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The Minneapolis journal. (Minneapolis, Minn.) 1888-1939, October 12, 1906, Image 13

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y-'^TF* V--VV1-*
Cu Pric Sna
324 Nicollet Ave.
Friday Evening,
iS"' w^^iJS
Foot Bal Good
Leather Foot Balls complete, with bladder,
regular price $1.00, now
Leather Foot Balls complete, with guaranteed
bladder, regular price $1.50, now
Leather Foot Balls complete, with guaranteed
bladder, regular price $3.00, now
Genuine Moleskin Foot Ball Pants, regular
price $3.50^ now
White Oanvas Heavy Foot Ball Pants, regular
price $1.50, now
Heavy Shaker Knit Sweaters, regular price
$6.00, now
Fine, Heavy Weight Sweaters, regular price
$4.50, now
Medium Weight All-Wool Sweaters, regular
price $3.00, now
Shin Guards, 25 39c 75 $1.00.
Guns, Ammunition, Hunting Clothing, Etc.
The Largest Stock In the Northwest to Select From..
Print3ess" Cpats
Handsome Day and Evening Coats, Actual
Values to $25 and $30, at $19.50
Minneapolis Dry Goods C^
Concerning the Shle qf'^'^W^^
the very complete and extensive prepa-
rations made for this selling event, we feel that an apology
is due many of our patrons who were unable to secure the
particular coloring of garment which they most desired, owing to
the heavy demand which early exhausted the supply on hand of one
or two certain colors. _,.,...
However, we wish to assure everyone that with these very
very few exceptions, there is still to be found a generous assort-
ment of garments in the blacks arid nearly all the colors prevailing
at the beginning of this sale.
There is a full complement of sizes, as well as an unbroken as-
sortment of the various mentioned models.
There is certainly great satisfaction in the knowledge that one
is both well dressed and becomingly dressed. Some wise person
has said that knowing this, "gives poise, self-possession and grace
of manner," and we will not dispute it, for we believe it. Those
who wear "Printzess" garments know their true value. The ma-
terials of which they are made are the best, the trimming effects
most pleasing, the models absolutely correct, the workmanship
They come in the long, dressy, full length styles and are made
of fine broadcloth and lined throughout with satin. Sleeves are full
and tucked into braided turned back cuffs. There are beautiful
trimmings of velvet and silk braid, fancy yokes, back and front, and
plaited effects most pleasing. Some have standup velvet braided
collars, while others have collarless neck outlined with scalloped
velvet and trimmed with soutache and wide braid. Many have
velvet cuffs trimmed to match neck.
Each model is expressive and distinctive, quite the most allur-
ing offerings we have made in many a long day, if indeed we have
in the past, equaled them.
Your Choice of These Coats at the One Price, $19.50
Second Floor
$4.00 $2.50
From I
Made in New York
ALL StreetThe WaldorfThe
Horse Show Delmonico's all
mean "Correct Clothes for Men." i
There are many Alfred Benjamin & Co.
Clothes in these
Don't wear last year's models, now
being copied by other makers. Wear to-
day's New York Styles--made by Alfred
Benjamin & Co.
famous places
for they are lead
ers in Styles.
Correct Xlothes for Men]
Winchendon, Mass., Oct. 12.Har:TV
Wood, suspected of having shot am
killed his sister-in-law, Mrs. Ira Wood,
at her home here last night, was found
at his home in bed early today with
his throat cut. The wound is not dan-
Exclusive Agent Here. .v\
E. G. Barnaby &
4th. St. and Mcollet Avef
erous. Later Wood was arrested on
charge of murder.
Near the bed in which Wood was
lying was a loaded shotgun, and in the
roadbetween the house and _ra Wood's
residence was found a shell which fitted
this gun. Mrs. Wood was killed by a
charge from a shotgun.
The motive for the crime is not
known. Wood would say nothing about
the affair.
Peterman Would Have Burned to Death
in Oar, but for Animal.
Special to The Journal.
Brookings, S. D., Oct. 12.A farmer
named Peterman, a former resident of
Gettysburg, S. D., while moving to Bl
roy, Wis., lost by Are his household
goods, six. fine horses and one cow at
this place last night. A frelghtcar
containing the property caught fire
while Peterman was asleep, and a
young colt tramping over him aroused
him or he also might have been suffo
cated. Peterman managed to get the
little colt out of the car. He had re
cently sold his farm near Gettysburg,
and sent his family east. He believes
his wife secreted $600 in the car rather,
than take it with her, but is not cer
been ready to
do anything that will 'help out the
"old Bchool.'' Most of them have
represented, the school, in football or
on the track, and since graduation have
coached the youngstep when oppor
tunity offered. ix?:
Last fall fhey gave an alumni din
ner to the members of the East high
school football team, and this, together
with other meetings, did wonderti in
arousing the spirit of East high stu
dents". They helped the basketball team
arid in the spring got out on the cin
der path and worked hand in hand with
the track squad. The fine showing
made by East high in the final meets
of the year can, in great measure, be
traced directly to this work of the
alumni, and all concerned feel~that the
system should be continued with added
vigor this season.
With this broad platform as a founda
tion for the year's work, the new East
Side Athletic club will be launched
this evening at the home of Boy Wil
liams, Seventh street SE.
The eep Se*
comes to Minneapolis. Lynnhaven Spe
cial Oysters. None others have the
flavor, and are to be found only at
Zahnen'a, No 8 Washington avenue, op
posite the Nicollet house.
'Texas aitd Louisiana $27.50.
Tickets on sale via the Minneapolis
& St. Louis railroad to Galveston,
Houston, Sari Antonio, Beaumont and
Port Arthur, Tex., New Orleans and
Lake Charles, La. Dates of sale, first
and third Tuesdays pf each month, limr
ited to thirty days. Liberal"stop-over
privileges. Rates equally Jtew to points
in the west and southwest. For full
-particulars call on J. G. Bickel, G. P.
and T. A., 424 Nicollet avenue^
lan to. give several dancing parties
the year besides a number of
stag dinners and theiter parties.
Besides these interests, the new club
has a broad field of action. Its mem
bers are loyal alumni of the East high
school and have always:
A dozen alumni of the East high
school have started a movement to or
ganize an East Side athletic club. Offity
those who have attended the East high
school are to be admitted to member
ship, and these will be selected on the
grounds of good fellowship and ath
letic ability.
The club will obtain quarters in some
central location in Southeast Minne
apolis and will furnish them with an
eye more to comfort than display. Sev-^
eral pieces of apparatus have already
been purchased and the rest will be
procured as soon as the club is in work
ing order.
Athletics will not be the sole object
of the new organization. The founders
Minneapolis bry~GoksF Co.
The St. Anthony Whist club came
into being Wednesday evening in the
rooms of the St. Anthony Commercial
club. A score of East Side whist play
ers were present and chose George Ten
nant as the first president of the or
ganization. The plans of the coming
year, as outlined by Mx. Tennant, were
in brief as follows:
The whist club will meet in the St.
Anthony clubrooms every Wednesday
evening during the winter. All mem
bers of the Commercial club will be in
vited. Prizes will, be given at each
meeting to the winning side and a final
prize is offered to the member making
the best showing thru the season. A
club team will be selected to play with
other whist clubs, of the twin cities,
and this will be chosen according to
the record of the club members during
thjei next few weeks.
'Two sides were chosen Wednesday
evening, arid these were termed "North
and South and East and West''
teams. The latter team won the eve
ning's play by ten points. The score:
"North and South," Smith and Laird,
100 Dodds and Beyl, 91 Schadde and
Williams, 99 Tennant and Cedarstrom.
106V average, 99. "East and West,''
Copeland and Freeman, 108: Piatt and
Washburn, 117: Conroy and Donahue,
iro a
109 Fox and Nichols,,102 102 average, 109
Home Visitors' Excursions
Via Wisconsin Central.
Louisvillei Ky., and return .$26.00
Pittsburg,- Pa.? and. return. 29.35
Clerelana, Ohio, and return.... 26.70
Detroit, Mich\. and return 23.70
Buffalo, N. T.,.and return..... 31.35
Cincinnati, Ohio, and return...-.. 26.00
Toronto, Ont., and return...... 31.35
Also numerous other points^ sale
Oct. 19th onlywith return limit Nov.
18th. Ticket office,' 230 Nicollet ave.
Day and Evening Classes now in session. All our Graduates assisted to
positions. Books and Supplies Free. Be sure to see our handsome new
prospectus before deciding on your school. It will be sent free upon re-
quest. -Write Kugg-.fc Boyce, 305 Central avenue, Minneapolis^ Mina.
Sunday Sptoials
Ice Cream
One quart, 40c two quarts, 75e
Delivered to your home Sunday.
Telephone factory, 215 2nd Av. SE.
FurSJned Coats Priced
Remarkably Close
An Assortment of Fur Lined Apparel Sure
to Incite Your Admiring Approval
HERE is an air of richness, comfort and stability about a
handsome fur lined coat which somehow places these gar-
ments in a class by themselves. This, particular group of
modish apparel constitutes an offering so very exceptional from the
viewpoint of quality, style and price, that it is sure to attract much
interest to this sale tomorrow
Not again will such an opportunity be offered in sterling ap-
parel, this season, for the goods cannot be bought today at this pur-
chase price, neither sold at these figures later. From among many
models we enumerate a few leaders. Be assured that workman-
ship, style and general excellence leave nothing to be desired in
their makeup,. i ^r
48-inch broadcloth coat, full back, suslicka lining, Gony collar,
A very beautiful garment. Full $25.00 r\ B"|V
value, at *P I Oil
48-inch broadcloth coat, suslicka lining. Opossum or River
Mink collar. A model much admired. d/^/^ A
A^orth $27.50. This sale.
48-inch broadcloth, full back, Russian Squirrel plate, Gpos^
sum and River Mink collar. ifficult~to match d/^P A
at $35.00. Our price......................:..... .H*t 5U
48-inch box coat of good broadcloth.* Blended and Natural
rat linings. Opossum and River Mink collars. 'til A 7
Coats like this are made to sell at $45. This sale..... 5v4./3
48-inch broadcloth coat, squirrel plate. Blended and Natural
squirrel collars. A beauty-makes one look like d* j(\ f\f\
a queen. At $50 it would be underpriced iPT"".!/!/
48-inch full coat of fine broadcloth". Dark squirrel tail plates.
Both blended and natural squirrel collars, also coon. You should
see this amazing value, for it is such, and *4iC*7 A
easily worth $65.06, at. Ju/i)U
48-inch broadcloth coat. Pjark squirrel back'lining. Natural
squirrel and Marten collars. A special 4t & A A
value at POp.UU
We Invite You to Inspect These Fur Lined Garments
I Second Floor
President, Fred. E.
Vke President, P.
P. E. Kenaston,
Louis Andersen,
Howard Dykman,
St. Anthony Falls Bank
v. Capital and Surplus, $200,000.00.
Deposits $ 1,250,000.00.
Whether Large or Small will receive
our careful Attention.
Whether One Dollar or more will re
ceive 3 per cent Interest compounded
four times each year.
HIRAM A. BORIVSR. President.
WILBUR F. DECKER, Vice President
JOSEPH E. WARE, Cashier.
Aaron OarVlson Josiah H. Chase
Wilbur F. Decker Henry T. Eddy
Andrew M. Hunter William Miller
Hiram A. ScrlTer
John F. Wilcox
Joseph B. Ware
Win. P. Washburn
William F. Webste!
Howell W. Xoung
*WI ^A i"iH#
East Side State Bank
of Minneapolis.
In THE CHUTE BLOCK, Corner University
and Central Avenues.
PAID IN CAPITAL $100,000.00.
Solicits Yor Easiness, Wbsthsr Large or Small. Ws Pay Interest on
Certificates of Deposit and in Our
Interest-Earning OFFICERS^
Barney Vice President, Isaac Hazlett
E. Kenaston Cashier, Howard Dykman
B. J. Couper, Isaac Hazlett,
Robert Jamison, Fred E. Barney,
H. R. Weesner, W. E. Satterlee.
On the
We handle only the highest sr&des of
Give Us a Trial Order.
Swain Transfer & Fnel Co.
store, near Fourth and Gentral steam heat good location./
Also other new stores near Seventh and Central avenue.
Apply to
7 University Avenue N. E.
408 and 813 14tk AT. S. E.-JBQTH PHONES.
Best lighted stores
in the'
city, double store adjoin
ing new East Side clothing.

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