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Gan You Use Food
v. When You Get It?
Thousands of{.Stomachs Starving Where
Mouths Are Well Fed. Costs Noth-
iBg to Believe This Condition.
'Easing is fast becoming too much a
part of the daily routine, if not a mere
tickling of the appetitea thing to be
gotten out of the way as quickly as
possible. Little thought is given to
''what kind of food,'
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are rec
ommended by .physicians and all reli
able pharmacists. If you are a suffer
er from indigestion or dyspepsia, try a
fifty cent package today. At all drug
gists', or if you prefer send us your
name and address, and we will gladly
seud you a trial package by mail free.
F. A. Stuart Co., 63 Stuart Bdg., Mar
shall, Mich.
Be Sure to Get What
You Ask For.
its effect upon
th.e system, and. -whether it -will be of
use in building up the tissues of the
Your stomach will revolt, if it is not
already do,ing so. It must shut up for
repairs,-' What of the dizziness, and
sometimes pain, which stop you after
a hurried lunch? What of the general
distress after a heavy dinner, a feel
ing of pressure against the heart which
calls a halt and makes the breathing
difficult? Is it common for you to be
oppressed with belching and sour eruc
tations? Are you constipated and then
do you laughingly toss a dime to the
druggist for his most palatable relief?
Beware of temporary cures that are
but palliatives. Many antidotes for
the common ills which our flesh is heir
to seem at first to relieve, but in real
ity, if not injecting poison into the sys
tem, lay the foundation for a deeper
Beated and more far-reaching disorder.
Three-fourths of all diseases orig
inate with a breaking down of the di
gestion and nine-tenths of all diges
tive troubles originate with one or more
of t!j# pymptoms named above.
Bowtfe, then, of Indigestion and
Dyspepsia. If you find yourself ach
ing, listless, lacking in ambition when
you should be on the alert,
Do not doctor the stomach.
It needs a rest from food and drugs.
Po not flush out the bowels.
It takes more than forcing food
through the passageway to make
blood and tissue and nerve.
Do not starve the stomach.
Food is a thing to be worked for all
there is in it and your stomach
will do the work if you help it in
Nature's way.
Stewart's Dyspepsia Tablets con
tain nothing but the natural elements
which enter into the healthy stomach
and intestines to perform the function
of digestion. Governmental tests and
the investigations and sworn oaths of
expert chemists attest this fact. Stu
art 's Dyspepsia Tablets go to the
source of the trouble and positively re
store the glands and fluids of the mu
cous membrane to their proper condi
tion. They promptly relieve the dis
tress of all troubles originating in the
stomach or bowels (with the one ex
ception of cancer).
E Reason
Wh Good People of Amer
ica Cascarets as Fast as the
Clock Ticks.
Every second some one, somewhere, is
Buying a little Ten-Cent Box of Cascarets.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 660 times to the Minute,
60 Minutes to the Hour, 3600 Boxes an
an Hour, 36,000 Boxes a Day of Ten Hours,
1,080,000 Boxes a Month, and then some.
Think of it220,000 People take a Cas
caret tablet each day. Millions use Cas
carets when necessary.
The Judgment of Millions of Bright
Americans is Infallible. They have been
Buying and Taking Cascarets at that rate
for over Six years.
Over Five Millions of Dollars have been
Spent to make the merits of Cascarets
known, and every cent of it would be lost,
did not sound merit claim and hold the
constant, continued friendship. Patronage
and Endorsement of well-pleased people year
after year.
There is also a Reason
Whv there are Parasites whs attach
themselves to the Healthy Body of Cascar
et's successImitators, Counterfeiters, Sub
They are Trade Thieves who would rob
Cascarets of the "Good Will" of the people,
and sneak unearned profits, earned and
paid for by Cascarets.
A Dishonest Purpose means a Dishonest
Product and a Disregard of the Purchasers'
Health or Welfare.
Beware of the Slick Salesman and his
ancient "Just as Good" story that common
sense refutes.
Cascarets are made only by the Sterling
Remedy Company, and put up in metal box
with the "long-tailed on the cover.
They are never sold in bulk.
Every tablet marked "CCC."
I Be sure you get the genuine.
Daughter of Panama Canal Official
Engaged to Distinguished Frenchman.
Special to The Journal.
Paris, Nov. 28.That the Duke de
Chaulnes et de Picquigny and Miss
Theodora Shonts, the younger daughter
of Theodore Shonts^ chairman of the
Pa-nairiEk canal commission., have be
come engaged became a matter of gos
sip last night, and it is expected to
cause a big surprise in Washington in
official circles, tho it has been known
to a select few that the Frenchman
has been an ardent admirer of the
lovely daughter of the canal official
for many months. The future husband
of Miss Shonts has many accomplish
ments, being an ardent sportsman and
an enthusiast in athletics of various
sorts. He is prominent in society and
club circles, and, in fact, takes a lead
ing pa rtin the affair of the most ex
clusive circles in the French capital. His
family is one of the most distinguished
in the nation's history. Both his moth
er and father are dead. He is 28 years
"Keep in
the Race"
all right m
Wednesday Evening,
Fiery Senator Scores Mayor
Dunne and Flays Negroes in
Noisy Meeting.
Chicago, Nov. 28.The efforts of the
colored citizens of Chicago to prevent
United Statos Senator Benjamin B.
Tillman from delivering an address
here'last night, because of the position
he has assumed toward the negro race,
were unsuccessful.
From the time he arrived in Chicago,
Senator Tillman was guarded by police
and private detectives.
Senator Tillman gave his address
protected by forty detectives under
command of Assistant Chief of Police
Schuettler. A number of policemen
were kept in nearby stations in reserve,
but they were not called for.
In the audience were many colored
people, but they listened to Senator
Tillman's remarks goodnaturedly, and
altho he was interrupted many times
by those who wished to ask questions,
no trouble developed.
Calls Mayor Dunne an Owl.
In leading up to his address "Shall
the United States Annex Cuba," Mr.
Tillman criticized Mayor Dunne's ac
tion in refusing to preside at the meet
I have been told that I have been
snubbed by the mayor f this city,"
he said. "Snub me? A United
States senator for twelve years? A
United States senator who has dared
to say what he thinks on any and all
questions? This political owl snub
A yell broke forth that thrilled the
big audience. Hisses sounded above the
"Why," continued the speaker, I
haven't the honor of your mayor's ac
quaintance. I never saw him. I never
even wrote to him. I never sent any
one to see him," all the while his voice
rising higher as he proceeded. He
then referred to his record in the
United States senate.
''What honor," he said, drawing the
point of his chin almost up to the
of his hawk-like nose, "what
ono could this man in Chicago con
fer on me?"
"Oh, Shut Your Mouth."
I have been advertised to discuss
the annexation of Cuba," continued
Mr. Tillman, "but in view of the fact
that I could not discuss that subject
without discussing the race question,
I am going^ at the matter, hammer and
tongs, straightforward like. Owing to
my experience with the question and
the diligent study I have made of it,
I believe I am better qualified than
any other man in America to discuss
the question. I am going to base my
appeal on factsnot on theories."
While discussing^ the fifteenth amend
ment of tHe constitution he was inter
rupted several timea by one of his
listeners who kept askin^ "How about
Finally Mr. Tillman seemed to lose
his temper and exclaimed: "Oh, shut
your month. You don't know the A.
B, C's of this thing. I forgot forty
years ago more than you ever knew."
"You make up your minds that
equality before the law which the fif
teenth amendment guarantees is right
and should be enforced, notwithstand
ing its result. If this law was en
forced it would result in two states at
least being dominated absolutely by
negroes, while four other states would
be so near being governed by the negro
that there would practically be an
equal division of offices."
"There is a great deal more to this
question than the little racket here in
Booker TJ Washington.
"How about the negro .indge?" some
one shouted.*
"Well, I will tell vou about your
negro judge," the senator replied,
"and about your political machines
putting him on your ticket and bam
boozling those poor ignorant baboons
into electing him, and when afterwards
yon fellows who voted the ticket with
out knowing what was on it find a way
to cheat him out of it.
"No matter what the people in the
north may say or do, the white race in
the south will never be dominated by
the negro, and I want to tell you now
that if some state should ever make an
attempt to 'save South Carolina,' we
will show them in their fanaticism that
we will make it red before we make it
"God Almighty made the Caucasian
of better clay than the Mongolian or
the African or any other race.. The
Ethiopian is a burden carrier. He has
done absolutely nothing for history nor
has he ever achieved anything of any
great importance. There are no great
men among the race. Yet this people
has been picked out bv the fanatics
of the north and lifted up to the equal
ity of citizenship and to the rights of
"No doubt many of vou have lis
tened to the oratory of the greatest col
ored man of this country, Booker T.
Washington. He had a white father,
however, and out of his brains and his
character he has gotten his qualities
from that father."
Texas Demands Proof of Senator's
Relations with Oil Trust.
Austin, Tex., Nov. 28.Attorney
General Davidson has made formal de
mand on the attorneys of the Waters
Pierce Oil company for all papers pur
porting to show payment of maney'by
the company to Senator J. W. Bailey.
The demand is made in connection with
the suit filed by Texas to oust the com
pany from the state.
Among the papers demanded are per
sonal vouchers of H. C. Pierce and
others of the company paying the fol
lowing amounts to Senator Bailey:
$3,300 on April 27, 1900 $1,500 in Jufv,
1900 $200 on Nov. 23, 1900: $1,750 on
March 28, 1901.
The voucher record audited by C. W.
Norman, auditor of the Standard Oil
company of New Jersey, for $8,000,' as
a loan to J. W. Bailey, is also called
Spread Rapidly Over Body-Limbs
and Arms Had to Be Bandaged
and Scalp Looked Dreadful
Suffered Untold Misery for Three
YearsBetter in Two Months
"My son, who is now twenty-two
years of age, when he was four months
old began to have eczema on hjs face,
spreading quite rapidly until he was
nearly covered. We had all the doctors
around us and some from larger places,
but no one helped him a particle*.
The eczema was something terrible,
and the doctors said it was the worst
case they ever saw. At times his whole
body and face were covered, all but his
feet. I had to bandage his limbs and
arms his scalp was just dreadful. I
used many kinds of patent medicines
before trying the Cuticura Remedies,
all to no avail.
A friend teased me to try Cuticura.
At last I consented, when my boy
was three years and four months
old, having had eczema all that time,
and suffering untold misery. I began to
use all three of the Cuticura Remedies
the Cuticura Soap helped as well as
the Ointment. fe was better in two
months in six months he was well
but I gave Him the Cuticura Resolvent
one year,using twelve bottles, I
think,-and always used the Cuticura
Soap for bathing, and do now a good
deal. He was four years old before
he was well, and his skin became per
fectly fair when cured. I give you per
mission to publish this letter for I am
always glad to do good when I can. I
think I have told you all there is neces
sary to tell." Mrs. R. L. Risley,
Oct. 24, 1905. Piermont, N. H.
Complrtt Extend nd Inton.il TrettBnrt lot eury
Humor,from Hmplci to Scrotal*, from Infancy fo A
cemiiting al Cuticura 9op.2c., Ointment,Mc.,Roh-
nt, SOc. (in form of Chocolate Coated. PUU.JSc. per rial
of 60), marbehadofall druggliti. A ritagle eefoften cure*
the mort dimming cant, when all other remedies, and
Ten the bcftphjiiclansfail. PotterDrug* Chem.Corp.
Sole Prop*., Boston, Man.
T Hailed Free, How to CanDbflfarrag BuflMMS"
ttd "AllAbout theSkto, Hri*^B4*^/
Every yard
of silk and
velvet in
our es-
only Skin-
ner's sat-
ins) will
be offered
at a re-
duced price
fiAYTON'S i Seventh and Nicollet DAYTON'S
In the Submarine Service
The Kingdom Santa Claus
If. a little different perhaps from *he storjr books. Still if* very real.
'**$ IT '"7if~U-'.-
November^, igo&
Ou Gran Annual Sil Sale
Will Begin at 9 A. M. Friaay, November 3'Otti.
SALE will surpass all its predecessors in quantities of fine silks shown,
and in values offered. It will add new lustre to our prestige as "Silk Leaders
of the Northwest." Over 210,000 yards of fine silks and velvets, the best
manufactured on three continents will be offered. Much of it at
1 1
s^i to xjjj regular prices.
More Silks. Better Qualities. Greater Values.
Silks at 17c to $4.98 per Yard.
Worth 38c to $10.
Silks of all kindsfor all purposessilks of all colors and color combinations will be
here, displayed for convenient selection upon our first and second floors.
There will be plenty of salespeople to wait on you, plenty of room in which to make
your purchases. All these silks, remember, will be offered at redifced prices.
SEE PAPERS of Thursday evening for detailed information
regarding this great silk sale.
How the Budding Statesman
Is Welcomed at Washington
The author has full knowledge whereof he write*. The aforesaid new member may
net care to acknowledge it. Still the condition it a very real aatl a i
interestmf one. Sometimes pathetic, sometimes very funny.
Depend, largely apon the temperament!
When Rossiter Cut Loose
"Now I generally fight* thy of mbrin' up in famly affair. and it ju.t th exception that caused Shorty
more trouble than h. had had for a month.
Greatest Achievement in a Decade
tff "^'h'
DAYTON'S Seventh and Nicollet. DAYTON'S
Profestor of Pathalooy- -Harvard University Mtdicat School
Lacking popular appreciation, still one of the biggest achievement* of any age).
The Great Secret (Continued) By E. PHILLIP S OPPENHEIM
-The. Journal's Magazineni
The above Published Exclusively
After reading this thrilling narrative, one mmj set down
the crews of those submarine crafts as about the bravest
men that Kve.
The Blood of Heroes
A strong dramatic story from the very source of uncouth far Western
pieces of
and short
pieces of
silks of all
kinds will
be a feat-
ure of the
On second

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