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Women'* and Children'* Ontfittt*.
A GreatThanksgiving
Coat Offering
|ITH Thanksgiving only ene day ahead we have arranged
a grand collection of newly arrived Novelty CoatB, for
Wednesday's selling AT A PRONOUNCED SAVING.
The attractive styles and sterling merit of these coats
make tomorrow's opportunity of the greatest consequence,
Cheviot dnd Novelty Coats, $10.00
You will find in this group a big range of choice mixtures,
Cheviot and Kersey Coats, made in full 50-inch loose-fitting models,
well tailored and perfect hanging, worth $12.50, $15.00 and $16.50,
Loose and Fitted Coats, $16.50
Comprising many new models just received from the makers.
Handsome new full Box Coats made of fine broadcloth and chevi-J
ots, also many plain tailored tight fitting models, many of them
worth one-third more than tomorrow's asking.
Another Coat Showing at $25.00
Each day brings something distinctively new and elegant at
this popular price, to satisfy the ever increasing demand. These
beautiful coats come in varied stylesfor dress, street and even-
ing wear, in tight-fitting, semi-fitted and loose effects.
High'Class Fur-Lined Coats
$22.50 to $150
A splendid collection of these highly desirable coatslined
with the choicest furs, all custcun tailor made, full 50 inches
long, in black and colors. These eoats all come up to the usual
Atkinson & Co. standard of excellence.
A Sale Extraordinary of
Silk Petticoats
Main Floor
A special offering of nearly 800 Petticoats at an average
saving of almost one-half. These dainty and attractive garments
would make very appropriate and acceptable holiday gifts. The
quality is the best obtainable and our guarantee goes with every
Implement Dealers Explain Why They
Have to Use Streets.
The ordinance prohibiting the run
ning or hauling of traction engines and
separators or other vehicles with iron
ridges or cleats on the wheels over
the paved streets was laid on the table
yesterday by the council committee to
whiej* it was referred at the urgent re
quest of the dealers in threshing ma
J. L. Gable, the spokesman of the del-
Lot I.At $3.98
$5 and $6 values
These Petticoats are made of best heavy rustling taffeta (guar
anteed)the same quality silk as in $10.00 Petticoats. Cut with
liberal fullness and coming in
many styles in black and
Lot JI.~At $5.00
Values $6.50 and $7.50.
This lot includes a very
choice selection of handsome
Petticoats made of best qual
ity plain and fancy plaid and
stripe silks. Coming in plain
tailored and ruffled styles.
The values would be very hard
to equal
A Perfect Godsen
Mrs. Bessie Spencer, completely used up, tried doctors and medicine
without goad results'. She
states that Duffy's Pure Malt
Whiskey helped her from the
start and restored her to the
best of health in a short time.
Mrs. Spencer, filled with grati
tude, writes:
BEWARE of dangerous imitations
and substitutes. They are positively
harmful and are sold for profit only by
unscrupulous dealers. Look for the
trademark, the "Old Chemist," on the
label, and be certain the seal over the
cork is unbroken. All druggists and gro
cers, or direct, $1 a bottle. Doctor's
advice and medical booklet free. Duffy
Malt Whiskey Co., Rochester, New
Lot III.At $8.50
Values $11.50 to $15.00.
At this price you
may choose from a very
exceptional lot of
charming new effects
now shown here for the
first time^ Tne styles
are varied and elegant,
the fabrics of marked
excellence and the val
ues surpassing any hith
erto, offered here or
egation, drew a sorry picture of the
that while his fellow agents in Des
Moines, Omaha, and other places, were
able to get cars out on switching or
ders iihfrom two to six hours, he was
compelled to wait from three to ten
days, and in some cases even longer.
At this time of the year this state of
affairs, while annoying, is not so se
rious as in July and August.
The threshing machine men agreed
to keep off the asphalt streets whenever
it was possible to do so and to give
such instructions to the teamsters
whenever it was necessary to take en
gines and separators thru the streets.
I bare been using Duffy's Pore Maltn fr four
monthB, ana I am BO glad, as I baafloriemetnu
more good than all the doctors* medicines I
to t^
I know that worked-rew hard
aB th^
Duffy' Pure Malt Whiskey
is an absolutely pure, gentle and inrlgorating stimulant and tonic* bnUda nt. !L.
tissues tones up the heart, gives power to the brain, strength and elasticity tottmSs
cles, and richness to the blood. It brings ittto action all the vital S it Aak~ S
tion perfect, and enables you to get from the food you eat aU the nourishment^it?n"
tains. It is invaluable for overworked men, nounsnment It con-gain
delicate women and sickly children. It strength
ens and sustains the system, is a promoter of
good health and longevity, makes the old
young and keeps the young strong. Duffy's
is the only whiskey that has been recognized
as a medicine and Is guaranteed absolutely
free from fusel oil. Seven thousand doctors
prescribe and 2,000 hospitals use Duffy's Malt
whiskey exclusively.
Tuesday Evening, .THE
City News
__. .__.* i worxea^rerjr hard aiuuiciptu. juuge in ere. sraui, aiea YBB-
world, and am not ashamed to praise it amidst
sufferer, as it would life for many .probably take place in New York citr
"j-Tanxrt Co., Goldsboroug St April 11,
Other Bodies of Business Men Arrange
to Co-operate or to Do Their Hustling
Thru Medium of Public Affairs Com
mitteeCity's Advantages WiU Be
Published' fhoroly.
If all plans at present under consld
i eration carry, the Minneapolis publici
ty and public affairs movement for the
coming year will be centered with the
I Commercial, club and worked out thru
its public affairs organization. As has
I already been announced, several inde
I pendent movements, or movements for
i certain interests, are planning to co
i operate with or turn their work over
to the public affairs
change is1
now practically assured Frp
it is expected even greater advance
ment for Minneapolis than in the past.
For Minneapolis Glory.
In the last year the "for Minne
apolis" movements have been success
.ful and accomplished great good for
the city. The Commercial club com
mittee, however, has been particularly
successful and has gained prestige and
success based on the confidence placed
in it by the business interests of the
city. Its record and the confidence
placed in it are the reasons for the
uniting under the one organization
practically all of the Minneapolis civic
advancement work.
It is now practically assured that the
Real Estate board will co-operate with
the committee for the carrying on of
its publicity campaign. Formal action
has not been taken, but this move is
advocated by leaders of the Real
^Estate board.
The jobbers who plan an active cam
paign. will work with the committee
organization. Their campaign will be
particularly valuable in that they plan
to secure thru a freight commissioner
more equitable freight classifications
and rates. This particular work will
be wholly in the hands of the ."jobbers
and their commissioner, but the pub
licity work calling attention to the
jobbing supremacy of Minneapolis will
be conducted thru the committee.
Heal Banking Center.
With several new banks and banking
establishments, everything is ready for
a financial center campaign in behalf
of Minneapolis. The banking interests
of the entire country will be put in
touch with Minneapolis facts that will
show them that Minneapolis is the real
financial center of the northwest. Min
neapolis-is now ready for this campaign
and it will be pushed with vigor.
The retail interest will not be be
hind the others and some active work
on that line is planned. Plans are al
ready on foot to secure still larger and
more important conventions and gath
erings for 1908 than have been secured
for 1906 and 1907. With the entire
business interests united and co-operat
ing, much is expected.
Medical men who made a careful ex
amination of young Alexander Patty
when that upside-down walker made
his first appearance at the Orpheum
over a year ago are rather astonished
to note his. reappearance after sixty
weeks' absence in better health than
At the time the committee of local
medicine men sat* upon young Patty,
that gentleman weighed 185 pounds,
after having done his head'walking
stunt about three years. At that time
he was jumping, on his head,'down a
flight of steps, seven in number, and
two-and-a-half inches in height. A
few days after the family left here
they began using a new apparatus, eigh
teen feet long, with twelve steps, each
five and a half inches high.
During the sixty weeks the Patty
family have been absent from the Or
pheum, young Patty has traveled later
ally on his head a distance of eighteen
feet at least twice each day, making
his total average at least thirty-six
feet, daily or 252 feet each week or
15,12u feett durin the whole period. 'jia0 mo during me wuuie periuu.
During these same sixty weeks young
Patty has dropped, head downward and
upon his unprotected head a minimum
of five feet at each performance. This
means at least ten feet each day, sev
enty feet each week or 4,200 feet for
the entire period. And now* having
dropped onto his head a distance of
nearly four-fifths of a mile and having
traveled along on that head nearly
three miles, Alexander Patty returns
in apparent good mental and physical
healthand weighing ten pounds more
than he did when last here.
1 have not been sick a day since
we played the Orpheum last time,'*
says the inverted acrobat. ''Sunday
night I had a little nose bleed before
I went on and that has happened to me
once or twice before, but that happens
to lots of people."
Former justice of St Paul
Court Yields to Heart Trouble.
Robert O: Hiney for eight years a
municipal judge in Bt. Paul, died yes^
i^^^^t^X^^I'^ ^d/on for hi Wthwas
world, and af nt J*? due heart trouble, anfor I know that it brought
me out of hard suffering had
one foot at a time, andt when I got up in the"
morning I could nottlstand on my feet for
some time, mayn limbs would tremble so
der me, and when Daffy's was recommended
Bwm I could
and befora I had taken one bottle of Butty's
Malt I could walk and go upstairs yery weU.
This medicine was a perfect godsend to
and I
it long a
I do hop that you moresof it all
over the land and that it may reach
in Charleston,. S. C.7Municipaelhewher
due to heare trouble,sahealth, affliction fro*
whictb he had -suffered many years.
MT. Hine was 47 years old, a gradu
ate of both Yale and Columbia univer
sities. His early home was in New
city, but seventeen years ago he
went to St. Paul and began the prac
tice of law. In 1896 he was elected
municipal judge and held the position
last June when he was defeated
for re-election. H. is survive.d
and-two sons. The burial will
Dunaiby^aJW1I Si*e'"e S *Wforno
x &r
Beport Snows Ticket Sales $17,77487
Better than Previous Year.
Beports of the managers of the 1906
Minnesota state fair show an 'income
of $17,774.87 over 1905 in ticket
sales. With a decrease of 4,00 in tile
number of complimentary tickets is
sued and an increased attendance of
29,000, the showing is much better
than had been expected. The fair this
year was handieappeu" by the Grand.
Army encampment when low rates to
the twin cities were given, bat the
showing is .the best on record. At a
meeting of the board of managers to be
held, tonight- in the Merchants hotel in
St.Tatfl it is expected that substantial
improvements, at the fair grounds will
be authorized.
Pierce Butler ot Merriam Park, candidate tor
the state senate at^tiie recent electioo, his
mt. Joseph
Defective Page
\l 'j jffi's ttf .'.r||v
MENT. An amendment to the franchise ordi
nance of the Tri-State Telephone com
pany so as to permit the company to
charge a collection fee of 25 cents on
delinquent accounts is proposed. It will
be introduced at the next meeting of
f-f S-
ct^|rfi ^'^v.4^4r* c-A^^- v*-.
Ages 8 to 16 years. Our boys'
special, extra well made and dur
able, double-breasted styles] in
cassimeres, dickeys, blue and
black cheviots, $2.50 and $3 val
ues, one day A O
only 9 laOv
5 (Quantity limited.)
Boys? heavy fleeced blouses
nd fancy cheviots, 5Cc
values, one day only.
and fancy cheviots 50 O Kf*
Men's heavy fleeced shirts and
drawers, in all sizes, O O
~50c yalttes O
M^tt'a an^iiqys' worsted golf
giovesiin plain blacks and fancy
eoloW 25c and 50o A kg%
^Vab^s^ l..-^ .,Vi.^i...i''' I IPC
There is also a small lot of
about thirty girlp* and children's
coats in fine dark mixtures and
plain colors. Materials are mel
tons, zibelines, kersey and fine
heavy worsteds formerly worth
$4.95 to $6 for & 7
Wednesday ^0H 1 O
Women's Heatherbloom petti
coats, with net flounces and deep
dust nifffe, regular
$2 quality $1.89
4 tlYm I mtil iO/y rC 2,()
jB[' W"' soVll'^y'iH|SJiiii
Men's Suits
A lot of double-breasted "two
piece suits, Eton, Norfolk, Sailor
and Buster Brown styles, $3.50
and $4 values, one A CSR
day only... .P O
Boys' knee pants, made of ex
tra good quality of drab cordu
roy, fancy cassimeres and chevi
ots, with suspender buttons and
hip pockets, 45c values, A
one day only..,../...,- *FC
Men's Furnishings
Odds and ends in men's- wool
ribbed shirts and drawers, broken
sizes, $1. values, KRrt
About 15 dozen men's heavy
fleeced shirts in 44 and An.
46 sizes, 50c values uU
Men's heavy cotton hose, ^k.
12y2c values .OO
Men's stiff bosom shirts in neat
and desirable patterns,: AA
the council and will then be turned over
to the special committee to which was
referred the protest of F. J. Geist
against the payment of the collection
fee. This committee had a meeting
yesterday and heard Mr. Geist explain
that thf fee is illegal, as it makes the
telephone rate in excess of the maxi
mum rental established'' by the fran
President E. H. Monlton of the tele-
ihone company explained that a col
charge is essential. It has be
come a habit among patrons not %o
pay telephone bills until the collector
Comes around, with the result that the
company is now employing fifteen or
more collectors and tne service is cost-
Every Suit in Our House
COAT SUITS, 40-inch
Squirrel lined, with Persian collar..-............
-ftiver Mink, with Persian collar.... $60
^'./""'^November^r, lo^m^*^^******
Five hundred men's fine worsted, blue serge and
black clay worsted suits, the best $15 and $1^.50
values, in the city, are bunched into ttCfc ISffc
one big lot your choice Wednesday. SF"-
Man's Winter Suitsand Overcoats
Wednesday we offer two big clothing specials in men's suits and "overcoats.
The extreme low prices and the big values should make a busy day in our great
Basement Clothing Section. S|C
One thousand zrien's winter overcoats, made from fine Black Kerseys,
Oxford yicuaasand Faney Cheviots. Gut in either the long box or fitted
baek style. Every coat finely tailored, and serge lined. Guaranteed $15
value. Special for Wednesday.....-...
Oxford and Fancy Cheviot Overcoats
all sizes, 75c values.... Aivv
Men's black Worsted hose,
merino heel and toe, 15c
Women's fur scarfs in a num-
ber of good styles and a variety
of furs worth $3 and $3.50.
Wednesday at
Women's wrappers, house
dresses and kimonas in neat pat
terns, about ten dozen garments
selected from our regular $1
line, for Wednes- A
day OtiO
Boys\ Clothing
To make it possible for every boy to wear a new suit on Thanksgiving, we have taken
several of our lines of boys' suits and reduced them without any regard to costFor this
day onlyQuantity limited.
Boys' Suits, 98c
Boys' double-breasted two-piece suits, in cassimeres, plain blue and black
cheviots and mixtures. $2 and $2.50 values. One day uitijr.
(Quantity limited.)
Large assortment in fancy cas
simere and Striped, plain blue and
black cheviots, $1.50 QA.
values at............. vOO
Boys' school reefers, with
storm collars, in heavy, oxford,
gray* ages 1 to 16, $2.50 and
$3.50 values, one ft| OCA
day only 9 0f
The Great Plymouth Clothing House, Nicollet and Sixth.
have fur collars. All sizes are included in
this lot and the former prices are up to $15.
very special at.............
Ltadies' black fleeced hose, fast
color, all,sizes, 15c TT**
Children's heavy ribbed fleeced
hose, 12%c and 15c A
values, all sizes.... *FU
8 for 25c.
Ladies' fleeced vests JA^
and pants, 25c values... I fu
Ladies'fleeced union OOA
suits, 50c values.. ,VVU
Women's fine taffeta petticoats
with deep full flounce, a variety
of styles to select from, in black
and colors regu-
lar $6 quality...
and 19c values.......... I I
ing $10,000 a year/which he considered
an unnecessary waste of money.
Alderman O. B. Holmes asked if the
company would be willing to have the
franchise amended so the company
should have to pay assessments for per
manent improvements' and to eliminate
the clause permitting it to charge an
additional rate for residence phones,
according to distance.
Mr. Moulton said that his company
had never availed itself of the latter
privilege, but had made a uniform rate
for house phones in all parts of the city
and that rate, he insisted, is the cheap
est in the city.
The committee adjourned until such
All of the highest character of taildring, all shades and sizes, first quality broadcloths, serges, cheviots
and fancies. Suits that formerly sold from $20 to $75none reservedall at ONE-QUARTER OFF.
i The n 40-inch coat suits, pony, Eton, blouse, military, fitted and Norfolk styles.
f^^^M.* $**
L^nilClVCfl S L^OCLtS bets, cheviots, kerseys and tweeds,.
JrS *in
Coats formerly selling from $7.50 to $30.00, at
Vel*yv er
ft t*f M^ 11 X^^rt^CO The linings are of river mink, solid back and blended squirrel and minfr.
Collars. a,re blepded and natural squirrel, lynx, Persian, mink and marten.
it|ft)i iiiUuiiiyiN i im 1 1 ii|ii i
meltons, Thi-
Plaids and checks
The cloths in ottr coats are of excellent quality Kersey,
PpulaJC anil most sserMcfcaDle garaients in this climate. Our stock is
Squirrel lined, with blended squirrel collar .$5&
Squirrel lined, witlrmarten collar.. .$52.50 $65 $75 $80
A big lot of long dark oxford and fancy cheviot
overcoats, the best sellers from our $10 Une only
two and three coats of a kind your "T A
choice "Wednesday for..............'JI 1 Olf
Boys' long school overcoats in
plain blue and black kerseys and
oxford gray, $8.50 and $4
values, one day & 0 tf5l
Ages 8 to 9 years.
Boys' Russian Overcoats, plain
blue and fancy oxford, $2.50
values one day 4 "JP15
only ,..'.r,,
Women's Goats, $8.50
One of the most attractive items for this sale is a lot of
about 50 women's coats of black broadcloth and kersey and
some fine mixtures, each one beautifully trimmed with vel-
vet and braid some finished without
while a few
Another item of especial in
terest to women is a lot of about
100 skirts of good quality pan
amas and worsteds in black, and
mixtures and neat plaids. Most
of these skirts have been selected
from our well known $4.95 line,
and a few have been sold at
$6.50 and $7.50. We offer these
Wednesday ti&5S
at ^1^^^p ^w
VWomen's good quality sateen
petticoats, with full flounces,
regular $1 RRA
quality *-..v.....w W
time as the ordinance prepared Ixy ih9
company is ready for inspection.
._ ,_
la Russia there are 90 fewer tiutti eJjfcbtJ^tS
general holidays latoe,yew.
Chamberlain's Ootigh Remedy Aids Mb*
Medicines that aid nature are always
most successful. Chamberlain's Cough.
Kemedy acts on this plan, allays
the cough, aids expectoration, relieves
the lungs, opens the secretions, thereby
aiding nature-in l&rowing off a Cora
and restoring the system to a healthy
condition, ft 1B famous for its cures
of colds and exoutp and can always
depended upon.
Some Received
Within a Week.

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