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247-249 NicoUet Ave.
flifwdware. Cutlery, Plaint*, Tools, Athletic
,_ Goods, Kxtchenware, Etc.
t1 Inches high,
Special Price
44 Inches high,
Special Price
46 Inches high,
comes from W eliminate all dirt
and foreign substances that might be
contained, in our depot here then bot
tle it for oui use Is not this method
pleaner, purer, etc. than that which
sou are now using?
The Minneapolis Silk Co.
9th Av. S. and 6th St.
Po I a
Prices, 3 0
Styles, In-
cluding Bel-
celebrated porcelain
lined Ed-
son, from
$45.00 to $75.00
odorless, Enamel lined, White, from
$20.00 to $55.00
'National" Cleanable, from The
$(2.b'J to Sbfe.00
The popular "Century,",galvanized
steel lined, pure dry air circula
tion, perfect Insulation and the
best Refrigerators In the world.
A few of our Specials
SIS.00 $17.25
No 480-^2 In. high,
Special Price
No. 48213 In. high,*
Special Price
No. 48446 in. high,
Special Price
SI2.50 $15.00 $17.50
GARDENWARE Everything for
the care of Lawn and Garden
25 different styles and sizes of
Lawn Mowers, from $17 2K for a
21-Inch Pennsylvania ball bearing
mower, down to a good low-priced
mower at $ 2 4 8
GARDEN HOSE8c 10c 12c,
14 c. 16c per foot
Lawn Rakes, Shears, Grass
Catchers, Reels, Nozzles, etc.,
ell Slept Cows
grazing in the rich, pure pastures ii"
free unrestricted fashion are the ones
that produce the best milk It is from
cows of this class that
Bottled Mi
CInpeco Shrank Quarter
15 Cents each, 2 for 25 Cento
Makers of Cluett and Monarch Shirt*.
Cocoa beans grow in
pods on the trunk
and limbs of a deli
cate tropical tree.
They contain six
times more food val
ue than beef.
We use the highest
cost beans that are
grown and there is
nothing in our cocoa
but cocoa.'
That is why it is
the most delicious of
Not Forget to Have Your
Oriental Bugs Cleaned
This Spring. W Assure
You Perfect Satisfaction.
Importers. 1000 Nicollet Ave.
Aeronauts Dropped Into the
Hudson After Fall Down
Journal Special ervio.
New York, May 16.Nothing so thril
ling in the ballooning annals of this
country has happened recently as the
flight of Le Stevens and Tracey A
Tisdell, professional aeronauts, yester-
Their balloon, on a moving picture
errand, was torn open on the sharp edge
of the palisades, opposite Hastings,
fell like a wounded bird down the
sheer 300-foot cliff, smashed the picture
apparatus, tore loose from its anchor,
nearly brained its two occupants a doz
en times in a field of rock at the foot
of the cliff and finally dragged them
into the river itself, where they un
doubtedly would have drowned if the
water had been deeper.
Neither man was hurt. Th balloon
was badly torn and the balloonists lost
all the ballast they carried with them,
valuables and otherwise. Two extreme
ly costly instruments for registering al
titude, the only ones of their sort in
the country, were ruined.
The two aeronauts found themselves
in water breast deep and had no great
difficulty in getting ashore.
Tisdell turned the crank of his pic
ture machine up to the very moment
when, in trying to toss it out on a ledge
half wa\ down the cliff, he only suc
ceeded dashing it to pieces on the
rocks below.
The ascension was made at 2:25 p.m.,
in Stevens' 25.000-cubic foot balloon,
Mrs. Stevens, Charles Levee, the French
aeronaut Dr. Julian Thomas fnd
several hundred other persons were
present to see the balloonists off.
Journal Special Servioe.
New York, ay 16.After working
on the case for we"ks, central office
detectives have got to the bottom of a
series of thefts by which the Morgan
line steamship company has lost be
tween $50:000 and $3 00,000. Five men
are now in the Tombs charged with
complicity in the larcenies. They are
Abraham Davis and James O'Brien,
clerks in the Morgan line employ, each
of whom is held in $15,000 bail for
amination, and three expressmen, Adri
an E Post of North Bergen, N. J.
Frederick Palm, Brooklyn, and Daniel
Stratton of Manhattan. The bail of the
last three is fixed at $10,000 each.
Assistant District Attorney Murphy,
who will prosecute the prisoners, be
lieves that their activities extended
much further than the Morgan line, as
the Clyde line and other steamship
companies report similar losses.
The method by which the Morgan line
was robbed is said to have been this:
Certain expressmen, after receiving
merchandise to deliver at the pier,
would take it instead to a fence,''
which is said to have been located in
Forsythc street. There a checker, who
was in the scheme, would O. K. the bill
of lading, but in place of his own name
he would substitute upon the receipts
the name of some other clerk. The thefts
consisted principally of silk and woolen
Crawford, Neb., Mav 16.Sergeant
John Reicl of the Tenth cavalry, who
killed Arthur A. Moss, night watchman,
Sundav night, has been taken to the
comity jail at Chadron for fear of an
attempt at lynching, even th the jail
here waa guarded by regular troops.
The trouble originally resulted from
the attempt of Nightwatchman Moss
and his brother, J. Moss, to arrest
some disorderly negro soldiers from
Fort Robinson. Eeid shot and killed
Arthur Moss. Jordan Taylor struck
J. Moss, breaking his arm.
Keid was arrested and Taylor was
killed by officers while trying to es
cape. There has been strong talk of
lynching Reicl and a guard of troops
was stationed around the jail. About
midnight Monday Philip Murphy, who
was intoxicated, while passing the iail,
refused to obev the orders of the guards
and was shot dead. There is much ex
Badger Farmer Who Sought Decree I
Special to The Journal.
Janesville, Wis., May 16.Fritz Clem
ents, a Rock county farmer, walked
into the law office of Ryan & Oestriechn
today and asked their opinion regarding
a divorce document'' that he received
in Chicago from a "high official" and
for which he paid $100.
This "document" was written in
German and, believing it to be legal,
Clements and his wife have been living
apart for three weeks, his suspicion
only being aroused when he revealed
his secret to a neighbor. After two
months of wedded life Clements and his
wife decided to get a divorce, because
he could not speak English nor she
Upon the advice of a friend he went
to Chicago and returned with his "di-
vorce document,'' but minus his $100.
Mystery in Disappearance of Havre
Contractor Cleared Away.
Special to The Journal.
Havre, Mont., May 16.Charles Em
ery, a prominent contractor of this
place, who disappeared mysteriously
four day ago, has been found hopeless
ly insane, endeavoring to wander to his
home. Family bereavement and the
loss of several lawsuits are believed to
be responsible for his condition.
Postoffice Safe Cracked and $500 in
Cash and Several Checks Taken.
Special to The Journal.
Rosebud, Mont., May 16.Burglars
entered the postoffice here, cracking
the safe and securing more than $500
and several checks and jewelry. A
nearby hardware and grocerev store,
was first entered, tools and dvnamite
being taken, also several sacks of cof
fee, which were used to muffle the
sound of the explosion. One arrest has
been made.
Sick and Crazed Indian Turned Upon
His Tormentor.
Special to The Journal.
Wakpala, S. D., May 16.Philip-Big-
Mane killed another Indian named Al-
fred-Has-a-Knife with an axe Big
Mane is an epileptic, and at times cra
zy, and Has-a-Knife was teasing hinv
Wednesday Evening',
$20,000 Reword Already on the|
Head of Alleged O. P. R.
Train Holdup.
Special to The Journal.
Vancouver, May 16.One of
the three men arrested for holding up
the Canadian Pacific train gives the
name of George Edwards. Chief *Seav
ev of Thiol's Detective agency says
there is no doubt that Edwards is the
notorious Bill Miner.
The second man is William Dunn
alias "Shorty," who has been around
Hedley, for some time. Th
third is Louis Colquohon, who has been
at Phoenix.
The men say they were prospecting
and deny holding up the train.
Miner is wanted forth 30b on the
Canadian Pacific railway at Mission
Junction two years ago. Tw years
before that he held up an Oregon Bail
way & Navigati on train, and altogether
reward, on his head,
account or" the capture of
there is $20,1)00
A graphic
the desperadoes was given today __,
Constable Fernie, who assisted in
bringing in the robbers. said:
"Yesterday Constable Pearse and I
had come to the end of the trail thru
timber and we separated, Pearse going
toward Grand Prairie and I toward
Douglas Lake. I was moving slowlv,
keeping a sharp lookout, when I sud
denly came upon them.
"They had not seen me, so in order
to make sure of their identity I went
back on the trail they had been taking,
until I assured myself that the tracks
were the same. There they were,
with hobnailed boots and the slim wom
anish soles on the third one.
I knew we were sure of our men so
I rode back to secure assistance from
the mounted police. I was a good
thing I didn't tackle them alone.
After I made connections with the red
coats, we returned and, taking up the
trail, we came upon them in a thicket.
The camp was thickly surrounded
and a fusilade of shots showed they in
tended to put up a long fight. This
intention was altered after a score of
shots had been exchanged, and one of
the men had gone down. They
then surrendered. Th old man was
bleeding badly."
The men arrested answer the descrip
tions given of the robbers. They were
well armed, having carbines and pis
Fierce Campaign of Independents Un
availing in Colorado Metropolis.
Denv.er, May 16.City election re
turns show that the municipal owner
ship city ticket was defeated yesterday,
with the possible exception of two
election commissioners and three of
the sixteen aldermen. The republicans
elected one election commissioner, three
supervisors and seven aldermen and
the democrats six aldermen
The Denver City Tramway and the
.Denver Gas & Electric company twenty
year franchise appear to have carried
by small ma-jorities, but the Municipal
Ownership league will contest these on
the ground that the ballots of many
non-taxpaymg voters for them were ac
cepted by the ludges. Th Northwest
ern Terminal railway (Moffatt road)
was carried by several thou
sand majority. The Denver Municipal
iraction, Denver Terminal Bailway and
Union Pacific railroad franchises were
First Meeting of Dakota Wesleyan and
State University.
Special to The Journal.
Mitchell, S. D. May 16.In the de
bating contest held last night in
city between the state university at
ai i
V~- -T'^Sf''-a",,^i
Special to The Journal.
Marshalltown, Iowa, May 16.Ten
minutes after she had Deen joking 1
her aunt, with whom she lived, Viola
Hockett, aged 18, went to her room and
committed suicide by taking carbolic
acid. She bad been a sufferer with in
flammatory rheumatism, but was recov
Mrs. Marion Miller smelled the acid
and, rushing upstairs, found her niece
writhing in agony on the floor. Sh
summoned a physician, but before he
arrived the girl was dead. Miss Hock
ett left no note explaining her action
and so far as known she had no love
Dakot a Wesleyanthis at
Mitchell, the latter won by the unani
mous decision of the judges.h Vermil,
lion was representedi by Boyal John-
Su ,j
and Mitchell by Gust, J. Ev
ans and Boscoe E Satterlee. The ques
tion debated was: "Resolved, That it
would be advisable to institute in the
United States compulsory workingmen 's
insurance against industrial acci
dents." This was Mitchell's first in
ter-umversity debate.
Third Cousin of Multi-Millionaire Lo ng
in Dire Need.
Journal Speciahl Servicea
16.James Sage,
aged 67 third cousin of Eussell Sage, is
in the Lucas county infirmary suffering
from a low fever brought on by lack of
proper nourishment, of which the fam
ily have been in dire need. His mother,
Mrs. Jane Sage, aged 85, widow of Alva
Sage, second cousin of the New York
multi-millionaire ,is living on the third
floor of the old Oliver house on a mea
ger pittance doled out to her by Russell
Sage, who acknowledges the relation
ship to the-extent of two $25 checks,
sent during the past four months.
James Sage was taken to the infirmary
hospital a week ago Tuesday. Fo
months he has been an invalid.
New York, May 16The six-story piano fac
tory of Jacob Doll & Sons, at NOB 402 to 412
East Thirtieth street, a three-story building
occupied by John H. Carls' cash and door fac
tory, and the Doll company's planing mills
were destroyed by fire last night, with an ag
gregate loss of $250,000.
Natural Food Wins
Golden Healtb
for a reason.
Every woman
Should collect Security Merch
andise Stamps. They have a
cash value here of 3 per cdnt.
It's like eo much extra
change Each full book of
500 is worth $1.50 in mer
chandise, in all departments
except grocery, market, res
taurant and patent medicines.
Our second great special
spring silk sale
continues offering unparalleled values
in the newest silks of the season.
75c Dress Nets in a wide range of
new floral designs the very
choicest evening dress and waist
material special, Offc
per yard JC\TC
Best Wash Silk, Poplin, Pongee,
and odd pieces in broken assort
ments of plain and fancy taf
fetas silks worth up to 85c per
yard special Thurs- -ng
day, choice 4&&C-
Large Black and Whi te Check Dress
Silks the most stylish silk of the
season special at, JLf\
yard 0"C
2,000 Yards $1.00 Fancy Silks for
waists, dresses, skirts and lin
ings all silk, very best quality
special Thursday, "i{\
yard JVC
$1.00 Al Silk Poulards in the best
styles and colors Thurs- A
day special, yard TTOC
27-inch Dress,Pongees in all colors
85c qualitvf special,
Thursda^, a^t, yard...
36-inch Black Taffeta our
$1.00 quality, yard
36-inch Black Taffeta
our $1.25 quality, yd.
Fine black silks at special reduction s.
36-inch Black Taffeta ^~1
our $1.35 quality, yd..^ 1 JLd
$3.75 vals.
Large Lace and Silk Chiffon Hats in black
and white, beautifully trimmed with fine im
ported flowers. These are the latest styles.
Priced elsewhere at $4.98 CkQ.
choice here-for $VVO
nd frankly, in strictest confidence, telling all yoor
troubles, and stating your age. We will send you
FREE ADVICE, in plain sealed envelope, and a Val
uable book on "Home Treatment for Women."
Address: Ladies' Advisory Department, toe
Chattanooga Medicine Co.. Chattanooga, Tena*.
Thousands of transactions are made daily thru The Journal's want ons
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POWERS Nicollet Ave. First Ave. So. Fifth Street. Minneapolis.
About 100 Pine Suits made of the finest Panama cloth, in splendid new
styles many are exact copies of high priced models A
regular values up to $25.00 choice
About 200 Fine Suits in all the fine light weight fabrics
regular values up to $35.00 special COS A A
for Thursday, choice $xJ5.UU
EXTRA SPECIALFor Thursday we offer fine Voile Eton Suits
jacket silk lined, skirt with silk drop-skirt to match handsomely
tailored colors, blacky navy, rose, reseda, gray and olive. Well
worth $35.00 our regular low price $32.50. *7E
Thursday special J)jCd
For Thursday we quote reduced prices on Covert and Black Jackets.
You know quite well when we lower our regular low prices it means
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these unusual prices.
$15.00 $12.00 $10.00 $7.50 $6.75
values values values values values
12.50 $10 8.75 5.50 $5
65c Al Silk Taffetas, in all wanted
colors a good qualityspecial
Thursday, A
at, yard Ol/C
New Jasper Gray
same style and
Dress Taffetas
quality as shown
elsewhere at $1.00
Thursday per yard
Pe au Cupid a full range of col
ors just received, black included.
Thursday, special, g/\
yard 0"C
Be st
ing gray and cream
special Thursday,
85c Quality Colored Taffetas,
more than 200 shades, includ-
All Silk Bough Pongee in desirable
colors the regular $1.00 quality
special Thursday, /Lf\~
yard OVC
Maxine Chiffon Taffeta, in street
and evening shades sold every
where at $1.25, Thurs
day special, yard
54-inch Black Taffeta
our $2.18 qual.,
34-inch Black Moneybak /fc\ f*
Taffeta $1,50 qual, yd.3)l0"
36-in. Black Chiffon Taf
feta $1.75 qual., yd..
Millinery department specials Thursday.
100 dozen more of those Chip and Tuscan
Hats that we sold so many ofvalues up to
$2.75on sale Thursdayyour choice of lot, at
500 New Trimmed Hats and TurbansFine Straw Sailors in all colors,
:rimmed with black and white ribbon very stylishBlack Imported Braid anc
Chiffon TurbansFinest quality Straw in newest styles
Shirtwaist and Street Hats nicely trimmed with
white silk and quills. These hats are well worth and
are sold elsewhere as high as $3.75. Choice here at 98c.
Thursday in our great Cloak and Suit Sectionsecond floorthese very-mUch-
under-competition prices on the newest fancies in women's wear, during these
clearance sales of suits, jackets, skirts.
Plain and Fancy Cotton Voiles,
regular 15c value
special, yard
Printed Mercerized Eolians all
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15c value, sale price,
Fancy Printed Etamine with em
broidered stripes, in elegant floral
patterns 20o value, \^%\^%r
special, yard I^^C
Beautiful Printed Dotted Swiss
Mulls, with white and tinted
grounds, enormous |^I/
variety, choice \JL '^Q,
Fancy French Serge Flannels, all
cream grounds, printed designs
an elegant summer suiting 25c
value, per
yard |5C
Fine Printed Organdies in hand
some floral effects, all the- most
popular patterns both silk and
cotton, plain weave also plaid
effects values to 37%c,
sale price, yard
here at lowest prices always.
Fine Mercerized Printed Taffetas
in an immense variety of light,
medium and dark colorings
15c value, at per
yard .V
Thousands of all the latest shapes in black
and white Chipblack and white Milan Straw
Black Hair Hatsin fact all the new styles
Dough-Faced Dolls
of women are no longer in fashion. Fifty years ago, a lady had
to faint at sight of a mouse. Now she must be strong, self-
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At Every Drug Store In $1.00 Bottles
If you know
That day by day, slowly but
surely, you' were ruining your
eyes, by neglecting to wear a
pair of properly adjusted
glasses, would you hesitate
another day? The cost of the
glasses is trifling the Im
portance of your eyesight can
not be overestimated. N
charge for^ examination.
Gold filled frames or mount
ing with best quality lenses.$3
Solid gold eyeglasses 5
Plaid Coats
Special line of latest style coats
made in handsome plaids
specially priced.
Cravenette Coats
100 Fine Cravenette Coats
Thursday, $10.00 values,
special $8*75
Special Showing of
New Skirts
Peerless values in this
wash goods sale.
An endless variety to choose fromin the
season's best fabricsat lowest prices.
Printed Batiste in neat designs on
white grounds special o\\/%r*
sale price, yard 0^*t
Fine Printed Batiste, neat pretty
designs and colorings, A'SArt
per yard .T-^*C
Plaids and checks, accordion
plaited and plain, in new
grays arriving daily.
$18.00, $12.88.
Fine Printed Dimities all this sea
son's new designs, at
per yard
Fine Mercerized Novey Striped
Suitings effects
Extra Fine Silk Organdies in corded
check weaves, fancy printed
designs or solid colors ^C~
37%c value, here, yard... .^t)G
Printed Silk Wash Chiffons in em
broidered effects, printed in beau
tiful designs, new color combina
tion 50c value, sale *\&
price, yard JC5C
Plaided Silk Chiffon a beautiful
sheer silk-and-cotton fabric in
most desirable designs also plain
shades 59c values,
sale price, yard ^vdG
Woman's Relief
"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^5 Vfc'"
If you have a good position open you ought to have a good employe to
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^Mmx^m^r% m^^
1 ii
Real Galatea Cloths for shirtwaistt
suits and children's
wear price, yard...
Ext ra Fine Printed Madras fancy
weaves in stripes and figures 25c
value, per yard
es 25
$00 Pieces Be st Irish Dimities in
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printed in this season's most pop
ular colorings and designs
valued by others "at 35c," our
regular price 25c special
sale price
j P*il fr
or too briefly Tel the whole and jm

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