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Franklin Steel Park
This Entire Block.
labour Realty Company
Real Estate, Loans, Beatals, Insurance
410 First Avenue South
$5000 Tins is a beautiful new home close to Calhoun, facing east
contains nine or ten rooms, finished in hardwoods, all hardwood floors,
mantel, sideboard, tho finest plumbing, expensive hardware, full basement
with laundry, and the best of hot water heating plants, and finely fitted
bathroom. I is a most complete home, never occupied, with stone walks
and steps screens and storm sash fairly good terms if desired.
$100050x155a perfect lot in
Lake of the Isles, overlooking the
lake, all improvements except
sewer. I is a bargain if take^a
at once.
is a bargain in a little
home of six rooms, nice condi
tion, nrar Snelling av and 22d st
city water and stone walks paid
for a decided bargain if you act
at once.
$400*5xl25, a perfect east front
lot on Oakland av near 28th st
all improvements except sewer.
$7506x128, facing east on Fre
mont at 81st st, all improvements
except sewer.
$375 i5\12S, facing east on Du
pont inside of Lake st, all improve
ments except sewer a big baigain.
LOWRY HILLWe are headquar
ters for this, the finest residence
propei ty in the city. We have
several beautiful corners on Mt.
Curve. We call attention partic
ularly to Mt. Curve and James
100x135. We can quote prices
from $2,000 upwards. Before you
make your selection see what we
can do for you.
The Ideal Location for Your Home. The Lake, the Parkways,
the Beautiful Surroundings, the City Improvements (city wa-
ter, gas, electric light, stone walks and good car service), the
Country Air, are all combined for your comfort. Then, too,
the large lots and suitable building restrictions add to the at-
tractiveness of Lynnhurst.
Reasonable Terms and a low rate of interest if you desire.
Call or write for Plat and Price Lists.
113- ST
l|U TC
Editorial Section
$550Another bargain, 45x124,
lacing east on Pleasant a be
tween 31st and 32d sts all im
provements, including sewer.
$22540x126, on Penn av between
32d and 33d avs N they lie per
fect, with city water, stone walks
and fine trees one-half block from
car. They are certainly cheap.
Can probably make good terms.
$640 A large lot facing 100 feet
on Arthur av close to University
av city water, stone walks, trees,
and a great bargain.
$40040x128, perfect lot, on
Giand av inside of 35th st.
$97548x135 perfect lots on Gar
field near 25th st all street im
provements very easy terms if de
in an up-to-date home containing
ten rooms, finely finished in hard
woods, open plumbing, best of
heating plants, hardwood floors,
mantel, sideboard, bookcases, light
ing fixtures, icebox, grounds are
enclosed between Lyndale and
Hennepin inside of 27th st.
Here's an Exceptional Opportunity
Owner Instructs to Sell at Once
rt rt
13 3?
\lb rff
la? at
/f c*
3.4 3-fT
v&> ac 4% ^fc
I8*I S
J' Submit reasonable offer, stating which lot or group of lots, and it will be accepted. Don't miss
the best opportunity ever offered.
& Special inducements to purchasers'who win build at once. Easy terms. VZ^*' */t
Provision of sites and building ac
commodations for new business insti
tutions is becoming a public necessity
in Minneapolis. Such a serious matter
has the scarcity of sites become and
the inability to get buildings already
standing for immediate occupancy for
the new industries that are constantly
crowding in on the city, that a move
ment is reported on foot to syndicate a
lot of business properties and to pro
vide means for the erection of suitable
Whatever may be the cause of the
present situation, it is one of -the hard
est things in the world to get a suitable
site for the new companies that are in
tending to establish houses in Minne
apolis. A difficult situation was over
come the other day by W. B. Fiske,
who bought a brick building and moved
it onto his own property to provide
housing for a good tenant. That was
a bit or quick work that can't be done
every day.
Two Hard Propositions.
In the first place, it seems hard to
get propertyholders to sell property at
a reasonable price in the second place,
it seems hard to get local monied men
to put up buildings on a reasonable
rental basis. This is not the absolute
rule, but new concerns get the impres
sion that they must break into town
with a sledgehammer
Only lately one of the new concerns
in the city is said to have been almost
driven to St. Paul for a building site,
because the property owner, or his rep
resentative, quibbled so that the firm
lost its nerve and was almost ready to
leave town, when a real estate agent
discovered the predicament and was
loyal enough to the city to make a
satisfactory deal and retain the firm.
Unity Is Wanted.
Lack of unanimity between the real
estate men is said to be one cause of
the trouble. A new firm has to look
over all the real estate offices to get a
good idea of what can be obtained
here in the way of land or buildings.
Then it has to do a lot of fine diplo
matic work to get any sort of an option
on the property. At least this is the
way the difficulty has been stated by
some of the business firms that intend
to locate in Minneapolis.
One way out of the situation has
been found in the employment of out
side real estate men to do the purchas
ing. The best solution, however, is
the suggested plan of centralizing the
situation in a syndicate which shall
buy up business properties, hold them
at a small profit, and then secure money
for erection of buildings in case owners
of land cannot be induced to make a
fair deal on a long lease basis.
Plan Finds Favor.
['I think the plan is iust the thing,"
said one of the real estate men. '"i
has come to my knowledge that the
prospective Minneapolis business and.
manufacturing concern/3 have had a
pretty hard time of it to get sites and
buildings here owing to the attitude of
property owners, who seem to want to
\6p $
U(o 4fe u&
Vt, 4-5
Note'arrangement of plat also exceptional depth of street lots.
These lots admirably situated opposite Franklin Steele Park, are bounded by Park and Portland
avenues, two of the most beautiful and attractive avenues, and are within ten minutes' walk to the
heart of the city.
Public school and street car lines within one block. High school within six blocks. The entire
block is vacant (with the exception of one expensive residence), thus insuring beautiful new resi-
dences on each lot when built upon.
A11 street improvements are in, including curb, gutter, water, sewer, gas and trees.
Business Men Propose to'Form Holding Company to Fa-
cilitate Supplying New Concerns with Locations for
Wholesale or Manufacturing Property, and to Con-
struct Suitable BuildingsClad Hand to Everybody.
too FT"-*
Exclusive Agents,
414 Guaranty Bldg.
make tremendous profits on their hold
ings ,and who often cannot raise the
money to put up the proper kind of
buildings themselves,
1 should go even further and have
the syndicate go into "the business of
putting up structures after the manner
followed by W. A. Eggleston of the
-David C. Bell Investment company,
who rented two buildings for William
Deeruig of Chicago beffore he started
building them, or nearly so*. I this
way he provided good accommodations
tor firms which wished to move and
made room, by an expansion of the
city's office room capacity, for new
firms and the growth of the city."
No let-up in the filing of permits
for new buildings is noted for last
week. The largest permit is for the
Launtzen Malt company brewery to
cost $50,000. Building notes prepared
y the Improvement Bulletin indicate
further improvements the city winch
will provide winter work for skilled
Grading 0
wille oundation
/^P? Cleveland Garfieldw Jackson
NeUl and Webster buildings, $18,000, and for
heating plants in the Grant, Hawthorne, Mur
ray and Nelll buildings, $18,500
Lindstrom & Williams, architects, have plans
for a residence on Thirty second and Humboldt
avenue S for C. Thomsen. It will be 28x
Lewis M.
Campbell Go.
322 Plllrtnry Bldg.
$600 $1200 Pillsbury's
second addition, be
tween 8th and 9th
Sts. and 5th and 7th
Aves. SE.
$900Lot on Church St.
near U.
$7003 lots ok 7th St. SE.
$500Lot on 7th St. SE.
$420OBest lot SE, 5th St.
$3000Modern 6-room, 6th
Ave. SE.
$2800 8-room, modern
t. Beacon St.
$38007 rooms, modern
A 7th St. Si.
$525011 rooms fine 5th
St. SE.
We" have others. See us.
ForSale bytbeOwner
Modern 11-room house lot 55x157
feet close in good location one
block from car line.'
/501 Eighth St. So.
THE MINNEAPOLIS^OURNAL, Sunday] November 4, 1906.
the site for the C. J.i:\cbnuge
Hedwall building at Ninth street and
JNicollet avenue began last week and
in a short
begin on
the stor buildings
which are to be erected on the ground.
Work on the Butler Brothers' build
ing is progiessing rapidly, as well as
on the Hurty-Simmons Hardware com
pany warehouse on Second avenue N
The First National bank is nearly
ready for the interior finish and the
Security bank banking rooms are near
ly ready for occupancy,
ii Condemnation proceedings begun by
the Milwaukee road for its spur track
thru the Badger trackage property, be
tween Third and Fourth avenue S, up
to Sixth avanue, forecast active buikf
lng on the trackage next spring, in
cluding the big piant of 1h Kellogg
Mackay Cameron company.
The Improvement Bulletin says:
GJenn L. Sa\ton, architect, Security Bank
building, has plans for the foloiwing residences
in the citj W D. Safford, 20x30, tost $3,000,
Koger& Lumber eompanj, 3tH30, cost $6 500,
cottage, 22\25, for William Young of Cargill
EJevatoi company, $1,500, at sevt
enth aud Humboldet"cost3208s avenue S for Ii P. Alter
ton, Larmse Anderson, contractor, cost $4,200,
OaklandTwenty av, cos
$4,000, Waldo Campbell at Washburn Park, ms-t
story cement blocks, second story shingle, mod
ern tLiuout
will have about $155,
000 for new school buildings ne\t season There
Ul be a six room building Northeabt and an
eifflitrooin biiildlnj southeast of the Tuttle
bchool. Another one will be a ten or twelve
room building theexact location of which has
not been decided upon as yet. Se\eial of the
oul buildings have additions or annexes pro
posed G. McMillan has the foundation for
the high school well under way Contracts for
the superstructure vll be let this winter, the
work to proceed in the arl, ysitoihg.
E Egan is suryejiug jtMe Armour & Co.
site in Noitheast Minneapolis.] R. Ruddick ton Pa
will be the geneial manager... /Frank Gifford,
purchasing ag?at fo the coidpany was in the
citj this week looklim over /the mateiial inai
ket foi supplies for the new buildings. Brick
and reinforced concrete are being considered If
biick is used it will reuuiie about 12,000,000
hard burned common brick.
L. A Lamoreuv, atclntect, is preparing plans
for remodeling and modernizing the two story
frame residence of H. R. I^ons on Ridgewood
avenue. Estimated cost, $4,000.
Glenn Saxton architect, has plans for a
frame residence at Lankin, N for Thfio
Meyers, to cost $2,000, and one of same size
and cost for George Phelps of Klng&ley, Iowa,
a $1,500 residence for It. W Speirs at Ree
Heights, S. one for L. Hatfield, Sidney,
N. Y., to cost $2,500, and one for M. Mar
ble at New Haven Conn to cost $2,000
The board of education will ask for bids for
extensions to the heating plant at the Rosedale
school building., Tbe~Meuomonie Hydraulic Press
Brick company secured the contract to supply
their buff mottled pressed brick for the new
high school building and the twin city brick
will be used for the new Lauiel school building
L. A. Lamoreux, architect, lb at work on plans
for a residence on the south shore of Lake Har
riet for Dr E Bell It will be 30\4 two
and-one half gotry and basement, of brick and
hollow terra cotta tile, covered with cement
plaster, tile roof, fireproof tile partitions, mod
ern interior finish thruout. Cost, $8,000.
The Variety Manufacturing company has the
ocntract for all the cross horizontal and fire
proof elevator doors and shutters in the Butler
Brothers building (nearly under roof), Sixth
stret and First avenue N, Harry W. Jones,
architect, and for all outside openings in the
Janney, Semple, Hill & Co. warehouse, Third
avenue S and First street.
The board of education will ask for appro
priationb for next year for addition to the
Edison school building $12,000, addition to the
EricssoBn school' building, $14,000, ne plumbing
34, two-sotry, attic and basement, with open
plumbing, bath gas, electric wiring, mantel,
laundry, haidwood interior finish and hot water
heating Cost. $4,000
H. G. Dariow, Metropolitan building, has plans
for cottages at 3232 Bryante avenue
Giand avenue Eac will about
22x20. modem interioi flnibh and furnace Work
will proceed during the'w inter, to be oompleted
iu the eaily spilng Cost complete, $6,000
Glenn L. Saxton, aithitect, has plana for a
school building at Swing paik. Lake Minne
touka. Cost, $4,000.
L. A Lamoieux, architect, is at work on plans
fot a two stoiy frame residence on Lake of the
Isles boulevard foi P. O Rogers. It will be
M\6b, with open plumbing, bath mantel, hard
wood interioi finish, haid wall plaster and hot
water heating. Cost, $5,000.
Glenn L. Saxton, architect, has plans for a
two-story colonial22x30, residence, 32\3B,N.at Escar-
naba,am,Miccot for R. Hoyler, costing $6,000, and
tage at Sawyer D. fo
1 E. Tenney, cost $2 000.
The Roman Catholic pro-cathedral building
committee has accepted the general plans for
the new church. Sixteenth and
Hennepintop atef
will be 146x269 18 4 feet to the
the dome and pews for seating 2,000 to 3,000.
fa. Masqueraj, architect
William Uiquhart, 2615 Emerson avenue S,
has the geneial contract to erect the office
building for the Ives Ice Cieam company at
417 becond avenue SE It will be 35X1O0L two
story and babement, of brick and cut stone.
Halej, architect Cost, $5,000
L. A Lamoreux, architect, is preparing plans
tor a stone and brick cemetery vault for Wil
liam Allen at Le Roy, Minn.
UndBtrom & Williams, architects, report the
general coutiact to erect the Mrrtin flats on
iianklin and Dtuont avenues let to Thomas
Hallangei of 2710 Pleasant avenue. There will
be fifteen thoioly modern apaitments. Work
hab been begun Cost, $50,000.
Charles S bedgwick architect, reports the
geneial contiact to eiect Tames Cornell's frame
le-sidence at 2928 Portland avenue let to Carl
Isdmunds Wotk will proced during the wintet,
to be completed by May 1 Cost, $3 500
Linden Hills Congregational societj is raising
funds for a church to cost $10,000. The fouuda
turn contiact will be let this fall, and it is
expected to btart the superstructure in the
npiing Rev A Cool, pastor
The Prince Construction eompanj. Northwest
ern building, has the contract tor an additional
stoij to the Gluek Blew nig company buildinsrs
at 2030 Marbhall street NE, to be 3dx59, brick.
Boehme & Coidella architects Cost, $2,500
W Dunnell, architect, report sthe general
contract to eiect the Northwestern Telephone
company buildicg at Wahpeton, N. D.,
let to Sam Chiistensen of that city. Cost
Chailes Brunsell, 1839 Fillmore street NE has
begun work by the daj on a frame residence,
2b\48, at 2532 Tenth avenue S It will be two
storj, modern interior finish and furnace, to be
completed bj May 1 Cost, $4,000.
Fiank Isaacson, 1618 Jeftcison btreet NE, has
let the contract to eiect his du.Iex residence
at 1622 Jeffeison street to Emil C. Bruce. It
will be 254.46, two-story, attic and basement,
modem interior finish Cost, $4,000.
Glenn Saxton, architect, has plans for three
modem five room cottages for Dr. John Nel
son of St Paul on Sheiburne near Chatsworth
street, to be modern thruout Cost, $2 000.
The Western Electric company of Webb City,
Mo has crdered five sets of plans fiom Oleni.
L. Saxton, architect, for residences to be erect
ed theie. Each will be about 26x28, and will
aveiage in cost about $2,500
Obcir 1\ Abiahamson, 2500 East Twenty
fouith street, has begun work by the day on a
fiameresidenee, 26\d5, at J129 Elliot avenue
work to-*e completed iu the bpnng Will have
modern iuterigx finish Cost, $3,000
John Miller, 3614 Seventeenth avenue S,
has letto Lewis Larson the contract to erect a
oencrete hollow block stoie at 3400 Cedar ave
nue It will be 44x50, one story, all work to be
completed by May 1. Cobt, $3,500
Charles Anderson 1112 Dupont avenue N has
let the contract to erect his two story frame
residence at 2901 Brjant avenue N to A
Anderson. It will be 28x40 modern interior
finish and furnace. Cost, $3,500.
W S Hunt, architect, reports geneial con
tract to erect the bank building at Clouuet
Minn let to Alfied Teterson of 1523 Jefferson
street NE. Work will bebegun immediateli.
Cost, $10,000.
E Graves, 2024 Penn avenue S, secured
the general contract to erect the buildln-* ai
612 Eleventh avenue N for the Minneapolis
Brewing eompanj, from plans by Boehme & Cot
della, architects. Cost, $7,000
Carl Edmunds has the ocntract to erect W
Itea's gat age at 524 Tenth street S. It will
be 42\90, of hollow concrete blocks, composition
roof, to be compleed by Januaiy Cost, $3 000
The United States Furnace and Toundry com
pany is consideiing erecting a large plant here
fot getting out their goods fo. the western
market. Theh eastern factory is at Darling
lhe Aliller Davis company secured the con
tract for installing the new steel filing cases
in the county treasurer's office at $10,049
O Walter, 717 West Forty-first street,
jas begun work by the day on a two storv
frame residence, 26x28, at 4105 Upton avenue
S, CoBt, $2,200.
Estate Agent,
Will be glad to show
you our sample cot
tage finished on. Bry
ant Av. and 37th Av.
North "SUNDAY."
It is unique in house
Lot and all only
Over 100 lots to
choose from. Orders
coming in thick. If
you want one of these
send in your name
early. First come,
first served.
I ^^^^^^^ejgg
Chuck the
You can buy any one of those enumerated below, or have your pick
of many others on my list, by making a small cash payment and monthly
payments thereafter.
Royalston avA two-story 9-room house, modern except heat large
lot and good barn $300 cash, $30 monthly (32) $3500
No. 1523 Chicago avTwo-story frame dwelling, 14 rooms, in good
condition barn $375 cash, $35 monthly (34) $3^50
Oakland av between Franklin and 22d stsTwo-story brick veneered
dwelling, ten rooms, barn, lot 52x130 $350 cash, $35 monthly (29). .$3500
Clinton av near 19th stGood two-story frame dwelling, eight
rooms, lot 50x128 feet $400 cash, $40 monthly (51) $3800
Oakland av between 25th and 26th stsDouble two-story frame
dwelling, 7 rooms each $200 cash, $25 monthly (45) $2100
Second av S near 17th st-Frame dwelling, 7 rooms $300 cash,
$30 monthly (48) $2750
Jefferson st NEA good frame dwelling containing 10 rooms lot
40x140 feet $200 cash, $20 monthly (41) $1900
Fourth av S between 18th and 19th sts1y2 -story house of six
rooms, in good condition large lot $300 cash, $25 monthly (83).. .$2800
Stevens av near 27th stPretty seven-room cottage $300 cash, $25
per month (87) $2600
Lyndale av N near Western avTen-room dwelling, water and sewer
connections, lot 50x100 feet $300 cash, $30 monthly (62) $2800
Washington av N, inside of 17th avSmall cottage on bie lot,
55x165 feet $350 cash, $25 monthly (188) $2500
Lyndale av near RidgewoodNine-room dwelling, modern except
heat, on a lot 50x135 feet $400 cash, $40 monthly (196) $3700
Seventh st near 11th av SGood frame dwelling and lot, 73x165
feet $300 cash, $25 monthly (234) .$2700
Second av S between 32d and 33d stsFrame dwelling of 12 rooms,
easily convertible into a duplex house good barn present rental pays
nearly 10 per cent. $300 cash, $35 monthly (25) $3300
Thirteenth av S near 8th stGood little house of seven rooms, barn
large lot $300 cash, $325 monthly (129) $2600
Eighth st S, facing 12th avGood eight-room dwelling, lot 55x165
feet $300 cash, $25 monthly (136) $2600
For lots near Cedar Avenue Cars,
good size and He level and above
grade. Will sell on very easy terms.
Anybody ought to be able to buy.
Come and take your choice.,
.203 pneida Building
Franklin av, corner of 19th av SBrick store building on corner lot
25x100 feet $200 cash, $25 monthly (172) $2000
Mortgage Loans, Real Estate and Insurance.
135 and $liO
form Poors
Weather Strips, Storm Sash.
City Sash and Door Co.
Comer Fourth Sjt. and IThird Av. S.
"trusting location"pub- A
licitv will sell ^oods in a barn
Terms, $200 Down
$13 a Month.
Interest 6 Per Cent
[in birch or oak with
maple or birch floors.
Cellar with cement
ed floor. Cedar shin
gles white and cathe
dral glass.
but not partitioned.
W J\Ls I V//V 114 So. 4th Si si

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