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Severe Cough
Consumption Threatened
A variety of excursion rates to Boston, rang
ing from $28.00 to $37.50, according to route,
are offered May 31 to June 9, by the
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul
Return limit June 18, with extension privi
lege to July 15. Stopovers allowed at De
troit, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Montreal,
Chautauqua Lake points, Washington, Balti
more, Philadelphia and New York.
These tickets will be honored on the Fa8t
Mail and the Pioneer Limited.
0. R. LEWIS, C. P. & T. A.
328 Nicollet av, Minneapolis.
The Watch-Dog in your
Vest Pocket
can buy Health Insurance
Several good Accident"
Companies sell it.
Sixty dollars per year will bring you
$25.00 per week, for every week you are
But, your time alone may be worth far
more than that.
And $200 per weejc might not pay for
your suffering.
That's why "Cascaret" Insurance which
prevents Sickness, is worth ten times as
much money as other Health Insur
Yet "Cascaret Insurance'* will cost you
less than Ten Cents a week.
That gives you a "Vest Pocket" Box
to carry constantly.
"Indigestion" means food eaten but
only partially digested.
"Constipation" means food retained in
the body undigested too long, till it decays.
It then supplies the poisons of decay
to the system, in place of the nourishment
it might have supplied.
Isn't that a tremendous handicap worth
Insuring against?
What does it cost to Cure Constipation
or Indigestion, with their train of small
and great ills, and to Insure against a
return of them?
Not so very much.
One 10 cent box of Cascarets per week,
at most, perhaps half that
One candy tablet night and morning,
taken regularly for a short time, is war
ranted to cure the worst case of Constipa
tion or Indigestion that walks the earth.
One tablet taken whenever you suspect
you need it will insure you against 90 per
cent of all other ills likely to attack you.
Because 90 per cent of these ills begin
r 3 Advertise in The Minneapolis Journal, a clean, high-grade evening news-
fp, paper. You are given no waste circulation every copy counts and acts as your
#-'-f5fr silent salesman. It represents you in the homes of the thinking and buying
1: 4 classes. The .Journal goes into more homes in the city, in the suburbs and
'Mh S into country homes than any other paper in the northwest.
Wednesday Evening",
Mrs. Mary Painter, who was reduced
to a shadow and threatened with con
sumption, is restored to health and
strength by Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey.
Bedridden, her husband could hardly
move from backache, is also speedily
cured and made as strong and sound as
"It Is -with great pleasure I write to
tell you what I think of Duffy's Malt
5, Whiskey. I sincerely believe it is the
grandest medlotne ever made. I took a
cough this spring and it got so bad my
friends thought I had consumption. I
was as thin as a skeleton, had given up,
and could scarcely live, so I bought two
bottles of Duffy's Malt Whiskey. As soon
as I began to take it my cough lessened,
so we sent for a dozen bottles, and I am
now as well as ever.
"My husband and have been taking
it all summer. He was down with back
ache till he could hardly move, and now
he is as well as anybody. I am stouter
than I have been since we were married.
"Please send me another dozen bot
tles, as we cannot get along without it."
MRS. MARY PAINTER, Phoenix, lo.,
Sept. 22, 1905,
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey
For more than fifty years has been prescribed by doctors of every school, recom-
mended bv temperance advocates and ministers of the Gospel, and used in over two
thousand leading hospitals as the greatest tonic stimulant and health builder known
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey cures coughs, colds, consumption, grip, bronchitis
and pneumonia. It stimulates and enriches the blood, aids digestion, builds up the
nerve tissue, tones up the heart and fortifies the system against disease germs
I prolongs life, keeps the old young and the young strong Duffy's Pure Malt
Whiskey contains no fusel oil and is the only whiskey recognized by the Government
as a medicine. This is a guarantee.
CAUTION.Be careful to get the genuine when you ask for Duffy_- Pure Malt
Whiskey. Sold in sealed bottles only never In bulk. Lock for the trade-mark, the
^ld Chemist," on the label, and be sure the seal overthe cork Js unbroken,
reliable druggists and grocers or direct $1.00 a bottle
booklet free. Duffy Malt Whiskey Co., Rochester, N.
and B&ok
Doctor's advice and medical
N. W. P. A,, St. Paul.
in the Bowels, or exist through poor
Cascarets don't purge, don't weaken,
don't irritate, nor upset your stomach.
No,they act like Exercise on the
Bowels, instead.
They stimulate the Bowel-Muscles to
contract and propel the Food naturally
past the little valves that mix Digestive
Juices with Food.
They strengthen these Bowel-Muscles
by exercising them.
The time to take a Cascaret is the very
minute you suspect you need one.
When your tongue Is coated a little.
When your breath is not above
When your head feels dull, dizzy, or
When you have eaten too heartily, or
too rapidly.
have drun
than was I 4
Carry the "Vest Pocket" Box where it
belongs, just as you would your Watch,
Pocket-knife or Lead-pencil.
It costs only 10 cents. At any drug
Be sure you get the genuine, made only
by the Sterling Remedy Company, and
never sold in bulk. Every tablet stamped
WHY PAY RENT when you can come to Hyde County, South Da-
kota, and get a farm of your own. We have the BEST land for the
LEAST money that can be had in South Dakota. Prices range from
$16.00 to $25.00 per acre. All information, such as maps, etc., sent
free. Write or call on
We want to send to our friends a beautiful
French-designed. GOLD-PLATED BONBON BOX,
hard-enameled in colors. It.is a beauty for the
dressing table. Ten cents in stamps is asked as a
measureof good faith andto cover costofCascarets,
with whichlhTsTaunty trinket is loaded. 720
Send to-day, mentioning this paper. Address
Sterling Remedy Company. Chicago or New York.
*j" \M
.if V*
Loss on Cotton in the South Overset by
General GainsOnly Three of Fifty
six Beads Report Losses as Com
pared with April, 1905Northern
Roads Lead in Gains.
Railroad gross earnings for April, as
compiled by the Financial Chronicle,
show an incroaae that is remarkable in
view of the suspension of coal mining
and the consequent heavy decrease in
both anthracite and bituminous coal
traffic. The compilation comprises
fifty-six roads and the aggregate earn
ings are $52,409,705, as compared with
$4(5,946,012 for the same roada in 1905.
The increase is $5,463,693 or 11.64 per
cent. Last year the same roads showed
an increase in gross over April 1904 of
$4,103,262 or 8.7 per cent.
Tho northern transcontinental roads
made the greatest gains, these roads be
ing little affected DV the mining diffi
culties. Canadian Pacific led the list
with an increase of $1,266,000, and
Great Northern, followed with an in
crease of $925,065. A portion of these
increases, as in the case of western
roads, may have been due to an in
crease in the grain movement, for
western grain receipts aggregated 36,-
331,458 bushels, as compared with 81,-
680,598 bushels in April, 1905.
Decrease in Coal Traffic.
New York Central must have lost
heavily from the decrease in coal traf
fic, yet the system made a gain of
$131,972 over the gross earnings for
April last year. However, this gain
is much smaller than the gains made in
January, February and March, which
averaged over $9(50,000 a month.
The Southern roads, considered col
lectively, carried much less cotton than
in April 1905, overland shipments be
ing 98.784 bales, as compared with
173,551 bales in the same month last
year. Nevertheless these roads showed
marked improvement. The Southern
railway made the third greatest gain
on the list, adding $484,155 to its total
of last year Louisville and Nashville
is next in line with a gain of $337,501
and Illinois Central follows closely
with a gain of $318,098.
Three of the fifty-six roads reported
losses. Buffalo, Itochester and Pitts
burg, on account of the stoppage of
mining in the soft coal fields, fell
$354,326 behind its gross for April,
1905. Probably for the same reason
Wheeling and Lake Erie sustained a
loss of $75,430. The other road re
porting a loss was Missouri, Kansas
and Texas, which ran $30,819.
The Principal Gains.
The compilation does not include the
Union Pacific system, which was af
fected by the San Francisco disaster,
nor does it contain earnings of Bead
ing, Delaware, Lackawanna and West
ern, Delaware and Hudson, Baltimore
and Ohio, Erie, Lehigh Valley or'Penn
sylvania, the roads undoubtedly most
affected the suspension of mining.
The principal gains are shown in the
following table:
Canadian Pacific $1,266,000
484,153 337,501
Great Northern system
Southern Railway
Louisville and Nashville
Minneapolis,'St. Paul and Sault Ste.
Illinois Central
Missouri Pacific system
Denver and Rio Grande
Grand Trunk
Colorado and Southern
Texas and Pacific
New York Central
Mobile and, Ohio
Central of Georgia
Wabash Western Maryland
Chicago Great Western
Alabama, New Orleans and Texas....
Yazoo and Mississippi Valley
Detroit. Toledo and Ironton
Gulf and Ship Island
231,000 228,200 100,096 170,015 134,886
181,972 112,510
109,521 104,120
75,183 68,950 64,609
84,839 81,321
Railroads Decide Not to Make Usual
Spring Reduction.
Special to Tho Journal.
Chicago, May 16.Altho the lake
strike is ended and the steamships have
again become a factor in the rate sit
uation in the east, the railroads have
decided not to reduce the rates on ex
port grain from Chicago to Atlantic
seaports to meet the competition of the
water route. They say there is no grain
moving and that a reduction in rates is
For years it has been the annual cus
torn to reduce the rates on grain east
of Chicago at the opening of naviga
tion. This year the threatening labor
vviitu uavo uiunnk. "wi man j.
good for your digestion.
When you have a touch of Heart
burn, Gas-belching, Acid-rising-in-throat,
or a Coming-on-Cold.
delayed the reduction Th
ri kg cam a
said they
would wait untitlh peace wa declared.
Peace has come and the rates have not
yet been reduced.
The railroad men now say that the
prices on grain in Chicago are too high
to permit any movement for export and
that rates are not interfering with the
export movement.
Milwaukee Prepares Entertainment for
Big Excursion Parties.
The Milwaukee road is making
preparations for the entertainment of
four big excursions which will be
bi-ought to Minneapolis May 22 from
southern Minnesota and South Dakota
points. A band concert will be given
at Minnehaha, where the trains will
stop to unload, and the railroad coupons
will admit tc a ballgame between the
infantry and cavalrymen at Port Snell
Returning, the southern Minnesota
excursionists will leave Minneapolis at
6:30 p.m. over the Iowa & Minnesota
division. Those for Milbank will leave
at 6:15 p.m. over the Hastings & Da
kota, and for Aberdeen and Evarts at
6 p.m.
New Towns Started.
Lots will be sold in the new towns
of McVille and Tolna on the Aneta cut
of the Great Northern road at 9 a.m.,
May 25. The sale will be held at the
Farmers & Merchants' bank, Aneta.
McVille will be twelve miles west of
Aneta, in the southwest quarter of sec
tion 35, township 150, range 59. Tolna
will be twelve miles west of McVille,
in northwestern quarter of section 12,
township 150, range 62. Both of these
towns will be on good, high ground, at
points where good water is easily ob
tainable and excellent drainage assured.
Milwaukee in Montana.
Special to The Journal.'
Lewistown, Mont., May 16.The first
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul train
ever seen in this city pulled in tonight.
The coaches bore the legend Leased
to the Montana railroad." Engineers
are now working/on the outskirts of
town, and it is believed that changes in
the grade will be made to permit of $.. .,AT ALL GROCERS.
BUFFETSExactly like illustration.
This beautiful Buffet is ma de of selected
quarter-sawed oak. Has lined drawer
for silverware. Is fitted with large
fancy French bevel mirror. It is
handsomely harfd carved and has anas-"
slve claw feet. The doors are fitted
with a very handsome pattern frosted
glass. It is beautifully hand polished
and of superior workmanship. Hart
man's spring opening S9Q 9
price, each .._,_ 3?fc i
ft $2.50 cash, $2.00 monthly.
$25 Purchase,
$50 Purchase
$75 Purchase,
$2.50 Down,
$5 Down,
$7.50 Down,
heavier trains during the coming wool
The Great Northern road announces that Man
ager G. F. Hopkins will oaen the Hotel del
Otero May 26. A band will play afternoons
and evenings.
Additional cars were added to the regular
westbound trains yesterday and today by tho
three transcontinental lines, but the movement
was not so heavy as early iu the season. The
Canadian northwest was the mecca of the home
seekers this week.
R. A. White, general auditor of the ie
York Central lines, who'is at the Hotel Nicollet,
declares the electrification of the Grand Central
terminals in New York will take place Sept.
1. Steam will be a thjns of the past on Park
avenue south of Harlem.
PIPESTONE, MINN.G. Gunderson, a farmer,
has committed suicide by taking strychnine upon
returning home from town.
BOSEMOTJNT, MINN.The Milwaukee station
burned. Much freight and some express pack
ages were lost. The building was old and
quantity as of other tea, fresh boiling
water. Steep four or five minutes.
Ceylon and Irdfa Tea
Black, Mixed, Green or Oolong.
$[$/"' 60c Ind 70c per lb.
Defective Page
$2 Month
$4 Month
$5 Month
DRE J?hese Dressers are
made of seiecte solid oak, are ex
tra large* androomy and of supe
rior workmanship, have large
French' bevel plate mirror and
prettily carved mirror frame and
standards, "phey are fitted with
patent casters, panel ends. Hart
man's special" i|A
sale price OIUR&V
v- May 16/1900'.
Journal want dda are read by peo
ple who %re buyers. That's why
The Journal carries the most classi
fied advertising.
Hartrrian's Furniture is That
The 22 great Hartman stores throughout the United States have goods made to their special order.
They are goods made with care, of selected materials and of most reliable construction in every detail.
We will not be party to tricks of cheap manufacturers-who cover up defects in their goods with putty and
varnish. Our goods are the sturdy, reliable kind that has the lasting qualitythe kind that gives satis-
faction today and will give satisfaction for years to come.
The Hartman store grants favors to credit customers not extended by other credit stores in this city.
We'll treat you generously, excuse you from payments when ill our out of work and accommodate you
in every possible wayN
These Rugs are made especially for Hartman's and are of a
very superior grade of Brussels thoroughly warranted to
give lasting satisfaction they have great wearing quality.
We have them in many new beautiful patterns and most
artistically blended colorings that will not ffc ^f
fade. Special price this week I FM O
Terms, $2 cash, 50c weekly.
LIBRARY TABLESMost artistic and massive Library Tables. The top
is 26x46 inches in size, is fitted with shelf underneath and has large, invis-
ible drawer. It is of superior workmanship and is finished in that most ex-
quisiteof all finishes, golden Empire quartered oak, richly flaked and hand-
polished. Buying these tables in vast quantities, made possible by the fact
that we are operating 22 great stores enables us to sell CX'fl^L "7
them at the exceptionally low price of *&
$1.50 easily 50c weekly.
22-24-26 FIFTH ST. SOUTH
Atal Action CecitoPiano Player built
in6ide:^h.e .c3ai3e.JAPianoAatMyone can
play viuioutexperienceior musical Mowledge
affected by
|clima.tic ^changes:
The piajio
for the
ThQ Metal Action of the Cecilian Piano Player, which is built into the Parrand-
Oecilian piano, is made of steel, brass and phosphor-bronze, and is not affected in
any manner by dampness, heat or weather changes of any sort.
The old style wooden construction (still used in all other makes of piano play-
ers) is peculiarly susceptible to all atmospheric changes on account of the continued
swelling and shrinkage of the wood, and the leakages occasioned thereby necessitate
frequent repairs which are both troublesome and expensive.
The Cecilian Metal Action practically cloes away with the necessity for repairs,
and in the Farrand-Cecilian piano provides you with an instrument which is always
ready for use and can be played by any one either with the fingers, like any ordinary
piano, or by means of the Cecilian piano-player mechanism built into it. No experi-
ence, no knowledge of music is necessary. Can be bought on easy payments, and
your old piano taken in exchange at its full value.
S. W. Raudenbush Si Co.
703 Nicollet jive., Minneapolis, Minn.
Exactly like cut. This range, famous the
world ovsr, has newest improved features,
which have greatly increased its durability
and perfection in baking and cooking. Has
high warming closet, folding tea shelves
and poise oven doors. It Is fitted with a
duplex grate for burning coal or wood, large
oven of non-warpable construction, insul
ated at exposed points. Hart- $91 A
man's special price
Full nickel trimmed ..$25-50
Terms $2.50 cash, $2.00 monthly.
$100 $150
Purchase, Purchase,
$10 Down, $6
$15 Down, $8
$20 Down, $10 $200 Purchase,
To vet better results from Journal want ads. they should be specific.
Many ads. lose much of their force by being too short and vague. Take
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a Month
a Month.
a Month.
frigerators are ma de of hardwood
and have dottWe walls, which are
charcoal -filled. They are fitteM
with all modern ice-saving and hy
genic appliances. Are galvanized
iron lined and have cast brass
trimmings. Hartman* A
special sale price. .......vUi I

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