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The Minneapolis journal. (Minneapolis, Minn.) 1888-1939, November 09, 1906, Image 8

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Ladlea'new patent colt
button boots,with mat*
kid or black cloth tops.
the verynewest thine
in stylish foot- 0 O
wear, only ...,.^tf
Ladies' (3.00 patent
colt bluchers, with
heaw soles, only,
Men's $12 and $14 Winter Overcoats
in heavy all wool kerseys, and fancy
Long Overcoats,
cut to.
Men's $2.00 Worsted
Every Day Pants,
cut to
only ...lIC
Men's $6 Corduroy Sheep Lined Coats
with fur collars,
cut to
Men's Scotch Wool Knit
Gloves, only
Men's 50c Four-in-hand
Ties only
Men's fine Wool Hose in
all colors, only
Men's $3 patent colt.
Goodyear welt, lace,
biff job lot, A A
Misses' patent colt
button boots, with
heavy sales and
matt tops at.
Misses' dongola kid lace school
shoes, with heavy soles, only.....
Boy*' 52 box calf bluchers with
good heavy soles, Saturday
Little Gents' $1.50 box calf school
shoes, with heavy soles, only
$1.45 $1.12
Men's $12 heavy Cassimere and Fancy
Worsted Fall Suits, either single or
double-breasted, AMI 7 E
only $- 1 3
and Cassimere
Men's $1 Camels Hair Underwear in
best made Shirts and gji
Men's fleece lined Shirts and
Drawers, very best made...,. 44c
Men's $1.50 Fancy Stiff Bosom Shirts,
in all tie newest patterns, TPTF^
Men's $1.50 Cherry Valley Blue Flannel
Shirts, single or double
breasted, only
Men's regular $8.53 patent colt Goodyear welt
dress shoes, very latest last,
special Men's $2.00 dongola kid lace
Extra S. & N. Green Trading Stamps
Two fop one and 30 extra free with every purchase
of $1 or over In any department Saturday, If this
coupon Is presented.
43-45 Washington Ave. S.
We Cut Do\yn ExpensesSo Can You
Get It Out of Your Head
that a smaller store cannot sell clothing at a very great saving.
Here we are, saving money on rent by reason of our location, and
giving you mwe for your money than any other clothing store
ever dared to.
We Give You
Men's Black Kersey Overcoats
Wmterproof Frieze Overcoats
Black Thibet Suits
In a range that runs from size 30 to 42 chest.
To you it means a "hummer" of a $15 suit at
Boys' Overcoats and
School Suits
Sizes 8 to 16. Values
simply phenomenal at
$3.50 and................ $5
that. you. simply must see to
appreciate their sensational
values at $2.95, 0 i flkC
$2.50 and $ .jftj
Men's Flannel Shirts
Single and double-breasted,
fast blues. You take
no chance on the color.,
North American
"The good of the old, the
best of the new methods."
the Postal Telegraph-Cable Co
Canadian Cheviot Overcoats
Single or double breasted, as well as
Heavy Weight Worsted Suits
Cheviot Suits (fancy and plain)
Blue Serge Suits
Single) and double breasted.
Suits and Overcoats
Finest Suits and Overcoats
from best makers. You may
say this looks well and reads
easy, 'but.it- is positively true,
every word$15 $1$ $20
$22 $2& and $30. ^v^
Young Men's Suits and
Heavjr weights, sizes 15 to
20. We don't believe you ever
bought anything approaching
them for $7.50
Men's Underwear
Steam shrunk. Wool and camel's hair. Your good
time to buy while size range is full. $1.50 values for
"Director" Shoes for Men
They are a regular $3 kind in style and service
Men's Hats
You will be pleased with the new blocks in
fine qualities at $3, $2.40, $1.90 and.
States Geological Survey. Reclamation Ser
vice, Washington. D. C, October 31. 1906
Sealed proposnls will be received at the office
of the U. S Reclamation Service, Glendtre.
Montana, until 10 o'clock a.m.. December 15.
1906, for Ihe constrtfetion of structures on'tha
main canal and lateials. Lower Yellowstone projs
ect, Montana and North Dakota, involving at*
proximately 10,000 cubic yards ot ejjcavattoJiV
1,400 cubic vards of concrete. 2 20a.cublc tardS
of riprap, 90,000 pounds of square stett-3sia
and 300,000 feet B. M. ot lumber. Plansf
speciflcationp and proposal blanks may be Obtained
ii? the United States Reclamation Service,
Washington, D. C, or from the United State*
Reclamation Service, Glendive, Montana. B. A.
Hitchcock, Secretary.
J+. *-i$tf
Pj&&J&&Mf, jjU^^^^^I
City News
Where Illness and Death May Be At
tributed to Ptomaines in Foods, He
Would Have City Health Department
Make Tests to Protect the Public.
Dr. H. M. Bracken of the state board
of health believes that cases of pto
maine poisoning in Minneapolis, from
foods, can best be looked into by the
Minneapolis board of health and asserts
that such investigations are within
that board's jurisdiction.
"Ptomaine poisoning cases," said
Dr. Bracken today, "need immediate
investigation that they may be prop
erly traced as to their source. Some one
with authority and knowledge should
be on the scene as quickly as possible.
For this reason .the cases can best be
handled by the local board of health.
"It is a_ mistaken idea, however,
that ptomaine poisoning can only re
sult from leaving foods in tin cans.
Of course, ihis is a common cause and
the. rule smrald always be observed of
emptying tin cans of foods as soon as
they are opened. The foods should
never be allowed to stand in them.
But it is also frequently true that there
is ptomaine poisoning in meats and
othes foods which have
never been
near a tin can or even any metallic ves
sel. In such cases, it is hard to know
of the trouble till the poisoning has oc
curred. And it is also because of such
possibilities, that these cases should be
investigated immediately."
The state dairy and food department
reports that an investigation was made
by their inspector of the fatal poison
ing a short time ago of Mrs. Elliott of
St. Paul at the Clark home, 2730 Du
pont avenue S, Minneapolis. The peas
which caused the trouble had been
emptied from the tin containing them
ars soon as opened. A sample can
peas was purchased1
by the inspectof
from the- same grocery where the fami
ly dealt, and analysis is now under
Two Other Oases.
Two other cases of ptomaine poison
from eating canned peas have been re
ported today. One is that of Chester
Barry, 1536 Nicollet avenue, 17 years
old. He ate canned peas for dinner Sat
urday night and was taken very ill,
with all the symptoms of ptomaine poi
soning. He had a very high tempera
ture, swollen face, and cramps on Sun
day following. He is out of danger,
due* largely to the services of his
mother, who is a nurse by profession.
No other members of the family were
affected, possibly because they did not
eat so much of the peas. The can was
bought down town.
The other case was that of Miss
Heinz of the glove department of E. E.
Atkinson & Co. She ate peas three
weeks ago Sunday at a neighbor's
home and so far as she knew all sank
tary precautions had been observed in
cooking the peas. Others present at the
dinner were not affected. Miss Heinz
ate heavily of the peas, of which she is
fond. The illness lasted for several
hours and was relieved when the peas
acted as an emetic.
Tickets to Fcctbali Game.
Are on sale at the Minneapolis & St.
Louis office, 424 Nicollet avenue. Some
good seats left.
That consignment of made-to-order
Suits and Overcoats which.was due
yesterday turned out to be a lot of
They're as handsome a lot 6f pat
terns as you ever clapped eyes on.
They were all niade to special order
to sell at-^
$6 ST and $8
We can't afford to keep this lot In
our store more than 24 hours, and
to get rid of them in double quick
time, we have decided to give you
your choice of any of these high
grade, made-to-order trousers to
morrow for only
No matter how many pairs of pants
you may own, for economy's ake
you cannot afford to pass this
chance by.
Misfit Exchange
4 Third Street S.
$18.50 Siiits cut to $10.75
$22.50 Suits cut to $14.75
$25.00 Suite cut to $16.75
$30.00 Suits cut to $19.50
kersey, 50 in. long, col
lars of river mink and
astrakhan, black and
colors,$18.50 value, Sat.
HEAVY WINTER COATS, the handsomest
styles in the city, made
7 broadcloth and ker
sey, hundreds just re
ceived, $25, down to...
Ribbons and Laces
Novelty Bolka Dot Taffeta Ribbons, Plaid
Ribbons, Illuminated Messalines and other
desirable Effects, 3r
Women's and Misses' Suits,
Coats and Children's Cloaks
Qreat Special Sale of
Children's Coats
for Saturday
Heavy Chevioyears., Coats 6 to 14 years,
tq4 4 inches wide
"Values 25c and more^v%|^
Special, yard. .-4"$r.
Late Novelties in Sheer Black Nets for
Lace Veils, Narrow Black Chantilly Edges
and Insertions, New Applique Galloons,
Medallions, Festoons, Bands in Baby Irish,
Venise, Cluny, all at lowest prices.
Veiling and Neckwear
Best assortment of Novelty Lace and Chif
fon Veils at the Palais Royale.
Special Chiffon Auto Veils. Splendid as
sortmentbi n$w colors.
Each 05C
Wide Venise Lace Collars. Stylish on
children's coats. Special Si\
value. Each
Handkerchiefs and Belts
Splendid selection of sheer linen and
Shamrock Lawn Initial and Novelty Em
broidered Handkerchiefs. Each, g\
25c and ,..:......5\}Q
Kate InOvelties and special values in
leather and silk belts. Each N
50c, $l.CO and. .J) 1 .50
Silk Girdles made to order on short notice.
Picture Framing
Bring your pictures in to be framed Sat
urday. 25 per cent off on all framing.
We guarantee all pur work to be satisfac
tory. Give us a trial order and be con
'"^.eiSrw'.^'i-^* -*,i*vf
years, /te^
Heavy all wool Cheviot Coats, very
handsome styles,all col- /t r\s\
ors, 14 vear size, $6 T^ (H
6 year size *K-
-V/ VI
Heavy Kersey Coat, high finish, hand
some style, all colors, /H C/\
6 to 14 year size 6 Tli% .Si I
year size 9p\J9%J \J
Elegant Kersey and Cheviot Coats,
beautiful style, all &4f\ Er\
saait.!^... $10.50
Great Reduction Sale High Class Suits
Every suit in the house at prices regardless of cost
or value. Over 500 to select from, $15.00 to $125.
Winter CoatsGreatest Line in City
made of heavy
$2.00 Corsets for 98c
Bxfra Special for Saturday.
Headquarters here for the G. D., C. B., W.
C. C., J. B., R. & G, D., Ferris, Nemo
and American Lady. All the latest mod
els, high and medium bust, with four hose
supporters attached. Black, drab and
white. Values to $2.00. *\c
choice... :t
$3.50 Petticoats, $1.98
Last Day of Great Sample Sale.
50 extra fine silk and wopl moreen, Heath
erbloom and mercerized Italian cloths, 18-
inch flounce, plaiting, ruffles and tape,
values to $3.50. To close 4* -g
Saturday at p 1 O
$7.50 Taffeta Silk Petticoats $4.75
$35.00 Suits cut to $22.50
$40.00 Suits cut to $25.00
$45.00 Suits cut to $30.00
$50.00 Suits cut to $35.00
ins, long, the best fit
tng coats in the
blacks and colors
down to.........
ural backs a coat
worth $50.00.
We offer Saturday
COATS, 50 to 60
i $17.50
of river mink, nat-
$4 Children's Cloaks, $2.98
Children's Day Saturday.
200 tailor-made, Astrakhan, Bearskin,
Broadtail Plush, and Broadcloths, white'
and all colors, rolling collars and silk
frogs, $4 values. Satur- (f\ rkC
day only J|)2,yo
"Merode" Knit Underwear
The best for the least money. Ladies'
union suits and vests and pants ecru and
natural. Saturday, large line
Notion Sale.
Best Angora yarn. .7c
Best Shetland Floss 8
20c Hose
Supporters 10c.
5c Black Pins, box 2
Swanbill Hooks and
Eyes 1Q
5c Hairpins, box 2
5c Curling Irons 2
A" new and enlarged showing of our cele
brated special Trimmed Hats that for real
value, style and individuality
are beyond compare. Each........ A 5
Special No. 2-^Splendid collection of
ready-to-wear hats marked to close out in
a hurry. We won't say what they have
been. The price while they fr *4 S
last is, each %pl JL&
Interesting exhibit of latest creations in
Hats for evening wear.
Gloves and Hosiery
Long Glace Mousquetaire Gloves
black, wine, tan, brown or
white. Pair
Silk lined Mocha Gloves in f\'J
black and brown. Pair V^t5C
Children's Knit Wool Gloves. -j
These are 50e values. Pair..... %5
Special values in boys' and girls' black
ribbed cotton hose. Pair, s% mm
15c and 25C
Thanksgiving Linens
Our Thanksgiving Sale of Linens will con
tinue all next week. Everything goes at
greatly "reduced prices.
Bamsley Toweling, all pure linen. Reg
ular price 10c yard. Quan
tity limited 5
Half Bleached Damask, 70 inches wide.
Extra heavy, pure linen worth v* ^v
85c yd. Saturday only
Grass Bleached Damask. 72 inches wide.
Extra heavy and fine satin finish. Match
it if you can "at $1.50. /-v
Saturday....'. VOC
for All
You can!t go wrong in
buying any ELGIN
Watch, but if you want a
popular priced Elgin, it
is well to know which
grade to ask for.
^rade is the ofie*for the
man of moderate means
who wants an accurate,
finely adjusted watch.
-thin model, seventeen
jewelsmicrometric regu
latoradjusted to temper
ature. Ask your jeweler
to show it to you.
Elgin, III.
The American people ar MI food
ofaood beer aa any other nation.
It the logical all-the-year-*roand
beverage for all classes.
In the Name of
'tis always best to ask for
It is reliably good, deliciously
full of"Biatz"character and as
clean and pure as honest
methods must always mean.
-The most exacting methods
and up-to-date facilities have
everbeenafeatureat thisplant.
Try any of these brandswhether on
draught or in bottleswherever you can
apolis Branch
South Sixth Street. RHEUMATISM
"MtROPS" taken Internally, rids the blood
of the poisonous matter and aeids which
are the direct causes of these diseases.
Applied externally it affords almost In
stant relief from pain, while a permanent
oure Is beine effected by purifying ttae
blood, dissolving ttae poisonous sub
stance and removing It from the system.
Of Brewton, Ga., writes!
"I bad baan a auffarer tor a number of yean
with lumXytigo and Rheumatism In my ansa
and lagf,and tried all the remedies that I ooald
gather from medloal works, and alao eonralted
wltb a number of the beat phyatalana, bat found
nothing, that gave the relief obtained from
"&-DROP8." I ahall prescribe It in my praottoe
If you are suffering with Rheumatism.
Neuralgia. Kidney Trouble or any kin
dred disease, write to us fora trial bottle
I of "6-DROPS." and test It yourself.
"B-DROPS" eaa be used any length of
time without acquiring a "drug habit."
as it is entirely free of opium, cocaine.
alcohol, laudanum, and other similar
LargeSIs*Bottle, "B-DBOPg" (SMBUM)W
W.OO. re?galeby bt a
43. 10 Lake Street, Chleago.
Journal want ads /tell your
"wants" to the family circle
after the day's work is over and
when people are in a receptive
mood. Oniy le a word.

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