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scenes are laid in Wyoming
an Montana at the time of the
Sioux uprising in 1876, and the story
culminates in a dramatic description
of the Custer Massacre. Into the
breathless narrative has been woven
a charming love story of the absorb
ing kind in which Mr. Parrish excels,
with a mystery for the reader to unravel.
Illustrated in color by Arthur I. Keller
A. C. McCLURG & CO., Chicago
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I will send free, with full instructions, some
of this simple preparation for the cure of
Leucorthoea, Llceration Displacements. Falling
of the Womb. Scantv or Painful Periods, Ttv
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Creeping feeling up the 'Spine, Pain in the Back,
and all Femnle Troubles, to nil Bending ad
dress To mothers of suffering daughters I will
explain a Successful Home Treatment. If you
decide to continue it will only cost about 12
cents a week to guarantee a cure. Tell other
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terested write now and tell vour suffering
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428, otr Dame, Ind.
Mrs. Sage Doubles the Amounts
Given to the Other Relatives
and Beneficiaries.
Journal Special Service.
New York, Sept. 22.-Russell Sage's
will, leaving the bulk of his $70,000,-
000 estate to Mrs. Sage, the widow, and
bequeathing $25,000 to each of his
nephews and nieces, was admitted to
probate by Surrogate Fitzgerald. There
was no contest.
Robert W. De Forest balked at the
word compromise'' when he was
asked why the objectors were not in
i evidence, and issued a typewritten
statement which said:
"Assuming no contest of Mr. Sage's
twill, Mrs. Sage has intended and in
tends to give to each of Mr. Sage's
relatives, beneficiaries under his will,
an additional amount equal to his or
her legacy and to do this as soon as pos
sible after her qualification as ex
ecutrix. This intention has been
stated by her counsel, De Forest Broth
ers, to such of the legatees as have,
made inquiry."
"And there is nothing behind it,'*
added Mr. De Forest when he was be
sieged with questions at his office later.
Sophomores Try to Capture Fresh
man President, but Make
Serious Mistake.
Journal Speoial Service.
Oberlin, Ohio, Sept. 22.Six mem
bers of the sophomore class in Oberlin
college captured a freshman and took
him to Miss Morrison's boarding house.
After taking off most of his clothes
they gagged and bound him, put him in
a large corn sack and after tyin a
large pumpkin to each foot, they left
him. They then set the electric bells
to ringing all over the house. The
girl students, thinking the house was on
fire, made a desperate rush for the
Instead of getting the president of
the freshman class asthey had supposed,
the sophs had captured one of their
own class, who had been sleeping in
the room where the freshman was sup
posed to be.
The victim was in a pitiable condi
tion when released.
Journal Special Service.
New York, Sept. 22.A runaway ele
vator in the New York nurses' home
carried Miss Sophie Higginbotham,
aged 28, one of the occupants of the
home, to death.
As soon as the car started there was
a tearing sound from the cables above.
The negro elevator boy, Will Rawlins,
pulled at the wire rope by which the
electric current is regulated, but the
car, instead of stopping, shot upward
with increasing speed. With terrific
force the elevator crashed into the iron
framework at the top of the shaft. The
impact threw Miss Higginbotham and
the negro to the floor.
Rawlins leaped to his feet and scram
bled over the gate. He and a woman
who ran up pulled Miss Higginbotham
half way thru the gate, when the last
strand of the cables broke. Down shot
the elevator with Miss Higginbotham
wedged between the framework of the
car and the shaft. When the car set
tled at the bottom, Miss Higginbotham
was dead.
Journal Special Service.
Indian Orchard, Mass., Sept. 22.An
old-fashioned safe or strong box which,
in the fifties, belonged to John Brown,
and is believed to have been the recep
tacle for documents relating to the un
derstanding between Brown and Mas
sachusetts men that resulted in the
former going to Kansas and playing a
part in the border ruffian war of 1858,
was found hidden in the barn of Henry
A. Braman at "Winsted, Conn.
When John Brown left Springfield
for Kansas, George Enworth, who was
in the teaming business, took the safe
and a cherry desk for a debt. In 1856
he sold both to the late Lucian B.
Lillis, father of Dexter P. Lillis. Mr.
Lillis kept the desk, which was later
destroyed by fire, but sold the safe to
Mr. Braman.
Special to The Journal.
Winnipeg, Man., Sept. 22.A com
mittee of the striking building trades
met the builders today, but arbitration
between the plumbers and their masters
would not be discussed by the employ
ers, and the delegates were practically
informed that all trades will have to
go to work immediately. The building
exchange has no remedy to offer the
men, and proposes closing down all
work for the season, leaving the men
to get work in some other town. The
announcement has spread consterna
tion in the ranks of the unions.
Brussels, Sept. 21.Buffalo Bill's
wild west show closed a four years'
tour of Europe with a performance
here. Colonel Cody sailed from Ant
werp today, the rest of the troupe and
the material following Oct. 6, to com
mence the last American tour of the
show before the retirement of Colonel
Special to The Journal,
Forest City, Iowa, Sept. 22.The 4-
year-old son of P. Branstad, residing
on a farm between this city and the
village of Leland, was drowned in a
peculiar manner. While feeding the
chickens the boy accidentlly dropped
a tin cup into a small barrel of water,
and in trying to recover it fell into
the barrel head first and was drowned.
Washington, Sept. 22.A conference
was held in the office of the American
Federation of Labor between Presi
dent Gompers of the federation George
Smith, candidate for congress in the
fifth Maryland district Edwin Hirsch,
president of the Baltimore Federation
of Labor H. L. Eichelberger, the fed
eration's organizer for Maryland, and
Thomas F. Tracy. A statement issued
by the federation later declared:
"Every honorable effect should be
made for the defeat of Congressman
Mucld. Messrs. Eichelberger and
Hirsch will immediately return to Bal
timore and begin an active campaign
against Mr. Mudd."
Suit Brought by State Against Waters
Pierce Oil Company.
Austin, Texas, Sept. 22.The Waters
Pierce Oil company of St. Louis is de
fendant in a suit filed by the state of
Texas, praying for ouster proceedings,
lecalling of a permit granted in 1900 to
do business in the state and judgment
for $5,228,400 in penalties for violat
ing the anti-trust laws of the state.
The suit is directly resultant from in
vestigations made by the attorney gen
eral's office here covering a period of
four months and numerous visits to St.
Louis, Chicago and Arkansas points.
Saturday Evening, THE MINNEAPOLIS ^fRNAll September
Defective Page
Lasting Results
from using
I am blessed with an abundance of long hair and I use the
utmost care in the preservation of it. I have never found any-
thing that pleases me as much as Newbro's Herpicide. It keeps
the scalp clean and sanitary and adds a luxurious appearance to
my hair that no other preparation will give. I consider it most
delightful to use and I can truly say that I prefer it above all
other preparations for the hair. I like your soap also and can
recommend both highly to any lady who wishes a good head of
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Cleveland, Ohio.
While it is not natural for everyone to have extremely long hair* it is possible for every
lad to have beautiful hair, for when the scalp is not diseased, theiiair will grow naturally and
abundantly. ^UH1
The chief disease of the scalp is dandruffwhich is highly, contagiousand dandrun is
now known to be caused by an invisible vegetable growth called the dandruff germ. Ordin-
arily, the first signs of scalp infection are dryness, dullness and brittleness of the hair, al-
though the disease sometimes causes excessive oiliness. Following this, the hair loses its
lustre, the scalp itches more or less and dandruff appears. Falling hair and baldness represent
the last stages of hair destruction.
Newbro's Herpicidethe original remedy that kills the dandruff germ-will cure any
stage of this disease, except chronic baldness, which is incurable. Herpicide not only destroys
the dandruff germ and stops falling hair, but it is a most exquisite hair dressing, making the
hair light and fluffy and giving it a silken gloss. Almost marvelous results sometimes follow
the continued use of Herpicide. It stops itching of the scalp almost instantly..
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He Leaves Several Bequests for Public
Saginaw, Mich., Sept. 22.The will
of the late ex-Governor A. T. Bliss
makes a number of bequests to educa
tional and other institutions, including
the following:
Albion college, $30,000 Alma college.
$10,000 Old Ladies' Home of Oneida.
N. Y., $5,000, and the city of Saginaw.
$20,000 for the beautification of Bliss
park. Mrs. Bliss, the widow, is made
the preferred legatee under the will,
with $100,000, and Dr. L. W. Bliss, a
brother, is left $40,000.
Attorneys state that there are a num
ber of heavy obligations outstanding,
and that it is doubtful if enough will
be realized to for all the be
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications, as they cannot reach the
diseased portion of the ear. There Is only one
way to cure deafness, and that is by consti
tutional remedies. Deafness is caused by an in
flamed condition of the mucqus lining of the
Eustachian Tube. When this tube is in
flamed you have a rumbling sound or imperfect
heaiitig, and when it is entirely closet:, deafness
is the result, and unless the inflammation can be
taken out and this tube restored to Its normal
condition, hearing will be destroyed forever
nine cases out of ten are caused by catarrh,
which is nothing but an inflamed condition of
the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred D611ars for any
case ot Deafness (Caused by catarrh) that can
not be cmed by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for
circulars free.
F. J. CH.ENEt & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
There are two classes of remedies those of known qual
ity and which are permanently beneficial in effect, acting
gently, in harmony with natnre, when nature needs assist
ance and another class, composed of preparations of
unknown, uncertain and inferior character, acting tempo
rarily, but injuriously, as a result of forcing the natural
functions unnecessarily. One of the most exceptional Qf
the remedies of known quality and excellence is the ever
pleasant Syrup of Figs, manufactured by the California
Fig Syrup Co., which represents the active principles of
plants, known to act most beneficially, in a pleasant syrup,
in which the wholesome Californian blue figs are used to con-
tribute their rich, yet delicate, fruity flavor. It is the remedy
of all remedies to sweeten and refresh and cleanse the system
gently and naturally, and to assist one in overcoming consti
pation and the many ills resulting therefrom. Its active princi
ples and quality are known to physicians generally, and the
remedy has therefore met with their approval, as well as with
the favor of many millions of well informed persons who know
of their own personal knowledge and from actual experience
that it is a most excellent laxative remedy. We do not claim that
it will cure all manner of ills, but recommend it for what it really
represents, a laxative remedy of known quality and excellence,
containing nothing of an objectionable or injurious character.
There are two classes of purchasers those who are informed
as to the quality of what they,huy and the reasons for the excellence
of articles of exceptional merit, and who do not lack courage to go
elsewhere when a dealer offers an imitation of any well known
article but, unfortunately, there are some people who do not know,
and who allow themselves to be imposed upon. They cannot expect
its beneficial effects if they do not get the genuine remedy.
To the credit of the druggists of the United States be it said
that nearly all them value their reputation for professional
integrity and the good will of their customers too highly to offer
imitations of the u/.i,. J"
GenuineSyrup of Pigs
manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co., and in order to
buy the genuine article and to get its beneficial effects, one has
only to note, when purchasing, the full name of the Company
California Fig Syrup Co.plainly printed on the front of every
package. Price, 50c per bottle. One size only. +t
ini :^&<M
"The garden of the Lord."Roosevelt.
Have you been reading the Vanderhoof
letters on Texas in this newspaper? They
point to opportunities in a new field.
We can give you information which will
be worth dollars and cents to you. Write
A i
Jennie A. Abbott.
Gentleman's Speedster
We Can Deliver Maxwell Cars Promptly.
418-420 Third Ave. South
Oar Daylight Tram
to Chicago
Departing from Minneapolis at 7:30
a. m. daily, the Turlington follows the
MississippiFather of .Watersway
down into Illinois, affording the most
beautiful bluff and river scenic ride in
the country. It is also a cool ride.
The Observation-Parlor car and
Club-Cafe car on this train add every
advantage and comfort to your
thorough enjoyment.
Burlington Service.
Notice Is hereby given that I will offer for
sale at public auction, at the State Capitol, In
St Paul, on the 11th day of October, A. D.
1906, at 10 o'clock In the forenoon, certain tim
ber belonging the State and liable to waste.
An official copy of the list of lands upon
which said timber Is situated will be furnished
by me to all applicants on and after the 17th
day of September, A. D. 1906. Said list will
be published in connection with this notice, once
a week tor three weeks next prior to said sale.
Dated, St. Paul, Minn., this 11th da of
August, A.- D. 1906.
8. 8. IVBRSON,
-*_ -Jltata Auditor.
,.,-AfrA. C..
Go East via the Burlington Route and
Chicago. Low round trip rates in effect.
Ask about them.
You see on the road and
streets. It's here for your
Ticket Office: Cor. Third and Nicol
let Avenue, Minneapolis. Both phones.
F. M. Sugg, Northwestern Passenger
Agent, St. Paul/
An Old Line Life Ins. Co.,
will make General Agents'
Contracts with, good man im
North Dakota and Minne
vAddress 9273 Journal.

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