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Men Appear to Be in Good Con
dition and of Heavy
The Nebraska team arrived Jn Minneapolis
this morning at 8 o'clock orer -the Great Wes
tern, and are quartered at the West.
Coach Foster, Assistant Coach Stuart and
Manager Eager bad the cornliuskers in charge.
Twenty-nve players wero in the party, and as
they loitered about the big lobby this morning
their sise and condition were a source of much
comment by the rooters who dropped in to look
them over.
"We are not mafcing any boasts or predic
tions as to the score/' said Coach Foster. "Oa
the other hand, we do not concede Minnesota
a single poi.ut. We expect the hardest work
of our season right here tomorrow, and I thlnl?
our boys are in condition to give a good account
of themselves. We have nothing in the way of
injuries save of a superficial nature, and wa
will put up as strong a battle against Minne
sota as in our power. Win or lose, it is going
to be a good game."
This afternoon Foster took his team out
fat the suburbs for a good stiff signal practice
and a cross-country run to keep them from ac
quiring ennui from loitering about the comfort
able quarters.
The men in the squad do not appear to be
suffering from any stagefrlght and look to be
in good shape. Those in the party are:
Schmidt, right end 171
nice, right tackle 17U
Teylor, light guard 205
Wllkle, center 165.
Harvey, left guard 185
Matters, left tackle 190
Johnson, left end 353
Cooke, quarter 138
Little, right half 175
Weller, left half 182
Mason (captain), fifllback 160
Total weight 1,000
Average, 173.
Drain, quarter 152
McDonald, end 148
Chalonuka, guard and fullback 18S
Craig, halfback 165
Denslow, end 154
Jenkins, guard 185
Ewing, guard and tackles 201
Perrin, halfback 172
Voss, center 165
Last night saw another warm workout for
the gophers, with the work carried well into
the evening under the electric lights. The result
of the scrimmage is unknown and the plan of
battle against Nebraska is also another care
fully guarded secret. The gophers believe that
Nebranka can be lickedhas to be lick(-d, iu
factbut the Nebraskans are not held cheaply
and the play will be vigorous. Nebraska is re
garded as strong enough to turn a trick at any
atage of the game, and Minnesota will hardly
take any chances. The lineup for tomorrow
(unofficial) is as follows:
Minnesota. Nebraska.-*-
Snyder left end Schmidt
Ittner left tackle Rice
Vita left guard Harvoy
Bandelin center Wilke
Smith right guard Matter
Case right tackle Johnson
Marshall right end Cooke
Larkin quarterback Little
Robertson left halfback Weller
Shuknecht right halfback.Mason (Capt.)
Current fullback
Hawkeyes Believe They Have a Chance
with the Badgers.
Special to The Journal.
Iowa City, Iowa. Nov. 2.Feeling in the best
of spirits, and with all kinds of "ginger," the
Iowa eleven romped thru signal practice last
night, and this afternoon at 1 o1clock
Chalmers will bundle his squad of men into
an interurban car and start for Madison, where
the Iowans will play their only conference game
of the year tomorrow. The team will spend
tonight in Beloit.
The probable line-up. as forecast by Coaches
Catlin and Chalmers, is as follows: Left end
Thompson left tackle. Rockwood left guard
Bateman center. Hastings right guard, Elliott
right tackle, Washbnrn right end, Carberry:
quarterback. Kent right halfback, Captain Al
len left halfback, Knowlton or Collins full
back. Kirk.
The other men are Miller, Hazard, Frltzel,
McFadden, Nolte and Brugman.
A roller skating party will be given at the
Casino rink tonight by the I. F. M. Social and
Athletic club. All are invited to attend.
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Friday Evening,
In the billiard match at the West hotel last
night Fremont easily won from Watson, making
his 200 points in twenty-five innings as to 86
by his opponent, and breaking the record for
the series by running off forty-four billiards in,
one inning.
The play was interesting and the winner
made a great showing, making a run of forty
one in the eleventh Inning and going three bet
ter in the twentieth. Watson started out
strong, but was left in the rear after the
fourth inning, when Fremont made a run of
Tonight the sixth series will be played in
which Huyck and Thayer" will come together.
Play will commence at 8 o'clock and specta
tors will be provided for. The following Is the
score of last night's play:
Fremont1, 2, O, 12, 7, 4, U, 7, 5, 1, 41,
O. 4, 1, 2, 8, 5, O, 27, 44, 2, 1, 2, 8,. 10. Total
200, average 8, high run 44.
WatsonO, 0, 0, 1, 14, 1, 1, 1, 1, 13, 0,
5. 0, 12, 0, 4, 1, 15, 4, 0, 9, 9, 8, 0, 0, 3.
Total 96, average 3 81-25, high run 15.
Coach Lew Drill's Hamline eleven will take
on the fast Carleton college team tomorrow af
ternoon at Norton field, Hamline, in their first
championship game of the season. Coach Drill
has prepared his squad for this game, as it is
considered the tough battle of the year. Carle
ton is Just as nxious to win and the coach de
mands a victory to make up for the poor show
ing against Pillsbury last Saturday.
As St. Thomas is out of the college league
this year the Hamlines hope to land the cham
pionship. This can be done by downing the
Northfleld aggregation, and tomorrow will see a
battle royal.
Hutchins Evidently Giving His Kin
dergarten the Rest Cure.
Journal Special Service.
Madison, Wis., Nov. 2.Coach Hutchins cut
out all scrimmage for the Wisconsin varsity
yesterday, and will have no more before the
Iowa game Saturday. The scrimmage work of
the first three days of the week WBB so stren
uous that the men are not in the best condi
The work last night was signal work. The
men were put thru their straight football work,
some forward pass plays and shift plays that
have been netting the varsity some good gains
against the freshmen team and the scrubs in the
scrimmage work.
Journal Special Service.
New York, Nov. 2.President H. C.
liam of the National league has notified all
club presidents that the annual meeting of
the National league will be held Tuesday, Dec.
11, at the Victoria hotel, at 2 o'clock. Pre
vious to the meeting of the National league a
meeting of the board of directors of the Na
tional league will be held at the National
league headquarters, St. James building, at 12
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Journal Special Service.
Chicago, Nov. 2.-Stagg is thoroly aroused
over the weakness of the marcon line. When
he read the list of weights of the northern
giants yesterday his worries increased. There
is no rest for his squad from now until the
gophers get here. Yesterday afternoon electric
lights were rigged and practice after nightfall
with the white ghost ball was inaugurated. The
eleven will from now on get its double stunt
of work every evening. Stagg believes that he
can whip a line into shape which will be much
better than in the games already played, but
whether he can get a set of forwards of suffi
cient strength to hold the giant Minnesota play
ers is a question.
Minnesota has one of the heaviest teams in
the country, certainly much the heaviest in the
west, and Stagg has one of the lightest lines.
A fast heavy line against a fast light one seems
open to only one interpretation, but under the
new rules the line is not so Important as under
the old rules.
However, Stagg is working over all his avail
able material in the hope of making some shifts
to strengthen his team. Yesterday afternoon
the linemen got the bulk of the work, and they
will be letter perfect by the time the gophers
line up on Marshall field. The Minnesota line
averages close to 200 pounds, the maroons but a
little over 170.
At best Chicago has no more than an even
chance against Minnesota in the contest which,
a week from Saturday on Marshall field, will
practically settle the championship of the west.
Journal Special Service.
Ann Arbor, Nov. 2.Only light signal prac
tice and running under punts were allowed the
Michigan squad yesterday afternoon by Coach
Yo^t, tho regulars and senjbs pleaded to get
each, other In the scrimmage. The varsity want
ed to rub it Into the reserves for Bcoring, last
night and the reserves wanted to try their luck
once more. But Yost thought the Vanderbilt
game too near to permit his taking any chances
on the men getting hurt. In new trick plays
practices Magoffin, Garrels and Curtis were the
central figures. The lineup yesterday probably
will be the one which Michigan will send In
against the commodores. It was: Curtis, left
end Loell, left tackle Eyke, left guard- Clem-
ent, center Graham, right guard Patrick, right
tackle Harry Hammond, right end Workmen,
quarterback Magoffin, left half Bishop, right
half Garrels, fullback.
Michigan got an idea of what Pennsylvania
thinks of its team, tho twice defeated, when
there arrived this afternoon from quakerland
$1,000 to put up at even money that the wolv
erines would lose the game on Nov. 17. The
Michlganders began forming a pool and resolved
to stick to the old wolverine precedent of put
ting the other fellow to rout in betting. .They
will offer $1,100 for the $1,000 tomorrow, birec
tor Baird said last night that he had high hopes
of getting a favorable rate from the railroads
for the rooters' excursion to the Pennsylvania
Beavers and Quicksteps Putting on the
Finishing Touches.
The Beavers will have their last practice tils
evening before their game with the St. Paul
Quicksteps at Minnehaha park Sunday after
noon. Coach Hunter Is bound to best the
St. Paul aggregation this, time to make -up
for the tie of two weeks ago, and every man
is trained to perfection.
The St. Paul team has been greatly strength
ened in the past week, according to reports,
and are prepared to give the Beavers the bat
tle of the season. The Quicksteps deny the
charge of the Ramblers that they are dirty
players, and further say that one of the Ram
bler men played a very ungentlemanly game.
The game was played on the Fort Snelllng
grounds, where both teams had an equal chance,
and the saints are hurt over the reports.
The game Sunday will be called at 3 o'clock,
and is expected to be the scrappiest affair on
the Beavers' schedule.
New York, Nov. 2.Sir Thomas Lipton, who
is visiting Boston, announced today that he
will offer a prize for a race between fishing
vessels, to be open to vessels from all parts
of the world. Sir Thomas reaehed this de
cision during a visit to the wharf, where he
Inspected several fast fishing schooners. The
details of the race will be arranged later.
Memphis, Tenn., Nov. 2.The Memphis Base
ball association has decided that under no con
sideration would it lease its grounds to the
New York giants. The announcement was an
ticipated as the result of brawls with giants
here last spring.
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This Is.the estimate, wbiph-Coach Stagg places
on. the maroons*., 'scosneflts' for bumbling the
gophers. L-'.*',"'"
According to the- point of view Of, the maroon
director, Minnesota has a'fast, heavy and pow
erful team, with a ljne thiols"superior to that
of the Chicago team but with a -backfleld that
is not quite as fast as the- maroons, and with
less kicking ability, bit the part of any of its
men than that possessed'by "Captain Eckersall.
Stagg is not the' least bit optimistic over the
outcome,- and says th^irnothing except a hard,
close fight is to be ej^eete'a.
"A good many peojjjfc'a'cound here seem to
predict a large score gainst Minnesota, but I
certainly would not placte^ur chances more than
even.with those of Minnesota.
Minnesota has reason' ti .rely on its team. It
is composed of veterans^ a-majority of whom
have played together tjv-'years and some of
them three and four.'.'If has a heavy team
from what I hear, the heaviest In the west this
yearand it is a team.that is not handicapped
by the slowness that sometimes accompanies
weight. There has been a great deal of dis
cussion about -the value of weight under the
new rules, but I woqld take the heavy team
any time if it is shifty. And Minnesota is
"Its line is better than ours. Take it as a
whole, I think that., Minnesota excels Chicago
in its line. It is heavy a"n'd powerful and knows
how to charge and start quickly. From all re
ports Minnesota also has a strong and fast
Tomorrow marks practically the pivotal poIi&
in, Jhe football season. For the big college teams
the games hitherto have been more or. less fn
the line of practice fhen new "plays and players
have been ^^^ktf%m^Jltoache3 now have
In jninff the maffeup foF'thrflnal teams in the
big games, and have.,mapped out the campaign
and the style of play on which they wiU
Princeton will-have rear test In D-aptmouth,
which of late years.has invariably managed to
make 'n good showing against the strongest
teanis.' Yale, also.'naSa strong team in West
Point, while all eyes ore on the Harvard-'
Brown contest at Cambridge, which is likely
to prove the game of the week.
Pennsylvania vs. Lafayette at Philadelphia.
Springfiel Training School at
Amherst vs. Massachusetts Aggies at Amherst.
Bates, vs. New Hampshire at Lewlston.
Annapolis vs. Pennsylvania State at Annapolis.
Carlisle Indians vs. .Syracuse at Buffalo.
Swarthmore vs. Johns Hopkins at Baltimore.
Lehigh vs. Dickinson at South Bethlehem.
Tufts' vs. Bowdoin at Tufts.
Colgate vs. Williams at Williamstown.
Cornell vs. Western Univevrsity of Pennsyl
vania at Ithaca.
West Virginia vs.' George Washington uni
versity "at Morgantow6.
Franklin vs. Marshall and Haverford at Lan
University of Iowa vs. University of Wiscon
sin- at- Madison.
"University of Nebraska vs. University of Min
nesota at Minneapolis*.
Michigan vs. Vanderbilt at Ann Arbor.
De Pauw vs. Rose Polytechnic at Terre Haute
Utah vs. Montana at Salt Lake City.
Indiana University? /.vs._ Colorado School' of
Mines at Bloomlngtbn,* Ind.'
Olivet College vs. ^Hillsdale College at .Hllls-
dale,.-Mich, ...j:/,
Ames vs. University of South' Dakota at
Ames, Iowa.
RIpon College vs. Marquette College at ilU
Washburn.,,.College vs. Falrmount College at
Haskell Indians-.vsi- Drake University at Des
Mines, Iowk \'jl*-
Purdue vs. NotrevDame at Lafayette, Ind.
Ohio State UnlversJ^' vs. Oberlln at OberliOj
Ohio Hedifial- ^n^rerilfty vs. Western Reserve
University at Colrimb'iis, Ohio.
Denlson Uriiverslijt-fvs. Case School at Cleve
land, Ohhv,
Ohio WesJeyan vsv Kenyon at Gambler, Ohio.
Wooster vsv Mount'.JJhlon at Wooster, Ohio.
Ohio University 'v%i:. University of' Cincinnati
at Cincinnati..-' '/'if
University of Oregon .vs. 'Willamette at Eu
gene, Ore,,, #v,
University of NJortJi, Dakota vs. State Agri
cultural College at Srdokin^..
University'' Virginia vs.'- Bueknell at Rich
mont, Va.
Sewanee vs. University" f "Tennessee at Knox
Tulane University Vs. Texas Agricultural and
Mechanical at New, Orleans.
University of Alabama vs. Mississippi-A. & M.
at Starkesvllle, Miss*
Georgia Technology vs. Auburn "at'Atlanta.
University of North Carolina vs. Georgetown
at Norfolk, Va.
Davidson College vs. lemson at Charlotte,
N. 0.
Roanoke College vs. V. P. I. at Blacksburg,
Naval Cadets vs. Penh. State College at An
University of Georgia vs. Mercer University
at Macon, Ga.
University of Mississippi vs. Tulane Univer
sity at New Orleans.
The Everetts will meet the Summits of
South Town Sunday on the Sibley street
grounds. Neither of these teams have as yet
lost a game, and this battle Sunday will be
for blood.
The Shertdans a*e, anjcJ(pus to arrange a game
for Sunday, with .some* fast city team. Last
Sunday the Humboldls were taken on, and the
game resulted-in a victory for the Sheridans by
a score ofi 10 to \F6f' games address- J.
Martin, 12f Thirteenth Avenue NE. Twin^City
The,.Ramblers wouM-like to arrange a game
for Sunday with any fajst local or .out-of-town
team. Adams, Heavers,' New Prague, Deep
haven or Plymouth Rocks preferred. For games
address Frank Kirke,' Z423 Bryant avenue N.
Twin City 13896.
The. Tigers, wouW like, to arrange a game
with the Second Sumner's for tomorrow morn
ing. Address Eddie Hurley, 123 Fourteenth
avenue N. Northwestern Main 4646-E2
The Second Indians are out after a game for
Sunday wltb any lJjpound team In the eltv.
For games telephoneltAlfred Sherwin, T.
76T. $L ^L
The" BiveAidesure no?%aiscouaaged over their
defeat of last Sunday, as it'Wa,B4na(fe'by"an end
run around the crowd. The Rlfersldes are.wlth^
otitfca game for next Sunday and would like to
ra%e ones w%Tthk^ .Affljfchoh or
pounfl jeant% the
vi ^-1|i^ wvi^? WteUtt TO 'HEW
backfleld, but I can't say that it appears supe
rior to ours. But Steffen and Iddings can't
gain ground unless holes a"re made for them thru
the line. In punting we have the better of
the Minnesota kicker, and I have no doubt that
EckersalL will prove his superiority, as he
always apes.
"If Minnesota gets a start on us and'succeeds
in playing us off our feet with its powerful
team, there Is no telling what the consequences
will be. At any rate I am thankful that we
have another week before the game."
Stagg in Minneapolis.
Coach Stagg, with Captain Eckersall, leaves
for Minneapolis today to watch the Minnesota
Nebraska game Saturday and learn a few things
first hand as to the strength of the maroons'
coming opponent. Assistant Coach Speik and
De Tray will remain here to superintend Sat
urday's secret practice.
Greater vigilance was adopted for yester
day afternoon's practice than at any this season.
Marshall field is open to too great scrutiny by
onlookers from adjacent buildings to^ suit' the
secrecy with which the marons are guarded, and
so the regulars and subs were taken to the
women's athletic field adjoining Marshall field.
There, under greater secrecy, they were run
thru the formations and instructed in the new
and Intricate plays by Coach Stagg.
The freshmen and scrubs were lined up for a
scrimmage, but the varsity men were kept at
signal and formation work until dark when
they returned to Marshall field.
Journal Special Service.
Kansas City, Nov. 2.Fred Beell of Wiscon
sin won a decisive victory over Joe Westegard,
the German wrestler, last night by placing the
foreigner's Shoulders twice on the mat In a
little over t^wenty-nine
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November 2, 1906.
miputes. Heell's victory
raakes him, the winner of the tournament.
Altho the" German outweighed the American
forty-five pounds, Beell outclassed him at every
point The first fall came after twenty-one
minutes and five seconds and was brought about
by, a half-Nelson. In the second round Beell
downed Westegard in eight minutes and ten
seconds, a half-Nelson and barlock doing the
trick. Frank Gotch last night agreed to meet
Beell, probably in Kansas City.
Out with a Defiance of Philadelphia
Jack O'Brien.
Journal Special Service.
London, Nov. 2."Gunner'-' Jim Mofr, wUo
won the heavyweight championship Of" England
from Jack Palmer on a foul on Monday,' writes
to Sporting Life that he is willing to make
a match with Jack O'Brien, the sooner the
better, for the best purse offered. Moir says
his challenge is due to recent" American crit
icisms regarding England's lack of good bos
ers. He Is anxious to prove England Is not
so far behind in this line as is supposed.
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Trounced an Iowa City Rough
Who Attacked Him at ?X
Journal Special Service.
Iowa City, Iowa, Nov. 2.Coach Mark Catlin,
captain of the University of Chicago western
championship team In 1905, was attacked last
night by a town tough whose halloween pranks
Catlin resnted. They mixed in a fist fight
and Catlin proved that his long physical train
ing counted when it came to defending himself.
The star gridiron general knocked out his man
and then called the police. His assailant was
taken to the city holl police station, where he
was .fined this morning. Catlin came out of the
scrimmage without lnjury.t
Journal Special Service.
Milwaukee, Nov. 2.Mike Cantillon, it is
said, has secured Pete O'Brien and Jacobson
from the St. Louis browns for his team at Min
neapolis. Cantillon, however, may have trouble
in getting waivers on them from all the Ameri
can league clubs.
Pete made a big hit with several managers
last year and if St, Louis cannot use him
there are other clubs which can.
Olle Chille of Indianapolis, the boxer nmpire,
probably will receive an opportunity to make
good as an indicator handler in the syndicate as
sociation next year. Chille is known In pugilis
tic circles as Jack Ryan.
Journal Special Service.
San Francisco, Nov. 2.Philadelphia Jack
OBrien sized up the Berger-Kaufman fight by
saying neither showed the experience necessary
for a champion to possess. O'Brien says Kauf
man has Improved greatly since his fight with
O'Brien, but he couldn't take advantage of the
opportunities to knock Berger out. O'Brien
pratseSj.Berger's boxing and his gameness, espe
cially the ninth round, when he fought back,
tho all in.
Sports are discussing- Berger's bad judgment
in not accepting an offer of a. $20,000 purse for.
a fight with O'Brien. The house Wednesday
night was only $10,000, of which Berger secured
$3,018. Berger now says he may renounce the
ring. He is tore over his poor snowing.
Amby McGarry vs. TJnk Russell, ten
rounds at Baltimore, Md.
Dick Hyland vs. George Decker, twenty
zounds, at Ogden, Utah,
Steve Kinney vs, Jimmy Briggs, ten
irounds, at Milwaukee.
University of Texas vs. University of
Oklahoma, at Oklahoma City.
Marietta college vs. Kentucky State at
Lexington, Ky.
43-45 Washington Avenue South.
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Coaches Have Not Pushed the
Redskins in the Past
.iy. vr
Special' to Tha Journal.
Carlisle,- Pa.. Nor. 2.The Carlisle footban
eleven is probably in as good shape to finish
the football season as any team in the cpun
tfy. They are able,.in case the Indian Coafchea
should see fit to do so, to pWe on the Indian
backfleld four well-trained players who are com
petent to run a hundred yards In ten seconds,
if they wish to do so. Archie Libby at Quarter
back and Frank Mount Pleasant and Hendricks
at fullback, as well as Wilson Charles, a
possibility for fullback, could cover ground
faster than any like combination of college
youth anywhere In the country. These back
field players are at any time fnterchangable
and can be filled up with such men as Dubois,
Wlmjie, Owl and Simpson, who average in
weight enough to make a heavy backfleld. In
front of -the Indian line there are .many very
fast runners among them are Captain Exen
dine, who runs a quarter-mile in almost record
breaking time, and whose eighty-nve'-yard run
with the whole Pennsylvania team dribbling
from his heels In last 'Saturday's game, Was
a' perfect eye-opener Gardner, who is strong
on the 100 and quarter-mile dashes La Rocque,
who lead the' Pennsylvania eleven a race sim
ilar to Exehdlne's Lnbo, the Mission Indian
100-yard dash man,' and Waseuka, the mar
velous runner from North Dakota.
The Indian lineup for the last few days'has
been as follovre:' Lelt end, Gardner left tackle,
Waseuka left guard, Dillon center, Bunt
right guard, La Bocque right tackle, Lnbo
right end. Captain Exendine quarterback, A.
Libby left halfback, Frank Mount Pleasant
right halfback, Hendricks fullback. Little
Nearly everyone who has written about the
Indian-Pennsylvania game has the honest be
lief that the Indians were aided in their late
victory over the quakers largely by Penn
sylvania's inability to handle Mount Pleas
ant's remarkable punts, these observers did
not realize that Mount Pleasant with his won
derful Ingenuity places his punts low with
definite purpose in mind. Every redskin on the
Carlisle squad Is especially well equipped to
mix up a scramble for a lost pigskin, and
there Is no donbt but that many big elevens
In the country will bear testimony to this
phase of the Indians' athletic agility before
the season's close.
The week's practice for the aboriginees baa
been very inconsequential, owing to the strain
imposed on them up until and at the Penn
sylvania game, where they showed up In such
fine form.
On Monday the Indians were given little to
do, by the coaches, but on Tuesday the prac
tice warmed up a little bit under the Influ
ence of the approach of the three big games
coming on three successive weeks, with Syra
cuse at Buffalo, Harvard at Cambridge, and
Minnesota at Minneapolis. On Tuesday the
men were first limbered up and then put thru
brief signal practice, and were given ample
exercise at punting and running down under
punts. Inasmuch as the redskins bore very few
bruises as a result of the battle at Philadel
phia last Saturday, the attention of the coaches
has been given to putting the men Into .even
better physical form than they have beeni On
Wednesday there was a short scrimmage be
tween the first and second Indian elevens which
resulted in a close score slightly to the ad
vantage of the regular eleven. Thursday morn
ing practice was the only morning practice
during the week that amounted to anything.
It followed a Wednesday evening chalk talk
in the cage by Coach Hudson, who brought out
clearly the lesson taught by the amazing weak
ness of the University of Pennsylvania's.eleven.
Journal Special Service.
Chicago, NOT. 2.Mike Donovan of Buljalo.
H. X.. la anxious to meet Joe Thomas' of
California if Tommy Byan does not accept tha
offer of $7,000 made by McCarey of Los Angeles.
It Is not very probable that the middleweight
champion will accept that inducement, as he
bas declared that he -would accept nothing less
than $10,000. McCarey Is not likely to hang
Op this amount, as he does not consider Thomas
drawing card enough for a purse of tnat size.
TTjuiderbilf fe line for Its Animal
Drubbing by
Youths' Suits and
Heavy weights, sizes ^1
15 to 20-^7.50 and........$0
Hen's Flannel Shirts'
3ingle and double- i
breasted, ftist blue $ I
Men's Underwear
Natura wool arid camelsr?
Wisconsin Is showing
ain8 town *d
Minnesot a a battling
with the gophers' ancient enemy, the eornhusk
ers from Lincoln, Neb'., there will be a gridiron
struggle at Ann Arbor between Michigan and
Vanderbilt. The Ann Arbor game wffi be a
contest between two brothers-in-law, one the
graduate pupil ot the other, for Dan McGulgan
b.rother of Mrs. Fielding H. Yost and once ona
of Yost's best linesmen at Michigan, la coacn
of the commodores.
Steam, $4,50 iot.^^a.f
value I... fv a I
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