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The Minneapolis journal. [volume] (Minneapolis, Minn.) 1888-1939, October 14, 1906, Part II, Editorial Section, Image 14

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Located on Cotiagewood Point, Facing Main Bay
Two Minutes by Boat to Deephaven Landing.
Improvements consist of a 9-room modern house, thoroughly
well built for Summer and Winter, having hardwood finish and
hardwood floors, bathroom, two fireplaces, basement, furnace, fine
porches, water furnished from central plant at Cottagewood.
There is a good boathouse and landing and the shore is rip-rapped
with stone. Ground 125 feet shore front, 187 feet deep also lot
in the rear 175x100, with good stable. The price of the property
is $7,000, and particularly easy terms will be made if taken with-
in thirty days. We have keys at our office and will be pleased to
show the property to prospective purchasers.
$6500NO. 2540 PLEASANT AVE.
Modern, full basement, two-story and attic, residence of nine rooms, besides
two bathrooms, with hot and cold water, porcelain tubs, etc. House heated by
team and lighted by gas, full sewer connections.
First floor rooms finished in hardwood, built-in sideboard in dining room,
hardwood floors throughout entire house. Finely decorated. Large front porch
screened Ornamental iron fence in front, lot all fenced in. Fine lawn ana
trees, storm windows and screens. Third floorattic finished and plastered.
A There Is an art In writing a Journal want ad for a servant. Many servants
are already employed, but are looking: for better positions. State the advan-
$ tages of the position you offer whan you advertise.
Lbout minutesT
T! iSS^ Z* ?^IZri}^down
Fashion rules investment in real es
tate. Real estate men are beginning
to appreciate the truth of this axiom.
It is becoming the fashion in Minne
apolis to invest in real estate. Beal
estate men in endeavoring to diagnose
the realty situation have come to the
conclusion that after all the real root
of what is improperly termed a
"boom" in real estate, meaning strong
activity, is the direct result of an edict
of fashion.
History of investment goes to show
that fashion rules. Stocks had their
inning, or fashion, as well as wheat.
The real investor, not the mere specu
lator, has been trying his hand in turn
at stocks, railroad bonds, wheat, farm
lands, and. has also let his money lie
in savings banks, accumulating small
quarterly interest. Fashion now de
crees that real estate is the thing. This
edict has been effective in eastern cit
ies for a long time, as it has also been
in Kansas City, Los Angeles and Win
nipeg. Minneapolis shows signs of get
ting into the swim. The result is going
to be a rapid increase in values, for
whatever fashion decrees shall be en
regie costs money. The demand makes
the value high and the best of the real
estate men predict that the signs of the
times are for equitable values first in
Minneapolis and then high values.
Advance Is Steady.
Everyone who studies the market at
all knows that values have been ad
vancing steadily in Minneapolis ever
since the city began to have a little
self-respect and a growing sense of its
importance in the commercial world,
and toward the northwest. These ad
vances have come naturally, and too
slowly for the impatient speculator and
investor.^ Several calculating and fore
sighted investors have been taking ad
vantage of the market for the last
twenty-four months or more, and now
the fashion-chasers are coming in.
The real estate market has reached
the shopping perioda sure indication
that the fashion has set in. This means
that when capitalists of any caliber
hove money to place, instead of sniffing
at real estate propositions as they have
done even within the memory of the
youngest firm in the realty business,
real estate seems to be the first sugges
tion that comes to them. They shop
around among the offices and investi
gate properties carefully. Another good
sign is that outside capital is taking
renewed interest in Minneapolis prop
erty. Advertising is having its effect.
News of new industries coming in has
been so thoroly published thruout the
country, and the amazingly low real es
tate values that capitalists and syndi
cates are looking this way. Any real
estate office will agree to this' state
Case in Point.
One instance may be the most effect
ive corroboration of the statement.
Edward J. O'Brien & Co. have just had
Buildings with brown stone trimmings three stories, 12 flats, rooms each,J with .bath, and water facinugl tw^
from West Hotel. Tirh fnvn iiwon i _T._ ^_ In^
3100 Holmes ave.
Modern nine-room house. Golden
oak finish. Hardwood floors, gas
and electric lights. Large bath
room and up-to-date plumbing.
Large fireplace. Economical heat
ing plant. Good basement. Screens
and storm sash. Another house at
cost, with a valuable lot thrown
$6200 No. 1913 Park ar. A
modern home at a bargain. Fin
ished in hardwood. Hardwood
floors: Steam heat. Gas. Good
plumbing. Large lot, 60x130.
$1,000 cash, balance on any rea
sonable terms to suit. A splendid
opportunity to secure an elegant
home much below actual v^lue.
P*w,uuu w puua. L.arge income and but little expenditure. A splendid property. You wilT be-pleased after seeine it. Price only *2b
t might consider other reai estate as part payment. Call or write, ^i %^-i$ &&i$fc& ^&C *l
V^^J EditorialSection.^!* THE MINNEAPOLIS TOURNAL. Sunday, October 14, 1906.
People with Idle Capital Turn from Stocks, Bonds, Savings
Banks and Documentary Investments and Now Buy
Real EstateRecent Deals Show Tendency-and Prices
Will Soon Advance.
opportunity to refuse an offer of
$90,000 cash for the property belonging
to Mrs. F. G. O'Brien at 715 Nicollet
avenue. The frontage is thirty-one and
the depth 132 feet, and only a short
time ago the property was bought at
$60,000. The proposal, which was re
fused last week, was made by a syndi
cate of La Crosse, Wis./capitalists.
While the fact that the fashion has
turned in favor of real estate invest
ment would be more satisfactorily en
forced by the announcement of several
important sales, such as that made this
week by A. P. Eeidhead for the City
Realty company at Eleventh street and
Nicollet avenue, to Douglas A. Fiske, it
is a substantial fact that a lot of in
vestigation is going on which will even
tuate in sales and in such numbers that
the people will be bewildered by the
the large figures named in the deeds.
How Deal Was Made.
205 Andrus Building,
Beal Estate, Mortgages, Investments and
$9500 Beautiful modern home
on Mount Curve. Well arranged
interior. Harwood finish, hard
wood floors, combination heat,
two grates. Good open nickel
plumbing. Fine location on large
double corner. Beautiful lawn.
The house alone is worth the
price and such lots on Mt. Curve
are commanding almost any price
asked. Favorable terms can be
granted if desired.
Mr. Fiske, who is an attorney, makes
real estate investigation and invest
ment his recreation. He is of the type
that investigates a property carefully
before he enters into, a purchase bar
gain. He had studied the situation on
Nicollet avenue a long time before he
made his investment. He gaged the
property to his immediate investment
capacity and considers that he secured
the best available property for $60,000.
Mr. Fiske learned by sleuth-like work
how many persons passed the corner
every day, as compared with other cor
ners. He found by actual count that
the trend of travel changed from one
side of Nicollet to the north side at the
junction of a certain cross street. He
examined the reasons for the popularity
of Nicollet avenue and, having digested
his analysis of the situation, made a
thoroly scientific choice of the corner
diagonally across Nicollet from the
It is this kind of an investor that
counts in the market and the purchase
by Mr. Fiske is one of the first inti
mations of the coming fashion. Other
important transactions will follow on
Nicollet avenue within a few months
that will startle the market and will
emphasize the permanent character of
the avenue.
Explains His Theory.
Mr. Fiske says of his purchase, which
included a frontage on Nicollet avenue
of 118 feet and a depth of 125 feet on
Eleventh street, at $508 a foot for the
bare land: I consider the investment
the best on Nicollet avenue for my pur
poses. I have studied the situation
since June. Nicollet avenue, I find,
is not developed above Eighth street,
and it is bound to haye. a rapid devel
opment. High rente' "are 'puhsing the
people up the stjfeet, andS- merchants
dare not go off NTcotf^ 'dventfe. In a
year there will not be a corner inside
Twelfth street that you can buy for
double what it is held for today.
"With a cross town car line, which
is bound to come, probably on Eleventh
$1300 No. 523 Knox av N. Are
you paying rent? Could you pay
$20 per month! Then why don't
you snap up this bargain and own
your own home? $300 cash and
$20 per month for 50 months will
do it, if you commence this week.
It's a good 5-room house with
$250Gedar av, corner 38th st.,
east and north front, double cor
ner, 92x112.
$800 Hennepin av, sixth lot in
side of 33d St., east front, 42x127.
$800Garfield av, corner 31st at,
east front, 49x118.
$1000 each, three lots on 1st av
S, between 30th and 31st sts east
front, 46x123.
$75 each, on Portland, Park, Col
umbus and Chicago avs, near 49th
$250 "E" st, near Division,
west front, 40x131.
mage and Division, east front,
$425 18th av SE, between Como
and Talmage, east front, 40x132.
PJ? F^p^ eho^ new wodfda
E. LAMBERT 830 Guaranty building.
street, on account of the Auditorium
and the Central high school, my pur
chase is bound to become an important'
"Several reasons impel me to the
belief that Nicollet avenue is the per
manent letail street of Minneapolis.
First it is a pleasant street, unlike
Hennepin avenue, which on windy days
is swept its broad extent by cold and
dusty breezes. It is more cozy. In
the next place all the fine driving is
done on Nicollet avenue. When a shop
per is driving it makes no difference
whether a store is at Fifth street or
Tenth, so long as it is on Nicollet ave
nue. Merchants know that it is the
style to be on Nicollet avenue. With
small exception the leading retail
stores are on Nicollet avenue. Corners
that afford opportunity for the modern
display window are hard to get on out
side streets.
People Know the Street.
"In the next place, Minneapolis has
been educated for twenty years or more
to shop on Nicollet avenue and the peo
ple can't keep off. The adjacent side
streets are good for small merchants
and commercial enterprises, but the
merchants hesitate to get off the trav
eled street where the public is wont to
"Another strong argument for Nic
ollet is the investment of milllions of
dollars on*the street, which insures its
"You ask why upper Nicollet has not
developed before. It is simply because
the city has not been built up on the
side streets adjacent to Nicollet. Now
it is ready for development further up
the street. Whilo it now seems a long
distance to Twelfth street, when it is
built up the distance will not be no
"The development in upper Nicollet
avenue in the next two years will be
more than in the last fifteen years."
Nicollet Store Leased.
Leopold Metzgar of S. Jacobs & Co.
is reported to have closed a ten-year
lease for the property at 524 Nicollet
avenue, owned by Dr. J. F. Tourtellotte,
for $8,500 a year. The property has a
frontage of twenty-three feet and a
depth of eighty-eight feet. Mr. Metz
gai already has a lease on the corner
store at Sixth street and the adjoining
one, which gives him three store fronts,
including the corner. The other prop
erty leases were executed with repre
sentatives of the Gluek estate. I
Paris, Oct. 13.A man dressed in a
leather motoring suit has asked the
police commissioner of the Saint Vin
cent de Paul quarter to send him to
prison to prevent him running over any
one with a car.
I am a chauffeur to a, motorcar com-
pany," he said, "and am suffering
from speed mania. As soon as I start
my car I cannot resist driving full
speed. Already I have run down two
people, and perhaps tomorrow I shall
kill someone."
The man was detained for inquiries
into his mental condition.
Trackage /Vianufactu ring Plant
Foproperty, Rent.an
Oen Great Northern main lino, pri-
i i i i
i ft
r avenues
000. Owner
n acre and
va i
a half of ground, perfect power plant
and good buildings.
SE between Tal-
Will be glad to show
you our sample cot
tage finished on Bry
ant Av. and 37th Av.
North "SUNDAY."
It is unique in house
building. Lot and all only
Over 100 lots to
choose from. Orders
coming in thick. If
you want one of these
send in your name
early. First come,
first served.
When you fail to find a house to
rent in, why don't you buy a lot
and build a small house?
We can fit you out Lot 40x172
feet for $200. $10 down, $10 per
month Get busybe your own
203 Oneida Building
IO-o'xl& o"
of desirable dwelling houses, at low prices, worthy of the consideration of
purchasers, which can be bought on the monthly payment plan.
Good houses to rent are hard to find, and it is far more satisfactory
and economical TO BUY, as you can acquire a permanent home, purchasable
in monthly installments not much exceeding the rent you are obliged, as a
renter, to put down every month for a temporary abiding place.
What is the use of wantonly wasting such a large proportion of your
rent money when you can apply it in payment**'Fine for a home tha will soon bre
all your own?
I have photographs of all dwelling houses advertised, which will interest
you, and which I shall bev glad to show you. Among the entire number, if
not in this list, you aret likely to find the very place that suits you.
^]$ a mff^P%& 250 feet of frontage on two streets, with dwelling house,
which produces more than enough revenue to carry the property. $1,000
cash, $50 monthly (180).
|Harmon Place.Eight-room dwelling, having water,
sewer, bath and gas large lot. $550 cash, $35 monthly (96)
-Forest av near Dell Place.Attractive, modern, 12-roora
dwelling. $500 cash, $50 monthly (95).
-Nicollet av inside of Lake st.Fine corner, 90x151 feet,
modern house of 11 rooms. $600 cash, $50 monthly (109)
|1th st' SE near State University.A fine corner, com
prising two *4-acre lots and good modern house. $600
cash, $50 monthly (127).
jlst av S corner of 14th st.Fine brown stone dwelling, 14
rooms, all modern, barn. $1,500 cash, $75 monthly (38)
i22d st between Bryant and Colfax avs.Frame dwelling,
9 rooms, modern. $450 cash, $45 monthly (225).
iNo. 1911 Nicollet av.Modern frame dwelling, 8 rooms,
lot 50x112. $500 cash, $30 monthly (190).
|4t av S and 24th St.Attractive double dwelling of 18
rooms, modern except heat. $600 cash, $50 monthly (11).
|14th av, close in.Corner lot, 96x125, with modern 10-
room dwelling and barn. $600 cash, $60 monthly (237).
-Linden av near 16th st.Convenient and quiet neighbor
hood nice modern 10-room dwelling, open plumbing, hard-
wood floors. $500 cash, $50 monthly (240).
r-iuor r-LooR
Estate Agent,
corner,t having ove
av.Double dwelling of 20 rooms, can be
readily converted into four flats at low cost good renting
locality lot 50x143. $500 cash, $50 monthly (14).
jHighland av.Attractive double house, 18 rooms, fully
modern and complete lot 60x120. $600 cash, $60 monthly
-Lyndale av near Ridge-wood.9-room dwelling, modern
except heat, on a lot 50x135. $400 cash, $40 monthly (196).
9th av S inside of Franklin.Modern steam heated dwell
ing, 10 rooms, 167 feet frontage, including a corner suit-
able for stores and flats. $750 cash, $75 monthly (207).
,No. 1406 Clinton av.Modern frame dwelling, 10 rooms.
$500 cash,t$40 monthly (98).
Real Estate
and Insurance
Best bargain in the city. Small
piece of business property im
proved with two good houses rent
ing for $396 per year. Must be
sold at once.
Edward J. O'Brien & [email protected],
104 South Fourth Street.
Ground Floor Oneida Building.
Terms, $200 Down
$13 a Month.
Interest 6 Per Cent
Downstairs finished
in birch or oak with
maple or birch floors.
Cellar with cement
ed floor. Cedar shin
gles white and cathe
dral glass.
Second floor floored
but not partitioned.
i I i
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