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Many Large Buildings Remain to Be
Finished, Weather Permitting.
In its monthly review of the building
situation and an outlook for the winter
the Improvement Bulletin makes a
careful editorial digest of the last
season and a conaervative prophecy for
the coming winter and spring. The Bul
letin says:
The tall building season seems to be develop
ing a considerable amount of good sized work,
in spite of some discouragements in the way
of uncertainties of delivery of materials. There
are a number of good sized building* projected
or started iu the twin cities, and thru the north
west, on notch work will progress as long as
the weather will allow. These new projects
afford an assurance that builders are not loa
lug faith in the need and demand for addi
tional structures Some of them are expan
sions made necessary by gi owing business, and
otheis are new projects completely. It is no
ticeuble that the work usually Is on a plane of
better work In the larger as well as the smaller
structures If they are not as nearly fire
proof as they might he and frequently ought
to be. In view of the uses to which they are put,
it is encomnging that they do not lean the
other waj, toward getting a building as cheaply
as possible.
Residence construction shows a goodly volume
rtill, despite the lateness of the year. In fact
the construction of dwellings continues the year
round. Many find it a desirable plan to build
them during the winter, when mechanics are
not In so urgent demand But Just now, the
demand for caipenters and others on larger
nork is still ample, altho It has begun to drop
awa with the completion of a number of struc
The end of the season has had the usual ef
fect upon prices of materials. There is piac
tlcally no change to note in the cost of cement.
Mocks have not been equal to the demand for
some months and the result has been that deal
ers ha^e had to limit deliveries in order to
serve the greatest number possible. It is to he
hoped that another jear will find some add!
tlonal fcources of supply In cement In opera-
$5500A- gd investment in a
modern double house at 1805-1807
Third av S. Ten rooms each side,
oak finish, fiieplaces, baths, laun
dries, furnace heat, total rental $56
monthly. Good repair. Lot 50x
128 feet. First-class location.
$72503316 Irving av S, Calhoun
Park. One of the best homes in
this section, overlooking the lake.
New, beautifully finished and dec
orated, gas fixtures, bath, laundry,
hot water heat, hardwood floois,
solid cement porch, living room on
second floor with large fireplace,
sideboard in dining room. This
home is well worth the money and
will warrant your thoro investiga
$15000A business corner on
Hennepin av and 13th st, 71x154
feet. Improved with a good mod
ern house renting at $52. Ground
is exceedingly cheap at this price.
$33503240 Colfax av S. An at
tractive modern home, eight rooms,
well built and nearly new, finished
in oak on the lower floor, with
hardwood floors thruout, bath, hot
water heat, decorations, gas fix
tures. The whole place in perfect
repair. An exceptional value at
this figure. Lot 42x127 feet.
$26001032 Central av, large corner lot, with fair house. Excellent
business location. Pays good income and lot will increase in value.
$900Beautiful east front lot on Dupont av near 18th av N. Improve-
ments, sewer, water, gas and curb all in and paid for. A bargain.
$75000A Nicollet av Bargain. Large four-story solid brick'block.
Pays 9 per cent net on investment. Inside property and will double in
value in a few years. Occupied by one tenant with rent guaranteed.
This property as an income producer can't be beat. Will stand closest
investigation. See us at once. Part cash.
feet on 3d st, one block front Chamber of Commerce. Terms
to suit.
$6O0O1541-43 East Lake St. A brick bloek containing two large stores
and two six-room flats. All modern except heat. Rents for $840 per
year. No expenses except taxes and insurance. Almost new. Half
cash, balance at 5 per cent.
$45000Two solid brick flat buildings of six flats each. Easy walking
distance, thoroly modern, hardwood floors and finish thruout, open
niokel plumbing, well decorated and up-to-date in every particular.
Rents for $4,000 net above expenses. Corner lot, 106x135. Will take
pait trade balance mortgage. Look this up and make a good deal.
MAKE YOUR BEST OFFER for twenty-four feet on 1st av S near 2d st.
Must be closed out at once.
$1650Large corner, Lake st and Cedar av. Fine location for drug store
or other business.
Thorpe Bros*
Lyndale av S. A
veiy attractive home of seven
largo rooms, in the Eighth ward.
One year old, exceedingly well
built, beautifully finished and dec
orated thruout, mahogany on
lower floor, with enameled wood
work above, all of the best qual
ity, large colonial brick fireplace
in living room, beamed ceiling,
weathered oak finish in dining
room with mission sideboard, birch
floors thruout, screened-in porches,
gas fixtures, combination gas and
electric light, bathroom, with tiled
walls laundry, hot water heating
plant gas stove, boiler connected
with heating plant, a Very attrac
tive home. Large well graded lot,
45x119 5 feet. Surrounding im
provements and neighborhood very
Editorial Section.
tion, in view of the new mills under way at
different points, so that there wiU be a better
delivery as required. The growth, of the trade
is so steady and so wide that. It ,1s probable an
other year will find that an increased produc
tion will not lenve any surplus.
The brick season is closed with most of the
jards thru the northwest, and not many have
as muck of a stock on hand for spring build
ing as seems likely will be needed. Prices are
steady on common brick and are unchanged.
Linden Hills Church.
Glenn L. Saxton has been commis
sioned to furnish plans for the new
Linden Hills' Congregational church,
active work on which will be com
menced soon. The building will cost
$11,000 to $12,000, and will be com
in th modern sense of the term,
he walls will be of gray brick
and the roof will be of shingle, stained
red. As the church will nestle among
the trees of that pretty suburb it will
add greatly to the charm of the neigh
borhood. It is hoped to have it com
pleted early next summer.
Lot Sells for $14,000.
John Lind and Dr. C. J. Ringnell
have bought the remaining unimproved
'lot at Fourth street and Fourth avenue
S, adioining the corner. The price was
$14,000. The lot measures 66 by 165
feet. Nickels & Smith have bought a
lot in block 66 on Fifth street between
Sixth and Seventh avenues S, price
St. Paul Is Growing.
St. Paul building figures for October
show a gain of $153,339 over the same
month of 1905. The figures are $571,-
204 and $417,865. The value of per
mits for the year are to date $600,009
ahead of 1905.
$3000Submit your own offer for
this nine-room, thoroly modern, up
to-date home-" In the Thirteenth
ward. Stevens av near 36th st.
We will give you full particulars
if you are'interested in a house in
this district, and "you can look it
over with.'a view to making any
proposition you may see fit. Lot
50x131 fVfc,
$1000A&ftrst-c'lass east front lot
on Euchdfplace, between 25th and
26th sts. ^City water and stone
walk. Si ?e 48x152 feet. Lake of
the Isles, -a
$475A bargain in a lot in Pros
pect Park, located on the old In
terurban line, with 5c fare to
either city. Situated on Cecil st
between Hamline and Sharon, fac
ing east, three blocks to car line.
Size 50x127 feet. Lies well.
$135?5Two lots on Pleasant av
between 27th and 28th sts, facing
west, with frontage of 90 fe,et by
165 feet deep, to alley. All im
Submit your own offer on your own
terms. Lot on Queen av S be
tween 19th and Franklin, facing
south and jWest, size 55x125 feet.
60 feet width in rear. All im
provements in street and paid for.
Lot lies well.
$1150 One more good lot on
Humboldt v S between 26th and
27th sts, facing west. All im
provements. Lies perfectly. Size
43x165 feet.
$150 each. Lots on Stevens av
between 45th and 46th sts, facing
nest. Size 42x131 feet. Easy
$800A few good lots left on
Elliot av between 31st and 32d sts,
facing west. All improvements in
street and paid for. Size 40x126
E.A. CONRADC0.mi*t
513 Phoenix Building
$20000Manufacturing plant with buildings and one acre
of ground with trackage. Conveniently located and an
excellent plant.
$3500Trackage, 146 feet on Milwaukee road contains four
large lots.
$140 EACH75 lots, each 50x150. This price is made to close
out wholesale. Well located, low price and will surely ad
vance in value.
$4000A desirable, up-to-date, comparatively new modern
house eight rooms and bath gas and fixtures furnace,
full basement, hardwood flobrs^ decorated walls, mantel
large east front lot inside of 32d'st. Owner leaving city.
$2800Down town property. Eleven-room house with gas,
bath, city water and 47-foot lot, inside of 7th st S. Rental
$33 per month.
$57000Fiat building, 18 flat*, income 10 per ceat net, con*
servative estimate. A profitable and sail investment.
c*0Good lot 49t between
Wentworth and Pleasant avs, fac
ing south, and across from the
Washburn Home beautiful view.
Size 50x131 feet.
A library done in rich brown and
soft yellow will harmonize with almost
any combination of colors in an apart
ment, and in addition will be artistic
if the tones shading from deep brown
to bright orange and light canary are
prettily blended.
k.% much depends upOu the paper
used on the walls and upon the floor
covering both should be carefully se
lected to correspond with each other,
as well as with the furniture and hang
If light brown canvas or burlap" put
on the walls in panels is too expensive,
then two-toned cartridge paper will be
an excellent substitute, and if the two
shades are sharply contrasted in either
narrow or broad stripes the effect will
be most pleasing. The ceiling, to pre
vent the room from being too dark,
should be done in a soft yellow that
will tone to advantage with the side
As a basis for the furniture, and the
real foundation of the setting of the
library, the floor covering must be in
a shade and of a quality of material
that blends with everything and" yet
is not noticeable, for nothing will spoil
the effect of a dark room as much as
a rug or carpet that is of a color or
pattern that is constantly obtruding
itself upon the occupants and making
them conscious of its design.
In this brown and yellow room a
mottled brown velvet filling should be
in harmony, if it is not too expensive,
otherwise the floor may be stained and
one large, square ingrain rug in striped
brownslight and darkor several
small ones used to keep the floor from
looking bare.
As shelves for books are one of the
essentials in a library, the arrangement
of them is usually considered more im
portant than the chairs, table, and
bric-a-brac that are necessary properly
to furnish such a room and make it
artistic as well as comfortable.
The number of shelves required de
pends naturally upon the booRs to be
placed on them and upon the wall
space that can be utilized. If made of
pine boards at home these shelves,
placed in rows, one above the other
(the largest at the bottom), are ef
1 fective when built in from the floor to
I a height
otf aboutn
Rich Browns and Soft Yellow Harmonize Well with Almost
Any Kind of FurnishingsWalls May Be Burlap or
Cartridge Paper, and Rugs and Draperies Can Be
Selected to Match.
four feet, so tha
the topmos one ca be readily reachedt.
Stained brown and covered with silk
curtains dropped from a brass rod at
tached to the top of the highest shelf,
this improvised bookcase will really be
an ornament to the room, and if sheer
a silk in a yellow that makes
an blensoft between the brown
mottled floor and the two-toned paper
in brown is used, the effect will be
I charming. Besides, these curtains over
the shelves help protect the book bind
ings from dust and wear and so are
practical as well as decorative.
Then, too, the top shelf may be used
as a plate rail for bric-a-brac, and if
there are quaint and curious pieces of
brass, hand-made, hammered or in an
tique finish, and vases or other pottery
in the yellow arts and crafts style the
ornamentation will not only be in keep
ing with the character of the apart
ment, but decidedly effective
The furniture of this room must be in
brown, and a medium sized flat or
apartment heavy leather large frame
and upholstered pieces are really out of
place, so that for harmony wicker or
willow lounging chairs and deep, wide
seated ones that are comfortable for
reading may be secured for reasonable
prices in the natural, color and then
Stained *t home to correspond with the
surroundings._ A table in dark oak or
in the Flemish mission finish should
mark the center of the room, and if
convenient it should be of an oblong
A couch or divan in a library is al
ways desirable, and if a cover soft
brown velour is used, witlr pillows of
bright old orange, deep gold and the
varying shades of brown piled on in
confusion, it will be an artistic addi
tion to the room. The pillows, many of
which should be put on the couch, may
be made of inexpensive pieces of denim,
canvas and burlap"," any one of which
comen in tones of yellow and brown
that will be effective. Just for con
trast ore or two handsome cushions
should be used in the pile. A striking
ope of golden silk,, with a.deep brown
ruffle, or finisljed Tvith a cord and tas
sel, would be attractive, as would also
a lemon eoloreij silk .pillow with a touch
of old orange A'fc the corners.
At the lioors portiere's of" yellow or
brown jute or arras cloth simply made
with the hems turned outward in the
popular mission fashion, and creamal
most yellownet curtains at the win
dows should complete the furnishing of
a most attractive and artistic library.
Every so often the statement appears that
hereafter certain building departments will re
quire that building permits shall be taken cut
before work Is started, the action being made
necessary because many have buildings well
along toward completion before taking out the
permit. This is altogether wrong, and it would
be well If every such instance should be fol
lowed by prosecution and fine, if convicted. The
value of building inspection lb more than to
furnish statistics to show how much the com
munity is growing in the way of new build
ings,. The principal object and purpose of in
spection departments is to see that structures
aie not started on plans which are not suitable
and safe. If work is allowed to progress well
towaid completion without objection, where is
the guarantee of the safety of construction?
This observation by the Improve
ment Bulletin is pat.
Owing to the delay in taking out
building permits the actual figures do
not begin to show the actual Duilding I
under way for the season. The end ot
tfie year geneially finds all of the per
mits taken out, but frequently large
improvements have to be left out of
the yearly totals because the permits
have not "been secured for various rea-
Keith Goes to Spokane.
George H. Keith, for several years
a member of the Keith company, ar
chitects, has gone to Spokane. He
has associated himself with J. K. Dow+
architect, regarded as a leading mem
ber of the profession in that city. A
late edition of the Spokane Journal
reproduced a sketch of a $500,000 of
fice building drawn by Mr. Keith.
Corner Lot Sold.
The corner at Thirteenth street and
First avenue S, diagonally across from
the Berkeley hotel, has been sold for
$4,350. The lot measures 55 by 82y2,
The improvements cut no figure in the
rice, leaving the cost for the front
at $80.
We employ men who do nothing
else but
And their work wiU please you.
80-82 9th Street South.
Builders' Hardware
304-306 Htnnepln *v,'
Houses Built CdipMe in One Month
Plans and estimates furnished. Remodeling
THOS. BALLANGER Biiiftiu Contractor
Office, TfRert 26th St.
Residence. 2710 Pleasant Ave.
Phones-T. C, 4482. N. W.. South 1094 L.
THE MINNEAPOLISffTOUKNAL. Sunday, November 4, 1906.
Cost to Build as a Lake Cottage, $800
As Finished Home, $1,100 at Present
Here is an Investment for any one
who desires either a city home or a lake
cottage. The photographic Illustration
does not do the house justice. The oaks
being so thick, their leaves being still
on, the. picture had to be taken from an
unfavorable position. This house was
built last fall at Cottagewood, Lake Min
netonka, overlooking Carson Bay, and is
an ideal cottage nome and makes a
splendid looking cottage for either city
or country. It can be built as a lake
cottage, for $800, or it can be built as a
finished home, plastered throughout and
everything the best, for $1,100.
I would advise for a lake cottage
where there Is no baseme\nt required,
that the living room be a trifle shorter,
and put the bathrom under the stairs to
the second story.
The second story can be made into
four chambers if desired, which would
be amply large for chambers in a lake
cottage. The house has the appearance
of one that would cost $2,500. First story,
8 feet 6 inches second, 8 feet. The price
of $1,100 would include a full basement.
I would suggest that a prospective
home builder, who desires all he can get
for the smallest amount of money, can
accomplish his end by letting me furnish
his plans. I have approximately BO O
beautiful homes from $650 to $5,000,
which are stock plans, and I can save
you from $10 to $50 in architect's fees
on these houses. i
Factory. 34th st and Bryant ay S.
Repairs and alterations are done in a satisfac
tory and economical manner by
Office 109 7th St.. shop 1168 Clinton Ave., T.C.
8847 and 3266. Asrents for the famous "Rund"
Automatic Instantaneous Watr Heater.
Jus't turn the faucet."
Legal Fights Without Charge
Nothing Is more worrisome and ex*
pensive than a lawsuit over a de
fective title.
About the only sure way to avoid
such trouble Is to have one's title In
sured, then the Title Insurance com
pany has to fight all such battles free
of charge.
611-613 First Ave. So.
Builders' Hardware, Coal Hods,
Ash Sifters, Lanterns, Cutlery,
Tools, Portable Gas Lamps, Etc.
WfcWllllIlM pet cleaner and up-
ItflllQF holsterer to see you.
nUIIWk if you need anything
in these lines we can give you per
fect satisfaction.
Walker's CarpetCleaningWerki
F. L. Storms, prop. 1901 NICOLLET AV.
T. C. 4609Phone -N.W. So. 207.
I have the "Radiant Estate" and
"Sparkling Universal" Base Burners
for hard coal, and "Cole's Hot Blasts"
that will burn anything. Call and see
Hot Water Heat Tour Home
I*s cost is much less in the end.
$200 for instance wiU heat the house
on this page^
Hasey Heating Co.
810 Third Av. South.
By special arrangement with Glenn
L. Saxton, architect, 242-244 Security
Bank building, a complete set of
plans and specifications of this
house, including one set of blue
prints, will be furnished at Mr. Sax
ton's office for $10. These will be
complete in every detail. Mr. Sax
ton will also furnish to the Journal
readers for $1 a beautiful, practical
and helpful book of plans, entitled
"American Dwellings," of houses
ranging from $400 up. In case plans
are ordered from the book, the price
of the publication will be refunded.
Portfolio No. 2, of residences cost
ing from $3,000 to $50,000, 50c port
folio No. 3, of stores, banks and
churches, 50c. A church portfolio
will also be given free to any reader
of The Journal upon application
to the architect.
C. E Purdy, Minneapolis, Minn
Wm. R. Knights, CityDear Sn. Since
yon installed for me oue of your Combination
beatrs I have yielded to the popular cry and
put in two of the best hot water systems
and one highly recommended steam plant.
Nfither of the hot water plants nor the
steam has given as good satisfaction, been
as efficient or economical as the combination
heater put in by you.
Fdr any building containing ten rooms or
under I will not again put in anything ex
cept one of your combination heaters. Yours
truly, C. E. Purdy.
KNIGHT'S HEATERS are more economi
cal than hot water and do what hot water
cannot do. They remove dust from the air
and thoroughly moisten it.
We Furnish Money
To Buy or Build Homes on
Monthly Payments Less
Than Rent!
We have bought and built over $500,000
worth of homes In the last four years.
Call or send for booklet explaining our
plan and showing what we have done
for others and will do for you.
300 Kasota Block,
Both Phones,
3fc *L
The Economy Fuel Saver can be sued with a
small stove and give better results than any
heater three times Its size, thereby saving
at least 50 per cent of yonr fuel bill.
The Economy Fuel Saver
Increases the heating sur
face three-fold, which saves
the heat that would other
wise go up the chimney and
by so doing heats more
space with less expense than
any heater ever made.
Agents Wanted.
Can Be
Any Stove,
or Boiler.
not found in others, are protrayed in a most
interesting manner on
Heat and Light
Beth Phones 39.
227 South Fifth St., Minneapolis.
of this issue.
The M. J. O'Neil Sanitary
Plumbing Plants make your
homes healthy. The M. J.
O'Neil Heating Plants keep
your homes warm and the M.
3. O'Neil Gas and Electric Fix
tures make your homes light
and cheerful.
Let us put your electric light and
bells in order. First-class work
guaranteed. We do all kinds of
electric wiring and repairing.
513 Second Ave. South.
T. 0. PHONE 2838.
mmmwrn SMOKED*
Ectiomy Fuel Saver Co.
Office and Factory, 426-428
First Avenue S. E.
Home Builders
The Many Virtues of the
Miracl Pressed Stone Co.'s
Block Machine
in your home, you can put many
dollars to your credit each year that
would othei ise go into coal. Have
us demonstrate the innumerable
merits of a STORM KING to you
The Roberts Heating and
Ventilating Co.,
218-15-17 South
Third St.,
Use the Anchor Stone Laandry Tray.i
Strongest and cheap
*s tray on the mar
ket. Foundation work,
stone sidewalks, con
crete blocks, fancy
moulding, brick.
Office 607 Phoenix Bldg.
Phone N W. Main 3360 L2, T. 2404. Factgry^
2920 Lyndale ar S, phone T. C. 9122.
213-217 S0.32SST.
i fist lis Flritire oivVoiirBiH,
jLSth Ave. S. and 3d St.
Formerly Betai! Yard at
Bovey-DLaittre Lbr. Co.
will cost you no more than
an inferior one if you have
It installed by
1505 Hennepin Av.
Be sur* and get figures on
your new or remodeled home.
The most noted architects and
contractors In America recommend
The "volt" Gas Generator*
for lighting any building, largeT
or small. No Mantles, no Pump
ing Up, no Odor. Gas always
ready to light. Does not affect
insurance. Colt town lighting
plants are a
Storm Sash
Storm Doors
stor-m sash Hangers
Large Stock Right Prices
Quick Deliveries
4th St., Opp. Court House ^ji
Robert Simpson Co
813 8 4th St.. Minneapolis.
3 Why "half-advertise" it? A Jour- &
nal want will fully advertise It.
Plumbing.Heating, Gasfitting
If you want your work done well and at the right
price call or phone
IA a. e.
604 Henaepin

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