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Walter Baker's Breakfast
Cocoa regular 25c can..
Nicollet Ave... First Ave. So... Fifth St... Minneapolis.
The greatest July clearance
sales before stock taking
will continue thru the week, offering the
best merchandise values of the season.
A LL PREVIOUSLY advertised special clearance
sale prices are in force and will be while quanti-
ties last. Most prominent among the many unusual
sales now on, we mention:
Women's White Waists, Muslin Underwear
White and Silk Petticoats, Wrappers, Kimonos,
Wash Suits and Skirts, Millinery, Infants'
Wear, Fancy Art Embroidery Goods, Furni
ture, and Lace Curtains.
This season's best styles
$3 $4 $5 $6
Double Breasted and Norfolk Suits, sizes
8 to I6y and Novelty Suits, sizes 2\ to 9.
Made up especially for us by some of the best
manufacturers of boys' and children's fine
clothing in the country beautiful light weight
fabrics for summer wear, nobby medium
weights for early fall wear thoroly made in
every detail
their only fault is being in the way
so choose as you wish for only
Fresh, pure groceries
at less than wholesale prices!
r\lia|Jf-- is the first essential here our prices
^Uw-Iity are based on that point. Compare
quality for quality and you'll find our prices lower,
in many instances, than the average wholesale dealer.
These to illustrate, Friday and Saturday:
Powers Best XXXX Patent Flour,
guaranteed. You can't buy bet
ter flour. Special,
per 98-lb sack $2.19
Shredded Wheat Biscuit fresh new
stock. 2 packages
Dr. Price Breakfast Food.
3 packages for
TJneeda Biscuit, *7 pack
ages for
23c 25c 25c
Fancy Imported French Sardines,
in pure olive oil key If^f
opener can lvrw
Hartley's Imported Seville Orange
Marmalade absolutely g
pure 10c jars
eat dept.
Fresh Caught Halibut,
special, per pound...
Fresh Caught Crappies,
special, per pound
Trout, Pike and White
fish, special, per lb
TelephonesN. W.
g?Thursday Evening,
TeaExtra Fancy Uncolored Japan
Tea the grade you pay 50c per
lb for elsewherespecial, '"Jffc^
3 ^s 80c P" lb ZVC
EiceExtra Fancy Carolina Head
Bice regular price 12ocr -^g
pound special, 3
regular 10c bottle.
4 extra special stamp offers:
Stamps with each pound of
our Uncolored Japan Tea
equal to any 65c tea elsewhere in
the city Our special at,
per pound
*)/f\ Stamps with each pound can
4XJ Powers Gem Baking *jf,
Powder, guaranteed, for ^J^-'
Early June Peas Wisconsin pack,
sweet and tender. Dozen
cans, 80c
Sweet Corn Very choice Minne
sota dozen, 55c Ey-r
can *J*
LobsterEegular 25c tall
cans, special, per can
Soap"Diamond C"10
large bars
Box of 100 $2.55
AmmoniaFull quart bottle, g?
Stamps with
12Jc 12ic 12ic
each pound of
our "Delmonico" M. & J. cof
fee better than any 35o and
equal to most 40c coffees ^f\g-r
elsewhere. Pound, O
Stamps with each large bot
tle Powers Tamlla O Cr
or Lemon Flavoring for... ^vw
Free Deliveries to all Lake Minnetonka Points.
TelephonesN. W. Main 4700Twin City 162.
1906 Spring Chickens,
special, per pound...
Full Cream Cheese,
special, per pound...
Fancy Duchess Apples,
special, per peck
Mam 4500 and 4501Twin City, 86 and 116.
With a Gas Water Heater, hot
water is always on tap. There is no
delay at the last moment. As a
device, it is small and occupies,
when attached to the boiler, but little
space. It adds in various ways to home com
fort. On wash day, water is quickly heated
at night the bath is always ready and after
meals there is no tiresome waiting for dish
water to heat. Best of all, it heats the water
and not the house. It is indispensable in
Minneapoli Ga Ligh Go
Nos. 16-18-20 So. 7th St
Wisconsin Will Try to Break Up
Alleged Pool at LET
La Crosse, Wis., July 26.A stub
born legal battle, backed on one side
by the wealth behind the alleged ice
trust in this city and on the other by
the resources of the state, is expected
to result from a finding by Attorney
General Sturdevant that an illegal com
bination of ice dealers exists here and
the determination of District Attorney
Otto Bosshard to prosecute the ice
Attorney General Sturdevant finds
from evidence furnished by Mr. Bos
shard that five local ice dealers held a
meeting and fixed prices illegally and
in restraint of trade, and that an of
fense had been committed in carrying
out a scale of advanced prices, in some
instances three times higher than the
former prices.
E. H. Derr of the People's Ice com-
any, who is credited with speaking
those alleged to be in a combina
tion, denies that any agreement exists
and says the advanced prices are due
to an increased cost of production, and
that the ice dealers will fight the case
to a finish.
One of the strongest bits of evidence
ag/unst the alleged trust organizers is
said to be contained in an issue of a
local paper in which an announcement
of the agreement to raise the prices of
ice and maintain a uniform scale ap
peared bearing the signatures of the
dealers One dealer is quoted as hav
ing said there was a meeting at which
prices were fixed, but that they were
later "unfixed," tho there has been
no decrease in the price of ice.
Journal Special Service.
Kansas City, July 26.Because Da
vid Tent, 17 years old, has a mania
for kissing pretty girls who pass on
the street, he is to be sent out of the
city The boy came heie recently
from Beatrice, Neb where he had been
attending a school for the feeble
minded. The boy has been arrested
several times. J. C. Greenman, humane
officer, told Judge Kyle police court
this morning, that the boy was incor
rigible and too free with his kisses,
even in Kansas City.
I agree with you there, colonel,"
replied the "judge "We will ship the
youngster back to the wilds and attend
to this business ourselves."
The Genuine Hoff Medicine
Price, 35 cents a bottle (full size).
Compounded after the true and cor
rect formula of the famous Prof. Hoff,
of Vienna, Austria. Known and recog
nized everywhere as a positive cure
for Asthma, Catarrh, Hay Fever,
Bronchitis, and all diseases of the
breathing organs The genuine beara
the "Crown" trade-mark
Sole Agents In Minneapolis,
Successor to Dlllln Drug Co., 101
Washington A v. S.
The best opportunity which will occur
this season for purchasing your supply of
standard fruit jars, made of best quality
of glass, with genuine porcelain caps.
Packed one dozen in a case. We do not
sell less than a dozen.
One pint Our special price, per
dozen 34c
One quart. Our special price, per
dozen 39c
One-half gallon Our special price, per
dozen 59c
Extra porcelain caps for any size jars
Our special price, per dozen 18o
Extra quality white rubbers to fit any
size jars Our special price, dozen....3c
Special Sale
Lawn Mowers
Below All Competition. Wonderful Values
for This Sale.
Complaints of Other Roads
Against U. P. Brings Re
view of Matter.
By W. W. Jermane.
"Washington, July 26.The Interstate
Commerce commission has reopen
ed the Peavey elevator case, involving
contracts between Peavey & Co. and the
Union Pacific Railroad company for
handling grain at terminal points on
the latter road, and will hold a hear
ing on it at some time to be fixed
later in the summer.
.The order for reopening was based on
the application of the Chicago, Great
Western, the Burlington and Santa Fe
roads. They make specific allegations
that the contract between Peavey and
Union Pacific, under which the charge
is made of 1}4 cents for handling gram
has senously reduced their net and
proper revenue, and in creating an ad
vantage in favoi of Missouri river
gram markets of which advantage other
markets and dealers have been com
The petitions also calf attention to
the fact in the decision rendered by the
commission last summer, this matter of
contract was not a proper subject to be
dealt with, as the inquiry was not made
on complaint, but was simply an ex
parte proceeding initiated by the com
In the decision to be reviewed com
mission held that the big compensation
pdid for elevator and transfer service is
not unreasonable that the Union Paci
fic is entitled to perform the work it
self or hire it done by others and is not
legally at fault or guilty of wrong do
ing because, incidentally, those em
ployed bv the earner to transfer gram
are aided more or less in another line
of business in which they are engaged
that any miury or detriment resulting
to rival carriers under the arrangement
is something which the law does not
seek to prevent.
In the order reopening the case the
commission says that "all carriers,
opeiators of elevators and shippers in
terested herein have an opportunity to
present further testimony and argument
Upon any and all questions involved."
Milwaukee's "Boy Mayor" Pleads
for Action, Scoring "Par
lor Socialism."
Peoria, 111., July 26."Young men
for action, for warfare, for actual
work old men for advice, based upon,
experience"such was the keynote of
a creed for "The Young Man Poli-
tics," outlined by Mayoi Sherburn M.
Becker the "boy mayo r" of Milwaukee
an address here. Mayor Becker
spoke before a large audience at Al
Fiesco Park, the occasion being a bene
fit lor St. Stephen's parish. He said
in part:
I want to give the.young man con
templating a public career a few words
of advice, based upon my own experi
ence of nearly five years of public of
fice. \_
"Make up your mud to be honest
and fair, both n business and in poli
tics. Work mne-tentks*o the time,
and when occasion requires, work the
other tenth. You can enjoy yourself
with hard work if you will but think
so. Work is the best thing for every
young man idleness is the greatest evil
and breeds dishonesty and corruption.
"Make up your mind, when you ac
cept a public trust, that you represent
all the people, not only those who have
by their votes chose you as such, but
those who have opposed you, and who,
perhaps, misunderstand you and your
purposes. Do not, under any circum
stances, allow prejudice to swerve you
from your best ludgment.
"Have a platform short and pointed.
Be sure it is right and stand upon it
to the end. Do not make it compli
cated or verbose, for if you do your
planks will break and you will find
yourself in trouble.
"Do something all the time, but in
your ambition to do something, don't
do things that count for naught. Make
plans, think of them, and.then carry
them out. Have as many ideas to de
velop as you possibly can at one time
still possess yourself of as much con
centration as possible. Finish your
woik as you go along.
A few weeks ago there came, to
Milwaukee a young 'parlor socialist'
who informed his hearers a public
address that he had been idle for years
that he produced nothing and that he
had no object life except to spend
the money earned bv labor and which
did not rightfully belong to him. When
I read his address in a paper I felt like
saying to him: 'Go to work you have
the ability and you are needed stop
talking and do something. Get out of
the parlors of the rich if you think you
belong somewhere else.' And it struck
me that a desk a bank or a news-
If you want a high-grade lawn mower
for a low price, now is the time to buy
it. We have an overstock of some sizes
and are sacrificing our profits to get rid
of them. These prices are special and
only good for one week.
Our Lawn Queen, 8-in wheel, 3 blades,
best steel, 12-m. mower wonderful value
at 8175
Our Lawn Queen, 8-in wheel, 3 blades,
best steel, 14-in mower at 8 1 8 5
Our Lawn Queen, 8-in wheel, 3 blades,
best steel, 16-in mower 8 1 9 5
The Lawn Queen Mowers are as good
as any $3 50 Mowers in the city.
Our Giraffe 8-in. wheel, 4 blades, best
English steel, 14, 16 and 18-ln. mower
at .82 9 7
Our High Grass Mowers, 4 blades, 10*&-
In. wheels. Best Mowers In the city at
any price
14-inch, only 82 7 5
16-Inch, only 8 2 9 8
18-inch, only S3 2 7
20-inch, only 8 3 7 5
Our New Ball Bearing Lawn Mowers are
very high grade, 9-inch drive wheels,
reel (4 blades) 5% Inches in diameter the
very best English WordloW steel
14-inoh, only $4-25
16-incn, only 8 4 5 0
18-inch, only 8 4 7 5
All above Lawn Mowers fully warranted.
All Lawn Hose, 25 per cent discount
%-inch Gem Hose Nozzles at 21o
Hose Coupling, %-in at 5 0
Wood Garden Hose Reel 47o
Th T. Robert
"717 Nicollet Avenue,
aper office would be a good place for
"Now I am informed that he is to
take a course in agriculture and raise
cabbages and turnips, perhaps. I be
lieve that this young man. Joseph Me
dill Patterson, means well, that he is
honest and sincere, but that he is not
the kind of man who makes a success
of farming. He has, I understand, the
advantages of a college education and
the good breeding that goes with it.
He was trained in the school of -journal
ism and is an able coi respondent and re
porter. Then why should he go to the
farm to milk cows or sow grain? Why
cannot he do good in the world with his
Gives $25,000 to Charles City School If
I Raises 860,000 More.
Special to Tho Journal.
Charles City, Iowa, July 26.An-
drew Carnegie has given $25,000 to the
Charles City college, conditioned that
it raise an additional $50,000 foj. an
endowment of $75,000. The amount is
practically assured.
12,665 MEN
Wanted at Once to Harvest the Marvel
ous Crops in Minnesota and North
Dakota Along the Soo Line.
Low rates in effect from St. Paul
and Minneapolis to all points west in
Minnesota and the Dakotas daily, Aug.
1st to Slst inclusive, 1906.
Splendid wages are offered ranging
from $1.76 to $3 per day, including
board. An opportunity for everybody
to get busy.
"Ask at the ticket office."
119 Third street S.
Texas and -Louisiana, $27.50.
Tickets on sale via the Minneapolis
& St. Louis railroad from Minneapolis
to Galveston, Houston, San Antonio,
Beaumont and Port Arthur, Texas, Jtfew
Orleans, and Lake Charles, La. Dates
of sale first and third Tuesdays of
each month, limited to 30 days. Lib
eral stop-over privileges. Bates equally
low to points in the west and southwest.
For full particulars call on J. 0t. Eickel,
city ticket agent, 424 Nicollet avenue.
Journal Special Service.
Worden, 111., July 26.The tem-
estuou career of Mike, a 3-year-old
bull, terminated here yester
day, but the last three hours of his lift
were spent in walking triumphantly
about the farm of Louis Blume, in
which he was in complete control and
in keeping an eye on his various pris
These consisted of Gus Albright, who
sat trouserless astride a limb of a tree,
and the members of the Blume family,
who were in their residence in a state
of siege.
Mike had been considered dangerous
for some time, and yesterday Louis
Blume, the owner, decided to have him
killed Thereupon he sent for Mr.
Solterman, the butcher.
Astride a horse, Butcher Solterman
rode into the Blume farm pasture. Mike
took a good look and then charged full
tilt. Down went horse and matador.
Solterman's right leg was broken at
the ankle and dislocated at the knee.
While Mike gored the horse, Solter
man crawled forty feet and dropped
("Minneapolis ft Paul,"
Stamp Special
July 27th and 28th
With cash purchases of $1.00 or more this coupon
good for 20 S. & H. Green Trading Stamps.
In addition to the above coupon we shall give on
Friday and Saturday
Double Amount S. & H. Green Trading Stamps on
All Cash Purchases.
Ladies' White Duck Ties
New styles just received, ribbon ties, buttons and
pumps, at
Jp* Jp^.50, p5 Jpo.5u
Children's Gibson Ties
In tan, black, patent and white canvas,
$1.25, $1.50, $1.75
Children's Barefeet Sandals
85c, $1.00, $1.25
over a rail fence. An instant later
Mike tossed the body of the horse
over the fence.
This attracted Gus Albright, a neigh
bor, who hastened into the arena to do
Then he immediately hastened out
of- the arena and into a tree, where he
tied up what remained of his trousers,
and remained three hours.
During this time Mike devoted some
attention to an endeavor to effect an
entrance into the Blume home, but
without success. Blume's shouts fin
ally attracted another man, who
brought a rifle.
One bullet put Mike in a marketable
condition and Solterman was conveyed
to the hospital at Granite City.
12.665 MEN
Wanted at Once to Harvest the Mar
velous Crops in Minnesota and North
Dakota Along the Soo Line.
Low rates in effect from St. Paul
and Minneapolis to all points west in
Minnesota and the Dakotas daily, Aug.
1st to 31st inclusive, 1906.
Splendid wages are offered, ranging
from $1.75 to $3 per day, including
board. An opportunity for everybody
to get busy.
"Ask at the ticket office."
119 Third street S.
Friday Clothing Special
(one day only)
Friday we offer about two hundred suits that are
the broken lots from our $10, $12 and $15 lines.
They consist of all Wool Cheviots, Fancy Worsted
and Cassimeres. Your choice Friday only for
And Transfer
at Wabaska
and 7th Sts.,
in 8t. Paul,
1 One of America's Finest Trolley Trips!
$10 and $12 Values.
The Great Plymouth Clothing House, Nicollet and Sixth
Special to The Journal.
Helena, Mont., July 26.Chief of
Police T. E. Hagan of Minot, N. D.,
arrived here and at his request the po
lice have arrested Mrs. E. Muhs and J.
Cavanaugh, alleged elopers from that
Cavanaugh was employed by the hus
band of the woman, who owns a large
ranch and livery stable. The conple
had with them the 5-year-old adopted
daughter of Muhs.
Mrs. Muhs Tefuses to return without
a requisition unless Cavanaugh is re
leased. Then, she says, she will return
to her husband.
Increase Your Income.
Opportunities in all lines of business
in new and growing towns in Iowa,
Illinois, Missouri and Minnesota along
the line of tho Chicago Great Western
Bailway. Write to Industrial Depart-
ment C. G. W. By., St. Paul, Minn., for
"Town Talk" and County Map.
"Como-Hopklns," O "Selby-Laka")
Can From
St. Pail
15 Eiutes
Fare Each Way 20 Cents -w

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