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Boss Murphy Is Praised for Re-
sult of ElectionHanded
\l Hearst a Lemon.
Journal Special Service.
New York, Nov. 8.The Tammany
leaders who have supported Charles F.
Murphy thruout the campaign express
the opinion that the election, so far
as Tammany was concerned, was one of
the greatest victories in the history of
the organization. They said that never
before had Tammany won so many
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Thursday Evening*,
judges, congressmen and state senators
and assemblymen. The Tammanyites
took the defeat of Hearst cheerfully.
Some of them said that the organiza
tion had handed Hearst a lemon in ex
change for a basket of peaches.
Peter A. Hendrick, Tammany leader
of the thirty-first and one of the suc
cessful candidates for justice of the
supreme court, said:
"Mr. Murphy has shown himself to
be the most astute leader that Tam
many has ever had, and in that state
ment I do not except John Kelly and
Eichard Croker. He has won more for
the organization itselfand Tammany
Hall isonly a co-organizationthan those
men ever won except in a mayoralty
contest. All the district leaders with
whom I have talked today consider that
Mr. Murphy's action at Buffalo has
been justified by the result.
"If he had insisted on the nomina
tion of some other democrat than
Hearst, the party would have been third
in the race and we should have lost
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Bosses Will Not Rule New York,
According to Assertions of
Journal Speolal Service, i
New York, Nov. 8.Charles E.
Hughes in his pre-election speeches
made certain definite statements as to
his policy if elected governor. Among
the promises he then made to the peo
ple were these:
"It will be an unbossed administra
tion. I believe in party organization,
in clean, efficient organization. 1
promise all members of the party fair
treatment. No individual or jgroup of
individuals and no private interests,
will be permitted to dictate my policy.
I shall decide and act according to my
conscience and as I believe the public
interest requires. I promise an honest
administration. It will not be neces
sary for anyone to pay 1 cent to de
feat what is called strike legislation.
There will be no excuse for the improp
er expenditure of money upon that
I am not committed to specific
measures. I promise an examination,
careful and impartial of all matters
within scope of my authority and shall
approve."Acceptance speech, Oct. 3.
Promised Reforms.
*'I shall spare no effort to make ef
fective the reforms in the business of
life insurance so essential to policy
holders. I promise the enforcement of
the law, with equal severity and in
equal justice, to all, rich and poor, cor
porations and individuals."Accept
ance speech, Oct. 3.
'.'Now, as I have said before, and I
will repeat it, there is no man in the
state who can honestly question itI
have no pledges I am under no obliga
tions, except to do my duty as I see
it.*?Carnegie hall, Oct. 5.
I understand that since 1895, about
101 labor acts have been enacted. I
stand for the enforcement of these
laws. They must be enforced."Buf
falo, Oct. 10.
(Referring to the superintendent of
the state banking department)"Now
I have heard a great deal and I have
read a great dealI haven't had infor
mation in any official or responsible
wsjybut if I am elected I propose to
have an examination of my own. I
have done something along that line I
think I know how to do it, and if you
know anything about it come and tell
me, and when I find out in a responsi
ble manner, after I have taken the
oath of office, what the facts are, I
shall deal with them justly and fear
lessly. And what I have said in re
gard to that is my attitude in regard
to other matters affecting the depart
ment. So far as I am able to control
it no interest shall get anything that it
is not entitled to, or shall obstruct
anything to which the people are en-
Graft Would Be Punished.
Buffalo, Oct. 10."If I am elected,
and a dollar of $Hl*lic funds is misused
shall endeavor 0 find who is respon
sible for.it and,make him pay the pen-
Ogdensburg, %ct 15."I have
stated that I desired and should make
an examination of matters in the de
partments that I should ascertain
whether there was any wrongdoing and
fix the responsibility for it, no matter
who stood in tlj.e way. When I say
that Ijnean,.it.yi
"W e^ have (a
which is. vesica wijp
powers of jtegHlfttion-J
our great"*t*aiiS$rtatL
shall be
to Mouse'
receive apodal
terms ant
Defective Page
Tmy aim9to
see Jthat.th coi
missiop*. exercises. the powers entrusted
to it by the law and perform the duties
imposed upon it.
I desire to have it understood that
I shall hold heads of departments and
members of commissions strictly ac
countable for the performance of their
duties under the law. "Kingston,
Oct. 25.
I believe in spending every dollar
that is necessaryl to enforce the law.
And the labor laws of this state, if I
am elected governor, will be enforced
to the extent of my ability,Ithaca,
Oct. 25.
Corporations Must Obey Laws.
I mean that there won't be any
measure that will stand any chance of
success in the executive chamber which
is not presented on its merits by fair
means. If I understand that a meas
ure is advanced in a corrupt way or a
tricky way, or ways that will not bear
the light of day, that will be the end
of it so far as I am concerned."Ba
tavia, Oct. 30.
I propose that corporations shall
obey the law, whether they run rail
roads or newspapers."Auburn. Oct.
"If I am elected, I will promise you
no sensations in office. I shall not
have in view the increase of circulation
of newspapers. But I will promise
that your welfare shall be secure. If
I am elected and there is anything that
ou know tha will help your neigh
that the governor can
do to help youI want you to come to
the executive chamber and tell me
about it." Durland's academy.
Nov. 5.
Norwegian Ships. Caught In Storm
Crews in Peril or Lost.
Richibucto, N. B., Nov. 8.The storm
of the last week is still raging in Jthe
Northumberland strait and all efforts
to get to the stranded Norwegian bark
Adeone have failed. There is no sign
of life aboard and the entire crew of
eleven is believed to have been swept
to death by the huge breakers and the
undertow as they attempted to leave
the vessel.
One of two bodies jtossed on the
beach has been identified as that of
Walter Holz, aged 25. The other was
the steward of the bark. His name is
Charlottetown, P. B. I., Nov. 8.An
unknown Norwegian.bark went ashore
last night between Prest. Point and
Black Bush, and has broken in two.
Men on both parts, of the wrecked ves
sel were seen from shore and their
chances of getting off safely seemed
slight this afternoon,
Another Norwegian bark, believed to'
be the Olga* bound for Gampbelltbwn,
N. B., went ashore in the same locality.
Qne man has landed, but he cannot
speak English and it is not known
whether there are others on board the
Crime of Sheridan Causes Remorse and
May Drive Him Insane.
Negaunee, ^Mich., Nov. 8.An un
known man was murdered at North
land, a small place in the south end of
the county, today in a quarrel for a
dollar hat. Michael Sheridan did the
shooting, it is charged, and the mur
dered man was -Ms intimate friend.
Sheridan was brought here and ex-
iresses great remorse over the deed,
is feared he will go insane.
VEBHTXLION, S. D.H. C. Edmunds was sen
tenced to four years In state's prison for killing
Willie J. Williams at Meckling two years ago In
an altercation over wages. He was convicted
of utualftugutcr la ttM lint degree
1,121 in Cash Handed Over to the
^.wiK'ir Wrong Man.
Speolal to The Journal, -j
Milwaukee, Nov. 8.-Thru a mistake
a strange man today secured $1,121
from the National Exchange bank and
disappeared with the money.
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to one of
tellers to be cashed the
teller was counting the money the clerk
left for a moment to speak with a
friend. Meanwhile the-teller completed
his task and handed out the cash. A
youth who meanwhile had taken the
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clerk's, place accepted the money and
hastened away.
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of Canada's New Transcontinental
Railway, can be had on application to
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large drawers for flour and meal, work
ward and kneading board. Two large
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low price
Termi, $1 Cash, $1 Monthly.
without it.
Pure Mali Whisk
richness to the blood.
It makes digestion perfect and enables you to get from the food you eat the nourishment it contains. It is invaluable fdr~over4
worked men, delicate women and sickly children. It strengthens the system, Is a promoter of good health and longevity makes]
the old young and keeps the young strong. Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey contains no ti&el oil and is the only whlskev that has-
been recognized as a medicine. This is a guarantee.
Sold by all druggists and grocers, or direct, in sealed bottles only never In bulk. Price $1." Insist* on the^ genuine,^ an#d seel
that the "Old Chemist' trade-mark Is on the label. Beware of refilled bottles and spurioust malt whiskey substitutes offered fo
sale by. unreliable dealers. They.are P^tlye* ^te4^i^^J,f
are ani to
Mr. W. A. Stagg, Brooklyn, N Y.,
aged 73, enjoys good health,
thanks to Duffy's Pure Malt
Whiskey, which has been his
medicine for 30 years.
Mr. Stagg hashad Grip many times,
and he says that Duffy's makes a
complete cure every time, pre
venting any bad after effects.
After using Duffy's for 30 years
as prescribed, he would not be
He gratefully writes:
"For thirty years Duffy's Malt Whiskey
has been my one medicine. I have always
used it as prescribed and it has proved a
ivaluable aid, as it has not only cured sev
eral attacks but has prevented any bad
after effects. I cannot speak too highly of
what Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey has done
for me, and will always keep it to stimu
late and tone up my system and as a sure
icure for colds and grip. Although 7#
years old, I am hale and hearty, due to
jthe judicious use of Duffy's Malt Whis-^
key. W. A. Stagg, 1063 Pacific st, Brook*
April 3^1906.
stimulant and tonic, builds up the nerve tissues, tones ut
-j fteaJt.v.gives
-I brings, into action att thQ Vital forces

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