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One barrel of "Everybody Works
but Fathei'' was delivered with the
compliments of Lew Dockstader to Dick
Fer ns this morning at the dooi of the
latter's office the Lyceum theater
IVIr Ferris, after Dockstader's
porformau^e at the Metropolitan,
opeiahouse last night, entertained the
minstrel and hi& coaiVjutator, Jean Hav
iiC7, reformed newspapei man and song
t\ riter, who is responsible for Mr.
Johnson Turn Me Loose," "If You
Ain't Got No Money You Needn't
Come Round," "Eveiybod\ Works but
Fither," and Uncle Too Quits
Work." -which Dockstader is now intro
A Certain Cure for Tired. Hot, Aching Feet
Mlli W
has carried thousands
iwt'ji,-- taSPiHiftS
ii iiiiii[iiinh]pwiwi ginmmiiWMi
315-325 Nicollet Ave. Seventh and Robert Sts.
HE Footwear Fashion Connoissear
Selz Royal Blue
With "The Sole of
Honor" is the
dressiest, snappiest, liveliest, cleverest
style oft 3 spring out
put. Hera exclusively
Ks''Tie FielHlioe, $2.50
It makes none of them. But it does
make fuel-bill and tire-bills.
Incidentally. Mr. Ferris mentioned
his appreciation of a graceful bit of
couitesv on the part of Richard Carle,
who had just sent him tho scores or
every song he had ever written. "Carle
didn't say he was going to send ihem,
he lust sent them," saacl Ferris.
Rather nice thing Carle did," re
marked Hanvez, as he was walking
with Dockstader to his hotel. "I've
wntten about 500 songs, and I think
I'll send Feins the score of every one
o them, and the scoies of all the base
ball games I have attended."
"And I tell you what I'll do," said
Dockstader enthusiastically, "The sea
son closes in two weeks and I'v got
500 records of 'Everybody Works but
Father' on hand that I don't need. I '11
lust send Ferns a whole barrel of them
in the morning for that big phonograph
he has on his piano. And just like
Carle, I'll not say anything about send
ing themI '11 just send them.''
And he did.
1 ga -WSSB signature For
tfour-cyUador Tovrtns Car
Five passengers. Alt-cooled mptor.
Franklin horsepower Three speed Hd
gear transmission. Shalt drive. Disc clutch
Force feed oiler on dash 100-Inch wheel base
X8oo pounds 4S irilcs per hour Full bead* and t&U-lifht equip
ment. jsSoo. F.O B. Syracuse.
If you think weight makes
strength, power, room or com
fort in a motor-car, you have
another think coming.
8. Olmsted*
on every box.
N car gives five people more luxuri
ous roomy comfort than they have in this
1800-pound Franklin Type N car
is stronger. N car of "thirty" rating has
more ability anywhere. N car of any
rating has more available ability on
American country roads. But any car of
equal ability weighs more and uses up
far more fuel and tires.
Four-cylinder Runabout $1,400
Four-cylinder Light Touring Car .$1,800
Four-cylinder Touring Car $2,800
Six-cylinder Touring Car $4,000
Four-cylinder Limousine $4,000
32\ O Syracuse.
Moulton-Jordan Motor Car Co.
217 So. Fourth St
pure. The critical ordeal through which the expectant mother must
pass, however, is so fraught with dread, pain, suffering and danger,
that the very thought of it fills her with apprehension and horror.
There is no necessity for the reproduction of life to be either painful
or dangerous. The use of Mother's Friend so prepares the system for
the coming event that it is safely passed without any danger. This
great and wonderful
remedy is always
No soman's happi
ness can be complett
without children it
is her nature to love
of women through ^L mm
the trying crisis without suffering. M^~ S^mm^ hmuwk tWklm
Send for free book containing Information Bm mm^Wmmmmmmm wfl JrW
of priceless value to all espeotant mothers. Bf mm WB Wmmm LW mm \m\\JR
tThm Bradfield Regulator Co.. Atlt
and want them
as much o as
it is to love the
beautiful and
l^tf^^^^r7T^K.^?%^ 1 Tuesday Evening, fit f!X5WWTCr THE MINNEAPOLIS JOURNAL'. May-X5,*r?i9oG
Mutual Life Demands the Restitu
tion of Money Improperly
Journal Special Service.
New York, May 15.Suits have been
instituted by the Mutual Life Insur
ance company against three of its trus
tees Eobert Olyphant, James C. Holden
and Charles E. Miller, and the estate
of a fourth trustee, J. Hobart Herrick,
who died in 1898. The three compose
the committee of expenditures, Mr. Oly
phant being the chairman.
The suits charge negligence and care
lessness in passing upon improper ex
penditures and authorizing disburse
ments of the company's money.
The suits -were beaon before the pres
ent management or the Mutual knew
about the padded bills rendered by
Lysender W. Lawrence and by which
Andrew C. Fields got $100,000 yearly
but the complaints in none of them has
yet been drawn.
President Charles A. Peabpdy of the
Mutual intimated very plainly today
that other suits for restitution would
be instituted against Trustees Olyphant,
Holden and Miller, based upon the
padded bills which they as members of
the expenditures committee formally
passed. The agrgfregate amount to be
sued for is in excess of $250,000.
McKeen Is Engaged.
James McKeen, associated with
Charles E. Hughes in the legislative in
surance investigation, has been ap
pointed general solicitor of the_ Mutual
Life, to succeed Julian T. Davies.
At the meeting of trustees, Henry
Phipps, a wealthy Pittsburg ironman,
and William M. McMillin, son of Sen
ator McMillin of Detroit, Mich., were
elected directors.
Mr. Peabody announced the appoint
ment of Granville M. White, George T.
Dexter and James Timpson as second
vice presidents, the last being also
named as financial manager.
Henry E Dunsan -was named as su
perintendent of foreign agencies
George E. Dexter, superintendent of
domestic agencies Charles H. Warren,
treasurer Stephen Smith, assistant
treasurer Emory McClintock, actuary,
with William E Hutcheson as his as
sistant, William Richards, as manager
of the real estate department, and Wil
liam Easton and William Dix as sec
Jcumal Special Serrfce,
Albany, N. Y., May 15.Governor
Higgins has granted an additional re
spite of thirty days to Albert T. Pat
rick, the convicted murderei of Mil
lionaire William M. Rice. This is the
third time that Patrick's execution has
been stayed. The respite given him to
day postpones the date of his execution
to June 18. The governor took this
action at the request of District Attor
nev Jerome.
Patrick, thru his counsel, W. M. K.
Olcott, is making a last fight for lib
erty on the ground of newly discovered
evidence, tending to show that Patrick
is innocent. The proceeding is pending
in Recorder Golf's court.
London, May 15.A revolting story
of Macedonian barbarity is related by
the Vienna correspondent of the Daily
In a recent conflict between Turkish
troops and a band of Greeks in the
vilayet of Monastir, fourteen Greeks
were killed. After the fight the Turk
ish commander refused to allow the
Greeks to bury their dead, and when
the Turks had withdrawn, a Bulgarian
band appeared with a number of dogs
which devoured the bodies.
The Greeks, in revenge, ambushed the
Bulgarians as they were retiring and
captured sixty of them, whom they
mnssacred, including some women and
children, after first subiectmg them to
cruel tortures.
Special to The Journal.
Webster City, Iowa, May 15.That
Drs. Fa and Shoop of Des Moines
sewed a napkin in her abdomen is the
charge made by Mrs C. C. Gillispie
of this city, who has brought suit for
damages in the sum of $10,000.
Mrs. Gillispie's petition charges the
doctors with malpractice while per
forming an operation for appendicitis.
Cure Constipation
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Rheum, Headache, and All
Blood Diseases with Common
Bed Clover Extract. .Not
a Patent Medicine.
Common Red Clover.
Common Bed Clover, when properly prepared,
will keep the bowels open In a natural, harm
less way, and soon restoie them to a normal,
healthy condition and thus cure the worst cases
of constipation permanently It carries away
from the system all poisons and impurities and
cures all kinds of blood diseases, Rheumatism,
cancer, eczema, salt-rheum, blood poi*on, facial
eruptions, head ache and all blood diseases Re
member it is pure red olover, not a patent medi
cine. Needbam's red clover is for sale bv lead
ing ^mggiMts but first nil out coupon below and
let u3 send you free by mail booklet and full
information about it.
Fill in vour name and address on dotted
lines below and mail to I Needham Sons,
879 Lakeside Bldg. Chicago, 111., and by re
turn mail thev will send free booklet and
full information how to cure yourself with
pure Red Clover. Not a patent medicine.
It's Hard To Be
Sick and Be Happy
Perfect Whole-Wheat Food Is the Key
to Good Health.
Malta-Vita has qualities not found In
any other food, and these are of im
portance to you if you want to be well
and happy. You know it's hard to be
happy unless you are well.
Malta-Vita Contains the highest pos
sible degrree of nutritious food and de
mands the least possible digestive effort
on the part of the stomach.
To begin with, Malta-Vita is made from
the very best white wheat. After this
wheat is cleaned and scoured, cooked
through and through and matured in
fresh, pure air (there is no other kind
of air in the Malta-Vita factory) it is
mixed with the finest malt extract that
was ever made.
The malted wheat is then rolled into
little flakes and baked in intense heat,
each flake becoming crispthe crispest,
most nourishing food in the world.
You understand, or course, that the
thorough cooking and steaming of the
wheat gelatinizes Its starch, and the malt
extract, a powerful digestive agent,
quickly converts this into Maltose (malt
Bugar). Malt sugar is great food, and
the weakest stomach digests and as
similates It without effort. That is why
Malta-Vita is so good for sick folks or
folks with weak stomachs.
Malta-Vita melts in the mouth. It's
always crisp, refreshing, satisfying. The
perfect food for children and grown
folks. All grocers, now 10 cents.
The Best Grocers
sell them and the best
people use the famous
Sold only in Sanitary Packages.
Minneapolis Office, 14 ISfort'h. 4t S
C. F. GLOCKNER, Manager.
John D.'s Brother Demies That
Dr. Livingston Was Tne ix
Journal Special Service.
Cleveland, May 15."Whoever says
that my fathei died before John D.
Rockefeller, Jr., was born, lies. My
father is alive, so far as I know, and I
know pretty well. If he died today I
would hear of it immediately.
"Of course I -aah not on good terms
with John D. Rockefeller, bnt 1 do not
think he told New-York newspaper men
that his father died bj^Hre John D., Jr.,
was born.
Dr. William fciv*regfeJon -was not my
father, and, of course not the father of
John D. Kockefeller."
In these terse sentences Frank Rocke
feller disposed of the New York- story
to the effect that Dr. Livingston, the
Freeport, 111., man who died within the
last few days, was his father, and also
of the so-called authentic statement
that the father of John D. Rockefeller
and Frank Rockefeller has been dead
many years.
It was suggested to Frank Rockefel
ler that he might tell at the present
time the present residence of his father,
since he denied so vehemently that Dr.
William Livingston was that person.
"Why should I tell?" asked the
brother of the oil king.
He was told that the public naturally
wanted to know.
"It is none of the public's business,''
he replied.
Warsaw, May 15.While Police Cap
tain ConstaivtixiofE -was standing
Marszalkowska street last evening,
with two policemen and four soldiers,
a young maafc tfhrew a bomb into the
The exptefllOn of the bomb literally
tore Captand OonatantinofE to pieces
and severely wounded a policeman and
six other persons.
The assassin tried to escape and
firing his revolver, wounded a soldier.
The other soldiers replied with a vol
ley, killing the assassin and two other
The soldiers then attacked the peo
ple who hadl gathered with, their bayo
nets and the butts of their guns, wound
ing eleven persons, making a total of
four killed and nineteen wounded.
The terrorists have sought Captain
Constantinoff's lifo since May Day of
last year, when he ordered the soldiers
to fire on a procession of socialists,
causing the death of thirty persons.
Okolona, Miss., May 15.Mrs. Mattie
Mcintosh, a white woman^ who was re
cently arrested charged with complicity
in the murder of her husband, and
'who gave bond lias reported to the offi
cers at Okolona, that Sunday night a
number of men visited her house, took
her to a treo and threatened to hang
her unless she revealed her alleged ac
complices in the murder.
Mrs Mcintosh declined to talk
whereupon she was strung up for sev
eral seconds Unon being lowered to
the ground she still refused to answer
questions, and was, she declares, strung
up a second time.
When the rope was taken from her
neck she heard her assailants announce
that she was dead. Her body was car
ried into the woodsand left there. She
revived and immediately came here to
tell her story.
HERON LAKE, MINN.Commencement exer
cises will be held in fhe Heron Lake opera-house
May 31 The graduates are Misses Aura Flana
gan. Hazel Eastwood. Ethel Dunlap, Nancy
Olson, Paul Benson. Albert Flanagan and Iner
Jeppeson. Governor Johnson will deliver the
cky, a farmer, committed suicide yesterday by
shooting. He was 66 and had been ill and
despondent for some time.
H.IOE LAKE, 'WIS Arthur Smothers, aeed
17 or 18 years, was instantly killed by light
ning at tbe Dr. Charron farm east of town.
DEB MOHTE8, IOWA.Harrison Bragg, a city
I employee, is thes B0& victim of sunstroke this
season, being overcome yesterday.. Bis condi
tion Is critical.
*-r j.
FOR supply your Summer wants.
When the kidneys are sick, every sud
den twist or movement sends a sharp
pain coursing through the back. As the
trouble gains ground, the pain strikes
you first in one place, then another,
until you never know when or where it
will come next.
Backache, rheumatic pain, sciatica,
gout and lumbago are brought on in
most cases by an excess in the blood of
uric acid, a dangerous poison that
should be filtered off by the kidneys and
expelled with the urine. Uric acid pois
oning is a serious danger. I has a
weakening and debilitating effect on ev
ery organ of the body. It clogs the
kidneya themselves, and the urinary
channels, causing distressing urinary
troubles, dropsy, diabetes and Bright's
disease. I also crystallizes into gravel,
stones in the kidneys and sediment in
the urine it disturbs the action of the
heart, liver, stomach and brain, causes
headaches, dizzy spells, dimness of eye
sight, nervousness, depression, languor.
Colds and changes of weather make
these troubles worse.
There is only one way to permanently
rid the system of uric poison, and that
is to cure the kidneys. Doan's Kidney
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and permanently strengthens them. The
pills dissolve gravel and stone, and help
HASTINGS, MINN At the meeting of the
city council last evening Cbarles A Hanson -was
elected alderman in the second waid, to All
a vacancy caused by the resignation of John
ASHLAND, WIS.Switchman George White
fell undei the wheels of his engine in the
Omaha jards yesterday, losing both legs. His
injuries "Je fatal
Old Coughs
Nicollet Ave. First Ave. So. Fifth St. Minneapolis.
Wednesday we shall continue the most
ever held in the northwest.
the qualitiesprices have not been so low this season we doubt
the probability of their being any lower. We wish to emphasize
the fact that never in the past have these stocks been so well
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sumption. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral quickly cures new coughs. And it cures
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so promptly relieves coughs. &^Stf^5afiSEi
"Every Picture Tells a Story.
Sold by all dealers. Price 50 cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. T., Proprietors.
V- I I I WmmmWmmmmmmmmmmmmWmWmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmW
LEAD CITY, S DMayor Ernest May of
tl is city vesteruay purchased a lral lor $1,078
to be forwarded to San Francisco Aside from
this, the Elks contributed $100, the Masons
$150. find Knights of Columbus $50.
*A the Argument Necessary/
necessary after the first day or so. i
LA OEOBSE, WISTho dblonel D. Frank
Powell (White Beaver) was burled in Los
Angeles, a monument will be erected for him in
La Crosse
Tho International Journal of Surgery, August, 1905, under{ithe
beading CYSTITIS" says: "In the treatment of Cystitis -watee is the
great aid to all forms of f&IVF&lA 8 ITtflA WATT!?
dedication. Moreover, DUlWIMI MInUtlllUllK form in which
to administer it to the cystitic patient, as it is not only a pure solvent, but has
the additional virtue of containing substantial quantities of the alkaline
Lithates. Patients should be encouraged to take from two to four quarts per
day if they can, and tlie relief tlaey will obtain will be all tae argument
New coughs are bad enough.
Old coughs are worse, much
worse. They always make
one think of bronchitis, con-
Dr. Geo. Bon. Johnston, M. D., LL. D., Richntoni, Va.t Ex*
President Southern Surgical and Gynecological Assn., Ex-President Vir*
ginia Medical Society, and Prof, of Gynecology and Abdoriinal Surgery^
Medical College of Virginia.- I I were asked what mineral water
1^^Si^^^fminm\im^ymMm yttethsHa
Diathesis, Gout, Rheumatism, EJthaemia, and the tike, its action is
prompt and lasting. Almost any case of Pyelitis and Cystitis will be
alleviated by it, and many cured. I have had evidence of the undoubted
Disintegrating, Solvent and Eliminating power of this water in Renal
Calculus, and have known its long continued use to permanently break up
the gravel forming habit."
Voluminous medical testimony on request. For sale by the general d* *ug
tad mineral water trade. Hotel at Springs opens June i5th.
"if your'lndorno la "running a losing race with your expenses, try buying
from merchants who advertise In The Journal They wHl aave you money.
Lowell, Mm.
the kidneys to filter the blood perfectly.
They clean the urinary passages, and
regulate the passing of the secretions.
In proof we offer testimony of resident*
of this city.
Thomas Mijner, proprietor of grocery,
corner of Washington and 28d ave. N.,
Minneapolis, Minn., says: "It is only
a pleasure to re-endorse Doan's Kidney
Pills after the permanent and gratify
ing results I obtained from their uBe
five years ago. At that time I was suf
fering from a painful and serious kid
ney complaint. There was so much
soreness in my back that I could not
stoop or lift anything without almost
giving out. The kidney secretions were
unnatural and distressing. After pro
curing Doan's Kidney Pills at the Voe
geli Bros.' drug store, and using them, I
found the entire trouble banished. My
back and kidneys were strengthened
and toned up in every way. I have ad
vised friends to try Doan 's Kidney Pills
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wonderful curative value of this rem-
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St. Paul, Minn.
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i. r. MLua naoioun ooTst.

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