem Woodmen of America, are re
quested to attend the funeral. service
of Aubrey H. Douglass at St.."Andrew's
4 Episcopal church, Lyndale and Eigh
teenth avenues N, Monday,.at 3 p.m.
The Minnesota Mycological. society
will hold a meeting at 8 o*clock Mon
day evening at room 525 Medical build
ing, to elect officers for the ensuing
year and transact other important busi
ness. A variety of specimens of. spring
fungi will be on exhibition.
In five years neither the Twin. City
nor the Tri-State Telephone com-
an has missed a dividend. Tho
City company has paid seven
teen, the Tri-State eleven. Why? Be
cause these companies came into ex
istence by reason of a popular demand
the people being tired of high prices
and poor service. The public has stood
by them nobly, and has shown its
appreciation by buying two millions
and a half of their securities, and by
'patronizing their service until now the
Minneapolis exchanges are the largest
in the state* When you, choose a tele
phone better be with the majority than
the minority. That means" the' Twin
The Want Ads in today's issue con
tain many excellent opportunities. If
you are seeking employment, havo
money to invest, want to buy a farm,
a" house, or a lot, rent a room, board at
the lake, buy furniture, horses, C6ws,
dogs, poultry, in fact, if you want any
thing, you will find it advertised among
the multitude of ads that ar,erin the:
classified'' section.
Journal Automobile Tours.
The most delightful autpmobiletpujrs
imaginable are, made, every dav".in''the
up-to-date Journal tpurinff. 'cars,'which
cleave The Journal. .building at" 9:80
a.m.,. 1:30 p.m., 4 p.m.*. and' 7 :WfrmV'-A.soprandl
splendid trip around the Makes,1
Don't do your seeing thru
that cause pain and nervous
%i may mean life suffe
for yourself and children.
,our eyes to UH. Will tell you
honestly if you need an oculist
.or not.
'OlasBec made ttgbX & sold rlg&fc
vards and residence districts. Each
car holds six passengers besides the
chauffeur. Call The Journal," 91 either
line," and ask for the Tour Depart
T. V. MOREAU 00.
Manufacturing Opticians.
Is now a necessary part of your
summer outing, as well as a pleas?
ure to yofurself and friends.
Remember you come and iu a
Kodak or Premo Camera and we
show you how to get good results.
C. A. Hoffman's
624 "Nicollet Avenue,
We get fresh Films, Paper, etc,
every other day* and wffl. doTyoUr
developing and printing.
Best assortment in
the Northwest.
All kinds. All pricey.
My $3.00 yiplin Bow.
is a winiier. 4V
Expert Repairing
When you want a Musidlil
Instrument go
Edison and Victor
Si n Easy Payments
one whp
43L-43 South
,^B$ad for Edison and Victor Catalog.
store Open Bvenlngt.. I
Wide Awake Shoe Repair Shop
^^^"Sss?-718'Hennepin Ave.
i*SXttention peUcemen, letter carriers! tall
Pgd men, street,car men and others .-who
leather. Our Ironclad leather
last ^t, least 80 days longer
h^l^te tbaa^^^or-yottr'-inotieXj-Jback^
Sewed soleaij 75cj pegge*. sifcj ^tfbbeV neeli.
Shoes repaired while
News 1sect&n.~
A f*
ft it
1 Xn
3 \fi
B^ ^EBt*JS.
Turners Prepare Program.
As usual, the Norwegian Turners
have secured Normanna hall for their,
festival. James A. Peterson will be
the orator of the day. The program
will include selections by Normanna or
chestra, athletic exhibitions by the
boys' and men's classes feats orV
strength by George Johnson, wrestling
match between John Gordon, the cham-,
pion of the police force, and an un
known, moving pictures and other num
Oslo lodge, Sons of Norway, has ar
ranged a folk fest and concert at Paiiia
hall. A varied program will be, pre
sented and it will include addresses, na
tional songs by Nordmaendenes Sang
forening, recitations by Mrsi Marion
Donnelly and J. Martin Hansen, vocal
solos by Miss Lilian Hamborg, soprano,
Will Newgard, baritone and Karl S.
Kriedt, tenor, the latter illustrated by
stereoptioon views, piano solo by Hen
ric Gundersen, violin solo by Miss Helga
Jensen, dramatic recitations by Arthur
Larsen, late of the Dagmar theater,
Copenhagen, music by a special orches
tra and a selected string quintet and
moving pictures from Norway showing
life from Christiania to Hammerfest.-
Church Festival.
The Trinity Norwegian' Lutheran
church will hold1
a festival at the
church. Ninth. street- and. Twentieth* av
enue 9. ProieSspr Wilhelm ]jr$|tersen.
will be the principal, speakef.j!
Norwegian Turners, Sons of Norway,
and Various Ohurqhes, Will Honor
Independence Day( in Fitting Manner
Orators, Musicians and Athletes
Will Have Principal Parts in Pro
grams. Norway's independence day, May 17,-
will be observed generally this year by
the local Norwegian organizations, buV
in a much more modest manner than in.
former years, when processions, big-,
festivals and much'display -were tha.
chief features of "Sytt'ehdo Mai" cere
monies. Just as many people'will ob
serve the day, but in a quieter mannerr
than heretofore. About ten "feats" of
various degrees of magnitude arebeing
arranged various parts of the city.
Norwegian enthusiasm is likely to run
pretty high-next .Thursday-':evening, for
the recent developments an the mother
country*'have been .much to the liking of
the sons and daughters who have wan
dered away and round homes in other
lands ""*Vf i
for planting treesr
Eeynolds, the, Norwegian author, who is
making a- tour of America, will show a
series of lantern slides of Norwegian
scenes,- Other'numbers will be "Vi Vil
Oss et Land," soprano solo, by Miss
Emma Loe, Ole Bull's "Saeterbesoget,'"
by Sverre Oftedal, organ solo, by Miss
Mollie Martinson, and songs by Miss
Olive Olsen, the church choir, and the
Tlkihg male chorus, which will sing
Naar Fjordene Blaaner."
There will be a celebration at the
fourth ward wigwam, Western avenua
and Ninth street, under the auspices b
the Norwegian Hospital association.
The program will include an address
by Frank M. Nye, Blanche Bodth,'vdra
*maflc reardiiig Miss"'-Hattie Be" Foe,
"Adolph Engstrom,
M8fbei and Polly'Hansen.-tenors Mis
Mathilda' Hanson, piano J. A: O.
Preus, whistler Miss Elsa Mace, So
Other celebrations are as follows:
Nidaros lodge, Sons of Norway, at Nor
den hall,... Washington and Twentieth
avenues" N Fram society, banquet at
Dania hall, in the club rooms on the
second floor Betania Norwegian Luth
eran church, at the church, Franklin
and Twenty-fifth avenues S Our Savior's
Young, People's society, at Maccabee
hall, Franklin and Bloomington av^
enues Fremskridt Toung.People's
The programs for tbe above celebra-r
tions- will be published laijer, .should*
they be received.
..'-..'.'r.\"""v." '^'-1
Organized the First Independent De-.
nominational Body.
The presbytery organized in Phila
delphia in April, 1706, the' second cen
tennial of which was celebrated in that
city a few days ago, was the first or
ganized denominational body in the
American colonies to exist independ
ently of European control. Commenting
on this, the Herald and Presbyter says:
"Presbyterians have been most pro
nounced in their patriotism. More than
one-half of the revolutionary, arfnyf-foras
made up of ,PjesbyteriaE pmattiy of\ its
most prominent generals %efeh|ingf to
this body. In fact, it was often callfco" a
Presbyterian revolution. Altho Wash
ington himself 'was a member of 'the
Episcopal church, he could have done
nothing without Presbyterian sympathy
and'assistance, his own church people
being, as members of the Church of
England, very largely tory in their af
filiations. The, famous ]r Withersppon
was the only minister% of any denomi
nation who, as a member bf, the conti
nental congress, signeftt the ijedlaration
of Independence."
'%$*&: Lteifi
623-625 First Ave. S.
T^pjpughljr.. sanitary.._ and jf^Stn'i
only ttro-i hirds -as much"nwMsw The"
ordinary kiiids. (^Tneirjensiver
Lawn iSlowers^.^ose/r darlaiii
Ranges, New Era Paints, Ontlery,
Mechanics' Tools.
By Theodore WTrfh.'-Superlntendent of
tylnne.aj)oHa. Parka.
OW that our street trees are be
ginning to put on their new
garb of foliage, it is well to
think of their care and protection. No
city' can be beautiful without stroet
trees, and the flneBt palace as well as
the plainest, cottage- js made more at
tractive if surrounded and fronted by
tr0es.- /This does not, however, say tha't
it- is well to,, plant trees in front of
city- residences as thick as they are
standing in the woods. As a rule, street
trees are planted too close here and
elsewhere, and it, is welVto enforce the
ordinance which gives-the park board
power to supervise the street trees of'
the city.
This ordinance'' does not seem to be
generallyr-known. It says
Section 1. No
any street,
4 planted in
avenue parkway of the
Olty of Minneapolis at^ a distance of less
than twenty-five (25) feet from any other
tree, standing in the streets Or 'parkway
but the word tree, as used"herein, shall,,
not be construed to ^nehi'dei-- those
usually classified as 'shuis arid which
from their natural 'habit's''do hot usually
grow to a height higher than fifteen
CIS) feet.r
Beo. 2., No tree of the boxelder or of
the cottpnwood variety shall be, planted
In any, street, avenue or...parkway of
the. city of Minneapolis..
Sec. 8. No tree, aa the word Is de-i
fined in section- 1, shall be planted in
any street,.avenue or parkway of the
city-of Minneapolis until the location
itherefor, including, as well! the level grade
at which the highest roots are to be
planted, as the point of planting, have
been fixed and established by the su
perintendent of this board.
Anyone desiring, the
and grade
shall apply the sec
retary of the board and he shall refer
the application tp the superintendent of
the board. There 'shall no charge for
the service.':
To Guard Against Vandalism.
Sec. 4. No person shall remove, de
stroy, cut, deface, trim or in any way
injure or Interfere with .any tree or
shrub In. any of the streets, avenues
public grounds, including parks or park1-r
ways of the city of Minneapolis, except
as expressly authprized so to do by the
board of park conimissloners, Any ap
plication for. permission to remoye, de
stroy,, cut,, deface,,, trim ...or. .in any way
injure or interfere with any such shade
or iornamental tree or j^hrub shaif be first
presented to the board of park commis^
signers, and all such applicatie,ns are
hereby referred to the committee on
improvements, with power to act thereon.
The secretary shall issue all.rpermits
directed by sueh. committee. Baciir permit
shall specifically-describe the work,ltd be
done under It and shall be void in thirty
(30) days after" itsf date, provided-' that
nothing in this section shair be consrrued
to prevent the superintendent of pfirk^
br the city forester -from properly trim
ming aiid faring .fpr such trees Land
S*c. B.
V?Wft jpetBdri,' whether
or otherwise"^hAli: fti6ve. vanyr
along any. street -ifj, such/,a way ..As* ^to
Interfere, with or injureJany!-treeyor shrlib
In any. street, alley or public, ground,
Including parks and parkways.in the-pity
of Minneapolis, without a special- peiSni%
obtained as provided\in, setitipn livT
hbrSeV or animal to stand''- or be nearthe
enough tb any such tree or shrub ito
bite,: rub ajsaliistor in any manner "Injure
6v deface the same,
Sec. i. Any "person who shall violate ft#e & doh.^ -daily by careless,
iiny Section of thi-s ordinance, shall on
conviction .thereof, in the' mu,nicipai court
of'^th'e city of Minneapolis, be punished
by "^confinement in ""'the' 'city7
for,'a period not exce'ediplg ninety days,
Or" by a fine of "not less-
($2.6.6) nor more than one1
two dcfrs
lars'($100.:0b), and in default of the pay
rheht of su6h fine, shall be confined in
the. city workhouse until such fine is
paid^ not exceeding in all ninety days.
Sec. 8: It shah be the duty of the
superintendent of parks and of the city
forester to see that the provisions of this
prdinance are obeyed.
It is,.therefore...necessary for every
one:wishing to plant a tree within the
Senate and Searchlight Clubs to Discuss
Public, as Opposed to Private Owner
ship of Public Utilities.
One of the most interesting-events-of
the year in M.. 0. A. circles will take
place at the Y. M. C. A. buil'ding, Tues
day, evening, May 15, when the long
looked-fbr debate -between the Search
light and Senate clubs will take place.-
"Tb^-subject is an interesting One,
''Reaiolyed, that tbe cities Of the
TJnited States should own and
operate plants for -fcupplyhfg: light,
water, telephone service, and surface
transportations The' debaters for
Senate, Knute Peterson, J. W. Tracy,
and H. H. Austin will uphold the affirm^
ative side Of the question, while Js Di
Engle.P. J. Thompson and O. Stir*,
ratt Will defefid'the honor of,. :the:
Searchlight club.
The debaters have prepared, thenu
selves fully onr the proposition. Eacli
'.clirb- bas devoted one or. more f- its
sessions to a discussion of the question
The,. library. with.' its numerous books
*and magazine articles' has been'the -ren
idezvious of the-idebaters for the .past
iewr weeks.- Men. prominent 4n,, .politi*
cat and municipal circles have been
interviewed on the' subject.' Prelimi*
nary "debates: have secretly been ar
ranged' aid information has been
gleaned*,, ffoni every available source^
which? \sdll,add not a little tb the
strength.and merit pftthe,debate.,:
A hard fight is looked for, Especially
because of the rivalry which has. ex
isted between the two- claims during the
year: Each has tiried to outdo the
other.in.humbefs, interesting meetings,
public gatherings, banquets, etc., and
the debate which has. been arranged for
thiB date will be a-battle royal oF word
in the interest of each club. Thisris
f.the first public debate ever- arranged
between the two cliibsV but such inters
est has been manifested that the asso
ciation will make it a. regular feature of
ithe- educational work hereafter. A
large attendance is expected,' the pttblic
qiani $a^r1mWcks.'^
general being invited
..Always avoid- harsh purgative pills^
They first make you sick and then leave
you constipated. Garter's Little Liver
Some Timely Informatioh wfiich Bears
Diretfly on the Beautifying
Minneapolis Sireets.
Sec. 6. No person shall hitch omfala
teu any- horse.- or other animal, to
tree or shrub in any street, alley or
public ground, inoluding parks and' park-
ways,' -in the'
shall any1
Superintendent'of the Minneapolis Park S
limits of a highway to
the. secretary
apply for
of. th.e
P'ermit ._._ _
board, who will give said application
to the superintendent, whose duty -it
is to giver the" proper location and grade
for said trees.
What to Pliint and How.
This will secure a more uniform sys
tem of the planting 0 street trees.
It is desirable to plant whole streets,
pr at least whole blocks, with the same
variety of'trees at equal distances. No
tree should be closer than twenty-five
feet to another, but thirty-five to forty
feet apart is better. Boxelders and cot
tonwoods are not allowed as street
trees. The elm makes an elegant street
tree, but there are many other, trees
worthy of consideration,' such as lin
dens, hard maples, oaks, etc. As the
elm is at present greatly predominating,
it is desirable to- give some other va
riety a fair show in order to break, the
monotony of having all streets planted
Trees must 'bdtfproperly
pruned from
time tO time, 'but- the ordinance rightly
ordains that "the Pruning of street trees
be" done onlyafter securing a perinit
from the park-board. There is a differ
ence between-tree/butchering and tree
prunihgi Proper" tr"ee pruning requires
knowledge arid experience, and inaS
naucb as thejpftrk." board is willing to
give the neoeisafy: information and in
struction as to tne proper tree treat
ment to anyone 'applying for svtch infor
mation, everyone should be willing {to,
apply for sutih"direction.
'.It is impossible.^or the park board,
with it's-very Habited fundsv- to take
proper care ofr all the tstreet trees of
t'B -city, but if -everyone having street
treest|wiil make .'u%e ^of the iadiyantages
pTahtttg a& -peepers Car of street
trees, the ^lly^wirl so5rti have a uniform
system of well-planted and properly
Wh v^fttnt5
itoere^ tree than'Tiecessary
is not only a waste of money and/ en
rergy, but leads to ttie ultimate")defeat
of the purpose.&nd intention of such
A11 SpJttld Help. ^1
Every citizen should take pride in the
person or permit' any
enera appearalace of the city* and
be, willing to help to protect
trees, Which^twhile planted by the
individual propemf owner, are the' prop
erty of all aliJKepfust as any, other .part
of the peoples f'highway. Much 'dam
near trees, BO" permitting them to be
Stripped olple^ark. Owners of trees
should'^ofr^rfchM^^permit Other peo
ple 's vhorseS, to f^e hitched near their
trees. The^r should protect their trees
with proper tree^ |tuards' and 'everj'-one
should help to px%Veht such vandalism
whenever commjefefced. Complaints made
to that effect to ajhy police officer or the
board, of park /^commissioners "will re
ceive prompt attention and the offend
ers will .be wanie^t and punished. Every
pne should hejp^pjrotect our street trees,
and everyone"h|t(jhihg a horse to a tree
or permitting t^e same getting near
enough-.to, Uni'uipe| said tree should be
arretted vand
Disciisses Advisability of Taking Re
ceipt for Half but FlnaUy Pays It
do'not'linsist upon the pay
ment of ahalf t|a,x, do you? That"is,'a
man can pay .th6 entire .year's
one time' if "he sjo1
statement and, w^thout
desires and ha the
money, can he nptf''
The'questioner: was^:
a middle mged,
well dressed man and County Treas
urer Henry G. Harike politely replied,
'.Certainly, you' can pay either the
whole ."or the first half now.'7
Very well. IVe decided to ^ay' it
alU*' wherewith the |ai payer took
out his pocket book,
a ta
a smile
out seventeen cents and
acrossi the countef/ Mv
The treasurer imiled broadly?!a'k- he
took the'money"%nd'"could not"restraint
a cMticklB^when l^e- noticed hSme
M. Ps
Larabee Ch^pp^ewathe -'!Falls Wis
Mr. I^aTabee is a multi-millionaire luin
berman," known, .to. business men .and
capitaHsts ail over the northwest.
'"ThiswonVt inbarass you, will "it
inquired *the treasurer, as a
"receipt ^repated*.
I gueshe-ordered not Wa
the smiling ^reply/^butT I came oyer to\
gfet the" matter off my''mind That lot
isn't Very valuable, I-guess, but X.
dori't want to have it sold for taxes
Mr. I*arabee ia^'to
a Resident
Chicago Tribune.
"As, to. municrpal,'ownership, for. in-'
stance,'' $ai& |$OQctpr.,''' what do you
conceive to beVthe'i.driff of public opin
ion u-*:*g
"The drift of public opinion," inter
rupted the' professor, *ris
the floating
y/"^ __.-.-
After Sun
cr.ease .tihie j$&bfg
'e t&Z.
apolis & St.
|)Uis |tailroad will in
Defective Page
'IRS Fi H'l Silff
Head of Bnslness Men's Organlzatiqn
Whioh Sought to Elect Hoffman is
Contesting the Election of Smith
and Acts of His Backers at tne
Polls. Bepublican leaders in St. Paul, wno
have beep investigating the affairs of
the recent city elecition. believe that
at least 2,300 ballots, cast for the dem-.
ocratic Candidate for mayor,, are of a
character that .deserves investigajbion.'
and in view of the fact' that 'XBOQP
Smith, secured his- reelection by only
1,500 'votes,' tnlg .investigatioh is to
jjushed with' yigorl
Where Smith Led Ticket. 1
In other precincts the vote for the
democratic candidate for mayor was
far in excess of the vote received by
any other candidate on the ticket.
These precincts include" the first pre
cinct of the Second ward, first precinct
of the Sixth, second precinct of the
Eleventh, and second precinct of tho
Fifth. The republicans believe a
honest recount would result in1
Wood the Complainant..
H. Stanley Wood, the man who is
bringing the matter into court and
who Is the complainant is chairman of
the organization of business men intSt.
Paul who were indorsing the candi
dacy of Mr. Hoffnian as representing
the reform element. .i
I am asking for a" recount on the
vote for mayor," said Mr. Wood yes
terday, "simply in view of-what I,
believe is my duty as a citizen. My
action .is without reference to the
interests of either candidate,
solely to obtain what evidence
fraud there may be inside the ballot
boxes themselves. I respect the laws
of Suffrage myself and insist to the
limit of my, power that others shall do
so as well.
Luis (J. Hoffman has given 'outi a
statement to the effect that he" is tak
ing no part in the wssent court pro
ceedings!, that it is litterly Smmaterial
to hini,ul|ut that he ig proiid of the
showing made against the O'Connor
Murphy, regime, and. that he\ believes
it is the beginning of the end their
rule in St. Paul.
"Oh, Heidelberg, Dear Heidel-
Thy sons will ne'er forget
The golden haze of student days
Is round about us yet."
If the Heidelberg Cigar brings
back fond memories it is not
because romance' has been put
into the workmanship. This,
is scienceno romance. W
have imported the best Span*
ish workmen to make this tha
TJest made cigar.
414 Nicollet Ave.,,,
Local Distributor*,
411 1st Av. So. ESTABLIEHED \%Tl
Savings Department
I pi
On the West Side
the republicahs' assert 300 illegal votes
were calstj in two precincts. These
are precinctf where residents- are nh
able to mark their oWn
usual, the contestants say,:
.$ 1,000,000
-Mohday'- we "place
on "table dbierts: of
g^otw?in-sV shirts,
drawers-,.-, ,t r** i
covers and ohe
mise that are worth
tt'.fcO and'
and has jus bought a
home^ OH *Twenty-second aad Oirardb
avenue. He has moved here so that his-'
children can* live-
atthome and^ attend?
tHe ^itfversity^1
trains to Lake
Minnetbhka.:"" ThMy,vsrill leave'
Washington an^S'onrth avenue, N, JSun
P fti'"^n
and^jjflS. p.m. "wee
thes bal
lots went into tbe ballot boxes for
"Bo b" Smith. The republicans say
that they were practically all marked
by one of the democratic judges itf
each precinct. The law Says that' no
nudge shall mark more than three -bals
lots for illiterate voters'. On^ this
ground these 300 votes legally^sfcouUi
not be officially counted
8P. 3".JHiH,
ing the. democratic rqiayor and -giving
the office to Xniis" G. Hoffman, tho"
republican reform candidate.
The order for Robert A. Smith: to
show cause why there should
recount of the vote" for mayor1,
was to have been argued before' Judge,
Hallam of the Ramsey county district'
court yesterday,' was continued over
till next Saturday to permit Stan
Donnelly, attorney for Mayor Smith,
to prepare his case, in view" of the fact
that the papers were served on'Mayor
Smith, only the evening beiore.
For Trimmed Hats
Worftj $5 and $&
spring hats, which, we close out to make rop|ri.
.dbuble this price
for* Bummer goods. Every -hat* wprttk.. a^'uleasi
All Suits, MiUiaeryv "Glovesv
ouvenir.Worth $1 JSeiff
A handsomel111^bound, book of 116 pages, eottite#~-
I for the long gloves that
cannot be had. Pair.^....
physicians In the TJnited States, 3 3
Health, Complexion and Beauty," compiled by tnxa J^
i A
*i,.. 4 inquiring over two years of solid work. It contains
five hundred and fifty useful and valuable receipts un- ^j"
del: the following heads: "For Face and Complex- $
irm."*-' The Toilet," *"PIA. *o*ii ni xrai*l 'Th Hart ion,^ "Th Toilet, "The Teeth
The Skin," "The Hands," "The Feet," "Tib*
Nursery," "Common Complaints," "The House
$~ttold. In addition to the receipts-the book contains
many valuable suggestions in connection with
*'4. T.^ "Beauty -Health and Complexion."
It is our desire to place one of these books in the hands of"every''
family in Minneapolis that does not own an Upright Piano or Piano
Player. We will also present one of these books to any family who
owns an old piand or organ who is thinking of exchanging for a new JT
'f All we ask of you'to obtain one of these valuable books is to call -1- i.
V'^'alsooTiftore and' certify to the fact that you do not own an instrument
and if you do, are thinking of exchanging for a new one, and we will $&
take |leaistir in presenting you witk one of these handsomely
TJus little* volume is well worth three times the effort and trouble $
yon will be put to to secure one, and as the supply is necessarily lim- %t'
owing to the expense of the production, it will be necessary for
you to call at once in order to obtain one of these books.
T-Bememberl i^iey are given away absolutely:free.
25 and 27 Tilth. Street S Minneapolis.
WorthweaterQ Manager,
"..-r i r-^ 1
Seven Fonrteen Nicollet. -f
Bibbons, Idces and J&nbroideries, Women's Haoej*daeliery,'-MiUlaay'
and Art Needlework Exclusively.
Valenciennes and Maltese Lace~^ m*****'
want you will also find on comparison that qualitfy for qualit on
prices average the lowest on the avenue. Try us Monday, and ask
to see the special value German and French .Valenciennes
Edges, and Insertions to match at, yard..*.........*
Special values In Millinery Bibbons, Neckwear, Handkerchiefs,
Hosiery, Underwear, Muslin
Underwear., Whitj
Combs, Buching, Embroideries, aioves.k
Long Silk Mitt8-Jn
O O For Suits Worth
W O ^^,$15,00 and $18.00.
'\7^P^ l\fe^^.^aTW df 125 nBw spring^ts: Our only thotxghlf is to get rid of them at
dHfe,iiidVmatter -w^hat th^ tp^s may be^. Tliey are made of finerpaiiam% se^ge iad^ new gray
stripes and mixtures, made in Et0n^fi^^nd fitted styles, lined /Kith guaranteed satin and
.taffeta^ new circul^^ to get a good suit at a ridionlonsly
For Monday we offer speciftlUot of I50^hew At this price-we offer Monday: flie.ehoice of 2QO.aeir-wa^3J
v*, t.* J,,,I -i -_i^.,i ekirts, made of mdhair, p^hama, broadcloth, cheirtoiaj&4 n^
gray fancy majberials. Newest styles, p^r^e^kha^g^acvTfiaid.
^kind for whicb you hav^jAlways paid $5.0 "to ^.OKv^,/^
i iaui'fu
Dress Fabrics, Belts,
--M| 1
By our treatment most loose teeth
can be tightened. With our Cor
rugated Suction, we can niakiBfyotts
plate fit tight,
Beit 22k Gold ttQ./lA
Crown.... ,......V*VIU
Best PornUin or White ttQ f\g\
C3rown. ^O.UU
Best Brldsre Work, axtni 4fcO f\f\
heavy P*\JV
5Sffla2?.!?.^.JI3. to $5
rliuogn.... -Ure
We guarantiee, tha* n,o bet*ee*work
can be had at ny pnoe.
Union Painless Dentists?\3Z
243 Nicollet Avenae, MirmeapoHi,,
good substitute
re ai'-jf special
Blch jT*dva Bags,
i.-feet to sud feet
lonally fine lot,
this sate.
We kave ortenui esperte foe
tblsw^rk. Bugs are valuabls
sad should be cleaned only by
workmen, who thoroughly mv
derstand teem.
ft !ealea
Qfr$4pfafr$ $ i you,-write a Journal ad. It wu be^ M
pP"e Tn proper persons and you will get satisfactory "answers* .'Do not omit
the points the.reader, will want to know about before he Investigates. Take
a few more lines .and publish the substance of your proposition.' Tou will
be surprised ,at the results.
Petti co&U
Reg. $1 Value.
Tfeese pettleoata
are made in three
goon styles of nice
quality 'soft fin
ished, sateen, well
majde, the kind that
always sells at
ForWorth a(
Walking Skirts
i $ 5 and $6
Etc., Equally Reduced.'

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