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Because of dissatisfaction with the
primary-election law, not only Hen
nepin county, but in the entire state,
an informal convention to discuss the
system and possible changes, will be
held early in December in McKinley
hall under the auspices of a committee
appointed by the Fourth Ward Kepub
lican club. It is planned to hold an
afternoon and evening session on the
problem and proposed remedies. Im
mediately following the election, invi
tations will be sent out to the newly
elected legislators all over the state
to attend the gathering. It is hoped
that the response will be general and
that something of value will be accom
While a return to the old conven
tion system is not advocated, it is main
tained that a modification of the pres
ent system is necessary and will prove
much better than the present system.
The committee appointed to arrange
for the convention consists of State
Senator J. F. Calhoun, Fred B. Wright,
who will represent the fortieth district
in the house this winter Sherman
Bmith, Samuel Guile and William Ball
This committee will issue the call and
the convention will form its own or
ganization. Low Bates to the West and Southwest.
On the first and third Tuesdays of
each month until March, 1907, inclusive,
the Chicago Great Western railway will
sell one-way colonists tickets at nearly
half-fare to points in Arkansas, Colo
jado, Indian Territory, Kansas, Louis
ianat Mexioo, Missouri, Nebraska, New
Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tex
as and Wyoming. For further informa
tion apply to E. H. Heard, general
agent, corner Nicollet avenue and Fifth
Street, Minneapolis.
Seventh and Nicollet.
Nothing over one yard in length.
Nothing under half yard, at
39c 48c 59c
We have secured these sample lines for seven years, using
them at our sales throughout the country. In the lot will be
found Velvets, Crepe de Chines, Peau de Soies, Taffetas, Japs,
Shantungs, Habutais and Fancies, 10 to 15 pieces alikeworth
up to $3.50only three lots.
50,000 yards Loom Ends in Lawns, Dimities, Crepes, Crepe
Dimities, Fleeces and fleeced downs, to be sold Saturday on sec-
ond floor and both aisles on first floor, at 2%o yard.
One of our salesmen will devote his entire time distribut-
ing these Lawn Ends at these three counters Saturday so that
you won't have to wait to get all the yards you want or to
match the goods you have already bought This is the cheapest
merchandise that has ever been sold in Minneapolis and Sat-
urday you are going to be agreeably surprised at both the
quantity you can secure easily and the quality of the goods
you buy.
500 pairs for Saturday
shoppers, 39c
to $1.89
We will sell over 3,000 pieces
of these complete at our ex
tra sales this week. We will
sell 500 pairs here Saturday
if you will compare our val
ues with other stores.
New Fall Standard
American blues and gray
the kind that laundryRwell,
yard %M\3
Full Standard Fancy Ging
ham, the usual 10c ft mm
values, yard 0
Sterling Silver
Within another week all of
the sterling stuff will be
sold. There are 15 lots. All
specials for Saturday that
are marked not at cost, but
at the price of the silver
is worth an item.
Linen Specials for
Linen sets that we purchased
from Lund Merc. Co. which
they sold at $6.50 to $8. Our
Saturday prices $4.29,
$4.89 {SfZ A
and 90i4d
Ladies' Hdkfs.
200 dozen Ladies' handker
chiefs for Saturday Of
at, each mm%*
You have paid 5c for
cheaper goods.
AL&B^V&M*,* ^A^J^iM^S'^k^^^M^^ 3
Friday Evening,
Revenue Fund of State Shows Over
draft of Only $12,500.
The monthly report of State Treas
urer Julius H. Block shows the general
revenue fund of the state to be over
drawn $12,501.50. Tuesday the fund
was overdrawn $62,501.50, but yester
day a payment of $50,000 was made
into the treasury from the state prison,
the money representing collections on
the sal3 of prison twine. The present
deficit in tho general revenue fund is
an annual occurrence, but is now
smaller than it has been for many years.
One year ago the fund was several hun
drew thousand dollars overdrawn.
Wife Murderer's Digestion Out of Order
for a While.
Harry Sussman, self-confessed wife
murderer, was taken suddenly 11 1 last
night and Dr. Hynes, county physician,
was summoned to attend the sick man.
An investigation showed that Sussman
had partaken too freely of dates and the
prisoner was given medical assistance.
Today Sussman is as well as he has been
at any time since his confinement in the
jail, and the jail officials, who had vis
ions of an attempted suicide, are breath
ing more freely.
Forty East Side young men have or
ganized a singing society and propose
to make it to that part of the city
what the larger organizations are to
the West Side. The first rehearsal was
held last Tuesday evening at 2318 Cen
tral avenue, and rehearsals will be held
weekly at that address. The club has
places open for tenors and second
basses, and men with suoh qualifications
will be welcomed. Applications may be
sent to A. Simonson, 2318 Central ave
nue, or to room 401, 620* Nicollet
avenue. The name of the club and oth
er essential facts of the organization
will be settled at a later meeting.
3,800 Yards ofSilks
Ladies' Coats
and Suits
We want the second
floor of this building. We
want the money in the mer
chandise out of it. We have
said so before, but we want
to accomplish this at once.
We do not have an elevator
people will readily walk
down a flight of stairs but
very reluctantly will walk
up. Before you come in this
store, or if you are not com
ing in, look in our west store
windows. There are six of
our suits and four of our
coats. This is a photograph
of our second floor bargains.
This window tells a whole
volume of truths. It tells it
to everybody, consumers and
competitors. It tells you if
you understand values that
you can't match these goods.
It demonstrates just what
we have said before and re
peated again today. These
goods must be sold and at
once regardless of what they
are worth in market or
what they cost us or cost the
Lund Co., whom we suc
ceeded. Take a good look
if you look well and you are
a judgethis stairway
won't look so hard to walk
up. Particularly if you got
the habit of saving some
thing. There are 22 steps
between you and these bar
gainsit means from 25c to
50c for every one of them.
You save by going up. The
window proves it.
In order to"secure the necessary room
to properly display our enormous stocks
of D0LL8 we have moved the Trunks,
temporarily, to the Carpet Dept., on third
floor, and Fancy Baskets on second floor.
Very special values
9C per pair.
low and high neck, full three
quarter sleeves, hand embroid
ered edge and ribbon {ps* mmmw
others' price $3.75.... ^AVJO
Hand Embroidered Corset Covers,
very unusual values at our spe
cial prices$1.75 $2.25 and
Fancy blankets.
Silk floss pillows
at actually less than reg
ular wholesale prices I
ENORMOUS purchase of pure Java Silk Floss* Cofa
Pillows well fillednice and plump. It will pay you
well to buy them now for holiday use. At the special
prices quoted for Saturday only we limit themsix to a
customer, none to dealers.
16-inch size,
18-inoh size,
20-inch size,
22-inch size,
24-inch size,
26-inch size,
..19c ..25c
and have had, all season, the biggest and
much the best line of Tight-fitting Coats
in the city, in red, brown, green, navy and
black. Prices$18.50 to $35.00.
For men*
Long Overcoats, in Vicunas, Mixtures and
Meltons. The new French-back *if
in gray mixtures. $20 values.... $ 1 3
Finer Coats, $20.00 to 835.00.
Reliable Overcoats, medium$ and long
styles, special at $10
Fur-trimmed Coats, $20 $25 and 30.
Fur-lined Coats, $35
Young Men's Suits of heavy weight chev
iots, sold regularly at $7.50, $8.50 and
$10small men can be fitted feC
in this lot, while they last.......
Young Men's Suits and Overcoats all the
new ideas at popular prices, from
$7.50 to $15.
"Hawes" Guaranteed Hats, $3.00.
Hats of latest vogue for every face,
ure and fancy.
Men's Fur Band'Caps, 50c.d-
Finer grades at $1.00
NicolUt Ave. Fifth St first Ave. So. Minneapolis.
Fine Hand Embroidered French
Nainsook Gowns Mount Melhck
embroidered full sleeves trim
med yoke and rib- dt *J
bonj our "special"... .4^^
French Hand Embroidered Draw
ers limited quantities special
values at $1.75 $2.75
Children's day Saturday
in our cloak and suit department.
O MAKE it more than worth your while we will offer very
1 unusual values in this section Saturday. Anything want
ed in Winter Coats for the girls can be had from our great
the biggest ever shown in Minneapolis.
Men's and boys' clothing.
"Powers system" of selling high-grade wearing apparel
for men and boys at popular prices means a big saving as
compared with'the exclusive store prices.
10-4 Fine Gray Cotton
regular 75c qualities,
at pair
10-4 Fine Gray Cotton
good 85c values, at
per pair
11-4 Fine Gray Cotton Blankets,
special at $1,18 $1.25 $1.48
per pair.
12-4 Fine Gray Cotton Blankets,
special at $1.20 $1.35 pair.
12-4 Extra Fine Gray Cotton Blan
kets, special at $1.50 $1.95
per pair.
10 4 Fine Tan Cotton Blankets, spe
cial at 55c and 60c P&ir
Crib blankets.
An extra value at 42c pair.
32c 39c
Couch Covers, of fine heavy fabric, fringed
all around Oriental and Bagdad designs in beautiful
green, red and brown colorings 60 inches wide, alike on
both sides. Splendid values at our regular
low marked price$3.00Saturday special, C1CZ
*Third Floor, First Avenue
Great November sale of muslin underwer.
continues Saturday\ offering the best values in high-class garments. All
previously advertised sale prices will hold good while quantities last.
French Band Embroidered Gowns
New plaid* and mixtures, cheviots and ker
sey cloths, la bolted, military, plain, fancy
styles sizes from
6 to 14 ys. Special 4.95 2 $15
Women's winter coats.
we will again demonstrate that we are headquar
ters fo women's winter coats. Thousands of garments
will be shown, many of thelrn having come to us during the
week. This unmatched stock includes choicest varieties of fur
trimmed, fur lined, cloth, and tight-fitting coats. See these
Squirrel lined coats. Selected
London dyed Squirrel col
lar. 50 inches long extra
quality broadcloth lined
thruout with finest quality
Russian squirrel. Others
ask $30
our spe-
Fine, Long, 50-inch Kersey
Coats lined thruout with
guaranteed satin collar of
splendid quality river mink.
The best coat of its kind
in the city
at the
Kersey CoatsThe largest and most complete showing in
city. All the late styles. d*f TE? UD
Special prices Saturday from.. Ky i
EVENING COATSA splendid display of
fine evening coats shown in our large sec
tion. All desirable colors handsome lin
ings, some quilted satin lined. Prices
$25.00 to $45.00.
and Winter stocks in the history of this storefor all departmentswe the lease
being erected on the eorner of Nicollet Avenue and Fifth Street. This new building i beingbuflt
in conjunction with our present building and necessitates the removal of the west wall of our main store. This in turn necessitates
the placing of temporary partitions on aUfivefloors,curtailing ourfloorspace and forcing us to reduce stocks in all SSSSnefa
and reserve stoek-rooms very rapidly. To accomplish this object we shall inaugurate departments
and building
the most remarkable and attractive ever known of in new for Fall and Win-
ter, and right at the beginning of the season. By these extraordinary values we hope to compensate customers for anr slight in-
Gray cotton blankets.
Blankets at lowest wholesale prices.
Tan cotton blankets.
11-4 Fine Tan Cotton Blankets,
special at 86c
For boys.
$6.00 and $7.50 Overcoats, double breast
ed reefer styles, velvet collar, lined
with flannel, at,
each $4.75
$4.00 and $5.00 Overcoats, in nobby mix
tures, in heavy kerseys, go f\f\
close-fitting collars, at .pO*vlvl
$3.00 Overcoats, in neat gray mixtures
velvet collars and emblem 4 f\E*
on the sleeve, at 1
"Jiu Jitsu" Suits, the strongest suit
made waterproofed cloth coats have
padded shoulders and hair-cloth fronts
trousers reinforced and A
double seat. Our special, at p3*UU
$2.50 and $3.00 Boys' Suits double
breasted and Norfolk styles, A Q\
in neat patterns, choice p J, 0\/
Boys' Fur Band Caps, special 50c $1.
Stocking Caps, 25c 39c and 50c.
Camel Hair Tarns, 50c and $1.
11-4 Extra Fine Tan Cotton Blan
kets, special at $1.17 $1.18
$1.25 Pa-
12-4 Fine Tan Cotton Blankets,
special at $ 1 $1.19 $1.25
per pair.
12-4 Extra Fine Tan Cotton Blan
kets, special at $1.50 and
$1.95 per pair.
White wool crib
82x42-ineh, special at pair.. .$2.00
36x54-inch, special at pair. .$2.75
42x60-inch, special at pair. .$3.25
Saturday's millinery snaps!
N OUR large sections for womens', misses'
and children's head-wearnn second
and children's headwearo
floorSaturday, we offer some extremely
low-priced bargains that should appeal
strongly to all economically inclined, yet
obliged to buy anew winter hat.
For instance O O O
Trimmed Hats, worth to $5.50.. d& 5jO
Turbans, all new styles, made of braid
and velvet worth to $3.98, choice... $ 1 t/O
Untrimmed section.
TJntrimmed Hats, all this season's styles worth
$1.25. Saturday choice,
each 0/C &
Children's Flats, all good shadesred, brown and
blacks worth $1.25 each, A A gA
Saturday OiJC
Wings and Fancy Feathers, worth to
50c: Saturday special, choice 15c/
Slip-over Gowns, hand tucked and
embroidered yoke and full flare
sleeves sold else
where at $5, special.
Peasant Make TJnlaundered Chem
ise two styles others ask $1.25,
our special
Lng in the
$3the 0
We are very desirous of having you
see our large, choice assortment of Furs.
When you buy Fursecureds
from you are ab
solutely protected against fraud of any
kind. Lowest prices for reliable quality.
Wool and wool-mixed
11-4 Gray Mixed Blankets, very
good value at $1.37 per pair.
11-4 Gray Blankets, special at
$3.68 $5.50 $5.59 $ 6 pair.
11-4 Fancy Mottled Blankets $5.00
11-4 Fancy Plaid Blankets, $5.00
11-4 Fine White Blankets, special
$3.50 $3.65 $3.75 $4.50
$5.0O $5.50 $6.25 $7.00
12-4 Fine White Blankets, $6.25
per pair.
Some of the above at less than
manufacturers' wholesale prices.
Remember, the blankets quoted
here are not "seconds"are not
"damaged" in any way, nor are
they "travelers' samples."
French Chemise, nnlaundered
heavily embroidered front with
ribbon and scalloped edge sold
elsewhere at $1.75, d| 1f\
Better quality Chemise, embroid
ered motifs in yoke special val
ues at $1.98 $2.50 $3.00
$4.50 and upwards.
Dolls! Dolls!!
Dolls will receive Saturday at our GRAND AN-
NUAL EXHIBITION In the mammoth basement
ALWAYS have shown the best and most com
plete line of dolls of all kinds in the Northwest.
This display will be by far the best and most ex
tensive display ever made. Bring in the little ones Sat
urday and see how their eyes will pop open and hear
them shout with delight at this wonderful exhibition of
dolls. Full line of doll suits and furnishings.
Jon't put off your doll buying
until late. Do it now at
this exhibition, while the
stock is complete. You will
save time and worry, and
besides having plenty of
time for fixing them just
as you want to.
$1.19 Doll SaleLarge size,
full jointed, French dolls,
dressed or undressed, first
class quality, bisque heads,
with very pretty faces, sew
ed wigs, curled hair, clos
ing eyes, the finest quality
stockings and real leather
shoes. Worth a great deal
more, butchoice r\
Saturday only.... i 1 \y
Extra well made and nicely
finished good size unbreak
able wire doll cabs just
the thing for the little
ones. Saturday, C.f\
each **I
See Our Great 25c Bargain Table of Dolls as a Saturdav
S i
with ajfkinds
of and the greatest values ever g+m
given, special Saturday, choice 25c
Mid the Field of Golden Bod
Why Don't You Tryf
I Like You.
Bill Simmons.
Am Going Bight Back to
Ztould You Bead My Heart.
Keep on the Sunny Side.
Crocodile Isle.
Waltz Me Around Willie.
Tola. Camp Meetin' Time.
What's the Use of Anything?
Alice Where Art Thou Going!
Saturday music specials:
W ON'T You Come Over to My House? One of the best ballads we have
ever offered to the music loving people of Minneapolis.
Written by Williams and Van Alstyne. Come in and hear 1 j2#*
xt played, Saturday, per copy JL Vr^
Men's needs.
will be ?a busy day
here. following special
items will make it so.
these extra low prices
day only.
100 Dozen Heavy Outting Flannel
Night Shirts in neat stripes, mili
tary or lay down collar all sizes,
14 to 18 special m*
Saturday T'SC
90 Dozen Men's Socks in plain
black black with natural gray
foot plain natural gray and
black embroidered. Values to 35c
per pair, all sizes, 9% to 11%,
special Saturday,
per pair S
18 Dozen Men's Heavy Wool
Sweaters with roll collars, in
navy blue, white and oxford
gray regular $1.50 values, all
sizes, 34 to 44 specials a g\g\
Saturday, each $lUv
We are closing out a manufactu
rer's entire lot of men's stiff bo
som shirts at about half their
value. Neat stripes and figures
in black, blue and pink all per
fect fitting shirts, worth fully $1
each. All colors guaranteed ab
solutely fast. All sizes 14% to
17, and all regular sleeve lengths.
For quick selling
these have been
priced, each %JJV*
Or 6 for $3.00- i
are foT one
We are "bears" on prices.
Note these for Saturday.
WalnutsNew Grenobles,, lb..l7
Three pounds for 48c
PigsNew extra fancy, 7 crown
imported 25c quality, lb.. \QQ
Yeast FoamFresh stock, 5c pkgs.
at 3
CatsupGedney's pure full pints,
bottle 19c
SugarBest fine granulated,
1 9 pounds for $1.K
PrunesNew California, 10c qual
ity, 4 pounds for jjtfo
BeansFancy hand-picked Navyaj
4 quarts
SoapLenox, 1Q bars 29c
Box 100 for $2.86
SapolioHand or Kitchen,
10c bars
Ammonia or Bluing, quart bottle5cfotQQ.
Meat dept
O. F. WITT, Manager.
Early Shopping Is Best.
There is no stock of poultry in the
City like ours. See the difference.
Fancy Spring Chickens, lb.. 12%
Fancy Plump Fowl, lb lie
Fancy young Ducks, lb Ql5o
Fancy young Turkeys lb 22
Large old Chickens, lb *10c
Fancy Broilers, at lb lg,
Bib Boast, rolled, lb 1 2
Bib Boast, standing, lb
Sirloin Steak, lb **1_
Porterhouse Steak, lb 1 2
Bound Steak, lb
Mutton Legs, lb 1 2
Lamb Legs, lb 15GH
Pork Loin Boast, lb 12%cfi
Pork Butt Boast, lb llcfl
Pork Shoulder Boast, lb lOcl
Pork Sausage, at, lb lOoP
Lamb Stew, at lb gwl
Veal Shoulder Boast, lb 12%CT
Veal Loin or Leg Boast, lb...!5i
Veal Stew, at, pound g^jj*
Try Our Little Pig Sausage, with-j
Oxford or Tomato seasoning,
Pound i
Sirloin Steak, pound. 10*
Porterhouse Steak, pound \QT
Ferndale Creamery Butter* "al-
ways the best," in 1-lb. prints,
3 and 5-lb jars.
McLaren's Peanut Butter, 10
15c and. 25c bottle.
Butterlne for cooking, *JMb
1 1
Include a pound in your Saturday
order. It has that paiticularly
fine flavor you are looking for.
3 0 stamps free Saturday with
each pound. Our "spe- Q|\
cial" at pound ^I/C
4 0 stamps with each pound of
our extra fancy Uncolored Japan
Tea. Equal in the cup to any 60c
grade sold elsewhere. C/\
Our price 3 VIC
N. W. Main 4700. T. 0. 162. 3
Imported Gjeteost Cheese, lb..3 2c
Fancy Tomatoes, at lb 15-4.
Jonathan Apples, bu box....ft* 4J
Cape Cod Cranberries, qt...T.i^
All kinds of fresh Vegetables
lowest prices.
N. W^Main 4500 and 4501^
Twin City86 and 116.
Dixie Blossoms.
Bearts and Masks.
Breath of the Bose.
College Life.
Fascination. Cherry.
Dixie Doodle Girk
Mistletoe. __^|
Floating Along.
Peaches and Cream,!^
Soap Suds. Paddy. 3%
Hearts Ease.
Belles of *78.
ft so

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