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A $50.00 Beaverine Fur
Trimmed Overcoat for
More Durable, Warmer.
Just as rich, handsome and
stylish in appearance. Can
not be distinguished from a
$250 plucked otter or beaver
lined coat. This garment is
52 inches in length. The
shell an American woolen
mill strictly all wool fast
black kersey, lined with our
patent Beaverine plush,
which matches the genuine
southern beaver collar. Must
be seen to be appreciated.
We will send it to you for
$35.00 C. 0. D., with privi
lege of examination. If not
as represented, or satisfac
tory, leave it at the express
We make same coat with
black plush lining, muskrat
collar and edge. A beauty for
$30.00. In ordering give
your height and weight and
size of your suit coat. Ad
The Beaverine
Coat Co.
Minneapolis, Minn.
Rejected Suitor Shoots woman in
Presence of Sixty Pupils
Kills Self.
Cleveland, Ohio. Oct. 4.In the pres
ence of sixty pupils in the South Euclid
school, Harry Smith, 25 years old, yes
terday shot and killed Miss Mary Shep
Jird, a teacher, 22 years old. Cornered
behind the barn in the rear of his home
in Warrensville, Smith shot himself
thru the head, dying instantly.
Disappointment in love is said to
have been the motive for the murder.
Smith, who was a fourth cousin to Miss
Shopard, had wooed her and was re
acted. He brooded over this. Kesign
me his position, he bought a revolver
and went to the South Euclid school.
Miss Shepard responded to his knock
at the door. For a few moments he
talked to her in the hall.
Suddenly he drew his revolver, placed
it against her head and fired twice,
both bullets crashing thru her brain.
Panic spread among the pupils, who
rushed screaming from the building.
Some of the girls fainted.
Smith leisurely walked away and
boarded a car for Warrensville, a posse
in pursuit.
Journal Special Service.
New York, Oct.,11.The former Jo
seph Jefferson homestead at Hohokus,
N. J., was sold yesterday by Sheriff
Mercer at Hackensack under fore
closure proceedings. The purchaser was
Dr. Horace Enos. The purchase price
barely covers the mortgage, interest
and fees.
Made Sound by Eating Grape-Nuts.
Proper food nourishes every part of
the body, because Nature selects the
different materials from the food wo
eat, to build bone, nerve, brain, muscle,
teeth, etc.
All we need is to eat the right kind
of food slowlychewing it wellour
digestive organs take it up into the
blood and the blood carries it all
through the body, to every little nook
and corner.
If some one would ask you, "Is
Grape-Nuts good for loose teeth?",
you\l probably say, "No, I don't see
how it could be.'' But a woman in On
tario writes:
"For the past two years I have used
Grape-Nuts food with most excellent
results. It seems to take the place of
medicine in many ways, builds up the
nerves and restores the health gener
A little Grape-Nuts taken before re
tiring soothes my nerves and gives
sound sleep." (Because it relieves ir
ritability of the stomach nerves, being
a predigested food).
''Before I used Grape-Nuts my teeth
were loose the gums. They were so
bad I was afraid they would some day
all fall out. Since I have used Grape
Nuts I have not been bothered any
more with loose teeth.
"All desire for pastry has disap
peared and I have gained in health,
weight and happiness since I began to
use Grape-Nuts." Name given by
Postum Co., Battle Creek, Mich. Get
the famous little book, "The Road to
Wellville," in pkgs. "There's a rea-
Begins Libel Suit Against Harms
worth Magazine in the Dub
lin Courts.
Dublin, Oct. 11.Eichard Croker yes
terday formally inaugurated the libel
suit which will bring to a definite issue
the question whether he used his posi
tion as chief of Tammany Hall for pur
poses of financial profit. The suit is
against a London magazine which pub
lishes in its current number a scathing
article against the growth of so-called
Tammanyism in England, incidentally
detailing the operations of Tweed and
Croker in New York.
Cioker's affidavit makes a sweeping
denial of any wrongdoing while head
of Tammany Hall, and especially de
nies that he used the organization for
purposes of extortion or personal profit.
The case will be tried before an
Irish jury and is expected to attract
much attention owing to the issue over
the honesty of Tammany's administra
Notable Talent Enlisted.
That a notable array of lawyers will
be retained is indicated by the tact that
Mr. Croker's chief counsel is James W,
M. Campbell, K. C, who represented
Dublin university in the house of com
mons and who was successively solicitor
fgeneral and attorney general for Iie
and under the late Balfour govern
Mr. Campbell applied in the Four
Courts here yesterday for permission
to serv a writ on the Amalgamated
Pi ess, publisheis of the magazine. The
Amalgamated Press is one of the
Harmsworth companies, with headquar
ters in London, so it was necessary to
obtain the sanction of the court to
serve the writ outside the court's jur
isdiction. Mr. Campbell pointed out
that the Dublin agents of the defend
ant had aheady been served with a
writ in behalf of the plaintiff. Mr.
Croker, he said, sought, in addition to.
recovering damages, to restrain the de
fendants from publishing certain'' gross
and defamatory statements concerning
him" under the heading of "Tammany
Writ May Be Served.
Justice Gibbon gave counsel permis
sion to serve the writ on the secretary
of the Amalgamated Press.
New Vessels to Have Greater Of
fensive Fire Than Any Two
Other Ships.
London, Oct. 11.The Daily Tele
graph says that three armored cruisers
now under construction, the Inflexible
and Indomitable on the Clyde and the
Invincible at Elswick, about which
much secrecy has been maintained by
tue admiralty, are in reality battleships
of as heavy broadside fire as the Dread
naught, but very much faster. These
vessels will, in fact, be the most won
deful ships ever built for any navy in
tliat they will have greater offensive
power than any two battleships now in
commission in anv fleet in the world,
combined with extraordinary speed far
in excess of anything hitherto attained.
The following are the dimensions of
these vessels: Displacement, 17,250
tons length, 530 feet breadth, 78%
feet mean draught, 26 feet weight of
the hull, including armor and backing,
11,100 tons. Each vessel will carry
new 12-inch guns.
Altho these vessels have each two
guns less than the Dieadnaught, the
Daily Telegraph continues, they will
have equal power in broadside fire, due
to a new arrangement of the guns, four
in two baibettes fore and aft with a
training arc enabling them to be used
on either side, and four more in two
barbettes placed en echelon in the cen
ter of the ship BO as to bear on either
beam, ahead or astern.
They thus-will have six guns for fire
ahead or astern, and they will be able
to bring the entire armament of eight
guns to bear to either port or star
board. Consequently the fire of these
vessels in chasing will be as heavy as
the head or stern fire of any three for
eign battleships, while on the beam it
wul equal that of any two other battle
The vessels are designed for a speed
of twenty-five knots, and may attain
twenty-seven knots on their trials. Thev
will be propelled by turbine engines.
The construction of the hulls follows
the same piinciples as adopted in the
Dreadnaught, but they are less heavily
Philadelphia, Oct. 11.According to
the Public Ledger Henry K. Wampole,
the drug manufacturer whose body was
found recently in the East river, New
York, died an embezzler of a large sum
of money. It is asserted that Wam
pole robbed his business partners sys
tematically of at least $300,000. The
assets of the Wampole company aie
ample to meet all obligations.
The first intimation that the oth^r
members of the company had that their
money had been taken without their
knowledge was a few davs previous to
the finding of Wampole's body. Wam
pole called his partners together and
told them he had used the firm's
money, but to what extent he did not
state. An investigation was begun,
which is still in progress.
Wampole then left the citv in care
of a physician and later his body was
found in the river at New York. His
system was to obtain money on one
note to renew older ones which were
Deshler, Ohio, Oct. 11.Orson Broka,
a young farmer, has been arrested by
Sheriff John of Napoleon on a warrant
charging him with murder in the first
Miss Jennie Dicker, said to have been
Broka's sweetheart, took a quantity of
toiso a week ago and died five days
The warrant was sworn out by
John Miller, brother-in-law of the dead
girl, who alleges that Broka bought the
arsenic for the girl with the knowledge
that she would attempt self destruction.
The young man was given a hearing
before Squire Mulcahey and held to
the grand jury.
The trouble is said to have arisen
over the objections of the parents of
the couple to a marriage, i s.^\
t.s^m J"^^ aJS&^f*??-^ Thursday Evefting, THE MINNEAPOLIS JOURNAL:
t*,vJ JL^***
Women's Faney Hosiery, with silk em
broidered ankles. Usual price g*
19c a pair, special Friday I IjC
and Saturday, per pair
2 pairs for 2Bo
Women's Long Coats
One warm and handsome 56-inch coat is made from a strictly
all wool cheviot cloth, lined throughout with satin of
excellent quality. I has a handsome shawl collar of
marten fur. Will be offered as a special value fl t ff
Friday and Saturday for *r
THE PEOPLE in our Millinery Parlors study the indi
vidual, have hats for every type of face, and display
notable taste in advising selections.
The new models in dress and
street hats are in many styles,
with the tendency to long,
drooping effects perhaps most
pronounced. Our showing
is very large this year.
The small black hoods, trimmed with wings and large ostrich
plumes, are an original and attractive style. We are show
ing these at from $7.50 to $18.
Our $5 hats are noted for style and exceptional
value. We show some 200 trimmed hats in
colors, and about one hundred in black for
Friday and Saturday at
A pleasing line of silik velvet bats, shirred and
draped, in many colors. Values to $3 for
Robe BlanketsA large as
sortment of fancy German
robe blankets, whose val
ue runs as high as $3.50,
are offered at, per pair,
Dickinson and Gadd Arraigned
Murder of Miss Blydenburgh.
ffO O^s Handsome coats of fancy mixed woolen
POa7eJ cloth, in three distinct patterns. Sizes 10
to 14, in shoe-top lengths, a full, loose model specially priced
for Friday and Saturday at $8.95.
1 f\A strictly all wool panne cheviot coat, 40 inches
tPVf long, half lined with flannel, sleeves lined with
satin. An unusually full model. In green, blue and red. $12
value for $10.
Autumn Millinery of Great Merit
leazledown Blankets11-4
size in a good grade of
gray teazledown, with
fancy borders, are offered
at, per pair
Des Moines. Oct. 11.Dr. E. E.
Gadd, i well-known physician, and H.
B. Dickinson, a prominent insurance
agent, indicted for the murder of Irene
$ '-j-wasEaancm
MAM raM 1MB Mar
*MU4M.MttM.te..A. ^Nn&^sSffir
tVjtaS,f &i,itib&3!h
Dayton Dry Goods Co. Seventh and Nicollet
Blydenburgh, pleaded not guilty to the
charge in district court yesterday.
Their defense will be largely technical,
as neither has denied acquaintance
with the murdered girl. They assert,
however, that the girl herself per
formed the operation that caused her
death, and that they were simply seek
ing to save her life.
We want every housekeeper in America
to know the story of
This story contains two vital points that will interest you.
If glgfe^jM^LU PA^TTERNS^fOJI, NOVEMBER,, 10c AND 1Bc| ?/'I ^SK^
coats, in ankle lengths, double-
*P*J breasted, with storm collar. A good 5*avy weight
coat for winter. Blue and red onlj. Sizes 6 to 14 years, $5.
ffi*Tf CLf| A- shoe-top length cheviot coat in sizes 6
*JVJJ to 14 years. Handsome double-breasted
style in blue and red colors, made with high storm collar. An
unusual value.
The name Pillsbury" means always the best. Pillsbury's
VITOS is simply the white heart of the wheat berry
it is the real food vahie of the wheat.
At all grocers
Goods Advertised Will Be ot Sale Friday and Saturday.
Fall Fashions Strong in Quality
HER ATTIRE the discerning woman demands style, and also quality. This last attribute is recognized as of vital importance by this store,
one of those handsome garments that are winning admiration at our Opening is strong in quality. The suit, coat or skirt whose appearance pleases
you when you inspect it on our second floor can be purchased with the confident assurance that it will retain its style, hang, color and beauty when worn
Voile Walking Skirts.
These are made from Altman's
choicest voile in a new
plaited model, with silk
waist bands. In black only.
sizes j)Xfl!l'vf
Children's Winter Coats
Walking Skirts Worth $7.50 to $1*4.50 for $5.98.
We have offered many strikingly good values in walking skirts before, and they have been appreciated. We have, however,
never been able to secure so great a value as we shall offer you on Friday morning. All are new and up-to-date models in
voiles, panamas, fancy mixtures, checks and plaid woolens. Bought under ordinary conditions they^
$10 $12 and $14.50 each, but we bought them under extraordinary conditions and group them
all in one lot at $5.98. Sizes are regular, 39 to 43. There are from one to nine of a kind, and
the whole number is limited. Early buyers Friday will find themselves amply repaid for their
visit, as these skirts have not been Bhown before and cannot last long at the price
Warm Bedding Opportunely Offered Friday and Saturday
With shelves and counters piled high with reliable goods, ourv bedding department has a message of comfort
and economy for every housekeeper.
Bradford BlanketsIn gray
and also white, a large
sized blanket in a beauti
ful, soft Lansdowne fin
ish. Per pair$2.50 and
A 15c package of Pillsbury*9 Best
Breakfast Cereal contains the mater
m~mmmmm ial for 12 lbs. of incomparable food
at a cost of 1% cents a pound. The ordinary ready
to-eat cereals costing 10 cents contain usually less than
one pound of prepared food. Is not the story of the
'White Heart** interesting to you?
Continue reading it and learn why VITOS is
so economicalso good. It will appear in
this paper twice a week, printed in the heart
shape design. Look for it.
A^-sCi **Jl
i*r S^ir
Defective Page
11# 1900*
Bed PillowsFull sized bed
pillows, strictly feather
filled, covered with fancy
blue and white art tick
ing. $2 value, pair
London, Oct. 11.The Constantinople cor
respondent of the Daily Telegraph says that he
understands upon excellent authority that John
A. Leishman, tne American ambassador to
Turkey, will approve the proposed increase of a
3 per cent customs surtax, as regards American
products, on the porte's acceptance of certain
American demands. This attitude, the corres
pondent adds is causing uneasiness in official
circles in Constantinople.
The Story of
New Tailored Suits.
A masterly showing of correct styles in tailored suits is now made on our second ftodr. The
variety of models affords great latitude for the exercise of individual taste, but all are
in harmony with Fashion's mandates. Styles run the scale ffom the short, tight-fitting
jacket suits to long, loose coat models. Broadcloths are extensively used, and we are
also showing very clever styles in cheviots and in the &Ot% f-^^ CC
fancy plaid mixtures. Prices range from $463 O pOO
Electric Seal Jackets, 24 inches long, lined with Skinner's
made with high storm collar and revers. Sizes 36
to 42. Specially priced at
he would bring $7.50
Fur Jackets and Scarfs
Near Seal Blouse Jackets, best quality, with two striped mink
collar, cuff and revers. Silk girdle belt.
All sizes
Krimmer Jackets22-inch length styles in the small, close curl
white fur. Double-breasted models with storm collars.
Sizes 32, 34 and 36. Friday and
Sable Fox Scarfs of large fluffy fur, with two
large bush tails. Price
ComfortersFine, laminated cotton
down comforters, very soft, light
and fluffy, covered in beautifully
patterned materials, designs ex
clusive to us. Each
are already
New Challigs
32 inches wide, these look just like wool,
exquisite patterns, all the new Persian
Butterfly Patterns. Excel- g\^
lent value, special at per II{*
yard -*x^^
Our New Kid Gloves
The Empress
The Princess
We are this Fall introducing two
new brands of Ladies' Kid
Gloyes, made expressly for the
Dayton Dry Goods Co. in France.
These Gloves: The Empress and The
'Trincess, possess exceptional excell
ence in style, material and fit, and
will, we think, find speedy favor
among' discriminating Glove buyers.
We should be plemsid to dem
onstrate their merits to you
at our Glove counter.
New Fall arrivals in Trefousse,
Alexandre, Perrin's, Dent's
and Fisk's Kid Gloves.
PillowsWe carry a full
line of the celebrated
Emerich guaranteed pil
lows. Ask about them
and secure our price
Dayton Dry Goods Co.
All Trains October 19th.
Good Returning Within 30 Days.
BUFFALO, N. Y. $31.35
Proportionately low rates to numerous
other points in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois,
Michigan, Kentucky, New York and
West Virginia.
Call at the office or telephone for full information and rates to
particular points.
Burlington Route Ticket Offices, corner
Third and Nicollet Ave., and Union Depot.
Phones, N. Wr Main,860 T. 311, or address
N. W. Pass. Agt. C, B. & Q. Ry.
/St. Paul, Minn. n^T:
There Is an art in writing a Journal want ad for a servant. Many servants 3$
idy employed, but are looking for better positions. "State the advah- A
taes of the position you offer when you advertise
K{55wt Jq%,

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