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f\lt is astonishing 'how great a change
few years of married life often make
fn the appearance and disposition of
many women. The freshness, the
/charm, the brilliance vanish like the
bloom from a flower which is rudely
(handled. The matron is only a dim
shadow, a faint echo of the charming
maiden. Few young women appreciate
the shock of the system through the
iohange whioh comes with marriage and
motherhood. Many neglfict to deal with
(the unpleasant pelvic drains and weak
nesses which too often come with mar
riage and motherhood, not understand
ing that this secret drain is robbing the
cheek of its freshness and the form of
Its fairness.
Bad Symptoms. The woman who
has periodica] headaches, backache,
sees imaginary dark spots or specks
floating or dancing before her eyes,
has gnawing distress or heavy full
feeling in stomach, faint spells, drag
ging down feeling, easily startled or
excited, irregular or painful period^
with or without pelvic catarrh, is sut-'
fermg from weaknesses and derange
ments that should have early atten
tion Not all of above symptoms are
likelv to be present in any case at one
Neglected or badly treated and such
cases often run into maladies which de
mand the surgeon's knife if they do not
I result fatally.
No medicine extant, has, such a long
and numerous'record of cures in sucn
cases as Dr. Pierce's r'avoriie rrescripj
t^jru No medicine has such a strong
professional indorsement of each of its
several ingredientsworth more than
any number of ordinary non-profes
sional testimonials The very best in
gredients known to medical science for
the cure of woman's peculiar ailments
enter into its composition. No oiooi^*
$ from Twin Cities
I e t.
"Wome Who WearWell,
As surely as the general health suffers
when there is derangement of the health
of the delicate womanly organs, so surely
when these organs are established in
health the face a nd form at once witness
jto the fact in renewed oomeliness.
More than a million women have found
health and happiness in the use of Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription. It makes
weak women strong and sick women
|well. Ingredients on labelcontains
no alcohol or harmful habit-forming
drugs. It is made wholly of those
native, American, medicinal roots most
highly recommended by leading med
ical authorities of all the several schools
of practice for the cure of woman's
peculiar ailments.
For nursing mothers, or for those
broken-down in health by too frequent
bearing of children, also for the expect
ant mothers, to prepare the system for
the coming of baby and make its ad
vent easy and almost painless, thereis
no medicine quite so good as "Favorite
Prescription." It can do no harm in
any condition of the system. It is a
most potent invigorating tonic and
strengthening nervine, 3-icely adapted
fco woman's delicate s'/stam by a phy
iician of large experience in the treat
ment of woman's peculiar ailments.
harmful, or habit-forming drug is to
found in the list of its ingredients print
ed on each bottle-wrapper and attested
under oath as complete and oorreot.,
effect is to strengthen, invigorate ant
regulate the whole female system anc
especially the pelvic organs. Whei
these are deranged in function or affect
ed by disease, the etomaoh and other
organs of digestion become sympatheti
cally deranged, the nerves are weak
ened, and a long list of bad, unpleasant
symptoms follow. Too much must not
be expected of the
When advertise mlhu I a. i KU\ c^e its wa it i piiticuia
S kindthere are many kinds You will get just the kind you want If you will
state your proposition clearly But you Waste your opportunity if you vaguely
state. "Agents Wanted Why not spread out the plan before them?
It will appear in
The Journal
before it does in
book form
Favorite Prescrip-
tion." It will not perform miracles
will not cure tumorsno medicine will.
It will often prevent them, if taken in
time, and thus the operating table and
the surgeon's knife may be avoided.
Doctor's All Agree. The most emi
nent writers on Materia Medica, whose
works are oonsulted as authorities by
physicians ol all the different'schools of
practice, extol, in the most positive
terms, the ourative virtues of each and
every ingredient entering into Dr.
Pieroe'ft Qolden Medical Discovery. In
fact it is the only medicine, put up f^
sale through druggists for the cure o'
all diseases of the mucous surfaces, a*
nasal catarrh, throat, laryngeal, ana
bronchial affeotions attended by linger
ing, or hang-on-coughs that has ai.\
such profesttonal endorsementworti.
more than any amount of lay or non
professional testimonials.
Do not'expect too much from the use
of Dr. Pierce's Qolden Medical Dis
covery. It will not work miracleB. It
will not cure consumption in its ad
vancedstages. No medicine will. Nor
is the "li8cover so good for a sudden
attack of acute cough, but for the ign
Tnos!" effieaciouS remedy In cases ac
companied with wasting of flesh, night
sweats, weak stomach and poor digestion
with fanlty assimilation, and which, if
neglected or badly treated are apt to
lead to consumption, the "Discovery"
has proven wonderfully successful in
effecting cures.
The formula is printed on every
wrapper of" Qolden Medical Discovery,"
attested as to correctness under oath,
and you can't afford to accept any
substitute of unknown composition for
this non-secret remedy no matter what
selfish interests may prompt the dealer
to urge such upon you. In fact it is
an insult to your intelligence for him to
do so. You know what you want and
it is his place to supply that want.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are the
Little Liver Pills first put up
by old Dr. Pierce over 40 years ago.
Much imitated, but never ecfuaied.
They cleanse, invigorate and regulate
stomach,Jiver and bowels, curing bil
iousness and constipation. Little sugar
coated granuleseasy to take as candy.
Dr. Pierce may be consulted by letter
free of charge. Address Dr. R. V.
Pierce, Invalids' Hotel and Surgical
Institute, Buffalo, N. Y.
Dr. Pierce's Medical Adviser (1000
pages) is sent free on receipt of 21 one
cent stamps for paper-covered, or 31
stamps for cloth-bound copy. Address*
n- Pip-.Po a above
Summer Trips
California and back, June
1 to September 15.
You may travel on the lux
urious California Limited
along the historic Santa Fe
Trail, and visit the Grand
Canyon of Arizona.
Harvey serves the meals.
Ask the Santa Fe atfeatat
Guaranty Bids'.. Minneapolis.
Average of More than One Manitoba
Couple a Day Apply for Marriage
Licenses Here to Keep Wedding Se
cret or to Avoid Stringent Dominion
Laws. Is Minneapolis the Gretna Green of
This is a question that the clerks
the office of the clerk of the district
court are asking one another. The rec
ord of marriage licenses seems to show
that it is.
In the laat few months the Winni
peg applications have been increasing.
Some applications have been registered
from other points in the province of
Manitoba, but Winnipeg is the center.
An average of more than one a day
from Winnipeg alone has been main
tained for months. The law requires
no long residence in the state or county
to procure a marriage license for non
residents of Minnesota. The train serv
ice between Minneapolis and Winnipeg
is the best and in view of the increas
ing number of applications from Win
nipeg residents it is believed that Min
rteapolis is the Gretna Green of the
metropolis of Manitoba.
Divorcees Fare Well.
There is another feature of the Win
n'peg applications that seems to indi
cate that Winnipeg lovers fly to Min
neapolis. Many of the contracting par
ties have been divorced. The Canadian
law' is especially strict regarding the
rr-marriage of "divorced persons and
there is reason to believe that they
are taking advantage of the less
stringent Minnesota laws to come to
Minneapolis fox the ceremony and
It has been known for yeaTS that
many Minneapolis people have made
the run to Chicago when they desired
to be quietly married. It is an easy
day or night trip and Illinois laws re
quire no residence in the state. The
situation for Winnipeg people is ex
actly similar. The train time between
Winnipeg and Minneapolis is but little
more than the time between Minneap
olis and Chicago. The Minnesota law
requires that the license must be taken
out in the county of which the bride is
a resident if she is a resident of the
state, but non-residents of the state
may be married in any county on the
day they arrive.
All on the Q. T.
In a city the size of Minneapolis no
particular attention is paid to the is
suance of licenses to persons from out
side the city or state or to their mar
riage by court officials or clergymen.
Foi this reason Winnipeg lovers have
made Minneapolis a rendezvous. At first
no attention was paid to the many
Winnipeg applications, but the steady
bi^smess from the Manitoba province
has begun tp attract attention among
the clerks issuing licenses.
12,665 MEN
Wanted at Once to Harvest the Mar
velous Crops in Minnesota and North
Dakota Along the Soo Line.
Low lates effect from St. Paul and
Minneapohs.o all points west Mi-n
lesota and thc-Dakotas daily, Aug. 1st
31st inclusive, 1906.
Splendid wages are offered ranging
from $1.75 to $3 per day, including
joard. An opportunity for everybody
get busy.
"Ask at the ticket office
9 Third street S.
^Isle Eoyale and Return $10.00."
Eve ry Thursday, Satin day and Sun
lay until Atig. 30 meluaiye, the Great
Northern Kailway will sell round trip
tickets to Isle Eoyale Ports via Duluth
-nd Booth Line steamers "Easton*
nnd "Soo City" for the extremely low
^ate of $10.00, including berth and
meals on steamer. Tickets sold on
Thursdavs will be good returning th
following Monday. Those sold on Sat
lirday and Sunday good returning the
following Thursday. This allows a lay
lover at Isle Eoyale of about 24 hours.
I City Ticket Office, corner Third and
I Nicollet, Minneapolis, Minn.
St. Louis Short Line.
Two daily through trains to St. Louis
via the Eock Island, connecting in the
Union station for all points in the
south and southwest. Pullman sleep
ers, elegant coaches and cafe dining
cars. City office, 322 Nicollet av, Min
neapolis. Minn.
The Fourth of the Famous
This Great StoryiWills Be
A\ ~.^.w *t-^*.. wits iosssiu
qp- xifrri
Hotels, Streetcars and Every Public
Feature Are Managed [on a Scale
Which Leaves no Chance for Criti-
cismMinneapolis Can Gain Many
Valuable Encampment ifainters.
W. H. Rendell, who has {just returned
from attending the Elks'(grand lodge
at Denver, says:
"One thing that shtould be well
looked after in the,handling gf the big
crowds of 6. A. R. visitoijjs here should
be the streetcar service.! At Denver
the number of people attracted by the
Elks' convention was about two-thirds
of the crowd drawn there i by the Grand
^imy -when 85,000 railroad tickets were
validated in a week. iThey have a
fine streetcar system there)*, and the cars
run faster than ours, without gates to
delay people getting on or off. Every
car had an assistant conductor, whose
duty it was to help people on and off
expeditiously. It's a gptod idea which
should be adopted here.
"Another important point is ade
quate arrangements for handling bag
gage at the union statldn. A third is
hotel accommodations, Jund there Den
ver has again the advantage of usit's
a regular little New York in this re-
Some Immense IFigures.
"The number of Elks\ registered was
23,000, and 7,000 woolen, who came
with them. Probably &.tS thousand vis
itors were attracted addition. The
arrangements were admirable. The pro
cession was two and half hours in
passing, and was the rtaost interesting
I have witnessed at aiay of the Elks'
gatherings I have attended. Central
City lodge, which woji the first prize
for the most striking feature^ of the
parade, had fourteen floats in line,
representing the various stages of gold
quartz mining, beginning with a burro
train and ending witlili the compressed
air drills in operation and a float em
blematic of the mine? ii wealth of Col
"Philadelphia lodg? had 125 men at
tired as Quakers an a tallyho filled
with pretty Quakeresses. Salt Lake
City had a float that caricatured Mor
monism. A Colorado lodge had eightv
men on burros that i rere made to look
like elks by having paper mache ant
lers fastened to their heads. The New
England lodges represented historical
epochs by the changes in dress since
the days of the Pilgiim fathers.
Music "Evd)*ywhere.
I never heard so many fine bands
of music the woods deemed to be full
of them. One of the "best, Cook's drum
corps of seventy-five men with twenty
seven girls wondei fully drilled in
marching movement, is to come to
Minneapolis with the- Denver Gr. A. E.
posts. Another ban & of sixty pieces
was composed exclus avelv of Elks.
"At Colorado Sp rings there was a
barbecue at which fi fteen tons of roast
beef were given to 50,000 people. The
entertainment Tvas i oyal and. I -will
agreeably suTris if we can come up
to the mark Denve: has set as a con
vention city. The papers gave the
Elks credit for let* ing loose more coin
than any conventii ever entertained
there. Two million i dollars is the esti
mate of what thi!v3ators spent."
The sangerfest of German singing
societies of the northwest closed in St.
Paul Sunday with a parade of 5,000
singers, followed -by a picnic in the
afternoon on Han net island.
The parade was preceded by a busi
ness meeting in o"ozart hall at which
all the former offi
tion were re-elec
ted and Crosse
Wis., was decidot upon as the next
place of meeting, pn condition that La
Crosse complete Hm auditorium which
is in prospect th re, in time for the
The parade of the morning, headed
by the Minnesota n3tate band, was thru
the business disti let of the city. Many
of the societies -v rere uniformed. Some
earned red, whitt i and bluo umbrellas,
others Japanese parasols, and one so
ciety was supplie id with toy sunshades.
Various mascots were also carried, one
society parading with a stuffed cat.
The afternoon at Harriet island was
en-joyably spent In picnic style and in
the partaking-of jrght refreshments
The Celebrated Writer, Mary Wilkins-Freeman's Latest Success,
World's Greatest Writers.
1500 Pair
Man's $4.00
Hardware, Cutlery. Tools, Paints,
Athletic Goods, Kltohenware, Etc.
Cut Prices. Capacity.
$14-50 size 65 lbs. ice
All" others reduced accordingly.*1
Lawn Mower Sale:
$4.48 $5A2 buys 16-inch 96.50 Stratford
$6.25 ouys 14-inch $7.25 Penna.
"and there are others."
$3.25 Ice Cream Freezer $2.97
Twin City
Flag Decorating Co.
Locst4 at No. 40 Hcwej^n Mwnae, Min
neapolis. Minn. "T^lwh*
N W. Main
27&3-J2. Residence SIM BJooMdnton T
riag and decotatlooB to Jtot. Bgtertor
nd ioterior decorations for Q. A. ea
campmen* We carry the laraeat
or nil cien. brtrfet -wool ,bmrtlS*,_fi*?!
tiona of any firm in the tHn8i W* a*n
the largest rtocK of oil patatinw 91 a
tlonal heroes. Our workmen ate Ail .shUled
Call and ate onr atock and be ewrnnoea.
Twii City Flag Becorattng Co.
409 Hennepin ATOHIIO.
Two-Year-Old Taken Out in Ten Min
utes, hut Could Not Be Saved.
ADRIAN* MINNThe 2 ear-old child "of
A I#aron stepped upon a loose board and ipn
into a well twenty feet deep The mother 'in
a search for the little fellow passed the well
in time to see him struggling for his life. j'Ten
minutes afterward the body was taken from the
water but was past resuscitation.
unyadi J&nos
jmance Full of Action and Mystery
$fl50f000 Series of Novels Byr^the
Defective P9
Basement Salesroom
Men's M5 Suits
Tuesday we offer about Three Hundred Men's Suits that
are the small lines of our entire Basement clothing stock.
They are mostly fine worsted suits in stylish grays and neat
mixtures. Not a suit in the lot is worth less than $15. We
must clean up our stock to make
room for new fall goods. Don't
miss this opportunity. They won't
last long at this price. For Tues
day only
MttYy bin.
Union Madt
OitralU, for
The Cheapest Form of
Health Insurance/
Refrigerator Sale:
can buy Health Insurance noww
Several good "Accident"
Companies sell it.
Sixty dollars per year will
bring you $25.00 per week, for every week
you^ure, sick.
But, your time alone may be worth
moreatban that.
And $200 per week might not pay for
yq\u suffering.
That's why "Cascaret" Insurance, which
prevents Sickness, is worth ten times as
much money as other "Health" Insurance.
Yet "Cascaret" Insurance will cost you
less than Ten Gents a week.
That gives you a "Vest Pocket" Box to
carry constantly.
One tablet taken whenever you guspecj
you need it will insure you against 90 pet
cent of all other ills likely to attack you.
Because 90 per cent of these ills begin
In the Bowels, or exist through pool
Cascarets don't purge, don't weaken,
don't irritate, nor upset your stomach.
No, they act Hke Exercise on the
Bowels, instead.
They stimulate the Bowel-Muscles to
contract and propel the Food naturally past
the little valves that mix Digestive Juices
with Food.
The time to take a Caacarat (8 the very
minute you suspect you need one.
When you have a touch of Heart-burn,
Gas-belching, Acid-rising-in-throat, or a
Carry the "Veat Pocket" Box ready for
business'where it belongs, Just as you
would your Watch, Pocket-knife or Lead
It costs only JO cents. At any druggist.
Be sure you get the genuine, made only
by the Sterling Remedy Company, and
never sold in bulk. Every tablet stamped
ort less than $15 W
$7.5 0
HI" I 600 pair Man's i
2 Tronsara,
nVV malal for
The Great Plymouth Clothing House. Nicollet and Sixth
Portland, Maine
and Return
in The
Journal Next
Tickets on sal* daily.
good returning^ until
September 30.
Proportionatelylow rates
to numerous Canada, *f
New York and New Eng- *~T
land points.
Let UB give you full in
formation and tell you of
our new trains and new
City Tloket Office
3rd and Nleellet. or
City Rase. Agent,
iTh Journal carries most *was
every day in the week. "There** a

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